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									 Wants to thank Mercy High
  School for their years of
    community service
  And wishes them success
   with this year’s Fiesta

7515 D St. Omaha NE (402) 392-1611

  Serving the Omaha Area since 1889

          Uniform Services
            Rental and Purchase
  Mats Mops Rest Room Supplies
       Toweling Aprons
                            A Special Welcome to Our Guests
Dear Friends and Supporters of Mercy,                                   acknowledge Ms. Carolyn Jaworski and our Faculty and Staff
                                                                        for their help and support throughout this fruitful endeavor.
Good evening! We are so pleased and delighted that you                  We are so blessed at Mercy to have so many wonderful
could join us for FIESTA 2010 – Cirque de Mercy! Tonight                role models that guide our daughters and instill in them the
promises to be full of friendly conversation, delicious food,           importance of Faith, Knowledge and Service! We honor and
engaging fellowship and competitive bidding! We warmly                  thank all of YOU!
                                   welcome all of you!
                                                                        The funds that we raise during FIESTA will benefit our
                                       We extend our most               unique Negotiated Tuition program. We hope you will reach
                                       sincere appreciation to          deep into your pockets this evening.
                                       our Advancement Staff,
                                       Class Chairs, Committee          If a young woman desires to attend Mercy then she will never
                                       Chairs and countless             be denied an education here. Help us continue to make this
                                       volunteers. The dedication       a reality, for all Mercy Girls, for many years to come! Thank
                                       and generosity of so             you for supporting the mission of Mercy High School! Take
                                       many fantastic people            care and God bless!
                                       truly embodies the
                                       “Spirit” of Mercy High           With sincere gratitude,
                                       School. Our heartfelt
                                       gratitude is extended to
The Menzel Family                      Sr. Delores Hannon, RSM          Ted and Cindy Menzel
Back Row: Hannah '06, Aaron and        and the Sisters of Mercy.        General Chairs
Rebekah '11 Front Row: Cindy and Ted
                                       We would also like to

                                                                                  “No work of charity can be
                                                                                  more productive of good to
                                                                                  society than the careful
                                                                                  instruction of women.”
                                                                                       -Catherine McAuley

                   The Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community
                     is honored to support Mercy High’s mission
                             of educating young women
                               in Catherine’s tradition!


                                       Table of Contents
Tonight’s Schedule                    Page 5                 Parking Information, In-Kind,
Menu                                  Page 5                   Staff Appreciation            Page 71
                                                             Parent Patrons                  Page 72
Cor Misericordiae Award               Page 6                 Advertiser Recognition          Page 74
Fiesta Committee Members              Page 7
Map                                   Page 12
General Rules                         Page 13

Auction Items
0000    Live Auction                  Page 14
1000    Super Silent                  Page 20
2000    Dining Certificates            Page 24
3000    Service Certificates           Page 29
4000    Baskets                       Page 33
5000    Apparel                       Page 47
6000    Golf & Sports                 Page 50
7000    Irish Connection              Page 52
8000    Collectibles                  Page 58
9000    Home                          Page 65

                                    Take a Chance to Win
                              Buy a Gift Box - $20.00 each
                               Please do not open your box until announced

                                          Prizes include
                                      Two $250 Cash Prizes
                                      Three $100 Cash Prizes
                                      Four $50 in Cash Prizes
                                All boxes include a tax receipt for your $20 donation.

                                     Tonight’s Schedule
                                       Registration in Franey Hall

      4:30 p.m.                  da        celebrated in Our Lady of Mercy Chapel
                             Sunday Mass celebrb
      5:00 p.m.              Silent Auction opens in the dining hall
      7:00 p.m.              Dinner in the Catherine McAuley Athletic Center
      7:45 p.m.              Apparel, Golf and Sports, and Irish Connection silent auctions close
      8:00 p.m.              Dining Certificates and Service Certificates close
      8:15 p.m.              Baskets and Collectibles close
      8:30 p.m.              Super Silent and Home close
      8:30 p.m.              Special Announcement
      8:45 p.m.              Live Auction begins
      10:00 p.m.             Raffle drawing for grand prize of $10,000

                                       Tonight’s Menu
Spinach salad with fresh sliced strawberries, mandarin segments, gruyere cheese and raspberry vinaigrette dressing

                                              Chicken Provencal
                     Roasted baby red potatoes rubbed with garlic and cracked black pepper
                                            Green beans almondine

                           Eclair filled with chocolate mousse with chocolate ganache

                                          Decaffeinated coffee and tea

            Cor Misericordiae Award
                The Heart of Mercy
    The Venerable Catherine McAuley established the first House                      Larry’s business experience encompasses nine years in banking
of Mercy in Ireland in 1827 to serve the needs of homeless                     and nearly 25 years of operating and running his own companies.
and abused women and children from Dublin’s slums. In 1831,                    A true entrepreneur, he was a former owner of the Ranch Bowl and
Catherine founded the Sisters of Mercy as a new congregation                   currently is president and owner of P. I. Midwest, an Omaha based
of women religious in Dublin. Frances Warde opened the first                    consulting firm that works with over 300 companies throughout the
United States mission in 1843 in Pittsburgh. In 1864, the Sisters of           United States. The company was started in 1989 and has become
Mercy arrived in Nebraska territory at the request of Bishop James             one of the largest distributors of the Predictive Index System in the
O’Gorman to serve the needs of the Church and her people.                      country, with additional offices in Des Moines and Red Oak, Iowa;
    The Sisters of Mercy are known for their sponsorship of                    Denver, Colorado; Stillwater, Oklahoma; and Lincoln, Nebraska.
nearly two hundred healthcare facilities, twenty elementary and                     Larry has been a lifelong supporter of Catholic education. “My
preschools, thirty-nine secondary schools, and twenty colleges                 main belief is based on the value system that is taught and instilled
and universities. They respond to the needs of the poor, especially            by a private Catholic education,” he noted. His daily work revolves
women, in many ways including development of affordable                        around business consulting and he uses his talents and resources to
housing, social services, pastoral care, and education.                        assist various universities and churches in finding the right people
    Mercy High School enjoys a rich tradition and long history of              for their ministries. Born and raised in Omaha, Larry is a 1969
Catholic education in the Mercy tradition. We do not act alone.                graduate of Creighton Prep, where he continues to sponsor the
                                       The Sisters of Mercy, Board of          Prep Varsity Legion Baseball Team. He obtained a B.S.B.A. and an
                                       Directors, the faculty and staff,       MBA in finance from Creighton University, and teaches part time in
                                       our alumnae, parents, friends           the MBA program, devoting a minimum of 60-100 hours annually
                                       and donors collaborate to make          to assist students with their career paths and understanding their
                                       “Mercy” here in Omaha.                  individual strengths.
                                           Mercy springs from the                   Larry is a golf enthusiast and loves Creighton athletics,
                                       heart, the result of prayer             especially basketball and volleyball. He maintains an active interest
                                       and sacrifice, the motivation            in politics and is devoted to his family, which includes his wife of 30
                                       for all good works, and the             years, Shirley, and their sons, Brandon and Travis.
                                       gracious flower of justice. In                Since 2004, Larry has been a strong and generous Mercy
                                       instituting the Cor Misericordiae       supporter. His leadership, advice, counsel, and financial support
                                       Award, Mercy High School                have positively impacted Mercy’s mission – the careful instruction
                                       seeks to recognize and bless            of women – and will make a difference for years to come. Shirley
                                       our partners in ministry who            Good summarizes Larry’s relationship with Mercy thus: “It’s
                                       espouse our mission of careful          all about the mission. Larry has a desire to help kids get a
                                       instruction of young women.             good education and wants to see Mercy advance and remain an
Larry B. Good                          These honorees are the ones             outstanding school.”
                                       who enable us to serve our girls             Mercy High School is deeply honored to present the Cor
in a true spirit of Mercy, without reference to a family’s ability to          Misericordiae Award to Larry B. Good.
    It is with deep pride and sincere gratitude that we bestow this
honor on LARRY B. GOOD. Larry’s involvement with Mercy
High School began in May 2004 when he became a member of
the school’s Development Committee. Later that year, Larry
joined Mercy’s Board of Directors. Since then he has served as
general chair of “The Next Generation” capital campaign, and                         Cor Misericordiae Award Recipients
for the past four years, as chair and sign sponsor of the “Driving
for Excellence” Golf Classic. He was also a member of the                       Instituted in 2001, the first                     2006
presidential search committee in 2009.                                                recipients were                      Robert H. Matt
    Larry’s interest in the school and the Sisters of Mercy was                 John and Ann Louise Micek                        2007
piqued by Mercy’s mission of providing accessibility for all young             Msgr. Paul F. Peter (Posthumous)      Dick & Mary Pat McCormick
women who want to attend, regardless of financial ability. That                               2002                                2008
interest soon evolved into a deeper relationship with Mercy High                    Michael T. DeFreece                  The Sisters of Mercy
School, made even more significant by the fact that Larry had no                              2003                                2009
previous affiliation with the school or the Sisters of Mercy. Larry                Gene & Marilyn Spence                     Kevin McCoy
recognized that Mercy is a special place. “I really believe that the                         2004                                2010
only way to get ahead in life is to get a good education,” he said.                  Maurice E. Cox, Jr.                   Larry B. Good
“Our kids have talent and ability, but not necessarily financial ability.                     2005
They need a haven, a place like Mercy High School.”                                Gloria Jezewski Flynn
                                           Fiesta Committees
General Chairs                   John & Angela Wieberg         Dean & Danielle Hahn           Bid Runners
Ted & Cindy Menzel                 Maynard ’83                   Emsick ’83                   Frank & Sharon Fowler*
                                 Renee Mixan                   Tom & Patty Griffith            Dan & Angela Johnson*
Class Chairs                     Tom & Judy Moragues           Bill & Connie Kellen           Violet Garcia
Freshman                         Margy Nielsen                 Greg & Sheila Kelly            Jeff & Marilyn Grier
Andy & Amy Gaughan               Jane Peterson                 Randy & Mary–Marlena Leister   Shyvell Keith
  McAuliffe ’86                  Jacob & Victoria Reyes        Joan McGovern                  Andy & Amy Gaughan
Sophomore                        Joe & Cathy Swiniarski        Jon & Richelle Meisinger         McAuliffe ’86
Tom & Sandi Ferkinhoff           Bradley & Theresa Wiese       Brian & Judy Mosher            Araseli Murillo
Junior                                                         Lori Morehead                  Rosemary Salcedo
Dale & Melinda Kreher            Appetizers                    Brett & Margy Nielsen          Sherry Sambasile
Senior                           Tim & Terri Mulcahy*          Mark & Deb Novotny             Suzanne Shehan
Jon & Richelle Meisinger         Bob & Pam Walsh*              Nancy Rauterkus
                                 And many parent donors        Sonia Russell                  Catalog Distribution
Advertising                                                                                   John & Nancy Meng-Frecker*
Gary & Mary Pechar*              Audio-Visual                  Baskets                        Jeff & Mindy Randall*
Kent & Karen Riesberg*           Mark Stillmock*               Maria Rangel*                  Claire Renee Aurora
Dan & Mary Truscott Altman ’84                                 Sue Shepherd*                  Ken & Annette Bailey
Richard & Heidi Anzalone         Bank                          Richelle Meisinger             Sandra Barnhart
Mike & Pauline Bolter            John Bezy*                    Mary Moreno                    Susan Belitz
Tom & Sandi Ferkinhoff           Dale & Melinda Kreher*        Boonyot Panyapinitnugoon       Antonia Bonsera
Dave & Kari Fowler               Linda Boadwee                 Dick Shepherd                  Don & Kelly Borsh
Laura Huston                     Dan & Zibby Gillen            Miki Theiler                   Tim & Victoria Brichacek
Amy Lamer                          Cambridge ’85                                              Ron & Angela Coleman
John Larsen                      Barb Chantry                                                 Michele Davis
                                 Ali & Ann Chowdhury                                          Dave & Donna Donham

Steve & Jodene Edmonds          Catering                              John Heavey                    Brian & Judy Mosher
Tamara Emsick                   Ted & Cindy Menzel*                   Jeff & Cheryl Janda            Deb Novotny
Joe & Fay Fisher                                                      John & Kim Kinsel              Ed & Terri Rider
Danny & Felicia Fulton          Clean-up Bussing                      Jim & Paula Kolvek             Jose & Marie Romero
Cory & Jamie Grzebielski        Mary Lou Sorensen*                    John & Kathy Zahm Larsen ’81   Mike Sobczyk
John & Patty Guhl               Ruth Sylvester*                       Randy & Susan Matsunami        Kurt & Miki Theiler
Margie Harrison                 Kim Cox                               Mark & Audrey Moulton          Michaela Vanecek
Cynthia Henry-Evans             Nancy Farris                          Dao & Nuong Nguyen             Rick & Carol West
Connie Hinman                   Maureen Joerger                       Jim & Sue Ocander              Grant & Monica Willms
Bob & Jeanne Holzapfel          Mary Obat                             Shelly Reida
Tim & Ann Huber                 Sherry Sambasile                      Becky Riskowski                Gift Boxes
Chris & Jennifer Jerram         Sena Sitti                            Tom & Cheryl Ryck              Bob & Mary Grenier*
Rod & Mary Jewell               Sue Robbins                           Corbin & Kristin Sewing
Chuck & Deb Kinzer                                                    Elliot & Sena Sitti            Guest Services-Coat Check
Nancy Laughlin                  Clean-up General                      Mike Sobczyk                   Kent & Kerry Vaugniaux*
James & Gail McCarty            Keith Butts & Christine Slater*       Jenny Thompson-Zelfel          Dan & Maureen Eischeid
John & Richelle Meisinger       Sandra Barnhart                       Rich & Susan Warren
Tom & Vicki Miratsky            Michael & Ann Bendorf                 Jeffrey & Lori Westlake        Guest Services – Greeters
Brad & Becky Mount              Mia Chambers                          Chris & Cathy Wright           Marsha Bencker*
Jim & Sue Ocander               Dale & Maureen Davis                                                 Pat & Kathleen Artz
Doug & Jeanne Latka             Mark & Marcia Smart                   Decorations                    Claire Renee Aurora
  Rashid ’85                      Dethlefs ’89                        Andrea Beargeon*               Jared & Julia Brekel
Bernie & Mary Slowik            Michael & Geri Dugan                  Brenda Malloy*                 Mike & Mary Beacom
David & Donna Sweeney           Kevin & Christine Dunn                Alice Burns                      Emmer ’84
Jannette Taylor                 Jeff & Gina Etter                     Violet Garcia                  Jim & Alice Huber
Jerome & Janice Townsend        Micaela Galvan                        Melanie Klusaw                 Ken & Denise Herring
David & Jacqueline Washington   Michael & Karen Green                 Denise Lynes                   Jim & Lynette Hewitt
Chris & Cathy Wright            Bob & Mary Grenier                    Charise Lyons                  Rod & Mary Jewell
Joe & Mary Zaborowski           Sherri Heavey                         Barbara MacLennan              Dan & Janet Laughlin
                                                                      Margaret Richardson            Doug & Deb Raven
                                                                      Susan Robins                   Bernie & Mary Slowik
                                                                      Terri Sanders                  Tony & Monica Snyder
                                                                      Angela Sleddens                Michaela Vanecek
                                                                      Teresa Tusa Stillmock ’79
                                                                      Kathy Stolinski                Guest Services –
                                                                      Debra Tighe-Dolan              Reservations
                                                                      Tegwin Turner                  Mary Leahy*
                                                                      Terri Willenborg               Joyce Sobczyk*
                                                                      Victoria Winscot               Debbie Andreasen
                                                                                                     Michelle Bell
                                                                      Dinner Set-Up                  Brian & Laura Farris
                                                                      Brad & Katie Hart*             Julie Goetzinger
                                                                      Bill & Sharon Veys*            Geoff & Liz Hall
                                                                      Maureen Berg                   Raeleen Justice
                                                                      Tim & Patty Buechler           Mike May
                                                                      Liz Cooley                     Kurt & Miki Theiler
                                                                      Kevin Daly                     Geoff Tripp
                                                                      Steve & Jodene Edmonds         Tim & Sue Wees
                                                                      Jeff & Gina Etter
                                                                      Cynthia Farmer                 Irish Connection
                                                                      Frank & Sharon Fowler          Pat & Kathleen Artz*
                                                                      Jerry & Lori Glenn             Bib Cullen*
                                                                      Sherri Heavey
                                                                      Eric & Halle Hoge
                                                                                                     Live Auction
                                                                      Chris & Jennifer Jerram
                                                                                                     Richard & Heidi Anzalone*
                                                                      Hyunsuk Lloyd
                                                                                                     Joe & Deb Neary*
                                                                      Mary Locati
                                                                                                     Stephen & Mary Lee Brock
                                                                      Paul & Susan Moore
                                                                                                     Bob & Mary Gonderinger
                                                                      Lori Morehead
                                                                                                     Sandy Goetzinger-Comer ’70

John & Nicole Hahn Jesse ’80   Judy Moragues                    Silent Auction Set-Up       Silent Auction Solicitors
Chris & Jennifer Jerram        Brad & Becky Mount          Ted & Cindy Menzel*              Diana Cohoe*
Ted & Cindy Menzel             LaTasha Muhammad            Joe & Lois Nigrin*               Brian & Lisa Smith Keenan ’84*
                               Laura Parr                  Steve & Marci Abels              Maureen Berg
Mercy Market                   Shelly Reida                Mike & Elizabeth Dyer            Rich & Barb Golwitzer
Cindy Hamata*                  Michael & Jacque Salerno    Kevin & Dawn Engstrom            Katie Hart
Julia Brekel                   Joyce Sobczyk               Kimberly Fangman                 Merle Hoegermeyer
John & Colleen Brudny          Dave Sweeney                Laura Farris                     Tom Klamt
Suzanne Buckner                Lori White                  Kari Fowler                      Nancy Lange
Jerry & Mary Bushman           Cathy Wright                Kim Fuerstenau                   Todd & Denise Lynes
Denise Lynes                                               Barbara Golwitzer                Mike & Donna May
                               Silent Auction Gift Pick-Up Cindy Hamata                     Ted & Cindy Menzel
Parking                        John & Lori Von Dollen*     Steve & Rhonda Hanus             Janice Sedlak
Scott & Diana Cohoe*           Mike & Tina Cameron         Derwin & Mary Horne              Miki Theiler
Paul & Susan Moore*            Greg & Laura Clark          Pam Kucirek                      Connie Tripp
Joseph Krol                    Vic & Kim Culp              Randy Leister                    Bob Walsh
Jim Kolvek                     Mike & Elizabeth Dyer       Mary Locati                      Jean Stackhouse Wang ’67
Don Prem                       Dave & Kari Fowler          Jeff & Carol Lowe
                               John & Michelle Johanek     Adrienne McGargill               Silent Auction Workers
Raffle                          Tom & Connie Klamt          Jim McGuire                      Steve & Ann Gunia Caskey ’83*
Beth Mollner*                  Frank & Amy Lamer           John Parr                        Jerome & Janice Townsend*
Dennis & Laurie States*        Jessie Ourada-Shupe         Joe & Jane Peterson              Bob & Molly Atherton
Colleen Brown                  Kevin & Julie Perry         Doug & Jeanne Latka Rashid ’85   Tom & Sandi Ferkinhoff
Colleen Colsen                 Jim & Cate Pogge            Stan & Gail Siderewicz           Kim Hall
Vic & Kim Culp                 Robert & Alice Sullivan     Julie Vankat                     Eric & Halle Hoge
Paula Kolvek                   Russ & Norma Jean Swadener  Chris & Michele Walker           Ray Kyral
Ann Lovely-Williams            Dan & Julie Vankat          Terri Willenborg                 Marie Booher Lee ’79
Mary-Marlena Leister           Dave & Kristi Walters       Jim Yelinek                      Susan Matsunami
Paul Moore                       Wessling ’88                                               Lisa Mayer
                               Scott & Terri Willenborg

        Your Potential
    At College of Saint Mary, you’ll learn nothing is out
    of reach. From paralegal and teaching, to science
    and business – we have the program for you!

