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					                                                                                                                     Marketing Intelligence Inc.

         The link between you and your customer.

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                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
  At Plan-it Marketing we bring you closer to your customers, connecting you to their emotional needs, to

  their rational needs. Why? Because we believe in order to truly understand your brand, you must first

  understand your customer.                                                                            Get inside their head. Walk in

  their shoes. Live in their world.                                                                    Simply put, know your customer.

       We don’t stop there, however.                                                                   We keep in mind your critical

  business and marketing goals.                                                                        We apply creative, strategic

  thinking to solving problems and                                                                     identifying opportunities. We

  provide recommendations and                                                                          guidance, ultimately leading

  you to smarter business decisions. That’s what differentiates us from our competition — and that’s what

  will differentiate you from yours.                   At Plan-it Marketing, we specialize in strategic consulting and

  proprietary marketing research services. We’ve built relationships with more than 100 clients and

  advertising agencies. We’re Plan-it Marketing. The link between you and your customer.

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                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
Case   Summaries

4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0   FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
                        JOH N HANCOCK

                       With more than 10 years of experience partner-                   expertise, service, and flexibility).
                       ing with John Hancock, Plan-it professionals                     Furthermore, the campaign went on to win
                       designed a unique “in-home” exploratory study                    awards in almost every major creative show
                       that drove the development of the “next                          in the industry.
                       generation” brand strategy that became the                           From a more tactical perspective, Plan-it
                       successor to the “Real Life, Real Answers”                       assisted in identifying and understanding
                       campaign. We worked closely with the                             potential target segments for an inexpensive
                       creative team on the development of the                          direct term life insurance product, including
                       resulting campaign. The new strategy and                         Single Mothers and Working Parents. Plan-it’s
                       campaign evolved John Hancock from                                         work has also included creative
                       a respected but entrenched “Insurance                                      assessment to ensure that the direct
                       Company” to a credible “Insurance                                          campaign triggered an emotional
                       & Investment” company. Within six                                          reaction similar to the corporate
                       months, attitudes toward John Hancock                                      campaign. Six months after launch
                       improved dramatically in critical areas                                    of the direct campaign, sales goals
                       associated with investments (e.g., investment                    were exceeded by 300%.

4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0   FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M

                                                                                        Plan-it has worked closely with Swatch to
                                                                                        evaluate long-term opportunities for the brand
                                                                                        in the U.S., including implementation of
                                                                                        a comprehensive segmentation study that
                                                                                        identified future potential target audiences.
                                                                                        Swatch is hoping to achieve the same brand
                                                                                        success in the U.S. as it has internationally.
                                                                                        Historically, Swatch has been perceived as a
                                                                                        "plastic-only" brand in the U.S. Plan-it has
                                                                                        helped Swatch to better understand the
                                                                                        American watch consumer and develop
                                                                                        strategies that focus on the brand’s newer line
                                                                                        of Irony watches (metal and leather) to appeal
                                                                                        to the American appetite.

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                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M

                                                                            Plan-it helped assess the viability of
                                                                   when it was in its concept phase.
                                                                   is the premier “name your own
                                                                            price” service that enables consumers to decide
                                                                            what they’ll pay for a range of products and
                                                                            services, including air fares, hotels, automobiles
                                                                            and even groceries. The brand was launched
                                                                            with air fares as the focus and has continued
                                                                            to expand since then.
                                                                               Our work with Priceline assessed overall
                                                                            interest in the concept and determined the
                                                                            critical features that would make up the ideal
                                                                            service. Priceline was launched nationally in
                                                                            April 1998. Within the first two weeks,
                                                                            Priceline’s site received over 10 million hits.
                                                                               Since its launch, Priceline has become one
                                                                            of the best known online brand names and is
                                                                            one of the most visited sites on the web.

4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0   FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
                       WILD HARVE ST

                       Plan-it worked continuously with Star Market
                       supermarkets to successfully launch its Wild
                                              Harvest brand in the
                                              Boston area. Wild Harvest
                                              was a new concept that
                                              combined an all-natural,
                       organic, and specialty store with conventional
                       everyday grocery products. Plan-it’s role was
                       to understand the mindsets of customers and
                       prospects. Our ongoing work aided in making
                       critical marketing and operational decisions.
                       The new concept was extremely successful
                       for Star Market in differentiating the brand
                       and building customer loyalty.

