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Census Location                Reading St Lawrence
Address                        170 Friar Street
WITHNALL          Edward          24 Head         Unmarried Harness Maker            BEK   Reading
WITHNALL          Eliza           48 Mother       Widow                              ESS   Southock
WITHNALL          Emannus         10 Brother      Unmarried                          BEK   Reading
WITHNALL          Frank            8 Brother      Unmarried                          BEK   Reading

Census Location                Buglawton
WITHNALL          Ann             51 Head         Widow                              STF   Willenhall
WITHNALL          Eliza           17 Daughter     Unmarried Silk Spinner             STF   Willenhall
WITHNALL          Jane            12 Daughter     Unmarried Scholar + Silk Spinner   STF   Willenhall


Census Location                Etwall
Address                        Egginton Road
WITHNALL          John            31 Head         Married                            DBY   Halton
WITHNALL          Elider          28 Wife         Married                            DBY   Halton
WITHNALL          William H        6 Son          Unmarried                          DBY   Halton

Census Location                Church Gresley
Address                        Old Freehold 3…
WITHNALL          Joseph          26 Head         Married   Stoker at Colliery       DBY
WITHNALL          Eliza           26 Wife         Married                            STF
SMITH             John             8 Stepson      Unmarried                          DBY
WITHNALL          Sarah            5 Daughter     Unmarried                          DBY
WITHNALL          Hannah           1 Daughter     Unmarried                          DBY

Census Location                Church Gresley
Address                        Market Street
WITHNALL          Joseph         63 Head          Married                            DBY   Gresley
WITHNALL          Sarah          61 Wife          Married                            DBY   Appleby

Census Location                Stapenhill
Address                        Village Street
WITHNALL          Emma             35 Head        Married                            DBY   Donisthorpe
WITHNALL          William H        15 Son         Unmarried                          DBY   Castle Gresley
WITHNALL          George           13 Son         Unmarried                          DBY   Stanton
WITHNALL          Alfred            9 Son         Unmarried                          DBY   Stanton
WITHNALL          Albert            4 Son         Unmarried                          DBY   Church gresley
WITHNALL          Annie Maud        2 Son         Unmarried                          DBY   Gresley Wood

Census Location                Hartshorn
Address                        Wood Farm
WITHNALL          William        38 Head          Married   Farm Bailiff             DBY   Chilcote
WITHNALL          Eleanor        26 Wife          Married                            DBY   Swadlincote
WITHNALL          Annie            2 Daughter     Unmarried                          DBY   Swadlincote


Census Location                West Ham
Address                        6 William Street
WITHNALL          George H        39   Head        Married   Engine Driver    MID   Strand
WITHNALL          Mary            37   Wife        Married                    IRE   Dublin
WITHNALL          George T        12   Son         Unmarried                  ESS   Stratford
WITHNALL          Louis E          9   Son         Unmarried                  ESS   Stratford
WITHNALL          Charles J        8   Son         Unmarried                  ESS   Stratford
WITHNALL          Henry H          5   Son         Unmarried                  ESS   Stratford
WITHNALL          Sydney F         4   Son         Unmarried                  ESS   Stratford

Census Location                Ashton Under Lyne
Address                        Knott Lanes
WITHNALL          Elijah         48 Head           Married     Coal Miner     LAN   Manchester
WITHNALL          Ann            47 Wife           Married     Housekeeper    LAN   Stalybridge
WITHNALL          William        20 Son            Unmarried   Coal Miner     LAN   Bardsley
WITHNALL          Eliza Jane     16 Daughter       Unmarried   Cotton Oper…   LAN   Bardsley
WITHNALL          Albert         11 Son            Unmarried   Scholar        LAN   Bardsley
WITHNALL          Esther Ann       9 Daughter      Unmarried                  LAN   Bardsley
WITHNALL          Elijah           5 Son           Unmarried                  LAN   Bardsley

Census Location                Ashton Under Lyne
Address                        86 Moss Street
LEVER             Nancy           21 Head                                     CHS Dukinfield
LEVER             Elizabeth       18 Sister                                   CHS Dukinfield
WITHNALL          Nancy            5 Niece                                    LAN Ashton Under Lyne

