Food Served with a Splash of Style by chenmeixiu


									                                                                                                                                      Spring 2005

                                              Food Served with a Splash of Style
                                                                                 First in a series   with a vegan soup base. Refrigerators stocked with
                                                                                 of articles high-   Silk™ soy beverage, Penn State Creamery vegetar-
                                                                                 lighting the        ian yogurt, and vegan items like Smart Dogs™ and
                                                                                 advantages of       BocaBurgers™are located in each dining commons,
                                                                                 living on campus    providing even more options for students. We offer
                                                                                 at Penn State.      a wide variety of items that round out a meat- or
                                                                                                     dairy-free diet!
                                             Not only is the food served on campus delicious—
                                             it’s affordable, too! Penn State Food Services offers   Scoring Points
Ride On                                      a variety of options to suit just about every taste.
                                             No wonder so many of our students keep coming
                                             back for more!
                                                                                                     Many of our student
                                                                                                     athletes prefer to
Nighttime shuttle service                                                                            follow a diet that is

introduced on weekends                       Conveniently Located,                                   low in fat and high
                                                                                                     in carbohydrates.
                                             Open Early and Late                                     And while most of
In response to student requests, Fleet       Penn State students are never far from a snack or a     our dining com-
Operations has started a shuttle bus         meal when they’re on campus. We have coffee bars,       mons offer these
service from several points on central       restaurants, cafés, convenience stores, and all-        types of foods, the
campus to Lot 83, a student parking          you-care-to-eat dining commons—all conveniently         Healthy Horizons
lot located north of Park Avenue. The        located near where our students live and study. We      training table in
22-passenger, handicapped-accessible         even have a café in Pattee Library! We have options     McElwain Dining
shuttle buses run every fifteen minutes       for late-night munchers and early risers alike. From    Hall was designed
on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights       7:00 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Friday—           especially with
from 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. The           and from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Saturday and         athletes in mind.
shuttle service is funded by Transporta-     Sunday—students will be able to find something to        Fresh-baked breads,
tion Services.                               eat somewhere on campus.                                protein-rich entrées,
The shuttle will run on a trial basis                                                                low-fat desserts,
through the end of spring semester.          Now Serving:                                            sports drinks, and
At the conclusion of the trial period,
Fleet Operations will study ridership
                                             Something for Everyone                                  pasta are always on the menu—and plenty of fresh
                                                                                                     fruits and vegetables are available, too. Healthy
patterns and adjust bus service—in-          Our dining program offers something for everyone:       Horizons has become a popular dinner spot for
cluding schedules and routes—accord-         pizza to fuel those late-night study breaks, pre-       athletes and nonathletes alike.
                                             packaged sandwiches to grab on the way to class,
ingly. “If the demand is there, it will
certainly continue, says Bruce Younkin,
                   ”                         made-to-order tofu stir-fry that students love. There                              The Meal Plan
manager of Fleet Operations.                 are á la carte restaurants, coffee shops, and snack
                                             bars located all over campus—and students can
The shuttle bus “provides a safe way for
students to get back and forth from Lot
                                             also enjoy all-you-care-to-eat buffet-style dining in                              with Resident
83 late at night, particularly on weekend
                                             any of our seven dining commons. Entrée cards
                                             listing nutrition and food allergy information are
                                                                                                                                Students in Mind
nights when they may be leaving or           provided for most food served in the dining com-        Penn State features A La Board, a meal plan pro-
returning to campus, explains Younkin.       mons, so students can choose the menu items that        gram created specifically for resident students. The
“It stops within 200 yards of all under-     best suit their needs. And menus are always posted      plan is a part of the Housing and Food Service Con-
graduate residence areas on campus...        in advance on the Food Services Web site (www.          tract, and provides an easy way for students to dine
We tried to lay it out so that no one Students can plan         on campus and manage their food service spending.
would have more than one-tenth of a          what—and where—they’re going to eat...every day         There are six A La Board plans to choose from, each
mile to walk to their residence hall after   of the week!                                            offering a different number of points. Students can
they get off the bus.”
                                                                                                     use these points to pay for their purchases at any
For a route map and service schedule,        Beyond Tofu and Tempeh                                  campus dining location operated by Penn State Food
visit            Vegetarian and vegan students at Penn State don’t       Services, as well as at Beaver Stadium and Bryce Jor-
shuttle/shuttle.htm and click on the         have to stick to soy and salads. Every dining com-      dan Center concession stands. Pricing in the dining
“NEW Lot 83 Shuttle” link in the top         mons offers at least one meatless entrée at all         commons is structured to provide optimum value for
left corner of the page.                     meals, and many meatless soups are prepared             resident students who use the A La Board meal plan.
                                                                                                                                     (continued on page 3)
Making Life the Residence Halls
For more than 25 years, the Association           ideas, which helps us provide the best possi-
of Residence Hall Students (ARHS) has             ble programs and services for our students,  ”
                                                                                                    he says, “we are working on moving smok-
connected the thousands of students who           says Gail Hurley, assistant vice president of
                                                                                                    ing areas away from the residence halls.
live in Penn State residence halls with the       Housing, Food Services, and Residence Life.
University staff members who make the             “We plan more effectively and make better         ARHS offers many opportunities for resi-
policies that affect students’ lives. ARHS        decisions because of their input.”                dents who want to get involved in residence
facilitates residents and staff working to-                                                         hall student government. Each residence
                                                  ARHS can have a significant impact on
gether to implement campus programs and                                                             area has seven elected officers who serve on
                                                  residence hall policies. If enough students
effect policy chang-                                                                                the ARHS council, and “anyone is welcome
                                                                            support a change in a
es, to troubleshoot                                                                                 to join ARHS and work on a committee,  ”
                                                                            particular policy—or
problems and offer                                                                                  says Burke. ARHS has established numer-
                                                                            the establishment of
solutions.                                                                                          ous committees focusing on everything from
                                                                            a new one—ARHS
                                                                                                    diversity to Homecoming. Participation in
The partnership is                                                          will bring the stu-
                                                                                                    ARHS often paves the way for students who
an especially pro-                                                          dents’ concerns
                                                                                                    want to become involved in campus-wide
ductive one. ARHS                                                           to the attention
                                                                                                    student government.
has been instrumen-                                                         of University staff
tal in establishing                                                         members. ARHS is        ARHS elections are held in conjunction with
popular programs                                                            currently gathering     the Undergraduate Student Government
like Movin’ On (an                                                          students’ opinions on   (USG) elections each spring. Every student
annual music festival held on the HUB lawn)       the University smoking policy, which prohib-      living in the residence halls is eligible to vote
and ARHS Cinemas, which shows movies on           its smoking inside the residence halls but al-    in ARHS elections, and may do so via an
campus. In addition, two ARHS representa-         lows individuals to smoke outside residence       online ballot. Students who wish to run for
tives currently serve on a University task        hall entrances. According to Travis Burke,        an elected office may pick up an elections
force charged with exploring the use of cell      president of ARHS, an ARHS-sponsored sur-         packet in the ARHS Office, 221A HUB-
phones and landlines in the residence halls.      vey showed that many students don’t like the      Robeson Center.
“ARHS does an excellent job of representing       fact that smoking is permitted so close to the    For more information on ARHS, visit www.
resident students’ questions, concerns, and       entrances. Based on the results of the survey,

