Canada Google Maps Scavenger Hunt

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					Name:_______________                                                           Date: ___________

           Canada Google Maps Scavenger Hunt
1. Look at the map of Canada zoomed out what are the provinces that you see? (There are 13)

2. Google the CN Tower. What City is the tall structure located?

3. Find the CN Tower on Google Street view (you will have to zoom in and find it label on the
map then drag the street view guy over to its location. What is the name of the Convention
center to the left of CN tower?

4. Find the Richmond Olympic Oval where the part of the 2011 winter Olympics will be held.

          What Province is it in?
          What City is it in?
          What is the address?
          What color is the building when you see it on street view?

5. Find Elk Island National Park. What major city it due west of it?

6. What City is Old Town Clock located in?

      What is the name of the Center that is on the corner where the old town clock is

7. Find Maritime museum of the Atlantic in Halifax. What is on the side of the building?

      How much is the lunch buffet for the Chinese restaurant right across the street

8. Zoom in on Dartmouth. What is the name of the mall in that city?
Name:_______________                                                               Date: ___________

9. Google (Eglise St. Jean-Baptiste) What city is it in? Go to street view. What do you think that
building is?

10. Google Parliament Hill. What city is it in?

       Look at it in street view. What does it look like?

11. Go to 919 Industrial Avenue. Ottawa, Look at street view. What do you see?

12. What is at this address 40 Bay St, Toronto?

13. Google Notre-Dame Basilica. What town is it in? what kind of building is it?

15. What is at this address? (5400 boul Jean-Talon, Cote-St-Luc, QC)

16. What is the name of the major park in Calgary?

17. What major city is (Barnston Island Indian Reserve 3) near?

18. Go to this address (200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, ON) Look around the area and on street
view and tell me what Is there?

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