Census Location                Atherton
Address                        47 Market Street
WITHNALL          Samuel          28 Head          Married   Watchmaker       LAN   Manchester
WITHNALL          Prudence        27 Wife          Married                    LAN   Water Nr Bacup
WITHNALL          Alfred           4 Son           Unmarried Scholar          LAN   Chowbent
WITHNALL          Herbert          1 Son           Unmarried                  LAN   Chowbent

Census Location                Pendleton in Salford
Address                        18 Victoria Place
WITHNALL          Caroline        22 Visitor        Unmarried Cotton Winder   LAN   Salford

Census Location                Salford
Address                        63 Cross Lane
RYDER             Mary A          84 Head          Widowed                    LAN   Salford
WITHNALL          Eliza           74 Boarder       Unmarried                  LAN   Pendleton

Census Location                Moss Side
Address                        69 Moss Lane
WITHNALL          Sarah A         32 Head          Married   Hair Dresser     LAN   Hulme
WITHNALL          Alfred J         9 Son                     Scholar          LAN   Hulme
WITHNALL          Ethel A          7 Daughter                Scholar          LAN   Stratford
SWINDELLS         Elizabeth       73 Mother        Widowed None               WAL   Aberdavey
SWINDELLS         William J       30 Brother       Unmarried Warehouseman     LAN   Hulme

Census Location                Moss Side
Address                        73 Moss Lane
WITHNALL          Nahor           33 Head          Married     Druggist       LAN   Salford
WITHNALL          Annie           29 Wife          Married                    LAN   Salford
WITHNALL          Henry S          1 Son                                      LAN   Hulme

Census Location                Sharples
Address                        155 Blackn Rd
WITHNALL           Eliza           48 Head            Widowed Housekeeper           LAN   Sharples
WITHNALL           John T          18 Son             Unmarried Hawker of Har…      LAN   Sharples
WITHNALL           William         15 Son                       Bleacher            LAN   Leigh

Census Location                  Hulme
Address                          35 Caton Street
WITHNALL           Benjamin         62 Head           Married     Smith                   Pendleton
WITHNALL           Ann              57 Wife           Married                             Carlisle
WITHNALL           Alice            17 Daughter       Married     Spool Winder            Manchester

Census Location                  Hulme
Address                          21 Daisy Street
WITHNALL           William S        24 Head           Married     Porter in War…          Hulme Manchester
WITHNALL           Sarah            31 Wife           Married                             Hulme Manchester
WITHNALL           John W            1 Son            Unmarried                           Hulme Manchester
PEACE (WITHNALL)   Christina        14 Stepdaughter   Unmarried   Carrier of Pr…          Hulme Manchester
PEACE (WITHNALL)   Emma             12 Stepdaughter   Unmarried   Scholar                 C on M Manchester
PEACE (WITHNALL)   Joseph E          8 Stepson        Unmarried   Scholar                 Hulme Manchester
PEACE (WITHNALL)   Sarah E           6 Stepdaughter   Unmarried   Scholar                 Hulme Manchester

Census Location                  Preston
Address                          7 Mercer St
COOPER             Robert           49 Head           Married     Retired           LAN   Preston
COOPER             Ann              50 Wife           Married                       IRE
COOPER             Kate             20 Niece          Unmarried   Cotton Weaver     LAN   Whittingham
BULLOCK            John             56 Boarder        Married     Blacksmith        LAN   Stocketh
WITHNALL           James            19 Boarder        Unmarried   Cotton Weaver     LAN   Walton Le Dale

Census Location                  Stratford
Address                          Dovedale Urmst…
WITHNALL           James S          44 Head           Married   Braid Merchant      LAN   Pendleton
WITHNALL           Annie R          39 Wife           Married   Braid Merchant      LAN   C on M
WITHNALL           Grace E          12 Daughter       Unmarried Scholar             LAN   Stratford
WITHNALL           Frederick C      11 Son                      Scholar             LAN   Moss Side
WITHNALL           Henry S           2 Son                                          LAN   Stratford
WITHNALL           Arthur R          2 Son                                          LAN   Stratford
STOTHARD           Mary             36 Nurse                      Nurse             LAN   Hulme
ROBINSON           Charlotte        20 Servant                    General Servant   LAN   Hulme