    We offer a variety of student financial aid –
    scholarships, grants, loans & our Marie Curie
    Scholars Program for math & science majors.

    Visit to learn more.

                                                                   Apply online at
Matt & Suzanne Montag       Kevin & Lisa Mayer            Rod & Mary Jewell              Volunteer Services
Lori Morehead               Chris & Dede McKay            Dan & Angela Johnson           Ronda Bash*
Joe & Lois Nigrin           John & Jackie Riesberg        Chuck & Deb Kinzer             Mary Wendl & Joe Zaborowski*
Kevin O’Connell & Maggie    Barbara Rivard ’82            Patrick & Susan Lacy           Lisa Wolbach
  Kalkowski                 Kathy Stolinski               Amy Lang
Joe & Jane Peterson         Rich & Pam Timmins            Charise Lyons                  Workers Dinner
Mike & Chris Pflaum          Lisa-Ann Walker               Maura Monaghan                 Jackie Heywood*
Cecelia Ramsey              Linda Wermuth                 Brett & Margy Nielsen          Paula Sullivan*
Kent & Karen Riesberg                                     Doug & Deb Raven               Ann Valla*
Brenda Urrutia              Student Servers               Jenny Thompson-Zelfel          Cindy Bauermeister
                            Amy Gaughan McAuliffe* ’86    Rich & Pam Timmins             Toni Bonsera
Social Hour                 Maureen Davis*                Jeanine Villagran              Cynthia Farmer
Darrell & Barb Schulte*                                   Jeffrey & Lori Westlake        Jacque Salerno
Doug & Susan Gunia          Telephone                     Bradley & Terese Wiese         Connie Tripp
  Winkelmann ’85*           Tim & Darlis Vauble*          Rick & Marge William           Jerry & Pam Vap
John & Barbara Brannen      Trudie Ahlstrom               Gary & Chris Trout Wulff ’71   And many parent donors
Tim & Alice Burns           Charles & Deb Bee
Kevin Daly                  Dan & Zibby Gillen
Joe & Sandy DiSomma           Cambridge ’85
Mike & Kim Elston           Mike & Tina Cameron                           Becky & Company
Jeff & Gina Etter           Bruce & Johanna Deats
Jackie Frevert              Tamara Emsick
                                                                             Hair Salon & Nails
Chris & Stephanie Greger    Kimberly Fangman
Eileen Grothe               Bob & Nancy Farris                        Stylists - Becky, Susan & Dianne
Ray & Bridget Gudenrath     Rhoda Frazier                                     Nail Tech - Nancy
Brenda Hopkins              John & Lou Harvey
Derwin & Mary Horne         Barney & Mindy Hill
Nancy Laughlin              Connie Hinman                     4601 S. 50th St.                          731-3340
Dan & Janet Laughlin

                                  The Priests and Parishioners of

                           St. Thomas More Parish, Omaha, NE

                           extend best wishes to Mercy High School

                           for a successful 2010 Cirque de MERCY

                                     Rev. Ryan P. Lewis, Pastor
                                                              RESULTS DRIVEN

                                    We are proud to support Mercy High School and
                                    its dedication to providing equal access to its
                                    educational opportunities.

1125 South 103rd St. 402.390.9500

                                                                                                     Entrance to Fiesta        Men’s/Ladies Restrooms
Notes:                                                                                       Registration and
• Live Auction items are located on the Mezzanine                                            Welcome
• Apparel is located in the front of the gym
• Certificates are located on the bleachers in the gym
• Beer & wine are located on the mezzanine also
                                                                                                         Franey Hall

                                                                                                                                                 Coat Check
• Mercy Market is on the mezzanine
                                                                                             Check out

                                                                                              To the Mezzanine & Fiesta Festivities


                                                                               Closes at 8:15 p.m.

Ground Floor

                                                                 Art & Collectibles
                                                                               Closes at 8:15 p.m.
                   Super Silent
   Closes at 8:30 p.m.

                                                                               Closes at 8:30 p.m.

                                                                          Dining Hall
                                    Irish Connection Golf & Sports

                                                              Closes at 7:45 p.m.                        Closes at 7:45 p.m.

                                        Closes at 7:45 p.m.

 Entrance from
 Catherine McAuley
 Athletic Center                                               Dining and Service Certificates located on gym bleachers closes at 8:00 p.m.

                                                 General Rules
                                                Bank opens at 9:00 p.m.
1    Use only the bid number assigned to you. You are responsible for any bid made with your number.
2.   Payment may be made with cash, check, MasterCard or Visa. Payment this evening is mandatory.
3.   Items should be removed at the time of departure. Show either your receipt marked “PAID” (white copy) or your QuickCheck
     receipt (green copy) to retrieve your merchandise. If you have a social reservation we encourage you to use QuickCheck and
     you will be notified after the auction for pickup.

4.   Values printed for gift certificates and items being auctioned are estimates only, and are not warranted by Fiesta for tax purposes
     or for general value. To determine the amount of your charitable contribution, consult your tax advisor.

5.   All sales are final and there will be no refunds or exchanges except where specified.

6.   All auction items and services must be used by December 31, 2010, unless otherwise specified. It is the responsibility of the
     purchaser to check expiration dates.

                                    QuickCheck Registration
1.   At the registration table, present either your Visa or MasterCard. A QuickCheck/bank volunteer will imprint your card
     and have you sign a credit card charge slip. At this point, your bid number will be flagged as ”Quick Check” for all
     auctions and for the bank, and your credit card will be charged accordingly.

2.   If you purchase a silent or live auction item during the evening, your purchases may be picked up by showing your
     QuickCheck receipt, which will be delivered to you, and your bidding number. (QuickCheck bidders do not go to the bank).

                                        Please Note: Raffle tickets may not be charged.

                                               Silent Auction
1.   Write your name, bid number, table number, and amount bid on the bid sheet that corresponds with the displayed item upon
     which you wish to bid.

2.   Each new bid must be written on the next blank line available on the bid sheet. Bids will be disqualified if the minimum raise is
     not honored. Bids may be higher than the minimum raise requirement.

3.   The minimum opening bid on any item is generally one-half (1/2) of that item’s posted value, but may be more if so specified by
     the donor.

4.   The silent auction will be open for bidding at 5:00 p.m. and will close at various times. No bids will be accepted after closing.
     The highest bidder on each item will be notified at his/her table and will receive a receipt. Present this receipt to the banker with
     payment. (QuickCheck bidders do not go to the bank). If the bidder is NOT using QuickCheck - Present the receipt at
     the bank table with payment.

5.   Live auction items can be picked up on the mezzanine and all other items can be picked up in the dining hall by showing the
     auction worker your receipt stamped “PAID” or “QuickCheck”.

                                                 Live Auction
1.   The live auction will begin near the end of dinner and continue until all items have been sold. Items are displayed on an overhead
     screen and on the Mezzanine.

2.   Each auction item is numbered. The auctioneer will call out the numbered item and give a brief description. Bidders can accept
     a bid called by the auctioneer by raising their number paddle. A runner will bring a receipt to the successful bidder, who will write
     down his or her bid number, and sign it, verifying his/her successful bid.

3.   At the completion of the Live Auction, items may be picked up from the display on the Mezzanine by showing the auction worker
     your receipt stamped “Paid” or your “QuickCheck” receipt. (QuickCheck bidders do not go to the bank).

                                                 All general rules apply.
                                        Live Auction
0001. Florida Getaway                                                0003. Mercy Parking Spot
Crystal Villas Unit A8 is the place to be for your fun in the        Now, that your daughter has mastered the art of parallel
sun. Nothing between you and the beach. This immaculate              parking, give her the gift she really wants—a coveted, select,
second-floor, west end condo puts you high enough above               reserved parking spot near the school. Forget about rousting
the beach for a spectacular view. You will be the first to spot       her out of bed early. She won’t complain about the door
dolphins in the morning or that rare whale spotted recently.         dings, the long walk up the hill, and she’ll never have an
This 1,000 sq. ft., one bedroom, spacious condo sleeps up to         excuse for being late to class because she couldn’t find a
six. Crystal Villas is within walking distance to restaurants and    parking spot.
great shopping. A short drive down scenic Highway 98 East            Donor(s): Friends of Mercy
takes you to golf courses, water parks and the largest outlet        Value: Priceless
mall around. Pensacola is only 40 miles away. Fully furnished
with all the plush necessities you will need. Not available any      0004. Chase the Blues Away in Sunny Scottsdale, AZ
week during June, July, or August.                                   The Omaha winters can give anyone the blues. Whisk away,
Donor(s): Colleen Fahey Anson ’59                                    March 27th-April 3th, to sunny Scottsdale, AZ. Once there,
Value: $1,000                                                        enjoy seven nights in a luxury condominium at the Sheraton
                                                                     Desert Oasis Resort. Play four rounds of golf at Coldwater
0002. Playhouse & Dinner for Eight                                   Golf Course in Avondale, AZ. There is so much to do in
Eight tickets to any opening weekend performance of All              Scottsdale, make sure to make time for shopping, dining, site
Shook Up (March 5-7, 2010) and a $400 gift certificate for a          seeing, and soaking up every last ray of sun before heading
catered dinner by Attitude on Food.                                  back to another winter snowstorm in Omaha.
Donor(s): Omaha Community Playhouse, Attitude on                     Donor(s): Mercy High School and Landscapes Golf
Food                                                                 Group, LLC
Value: $700                                                          Value: $3,750

0005. “Umbrian Clouds”                                            0009. Alegria Cirque du Soleil
“The piece was painted in the small Umbrian hill town of          Four tickets to the Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 7:30PM
Montecastello Di Vibio, just outside of Perugia. I spent a        Alegria Cirque du Soleil show at the Qwest Center. Tickets are
couple of summers painting there and am always surprised          courtside reserve section E2, row 3, seats 1-4. These are on
how one’s body adjusts to “Italian time”. Your body and           the floor and this package includes dinner and lodging.
pace slow as your perceptions become more acute. You              Donor(s): Richard and Heidi Anzalone, Friend of
notice the small things more, and after being noticed, they       Mercy
begin to seem more significant. The taste of the wine, the         Value: $700
quality of humble things. The way the clouds move through
the sky, pushed by winds which connect everything.” Watie         0010. Alaskan Cruise
White is an artist living and working in Omaha, NE. Watie         A week long Alaskan Cruise in an inside cabin for two,
is currently the Director of the Omaha Print Makers Guild.        departing Vancouver, British Columbia, with Royal Caribbean
Watie also has the unique recognition of being the only artist    Cruise Lines, going to Skagway, Alaska, along the Inland
whose work has been promoted by Warren Buffett during the         Passageway. Trip to be planned between the middle of July
past few annual Berkshire Hathaway meetings. Includes a $50       and August 2010. A selections of dates will be available for
gift certificate towards custom framing.                           you to choose from. It also comes with an additional $1,000
Donor(s): Watie White, Creekside Framing & Gallery                to help cover airfare to BC, or excursions on the cruise at
Value: $1,200                                                     your choice.
                                                                  Donor(s): Reruns R Fun
0006. Field Club Golf Membership                                  Value: $4,500
Enjoy a full membership at Omaha’s most established
golf course, Field Club of Omaha. Take advantage of the
challenging golf course, longest running junior golf program
in Omaha, new veranda and poolside patio, and all other
family-friendly accommodations and activities. Includes
the initiation fee and monthly dues through May 2010,
for a Family Golf A membership. Required to continue
membership through June 2011 and obligated to pay dues.
Donor: Field Club of Omaha
Value: $2,230

0007. Puerto Vallarta Escape
This once in a lifetime opportunity-a 3,500 sq. ft. four
bedroom and four bathroom condo can be yours for seven
days. Whisk your family, or seven of your closest friends,
to Shangri-La Marina in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Enjoy the
white sand beaches, red tiled roofs, cobblestone streets, and
small fishing village charm. Black out dates are the weeks of
Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas through New Years.                            EAR, NOSE AND
Visit: for an exclusive look at this                      THROAT CLINIC, P.C.
fabulous resort.                                                      Your Source for Specialized Family Care
Donor(s): Mike and Anna Sortino                                                 Licensed Audiologist on Staff
Value: $6,000                                                          Upper Respiratory Allergy • Head & Neck Surgery
                                                                        Hearing Aid Center • Free Hearing Screenings
0008. St. Patrick’s Day Dinner                                               402-572-3165
They went, they conquered, and they didn’t want to come
home. Sr. Johanna and Sr. Jeanne spent most of August                 Dr. Paul Sherrerd & Ruth Farrington M.A., CCC-A
2007 in Ireland. Now they want to share what they learned              6751 North 72nd St, Ste 207 • Omaha, NE 68122
by preparing the ultimate IRISH meal for you. Dinner for
6-8 catered and hosted by Sr. Johanna and Sr. Jeanne on
Wednesday, March 17, 2010.
Donor(s): Sr. Johanna Burnell, RSM and Sr. Jeanne
O’Rourke, RSM
Value: Priceless

0011. Fine Art Print of Mercy High School                          0013. Diamond & Sapphire Ring
Here is your opportunity to own an original print made for         A beautiful 14K white gold ring with three round sapphires
Fiesta 2010. This beautiful print depicts our newly remodeled      and 26 round diamonds.
front entrance. This is a recent printmaking process that is       Donor(s): Brodkey’s
hand-created using digital painting tools and using pigment        Value: $1795
ink with additional acrylic paint and pencil added to the final
original artwork. The size is approxiamatly 15 x 30” framed.       TECHNOLOGY BREAK
This is the first picture in a series of four.
Donor(s): Mike Pflaum                                               0014. “B. Whispering Winds Country Kerry, Ireland”
Value: $400                                                        A photograph captures a single moment, briefly halting both
                                                                   time and movement. But in the Black Valley of Ireland’s
0012. Breathtaking Wyoming for a week                              County Kerry, neither time nor movement could be contained
Enjoy the week of June 12-19 or June 19–26 at Jackson              by a still image. As a swirling wind pressed through the
Fork Ranch, a 1,300 acre bison ranch just 30 minutes south         valley, tufts of stiff grass swayed and rustled, murmuring
of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Two exceptional cabins (a                to one another. Leaves atop an old tree blurred with the
three bedroom/two bathroom and a three bedroom/three               breeze, leaving an impression on film as ghostly as the house
bathroom) each with full kitchens will keep you comfortable.       it shrouded - a domain perhaps once lively but abandoned
Tour of bison with the ranch foreman is included. Top              when its residents succumbed to the pressures of famine.
notch fly fishing for trout is available on private water on         As we looked down a road winding to the ancient house, we
the ranch (Upper Hoback River and two stocked ponds)               couldn’t help wondering if the wind were not the only voice
with local guides available for hire. You’re just 90 miles from    still whispering in those hills. A 16 x 20” included mahogany
Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks and 35 miles            burl veneer frame with black silk liner and anti-reflective
from Jackson and Pinedale. Other activities on your own            museum glass.
are horseback riding, hiking, wildlife viewing, and of course,     Donor(s): Chuck and Kim Scanlan Zurcher
quiet, peaceful relaxation.                                        Value: $625
Donor(s): J. Joe Ricketts
Value: $7,000

                                                      PROUD TO SUPPORT
                                                      BRIGHT FUTURES.
                                                      We wish you much success with this year’s Fiesta!

                                                      YOUR ALL-IN-ONE PRINTING SOLUTION

0015. Scotch Tasting                                               0017. The Ultimate Golf Package
Your very own private Scotch tasting featuring Monique             Your foursome can yell “fore” at some of Omaha’s finest
Huston and Tom Becka. Monique is one of the country’s              golf courses with foursomes and carts to Oak Hills Country
premier scotch whiskey experts and Tom just likes to drink it.     Club, Iron Horse Golf Club, and The Players Club. Enjoy a
You and five friends will be treated to a special tasting in the    threesome with carts at Shadow Ridge Country Club. And
Dell’s private tasting room with a food pairing by Mary Kelly      last but not least, enjoy a foursome with carts and a $50 food
’94. The Dundee Dell is recognized worldwide as having the         credit at The Field Club. These premier courses offer diverse
world’s largest collection of single malt scotch. You will be      challenges and terrain, from hills and trees, to challenging
treated to an assortment of rare and hard to find single malts      water hazards.
as well as an education on their history, distilling process,      Donor(s): Oak Hills Country Club, Landscapes Golf
and anecdotes about scotch. It is truly a once in a lifetime       Group, Friend of Mercy, John Fullenkamp, Chris
experience. Date to be mutually agreed upon.                       Roseland
Donor(s): The Dundee Dell, Monique Huston, Mary                    Value: $1350
Kelly ’94 and Tom Becka
Value: Priceless                                                   0018. The Ultimate Husker Fan Package
                                                                   Here is your once in a life-time opportunity to own unique
0016. California Wine Country                                      Husker memorabilia! Two footballs autographed by: Tom
Enjoy three nights in beautiful wine country. Your trip            Osborne and Bo Pelini and Nebraska/Oklahoma Heisman
includes accommodations at the George Alexander House in           Winners: Johnny Rogers (1970), Mike Rozier (1983), Eric
downtown Healdsburg. This historic B&B provides luxurious          Crouch (2001), Steve Owens (1969), Billy Sims (1978) and
rooms with private baths and a sumptuous breakfast each            Jason White (2003). Includes four tickets to season opener
morning. Your exploration of wine country will also include        September 4th, 2010 versus Western Kentucky and husker
three VIP tastings at three of Sonoma’s finest producers and        apparel: two Columbia Nebraska headbands, Columbia
you will also be given two tickets to the Russian River Wine       Nebraska vest, Columbia Nebraska fleece hoodie, and
and Food Affair for Saturday. November 6, 2010. Car rental         Nebraska duffle bag.
is also included in this package. Trip dates are November 4, 5,    Donor(s): Richard and Heidi Anzalone
and 6, 2010.                                                       Value: Priceless
Donor(s): Seghesio Family Vineyards, Kendall-Jackson
Vineyard, Jordan Winery, Friends of Mercy
Value: $1,300

                  (402) 597-8828

            St. Peter Catholic Church
                  709 S. 28th St.
                 Omaha, NE 68105
                  (402) 341-4560


0019. Arch Madness                                                  0023. Mercy High Graduation
The 20th consecutive men’s championship will be played in St.       If you’re the parent of a Mercy senior, May 20, 2010, will
Louis at the Scottrade Center, March 4th–7th, 2010. Known           be a special day for you and your lovely daughter. Show her
as “Arch Madness,” the State Farm MVC Men’s Basketball              how proud you are with this wonderful package that includes
Tournament will feature all ten MVC schools. Join the               12 front row seats for your family at the ceremony and a six
madness—with four all tournament passes. Stay where the             hour room rental Sunday –Thursday only at the Millard Plaza
Creighton basketball team is staying for three nights with two      Ballroom (food and beverage restrictions apply). Perfect for a
rooms at the Hyatt Regency on the riverfront!                       graduation party!
Donor(s): Larry B. Good                                             Donor(s): Mercy High School, Millard Plaza Ballroom
Value: $1,400                                                       Value: Priceless

0020. Former Chairs Scholarships
You’ll get a tuition break if you are the winner of this
scholarship to Omaha’s foremost Catholic girls’ high
school. The scholarship may be used by any current or
incoming Mercy student for next school year. Many thanks
to our former FIESTA Chairpersons who supported this
scholarship, for their continued support.
Donor(s): Sr. Corrine Connelly ’58, Marrianne Safranek
Driml ’65, Joe & Linda Kueper, Don & Sue Nolty
Schinzel ’57, Lorry Smith ’67, Gene & Marilyn Spence,
Bob & Mary Gonderinger, Ted & Cindy Menzel, Frank
& Jill Mihulka, and Randy & Veronica Wright
Value: $5,000

