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Computer Training Courses(3)



   All students will take the four-week Basic
           Computer Skills program.
   Registration and application forms can be
                  accessed at

   Submit completed application and email to
                                                                                    Training Courses
          or fax, mail, or drop it off at

       The Salvation Army Victoria                                                    We’ll Help You Be
       Community & Family Services
            Computer Training                                                            Successful!
              2695 Quadra Street
            Victoria, BC V8T 4E3                   At our location you will meet
 Tel: (250) 386-8521 | Fax: (250) 386-8521        bright and brilliant minds from
                                                   University of Victoria to give
                                                            you a hand.
Once your application has been received, you
will be called for a phone interview. If you do
not have a phone number that you can be
reached at, please make an appointment to
meet with the program coordinator.

After successful completion of the first four
weeks we progress to intermediate level for
two weeks per suite.

                                                  The Salvation Army Victoria
                                                  Community & Family Services
                                                                                                                                               EXCEL (2 weeks)
                         Microsoft Office is the most
                       commonly used suite in personal
                                                                          Program Schedule                                      You’ll help your employer make business decisions
                       computing. Packed with a host of                                                                          by using worksheets in this “easy to use” program.
                      applications, it seems there is little                                                                    EXCEL is the standard for most businesses and cor-
                            that Office cannot do.                      BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS                                                       porations
•   Document creation,
•   E-mail and scheduling,                                         Many employers request employees who have com-
                                                                   puter skills. In this Four-Week Tutorial, students
•   Spreadsheet and database management,                                                will learn basic
•   Desktop publishing,                                                                                                                     MS WORD (2 weeks)
                                                                  •    Word processing,         •   Internet security,
                                                                                                                                 This replaces your old typewriter! Learn how to
•   Web design and image editing.
                                                                  •    E-mail,                  •   The basic skills for         make professional letters, memos, business plans,
                                                                                                    surfing the net,             and business proposals. Become even more valu-
                                                                  •    Internet,                                                able to your employer! MS WORD is the standard
          What Is Excel Good For?                                 •    Windows XP & Vista, •        You will also be made       for our Provincial and Federal Governments, most
                                                                                                    aware of new and                       businesses and corporations.
   Excel, as you probably know, is the world’s most               •    File management,
widely-used spreadsheet program, and is part of Micro-                                              emerging technolo-
soft Office suite. Other spreadsheet programs are avail-          •    Excel,                       gies.
 able, but Excel is by far the most popular and has be-
                come the world standard.                                                                                                     OUTLOOK (I Week)
Much of the appeal of Excel is the program’s versatility.                                                                       Although Outlook is often used solely as an e-mail
  Excel’s forte, of course, is performing numerical                Finally you will be                                          application, the program also includes a Calendar,
  calculations, but Excel is also very useful for non-          equipped to work in any                                          Task Manager, Contact Manager, a note taking
                numerical applications.                         office in the New Digital                                             function, a journal and a web browser.
Here are just a few of the Excel’s functions:                               Age                                                 Outlook 2003 is the personal information manage-
                                                                                                                                ment software in the Microsoft Office Suite. It is an
•   Number crunching,
                                                                                                                                 integrated application for email, calendaring, task
•   Creating budgets,                                                            INTERNET SECURITY                                     and contact management, and more!
•   Analyzing survey results,                                  Are you concerned about your safety and security online? Do
•   Performing any type of financial analysis you can           you want to learn how to avoid viruses and spyware? Inter-
    think of.                                                   net Safety covers the most common threats to your online
                                                                 safety and presents strategies to help you stay safe online.             PHOTOSHOP (2 Weeks)
            Microsoft PowerPoint                                                                                                Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed
  PowerPoint is a presentation program, which means                                                                             and published by Adobe Systems. It is the current
  that you create presentations to view on a computer                                                                            market leader for commercial bitmap and image
screen. Presentations are like slide shows, but no physi-                       POWERPOINT (2 weeks)                            manipulation software. This course is available for
                 cal slides are necessary.                                                                                      those students who are interested in manipulating
                                                               Your employer is trying to get more business. You can help        their photographs or restoring them. To qualify,
While almost all computer users are familiar with word         by producing a program of photos and words that make an            one needs to have completed the intermediate
 processing programs and many know what a spread-               impact in the meeting. Remember, “a picture is worth a              course or is comfortable with computers.
sheet is, many computer users have never used a pres-                                1000 words!”
                  entation program.

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