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                                           Spring 2009

                                            CELEBRATING 20 YEARS
                                            OF CAMP HARMONY!
                                                                A Message from
     A Message from
Harmony & Camp Harmony
     Ronna Slutske, Board President
     “Camp Harmony’s a part of me everywhere I go,”
                                                                Wendy Klappholz, Executive Director
                                                                 Twenty years ago Camp Harmony took root and has
                                                                 continued to grow spreading hope to needy children
     the first line of our song truly expresses what is in my
     heart.recognize                                             in the Los Angeles area. Camp Harmony has grown
                                                                 from 50 campers and 25 counselors in 1989, to nearly
                                                                 300 campers and 150 counselors during Summer 2008.
     I never imagined when I began this journey,                 Camp has grown from one week in the summer to a
     that I would play such a fundamental role as                bi-annual summer camp with both summer and winter
     Board President to United in Harmony. I share this          sessions. This astounding feat is accomplished with the
     honor with Shana Passman, Vice President, Carol             help of hundreds of ready hands, hundreds of open
e and appreciation for your support
     Goldberg, Treasurer and Lorri Herman, Secretary.
     Every month I find myself looking around the table
                                                                 hearts, hundreds of wonderful counselors and support
                                                                 staff volunteers. We keep growing and growing.
needy children of Los Angeles. many more lives can Camp Harmony touch?
     in awe of my outstanding fellow board members.
     Everyone involved is amazing and wholeheartedly
     devoted.                                                    Many more! United in Harmony has added events
                                                                 and programs designed to reach even more needy
     United in Harmony, Camp Harmony has been                    children in our community. For 12 years we have hosted
     life-changing. It has opened                                        a terrific Holiday Party in December. Over 200
     my heart and the hearts of                                          children visit with Santa, decorate cookies,
                                Wendy Klappholz,
     anyone lucky enough to share                                        Director
                                                               Executive paint ornaments, eat and dance. If that wasn’t
     in the experience. My hope                                          enough we load them up with shopping bags,
     and expectation is that Camp                                        filled with new toys and clothing, to take home
     Harmony 2009 will serve more                                        to share with their families for the holidays.
     children than ever before.
     My wish is to engage as                                              Our Leadership and Mentoring programs grew
     many high school and adult                                           out of our need to keep the spirit of Camp
     volunteers with our programs                                         Harmony alive throughout the school year.
     as humanly possible.                                                 Counselors commit their precious free time to
                                                                 be a friend and guide to a less-fortunate child. They
     Camp Harmony would not be possible without the              travel together monthly on fun and enriching field trips.
     devotion and guidance of our two volunteer Camp
     Directors, Lauren Pelissier and Adam Slutske. Their         The Harmony Bowl annual fundraiser is the best! Fun is
     endless drive to improve camp year after year is            the goal and raising funds is the purpose. Fundraising
     inspiring. Thank you to Wendy Klappholz, Executive          in the months ahead of us will be crucial to the
     Director who has embraced this organization with            continued success of United in Harmony and necessary
     zest and compassion and has raised United in                to continue our important programs including Camp
     Harmony to a new level.                                     Harmony, Leadership, Mentoring and the Holiday Party.

     Together we will continue to grow our organization          We are grateful to the dozens of Support Staff
     and continue to brighten the lives of all of our            Volunteers, hundreds of counselor volunteers,
     beautiful campers, in our own small way. Homeless           supporters, friends and everyone ever involved with
     and underprivileged children desperately need               Camp Harmony over the past 20 years. Your hard work,
     respite from their daily deprivation. They need             time and donations have made a positive impact on
     hope and role models; they need a reason to smile           the lives of so many children. We look back to where
     and a place to play, they need Camp Harmony.                we started with a sense of pride as we look ahead to
     Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support and           our future. Together we give children the gift of a day of
     generosity and to our volunteer Support Staff who           sunshine, fun, food and happiness.
     bless us with their excitement and enthusiasm.
     CAMP HARMONY . . .  Carol Goldberg, Enrique Gameros
                                 & Ronna Slutske
                                                             “Being part of Camp Harmony has been a true
                                                             privilege. Camp became the highlight of my summers
                                                             and each year I anxiously waited for that one week
                                                             in August when camp was held. United in Harmony is
                                                             now a big part of my life and after thirteen years I keep
                                                             coming back because not doing so would just not feel
                                                             right. I see myself in some of these children and I enjoy
                                                             sharing my camp experience with them. Their smiles
                                                             and laughter make it all worth it.”

