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                                                   Faculty of Natural Sciences:
                                                   Biology and Biochemistry

                                                   ERASMUS Departmental Coordinator:
                                                   Dr. Philipp von Wrangell
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                                                   Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
                                                   D–89081 Ulm | Germany

                                                   International Office:
Student Services                                   Dr. Sabine Habermalz (ERASMUS Program)
      by the International Office                  E-mail:
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                                                   D–89081 Ulm | Germany

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             Ulm University—Biology                              Ulm University—Biology              Ulm University—Biology
                Ulm University has completed the                          In general, teaching language at Ulm
Biology:        Bologna reform and now offers a         Language:         University is German. However, the       The City of Ulm:
                Bachelor and a Master program in                          Master program in Biology is an
     Biology since fall 2008.                              English-taught program. Thus, students in their final
     These new programs cover                              bachelor year or Master students will find a wide
     teaching in all important                             range of courses in English to choose from.
     fields of modern biology and                          Supervision for lab work or theses can also be given
     offer a wide range of                                 in English.
     research     topics    from                           The International Office organizes intensive German
     ecology and systematics                               language courses prior to the start of each semester
     over       microbiology,                              (September/October and March/April) in addition to                                         On the river
     neurobiology, physiology to molecular bioscience      German courses during the semester. Participation                                           Danube
     and biotechnology.                                    in these courses is open to all ERASMUS/EXCHANGE                                           A town where
                                                           students free of charge.                                                                     medieval traditions
                        The focus of the Bachelor                                                                                                       meet high-tech
Biochemistry: and Master program in                                                                                                                   Birthplace of Albert
                        Biochemistry     is at the
                                                                                                                                                        Einstein (*1879)
  interface between biology, medical science and
                                                                                                                                                      Ulm Cathedral with
  chemistry. Both programs receive teaching and
                                                                                                                                                        the world’s highest
  research input from the Faculty of Natural                                                                                                            church steeple
  Sciences (biology, chemistry, biophysics) and the
  Medical Faculty. The program allows students to
  profit from and participate in research related to
  both, basic and applied areas.                                                                                    Conveniently
                                                                                                                      located between
                                     Our research-                                                                    Stuttgart and
Practical Orientation: o r i e n t e d                                                                                Munich
                                     Bachelor and                                                                   Best train
    Master programs in Biology and Biochemistry                                                                       connections to
    have a strong focus on practical work in all        Fields of Study and Research:                                 main European
    areas of teaching. Degree students of Ulm
                                                                       Behavioural Physiology
                                                                                                                    Nearby airports in
    University devote about half of their study time
                                                                                                                      Munich, Stuttgart,
    to practical course work. The courses are                          Biochemistry                                 Friedrichshafen and
    organised in comfortably small groups, allowing                    Biotechnology                                Memmingen
    for an extensive exchange between students                         Cellular Biology
    and     teaching
                                                                       Chemical Ecology
    staff. In many
    cases, especially
                                                                       Ecology / Biodiversity
    in the Master                                                      Genetics
    programmes,                                                        Microbiology
    courses       are                                                  Molecular Bioscience
    attached       to                                                  Molecular Botany
    ongoing research                                                   Neurobiology
    p r o j e c t s .                                                  Pharmacology/Toxicology
    Excursions not only into the Swabian region                        Physiology
    around Ulm but also e.g. into the Alps or
                                                                       Systematics
    Mediterranean areas round off the practical
    opportunities, particularly in the field of                        Tropical Ecology
    ecology.                                                           Virology

              Ulm University—Biology                                    Ulm University—Biology                                       Ulm University—Biology

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