4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0   FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
                                FRE SH

                       Plan-it worked closely with Fresh Samantha
                       and Warner Public Relations & Marketing
                       to develop a positioning strategy for future
                       communications, determine potential new
                       product flavors, and identify optimal packaging
                       concepts for the all-natural juice brand.
                       Plan-it’s role was also to identify opportunities
                       for building long-term relationships with
                       customers and expand the target audience
                       for the brand. New product flavors, packaging,
                       advertising, and promotional strategies were
                       introduced as a result of our work.

4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0   FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M

                                         Plan-it has an ongoing                         helping Lotus understand the mindsets and

                                         relationship with Lotus                        motivational drivers of key target audiences,
                       Development. The scope of our work ranges                        from CEOs/CIOs to web masters to senior level
                       from brand positioning to advertising/creative                   business professionals. In fact, past advertising
                       development and brand identity.                                  and brand identity work has led to award-
                           Our efforts have continually shaped                          winning advertising and packaging designs.
                       brand and communications development by

4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0   FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
                                            STRIDE RITE

                                         Plan-it has built an ongoing relationship with
                                         the Stride Rite Corporation to help better
                                         understand customers/prospects of the
                                         company’s brands and identify potential
                                         marketing and licensing opportunities for
                                         the company. Our work has included an
                                         exploratory probe of childhood educators’
                                         attitudes to identify psychographical trends
                                         among children/families and the resulting
                                         impact on brand and buying behavior in
                                                               the footwear category.
                                                               Feedback is being used
                                                               to make long-term
                                                               planning decisions.

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                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
                                                                                                         HEALTH CARE

                     Plan-it Marketing has worked with Partners                        staff members and consumers, to determine
                     HealthCare and its major member hospitals,                        the effect of the merger and how it should be
                     Mass General and Brigham & Women’s, on                            communicated to everyone involved. Plan-it
                     creative development and evaluation                                          has also conducted extensive work
                     of communications materials for                                              among the physician audience to
                     Partners’ primary care and specialty                                         determine ways to increase referrals
                     practices. Plan-it’s work began with                                         from community hospitals to MGH
                     Partners HealthCare during the merger of                          and BWH. Feedback has resulted in the
                     MGH and BWH, when Plan-it professionals                           implementation of continuing education
                     consulted with physicians, nurses, hospital                       programs for area physicians.

4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0   FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M

                                                                                              Plan-it helped with the launch of Northern
                                                                                              Light Technology’s search engine in August
                                                                                              1997. Northern Light provides a unique
                                                                                              combination of www information and “special
                                                                                              collection” proprietary information across
                                                                                              numerous categories. This combination uniquely
                                                                                              provides value to business users unlike
                                                                                              other search engines, because of the high
                                                                                              level nature of the information available. We
                                                                                              conducted exploratory and usability research
                                                                                              to help develop an in-depth understanding of
                                                                                              these critical business target audiences and
                                                                                              their needs, and helped postion the new
                                                                                              search engine for launch. To date, NLT has
                                                                                              far exceeded its “new visitor” goals and was
                                                                                              ranked as the number one search engine in
                                                                                              1999 based upon the percentage of web
                                                                                              information available on one site.

4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0   FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
                we are
                                                                   Cindy V. Tungate

                                             AT H I L L , H O L L I D AY A D V E RT I S I N G , C I N D Y M A N A G E D A D E PA RT M E N T O F 1 0 P R O -

                     Cindy has played an integral role in:                               • Working with health and fitness-related companies
                   • Monitoring and evolving strategies for the John                       to help them develop products and services
                     Hancock brand over time to insure its continual                       to appeal to health-oriented consumers and to
                     relevance among key target audiences. Her work                        communicate more effectively with them.
                     has been both strategic and tactical, including                     • Helping with its initial launch by
                     recommendations for positioning, targeting and                        assessing the overall viability of the service and key
                     segmentation, creative development, product/                          features that would motivate users to visit the site.
                     service development and direct/online selling.                      • Collaborating with professional services organiza-
                   • Assisting new technology/dotcom start-up compa-                       tions on developing positioning strategies,
                     nies in addressing the needs of key consumer                          sometimes for an entire industry or profession,
                     and business segments to effectively launch                           and working closely with creatives on the
                     and establish these brands in the marketplace                         development of resulting advertising campaigns.
                     for long-term success.
                   • Developing strategies for New Balance to                                Cindy received her MS degree in Advertising from
                     successfully extend its apparel line nationally                         Northwestern University’s Medill school and her
                     while leveraging the core values of its sneaker                         BA degree in Journalism and English from
                     brand. Again, recommendations were both                                 Michigan State University.
                     strategic and tactical.

4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0        FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
                                         Madeline DeSouza

                       TRAVEL, AND PACKAGED GOODS.