                                                             -Enrique Gameros, former camper, current Support Staff

                                                          “This experience
                                                          taught me that being
                                                          a counselor means
                        Adam Slutske & Lauren Pelissier
                                                          balancing firmness and
                            Co-Camp Directors             understanding. I learned
                                                          that as close as you
                                                          get to a person, there
“For my family, Camp Harmony means
                                                          is always information
community. Camp Harmony has allowed us                    you don’t know and will
as a family the opportunity to find genuine                never truly be able to
meaning in this world and become more                     understand.”
aware of our many blessings”
                                                          -Emma Sokoloff, Harvard-Westlake,
-Amanda Markowitz on behalf of family                     Counselor 07-09
members: Marvin, Libby, Lauren & Jessica
                                         “One student told me that when he met the kids at Camp Harmony he
                                         was surprised by how normal they were and yet he also saw the impact
                                         their troubled living situation had on their behavior. He felt for them
                                         and fell in love with them. He saw the effect Camp Harmony had on
                                         the campers by his just being with them. Community service finally had
                                         meaning because this student could do something for these children.
                                         Not only was it the most fun the campers ever had, it was completely
                                             enjoyable for the counselor. Crossroads students keep going to
                                                        Camp Harmony and have stopped counting their ‘hours’.”

                                                          -Madeleine Schwab, Crossroads School,
                                                          Community Service Coordinator

Joanna and I have volunteered since 1996
as support staff. It has been a great feeling to support
this great cause and to be part of this wonderful family!
We have made new friends and each and every one of
them have left memorable prints in our hearts that we will
cherish forever. Thanks for always welcoming us with open
arms! What a tremendous impact you have made in our
lives. We love you!

-Sandra J. Donis, Woodlake Child Care Director
         . . .Timeless
“Camp Harmony is an amazing organization. To be able to
                                                                                         Baron Davis, Los Angeles Clipper

provide these children with an escape from the struggles of their
everyday life is very important. The staff and counselors are beyond
extraordinary. I really look forward to going to this camp every year
and interacting with the children. I think we all wish we could do
more, but being involved in Camp Harmony is a good start to giving
these kids much deserved fun, friendship and lasting memories.”

–Baron Davis, Los Angeles Clippers

                            Unit He vitt, Alumni
                                   ad 03-        Couns
                                          09          elor,

                                                              Lucky Brand Employees

                                                                                                PowerAde Sponsors

 Alex Tuch, Alumni Counselor,
 Unit Head 03-09

                                       “9 years ago I stopped to visit Camp Harmony. I got to camp and fell in love.
                                       I loved the people, the feeling and the children. I wanted to share my love of
                                       cooking and I have been making pizzas, chocolate candy, sushi (yes sushi...
                                       but with turkey), ginger bread and, lots and lots of cupcakes. Scott and I, our
                                       sons Chase and Jamison, our niece Molly Magged and our family and friends
                                       have worked, talked, cooked, cleaned, laughed and cried side by side at
                                       Winter Camps, Summer Camps, Holiday Parties, meetings and fundraisers
                                       together. Sharing the experiences of Harmony with my family and friends has
                                       filled my heart with so much joy. I have loved every minute!”
 Tobi Martin 00-09
                                                   –Tobi Martin, Support Staff, Counselor Parent, past Board Member

“I remember 10 years ago sitting in the Windward gym
deciding to join Camp Harmony. It has been a blessing to be
a part of a group, a “family” that has given me so much joy, so
many amazing friends and countless life-altering experiences.
Through my college years and now as I embark on a career this
organization has welcomed my continued involvement.”

