China. Dependency Ratios by qingyunliuliu


									 The dependency ratio is defined as an age population ratio of those who are working in the labour force
 and those who are not working in the labour force. You can calculate the Dependency Ratio of a country
 using the following example:-

 You can calculate the dependency ratio of the population of China as using the following figures as
 shown in the example below:-

 0-14 years: 20.1%
 15-64 years: 71.9%
 65 years and over: 8%

 With China still sticking to the One Child Policy, the dependency ratio of the country is healthy at the
 current time. However, if the present One Child Policy is still in place, the dependency ratio could drop
 dramatically, due to the low CBR (Crude Birth Rate) or a high CDR (Crude Death Rate). This would mean
 that there would either be too many old people, or too few young people. In China’s case, this would
 probably mean that there would be too few young dependents due to the One Child Policy, which would
 mean that there may not be enough people for the working force. Looking at the current population
 pyramid and the projected population pyramid we can see the dramatic change in the population shift.

There is also a lower                                                               The population has
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continued reduced future                                                            population
working population.

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