  Her work has included:                                  • Developing an in-depth understanding of the
• Developing an in-depth understanding of John              mindset of mothers in purchasing footwear for
  Hancock’s brand equity in the marketplace and             their young children, as well as evaluating
  how that equity can most effectively be leveraged         alternative new clothing and footwear product
  in communications.                                        introductions for Stride Rite.
• Evaluating the impact of the 1999 Olympic               • Working with several telecommunications clients
  Committee Bribery allegations on consumer                 to help guide the creative development process,
  attitudes toward Olympic sponsors for                     track communications effectiveness, and assess
  John Hancock.                                             the viability of new products.
• Assessing the viability of new products for Polartec/
  Malden Mills, as well as naming new products.              Madeline received her MBA from Babson’s Olin
• Developing a brand positioning for Babson                  School. She received her BS in Marketing and
  College, to be utilized as a communications                Spanish from Stonehill College.
  platform across all targets.

                                               Mary Kelley


  Some of Mary’s accomplishments include:                 • Working with Swatch to extend its watch brand
• Working with Lotus Development on the launch of           in the U.S. to achieve the same success that the
  the "Superhuman Software" advertising campaign,           brand has internationally; specifically, helping
  a ground-breaking global branding effort that             understand the American watch consumer’s
  introduced Notes Release 5 and Domino.                    mindset to develop strategies that focus on the
• Assisting with communications               brand’s newer line of Irony watches.
  strategies, creative development and web site           • Helping Emerson Hospital position the hospital
  design in preparation for launch.                         for future success in an increasingly competitive
• Helping Northern Light Technology launch its search       provider environment. Mary helped better under-
  engine in 1997; Mary developed a positioning              stand patient/prospect attitudes and developed
  strategy and made recommendations for target              strategies for attracting and retaining users.
  audience opportunities and site revisions based
  upon exploratory and usability research conducted.        Mary received her BA degree in Psychology from
                                                            the University of Hartford with a concentration
                                                            in Marketing and Management.
Measurement of Com
                         What                                we do
                                                                                      Technology & C
                         At Plan-it Marketing, we provide a broad range and depth of marketing intelligence to
                         companies all over the globe. We strongly believe in taking a customized approach. That’s why
                         we treat every client’s business needs uniquely and creatively. We can help your company with

                                  Health Care
                         any of the following:

                         Brand/Positioning Development                                    Target Segmentation To Identify
                            Exploratory evaluation of market trends                       & Profile Opportunity Segments
                            and building/identifying brand
                                                                                          Web Site Development, Evaluation
                            personality/core values
                                                                                          and Usability
                              Identifying long-term market
                                                                                          Product/Service Development
                                                                                             Viability of new products/services
                         Communications Development
                                                                                                Sales forecasting of new product
                            Communications assessment
                                                                                                concepts/line extensions
                            & effectiveness
                                                                                                Name screening and assessment

ral advertising                                                                                                                                               Cu
                         Measurement of Communications
                            Pre & Post brand/advertising evaluation                             Evaluation of alternative packaging/
                                                                                                label designs

                                                        Web s
                         Market Assessment via Awareness
                         & Attitude Tracking                                                    Product claims tests for potential
                                                                                                use in communications

                                                                                                Taste testing

                                                                                                Audits of client and competitive
                                                                                                distribution locations

                                                                                                Price sensitivity testing

roblem Ident
                                                                                          Customer Retention/Loyalty
                                                                                          Customer Satisfaction/Employee
                                                                                          Problem Identification/Evaluation

 Focus Groups
                                                                                          of a Negative Trend

                One-on-one in-depth inte
  4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0   FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                           W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
       Direct                                                                                  Our breadth and depth
       How we get there
 Communications                                                                                of    experience

On-line surv
                             Plan-it Marketing utilizes a wide variety of
                             techniques for each particular project. These                     The expertise that members of the management
                             techniques are dependent upon the marketing                       team bring to the company is unique in its
                             objectives of each specific company, and                           breadth. Plan-it professionals have specializa-
                             include:                                                          tion across a number of industries, including:

                                   Anthropological (observational)                                   Alcohol/beverages
                                   Focus Groups (including dyads, triads                             Automotive
                                   and mini-focus groups)
                                                                                                     Financial Services
                                   One-on-one in-depth interviews
                                                                                                     Health Care
                                   Telephone interviews
                                                                                                     Packaged Goods
                                   In-home/in-office interviews
                                                                                                     Professional Services
                                   Mail surveys

ustomer Retention/Loyalty          Web site navigation
                                   On-line surveys/focus groups
                                                                                                     Technology & Communications

site Devel
                                   Store checks/observations
                                   Secondary evaluation (database
                                   generated) of economic, political and                       Our experience also encompasses planning
                                   cultural trends                                             and research across a variety of communica-
                                                                                               tions vehicles, including:

