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Child-Friendly Cities for Canada


									Child-Friendly Cities
         for Canada

           Child Friendly Cities

     There is no better measure
      of the greatness of a city
  than the well-being of its children.

            Child Friendly Cities


1. A Global Movement
2. A Canadian Opportunity
3. Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

  Child Friendly Cities: A Global Movement

The current generation of children in Canada
  is the first to live predominantly in cities.

By 2025, 6 of every 10 children in the world

          will live in urban areas..
Child Friendly Cities: A Global Movement

  120                            Belgium
  100                            Canada
    60                           Lithuania
    20                           Sweden
     0                           UK

Child Friendly Cities:
A Canadian Opportunity

Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

1. Children's participation:             Are children informed and consulted
                                         on matters affecting them, without
     listening to children’s views and   discrimination?
     making choices and decisions        Are those who work with and provide
     based on them                       services to children trained to seek and
                                         include children’s views and
                                         Is children’s right to be heard
                                         facilitated for all building blocks?

Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

2. A child friendly legal framework:   Are proposals for new or amended
                                       laws and regulations reviewed
     laws and rules are made in ways   systematically to consider children’s
     that think about, listen to and   best interests and the potential impacts
     benefit children
                                       upon them?
                                       Are children consulted in order to
                                       understand their best interests and the
                                       potential impacts upon them?
                                       Do the changes take into account
                                       potential for discrimination (e.g.
                                       impacts on marginalized or particularly
                                       vulnerable groups)?
                                       Is there a complaint and resolution
                                       procedure to ensure remedies where
                                       policies impact negatively on children?

Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

3. A city-wide Children's Plan:            Is there a children’s plan or agenda
                                           that comprehensively addresses
     setting out a plan to build a Child   children’s interdependent rights and
     Friendly City                         well-being?
                                           Has the plan been developed with
                                           widespread consultation, including with
                                           children and across government?
                                           Has the process to develop the plan
                                           been given high priority by the Mayor
                                           and across governance?
                                           Does the plan include specific and
                                           timetabled targets?
                                           Is the plan kept under effective
                                           review with regular progress reports?
                                           Is the plan well-known?

Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

 4. A Children's Unit or coordinating   Is there an identifiable unit or
      mechanism:                        coordinating mechanism within city
                                        government to:
      forming a group of people who
      are responsible to lead and          Promote the Child-Friendly City?
      coordinate citywide actions to       Ensure coordination of policy
      build a Child-Friendly city          affecting children?
                                           Pursue the city’s Plan or Agenda
                                           for children?
                                           Collaborate directly with children?
                                        Has it been given the authority of the

Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

5. Child impact assessment and             Is there a process to ensure that the
     evaluation:                           potential or actual impact on children
                                           (and particular groups of children) of
     thinking about and understanding      proposals for new laws, policies and
     how decisions and choices a city
     makes will affect children, so that   services are considered?
     the choices made will benefit or      Is child impact assessment done
     protect children. Where a decision    early enough to influence decision-
     is found to be harmful, a new
     choice can be made                    making?
                                           Is there regular evaluation of the
                                           actual impact on children of
                                           government decisions and actions?
                                           Do these processes involve children?
                                           Independent organizations?

Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

 6. A Children's Budget:                   Is there a clear and detailed
                                           children’s budget that articulates how
      making sure that a fair share of     and how much of the city’s resources
      the money a city spends goes to      (across departments and systems) are
      benefit children, and having a way
      to show people what is spent and     invested in children?
      how it helps children                Is the budgeting process transparent
                                           and does it involve consultation with
                                           Is the children’s budget calibrated to
                                           the Children’s Plan or Agenda, and
                                           made known to citizens of all ages?

     Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

7. A regular State of the City's           Is there sufficient information
     Children Report:                      collected about the status of children
                                           and their rights to assess progress
     measuring and reporting on how        against the Children’s Plan or Agenda?
     well children are doing every year,
     to see areas of progress and          Are children involved in the process
     areas that need more attention        of measuring and reporting?
                                           Does the report provide
                                           disaggregated information for particular
                                           groups of children?
                                           Is the report published and
                                           accessible to policy makers and to
                                           citizens including children?
                                           Is the report used to effectively
                                           inform policy and stimulate change?

Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

 8. Making children's rights known:          Is there a strategy to ensure broad
                                             understanding of and respect for the
      making sure all those who run the      rights of children in the city?
      city and its citizens – children and
      adults – understand the rights         Does in-service education for
      children have and how the city is      government officials, politicians and
      responsible to advance them            others serving children include such

Building Blocks of Child Friendly Cities

 9. Independent advocacy for               Is there a means of independently
      children:                            monitoring the status of children in the
                                           city, such as an Ombudsperson or
     creating a special office that will   Commissioner for Children?
     monitor how children are doing        Is the independent advocate
     and advance their best interests in   resourced to fulfill this function and its
     city governance                       findings considered by the city


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