-Aaron Leff, Counselor-Alumni, Support Staff 07-09
                                                                       Aaron Leff, Counselor-Alumni,
                                                                       Support Staff 07-09
“A child riding with me on the bus said something that really hit home. She was
living in temporary housing and crying on the bus ride home. I was consoling her
and told her that she could come back next camp session and she said, she didn’t
know where she would be living next camp session. It made me sad to know that a
little child has to worry about where she will call home.”

–Maria Brown, MSW, A Community of Friends
                                         Thank you to Jenna Schwartz,
                                         Peggi and Stuart Siegel for
                                         organizing and donating
                                         beautiful new books to each
                                         and every child.

                                        “One time sticks out for me, when I
                                        saw a little girl crying all alone at the
                                        Holiday Party. I walked over to her and tried to help her
                                        and find out what was wrong. She told me that she didn’t
                                        speak English. In Spanish I told her her that it was OK and
                                        I would help her. I helped her find her bag and she was
                                        happy for the rest of the day. I love all my time at Camp

                                        –Liza Bartman, Brentwood School, Counselor 06-09

                My grandmother, Charlotte Goode was herself a child raised by a single
                parent with very little means to provide for her. It made her a lifelong
                champion for needy children, and after she saw the wonderful experience
                my sisters and I had at summer camp, she became dedicated to making
                sure all children could have the same opportunities. After we lost my
                grandmother in 2001, my mother, sister, cousin, and I decided to step in to
                volunteer on her behalf. We have been counselors and support staff, and
Charlotte Goode my mother is now on the Board of Directors. It is my honor to be helping
                continue her hard work as the Development Associate for United In Harmony.
                                                                                                      Katie Dox
In her memory each year we honor volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to
United in Harmony, Camp Harmony. Congratulations to Stacy Gale, Brett Marz and Lindsay Tucker our
2008 recipients’.

                         STACY GALE: “I came up for the day and stayed for the weekend.” Luckily Stacy
                         became a “Harmony Lifer” on that weekend 8 years ago. Stacy says she “loves being
                         with the kids” and she has as much fun at camp as they do. Stacy arrives at camp with
                         her impish grin and love of life brimming over onto everyone she comes in contact
                         with. Stacy says, “I really have learned you do get BACK way more than you give
                         when you open your heart to camp...I always come HOME so filled up. My favorite
                         part of camp is dancing and singing camp songs with the kids” Camp Harmony’s
                         children are forever grateful.

BRETT MARZ: “It’s hard to explain the experience of Camp Harmony without being there yourself,
but it’s a sense of appreciation for everything you have on a daily basis.” Brett arrived at Camp
Harmony 5 years ago. In that time he has become an essential member of camps Support Staff,
is a Co-Coordinator of Leadership and a member of the Board of Directors while running his
own business. Brett’s lesson to us all is, “Don’t think about it, don’t debate it and don’t make an
excuse that you don’t have the time. People cannot afford not to be involved. Camp Harmony
                    will change your outlook on life.”

                   Lindsay Tucker: “When I started as a counselor I was HOOKED!” Lindsay has grown up in
                  Camp Harmony. She has grown from a teenage counselor to become a pivotal member
                  of the camp administration serving as a Program Director for Camp Harmony and a current
                  Board Member. Lindsay has also chaired the annual Holiday Party for the past three years
                  and a Co-Coordinator of Leadership. Needless to say without Lindsay’s involvement and
                  commitment Camp Harmony would not be where it is today. Lindsay shared that, “with
                  the incredible people and children around me, there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t use
                  something the Harmony experience has taught me.”
                      CAMP HARMONY SPECIAL THANKS!
   For their many years of support and generosity the children, counselors,
           support staff and administration gratefully acknowledge:

Century Shower Door for trucks, for storage, for shipping, for everything you
do everyday.

The Powell Family (Rick, Debbie, Jeremy and Ashley), the previous years of
storing supplies and donations and for your continual love and support of
United in Harmony.

Jeff Robinson (owner Canyon Creek Sports Camp), for every camp t-shirt ever
worn by a camper, counselor or volunteer throughout the years.
                              Thank you all!