     Public Relati
                                                                                                     Design/Collateral and Brand Identification
                                                                                                     Direct marketing

                                                                                                     Exhibition Services
                                                                                                     General advertising
                                                                                                     Interactive/Internet communications
                                                                                                     Public Relations

    Exhibition Services
 rviews4 2 0 B O Y L S T O N S T, 3 R D F L O O R , B O S T O N , M A S S A C H U S E T T S 0 2 1 1 6 , 6 1 7 . 8 5 9 . 2 9 0 0
                                                                                                                                               Mail su
                                                                                                                                  FA X : 6 1 7 . 2 6 7 . 6 9 6 6

                                                                W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M
                      Our Clients
                      AUTOMOTIVE                                  PACKAGED GOODS                               TELECOMUNICATIONS/
                        AutoNation, USA                             Gillette                                   ELECTRONICS
                        Ford Dealerships of                         Lindt Chocolate                              Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages
                         New England & Pittsburgh                   Perdue Farms                                 Cablevision Systems Inc.
                        Gulf Oil                                    Slim Fast                                    CellularOne
                        Honda New England                           Tambrands                                    Omnipoint
                                                                                                                 SNET/Southern New England
                      FINANCIAL SERVICES                          PROFESSIONAL SERVICES/                          Telephone
                        American Express                          ASSOCIATIONS
                        Fleet Financial Group                       AICPA                                      TRAVEL
                        Fidelity Investments, Inc.                  California Society of CPAs                   American Express
                        John Hancock Financial Services             PriceWaterhouseCoopers                        Travel-Related Services
                        Webster Bank                                National Association of Realtors             Budget Rent A Car
                                                                    NewSub Services                              Doral Hotels
                      HEALTH CARE                                   Sheshunoff Mgmt. Consulting                  EF Educational Tours
                        Bayer                                       Wallpaper Council                            Hyatt Hotels
                        Brigham & Women's Hospital                                                     
                        Emerson Hospital                          RETAIL/FASHION
                        Harvard Pilgrim Health Care                 Hart Schaffner Marx                        PRO-BONO
                        Humana Inc.                                 J. Baker/Work’n Gear                       CULTURAL/EDUCATIONAL
                        Massachusetts General Hospital              Kay Bee Toys                                 Advertising Club
                        Partners HealthCare                         London Fog                                    of Greater Boston
                        Pri-Med                                     Malden Mills/Polartec                        Babson College
                                                                    Marshalls                                    Boston Ballet
                      INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/                       Nautica                                      Boston College
                      INTERACTIVE                                   Sperry Top-Sider                             Boston Symphony
                        Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)                Star Market/Wild Harvest                     Children's Museum
                                        Stride Rite                                  Mass Convention Center
                                             Swatch                                       Museum of Fine Arts
                                             Swiss Army
                                               Tommy Hilfiger                              ADVERTISING/INTERACTIVE
                        Digital Equipment Corporation                                                          AGENCIES
                        Lotus Development Corporation             RETAIL/ALCOHOL/BEVERAGES                       Arnold/Circle Interactive
                        Northern Light Technology, LLC              Fresh Samantha                               CGN Marketing
                        Stratus                                     Labatt USA/Rolling Rock Beer                 DonovanGroup
                        Wang                                        Dos Equis Beer                               Greenberg Seronick
                                                                    Veryfine                                       O’Leary and Partners
                      NEWS ORGANIZATIONS                                                                         Grey Advertising
                        The Boston Globe                          SPORTS/RECREATION                              Hill/Holliday
                        Community Newspaper                         Boston Celtics                               Hill/Holliday Interactive
                         Corporation/Fidelity Capital               Converse                                     Holland Mark Edmund Ingalls
                        Dow Jones Company/                          Killington Ltd./Mount Snow                   Pace Communications
                         Wall Street Journal                        MacNeill Engineering                         Pagano Schenck & Kay
                                                                    Massachusetts State Lottery                  Partners & Simons, Inc.
                                                                    Reebok/Greg Norman Sportswear                Rubin Postaer
                                                                    Spalding Sports Worldwide/                   TFA/Leo Burnett Technology
                                                                     Top-Flite                                   Toth Brand Imaging
                                                                                                                 Warner Communications

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                                                         W W W. P L A N I T M K T G . C O M

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