0021. Bella Sirena Resort - Mexico
This seven day stay in a two-bedroom condo at Bella Sirena
Resort on the ocean in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, also known
as Rocky Point, is a 50 minute drive from the Arizona/
Mexico border. Bella Sirena is the newest and most luxurious
full service residential resort in Puerto Penasco. Old world
architecture inspired by Mexican and Tuscan Villas creates
a dramatic back drop for breathtaking views. Visit www. for more information. Dates subject to
availability and expires 2/28/11.
Donor(s): Larry and Pat Reding
Value: $2,000

0022. Father Gillick Dinner
Father Larry Gillick, S.J. is the Director of the Deglman
Center for Ignatian Spirituality at Creighton University.
Father Gillick has touched the lives of so many people in
Omaha and around the country through spiritual direction
and by directing retreats and days of reflections. Father
Gillick is a big supporter of the mission and spirit of Mercy
High School. He is often quoted as saying that if he had
a daughter Mercy High School would be the place for her.
Father Gillick is a bright and engaging conversationalist and is
a lively dinner companion. He has promised to share a funny
story with you and your guests before dessert. Here is a once
in a life-time opportunity to enjoy dinner and conversation
with Fr. Gillick. Includes a $400 gift certificate from Attitude
on Food.
Donor(s): Fr. Larry Gillick, SJ, Attitude on Food
Value: Priceless
0024. Dooney & Bourke Handbag                                     0026 . Ndamukong Suh Autographed Football
Go shopping in style with a new handbag that includes a little    He was a consensus First-team All-American and earned
spending money inside! This Dooney & Bourke bag is black          consensus First-team All-Big 12 honors and was the
with yellows, pinks, blues, reds and greens in various fun        Associated Press National Player of the Year, Big-12
circus and carnival-themed designs.                               Defensive Player of the Year, the Defensive Lineman of
Donor(s): Richard & Heidi Anzalone                                the Year, and a Heisman Trophy finalist. Suh is widely
Value: Priceless                                                  considered to be one of the best prospects available in the
                                                                  2010 NFL Draft.’s draft analyst Mel Kiper, Jr.
0025. Arbor Links Golf Weekend                                    describes Suh as “maybe the most dominating defensive
Arbor Links in Nebraska City is no longer open to the public,     tackle I’ve seen in 32 years” and projects him to go #1 overall
but you and your friends will be special guests. Enjoy eight      to the St. Louis Rams.
18-hole rounds of golf and a one-night stay at one of the         Donor(s): Richard and Heidi Anzalone
Midwest’s finest courses, designed by golf legend Arnold           Value: Priceless
Palmer. The package allows eight golfers (one 18-hole round
each) or four golfers (two 18-hole rounds each). Either           0027. Crystal Vase filled with Cash
way, you also get a one-night stay in a luxurious Arbor Links     Mercy High students have been strolling about this evening
guest cottage right on the course--a four-plex, which has four    collecting cash to put in this beautifully cut lead crystal Reed
bedrooms, each with bath, and a central living area. Plus a       & Barton vase from Borsheim’s. Raise your bidding paddle
$200 food credit.                                                 high to purchase this stunning vase filled with cold, hard cash!
Donor(s): Arbor Links and Friend of Mercy                         Best of luck!!
Value: $2,400                                                     Donor(s): Ted & Cindy Menzel and numerous donors
                                                                  Value: Priceless

                         Super Silent Auction
1000. Creighton University Scholarship                              1004. Front Row Seats
A $1,000 scholarship ($500 per semester). Must be                   Four front row seats for the 2010 spring play at Mercy..
academically qualified, enrolled as an undergraduate in 2010,        Donor(s): Mrs. Dashner & Mercy High Theatre
2011, or 2012. Cannot be used by current students and has           Department
no cash value and is applied to tuition expenses only.              Value: Priceless
Donor(s): Creighton University
Value: $1,000                                                       1005. Front Row Seats
                                                                    Four front row seats for the 2010 fall musical at Mercy.
1001. Champions Run Social Membership                               Donor(s): Mrs. Dashner & Mercy High Theatre
Here is your opportunity to join Omaha’s premier country            Department
club with a social membership. The membership includes use          Value: Priceless
of the 18 hole championship course five times a year, full use
of the clubhouse including dining rooms, private meeting            1006. Harley-Davidson Rental
rooms, charging privileges in all areas of the club, full use of    A gift certificate for a 24 hour rental of a Harley-Davidson
the pool/tennis/fitness complex and events throughout the            motorcycle.
year. Winning bidder is responsible for all applicable dues and     Donor(s): Dillion Brothers Harley-Davidson
fees: $190 monthly dues and $800 annual food and beverage           Value: $150
Donor(s): Champions Run                                             1007. Urban Wine Company
Value: $1,500                                                       A gift certificate for a private wine tasting for ten guests.
                                                                    Donor(s): Urban Wine Company
1002. ipod Basket                                                   Value: $250
This nano 8GB silver ipod, auto power cord and $15 iTunes
gift card would make a perfect gift for the music lover.            1008. Wine tasting
Donor(s): Robert and Mary Grenier                                   A “styles” wine tasting for 12 people.
Value: $225                                                         Donor(s): Wine Styles
                                                                    Value: $200
1003. Camp St. John
A gift certificate for a week at Camp St. John at Mt. Michael
and a small Mt. Michael t-shirt. Since 1967 Camp St. John
at Mount Michael has given boys a chance to ride horses,
shoot archery, play games, and camp out under the starts on
the 400-acre grounds of Mount Michael Abbey and School.
Camp St. John is owned and operated by the Benedictine
monks at Mount Michael Abbey and is a great summer
experience for boys ages 7-14.
Donor(s): Mt. Michael Benedictine School
Value: $300

         Dedication to excellence and service since 1935
    4924 Center Street, Omaha, NE 68106       558-8888
    2401 “N” Street, Omaha, NE 68107          731-4333
    350 West 23 Street, Fremont, NE 68025

1009. CoCo Key                                                         1017. Memory T-Shirt Quilt
One night stay in a standard guest room and four wristband             Melinda Kreher will piece together and tie up to 24 t-shirts
passes to CoCo Key water resort.                                       into a 72 x 100” quilt and all you do is provide the t-shirts.
Donor(s): Holiday Inn Central                                          Arrangements made by 12/31/10.
Value: $175                                                            Donor(s): Dale and Melinda Kreher
                                                                       Value: Priceless
1010. Framed Needlework
This is a beautiful 14 x 25” matted and framed alphabet                1018. Omaha World Herald Journalist
needlework done by Sr. Delores Hannon.                                 Ever wonder what it is like in a newsroom? Interested in a
Donor(s): Sr. Delores Hannon, RSM                                      journalism as a career? Spend two hours with reporter, Joe
Value: Priceless                                                       Ruff, and discuss the newspaper industry over lunch. Mr.
                                                                       Ruff is currently a business reporter for the Omaha World
1011. Kelly’s Carpet                                                   Herald. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to tour
$300 gift certificate.                                                  the news room of the largest daily newspaper in Nebraska!
Donor(s): Kelly’s Carpet Omaha                                         Donor(s): Joseph Ruff
Value: $300                                                            Value: Priceless

1012. “Man Crafts” By Craftsman                                        1019. KC Chiefs Football
Must have tools and more for any man. Includes: a three-               Chief ’s logo bucket with throw, car flag, and calendar and
drawer lockable portable chest, 182 piece tool set (sockets-           two tickets for a Chief ’s game in 2010. Seats are 29th row and
standard, metric, and deep, plus Hex key set and ratchet), 4.5         50 yard line. Includes Club 50 access and parking pass (date
amp/variable speed saber saw (0 to 45 bevel cutting left or            TBD after 2010 schedule published).
right) and 36 pocket bucket tool organizer all made in the             Donor(s): JJ and Cori Aguilar
USA.                                                                   Value: $450
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $250

1013. Holy Mother Lladro
A serene porcelain sculpture depicting Mary crafted from
premium porcelain and made by hand in Valencia, Spain by
sculptor Jose Puche.
Donor(s): Borsheim’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts
Value: $385

1014. Mulhall’s
$500 gift certificate.
Donor(s): Mulhall’s Nursery
Value: $500

1015. Day at the Beach
Spend a relaxing day with your family at our peaceful, lakeside
get-away retreat near Springfield, NE. Spend the day lying on
the beach, swimming, snorkeling, fishing or enjoy the lake by
canoe or paddleboat. Full use of the facilities, including gas
grill, screened-in porch, bathroom, full kitchen, sand toys,
lifejackets, firewood, games, cards. Bring your own beverages
and food. Date mutually agreed upon.
Donor(s): Elden and Cynthia Hamata
Value: $125

1016. Dell Computer
Dell Vostro 220 desktop computer.
Donor(s): Integrated Solutions
Value: $500

1020. Signature Coach Handbag                                    1027. Koterba Cartoon I
Classic white and black Coach fabric handbag and matching        Own an original editorial cartoon by Omaha World Herald’s
wristlet and includes a few surprises inside!                    Jeff Koterba. Also included his autographed book Inklings
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                        highlighting his lifelong love of cartooning.
Value: $350                                                      Donor(s): Jeff Koterba, The Bookworm
                                                                 Value: Priceless
1021. Mercy Quilted Throw
A 62 x 62” machine piece and quilted throw using teacup,         1028. Koterba Cartoon II
blue, and yellow fabrics. A Catherine McAuley quote              Own a piece of Omaha politics editorialized by Omaha
embroidered on the border of the quilt - “ Be sure you have a    World Herald cartoonist Jeff Koterba. Comes with Koterba’s
comfortable cup of tea for them when I am gone.”                 recently released autographed book Inklings highlighting his
Donor(s): The Hart Family                                        life long love of cartooning.
Value: Priceless                                                 Donor(s): Jeff Koterba, The Bookworm
                                                                 Value: Priceless
1022. U.S. Capitol Flag
A flag flown over the United States Capitol building on July       1029. Koterba Cartoon III
4th, 2009.                                                       Mercy fans will recognize this witty Jeff Koterba print from
Donor(s): Congressman Lee Terry                                  the Omaha World Herald. No one presents Omaha politics
Value: Priceless                                                 quite the way Koterba can! Comes with a Prairie Cats CD,
                                                                 Koterba’s swing and blues band, featuring Koterba as lead
1023. The Players Club                                           singer and on guitar.
Four rounds of golf with carts at The Players Club along         Donor(s): Jeff Koterba
with golf hat, towel, balls, tees, USGA rule book, and more!     Value: Priceless
Donor(s): Brian Farris, The Players Club
Value: $300                                                      1030. College World Series
                                                                 This package includes two tickets (third row, third base line)
1024. Men of the West                                            to a day or night game (excluding the championship game),
This basket has a variety of DVD’s, books and western items      $30 gift certificate to Goldberg’s, a watercolor of Rosenblatt
and is perfect for the man in your life!                         by local artist Maureen Beat and a Peggy Karr Rosenblatt
Donor(s): Joe Zaborowski                                         Stadium plate. This is your last opportunity to enjoy the CWS
Value: $300                                                      in Rosenblatt!
                                                                 Donor(s): Owen Neary, Jeff Neary, Friend of Mercy,
1025. “Cherish the Ladies”                                       Gene Dunn, Goldberg’s II
Four orchestra level tickets to “Cherish the Ladies” at the      Value: $160
Holland Center on
Saturday, March 13, 2010                                         1031. Eddie’s Catering
and 8:00 p.m.                                                    A prime rib dinner for 12 with horseradish sauce, hot
Donor(s): Graduation                                             vegetable, garlic mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, butter, and
Supplies, Inc. in                                                dessert, includes delivery.
memory of Kathleen                                               Donor(s): Eddie’s Catering
Shaffer Vincentini ’57                                           Value: $300
Value: $264

1026. Time for Design
A two hour interior
design consultation with
Dana Carlton-Flint,
Donor(s): Design
With You In Mind,
Value: $200

1032. Field Club Social Membership
Be a part of Omaha’s friendliest country club! Enjoy the                       I N G   C O M M U N I T Y      C A L L E D
many social events for children and adults year round at             A   C A R                                                     H O M
                                                                                                                                         E !
this quaint Midtown Omaha club. Included is the initiation
fee and monthly dues through May of 2010. Required to                                        Cirque de Mercy!
                                                                                           “Fiesta A La Mercy!”
continue membership through June 2011 and obligated to pay
Donor(s): Field Club of Omaha
Value: $1,248
                                                                                                           Independent & Assisted Living

1033. College of St. Mary
A $6,000 tuition voucher to be used towards tuition and fees
for a high school graduate in 2010 or 2011. The student must
be enrolled fulltime and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. It is
payable over four years in eight $750 installments and must
be redeemed by 8/31/12.
Donor(s): College of St. Mary
Value: $6,000

1034. Premium Wine
Twelve bottles of premium wine: 2009 Veramonte Sauvignon
Blanc, 2008 Ludovicus red blend, 2003 Quilceda Creek red
blend and 2005 Lunar Wines Cabernet Sauvignon.
Donor(s): Robert Huck
Value: $350

                                                                     PROUD SUPPORTER
                                                                        OF MERCY HIGH
                                                                       SCHOOL FIESTA
                                                                           A LA MERCY.
                                                                                                                       LA VISTA
                                                                                         12350 Southport Parkway, 402.896.5200
                                                                                          1200 Golden Gate Drive, 402.339.3244
                                                                                              102 East Cary Street, 402.331.2300
                                                                                               611 Pinnacle Drive, 402.339.6449
                                                                                              or visit us online at:

                                                                     T H E     W A Y     B A N K I N G           S H O U L D               B E

                                                                                                                                  Member FDIC

                              Dining Certificates
2000. Sam’s Mexican Foods                    2004. Kona Grill
A $50 gift certificate.                       $25 gift card.
Donor(s): Sam’s Mexican Food’s               Donor(s): Kona Grill
Value: $50                                   Value: $25

2001. Taco John’s                            2005. Don & Millie’s
Five EZ combo cards. Expires: 12/31/2010.    Five $5 gift certificates.
Donor(s): Taco Johns                         Donor(s): Don & Millie’s Restaurant
Value: $25                                   Value: $25

2002. Greek Islands                          2006. Lansky’s
$25 gift certificate. Expires: 2/20/2011.     $25 gift certificate.
Donor(s): Greek Islands Restaurant           Donor(s): Lansky’s
Value: $25                                   Value: $25

2003. Come on into my Kitchen                2007. No Frills Supermarkets
A certificate for lunch for two.              $25 gift card.
Donor(s): Come On Into My Kitchen            Donor(s): No Frills Supermarket
Value: $25                                   Value: $25

                                             2008. The Cove
                                             A gift certificate for dinner and drinks for two.
                                             Donor(s): Ron Kwiatkowski
                                             Value: $30


2009. The Market Basket                                         2020. IHOP
A gift certificate for Sunday brunch for four.                   Five $10 gift cards.
Donor(s): The Market Basket                                     Donor(s): IHOP
Value: $40                                                      Value: $50

2010. Carrabba’s Italian Grill                                  2021. Applebee’s
A gift certificate for dinner for two. Expires: 5/3/2010.        $25 certificate towards the purchase of $50 or more for
Donor(s): Carrabba’s Italian Grill                              carryout or carside.
Value: $45                                                      Donor(s): J.S. Ventures, Inc.
                                                                Value: $25
2011. Ted & Wally’s
Ten certificates good for one free cone or dish.                 2022. Old Country Buffet
Donor(s): Ted & Wally’s, Inc.                                   Two cards good for one free meal.
Value: $30                                                      Donor(s): Old Country Buffet
                                                                Value: $25
2012. Little King
$25 gift card.                                                  2023. Outback Steakhouse
Donor(s): Little King, Inc.                                     A $25 gift certificate and two cards good for a complimentary
Value: $25                                                      Bloomin’ Onion.
                                                                Donor(s): Outback Steak House
2013. Little King                                               Value: $35
$25 gift card.
Donor(s): Little King, Inc.                                     2024. Hector’s
Value: $25                                                      $50 gift certificate.
                                                                Donor(s): Hector’s
2014. Maggie Moo’s                                              Value: $50
$20 gift card.
Donor(s): Maggie Moo’s
Value: $20

2015. Big Fred’s
$25 gift card.
Donor(s): Big Fred’s Pizza, Inc.
Value: $25

2016. Winchell’s
Three $5 gift certificates.
Donor(s): Winchell’s Doughnuts
Value: $15

2017. Country Sliced Ham
A gift certificate for a 6-7 pound ham.
Donor(s): Country Sliced Ham
Value: $42

2018. Pizza Hut
A gift certificate for one large specialty pizza at any Omaha
Donor(s): Pizza Hut
Value: $18

2019. Charlie’s on the Lake
$20 gift certificate.
Donor(s): Charlie’s on the Lake
Value: $20
2025. Robert’s Dairy                                        2031. 801 Chophouse
A variety of coupons good for milk, sour cream, cottage     $100 gift certificate.
cheese, and yogurt.                                         Donor(s): 801 Chophouse at The Paxton
Donor(s): Roberts Dairy Company                             Value: $100
Value: $25
                                                            2032. Famous Dave’s
2026. The Cheesecake Factory                                $25 gift card.
$25 gift card.                                              Donor(s): Cutchall Management Co.
Donor(s): The Cheesecake Factory                            Value: $25
Value: $25
                                                            2033. Paradise Bakery
2027. Spaghetti Works                                       Two $10 gift certificates.
Two certificates for one free dinner entrée and beverage.    Donor(s): Cutchall Management Co.
Donor(s): Spaghetti Works Restaurants                       Value: $20
Value: $25
                                                            2034. Fatburger
2028. Red Lobster                                           $20 gift card.
Five $5 gift certificates.                                   Donor(s): Fatbuger
Donor(s): Red Lobster                                       Value: $20
Value: $25
                                                            2035. Mic’s Karaoke Bar & Grill
2029. Texas Roadhouse                                       $25 gift certificate.
Three certificates good for one free entrée.                 Donor(s): Mic’s Karaoke Bar & Grill
Donor(s): Texas Roadhouse                                   Value: $25
Value: $45

2030. M’s Pub
$25 gift certificate.
Donor(s): M’s Pub
Value: $25

                                                                 Best Wishes
                                                                 & Continued
                                                                 Success in
                                                                 Catholic Education

                                                                  St. Robert
                                                                  Bellarmine Parish

2036. T.G.I. Friday’s                                        2041. Vivace
Five cards good for a complimentary appetizer or dessert.    $100 gift certificate.
Donor(s): T.G.I. Friday’s                                    Donor(s): Vivace
Value: $40                                                   Value: $100

2037. T.G.I. Friday’s                                        2042. Anthony’s
Five cards good for a complimentary appetizer or dessert.    $30 gift certificate.
Donor(s): T.G.I. Friday’s                                    Donor(s): Anthony’s
Value: $40                                                   Value: $30

2038. The Amazing Pizza Machine                              2043. Lums
$25 gift card.                                               Four $5 gift certificates. Expires: 3/31/2010.
Donor(s): The Amazing Pizza Machine                          Donor(s): Lums Restaurant
Value: $25                                                   Value: $20

2039. PepperJax Grill                                        2044. Petrow’s
Five cards good for $5 off.                                  $30 gift card.
Donor(s): PepperJax Grill                                    Donor(s): Petrow’s Restaurant
Value: $25                                                   Value: $30

2040. M’s Pub                                                2045. Sam’s Club
$100 gift certificate.                                        $25 gift card.
Donor(s): M’s Pub                                            Donor(s): Sam’s Club
Value: $100                                                  Value: $25

2046. Eileen’s Colossal Cookies
Two gift certificates for one dozen cookies.
Donor(s): Eileen’s Colossal Cookies
Value: $10