El Rodeo Elementary First Grade
       Class Sock Drive
                                                     Thank you to our newsletter contributors:
                                                     Liza Bartman, Maria Brown, Baron Davis,
                                                     Sandra Donis, Stacy Gale, Enrique
                                                     Gameros, Brian Kramer, Aaron Leff,
                                                     Amanda Markowitz, Tobi Martin, Brett Marz,
                                                     Madeleine Schwab, Mark, Siegal, Adam
                                                     Slutske, Ronna Slutske, Emma Sokoloff,
                                                     Lindsay Tucker

     Pictured (from left): Andrew Wehba, Cori        We would also like to thank our proof
     Dyner, Luke Jankowski, Yasmin Sobhanian         readers, Joyce Levine & Andrea Slutske for
     and Anna Korasidis.                             their help.
  Thank you to Beverly Hills, El Rodeo Elementary
  School First Grader’s for their donation of over   Katie Dox for the layout and design of the
    600 pairs of new socks to Camp Harmony.          newsletter.
     First Graders collected socks as part of a
    math lesson. They counted by 2’s, graphed
       and sorted lots and lots of socks. Their
                                                     Wendy Klappholz for writing and editing the
   lesson culminated in a festive sock hop and       newsletter.
           presentation to Camp Harmony.

                                    Don’t forget . . .
                              SUMMER CAMP SESSION
                           AUGUST 23-30 FOR COUNSELORS
                           AUGUST 24-30 FOR VOLUNTEERS
                         HARMONY BOWL OCTOBER 10, 2009
                       HARMONY HOLIDAY PARTY DECEMBER 2009
  We would like to thank the following people for their support of United In Harmony in 2008.
                    If we have misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our apologies and
                          contact the office so that we can make the necessary corrections.