Census Location                  Salford
Address                          3 Back John St
KIRKHAM            George           49 Head           Married   Leather Dealer      LAN   Manchester
KIRKHAM            Elizabeth        46 Wife           Married                       LAN   Manchester
KIRKHAM            Jessie           13 Daughter       Unmarried                     LAN   Salford
WITHNALL           Martha           66 Mother         Widowed                       LAN   Manchester

Census Location                  Chorlton on Medlock
Address                          20 Caygill St
WALKER             Robert           40 Head          Married      Mechanic Fitt…    DBY   Middleton
WALKER             Elizabeth        34 Wife          Married                        LAN   Manchester
WALKER             Samuel            8 Son                        Scholar           LAN   Manchester
WALKER             Frederick         6 Son                        Scholar           LAN   Manchester
WALKER             John              3 Son                        Scholar           LAN   Manchester
WALKER             Amelia            1 Daughter                                     LAN   Manchester
CARTLEDGE          Emma             20 Niece         Unmarried    Machinist         LAN   Manchester
WITHNALL           Henry            15 Nephew                     Warehouseman      LAN   Manchester
WITHNALL           Florence         14 Niece                                        LAN   Manchester
WITHNALL           Arthur           11 Nephew                                       LAN   Manchester
WITHNALL           Frederick        10 Nephew                     Scholar           LAN   Manchester

Census Location                  Sutton
Address                          Sutton Cottage
WITHNALL           Thomas           71 Head           Widowed     Coppersmith       LAN   Pendleon
WITHNALL           Harry            36 Son            Unmarried   Iron Turner       LAN   Pendleton
WITHNALL           Benjamin         29 Son            Unmarried   Copper Turner     LAN   Hulme
BARROW             Emily            32 Daughter       Married                       LAN   Hulme
BARROW             William          28 Son in Law     Married     Shoe Maker        LAN   Liverpool
BARROW             Emily         11m Daughter         Unmarried                     LAN   St Helens
PEAK               Elizabeth        12 Servant        Unmarried   Dom Nurse         LAN   St Helens

Census Location                   London Limehouse
Address                           Schofiled Whi…
BLOSS             John               37 Head            Married   Bricklayer     MID   London
BLOSS             Ellen              31 Wife            Married                  MID   London
BLOSS             Ellen               8 Daughter        Unmarried                MID   London
BLOSS             Gertrude            6 Daughter        Unmarried                MID   London
BLOSS             Jesse               4 Daughter        Unmarried                MID   London
BLOSS             John                2 Son             Unmarried                MID   London
WITHNALL          Thomas             70 Father-in-law   Widowed Silk Weaver      MID   London


Census Location                   Ashby De La Zouch
Address                           Mushroom Lane
WITHNALL          John              34 Head             Married   Coal Miner     DBY   Chilcote
WITHNALL          Mary              32 Wife             Married                  LEC   Overseal
WITHNALL          Mary              13 Daughter         Unmarried                DBY   Swadlincote
WITHNALL          Joseph             9 Son              Unmarried                LEC   Albert Village


Census Location                   Hucknall Torkard
Address                           Albert Street
WITHNALL          William            47 Lodger                                   WAR Tamworth

Census Location                   Hucknall Torkard
Address                           Watnall Road
WITHNALL          Josiah            26 Head             Married     Coal Miner   STF   Tamworth
WITHNALL          Elizabeth         26 Wife             Married     -            NTT   Hucknall Torkard
WITHNALL          William H T H      5 Son              Unmarried   Scholar      NTT   Hucknall Torkard
WITHNALL          Samuel A T         4 Son              Unmarried   Scholar      NTT   Hucknall Torkard
WITHNALL          Bertha E T         1 Daughter         Unmarried   -            NTT   Hucknall Torkard
WITHNALL          Phebe             3m Daughter         Unmarried   -            NTT   Hucknall Torkard