2047. Fox & Hound English Pub & Grille
Certificate for a happy hour party - 50 wings, three thin crust
pizzas, chips and salsa, and reserved seating.
Donor(s): Fox & Hound English Pub & Grille
Value: $100

2048. Fox & Hound English Pub & Grille
Certificate for a happy hour party - 50 wings, three thin crust
pizzas, chips and salsa, and reserved seating.
Donor(s): Fox & Hound English Pub & Grille
Value: $100

2049. Newman’s Pasta Café
$20 gift card.
Donor(s): Newman’s Pasta Café
Value: $20

2050. Frank Stoysich Meats
$100 gift certificate.
Donor(s): Frank Stoysich Meats
Value: $100

2051. Goldberg’s II
$15 gift certificate.
Donor(s): Goldberg’s II
Value: $15

2052. Hollywood Diner
$20 gift certificate.
Donor(s): Hollywood Diner
Value: $20

2053. Sullivan’s
$50 gift card.
Donor(s): Richard and Heidi Anzalone
Value: $50

2054. Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill
$50 gift card.
Donor(s): Patrick and Susan Lacy
Value: $50

2055. James Arthur Vineyards
A certificate for a cheese and wine lover’s picnic basket.
Included choice of cheese, sausage and loaf of French bread.
Donor(s): James Arthur Vineyards
Value: $20

3000. Portrait Session
                                Service Certificates           3007. Fashion Cleaners
A complimentary portrait session and one 11 x 14 portrait.     A $50 gift certificate and one month pick up and delivery
Donor(s): Exceptional Portraits                                service.
Value: $200                                                    Donor(s): Fashion Cleaners
                                                               Value: $50
3001. Portrait Session
A complimentary portrait session and one 11 x 14 portrait.     3008. Fashion Cleaners
Donor(s): Exceptional Portraits                                A $50 gift certificate and one month pick up and delivery
Value: $200                                                    service.
                                                               Donor(s): Fashion Cleaners
3002. The Rose                                                 Value: $50
Four vouchers good for any Rose Theater public
performance (excludes Confetti 2009, The Imperial              3009. Fashion Cleaners
Nutcracker, and High School Musical 2) and expires 5/16/10.    A $50 gift certificate and one month pick up and delivery
Donor(s): The Rose                                             service.
Value: $64                                                     Donor(s): Fashion Cleaners
                                                               Value: $50
3003. Regency Lodge
A gift certificate for a one night stay in an executive         3010. Fashion Cleaners
guestroom (certain blackout dates may apply).                  A $50 gift certificate and one month pick up and delivery
Donor(s): Regency Lodge                                        service.
Value: $140                                                    Donor(s): Fashion Cleaners
                                                               Value: $50
3004. Faces Spa
A $50 gift certificate.                                         3011. Oil Change
Donor(s): Faces Spa                                            A certificate for one free lube, oil, and filter.
Value: $50                                                     Donor(s): Charlie Graham Body & Service
                                                               Value: $31
3005. T’eez Salon
A $120 gift certificate and other goodies included.             3012. Oil Change
Donor(s): T’eez Salon                                          A certificate for one free lube, oil, and filter.
Value: $120                                                    Donor(s): Charlie Graham Body & Service
                                                               Value: $31
3006. Oil Change
A gift certificate for an engine oil and filter change, plus     3013. Ted’s Service
complimentary car wash.                                        A certificate good for one free lube, oil, and oil filter change.
Donor(s): Superior Honda of Omaha                              Expires: 10/30/2010.
Value: $39                                                     Donor(s): Ted’s Service, Inc.
                                                               Value: $28

                                                                                                 St. John’s Church
                                                                                                 at Creighton University
                                                                                                 2500 California Plz
                                                                                                 Omaha, NE 68178

3014. Ted’s Service                                                3023. Apples & More
A certificate good for one free lube, oil, and oil filter change.    $25 gift certificate.
Expires: 10/30/2010.                                               Donor(s): Apples & More - A Teacher’s Store
Donor(s): Ted’s Service, Inc.                                      Value: $25
Value: $28
                                                                   3024. Steve’s Floor Covering
3015. Max I. Walker                                                A certificate for a 12’ x 12’ bound carpet. The perfect gift for
Four $10 gift certificates.                                         a dorm room or apartment. Select your carpet piece to be
Donor(s): Max I. Walker                                            bound.
Value: $40                                                         Donor(s): Steve’s Floor Covering
                                                                   Value: $150
3016. Gordmans
$50 gift card.                                                     3025. The Afternoon
Donor(s): Gordmans                                                 A $10 gift card.
Value: $50                                                         Donor(s): The Afternoon
                                                                   Value: $10
3017. Henry Doorly Zoo
Four passes good for one adult visit. Expires: 12/31/2010.         3026. CM’s Custom Lawn & Landscape
Donor(s): Henry Doorly Zoo                                         $50 gift certificate.
Value: $46                                                         Donor(s): CM’s Custom Lawn & Landscape
                                                                   Value: $50
3018. The Durham Museum
Two family day passes.                                             3027. Reve Salon & Spa
Donor(s): The Durham Museum                                        A gift card for a spa manicure.
Value: $46                                                         Donor(s): Reve Salon
                                                                   Value: $26
3019. Malibu Gallery
$25 gift certificate.                                               3028. Crown Center
Donor(s): Malibu Gallery                                           $30 gift certificate.
Value: $25                                                         Donor(s): Crown Center
                                                                   Value: $30
3020. Papio Fun Park
Two extreme wristbands: unlimited all day access to Lazer          3029. That Pottery Place
Runner, Go-Karts, Miniature Golf, Spaceball, and Jumpshot.         $15 gift certificate. Expires: 10/21/2011.
Expires: 7/4/2010.                                                 Donor(s): That Pottery Place
Donor(s): Papio Fun Park                                           Value: $15
Value: $40
                                                                   3030. String of Purls
3021. Backyard                                                     A gift certificate for one private lesson and $20 for supplies.
Birds, Inc.                                                        Donor(s): String of Purls
$20 gift certificate.                                               Value: $45
Donor(s): Backyard
Birds, Inc.
Value: $20

3022. Great Clips
A gift certificate for
one free haircut.
Donor(s): Great
Value: $13

3031. Sandy Kay’s Salon                                          3039. The Dance Shoppe
A gift certificate for ten tanning sessions.                      $15 gift card.
Donor(s): Sandy Kay’s Salon                                      Donor(s): The Dance Shoppe
Value: $25                                                       Value: $15

3032. Family Fun Center                                          3040. Tom Sterba Photography
Six multi-play passes - Includes 20 tokens and your choice of    Portrait session and 16 x 20 wall portrait.
two attractions.                                                 Donor(s): Tom Sterba Photography
Donor(s): Family Fun Center                                      Value: $175
Value: $90
                                                                 3041. Alamar Uniform Co.
3033. Omaha Children’s Museum                                    A gift certificate for a polo shirt and skirt.
One family day pass.                                             Donor(s): Alamar Uniforms
Donor(s): Omaha Children’s Museum                                Value: $63
Value: $28
                                                                 3042. Southmoreland on the Plaza
3034. Lauritzen Gardens                                          $75 toward your stay Sunday-Thursday, excludinh holidays, at
Four day passes.                                                 the Southmoreland On the Plaza Inn in Kansas City.
Donor(s): Lauritzen Gardens                                      Donor(s): Southmoreland of the Plaza
Value: $28                                                       Value: $75

3035. Mulch                                                      3043. Ashley Lynn’s
Ten yards of natural mulch, delivered.                           $25 gift card.
Donor(s): Terry Hughes Tree Service                              Donor(s): Heartland Marketing & Communications
Value: $250                                                      Value: $25

3036. Fontenelle Nature Association                              3044. Mr. Tuxedo
One family day pass.                                             A gift certificate for one tuxedo rental.
Donor(s): Fontenelle Nature Association                          Donor(s): Mr. Tuxedo
Value: $28                                                       Value: $75

3037. Fontenelle Nature Association
One family day pass.
Donor(s): Fontenelle Nature Association
Value: $28

3038. Capitol School of Hairstyling
A gift certificate for a facial.
Donor(s): Capitol School of Hairstyling
Value: $35

3045. Elmwood Family Dentistry                                   3053. Pageturner’s Used Books
Professional at home teeth whitening bleach kit, includes        $25 gift certificate.
free cosmetic consultation, impressions of your teeth, bleach    Donor(s): Pageturner’s Used Books
trays, and kit.                                                  Value: $25
Donor(s): Elmwood Family Dentistry
Value: $200                                                      3054. Joslyn Art Museum
                                                                 Two complimentary day passes that admit two adults and up
3046. Nebraska Furniture Mart                                    to four children.
$25 gift card.                                                   Donor(s): Joslyn Art Museum
Donor(s): Nebraska Furniture Mart                                Value: $72
Value: $25
                                                                 3055. Bellevue Little Theatre
3047. Mel’s Grooming                                             Two 2010-2011 season tickets.
$100 gift card.                                                  Donor(s): Bellevue Little Theater
Donor(s): Mel’s Grooming                                         Value: $120
Value: $100
                                                                 3056. Omaha’s Hair Choice
3048. Goldsmith-Silversmith                                      A gift certificate for a spa pedicure.
$25 gift card.                                                   Donor(s): Omaha’s Hair Choice
Donor(s): Goldsmith-Silversmith                                  Value: $45
Value: $25
                                                                 3057. Design Consultation
3049. Jerry Ryan Clothing                                        A one hour interior design consultation by Kim Hansen.
$100 gift certificate.                                            Consultation is by appointment.
Donor(s): Jerry Ryan Clothing & Sportswear                       Donor(s): Absolute Design Interiors
Value: $100                                                      Value: $75

3050. The Village Photographer
$175 gift certificate.
Donor(s): The Village Photographer
Value: $175

3051. HairTech
Gift card for a haircut and style by Rochelle Barrett.
Donor(s): Hair Tech at Rockbrook
Value: $41

3052. Avant Salon & Day Spa
$25 gift card.
Donor(s): Avant Salon & Day Spa
Value: $25

4000. School Supplies
                                                   Baskets         4004. Fall Harvest Basket
A purple backpack filled with everything your student needs         Celebrate Autumn! The Halloween candy bowl holds more
to start their school year off right.                              than sweets. The treasures include a scarecrow, orange mini
Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel                                     lights, a pumpkin candy dish, tea towel and hot pad set, and a
Value: $30                                                         “Welcome” pumpkin.
                                                                   Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel
4001. Coffee Basket                                                Value: $45
A basket filled with Seattle’s Best coffees and mugs.
Donor(s): Barb Menzel                                              4005. Wine Basket
Value: $30                                                         Lined basket with two wine glasses, cloth napkins, wine
                                                                   opener, bottle cap, Roberts Back 40 white table wine from
4002. School Supplies                                              Whiskey Run Creek Vineyard in Brownville, Nebraska.
A blue backpack filled with everything your student needs to        Donor(s): Jerry and Pam Vap
start their school year off right.                                 Value: $40
Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel
Value: $30                                                         4006. Holiday Wine Basket
                                                                   This holiday basket contains eight snowman wine glasses and
4003. Avon Basket                                                  a bottle of champagne.
This gold wire basket contains a few essentials both for lips      Donor(s): John and Jacqueline Riesberg
and nails, plus a few body gels and lotions in Avon’s luxurious    Value: $50
scents to indulge yourself.
Donor(s): Jesse ’05, Emily ’09, & Christine ’12
Value: $38

4007. Spa and Romance                                                4014. Tote III
Announce your affection with gifts of sound, smell and               Small flip flop tote filled with a variety of hair and bath
touch. A scented candle, body wash and music: Romantic               products.
Melodies, Romance, and Romance II CD’s.                              Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
Donor(s): American Gramaphone Records                                Value: $17
Value: $45
                                                                     4015. Tote IV
4008. Chocolate Candy Making Basket                                  Small flip flop tote filled with a variety of hair and bath
Make your own chocolate candy! Includes: molds for peanut            products.
butter cups, smiley face lollies, and hearts. Five pound variety     Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
of chocolate wafers, mixin’s, decorating items, gift boxes, treat    Value: $17
bags, wraps, and lollipop sticks.
Donor(s): Chris and Stephanie Greger                                 4016. Spa Set I
Value: $62                                                           This basket contains shea butter massage cream, herbal salt
                                                                     glow, hydrotherapy salts, massage lotions, wasabi lime hand
4009. Urban Outfitters                                                scrub, and island orchard hand lotion perfect for the spa
A variety of items from Urban Outfitters: headband, earrings,         experience at home.
three necklaces, fan, and drapery rings.                             Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
Donor(s): Urban Outfitters                                            Value: $30
Value: $30
                                                                     4017. Spa Set II
4010. Beauty & Bath I                                                This basket contains shea butter massage cream, herbal salt
A variety of hair care and bath products.                            glow, hydrotherapy salts, massage lotions, wasabi lime hand
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.                                  scrub, and island orchard hand lotion perfect for the spa
Value: $40                                                           experience at home.
                                                                     Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
4011. Beauty & Bath II                                               Value: $30
A variety of hair care and bath products.
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
Value: $40

4012. Tote I
Small flip flop tote filled with a variety of hair and bath
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
Value: $17

4013. Tote II
Small flip flop tote filled with a variety of hair and bath
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
Value: $17

4018. Bubble Bath                                                    4026. Veggie Tales
This basket contains six 32 oz. bottles of bubble bath in a          Six Veggie Tales DVD’s with two plush Veggie Tales dolls.
variety of scents.                                                   Donor(s): The Dyer Family
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.                                  Value: $75
Value: $30
                                                                     4027. Religious Basket
4019. Monkey Tote                                                    A Gabriel statue, rosary, bible, medal of St. Anne, two
A adorable monkey tote contains: hair dryer, mini flatiron,           Footprints of God DVD’s, and picture of Our Lady with
beach mat, flip flops, and mirror.                                     stand.
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.                                  Donor(s): The Dyer Family
Value: $25                                                           Value: $100

4020. Socks of the Month                                             4028. Think Pink
Decorative pair of socks for each month of the calendar year.        A basket filled with everything pink: fuzzy slippers, cross,
Donor(s): Catherine Severin, Kathleen Severin, & Mary                wallet, picture frame, socks, and candle.
Leahy                                                                Donor(s): The Glenn Family
Value: $70                                                           Value: $45

4021. Take “time” for yourself                                       4029. Safari Bath Set
Mother of pearl fashion watch, 12 photo-note cards, and              This bath set includes: body wash, cream bath, body soufflé,
cozy throw.                                                          body mist, bath soak, body powder, slippers, and sleep mask
Donor(s): Molly Atherton                                             – all in an animal print container.
Value: $40                                                           Donor(s): Melanie Denny-Schiltz
                                                                     Value: $25
4022. Perplexing Puzzles
A variety of puzzles for everyone in your family to enjoy!           4030. Spa Me
Donor(s): Marsha Bencker                                             Wireless speakers for ipod/mp3 player, hot/cold body wrap,
Value: $39                                                           body wash, lotion, jar candles, robe, and slippers.
                                                                     Donor(s): Luanne Melies & Ashlee Melies ’11
4023. Valentine Spa Basket                                           Value: $87
Valentine spa basket includes lotion, body bar, body polisher,
bath gel, bath soak, crème, bath fizz, teddy bear, and heart-         4031. Baking Basket
shaped tealight holders.                                             Apron, oven mitt, potholder, baking cups, measuring cups,
Donor(s): Carol Stolp                                                cookie cutters, kitchen towel, cookie mix, cupcake mix,
Value: $40                                                           frosting, sprinkles, cookbook, and cookie press.
                                                                     Donor(s): Jerry and Mary Bushman
4024. Family Night                                                   Value: $50
This tote comes fully stocked for a fun family night at home.
Two fleece throws, games, cards, puzzle, DVD and a variety            4032. Hello Kitty
of snacks.                                                           Large Hello Kitty bath towel, set of six Hello Kitty wash
Donor(s): The Barnhart Family                                        clothes, Hello Kitty electric toothbrush and toothpaste, Hello
Value: $65                                                           Kitty hand soap dispenser, pink bath puff in wicker basket
                                                                     with cloth liner.
4025. Easter Basket                                                  Donor(s): Jerry and Mary Bushman
Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way! Mr. and Mrs. Bunny              Value: $40
dressed in their best Easter attire along with a fleece carrot
pillow and square cloth matching pillow too. Includes a large        4033. Basket of Children’s Literature
colorful Easter basket, grass, eggs, and a $25 gift certificate to    Many hours of reading enjoyment can be found within this
the FarmHouse.                                                       collection of chapter books for the intermediate reader in
Donor(s): Todd and Denise Lynes                                      4th, 5th, or 6th grade.
Value: $115                                                          Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel
                                                                     Value: $40

4034. Men’s Basket                                                   4038. Girly Scrapbook Basket
For the guys! Nioxin shampoo, scalp treatment, sleek                 Three 12 x12 scrapbook albums: one for a baby girl, one for a
aluminum insulated drink thermos, styling gel, shoe shine            young daughter, and one for a teenage girl. Also included is a
travel kit and running cap with built in ipod earphones.             small pink 4 x 6 birthday album to capture each special day.
Donor(s): Mary Cox                                                   Donor(s): Kimberly Fangman
Value: $65                                                           Value: $85

4035. One Drake Place                                                4039. Close to My Heart Stamping Basket
This special gift box includes a $50 gift card along with a          Included two size D stamp sets: Be Yourself and Easter
bottle of Advanced Color shampoo and conditioner.                    Eggs, one small set of Christmas stamps, four ink pads, and
Donor(s): One Drake Place                                            a $20 gift certificate for you to use when shopping from the
Value: $60                                                           enclosed catalog.
                                                                     Donor(s): Maureen Becka Falcon ’85
4036. College Survival                                               Value: $90
Shower tote, sleep mask, ear plugs, book light, book clip and
stand, first aid kit, mending kit, screwdriver, air freshener, and    4040. Salon Products
Domino’s Pizza gift certificate.                                      A variety of Rusk hair products: shampoo, gel, coral therapy
Donor(s): Lindsey and Kina DeBerry                                   and travel size hair spray.
Value: $50                                                           Donor(s): Fringes Salon
                                                                     Value: $50
4037. Spa Basket
This basket is overflowing with a variety of spa and bath             4041. Cupcake Themed Basket
products.                                                            A large yellow Cupcake Island t-shirt, greeting card, cupcake
Donor(s): Richard and Susan Warren                                   papers and decorative cupcake toppers, cupcake dental floss,
Value: $75                                                           cupcake mints, cupcake bandages, and cupcake stickers.
                                                                     Donor(s): Cupcake Island, Inc.
                                                                     Value: $30

4042. Relaxing Evening                                               4046. Holiday Spa
A Chicken Soup for the Soul book, journal, candles,                  A spa pillow, wash cloth, hand towel, snowman scented
BeautiControl save your sole leg scrub and foot soak tablets,        candle, shea cashmere hand crème, holiday mints, and frosted
and BeautiControl herbal serenity aromatherapy body crème.           cranberry hand soap and hand lotion.
Donor(s): Kelly Nystrom ’86                                          Donor(s): Peg Ranney
Value: $75                                                           Value: $75