GRANTS                                Larry & Linda Brooks
                                                                        Linda & Martin Frank              Lorri Herman
Auntie Anne’s Inc.                    Eileen & Harold Brown
                                                                        Mitchell Frank & Julie Hermelin   Karen Hermelin
Beverly Hills Rotary Community Fund   Rozanne & Jonathan Burstein
                                                                        Pamela & Sandy Frank              Dale Hernsdorf
Dermalogica Foundation                Elaine & David Butterworth
                                                                        Mr.& Mrs. Arthur Frankel          Robert Herstein
Los Angeles Times Family Fund         Margot & Joseph Calabrese
                                                                        Rondi Sokoloff & David Frieder    Teri & Kenneth Hertz
Dustin and Lisa Hoffman               Susan Canale
                                                                        Erica & Josh Friedman             Hildy & Walter Hill
Summa Group                           Melinda & Terry Casey
                                                                        Marlene & Ron Friedman            David & Geri Hirth
         Children’s Foundation        Kelly Cattlini
                                                                        Donald Friese                     Cindy Harrell-Horn & Alan Horn
The Jay & Rose Phillips               Kristen Cattalini
                                                                        Robert Fruchtbaum                 Catrina Colvin Howard
         Family Foundation            Century Shower Door
                                                                        Stephen & Cynthia Fry             Sue & Tom Hunter
The Kyle Rudow Memorial Fund          Samir Chaudry
                                                                        Beth Abrams & Josh Fuks           Intuition
Councilman Dennis Zine                Ann Cheslaw
                                                                        Bonnie Raskin & Kenn Fuller       Gail and Bob Israel
                                      Morgan Chu
                                                                        Crisoula & Fred Fuller            Lonnie Israel
DONORS                                Anne Carlin & Kevin Civale
                                                                        Carole & Harold Gaba              Patti & Michael Jacobs
Stephen Alkus                         Robert Clifford
                                                                        Stacy Gale                        Robert & Hilary Nelson Jacobs
Leticia Aloi                          Herb Thelosen & Edward Ilano
                                                                        Lynne Gallagher                   Denise and Jay Jaffe
Amazing Bulldogs Team                 Cheryl & Brad Cohen
                                                                        Peggy & Ron Garcia                John Jameson
Colette & Gerald Ament                Debbie & Andrew Cohen
                                                                        Constance & John Gavin            Donald & Barbara Jonas
Julie Amick                           Helaine & Charles Cohen
                                                                        Alexa Gelbard                     Janet and Tony Jonas
Samantha Andrews                      Madeleine & Ray Colcord
                                                                        Beth & David Gensemer             Roneet & Kenneth Kahan
Eloise & Mark Appel                   Congregation Kol Ami
                                                                        Stacy Gerber                      Pam & Evan Kaizer
Robert Applebaum                      Coxy Faux
                                                                        Susan Baskin & Richard Gerwitz    Joseph Kalish
Dawn Archuleta                        Paul & Gloria Crane
                                                                        Tina & Michael Gittelson          Emily & Scott Kalt
Stacey & Jason Astor                  Lynn Williams & Michael Croft
                                                                        Andy & Yoko Given                 Michael F. Kanne
David Tobman                          Crossroads School
                                                                        Kathy & Bruce Givner              Michael & Marla Kantor
Eleanore Baidoo                       Jonathan Dahan
                                                                        Nicola & Steven Glick             Howard & Donna Kaplan
Mychal Balazs                         Jill Danton
                                                                        Billy Goldberg                    Michael Kaplan
Joan & Howard Ballon                  Tim and Susan Delaney
                                                                        Carol & Neil Goldberg             Jean & Arthur Krakower
Bamko Promotional Items               Becky DeMarie
                                                                        Patti Goldberg                    Allyson Krasner
Andrew Bank                           Ailee & Jordan Dembo
                                                                        Sue & Ross Goldberg               Golde Katz
Carmen & Jonathan Bank                Brock & Michelle Dewey
                                                                        Lori Golden                       Jonathan Kaufelt & Holly Corn
John Barbati                          Pam Schulz & Clark Dikeman
                                                                        Golden State Warriors             Cari Kay
Anne & Bill Barnett                   Gail Di Prizito
                                                                        The Goldsmith Family              Frank & Sharlene Kay
M J Goldenhersh & Wayne Barsky        Deborah & Brian Donovan
                                                                                  Foundation              Michelle Kaye
Denise & Robert Barta                 Darren Segal & Katie Dox
                                                                        Aaron Henry & Ali Goldstein       Suzanne & Ric Kayne
Alison & Brett Bartman                Hayley Dox
                                                                        Jerry & Linda Goldstein           Fern & Andrew Keimach
Barbara Bartman                       Jeanne Haney & Chip Dox
                                                                        Wendy Schmelzer &                 Julie Kellner
Eleanor & Tom Bartman                 Wendie Goode- Dox & Bill Cole
                                                                                  Robert Goldstein        Kathie Kellogg-Taxe
Norma Bartman                         Rudy Duthil
                                                                        The Gonda Family Foundation       Herbert & Elaine Kendall