Census Location                   Rawley Regis
Address                           Spring Meadow
WITHNALL          James              41 Head            Married     Coachman     STF   -
WITHNALL          Sarah              44 Wife            Married     -            SHR   Bobbington
WITHNALL          Agnes              10 Daughter        Unmarried   -            WOR   Stourbridge
WITHNALL          George              8 Son             Unmarried   Scholar      WOR   Stourbridge
WITHNALL          Emily               6 Daughter        Unmarried   Scholar      -     Bilbroughton
WITHNALL          Thomas              5 Son             Unmarried   Scholar      -     Bilbroughton

Census Location                   Codsall
Address                           Station Road
WITHNALL          Jabez              29 Head            Married     Quarryman    STF   Baswick
WITHNALL          Hannah              25 Wife           Married   -                    YKS   Mornington
WITHNALL          Agnes E              4 Daughter       Unmarried -                    YKS   Mornington

Census Location                    Tettenhall
Address                            22 Wergs Lovat….
WITHNALL          Thomas              56 Head           Married     Agricultural       STF   Bushbury
WITHNALL          Jane                46 Wife           Married     -                  STF   Brewood
WITHNALL          Fanny               20 Daughter       Unmarried   -                  STF   Bushbury
WITHNALL          Thomas              15 Son            Unmarried   Gardener Dome ….   STF   Codsall
WITHNALL          John                11 Son            Unmarried   Scholar            STF   Codsall
WITHNALL          Reuben               9 Son            Unmarried   Scholar            STF   Codsall
WITHNALL          Mary Elizabeth       7 Daughter       Unmarried   Scholar            STF   Tettenhall

Census Location                    Berkswich
Address                            Milford
WITHNALL          Edward              52 Head           Married     Stone Quarryman    STF   Haywood
WITHNALL          Hannah              33 Wife           Married     -                  STF   Milford
WITHNALL          William E             6 Son           Unmarried   Scholar            STF   Milford
WITHNALL          Mary E                4 Daughter      Unmarried   -                  STF   Milford
WITHNALL          Fredrik            7m Son             Unmarried   -                  STF   Milford
WITHNALL          Amy                   2 Daughter      Unmarried   -                  STF   Milford

Census Location                    Stafford St Mary
Address                            80 Peel Terrace
WITHNALL          Henry               38 Head           Married     Stone Mason        STF   Milford
WITHNALL          Sarah               36 Wife           Married     -                  STF   Apelton Bradeley
WITHNALL          Mary Ellen            9 Daughter      Unmarried   Scholar            STF   Apelton Bradeley
WITHNALL          Sarah Amy             5 Daughter      Unmarried   Scholar            STF   Milford
WITHNALL          Francis Alice         2 Daughter      Unmarried   -                  STF   Qui…..
WITHNALL          George Hy.            1 Son           Unmarried   -                  STF   St Mary

Census Location                    Wolverhampton
Address                            16 Union Mill
WITHNALL          George              26 Head           Married     Waggoner           STF   Wednesfield
WITHNALL          Jane                25 Wife           Married     -                  STF   Tettenhall
WITHNALL          Joseph               3 Son            Unmarried   -                  STF   Codsall
WITHNALL          Edith                1 Daughter       Unmarried   -                  STF   Codsall
LITTLEHAYES       Richard                Border

Census Location                    Walsall Foreign
Address                            Green Lane 10
WITHNALL          Robert             40 Head                        Colliery Eng….     STF   Pleck
WITHNALL          Sarah              31 Wife                                           STF   Potteries
WITHNALL          Eliza A             5 Daughter                    Scholar            STF   Darlaston
WITHNALL          William            6m Son                                            STF   Darlaston
BROWN             Martha              7 Stepdaughter                Scholar            STF   Darlaston
HILLSON           Sarah              67 Lodger                                         STF   Yoxall

Census Location                    Walsall Foreign
Address                            48 High Street
WITHNALL          Thomas              29 Head                       Coal Miner         STF   Walsall
WITHNALL          Ester               36 Wife                       -                  WOR   Norton
COX               George              17 Stepson                    Coal Miner         WOR   Worster
COX               Alice               15 Stepdaughter                                  WOR   Worster
COX               Samuel              12 Stepson                                       WOR   Pershore
COX               Richard             10 Stepson                                       STF   Newtown
COX               Edward               7 Stepson                                       STF   Bloxwich
COX               James                5 Stepson                                       STF   Bloxwich
WITHNALL          Thomas               1 Son                                           STF   Bloxwich