4043. Girl’s Night                                                   4047. Kitchen Basket
Three DVD’s: The Holiday, The Notebook, and The                      Mini grater, egg slicer, rice spoon, kitchen gloves, cutting
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, candy, and BeautiControl          board with polycarbonate knife, pastry brush, pasta scoop, ice
sugar body scrub and body lotion.                                    cream scoop, four way opener, measuring spoons, can opener,
Donor(s): Kelly Nystrom ’86                                          and three wood mixing spoons.
Value: $70                                                           Donor(s): Javier and Brenda Urrutia
                                                                     Value: $30
4044. Night with the Girls
Margarita glass, Harry & David margarita mix, Harry &                4048. All about IOWA!
David black bean salsa, plates, cocktail napkins, tortilla chips,    Great items unique to Iowa: popcorn, BBQ sauces, preserves,
and BeautiControl margarita shower scrub and body lotion.            honey, mustard, chocolates, wine from local wineries,
Donor(s): Kelly Nystrom ’86                                          Trappistine caramels, Iowa Spaces, Places, Faces book, John
Value: $60                                                           Deere toys, and Blue Bunny ice cream bowls, dipper, and gift
4045. Ballet Basket                                                  Donor(s): Sr. Delores Hannon, RSM, Katie Hansen,
This basket includes decorative pointe shoes for display, a          Emily Howe, Holly McCoy, Cathy Mousel & Sandy
child size ballet tutu, and a gift certificate for lessons or a       Taylor
ballerina birthday party at Adair Dance Academy.                     Value: $155
Donor(s): Adair Dance Academy
Value: $100                                                          4049. Everything Pink!
                                                                     Pink towel, washcloth, body mist, body wash, picture frame,
                                                                     pink scrub, hand wash, hand wipes, and bar soap.
                                                                     Donor(s): Bill & Chris Greve
                                                                     Value: $105

                                                                     4050. Beauty Tote
                                                                     A spring tote bag, little flower clock and a variety of hair care
                                                                     products by Bed Head.
                                                                     Donor(s): Colleen Colson
                                                                     Value: $30

                                                                     4051. Germ Buster
                                                                     Assortment of antibacterial soaps, sanitizers, and sprays from
                                                                     Bath and Body Works.
                                                                     Donor(s): Eileen Grothe
                                                                     Value: $50

4052. Gift Wrap                                                   4057. Chocolates
Everything that you need to wrap those special holiday            Go ahead and indulge! Enjoy the array of chocolates in this
gifts will be at your fingertips with this tub of gift wrapping    chocolate-lover’s basket. Your sweet tooth will thank you.
supplies.                                                         Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel
Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel                                    Value: $25
Value: $40
                                                                  4058. Spa Basket
4053. Teddy Bear                                                  “Spa in a Box:” Lennox china mug, green tea, vanilla bean soy
Fleece teddy bear blanket, three Eric Carle “Bear” books,         candle, Ghirardelli chocolates, Homedics mini massager, and
teddy bear, and teddy bear game.                                  body lotions.
Donor(s): Patrick and Kathleen Artz                               Donor(s): Stephen and Mary Lee Brock
Value: $60                                                        Value: $45

4054. Celebration for Two                                         4059. Graduation!!
Two hand decorated champagne glasses, bottle of                   Graduation cap picture frame center piece, yard sign, plates,
champagne, and chilling bucket.                                   napkins, cups, forks for 40+ guests, thank you notes, congrats
Donor(s): The Williams Family                                     banner, scrapbook decorations all in a party bucket.
Value: $40                                                        Donor(s): Stephen and Mary Lee Brock
                                                                  Value: $100
4055. Wine & Chocolate
Wine and other things fine -- chocolate, that is. Two bottles      4060. Night at the Movies
of Kendall Jackson chardonnay and expensive chocolates and        Four tickets to the Rave Theatre, four drink tickets, one
treats, including Ghirardelli, Godiva, and Omaha’s own Pear’s     medium popcorn ticket and 12 candy bars.
Gourmet.                                                          Donor(s): Bob and Jeanne Holzapfel
Donor(s): Bob and Mary Gonderinger                                Value: $55
Value: $50
                                                                  4061. Birds of a Feather Flock Together
4056. Chocolate Tower                                             Included in this basket for our fine feather friends are two
Delicious candy in beautiful tiered gift boxes!                   bird feeders, food to attract those beautiful birds to your
Donor(s): Dan and Eve Donlan                                      backyard and bird book so you will be able to identify those
Value: $50                                                        birds. Have fun!
                                                                  Donor(s): Scott and Diana Cohoe
                                                                  Value: $75

4062. Tastefully Simple                                             4066. Do It Herself
A variety of delicious items from Tastefully Simple.                A tool box with a great book “Do It Herself ” for doing
Donor(s): The Hoegermeyer Family                                    projects around the house with many tools. Tape measure,
Value: $75                                                          lever, nails, hammer, power screwdriver, and sander are just a
                                                                    few of the items in this kit.
4063. BBQ Basket                                                    Donor(s): Michaela Vanecek
A $75 Wohlner’s gift card for meat, BBQ spices, rubs,               Value: $60
cookbook, and tools.
Donor(s): The Buckner-Blanker Family                                4067. Wine & Gourmet Snacks
Value: $200                                                         Two bottles of Kendall-Jackson wine, wine accessory kits,
                                                                    almonds, cashews, crackers, chocolate cookies, maple leaf
4064. Car Detailing                                                 cookies, and lemon biscuits.
With spring just around the corner the car will need some           Donor(s): Connie Hinman
sprucing up . Car soap, wax, tire dressing, brushes, mitts,         Value: $50
towels are just a few of the spectacular items you will get with
this tremendous value!                                              4068. Family Fun
Donor(s): Jeff and Gina Etter, Stinger Car Care                     Apples to Apples game, Whoonu game, 1,000 piece jigsaw
Products                                                            puzzle, monster trail mix, peanut, pretzel, and sesame stix trail
Value: $75                                                          mix, and two family day passes to the Durham Museum.
                                                                    Donor(s): The Chantry-Simonsen Family
4065. Bath & Beauty                                                 Value: $110
A variety of lotions and bath gels, pedicure products, picture
frame, and candle.
Donor(s): Charise Lyons
Value: $50

4069. Breakfast In Bed                                                  4074. Think Pink for Breast Cancer
Two carved wood breakfast bed trays with crystal pitcher,               Two books, coffee mug, water bottle, anti-stress neck wrap,
vase, and two glasses, sparkling wine for mimosas, chocolates,          aloe slipper socks, candle, watches, bracelets, socks, chapstick,
and linens.                                                             hair bands, wristbands, koozies, pins, mints, key chain, and
Donor(s): John and Barbara Brannen                                      bag.
Value: $120                                                             Donor(s): Barb Rivard, Bernie Rivard, Carol Lowe
                                                                        Value: $150
4070. Stress Relief
A variety of aromatherapy stress relief products from Bath &            4075. Wine Basket
Body Works.                                                             This basket includes a bottle of “cab-u-lous” wine, wine
Donor(s): Michael and Tina Cameron                                      glasses, caddy with four red wine glasses, coordinating tray
Value: $29                                                              and paper goods.
                                                                        Donor(s): Rick and Pam Kucirek
4071. Sea Salt Spa                                                      Value: $40
Sea Salt scented body wash, skin smoother, body butter, body
gloss, bath sponge all inside a metal bath caddy.                       4076. Bath & Beauty
Donor(s): Steve and Brenda Malloy                                       This woven tote contains a micro terry tunic, bath and hand
Value: $30                                                              towel, bathing glove, sweet pea body wash, white cherry
                                                                        blossom lotion, body cream, foot cream, shea socks, gel eye
4072. Bellevue University                                               mask, and moisturizing gloves.
A basket filled with Bellevue University logo items: water               Donor(s): The Farris Family
bottle, golf balls, key chain, pens, binder clip, and notebook.         Value: $122
Donor(s): Bellevue University
Value: $45

4073. Wine Time
This is a basket to see! Fill the glasses and sniff, then sip, swirl
and enjoy!
Donor(s): Rosemary Salcedo
Value: $80

                                                                                A Eucharistic community
                                                                               praying, in thanksgiving, for
                                                                                   Mercy High School

4077. Garden Basket                                                 4081. Native to Nebraska
A cute red chair plant stand, amaryllis bulb kit, set of outdoor    A box of Steaks from Omaha Steaks, Baker’s chocolate
maple leaf string lights, watering can, and garden gloves.          meltaways, a bottle of red wine from James Arthur Vineyards
Donor(s): Rick and Pam Kucirek                                      and a bottle of red wine from Soaring Wings Vineyard.
Value: $65                                                          Donor(s): Jon and Richelle Meisinger
                                                                    Value: $125
4078. Margaritaville
A blender, two margarita glasses, bottle of margarita mix, and      4082. It’s Beginning to Smell a lot Like Christmas!
a container of salt.                                                Yankee Candle tart burner, various scents of tarts, seasonal
Donor(s): David and Christine Insinger, Jerome and                  potpourri, and holiday glow reed diffuser.
Shelly Stolinski                                                    Donor(s): Tony and Ann Valla
Value: $75                                                          Value: $70

4079. Wine                                                          4083. Mercy Mani/Pedi
Red wine, white wine, the taste is wonderful. Very tasteful         Everything needed for a luxurious manicure and pedicure.
cheeses with salami, delightful assortment of chocolate treats.     Towels, soakers, polish remover, files, buffers, lotion, and
Donor(s): Vicki Miratsky                                            polish in Mercy colors.
Value: $150                                                         Donor(s): Gary and Jackie Heywood
                                                                    Value: $75
4080. Baby Doll
Everything a new mom needs for a new baby including Baby!           4084. Chips & Salsa
Lots of accessories included: bag of nursery necessities -          Roasted pineapple habanero dip, onion blossom/horseradish
food, lotion, bottles, rattle, bib, blanket. Accessories are 3+     pretzels, raspberry chipotle salsa, and multigrain crackers.
appropriate. Doll for ages 2+.                                      Donor(s): Jim & Lynette Hennes-Hewitt
Donor(s): Liz Cooley                                                Value: $50
Value: $38
                                                                    4085. Mani/Pedi
                                                                    A basket filled with items to do your own pedicure at home!
                                                                    Donor(s): The Thompsen-Zelfel Family
                                                                    Value: $30

                                                                    4086. Garbo’s
                                                                    A $50 gift certificate and Aquage products.
                                                                    Donor(s): Garbo’s Salon
                                                                    Value: $100

4087. Popcorn Lovers                                               4092. Backpack
Reusable bag filled with ConAgra popcorn products: Orville          A backpack filled with children’s books and activities.
Redenbacher’s popcorn oil and yellow popcorn, Orville’s            Donor(s): Laura Caniglia Callahan ’71
microwave popcorn: cheddar, caramel corn, kettle corn,             Value: $120
movie theatre butter, smart pop, Jiffy Pop stovetop popcorn,
Poppycock, Act II butter lovers movie bucket, and Crunch A         4093. Seasonal Kitchen Essentials
Munch: butter and toffee.                                          Six kitchen towels representing the four seasons plus
Donor(s): ConAgra Foods                                            Halloween and Christmas and six coordination antibacterial
Value: $50                                                         hand soaps form Bath & Body Works in a lovely wicker
4088. Pedicure Set                                                 Donor(s): Jerry and Mary Bushman
Super softening ointment, therapeutic cracked heel relief          Value: $85
cream, foot powder, toenail clipper, foot file, toe separators,
and nail polish.                                                   4094. Twilight
Donor(s): Jamie Grzebielski                                        Everything for the Twilight fanatic in your family: DVD, CD,
Value: $30                                                         special Twilight People magazine edition, t-shirt, poster, key
                                                                   chain, and band-aids.
4089. Stay Organized                                               Donor(s): Derwin and Mary Horne
Notepads in various colors, a 2010 calendar, pens, pencils,        Value: $120
erasers, and magnets - all the help you need to stay organized.
Donor(s): Micaela Galvan & Jose Luis Sanchez-Nava                  4095. Yoga
Value: $50                                                         A $20 gift certificate to One Tree Yoga, yoga mat, DVD, and
                                                                   water bottle.
4090. Lunchtime Fiesta                                             Donor(s): Michael and Donna May
This bowl includes festive decorations for a lunchtime Fiesta      Value: $50
to be held at school. If you bid on this basket Mrs. Wessling
and Mrs. Vankat will make a Mexican Fiesta for your daughter       4096. Desk Organizer
and her lunch table. This basket can be used anytime before        Desk storage box with a variety of writing tools, stapler,
Fiesta 2011!                                                       assortment of greeting cards, postage stamps, and more!
Donor(s): Dan and Julie Vankat & Dave and Kristi                   Donor(s): Richard and Barbara Golwitzer
Walters Wessling ’88                                               Value: $125
Value: $100

4091. College Bound
Wicker basket filled with micro plush throw, cherry blossom
lotion, shower gel, and body mist. Fresh linen reed difuser,
shower caddy, bath towel, hand towels, washcloths, 5 tier
hanger, and over the door organizer.
Donor(s): The Burns Family
Value: $50

4097. Kitchen Essentials                                            4100. Tea for Two
An assortment of seasonal kitchen towels: Valentine’s Day,          A set of four white ceramic teacups from Starbucks, featuring
St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and fall along with a      playful geometric designs and 48 Tazo tea bags of Organic
Casseroles cookbook and a Quick & Easy cookbook, mixing             Chai.
spoon, spatula set, wisk, measuring spoons and cups all in a        Donor(s): Kevin O’Connell and Maggie Kalkowski
mixing bowl.                                                        Value: $30
Donor(s): Mike and Kim Elston
Value: $35                                                          4101. Godiva Chocolate
                                                                    Dark chocolate almonds, milk chocolate praline pecans, dark
4098. Traveled Recently?                                            and milk chocolate solid candy, dark and milk chocolate bars,
This basket is perfect for someone who has traveled recently        white chocolate pearls, dark chocolate and orange pearls, and
and wants to create a scrapbook to cherish your fond                milk chocolate and café latte pearls.
memoires. A vacation themed album with paper, stickers and          Donor(s): Deb Andreasen
protector pages, layout stencil, letters, and a starter book for    Value: $100
first time scrapbookers!
Donor(s): Bib Cullen                                                4102. A Doggie’s Delight
Value: $45                                                          A small pet bed, food and water bowls, dog toys, and a variety
                                                                    of other items for your precious pooch!
4099. Need to Relax?                                                Donor(s): Frank and Sharon Fowler
A wicker basket filled with green tea scented bubble bath,           Value: $50
shower gel, lotion along with a loofah, socks, candle, tea, and
reusable aluminum water bottle will help soothe you on a            4103. Scooter’s Coffeehouse
stressful day.                                                      A coffee lover’s basket! Scooter’s gift cards, coffee, and
Donor(s): Bib Cullen                                                merchandise!
Value: $50                                                          Donor(s): Kris Sewing & Scooter’s Coffee House
                                                                    Value: $50

                                                       Enjoy Life!
                                                        The Future is Looking Bright...
                                                              Cirque de Mercy!
                                                            “FIESTA A La Mercy!”

                                                                          (402) 496-0116
                                                              135th & Blondo •

4104. Baby Necessities                                              4111. Spa
A Fisher Price whale bath tub filled with essential items for        A variety of bath, body, and spa products fills this exciting
anyone having a baby!                                               basket!
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                           Donor(s): Stanley and Gail Siderewicz
Value: $60                                                          Value: $50

4105. Warm Relaxing Evening                                         4112. Cupcakes!
A basket including a blue tied fleece blanket 60 x 70”, hot          A cupcake carrier, stand, pan, mix, toppings, cupcake book,
chocolate, two mugs and a $10 gift card to Borders.                 bowl and spatula.
Donor(s): Dale and Melinda Kreher                                   Donor(s): Chris and Michele Zach Walker ’85
Value: $50                                                          Value: $100

4106. Napa Valley Picnic                                            4113. Beach Basket
A bottle of wine from Napa Valley, wine accessories, two            Two striped yellow placemats, lime green salad bowl set, flip
wine glasses, plates, cups, silverware, and a $10 Hy-Vee gift       flop oblong serving tray, set of three flip flop serving bowls
card.                                                               in an L.L. Bean tote bag.
Donor(s): Gary & Rhonda Bash and Gabrielle ’11                      Donor(s): Sandy DiSomma
Value: $60                                                          Value: $80

4107. Scrapbooking                                                  4114. Emergency Preparedness
A scrapbook, creative supplies, paper, scissors, glue, stickers,    First aid kit, flashlight, batteries, blanket, weather radio, work
and gel pens to create your own scrapbook!                          gloves, and personal supplies.
Donor(s): Tammy Emsick                                              Donor(s): Sarpy County 911
Value: $50                                                          Value: $60

4108. Costa Rica Coffee                                             4115. School/Office Supplies
A variety of different types of coffee, cookies, sugar, candy,      Post-it notes, highlighters, notebook, folder, pens, tape
and mugs.                                                           dispenser, stapler, and $20 OfficeMax gift card.
Donor(s): The Moulton Family                                        Donor(s): Tim and Ann Huber
Value: $50                                                          Value: $60

4109. Nothing But Barbies!                                          4116. Spa Gift Basket
Two disco Barbies, two girly Barbies, a mermaid Barbie and          Shampoo, conditioner, body lotions, body sprays, loofah, hair
two bend Barbies.                                                   mask, nail polish, and pedicure products.
Donor(s): Chris and DeAnne McKay                                    Donor(s): Lori White
Value: $80                                                          Value: $75

4110. Weekend Getaway                                               4117. Family Night
A 21” suitcase purse, assorted lotions, socks, Nebraska             Two fleece throws, DVD, candy, popcorn, pop, chips, puzzle,
snuggie, wine, insulated wine tote, chocolate truffles, travel       cards, yahtzee, and game pack.
mug, and $10 gift card for a book.                                  Donor(s): Sandra Barnhart
Donor(s): Buddy Comer and Sandy Goetzinger-Comer                    Value: $50
Value: $160

4118. Wine Basket                                                4122. Why Wash Dishes?
Whether you prefer red or white, you’ll have the perfect wine    An assortment of paper products for every occasion - plates,
to end your day with. Enjoy!                                     napkins, silverware, and table clothes.
Donor(s): Ali and Ann Chowdhury, Nancy Rauterkus                 Donor(s): The Jewell Family
Value: $60                                                       Value: $50

4119. Basket ‘O Boxers                                           4123. Barbie Basket
You have to have fun boxers to complete the Mercy uniform!       Three Barbies and assorted accessories.
Boxers for every mood and size medium.                           Donor(s): Robert and Mary Moreno
Donor(s): Kashmir Miedl ’10 & Family                             Value: $50
Value: $50
                                                                 4124. Movie Night
4120. The Ultimate Nebraska Basket!                              DVS’s, popcorn, candy, and soda.
Products form Nebraska: wines from local wineries, products      Donor(s): The Kolvek Family
from Too Far North Tasting Room, stemware, Nebraska City         Value: $25
preserves, Bakers Chocolates, and more!
Donor(s): Barney and Mindy Hill                                  4125. Go Huskers!
Value: $150                                                      Two tickets to Nebraska’s opening game in 2010, two t-shirts
                                                                 and other spirit gear!
4121. Date Night                                                 Donor(s): Chuck and Deb Kinzer, Omaha Print
A gift certificate for a movie rental, popcorn bowl, candy,       Value: $180
candles, and popcorn.
Donor(s): Jim and Terrie Maguire
Value: $30

4126. Aloha!                                                      4134. Pink Easter Basket
Can’t get away to the sunny skies, gently swaying palm trees      Bunny placemat, stuffed rabbit, Old Maid game, bubbles,
and sandy beaches of Hawaii - then bring a little taste of the    butterfly sippy cup, ball and paddle and duck snow globe.
islands home with this mix of items.                              Donor(s): Rose Marie Bendon Basque ’59
Donor(s): Sally McCully                                           Value: $30
Value: $40
                                                                  4135. Orange Easter Basket
4127. Mercy Spirit Wear                                           Rubber ducks, small rabbit, pair of lamb slippers, candy, and
A variety of Mercy spirit wear from the Mercy High School’s       wind up bunny.
across the United States.                                         Donor(s): Rose Marie Bendon Basque ’59
Donor(s): John and Kim Kinsel                                     Value: $25
Value: $150
                                                                  4136. UNO Hockey
4128. Great Harvest Bread Co.                                     Enjoy a night out with four tickets to Maverick hockey. Show
Basket full of freshly baked goods and includes a certificate      your support by wearing a UNO t-shirt or cap (variety of
for 13 more free loaves of bread!                                 apparel included). You’ll even get a genuine Maverick hockey
Donor(s): Great Harvest Bread Co.                                 puck as a souvenir.
Value: $150                                                       Donor(s): Joan McGovern
                                                                  Value: $150
4129. Stay Warm!
You will be sure to stay warm this winter with size 8 fleece       4137. Home Spa Essentials Kit
boots, mercy hat, mittens, scarf, and 60 x 80” fleece blanket.     A foot scrubber, shea butter balm, hand and body lotion and
Donor(s): Edward and Terri Rider                                  wash mitt.
Value: $90                                                        Donor(s): Gilden Tree
                                                                  Value: $36
4130. Margarita Madness
Everything you need for your own personal fiesta - chips,
salsa, margaritas, glasses, and $50 Stokes gift card.
Donor(s): Jeffrey and Cheryl Janda, Matt and Suzanne
Value: $125

