Minutes ECSC Land Use and Transportation subcommittee meeting 4-16-2008 by liuqingyan


									    ECSC Land Use and Transportation Subcommittee
                              Meeting Minutes

                          April 16, 2008 3:30 PM

Members Present: Warren Nielsen, Ruth Steiner, Chris Fillie

Others Present: Martin Guttenplan (FDOT),Chris Bird, Sean Mclendon, Arden

   1. Call to Order-Determination of Quorum
      The meeting started at 3:30 in workshop mode with a discussion and
      presentation by Martin Guttenplan on Multimodal Transportation Districts
      (MMTD). At 3:55, Chris Fillie arrived and there was quorum. At 5:00,
      quorum was lost when Chris Fillie left.

   2. Review and adoption of the agenda
      There were no motions for adopting the agenda as Martin Guttenplan’s
      presentation was underway when quorum was attained. The presentation
      outlined the states Multimodal Transportation Districts (MMTDs) and
      provided alternative concepts regarding concurrency. Martin Guttenplan
      stressed the interconnectedness of the Land Use and Transportation
      Mobility Elements of the comprehensive plan, and the need for the County
      and the cities within Alachua to coordinate their efforts.

   3. Review and adoption of the previous meetings minutes
      Minutes were not reviewed at the meeting.

   4. Subcommittee chair report
      a. Review revised report outline
         The outline was displayed and Arden Herrin, staff liason, reviewed
         assignments as designated on the LUAT sharepoint site.
      b. Assign sections as needed
         There were no additional sections created in need of assignment.
      c. Review of Report Outline Submissions
         Dr Steiner stated that she would have submissions for committee
         review by mid-May, and Arden Herrin informed Chair Nielsen that Dr.
         Mulkey had agreed to work on the Carbon Cap and Trade section and
         would be ready for submission in June. Arden Herrin printed copies of
         a sample introduction for the committee to review.
   d. Correspondence received
      No correspondence was received.

5. Public Comment
   There were no public comments.

6. Next Meeting Date
   The next Subcommittee meeting date is scheduled for 04/23/2008.

7. Motion to Adjourn
   The workshop adjourned at 5:20 PM.

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