Chaim & Ellen Ben Basat               Max & Laura Eisenberg
                                                                        Gina Gonzalez                     Amanda Kent
Tasha & Andy Baum                     Tom Eisenstadt
                                                                        Bradley & Beth Goode              Iris & David Kent
Teri & Bradley Baum                   Robin Siegal and Melvin Eisman
                                                                        Linda Gordon                      Keystone Group, Inc.
Lori Beck                             El Rodeo School
                                                                        Dorothy & Ozzie Goren             Michael & Ted Kim
Vincent Beckley                       Lisa & David Elan
                                                                        Susie & Bruce Goren               Danny Kirk
Bee Professionals                     Brad & Staci Elkins
                                                                        Claire Gottlieb                   Wendy and Steve Klappholz
Harvey Beesen                         Jane Elliot
                                                                        Emma Gottlieb                     James and Jane Klein
Robert Cox & Karen Bell               Dana Emberson
                                                                        Wendy Gottlieb                    Nancy Klein
R.Lance Belsome                       Nancy & Alan Epstein
                                                                        Rhonda & Michael Gottsegen        Jessica Klepper
Judy & Jon Benowitz                   Jonathan Evans
                                                                        Julee & Michael Gould             Cheryl & Ernest Kling
Phyllis Glick & Alan Berger           Marianne Evans
                                                                        Roberta & Donald Gould            Alexis & Enrique Koenig
Stuart Berggren                       Factor’s Famous Deli
                                                                        Carra Greenberg                   Philip Koosed
Hilda & Dan Bergher                   Barbara & Sam Feedman
                                                                        Juli & Daniel Greenwald           Priscilla & Philip Kormnick
Catherine Bergstrom                   Frannie Felder
                                                                        G. Gregg & Jacqueline             Debroah Kosofsky
Karen Berg                            Sharon and James Felder
                                                                                  McLaughlin              Antonia Kostarias
Lawrence Berkowitz                    Debbie & Robert Feldman
                                                                        Brad & Jill Grey                  Jean & Arthur Krakower
Jennifer Grey Berkowitz               E.D. & R.S. Feldman
                                                                        Bob & Marjie Gross                Ronald & Joann Kramar
James & Diane Berliner                Susan & Bob Feldman
                                                                        Marcy & Edgar Gross               Daniel Kramer
Lanie Bernhard                        Richard & Michelle Ferkel
                                                                        Kerry & Andrew Grossman           Joan & Harold Kramer
Laurie Bernhard                       Fiki Sports
                                                                        Daniel Gryczman                   Shari Silver & Richard Kreisler
Mitch Kron                            Fineman West & Co.
                                                                        Susan and Steve Gryczman          Jonathan Kroh
Dahlia & Arthur Bilger                Aimee Liu & Martin Fink
                                                                        Marc Gurvitz                      Claire Kurkjian
James & Nancy Birdwell                Melissa Bachrach & Michael Fink
                                                                        Katherine Hampar                  Lindsey Lanier
The Stanley & Joyce                   Fariba & Nathan Fischel
                                                                        James & Ann Hartigan              Theresa & Robert Lass
           Black Family Foundation    Bruce Fisher
                                                                        Hawthone School                   Lynn & Richard Lavezzari
Noah Bonnett                          Patricia Fleming
                                                                        Emily Haymer                      Craig Lawson & Therese Peters
Gary & Anne Borman                    Julie Fluegel
                                                                        Deborah Heaps                     Mindy & Joe Lebovic
Carleen Breskin                       Hillary & Russell Fogarty
                                                                        Megan Helfend                     Rupert Lee & Melissa Goldberg
Bonnie and Tony Brockliss             Sue Forethall
                                                                        Ann & David Helpern               Aaron Leff
Karen & Alan Bromley                  Andrea & Barry Forman
                                                                        Kelly Henderson                   Judith Levinthal & Randall Leff
                                      Lee & Bernard Frank
Gary & Dayna Lerner                Magalie Rodriguez                   Nicholas Scully                      Anne & Charles Trapnell
Alison and Brian Levant            Donna Creed and Tom Optican         Claire Seaver                        Sharon Pushkin
Bruce & Susan Levin                Ostin Family Foundation             Marla & Richard Seff                             & Gilbert Trester
Joyce & Jeffrey Levine             Shana and Don Passman               Errol & Marilyn Segal                Shirley J. Tuch
Maxine Mintzer & Gary Levine       Irene Pasternack                    Claudia Grau & Mark Sender           Sunnye and Richard Tuch
Mike & Myra Levinson               Paulette & Bruce Pasternack         Aimee and Josh Sesar                 Jonathan Schwartz
Larry & Nancy Levitt               Nancy Paul                          Gregory Sewitz                                   & Lindsay Tucker
Teddy Levitt                       Dana Pederson                       Christy Hobart & Henry Shapiro       Marilyn Tucker
Darren Lewin                       Lauren & Jay Pelissier              Shapiro-Ben Basat                    Donna Tuttle
Richard Lichtenstein               Pennington Family Foundation        Anthony & Lee Shaw                   Sandra & Sam Tyler
Jill Greenwald & Jon Liebman       Judy Ranan & George Perkins         Susan & Michael Sheridan             Debbie and Steve Ullman
Antoinette Lindstrom               Rochelle Perlman                    Lisa & Jeff Sherman                  Alan Venook