4131. Bath & Beauty
A variety of bath salts, lotions, and creams.
Donor(s): Gail Baker McCarty
Value: $30

4132. Green Easter Basket
A stuffed rabbit, Snoopy window clings,
frog sippy cup, puzzle, Crazy 8’s game,
ball and paddle, and bubbles.
Donor(s): Rose Marie Bendon
Basque ’59
Value: $25

4133. Fondue for Two
A fondue pot, chocolate, fondue forks,
dessert plates, wine glasses, cocktail
napkins, Hershey’s Kisses and Hershey’s
Donor(s): Rose Marie Bendon
Basque ’59
Value: $30

5000. Creighton University
                                                    Apparel       5005. Saint Louis University
Extra large navy blue sweatshirt.                                 Medium blue t-shirt.
Donor(s): Creighton University                                    Donor(s): St. Louis University
Value: $30                                                        Value: $15

5001. Creighton Long Sleeve T-shirt                               5006. Xavier University
A medium blue long sleeved Creighton basketball t-shirt.          Large navy long sleeve t-shirt.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                         Donor(s): Xavier University
Value: $20                                                        Value: $20

5002. Benedictine College                                         5007. Buena Vista University
A large red Benedictine College t-shirt.                          Large gold t-shirt and blue and gold pennant.
Donor(s): Benedictine College                                     Donor(s): Buena Vista University
Value: $15                                                        Value: $20

5003. Benedictine College                                         5008. Iowa State University
A medium red Benedictine College t-shirt.                         Extra large white t-shirt.
Donor(s): Benedictine College                                     Donor(s): Iowa State University
Value: $15                                                        Value: $15

5004. St. Catherine University
A large grey t-shirt, purple tote bag, purple plastic cup, and
purple and gold pennant.
Donor(s): St. Catherine University
Value: $30

   Best Wishes for a Successful Fiesta
                      Compliments of:


                6770 GROVER

5009. Harvard College                                          5020. Syracuse University
Burgundy pennant.                                              Large white t-shirt.
Donor(s): Harvard University                                   Donor(s): Syracuse University
Value: $10                                                     Value: $15

5010. University of Notre Dame                                 5021. Augustana College
Extra large navy t-shirt.                                      Extra large navy t-shirt.
Donor(s): University of Notre Dame                             Donor(s): Augustana College
Value: $15                                                     Value: $15

5011. Regis University                                         5022. Kansas State
Large grey long sleeve t-shirt, navy baseball hat, and navy    Medium white t-shirt.
drawstring backpack.                                           Donor(s): Kansas State University
Donor(s): Regis University                                     Value: $15
Value: $35
                                                               5023. Kansas State
5012. Loyola University New Orleans                            Large white t-shirt.
Extra large grey t-shirt.                                      Donor(s): Kansas State University
Donor(s): Loyola University New Orleans                        Value: $15
Value: $15
                                                               5024. Kansas State
5013. Dana College                                             Large white t-shirt.
Large red t-shirt.                                             Donor(s): Kansas State University
Donor(s): Dana College                                         Value: $15
Value: $15
                                                               5025. Creighton Prep
5014. University of Nebraska-Lincoln                           Medium blue hooded sweatshirt.
Large red t-shirt.                                             Donor(s): Creighton Prep High School
Donor(s): University of Nebraska-Lincoln                       Value: $35
Value: $15
                                                               5026. Black Fur & Feather Tote
5015. University of Northern Iowa                              A black faux fur and feather tote bag from Donna Salyers
Purple and gold pennant.                                       Fabulous Furs collection.
Donor(s): University of Northern Iowa                          Donor(s): Peg Ranney
Value: $10                                                     Value: $200

5016. Duke University                                          5027. Leopard Print Fur Tote
Large white t-shirt.                                           A leopard print faux fur tote bag from Donna Salyers
Donor(s): Duke University                                      Fabulous Furs collection.
Value: $15                                                     Donor(s): Peg Ranney
                                                               Value: $150
5017. Newman University
Large navy hooded sweatshirt.                                  5028. Saint John’s University
Donor(s): Newman University                                    Medium red t-shirt.
Value: $40                                                     Donor(s): Aaron Menzel
                                                               Value: $15
5018. Tote Bag
Adorable purple quilted tote bag.                              5029. Washington University
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                      Extra large dark green t-shirt.
Value: $20                                                     Donor(s): Washington University
                                                               Value: $15
5019. Superior Honda of Omaha
Extra large grey t-shirt.
Donor(s): Superior Honda of Omaha
Value: $12
5030. Saint John’s University          5035. Rockhurst University
Extra large grey hooded sweatshirt.    Large grey t-shirt.
Donor(s): Saint John’s University      Donor(s): Rockhurst University
Value: $36                             Value: $15

5031. Saint John’s University          5036. University of Kansas
Large red hooded sweatshirt.           Extra large blue t-shirt.
Donor(s): Saint John’s University      Donor(s): University of Kansas
Value: $36                             Value: $15

5032. Mount Mercy College              5037. Mount Michael Benedictine School
A large grey t-shirt.                  Small red hooded sweatshirt.
Donor(s): Mount Mercy College          Donor(s): Mt. Michael Benedictine School
Value: $15                             Value: $25

5033. Tan Tote                         5038. Suede Coach Bag
A tan Gap tote bag.                    A blue-green suede “Bleeker” Coach shoulder bag.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy              Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $25                             Value: $250

5034. Purple Tote                      5039. Lilac Leather Coach Bag
A purple Gap tote bag.                 A lilac leather “Carly” Coach handbag.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy              Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $25                             Value: $215

                                       5040. Red Leather Coach Bag
                                       A red leather “Soho” Coach handbag.
                                       Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                       Value: $200

                                       5041. Red Dooney & Bourke Bag
                                       A red leather “Fredrica” Dooney & Bourke cross body bag.
                                       Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                       Value: $125

6000. Bay Hills Golf Club
                                      Golf & Sports             6007. Golf Ball Monogrammer
A gift certificate for 18 holes of golf for a foursome with      There will be no more second-guessing as to which ball
carts Monday-Friday, or weekends after 1:00 p.m. Expires:       is yours if you have the highest bid on this golf ball
12/31/2010.                                                     monogrammer.
Donor(s): Bay Hills Golf Club                                   Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel
Value: $120                                                     Value: $16

6001. Women’s Golf Polo                                         6008. Golfer’s Billiard Game
Creighton women’s medium golf polo by Ralph Lauren in           Great game for the entire family and a fun way to practice
cream with navy blue stripes.                                   your putting!
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                       Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $85                                                      Value: $25

6002. Austad’s Golf                                             6009. Cordless Golf Club Brush
Four golf simulator passes.                                     This practical gift is ideal for cleaning irons, woods, and even
Donor(s): Austad’s Golf, Inc.                                   your shoes!
Value: $100                                                     Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                                Value: $16
6003. Tiburon Golf Club
A gift certificate for a foursome with carts (weekdays only).    6010. Curves Membership
Donor(s): Tiburon Golf Club                                     A two month membership and CD case.
Value: $164                                                     Donor(s): Curves
                                                                Value: $100
6004. Western Bowl
15 cards good for one free game of bowling.
Donor(s): Western Bowl LLC
Value: $45

6005. Curves
A one month membership to the Papillion location only and
included work out bag, CD case, and water bottle.
Donor(s): Curves
Value: $50
                                                                      Mary Theiler, PT           Phil Davidson, PT/ATC
6006. Talking Gopher Putting Cup                                    ”The Power of Positive Healing”….
Get back into the “swing” of things and practice your
putting! Each time that you make a shot - a gopher pops up                   Find the location nearest you at:
to cheer you on!                                                   
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $25

                                                                                    All the best to
                                                                                     Mercy High

                                                                      from the parish communities of
                                                                          St. Bridget and St. Rose

6011. Omaha Royals                                                  6015. Golf Essentials
Four reserved seats to any Royals home game during the 2010         This black duffle bag is filled with items for any golfer: U.S.
season, some restrictions apply.                                    open visor, two Golf Channel baseball hats, Golf Channel
Donor(s): Omaha Royals                                              golf towel, umbrella, Callaway golf pouch, golf tees, wooden
Value: $32                                                          desk organizer/calendar, and a women’s medium Adidas
                                                                    “climacool” sleeveless polo.
6012. Kelly’s North Bowl                                            Donor(s): Thomas and Patricia Griffith, Bill and
A card good for ten free games of open bowling. Expires:            Connie Kellen
8/31/2010.                                                          Value: $70
Donor(s): Kelly’s North Bowl
Value: $30                                                          6016. Beyond Golf
                                                                    Two tokens good for 9 holes of golf.
6013. Classic Golf                                                  Donor(s): Beyond Golf
A certificate for a 1/2 hour video swing lesson.                     Value: $40
Donor(s): Classic Golf
Value: $50                                                          6017. Bowler’s Choice
                                                                    $25 gift certificate.
6014. SkateDaze                                                     Donor(s): Bowler’s Choice
Certificate entitles bearer and up to seven of their guests one      Value: $25
free group activity of their choice: roller skating, playdazium,
lazer runner, or rock wall.                                         6018. GolfTec
Donor(s): SkateDaze                                                 A gift card for a ½ hour swing diagnosis.
Value: $50                                                          Donor(s): GolfTec
                                                                    Value: $175

                                                                    6019. Diadora Soccer Ball
                                                                    Diadora premier soccer ball for ages 9-11, size 4.
                                                                    Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                                    Value: $15

                                                                    6020. Five Game Set
                                                                    The perfect bag to grab as you head to the beach, the park,
                                                                    cabin or your own backyard. Badmitten, volleyball, yard
                                                                    tennis, horseshoes, and flying disc will keep the kids active
                                                                    and outdoors.
                                                                    Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                                    Value: $20

                                                                    6021. UNO Maverick Hockey
                                                                    Four lower bowl tickets to any 2010-2011 hockey game
                                                                    (excludes post season play).
                                                                    Donor(s): Buddy and Sandy Goetziner-Comer ’70
                                                                    Value: $60

                                                                    6022. UNO Maverick Hockey
                                                                    Four lower bowl tickets to any 2010-2011 hockey game
                                                                    (excludes post season play).
                                                                    Donor(s): Buddy and Sandy Goetziner-Comer ’70
                                                                    Value: $60

Irish Connection
  Welcome to “The        7000. Waterford Crystal Bowl
  Irish Connection”      A Waterford Crystal palm tree bowl.
  where we honor         Donor(s): Sr. Delores Hannon, RSM
  the Irish roots of     Value: $350
  Catherine McAuley
  and the Sisters of     7001. Belleek Teapot
  Mercy by offering      A Belleek miniature shamrock teapot.
  special Irish items    Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
  and certificates        Value: $40
  from businesses
  that are proud to      7002. Wine Glasses
  call themselves        A set of four Eamon wine glasses with claddagh design.
  Irish. “The Irish      Donor(s): Randy and Veronica Wright
  Connection”            Value: $50
  features a myriad
  of Irish goods that    7003. St. Patrick Necklace
  will tickle your       A sterling silver St. Patrick medal with 18” chain.
  fancy.                 Donor(s): Randy and Veronica Wright
                         Value: $35

                         7004. Heart Pendant
                         Connemara marble heart pendant on 18” cord with sterling
                         silver shamrock accents.
                         Donor(s): Randy and Veronica Wright
                         Value: $50

7005. Rosary Bracelet                                        7013. Claddagh Porcelain Frame
Connemara marble rosary bracelet.                            A 4 x 6” white “Love, Loyalty, Friendship” frame by Celtic
Donor(s): Randy and Veronica Wright                          Blessings.
Value: $40                                                   Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels
                                                             Value: $16
7006. Wool Scarf
Foxford plaid wool scarf with fringe trim.                   7014. Irish Blessing Plaque
Donor(s): Randy and Veronica Wright                          “May the road rise to meet you…” Irish blessing plaque.
Value: $25                                                   Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels
                                                             Value: $10
7007. Belleek Bank
Belleek lamb money bank.                                     7015. The Celtic Tarot
Donor(s): Randy and Veronica Wright                          A complete package including 78 cards featuring stunning
Value: $30                                                   paintings depicting Celtic myths and gods, plus a guide book
                                                             for beginners.
7008. Cheeseboard                                            Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels
Connemara marble cheeseboard with knife.                     Value: $10
Donor(s): Randy and Veronica Wright
Value: $40                                                   7016. Irish Music
                                                             A collection of four CD’s: The Hills of Connemara, Orinoco
7009. Cross                                                  Flow-A Salute to Enya, Galway Bay-The Songs of Ireland,
Hand crafted Liffey Artifacts cross.                         and The Mountains of Mourne.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                    Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels
Value: $25                                                   Value: $50

7010. Bellek Vase                                            7017. Irish Poems
Belleek miniature 4” Gaelic vase.                            A Garland of Irish Verse is a lovely book of marvelous
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                    poetry that attests to Ireland’s great poetic geniuses. A joy to
Value: $25                                                   read and re-read.
                                                             Donor(s): Sr. Johanna Burnell, RSM & Sr. Jeanne
7011. Irish Snowman                                          O’Rourke, RSM
Roman, Inc. lighted (green, of course) 15” frosted glass     Value: $20
snowman (batteries included).
Donor(s): Sr. Johanna Burnell, RSM & Sr. Jeanne              7018. Coffee Table Book
O’Rourke, RSM                                                Ireland’s Treasures - 5000 Years of Artistic Expression.
Value: $36                                                   Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                             Value: $30
7012. Authentic Irish Keepsake
Five Euro note featuring Catherine McAuley; several coins    7019. Brass Cross
and retired in 1972.                                         Solid brass Celtic cross.
Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels                              Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: Priceless                                             Value: $23

7020. The Well Massage                                            7025. Slainte T-shirt
One hour corporate chair massage (can do several people           Black with brilliant green embroidery with Slainte (SLAHN-
during the hour).                                                 cha) meaning “cheers!”
Donor(s): The Well Massage                                        Donor(s): Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
Value: $60                                                        Value: $15

7021. The Well Massage                                            7026. Slainte T-shirt
One hour corporate chair massage (can do several people           Black with brilliant green embroidery with Slainte (SLAHN-
during the hour).                                                 cha) meaning “cheers!”
Donor(s): The Well Massage                                        Donor(s): Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
Value: $60                                                        Value: $15

7022. Brennan Irish Dancers                                       7027. Slainte T-shirt
Ceili (KAY-lee) class with two of the Brennan Irish Dancers.      Black with brilliant green embroidery with Slainte (SLAHN-
Invite 10-20 of your friends to come learn a few Irish “party”    cha) meaning “cheers!”
dances, enjoy tea and fresh scones, and hear a little blarney     Donor(s): Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
right here at Mercy.                                              Value: $15
Donor(s): Brennan Irish Dancers
Value: $125                                                       7028. Tea Trove
                                                                  Experience the aromatic and flavorful assortment of hand
7023. Slainte T-shirt                                             blended teas and tisanes only available from Nebraska’s
Black with brilliant green embroidery with Slainte (SLAHN-        premier tea blender. Each package contains three ounces of
cha) meaning “cheers!”                                            specialty loose-leaf tea.
Donor(s): Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians                      Donor(s): Tea Trove
Value: $15                                                        Value: $50

7024. Slainte T-shirt
Black with brilliant green embroidery with Slainte (SLAHN-
cha) meaning “cheers!”
Donor(s): Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
Value: $15

7029. St. Patrick’s Day Basket                                           7034. Black Velvet Band
Any teacher looking to add some Irish to their classroom will            A CD titled “Reel Time.”
love this basket. Inside are St. Patrick’s Day trimmers, accents,        Donor(s): Black Velvet Band
stickers, pencils, and a book of ideas for the month of March.           Value: $12
Donor(s): Learning HQ
Value: $55                                                               7035. Brazenhead Pub
                                                                         A $30 gift certificate.
7030. Going Vertical                                                     Donor(s): Brazen Head Irish Pub
A gift certificate for six sessions of performance training.              Value: $30
Donor(s): Going Vertical
Value: $115                                                              7036. Celtic Knot Set
                                                                         A gold tone Celtic knot necklace and earring set.
7031. Mick Doyle’s Kick Boxing Gym                                       Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
A gift certificate for either three sessions with a personal              Value: $37
trainer or fours weeks of classes and a large black t-shirt.
Donor(s): Mick Doyle’s Kick Boxing Gym                                   7037. Heart Set
Value: $165                                                              Green heart necklace and earring set.
                                                                         Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
7032. Beyond Ireland                                                     Value: $25
A gift certificate for two lunches.
Donor(s): Beyond Ireland                                                 7038. Celtic Knot Set
Value: $20                                                               Gold tone Celtic knot necklace and earring set.
                                                                         Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
7033. Black Velvet Band                                                  Value: $34
A CD titled “Reel Time.”
Donor(s): Black Velvet Band                                              7039. Trinity Knot Set
Value: $12                                                               Gold tone trinity knot necklace and earring set.
                                                                         Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
                                                                         Value: $34

                                                                         7040. Harp Earrings
                                                                         Gold and green harp earrings.
                                                                         Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
                                                                         Value: $11

                                                                         7041. Flag Earrings
                                                                         Irish flag shamrock earrings.
                                                                         Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
                                                                         Value: $11

                                                                         7042. Shamrock Earrings
                                                                         Green enamel shamrock earrings.
                                                                         Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
                                                                         Value: $11

                                                                         7043. Cord Earrings
                                                                         Red and gold cord earrings.
                                                                         Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
                                                                         Value: $15

                                                                         7044. Celtic Knot Earrings
                                                                         Gold tone Celtic knot earrings.
                                                                         Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
                                                                         Value: $11

7045. Claddaugh Earrings                   7050. Candy Jar
Gold tone Claddaugh earrings.              A small candy jar embellished with shamrocks.
Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures             Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
Value: $15                                 Value: $11

7046. Shamrock Earrings                    7051. Poncho
Black and green shamrock earrings.         A green and white woven poncho.
Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures             Donor(s): Sr. Delores Hannon, RSM
Value: $11                                 Value: $10

7047. Napkin Rings                         7052. The Turfman
A pair of shamrock napkin rings.           A extra large t-shirt, bumper stickers, and “Songs from the
Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures             Hearth” CD.
Value: $10                                 Donor(s): The Turfmen
                                           Value: $32
7048. Cross
A hand crocheted cross.                    7053. The Turfman
Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures             A extra large t-shirt, bumper stickers, and “Songs from the
Value: $10                                 Hearth” CD.
                                           Donor(s): The Turfmen
7049. Frame                                Value: $32
A 5 x 7” handpainted dragon knot frame.
Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures             7054. Barrett’s Barleycorn
Value: $24                                 Two $25 gift certificates.
                                           Donor(s): Barrett’s Barleycorn Pub & Grille
                                           Value: $50

7055. Irish Snowman Sweatshirt                                    7061. Erin Ceilidh Band
Large Irish Christmas Snowman appliqué sweatshirt.                A two hour performance of Celtic party music.
Donor(s): Rosebud & Company Irish Gifts                           Donor(s): Erin Ceilidh Band
Value: $50                                                        Value: $250

7056. Irish Santa Sweatshirt                                      7062. Irish Blessing Plaque
Large Irish Christmas Santa appliqué sweatshirt.                  Hang this catchy Irish blessing plaque somewhere special in
Donor(s): Rosebud & Company Irish Gifts                           your home for all to see each day.
Value: $50                                                        Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                                  Value: $15
7057. Donohue’s Pub
A $25 gift certificate.                                            7063. Barry O’s
Donor(s): Donohue’s Pub                                           $25 gift certificate.
Value: $25                                                        Donor(s): Barry O’s
                                                                  Value: $25
7058. Coaster/Placemat Set
Set of six coasters and six placemats adorned with pictures of    7064. Barry O’s
Irish castles.                                                    $25 gift certificate.
Donor(s): Kody and Toody Moffatt                                  Donor(s): Barry O’s
Value: $50                                                        Value: $25

7059. Celtic Wall Cross
A 5” ceramic Celtic wall cross by Liffey Artifacts.
Donor(s): Kody and Toody Moffatt
Value: $20

7060. Belleek Vase
A 12” Belleek vase with shamrock and lily accents.
Donor(s): Kody and Toody Moffat
Value: $75

         Gentle Dentistry for the Family

              Richard D. Fitzgerald, D.D.S.

