Immigrant Stories

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					         We’re going to America: An Immigrants Story
Mr. Hashagen

Name: __________________________________
Date: _________________
Due Date: _______________
U.S. History

Task: Write and illustrate the story of an Irish or German immigrant arriving in America. (35

   1. Find a partner to work with on the project
   2. Decide whether your immigrant will be Irish or German.
   3. Create a rough outline of your immigrant’s story. Your story should touch on all the
       ideas listed below. (5 points)
           a. Why the immigrant left his/her homeland.
           b. What the trip to America was like.
           c. Where the person settled in America.
           d. What life was like for the new immigrant in America?
   4. Show Mr. Hashagen your rough outline.
   5. Obtain comic book panels or white paper from Mr. Hashagen.
   6. Narrate and illustrate your immigrant’s story. Use your outline to guide your story. Be
       sure to add color to your illustrations, and check your grammar and spelling.

Story: Your story touches on all of the four required elements which include: why the immigrant
left his/her homeland; what the trip to America was like; where your immigrant settled in
America, and what life was like for the new immigrant in America. (20 points)

Narration and illustrations: Your narration follows a logical story line and your illustrations
visually depict what occurs in your narration. Your illustrations are in color. (10 points)

Mechanics: Proper grammar and spelling are present throughout your story book. (5 points)

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