The Penn State                                                                                         www.coolclicks.
                      is a flexible spending account accessed via the Penn State id+ Card. 
            It can be used to make purchases at participating downtown merchants as well            Check out the Housing Web site...and let us
as at campus food service locations—and it’s safer than carrying cash. If the id+ card is           know what you think! Over the next several
reported lost or stolen, your student’s funds are protected—and are immediately available           months, we’ll be adding plenty of new features
when the student is issued a replacement id+ card.                                                  to the site. E-mail us at absmarketing@psu.
Plus, family and friends can make deposits to a student’s LionCash+ account online at www.          edu—and let us know what you’d like to see on You’ll need to enter your student’s PSU ID to make a deposit.                       our new, improved site.
                     More changes are coming to id+ Online (                    Get information on the student support
                     Future enhancements will allow students to sign up to have an e-mail           services offered by Residential Computing
automatically sent to their parents or family (or anyone else they designate) when the bal-         (ResCom)—and read the latest news about
ance in their LionCash+ or A La Board account reaches a certain level. If you wish, you can         the Penn State Network.
then use id+ Online to deposit funds in your student’s account(s).                        
Plus, students will soon be able to e-mail their transaction history to others!                     Find out what all the fuss is about! Napster
It will be easy to do at id+ Online.                                                                is a legal and inexpensive way to download
                                                                                                    songs—and access to the service is free for

