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									                                    Andrew Carson
                    Hospital for Sick Children  MaRS – TMDT Tower 
           101 College St., Room 14-701  Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5G 1L7 
                               (416) 813-7654 extension 1358 
                                    
Curriculum Vitae
   PhD, Department of Molecular Genetics – Dr. Stephen W. Scherer Laboratory
   (University of Toronto; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2003-2009)

     Bachelor of Science; Honours Co-op Biochemistry/Biotechnology Degree
     (University of Waterloo; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; 1997-2002)

   Research Technician – Dr. Stephen W. Scherer Laboratory
   (Hospital for Sick Children; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2003)
      Various gene annotation projects, including work on human chromosome 7 and the
      identification and characterization of APG9L2.

     Research Technician – Dr. Ruedi Aebersold Laboratory
     (Institute for Systems Biology; Seattle, Washington; 2002)
         Used tandem affinity protein purification and mass spectrometry to identify and
         characterize novel proteins associated with the mitotic spindle and centrosome in
         fission yeast.

     Co-operative Education Student – Various Laboratories
     (University of Waterloo; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; 1997-2002)
       Participated in the co-operative education program where I gained two years of work
       experience in various laboratories, including Imperial Oil Ltd. and Merck Frosst Ltd.

   University of Toronto
          2005-2007, NSERC Canadian Graduate Scholarship (CGS) for Doctoral students
          2005, Ontario Graduate Scholarship (declined)
          2003-2004, NSERC Canadian Graduate Scholarship (CGS) for Masters students
          2003, Ontario Graduate Scholarship (declined)

     Hospital for Sick Children
             2007-2008, Doctoral Completion Grant
             2004, Tuition Bursary
             2002, The Samuel Lunenfeld Summer Student Program Grand Prize Scholarship
             2001, The Samuel Lunenfeld Poster Presentation Award
     University of Waterloo
            2002, Graduated with Dean’s Honors
            2002, The Society of the Chemical Industry of Canada Merit Award
            2002, The Canadian Society of Chemistry Undergraduate Silver Medal
            2001, Faculty of Science Upper Year Scholarship
            2001, Biochemistry Upper Year Scholarship
            2000, Bruce Wyler Kelly Memorial Prize
            2000, William Elsdon Thermodynamics Award
            2000, NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) in Industry
            1998, The Don E. Irish Scholarship in Science
            1997, Department of Biochemistry entrance scholarship
            1997, Governor General Bronze Medal


     Peer Reviewed Papers (published or in press)
1.   Carson, A.R. and Scherer, S.W. (2009) Identifying concerted evolution and gene
     conversion in mammalian gene pairs lasting over 100 million years. BMC Evolutionary
     Biology. 9:156.

2.   Buchanan, J.A., Carson, A.R., Chitayat, D., Malkin, D., Meyn, M.S., Ray, P.N., Shuman,
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     Medicine. 1(2):16.

3.   Parker-Katiraee, L., Carson, A.R., Yamada, T., Arnaud, P., Feil, R., Abu-Amero, S.N.,
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     H., Kobayashi, K., Nakabayashi, K., Scherer, S.W. (2007) Identification of the imprinted
     KLF14 transcription factor undergoing human-specific accelerated evolution. PLoS
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4.   Redon, R., Ishikawa, S., Fitch, K.R., Feuk, L., Perry, G.H., Andrews, T.D., Fiegler, H.,
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5.   Kwaśnicka-Crawford, D.A., Carson, A.R., Scherer, S.W. (2006) IQCJ-SCHIP1, a novel
     fusion transcript encoding a calmodulin-binding IQ motif protein. Biochemical and
     Biophysical Research Communications. 350(4):890-899.

6.   Carson, A.R., Feuk, L., Mohammed, M., Scherer, S.W. (2006) Strategies for the detection
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7.    Carson, A.R., Cheung, J., Scherer, S.W. (2006) Duplication and relocation of the
      functional DPY19L2 gene within low copy repeats. BMC Genomics. 7:45.

8.    Feuk, L., Carson, A.R., Scherer, S.W. (2006) Structural variation in the human genome.
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9.    Feuk, L., MacDonald, J.R., Tang, T., Carson, A.R., Li, M., Rao, G., Khaja, R., Scherer,
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10.   Kwasnicka-Crawford, D.A., Carson, A.R., Roberts, W., Summers, A.M., Rehnström, K.,
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      gene (ATP13A4) interrupted by 3q25-q29 inversion in an individual with language delay.
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11.   Yamada, T., Carson, A.R., Caniggia, I., Umebayashi, K., Yoshimori, T., Nakabayashi, K.,
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      an autophagy-related protein (APG9-like2) highly expressed in trophoblast. Journal of
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12.   Flory, M.R., Carson, A.R., Aebersold, R. (2004) An SMC-domain protein in fission yeast
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      Public Presentations
1.    Carson, A.R., Somerville, M.J., Scherer, S.W. (2005) Molecular and cytogenetic
      characterisation of the segmental duplication-rich deletion breakpoints on chromosome
      1q21 associated with congenital heart disease. 10th Annual Human Genome Meeting.
      Kyoto, Japan.

2.    Carson, A.R., Cheung, J., Occhi, G., Rocchi, M., Scherer, S.W. (2004) Evolutionary fates
      of gene duplications in related low copy repeats on human chromosomes 7 and 12. 54th
      Annual American Society of Human Genetics Conference. Toronto, Canada.

      Abstracts (only first-author abstracts are listed)

1.    Carson, A.R., Scherer, S.W. (2008) Identification of duplicated genes that have undergone
      concerted evolution in multiple mammalian lineages. Annual Meeting of the Society of
      Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE). Barcelona, Spain.

2.    Carson, A.R., Scherer, S.W. (2007) Identification of duplicated genes that have undergone
      concerted evolution in multiple mammalian lineages. 2007 Meeting on The Biology of
      Genomes. Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

3.    Carson, A.R., Somerville, M.J., Estivill, X., Scherer, S.W. (2006) Potential medical
      relevance of CNVs overlapping OMIM genes. 8th Annual Human Genome Variation
      Meeting. Hong Kong, China.

4.    Carson, A.R., Cheung, J., Occhi, G., Rocchi, M., Scherer, S.W. (2004) Evolutionary fates
      of gene duplications in related low copy repeats on human chromosomes 7 and 12. 2004
      Meeting on The Biology of Genomes. Cold Spring Harbor, New York.



Dr. Stephen Scherer (Thesis Supervisor)
University of Toronto – Department of Molecular Genetics

Dr. Lucy Osborne (Head of Thesis Committee)
University of Toronto – Department of Molecular Genetics

Dr. David Irwin (Thesis Advisor)
University of Toronto – Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Dr. Mark Flory (Supervisor – Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle)
Mendel Biotechnology

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