Jacqueline & John Lindstrom        Carla & Tom Perlmutter              Lois and Nat Sherman                 Phyllis & Stanley Vernon
Ingrid Murrle and Ron Long         Candace & David Peterson-Kahn       Igal Shidlovsky                      Viewpoint School
David & Jacqueline Lowenberg       Andrew Grossman & Richard Zaitlen   JoAnne & Henry Shields               Victor Benes Cont. Bakery
Roger Lowenstein                   Angela Pillsbury                    Adrianna Shilton                     Julie & Steve Wagner
Jill Wilbur & Kaite Henderson      Linda & Samuel Pillsbury            Vickie and Albert Shilton            Ruth Matinko & Barry Wald
Randi & Robert Lundy               Lya Pinkus                          Judith Shore                         Erin Walgamuth
Bobbie & Jill Lux                  Kay Pitman                          Mark Siegal                          Ellen Wallach
Doug Lynn                          Ruth & Allan Pleaner                Ben Siegel                           Patti O’Neill
Maude & Scott MacGillivray         Elaine & Joel Polachek              Ida Siegel                                       & Mark Walzman
Macrolife Naturals Inc.            Deborah Polasek                     Stuart & Peggi Siegel                Fern and Ben Wasserman
Mark & Staci Magged                Barbara Polland                     Susie and Neil Siegel                Janet Wasserman
Scott Magged                       The Powell Family                   Alan Sieroty                         Susan Wasserman
Pam & Daniel Marcus                PowerAde                            Santiago Siliezar & Arask Bashooki   Judi & Michael Watson
Donald Margolis                    Heidi and Albert Praw               Dina Micklin Silver                  David & Lisa Wehrly
Jillian Marine                     Deborah Price                       Aimee Skier                          Melanie & Daniel Weinrot
The Markowitz Family               Price Transfer Inc.                 Donald Slate                         Adam Weinstock
Lauren Markowitz                   Hunter & Katie Price                Carole Slavin                        Lori and Mark Weinstock
Elisa & William Marks              Peggy Rabin                         Alan & Riva Slifka                   William Weintraub
Elisabeth Markus                   Dianne & Art Rainey                 Adam and Andrea Slutske              Estelle Weisberg
Scott & Tobi Martin                Barbara & James Rasulo              Ronna and Burt Slutske               Marla Weiss
Brandon & Rayna Marz               Cathy Costin & Mitchell Reback      Jessica & Brad Smiedt                Frieda & Leon Wells
Brett Marz                         Reback,McAndrews & Kjar, LLP        Alexander Smith                      Dana & Gary Wexler
Keith Marz                         Nancy Reed                          Ashleigh Smith                       John & Jolie Whitesell
Joy Mashaal                        Ronald & Laurie Resch               Kathryn Smith                        Douglas Wick & Lucy Fisher
Renee Masi                         Linda and Jeff Resnick              Rebekah & Stephen Smith              Lacey & John Williams
Fiona & Tim Mason                  Alison and Richard Ressler          Paul Smolen                          Lynn and Mark Williams
Gloria Maynard                     Maxine Revitz                       Marianne Smulin                      Jami & Owen Witte
Jillian McAndrews                  Sue and Steven Revitz               Chelsey Sobel                        Elly & Dan Wolf
Nancy McCune                       Anissa Roberts                      Adam Sokoloff                        Janet & Robert Wolfe
Rob Mello                          Lindsay Roberts                     Emma Sokoloff                        Natalie & Kenny Wolfe
Enid Meltzner                      Jeff Robinson                       Harold Sokoloff                      Jane & David Wyler
Hugo & Lois Melvoin                Kate Lehrman & Howard Robinson      Sheryl & Jonathan Sokoloff           R. & J. Yonai
Nick Melvoin                       Judith Rothman Rofe                 Marcia Solomon                       Cheri & Marty Yousem
Shane Mengel                       Larry & Ana Rofe                    Bonnie & Ross Somers                 Meri Zeiff
Steven & Marsha Mermelstein        Leo Rofe                            Alex Sones                           Barry Ziskin
Natalie Azer & Jason Meskiel       Deborah & Robert Rome               Susan Southcot
Jill Meyer                         Carlyn Rosenblum                    Nick Stabler
Betty Lee & Andy Milder            Joyce & Herb Rosenblum              David Stein
Lili Miller                        Susan and David Rosenblum           Jessica Stein
Jan & Richard Mills                Neil & Tracy Rosenfield              Mandy & Mark Stein
Janet & Jeff Mintz                 Alison & Larry Rosenthal            Linda and Bruce Steinbaum
Robert Mischel                     Daniel Rosenthal                    Buf Meyer & Jonathan Steinberg
Pamela & Mark Mischel              Robbie and Saul Rosoff              J. L. Steinwurtzel
Michael & Kathy Moray              Carol Rothman                       Lisa Kudrow & Michael Stern
Rowena & Edmund Moreno             Tilly & Dan Rubinstein              Andrew Stewart & Suzie Pelissier
Sean Moshiri                       Shelley Kalvin & Jay Ruby           Neysa Gelfan & David Stone
Marnie Bodek & Edwin Moss          Robert Ruder                        Holly Strom
Albert & Angela Nassi              Taryn & Michael Rudow               Colin Stuffmann & Michelle Herman
Garrett Nassi                      Melissa Rumbold                     Susie & Rick Sukov
Greg & Teresa Nathanson            Todd Sachs                          Eric Lax & Karen Sulzberger
Linda & Jay Negrin                 Julie & Edmond Sachse               Joan & Kenneth Swartz
Lisa Nesbitt                       Leah Kaizer & David Salk            Pam Tanton
Suhair Abu-Tabikh & Omar Newland   Elaine Saltzer                      Charlotte Tarantola
Erin Newman                        Carolyn Sato                        Max and Sharon Tash
Janet & Randy Newman               Karen Good Satzman                  Elisa & Alex Taub
Randy & Gretchen Newman            Dena Anne & Irving Schechter        Florence Taub
Janet & Walter Nordlinger          John Schmelzer & Naomi Licker       Craig Taubman
Jim Notley                         Jodie Schroeder                     Linda Heisen & Joseph Taylor
Victoria Nourafchan                Toni and John Schulman              Beth Quillen Thomas
Okkies                             Claudia & Mark Schwartz             David Jobe & Jody Thomas
Jack Olshansky                     Richard & Jenna Schwartz            Linda Thompson
Richard Olshansky                  Vicki & Mike Schwartz               Olivia Tiffany
Lisa Olson                         Chris & Anne Scibelli               Lori & John Tinker
                                               HOW YOU CAN HELP