                                       123 45 6789
                                                                                                    all Penn State students.
For Their Security                                                                                  Order your student a sweet treat from
                                                                                                    The Bakery at Penn State.
Your student’s information just got safer. In response to rising concerns about privacy and
identity theft, the University recently issued new Penn State id+ Cards to all students, faculty,
and staff. The cardholder’s nine-digit PSU ID—which replaces the Social Security number as          Check out a list of the programs and special
the University’s primary identifier—is printed on the front of the id+ card.                         events we’re hosting in the dining halls.
SSN-to-PSU ID conversions were completed several days ahead of schedule on all central-   
ized systems on campus—including eLion, the system students use to access their grades,             Learn more about our food safety programs
student accounts, and other information. Card-reading systems used at the University                and policies.
Libraries and at food service locations were also converted over Winter Break. The PSU ID is
now in effect University-wide.
Many thanks to you—and your student—for your cooperation and patience during this process.          Find out more about Penn State’s Security
For more information, visit                                             Escort Service, which operates from dusk to
                                                                                                    dawn, 365 days a year.
Things To Do Before the End of the Semester:
        Encourage Your Student to “Give it Up for Good”
As your student starts packing at the end of the semester, en-
courage him or her to give any unwanted items—like electron-                                            As part of our ongoing commitment to sup-
ic appliances, nonperishable food, furniture, and clothing—to                                           port our students in their pursuit of academic
the Trash to Treasure program. Donations can be dropped                                                 excellence, we have made residence hall
off at marked locations in the residence areas from April 25                                            renovation a top priority.
until May 6. Volunteers from the local United Way will sort
through the donations, give any food to local food banks, and
                                                                                                        Leete Hall
                                                                                                        Renovations on Leete Hall are progressing as
put everything else up for sale at Beaver Stadium on May 28.
                                                                                                        planned—and Leete will reopen to students
(Last year, students donated 73.2 tons of items—and the sale
                                                                                                        this fall. Here are some highlights of what
raised more than $54,600.) All proceeds will benefit the Centre
                                                                                                        we’re doing:
County United Way member organizations—and you’ll have a little more room in your car!
                                                                                                        • Adding hallway carpeting
More information on the Trash to Treasure program is available at
                                                                                                        • Installing air conditioning
                                                                                                        • Upgrading the study and social areas
        Find Graduation Housing
                                 If you’ll be coming to Penn State for spring semester graduation,      • Converting all student rooms
                                 start planning now. This year, commencement weekend is May 13-           into suites with private baths
                                 15—and, as usual, State College area hotels and motels will fill up     When renovations are complete, Leete Hall
                                 quickly.                                                               will feature 12 two-
                                 For information on lodging availability at local hotels, motels, and   person suites and 44
                                 bed and breakfasts, contact the Central Pennsylvania Convention        four-person suites—and
                                 and Visitors Bureau. The Bureau does not take reservations, but you    furnished meeting rooms
                                 may obtain a list of available accommodations (with phone num-         will be located on every
                                 bers) by visiting or by calling 800-358-5466.     floor. Student rooms
                                                                                                        will be furnished with
If local hotel accommodations are not available, parents and families may stay on campus in             desks, beds, chairs, and
the residence halls. If this is the case, Conference Services will begin to accept reservations on      wardrobe closets featur-
April 1. More information will be posted at in late March.                   ing drawers and hang-
                                                                                                        ing space for clothes. A
        Help Your Student Arrange for Summer Storage                                                    chest of drawers will be
By the end of the school year, many Penn State students have accumulated enough books,                  located underneath each
furniture, and odds and ends to fill several vehicles. They want to keep these items, so donat-          bed, providing additional
ing to Trash to Treasure isn’t an option—but many parents don’t have the room (or the desire)           storage for clothes and other personal items.
to haul all those excess belongings home for the summer.                                                Located at the intersection of Park Avenue
Rather than struggle to cram all your student’s boxes into your car, check out the summer storage       and Shortlidge Road, Leete is part of the
options in the State College area. There are many reputable companies near campus that rent stor-       North Halls living complex, which also in-
age units to students or groups of students who wish to share a storage area. To search for storage     cludes Holmes and Runkle Halls. Although
companies in the State College area, visit The Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County’s      the floors of each hall are coed, rooms and
Web Site at and click on “Directory of Businesses. A business directory is also
                                                                 ”                                      suites are single-gender. Members of several
available at                                                                      Special Living Options—including Arts and
                                                                                                        Architecture House, EARTH House, and Busi-
                                                                                                        ness and Society House—live in the North
                                                                                                        Halls residence area.
Food Served with a Splash of Style (continued from front page)
                                                                                                        The Palmer Museum of Art and The Play-
The A La Board plan is accessed via the              card. They can also change the size of their       house Theatre are adjacent to the North Halls
student’s Penn State id+ Card, so it’s safer and     meal plan anytime during the semester until        residence area, which also houses Warnock
more convenient than carrying cash. If the card      14 days before the last day of finals. And did      Commons (home of the BlueSpoon Deli and
is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated online—     you know that you can use id+ Online to add        an all-you-care-to-eat dining commons) and
and students are not liable for any unauthor-        funds to your student’s A La Board account?        a Residential Computing (ResCom) helpdesk.
ized purchases made after the card has been          Just visit and enter            North Halls residents will be within walking
deactivated. To make a purchase, students sim-       your student’s PSU ID to start the process.        distance of the new Smeal College of Busi-
ply present the id+ card to the cashier. The card    With an A La Board account, students have          ness, School of Forest Resources, and Depart-
is swiped through a reader, and the purchase         easy access to some of the very best food in       ment of Food Science buildings, all of which
price—in A La Board points—is deducted from          Happy Valley: made-to-order sandwiches and         are being constructed nearby.
the account. The point balance is printed on         wraps at The West Wing, fresh-from-the-oven        Holmes Hall will close for renovations in May
the receipt, providing a handy way for stu-          cookies at Waring Dining Commons, special-         2005 and will reopen in fall 2006, while Runkle
dents to keep track of their spending.               ty salads at Fresh Express. Our menu offer-        Hall will be under renovation from May 2006
A La Board plans are easy to manage at               ings are as diverse as our students’ tastes!       until fall 2007. When renovations are com-
id+ Online ( Students            For more information on Penn State                 plete, the North Halls residence area will ac-
can add funds, review their current account          Food Services, visit              commodate approximately 600 students.
balance, and deactivate a lost or stolen id+         foodservices.                                      To view Leete Hall photos and floor plans,
                                                                                                                                                                  Spring Semester Theme Dinners
                                                                                                         Important Dates