               Theodore S. Franco, D.D.S.

   5709 NW Radial Hwy.                         P.O. Box 4100
   OFFICE 551-1757                     Omaha, NE 68104-0100

8000. Laptop Bag
                                             Collectibles         8004. Precious Moments
Black Mercy High School logo laptop bag.                          “Give Ability A Chance” special commemorative limited
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                         edition Easter Seals Precious Moments porcelain figurine.
Value: $40                                                        Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                                  Value: $10
8001. Tulip Peggy Karr
8” round Tulip Peggy Karr plate.                                  8005. Norman Rockwell Mug
Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels                                   “The Toymaker” a Norman Rockwell porcelain collectors
Value: $34                                                        mug.
                                                                  Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
8002. Mercy Polo                                                  Value: $10
Large white long sleeve Mercy High School polo shirt.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                         8006. Mercy Teddy Bear
Value: $20                                                        A handmade teddy bear made from Mercy uniform fabric.
                                                                  Donor(s): Reid and Claire Von Tersch
8003. Jewelry Box                                                 Value: Priceless
A jewelry box with a dark walnut finish, three drawers, mirror,
two storage compartments, six ring rolls, and ivory lining.       8007. Fused Glass Plate
Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels                                   An 8 x 8” yellow and blue square fused glass plate with stand.
Value: $60                                                        Donor(s): Kim Lang Bunnell ’88
                                                                  Value: $60

                                                                            WE FORM MEN OF
                                                                          FAITH, SCHOLARSHIP,
                                                                            LEADERSHIP AND
                                                                             SERVICE IN THE
                                                                             CATHOLIC AND
                                                                           JESUIT TRADITION
                                                                                    CREIGHTON PREP
                                                                       Call today to schedule a visit for your son!

                                                                       7400 Western Ave.   Omaha, NE 68114        402.393.1190

8008. Peggy Karr Christmas Plate                                   8012. Omaha Book
This beautiful 14” fused glass tray features Christmas             Omaha - Where Imagination Meets Opportunity - A
ornaments hung from snow-covered boughs. From Ms.                  Photographic Portrait.
Karr’s “White Bough” collection, it is dishwasher safe.            Donor(s): John A. Gentleman Mortuaries
Donor(s): Bob and Mary Gonderinger                                 Value: $60
Value: $54
                                                                   8013. Mercy Scrapbooks
8009. Peggy Karr Wine Tray                                         Three adorable scrapbooks perfect for a graduating senior or
From the first name in exquisite glass design, this tray in Ms.     any Mercy girl.
Karr’s “Wine” pattern is a must for every hostess.                 Donor(s): Karen Gunia Harris ’92
Donor(s): Bob and Mary Gonderinger                                 Value: Priceless
Value: $54
                                                                   8014. 2006 American Eagle Silver Dollar
8010. Jewelry Book                                                 This coin is an uncirculated version of the 2006 American
The Little Box of Beaded Necklaces and Earrings includes           Eagle Silver Dollar. The Liberty Coin Act of 1985 (Public
technique how-to cards to create 40 different jewelry projects.    Law 99-185) authorized the United States Mint to strike and
Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels                                    issue silver dollars containing one troy ounce of 0.999 silver.
Value: $20                                                         Donor(s): Pinnacle Bank
                                                                   Value: $80
8011. Omaha Book
An Omaha World Herald publication titled Omaha Times               8015. 2006 American Eagle Silver Dollar
Remembered.                                                        This coin is an uncirculated version of the 2006 American
Donor(s): Omaha World Herald                                       Eagle Silver Dollar. The Liberty Coin Act of 1985 (Public
Value: $40                                                         Law 99-185) authorized the United States Mint to strike and
                                                                   issue silver dollars containing one troy ounce of 0.999 silver.
                                                                   Donor(s): Pinnacle Bank
                                                                   Value: $80

8016. Lia Sophia necklace                                         8025. “Old Montreal City Café”
This unique necklace features genuine Jasper stones with          An 11 x 14” matted and framed photo “Old Montreal City
characteristic swirls of white. Set on two gold-toned strands.    Café” in Montreal, Quebec.
Donor(s): Bob and Mary Gonderinger                                Donor(s): Elizabeth Souba
Value: $38                                                        Value: $20

8017. Rosary                                                      8026. “After the Rain”
Deluxe crucifix and center with genuine blue glass beads.          An 11 x 14” matted and framed photo “After the Rain” in
Donor(s): The Dyer Family                                         Montreal, Quebec.
Value: $36                                                        Donor(s): Elizabeth Souba
                                                                  Value: $20
8018. Rosary
Deluxe crucifix and center with genuine peach glass beads.         8027. “Door to the Ethiopian Church”
Donor(s): The Dyer Family                                         An 11 x 14” matted and framed photo “Door to the
Value: $36                                                        Ethiopian Church” on top of the church of the Holy
                                                                  Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Israel. The dining hall for the
8019. “Believe” Necklace                                          Crusaders is now home to a small village of Ethiopian clergy.
A sterling silver “Believe in Miracles” necklace.                 Donor(s): Elizabeth Souba
Donor(s): Tony and Ann Valla                                      Value: $20
Value: $50
                                                                  8028. “Old Market”
8020. Mercy Memory Box                                            An 11 x 14” matted and framed photo “Old Market” in
This box with magnetic closure is perfect for storing all your    downtown Omaha.
Mercy memorabilia. Place a 4 x 6 picture on the top to finish      Donor(s): Elizabeth Souba
it off.                                                           Value: $20
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $20                                                        8029. Creighton Earrings & Necklace
                                                                  Show your Bluejay spirit with this blue and silver tone
8021. Peggy Karr Holiday                                          necklace and earring set.
An 11” Peggy Karr Holiday Village plate.                          Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
Donor(s): Frank and Jill Mihulka                                  Value: $34
Value: $60
                                                                  8030. Monarch Earrings
8022. Peggy Karr                                                  Mercy Monarch butterfly earrings.
An 10” Peggy Karr Berkshire Hathaway tray.                        Donor(s): Isabella’s Treasures
Donor(s): Frank and Jill Mihulka                                  Value: $17
Value: $30
                                                                  8031. Charm Bracelet
8023. St. Francis of Assisi Stained Glass                         This Brighton charm bracelet with several charms is a perfect
A beautiful glass artpiece by Joan Barker Designs depicts St.     start for your favorite Mercy girl’s collection!
Francis of Assisi.                                                Donor(s): Sr. Delores Hannon, RSM
Donor(s): Gloria Deo Catholic Books & Gifts                       Value: $85
Value: $55
                                                                  8032. Cardinal Photograph
8024. Hand-crafted Bowl                                           An 11 x 14” matted and framed photo of a beautiful cardinal.
A hand-crafted cherry wood bowl 9” wide and 4” deep with          Donor(s): Joseph and Deborah Neary
distinctive lathe-etched lines on this beautiful piece.           Value: $20
Donor(s): Bob Koch
Value: $100                                                       8033. “Rainbows End”
                                                                  A1984 collector plate from the Ghent Collection - Lands of
                                                                  Enchantment titled “Rainbows End.”
                                                                  Donor(s): Marianne Beck Hall ’66
                                                                  Value: $35

8034. “Fountain of Youth”                                         8040. Silver Punch Bowl & Tray
A1984 collector plate from the Ghent Collection - Lands of        Heritage pieces from the Sisters of Mercy -silver punch bowl
Enchantment titled “Fountain of Youth.”                           and tray.
Donor(s): Marianne Beck Hall ’66                                  Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $35                                                        Value: Priceless

8035. “Garden of Eden”                                            8041. Silver Tea Service
A1984 collector plate from the Ghent Collection - Lands of        Heritage pieces from the Sisters of Mercy -tea pot, creamer,
Enchantment titled “Garden of Eden.”                              sugar bowl, and serving tray.
Donor(s): Marianne Beck Hall ’66                                  Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $35                                                        Value: Priceless

8036. “Camelot”                                                   8042. Silver Serving Tray
A1984 collector plate from the Ghent Collection - Lands of        Heritage pieces from the Sisters of Mercy - silver serving tray.
Enchantment titled “Camelot.”                                     Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Donor(s): Marianne Beck Hall ’66                                  Value: Priceless
Value: $35
                                                                  8043. Seraphim Nativity
8037. Fort Knox Gold                                              Collectable Seraphim Angels retired nativity collection
A replica of the pure gold brick stored and guarded at Fort       includes Mary, Joseph, Jesus, lambs, Bethany angel, Gloria
Knox, Kentucky.                                                   angel, stable, palm trees, fence and ledge.
Donor(s): Col. and Mrs. Jerome Stolinski                          Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $25                                                        Value: Priceless

8038. Santa Music Box                                             8044. Christmas Nativity Print
A Fitz and Floyd Santa music box that plays “Here Comes           This piece of artwork would be a center piece in anybody’s
Santa Claus” and also serves as holiday countdown calendar.       home. A 28 x 32” ornate custom framed print of Joseph and
Donor(s): Fred and Yvonne McGarry                                 Mary admiring their son Jesus along with the shepherds. This
Value: $50                                                        artwork comes with a beautiful floor easel for future display.
                                                                  Donor(s): Bill & Diane Gunia Blessie ’84 and Bridget
8039. Round Silver Tray                                           Blessie ’13
Heritage pieces from the Sisters of Mercy - small round silver    Value: $200
serving tray.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                         8045. Red Quilt
Value: Priceless                                                  The perfect quilt for a husker fan with large red squares with
                                                                  various colors inside the red squares. Pieced by Irene Keenan
                                                                  and quilted by Mary Wheeldon.
                                                                  Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                                  Value: $100

8046. Antique Coke Santa                                        8056. Coach Hinged Bangle Bracelet
This Santa is mechanical and vintage 1960’s collectable.        A gold tone Coach hinged bangle. bracelet
Donor(s): Joe Zaborowski                                        Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $200                                                     Value: $50

8047. Jazz Print                                                8057. Coach Charm Bracelet
A 8 ½ x 11” matted print titled “Ray & Trombone.”               A gold tone Coach charm bracelet.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                       Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $25                                                      Value: $125

8048. Jazz Print                                                8058. Coach Signature Bangle
A 8 ½ x 10” print titled “All that Jazz” by Kathleen Mullen.    A gold tone signature ½” bangle bracelet.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                       Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $25                                                      Value: $50

8049. Cactus Photo                                              8059. Coach Signature Bangle
A framed photo 8 x 10” framed photo by Sr. Jeanne               A silver tone signature Coach ½” bangle bracelet.
Christensen, RSM.                                               Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                       Value: $30
Value: $20
                                                                8060. Coach Multi Color Bangle
8050. Artwork                                                   A multi color and gold tone Coach ½” bangle bracelet.
A 16 x 20” matted piece of artwork by Ruth C. Tussey.           Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                       Value: $39
Value: $25

8051. Anne Geddes
Little Thoughts with Love coffee table book by Anne
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $20

8052. Monarch Hat                                                             Celebrating Women
A blue Mercy Monarchs baseball hat.
                                                                                 of the Future!
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $15
                                                                        Cirque de Mercy!
8053. Mercy Socks                                                     “FIESTA A La Mercy!”
Show your Mercy spirit with the size 7-11 blue and white
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $10
                                                                       The Omaha Nursing Home, Inc.
8054. Coach Grommet Bangles
                                                                      Skilled & Rehabilitative Services
A set of three 1/3” Coach grommet bangles: black and gold
tone, teal and silver tone and black and silver tone.
                                                                              Quality Care When
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $117                                                                  You Need it the Most

8055. Coach Nailhead Bangles
A pair of ¼ ” Coach nailhead bangles: gold tone and silver
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $68

8061. Coach Signature Bangle                                    8066. Swarovski Tennis Bracelet
A gold tone signature Coach 1” bangle bracelet.                 A gold tone and pave crystal tennis style bracelet.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                       Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $50                                                      Value: $50

8062. Coach Plaid Bangle
A plaid and gold tone Coach 1” bangle bracelet.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $50

8063. Swarovski Link Bracelet
A gold tone and pave crystal link bracelet.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $70

8064. Swarovski Cross Bracelet
A silver tone and black cord cross crystal bracelet.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $35

8065. Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
A silver tone bracelet with square crystal and round crystal
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $50

                Croker Huck Law Firm proudly supports
                          Mercy High School!
                                                       Attorneys at Law
                 Robert J. Huck                                                     Robert J. Kirby
                 James F. Kasher                                                    John M. Prososki
                 Richard A. DeWitt                                                  Scott D. Jochim
                 Richard L. Anderson                                                David J. Skalka
                 Robert M. Gonderinger                                              Claire M. Osborne
                 Martin P. Pelster                                                  Elizabeth A. Elwell
                                                        Of Counsel
                                              Richard E. Croker Keith Miller

                   CROKER, HUCK, KASHER, DeWITT,
                  ANDERSON & GONDERINGER, L.L.C.
                          2120 South 72nd Street, Suite 1200    Phone: (402) 391-6777
                          Omaha, Nebraska 68124                   Fax: (402) 390-9221

9000. Mariposa Platter
                                                      Home          9008. George Forman Grill
A Mariposa pearled rectangular platter.                             Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine.
Donor(s): Office of Stewardship, Planning and                        Donor(s): Center ACE Hardware
Development                                                         Value: $33
Value: $98
                                                                    9009. Mr. Wonderful
9001. Fiber Optic Angel                                             Sensitive, handsome, and always knows what to say: 16
A fiber optic angel. Multiple color changes.                         romantic phrases. Great husband training tool.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                           Donor(s): Sr. Johanna Burnell, RSM and Friend of
Value: $20                                                          Mercy
                                                                    Value: $28
9002. Travel Bag
A women’s travel toiletry bag.                                      9010. Acrylic Frame
Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels                                     Three dimensional acrylic collage frame. It holds nine 4 x 6
Value: $20                                                          photos.
                                                                    Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
9003. USB Flash Drive Pen                                           Value: $20
Pen style USB storage device. Innovative writing instrument
and ball point pen is refillable.                                    9011. Cookware Set
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                           Basic Essentials ten piece non-stick steel cookware set.
Value: $20                                                          Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                                    Value: $70
9004. Shannon Crystal Bread Tray
This traditional “Give us this day” tray is in stunning crystal.    9012. Solar Lights
A beautiful addition to your holiday table.                         Four grey metal solar garden lights by Moonrays.
Donor(s): Bob and Mary Gonderinger                                  Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $30                                                          Value: $60

9005. Decorative Candle Holder                                      9013. Wall Clock
This unique, brown, metal votive candle holder would look           Americana barn wood red 12” wall clock. This tasteful clock
beautiful on your coffee table or mantle.                           is suitable for any den or family room wall.
Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel                                      Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $22                                                          Value: $40

9006. Ceramic Flower Pots
Three matching ceramic nesting flower
pots from “The Flower Pot” in Kansas
Donor(s): Sr. Johanna Burnell,
RSM and Sr. Jeanne O’Rourke, RSM
Value: $90

9007. Copper Wall Art
Copper metal abstract wall hanging
with an autumnal theme.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $45

9014. Crock Pot                                                  9018. Topiary Tree
This dual compartment crock pot is ideal for parties and         A 24” topiary tree would make a lovely addition to your
family get togethers. It features two 16 oz. compartments for    home.
warming up two dips or sauces at once.                           Donor(s): Sr. Marilyn Wallace, RSM
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                        Value: $20
Value: $25
                                                                 9019. Children’s DVDs
9015. Roaster Oven                                               Three children’s DVDs: Dinosaur, Cheaper by the Dozen, and
Hamilton Beach 18 quart roaster oven. Included a removable       Ratatouille.
pan, easy lift rack, and a buffet server.                        Donor(s): Steve and Marci Abels
Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel                                   Value: $30
Value: $60
                                                                 9020. Omaha Steaks
9016. Electric Knife                                             An Omaha Steaks $20 gift card and The Great American
Proctor Silex easy slice electric knife.                         Grilling Cookbook.
Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel                                   Donor(s): Omaha Steaks
Value: $15                                                       Value: $40

9017. Topiary Goose                                              9021. Wine Kit
A 17” topiary goose would make a lovely addition to your         A wooden box contains a bottle of cabernet sauvignon,
home.                                                            corkscrew, thermometer, stopper, drip stop ring, and pourer.
Donor(s): Sr. Marilyn Wallace, RSM                               Donor(s): John A. Gentleman Mortuaries
Value: $20                                                       Value: $50

         Good Luck
      Mercy High School

             Hancock and Dana PC

               Sean Mullen
        12829 West. Dodge Road Ste.
             Omaha, NE 68154

9022. Romance CD’s                                         9027. Swan
Two CD’s sure to bring the romance back into your life.    Painted 5” ceramic swan.
Romance and Romance II CD’s.                               Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations
Donor(s): American Gramaphone Records                      Value: $12
Value: $25
                                                           9028. Angel
9023. Wedding Vase                                         Painted 14” ceramic angel with wings and harp.
Ivory 9” ceramic wedding vase.                             Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations
Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations                         Value: $20
Value: $12
                                                           9029. Chiminea
9024. Cat                                                  Grey 11” ceramic chiminea with tealight.
Painted ceramic cat.                                       Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations
Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations                         Value: $17
Value: $15
                                                           9030. Frog
9025. Turtle                                               Painted 9” ceramic frog.
Painted ceramic turtle.                                    Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations
Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations                         Value: $12
Value: $12
                                                           9031. Wedding Vase
9026. Salsa Vase                                           Rose 12” ceramic wedding vase.
White 4” painted ceramic vase.                             Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations
Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations                         Value: $15
Value: $10
                                                           9032. Praying Hands
                                                           White painted 10” ceramic praying hands.
                                                           Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations
                                                           Value: $15

                                                           9033. Madonna
          Sts. Peter and Paul                              Painted 8” ceramic Madonna.
                                                           Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations
                 Parish                                    Value: $10

                                                           9034. Art Deco Head
                                                           Green 13’ art deco ceramic head.
                                                           Donor(s): Mary’s Classic Creations
                                                           Value: $15
        Wishes Mercy High a
                                                           9035. Argentina Wine
         Successful Fiesta                                 A bottle of Bodega Septima 2007 Malbec and a bottle of
                                                           Bodega Septima 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.
                                                           Donor(s): Wohlner’s Grocery
                                                           Value: $22

                                                           9036. Vino
                                                           Four bottles of wine in a red canvas tote.
                                                           Donor(s): Cornhusker Beverage
                                                           Value: $50
        Fr. Frank A. Partusch
                                                           9037. Lawn Seed
               Pastor                                      Four bags of sun and shade lawn seed.
                                                           Donor(s): United Seeds, Inc.
                                                           Value: $50
9038. Wall Cross                                            9042. Wooden Clock
“The Lord is my light and my salvation…” decorative wall    A charming wooden clock with changeable numbers, months,
cross.                                                      and holiday decorations.
Donor(s): Cosgrave Company                                  Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
Value: $13                                                  Value: $10