Census Location                    Hanbury
Address                            Fauld
WITHNALL          William            81 Head                        Annuitant          STF   Hanbury
WITHNALL          Elizabeth          44 Wife                                           DBY   Wakefield
JACKSON           Charles            10 Son                                            STF   Hanbury
WAKEFIELD         George             39 Brother                                        STF   Burton

Census Location                    Tutbury
Address                            Needwood Forest
WITHNALL          Herbert             42 Head                       Engineman          DBY   Scropton Lane
WITHNALL          Emma                32 Wife                       -                  DBY   Doveridge
WITHNALL          Herbert             14 Son                        Scholar            STF   Hanbury
WITHNALL          Jane               9 Daughter                 Scholar               STF   Tatenhill Lane
WITHNALL          Georgeana          1 Daughter                 -                     STF   Tatenhill Lane

Census Location                  Tamworth
Address                          35 Market Street
WITHNALL          Elizabeth         17 Servant      Unmarried Domestic Servant        STF   Wigginton

Census Location                  Tamworth
Address                          2 School Yar…
WITHNALL          Thomas            42 Lodger       Unmarried Agricultural Labourer   STF   Tamworth

Census Location                  Wigginton
Address                          52 ……
WITHNALL          Thomas            40 Head         Married     Pointsman             WAR   Austrey
WITHNALL          Frances E         47 Wife         Married     -                     STF   Wigginton
WITHNALL          John William      16 Son          Unmarried   Porter                STF   Wigginton
WITHNALL          Thomas Myatt       6 Son          Unmarried   Scholar               WAR   Tamworth

Census Location                  Rugeley
Address                          West Cannock
WITHNALL          William          31 Head          Married     Blacksmith            STF   Berkswich
WITHNALL          Mary Ann         34 Wife          Married     -                     -     Penkridge

Census Location                  Essington
Address                          New Town
WITHNALL          George           61 Head          Married     Farm Labourer         STF   Essington
WITHNALL          Sarah            57 Wife          Married     -                     STF   Essington
WITHNALL          Mary Ann         22 Daughter      Unmarried   Dressmaker            STF   Essington
WITHNALL          George           20 Son           Unmarried   Labourer              STF   Essington

Census Location                  Audley
Address                          Halmerhend
WITHNALL          William           30 Head         Married     Coal Miner            STF   S Walsall
WITHNALL          Pheby             30 Wife         Married     -                     STF   Stoke on Trent


Census Location                  Tamworth
Address                          35 Market Street
WITHNALL          Elizabeth         17 Servant      Unmarried Domestic Servant        STF   Wigginton

Census Location                  Tamworth
Address                          2 School Yar…
WITHNALL          Thomas            42 Lodger       Unmarried Agricultural Labourer   STF   Tamworth

Census Location                  Birmingham
Address                          96 Gt Russell

WITHNALL          Frederick         39   Head       Married   Burnisher               WAR   Birmingham
WITHNALL          Sarah Ann         39   Wife       Married                           WAR   Birmingham
WITHNALL          Allan E.T.        17   Son        Unmarried Jeweller                WAR   Birmingham
WITHNALL          Nellie             7   Daughter   Unmarried                         WAR   Birmingham
WITHNALL          Florence           3   Daughter   Unmarried                         WAR   Birmingham
GIBB              Mary A            65   Aunt                                         WAR   Birmingham


Census Location                  Powick
Address                          Stanbrook St M…
WITHNALL          Rosa              50 Boarder      Unmarried   Laundress                   Dominica
WITHNALL          Mary              13 Boarder      Unmarried   Boarder/Student             Liverpool
WITHNALL          Josephine         10 Boarder      Unmarried   Boarder                     Armskinks
WITHNALL          Henrietta         10 Boarder      Unmarried   Boarder                     Armskinks


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