The Quick Ways to Make Money

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					      The Quick Ways to Make Money

A few years ago I had been in a major financial ditch and I thought to myself that I
must find quick ways to make money. I was behind on my bills, I was stressed
most of the time, and I couldn't afford to go out or do anything with my girlfriend.
Eventually I couldn't stand living like this, so I took action.

It all started when I lost my job at Home Depot. Businesses were hurting and a lot
of people were getting laid off. Unfortunately, I was one of those people. After I
had been laid off I tried to get a another job, just like every other person out there
that got laid off. Of course the job hunt didn't go too well and I had to collect
unemployment. So I remained in the ditch for a while.

During my time of unemployment, life was miserable. It was very hard to live with
hardly any money at all. Actually, not only was it hard to live, but it was also very
embarrassing. I was extremely embarrassed to talk about it with my family
because the situation made me feel like I was a failure. I mean, not only did I have
a crappy job at Home Depot, but I lost that crappy job and that was the most
embarrassing part of my adult life. It was then when I decided that I need to get
things done fast. So I went on an internet search to find quick ways to make

The first thing that I tried was some of those online survey-taking sites. After a
while I found out that these sites are pointless and it takes way too long to make
decent money. So my first attempt didn't go too well but I was determined to find
something that would work. The next thing that I tried was writing articles to
make money. This was a little better than the survey sites but I still didn't make
much money at all. It took way too much time and It didn't pay enough to cover
my bills. So then I decided to try and make an eBay business. And I know what
you're thinking, "oh okay, he just made an eBay business and made a ton of
money from that." Wrong. The eBay thing didn't go well for me either. By then I
was starting to get discouraged because I had wasted so much time without
making any decent money.
After all that I was thinking about trying to find a normal job again until... I
stumbled upon some more quick ways to make money. What I had found is called
internet marketing. Internet marketing is the process of marketing goods through
your own website. I was thinking to myself that this might be a good way to make
some decent money so I went on the internet to search for some training. I found
a phenomenal book called The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing. I
was a little skeptical about internet marketing at first, but this book taught me a
lot of what I know and use to this day. The reason I actually got this book was
because I got it from Amazon, which is a trusted source, because it was very
cheap, and because every review it was given had 5 stars. People seemed to love
this book so I gave it a shot, and now I am no longer behind my bills, I am not
stressed about money, I am no longer embarrassed, and I can actually go out and
do fun/romantic things with my girlfriend! Internet marketing along with this book
has changed my life for the better and I am very thankful for what I had

Quick Ways to Make Money

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