                                         United in Harmony relies on donations from generous friends and
                                         family to provide this remarkable experience to needy children.
                                         Please consider how you can help United in Harmony continue to
                                         flourish and reach out to our smallest and most deserving population…
                                         the children.

                                     A tribute gift to United in Harmony is a great way to recognize the
            occasion of a birthday, anniversary, graduation, new job, big discovery, or special event.
            Remember United in Harmony when honoring a loved one’s memory, a friend’s good deed or
            a momentous time.

            Kindly recommend donations be sent to:

                                    United in Harmony
                                    P.O.Box 34456
                                    Los Angeles, CA 90034
                                    (Or via our website:
                                    or call us at 310-470-9702

            Thank you for your help in sustaining the programs of United in
            Harmony: Camp Harmony, Leadership, Mentoring and the annual
            Holiday Party.

n Harmony &CA 90034 Harmony
     P.O.Box 34456
     Los Angeles,
     Ronna Slutske, President
     Shana Passman, Vice-President
ude and appreciation for your support
     Carol Goldberg, Treasurer
     Lorri Herman, Secretary
e needy children of Los Angeles.
     Wendie Goode-Dox
     Janet Jonas
     Joyce Levine
     Ronald Long
     Lauren Markowitz Wendy Klappholz, Executive Director
     Brett Marz
     Lauren Pelissier
     Mark Siegal
     Adam Slutske
     Lindsay Tucker

        Wendy Klappholz, Executive Director
        Katie Dox, Development Associate
        Laurie Bernhard, Consultant

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