                                                                                                                                                                        Mardi Gras

                        Permit No. 1

U.S. Postage
                                                                                                       Spring 2005

                      State College, PA
                                                                                                                                                                               Tuesday, February 8 (all dining commons)
                                                                                                         March 5-13
                                                                                                         Spring Break                                                   The Imperial Dinner
                                                                                                          Residence halls close Saturday, March 5 at noon.                     Tuesday, March 22 (Pollock Dining Commons)
                                                                                                          Residence halls open Sunday, March 13 at 10:00 a.m.                  Thursday, March 24 (Waring Dining Commons)
                                                                                                          Visit                                Tuesday, March 29 (Warnock Dining Commons)
                                                                                                          for dining commons schedules.                                        Thursday, March 31 (McElwain Dining Commons)
                                                                                                         May 6-7                                                               Wednesday, April 6 (Findlay Dining Commons)

                                                                                                         Spring Semester Ends
                                                                                                          Spring semester ends Friday, May 6.
                                                                                                                                                                        Gilligan’s Island
                                                                                                          Residence halls close Saturday, May 7 at 4:00 p.m.                   Wednesday, April 20 (all dining commons)
                                                                                                                                                                  For more information about Penn State Food Services and
                                                                                                          for dining commons schedules.
                                                                                                                                                                  the dining commons, visit
                                                                                                       Summer 2005
                                                                                                         May 15
                                                                                                         Summer Session I Begins
                                                                                                                                                                 Changing the Channel
                                                                                                          Residence halls open Sunday, May 15 at 8:00 a.m.
                                                                                                          Classes begin Monday, May 16.                         Penn State’s Channel 21 is broadcast around the clock on all
                                                                                                          Residence halls close Tuesday, June 28 at noon.       televisions on the University Park campus—including those
                                                                                                                                                                in dining facilities, classrooms, the HUB-Robeson Center,
                                                                                                         June 26                                                student rooms, and study lounges. Channel 21 will be up-
                                                                                                         Summer Session II Begins                               graded this fall to include full-color graphics, video feeds,
                                                                                                          Residence halls open Sunday, June 26 at 8:00 a.m.     sports news, weather updates, trivia, a calendar of cam-
                                                                                                          Classes begin Wednesday, June 29.                     pus events, and world, national, and campus news briefs.
                                                                                                          Residence halls close Saturday, August 13 at noon.    Emergency bulletins will also be broadcast on the channel
                                                                                                                                                                as needed. Students will be able to tune in any time of day
                                                                                                       Fall 2005                                                or night to find out what’s going on around campus—and
                                                                                                                                                                around the world.
                                                                                                          Move-in dates will be posted at
                                                                                                          when they are finalized.
                                                                                                         August 30
                                                                                                         Fall Semester Classes Begin
                                                                                                          Classes begin Tuesday, August 30.
                                                                                                                                                                   This publication is available in alternative media on request.
                                                                                                                                                                   Penn State is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity, and the diversity
                                                                                                                                                                   of its workforce.

                              Housing, Food Services, and Residence Life
                              101 Hostetter Building
                              University Park PA 16802
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                                                                                                            Penn State residence communities                       Housing, Food Services and Residence Life.
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