9039. Photo Album                                           9043. Ionic Hair Brush
A lavender and amethyst photo album with 16 pages, acid,    A 1,000 watt 1.5” anti-static ionic hot air brush.
PVC-free, and photo safe, expandable format, and refill      Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
accessories available.                                      Value: $15
Donor(s): The Engravery
Value: $32                                                  9044. Flatiron
                                                            Hot Styler volumizing styling iron.
9040. Votives                                               Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
Lenox butterfly meadow set of four votives.                  Value: $15
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $45                                                  9045. Blow Dryer
                                                            Helen of Troy 1,600 watt blow dryer.
9041. Flashlight                                            Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
Small flashlight perfect for storing in your car.            Value: $15
Donor(s): Superior Honda of Omaha
Value: $10                                                  9046. Curling Iron
                                                            A 3/4” spring grip curling iron.
                                                            Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
                                                            Value: $15

                                                            9047. Curling Iron
                                                            A 3/4” spring grip curling iron.
                                                            Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
                                                            Value: $15

                                                                         St. Bernadette Church
                                                                                7600 S. 42nd St.
                                                                              Bellevue, NE 68147


                                                                                 Fr. Al Salanitro

9048. Duffle Bag                                                    9057. Waterford Cookie Jar
A black duffle bag with men’s toiletry travel bag.                  Waterford Snowy Village Holiday on Ice cookie jar.
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.                                Donor(s): Frank and Jill Mihulka
Value: $25                                                         Value: $125

9049. Happy Harvest                                                9058. Sonicare 900 Toothbrush
A “Happy Harvest” hanging wall plaque.                             Get those hard to reach places and keep your teeth shining
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.                                bright with a Philips Sonicare 900 rechargeable toothbrush
Value: $10                                                         including a UV sanitizer, travel case, and charger.
                                                                   Donor(s): The Edmonds Family
9050. Happy Harvest                                                Value: $145
A “Happy Harvest” hanging wall plaque.
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.                                9059. Fall Hurricane Lamp
Value: $10                                                         This tasteful, Fall harvest hurricane lamp would look great on
                                                                   your fireplace mantle or on your family room coffee table!
9051. Scarecrow Clock                                              Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
An adorable scarecrow clock perfect for your fall decorating.      Value: $30
Donor(s): Marianna Industries, Inc.
Value: $10                                                         9060. Mikasa Cross
                                                                   A 9” tall Mikasa crystal cross from the rejoice collection.
9052. Electric Garage Door Opener                                  Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel
Liftmaster model 1355 eclectic garage door opener for up to        Value: $20
a seven foot high garage door. Comes with two transmitters
and photoeye. Requires two inches of headroom over garage          9061. Hike ‘n Guide Carabiner
door high arc. This unit is 10 ft. 4 in. long. Installation not    Check this out if you enjoy camping or hiking! If you love
included, but available for additional cost.                       spending time outdoors - then this Hike ‘n Guide carabiner is
Donor(s): Omaha Door & Window                                      just what you need!
Value: $228                                                        Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                                   Value: $20
9053. Shop-Vac
A 12 gallon wet/dry utility vacuum with 5 peak horsepower          9062. Snowman Candy Dish
Quiet Plus series with on-board tool storage: hose extension       This colorful candy dish is entitled, “Sweet Shoppe
wands, utility nozzle, foam sleeve, and reusable dry filter.        Christmas” and it is part of the Sango Collection.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                          Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $50                                                         Value: $25

9054. Thistle Lantern Bird Feeder                                  9063. Table Runner
Brushed copper top and bottom, screen feeder holds 3 lbs.          This beautiful, cloth table runner is 14” x 17” and was
of Nyjer seed or finch mix, easy to clean and fill, and ready to     designed using the colors of autumn!
hang.                                                              Donor(s): Ted and Cindy Menzel
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                          Value: $26
Value: $40
                                                                   9064. BBQ Tool Set
9055. Perpetual Calendar                                           This handy 15 piece tool set comes with a durable carry/
This calendar can be used year after year to help you              storage case. A special temperature fork is included as a
remember your family and friends birthdays and anniversaries.      bonus. All of the BBQ tools are made out of stainless steel
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                          and they have wood handles.
Value: $25                                                         Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
                                                                   Value: $42
9056. Digital Photo Frame
A 7” digital photo frame with remote control, three                9065. Wildflower Mix
interchangeable frames, views slideshows from your USB             One pound bag of Bit O’Prarie native wildflower mix.
flash drive or your camera’s memory card.                           Donor(s): Stock Seed Farms, Inc.
Donor(s): C.A. Ramsey                                              Value: $36
Value: $160
9066. Decorative Boxes                                          9076. Street Sign
Contemporary decorative snakeskin boxes by John Richards.       “Michelob Light Manor” black and grey street sign.
Donor(s): Colleen Brudny                                        Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $90                                                      Value: $10

9067. Vase                                                      9077. Crocs Cell Phone Holder
Contemporary silver tone vase.                                  Pink and purple Crocs cell phone holder.
Donor(s): Colleen Brudny                                        Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $200                                                     Value: $10

9068. Embossed Porcelain Platter                                9078. New Orleans Street Signs
First snowfall embossed porcelain platter 14” x 10” x 2”        “Bourbon St.” and the “French Quarter” black and white
microwave and dishwasher safe.                                  street signs.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                       Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $30                                                      Value: $15

9069. Bed-in-a-Bag                                              9079. Crocs Cell Phone Holder
A Martha Stewart Collection full size tan and red reversible    Lime green and purple Crocs cell phone holder.
comforter, two standard pillow shams, two euro pillow shams,    Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
and bed skirt.                                                  Value: $10
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
Value: $75                                                      9080. Pyrex Portable
                                                                A 9 x 13” glass baking dish complete with lid, insulated food
9070. Heart Wreath                                              carrier, and hot and cold packs.
A red rose heart shaped wreath with two red teddy bears         Donor(s): Friend of Mercy
perfect for Valentine’s Day!                                    Value: $25
Donor(s): Petals by Janet Floral Shop
Value: $60

9071. Champagne & Glasses
Four Cambridge Rosepoint champagne glasses and a bottle                     Creighton University’s
of Korbel champagne.
Donor(s): Marianne Beck Hall ’66
                                                                      College of Business Administration
Value: $110                                                                    Founded in 1920
9072. Bird Bath Fountain                                                   Creighton is cited as outstanding by
Better Homes & Garden bird bath grey pedestal fountain.               U.S. News & World Report--#1 in the Midwest
Donor(s): Brett and Margy Nielsen
Value: $120                                                                   Money Magazine--Best Value
                                                                          and the graduation rate is among the
9073. Virgin Mary Statue                                                           top 5 in the region
A 16” white clay fired indoor statue of the Virgin Mary.
Donor(s): Joseph and Deborah Neary                                               At Creighton University
Value: $100
                                                                            College of Business Administration
9074. Nativity Scene                                                                • Teaching matters
A beautiful 18+ clay fired piece nativity scene.                                     • Students matter
Donor(s): Joseph and Deborah Neary                                                  • Values matter
Value: $150

9075. Cookbook
Where Hearts are Shared cookbook.
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                                         College of Business Administration
Value: $20

9081. Diffuser Set
This pine frost table top diffuser set will add a hint of the                                Parking
great outdoors to a special room in your home.                      Parking is available behind Holy Cross School (across from
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                           Mercy). There is also street parking available around Mercy.
Value: $25                                                          Offsite parking is available at Wells Fargo Bank at 45th &
                                                                    Center. A shuttle will run continuously to and from Mercy to
                                                                    Wells Fargo and the Holy Cross parking lot.
9082. Christmas Pillows
These tasteful Christmas pillows will look great on your
couch or recliner! They each have a beautiful holiday design                In Kind Services and Donations
and will add that special touch of warmth and comfort to            AmeriPride Linen and Apparel Services
your home!                                                          Apples and More
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                           Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Value: $40                                                          E & A Consulting Group, Inc.
                                                                    First National Bank
9083. White Fabric Snowman                                          Herman’s Nut House/Pear’s Gourmet Coffee
                                                                    Holy Cross Parish
This 48” white fabric snowman will bring a festive holiday
                                                                    Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits (102 and Maple)
spirit to your yard! It has 150 clear mini lights, 72” lead cord
and is quick and easy to assemble (for indoor or outdoor use).
                                                                    Bernie Lawton
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                           Quality Brands of Omaha
Value: $50                                                          Renze Display
                                                                    Rotella’s Italian Bakery
9084. Snowflake Holiday Dishes                                       Terri D. Sanders-TD Sanders & More
This charming holiday dinnerware set for twelve is part of the      Stan & Jane Simon
snowflake collection. This light blue and white place settings       T.Lynes Printing
include: a dinner plate, salad plate, salad bowl and coffee mug.    Upstream Brewery
Donor(s): Friend of Mercy                                           Wells Fargo Bank
Value: $150                                                         Nick Yanez

                                                                              Alums Ministering at Mercy
                                                                    Kate Janca Adams ’77
                                                                    Ingrid Kalinowski Borghoff ’65
                                                                    Laura Bruce ’05
                                                                    Mary Beacom Emmer ’84
                                                                    Maureen Becka Falcon ’85
                                                                    Laura Forbes ’04
                                                                    Ruth Gross Harre ’76
                                                                    Carolyn Jaworski ’64
                                                                    Bethany Kowal ’04
                                                                    Ashley Shrader ’04
                                                                    Ellie Shunk ’04
                                                                    Kristi Walters Wessling ’88
                                                                    Anne Zadina ’00

                                                                                      Staff Appreciation
                                                                    We wish to thank the following staff members for all of their
                                                                    hard work during Fiesta.
                                                                    Joy Augustine
                                                                    Ingrid Kalinowski Borghoff ’65
                                                                    Mary Beacom Emmer ’84
                                                                    Maureen Becka Falcon ’85
                                                                    Sr. Delores Hannon, RSM
                                                                    Katie Hansen
                                                                    Carolyn Jaworski ’64
                                                                    Jane Langenfeld
                                                                    Sr. Joan Martin and the Maintenance Staff
                                                                    Sandy Taylor
                                          Parent Fiesta Patrons
                                                     Rod & Mary Jewell & Maddie
Senior Parents and Class of 2010                     John & Michelle Johanek & Jennifer
JJ & Cori Aguilar & Samantha                         Bill & Connie Kellen & Allie
John & Barbara Brannen & Rachel                      Dale & Melinda Kreher & Elizabeth
Bill Brush & Madeline                                John & Kathy Larsen & Jenna
Tim & Patty Buechler & Amy                           John & Mary Leahy & Colleen
Dale & Maureen Davis & Susan                         Ted & Cindy Menzel & Rebekah
Joe & Sandy DiSomma & Christina                      Tom & Judy Moragues & Maria
Kevin & Christine Dunn & Elizabeth                   Brett & Margy Nielsen & Shayne
Michael & Elizabeth Dyer & Danielle                  John & Laura Parr & Elise
Brian & Laura Farris & Megan                         Jayne Samp & Melinda Bray
Tom & Sandi Ferkinhoff & Heather                     Darrell & Barb Schulte & Katie
Frank & Sharon Fowler & Cara                         Mike & Anna Sortino & Rachel
Brett & Jackie Frevert & Emily                       Rick & Carol West & Amy
Rod & Mary Lou Gigax & Ashley                        Gary & Chris Wulff & Betty
Eileen Grothe & Kayla Fitzgerald                     Jim Yelinek & Hannah
Geoff & Liz Hall & Michelle                          Joe & Mary Zaborowski & Rachel
Barney & Mindy Hill & Jennifer
Tim & Ann Huber & Allison
Rick & Pam Kucirek & Dana                            Sophomore Parents and Class of 2012
John & Kathy Larsen & Jaime                          John Bezy & Rebecca
David & Marie Lee & Jennifer                         Steve & Mary Lee Brock & Claudia
Jeff & Carol Lowe & Lauren                           Dean & Danielle Emsick & Andrea
Randy & Susan Matsunami & Killian                    Jeff & Gina Etter & Rachel
Jon & Richelle Meisinger & Beth                      Tom & Sandi Ferkinhoff & Hanna
Tom & Vicki Miratsky & Sheena                        Bob & Mary Gonderinger & Christine
Lori Morehead & Calena                               Chris & Stephanie Greger & Annabelle
Brad & Becky Mount & Kayci                           Tom & Patty Griffith & Anne
Louis & Margaret Richardson & DeAndra                John & Patty Guhl & Shelby
Kent & Karen Riesberg & Janice                       Ken & Denise Herring & Kelsey
Darrell & Barb Schulte & Allie                       Merle & Nancy Hoegermeryer & Sarah
Dick & Sue Shepherd & Jill                           Chris & Jennifer Jerram & Katie
Keith Butts & Christine Slater & Amy Slater          John & Nicole Jesse & Madeleine
Mark & Teresa Stillmock & Kelly                      Brian & Lisa Keenan & Monica
Jerome & Janice Townsend & Alyssa                    Joseph & Roberta Krol & Victoria
Javier & Brenda Urrutia & Briana                     Patrick & Susan Lacy & Cassie
John & Lori Von Dollen & Elissa                      John & Kathy Larsen & Mia
Chris & Michele Walker & Brittany                    Jeff & Carol Lowe & Marissa
Tom & Wendy Wessling & Emily                         John & Barbara MacLennan & Mae
                                                     Beth Mollner & Korin Phillips
                                                     Lori Morehead & Larissa
Junior Parents and Class of 2011                     Brian & Judy Mosher & Anne
JJ & Cori Aguilar & Becky                            Joe & Lois Nigrin & Melissa
Richard & Heidi Anzalone & Tiffany                   Gary & Mary Pechar & Annalee
Ken & Annette Bailey & Brianna                       Barb Rivard & Brianna
Gary & Ronda Bash & Gabby                            Bernie & Mary Slowik & Rachel
Mike & Katrina Bramhall & Kristen                    Jim & Paula Sullivan & Nicole
Stephen & Ann Caskey & Maria                         Russ & Norma Jean Swadener
Scott & Diana Cohoe & Hannah Yelinek                 Ruth Sylvester & Gabbie
Steve & Jodene Edmonds & Abbey                       Tim & Darlis Vauble & Lillian
Joe & Fay Fisher & Natalie                           Bill & Sharon Veys & Becca
Michael & Karen Green & Alex                         Chris & Michele Walker & Abbey
Eric & Halle Hoge & Madison                          Robert & Victoria Winscot & Maria
Dave & Chris Insinger & Haley

                                            Matt & Suzanne Montag & Anna
Freshman Parents and Class of 2013          Tom & Judy Moragues & Rachel
Pat & Kathleen Artz & Erin                  Alex & Ann Ochoa & Carmen
Paul & Maureen Berg & Abby                  Joe & Mary Pittman & Mary Jo
Scott & Pamela Bifano & Leah                Dan Salcedo & Monica
Bill & Diane Blessie & Bridget              Mark & Sherry Sambasile & Sarah
Toni Bonsera & Micaela Hoyer                Angela Sleddens & Laurel
Don & Kelly Borsh & Miranda & Melissa       Joyce Sobczyk & Jill
Jerry & Mary Bushman & Stephanie            Michael Sobczyk & Jill
Dan & Zibby Cambridge & Rachael             Mike & Anna Sortino & Candice
Buddy & Sandy Comer & Lauren                Kurt & Miki Theiler & Maggie
Bib Cullen & Molly                          Tony & Ann Valla & Jamie
Vic & Kim Culp & Abby                       Kent & Kerry Vuagniaux & Madison
Dale & Maureen Davis & Beth                 Dave & Kristi Wessling & Becky
Michael & Elizabeth Dyer & Emily            Rick & Carol West & Allie
Frank & Sharon Fowler & Kayla               Mike & Kate Wilson & Hannah
Bob & Mary Grenier & Rachael                Chris & Cathy Wright & Abby
William & Christina Greve & Madison
Cory & Jamie Grzebielski & Alexus Houfek
Brad & Michaela Hart & Ella
Jim & Lynette Hennes-Hewitt & Allie
Derwin & Mary Horne & Audra
Dan & Angela Johnson & Vivian
Brian & Lisa Keenan & Michaela
Todd & Denise Lynes & Olivia
Mike & Donna May & Christina
Andy & Amy McAuliffe & Megan
Jon & Richelle Meisinger & Jennifer

 Thank you to the following companies and individuals for their support of
             Fiesta 2010 through advertising in this catalog
Alfred T. Longo, DDS MS                  Dr. Joseph J. Hurd                   Red Wheel Fundraising
AmeriPride Linens                        InfoUSA                              Reruns R Fun
Aon Risk Services Central, Inc.,         Intertech Collison Center            Rotella's Bakery
  Nebraska/Iowa                          Ivland Lawn and Tree Services        Sam's Mexican Foods
Apples 'n More                           Jack Young Ins. Agency               Sir Speedy
Arts for All, Inc.                       James Pietro, DDS                    Sisters of Mercy
Atchley Ford                             Jeck & Company Builders              Southview Heights
Baird Holm LLP                           Kelley & Jerram, P.C.                Spirit 102.7 FM - KVSS
Barrett's Barleycorn                     Knights of Columbus                  Ss. Peter & Paul Church
BCDM                                     Knights of Columbus Council #10184   St. Bernadette Church
Becky & Company                          Knights of Columbus Council #3019    St. Bridget/St. Rose
Bethany Funeral Home                     Knowles Mercy Spirituality Center    St. Cecilia Cathedral Grade School
Blessed Sacrament                        Koley Jessen P.C.                    St. Columbkille Church
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska       Kubat Pharmacy and Everything        St. Gerald Catholic Church
Center Trophy                              Medical                            St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
CFO Systems, LLC                         Learning Headquarters                St. John Vianney Church
Charlie Graham                           Mama's Pizza                         St. John's Church
Chatelain & Maynard                      Mary Our Queen Church                St. Leo Church
Childers Custom Homes, Inc.              McGrath, North, Mullin & Kratz,      St. Margaret Mary Church
Children's Physicians                      PC LLO                             St. Patrick's Catholic Church
CM's Custom Lawn & Landscape             Methodist College                    St. Peter's Church
College of St. Mary                      Midwest Maintenance                  St. Philip Neri Church
Community Rehab                          Midwest Plastics                     St. Robert Bellarmine Parish
Creighton College of Business            Mount Michael                        St. Thomas More Church
Creighton Prep High School               Oh-K Fast Print                      St. Vincent de Paul Church
Creighton University                     Omaha Corporate Housing              State Farm Ins.
Croker, Huck, Kasher,                    OPPD                                 Subway
DeWitt,Anderson & Gonderinger, P.C.      Orsi Bakery                          Sunridge Village
Curves                                   Our Lady of Lourdes Church           Superior Honda of Omaha
D.J. Imprinting Plus                     P & M Maintenance, Inc.              Terry's Auto & Truck Repair
Dundee Bank                              P.I. Midwest                         The Alliance Group
Dyer Law Office                           William J. Parr, D.D.S.              The Omaha Nursing Home, Inc.
Eddie's Catering                         Parra Family Dental                  Tom Sterba Photography
Enterprise Locksmiths, Inc.              Pat Gaydusek Agency                  Tourek Engraving Co., Inc.
Expressions                              Pinnacle Bank                        Tritz Plumbing
Family Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, P.C.   Platinum One Destinations            TSA Manufacturing
Dr. Richard Fitzgerald                   Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.        UBS
Grubb & Ellis Pacific Realty              Printco Graphics                     Women’s Order of Hibernians
Hancock and Dana PC
Heafey & Heafey
Heart Consultants, P.C.
Herman's Nut House/Pear's Gourmet
Hiller Electric Co.
Holland Basham Architects
Holmes Murphy & Associates/
Holy Cross Church
Holy Name Catholic Community
Huerter Orthodontics
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