Vietnam war

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					Vietnam war

• Why did the United States get
  involved in conflicts around
  the world during the Cold
•   Review
•   Homework packets
•   Final exam in less than 3 weeks!!!
•   What is your goal of the rest of the semester?

• Domino Theory- the political
  theory that if one nation
  comes under communist
  control then neighboring
  nations will also come under
  communist control
             Origins of War
• Vietnam had been under French control since
  the late 1800s.
• In about 1900 Vietnamese nationalists began
  a fight for independence.
• Ho Chi Minh, the most successful nationalist
  believed that the best way to fight colonial
  imperialism was through a communist
• The Japanese kicked the French out of
  Vietnam and when Japan lost WWII, Vietnam
  declared its independence.
             Origins of War
• The French refused to accept that Vietnam
  was free.
• The Vietnamese were not as well equipped as
  the French but were able to weaken them
  with hit-and-run guerrilla attacks.
• The Geneva Accords separated Vietnam into
  two countries, North Vietnam was Communist
  and South Vietnam had a Democratic
            Rival Governments
• The South Vietnamese government was
  dishonest and brutal but the United States
  continued to support it.
• The North Vietnamese government was thriving
  and life in North Vietnam was improving.
• As the 1956 reunification election approached,
  South Vietnam refused to participate.
• More people in South Vietnam became unhappy
  with their government and joined The National
  Liberation Front (NLF) an organization created to
  fight the government in South Vietnam.
• They relied on the Vietcong, communist guerrilla
  force, as its army.
             US involvement
• As the fighting between the Vietcong and the
  government of South Vietnam increased the
  United States sent aid and advisers to South
• By the end of the 1960, about 800 military
  advisors were stationed in Vietnam.
• By 1963 16,000 U.S. soldiers were in Vietnam.
How did the Domino
 theory influence the U.S.
 to get involved in the
 Vietnam War?
         Tonkin Gulf Resolution
• In the summer of 1964, a navy vessel exchanged
  fire with North Vietnamese vessels in the Gulf of
• Two days later, during bad weather, U.S. ships
  reported that their radar showed torpedo
• No ships were damaged but President Johnson
  called it an act of war.
• On August 7, Congress passed the Tonkin Gulf
  Resolution. It gave President Johnson the
  authority to use whatever means he thought
  necessary in Vietnam.
• It shifted the power of war from Congress to the
    Stations: Important events from the
•   Tet Offensive
•   My Lai Massacre:
•   Tonkin Gulf Resolution:
•   Invasions of Cambodia and Laos
•   Pentagon Papers
•   You will walk through the room and read
    through each station. Answer the questions
    on the stations graphic organizer sheet.
Station                    What is this event? Write a 1-2 sentence summary.         Why is this even important? What is its

Tonkin Gulf Resolution      A resolution passed by Congress that gave Johnson       it shifted power of war from Congress to
                           the authority to use whatever power he thought           the President
                           necessary in Vietnam

Tet Offensive              A series of surprise attacks by the Vietcong and North   It demonstrated the resolve of the
                           Vietnamese forces on South Vietnam. They were not        Vietcong and showed many in the United
                           successful in defeating the South Vietnamese but         States that this was not going to be an
                           forced them and the U.S. to fight to retake the          easy victory. Many in the U.S. started to
                           captured cities                                          oppose the war.

My Lai Massacre            The mass murder of hundreds of unarmed citizens in       It became one of the most important
                           South Vietnam conducted by the U.S. military.            events in the campaign to get the United
                                                                                    States out of Vietnam.

Invasion of Cambodia and   The United States bombed and invaded Cambodia and Sparked outrage in the United States
Laos                       Laos to continue to attack the NLF (The National  which led to anti-war demonstration. It
                           Liberation Front)                                 also increased support for Communists in
                                                                             Cambodia and Laos.

The Pentagon Papers         A series of newspaper articles that exposed the U.S     Reduced the credibility of the
                           involvement in the war in the South east Asia.           government and many Americans began
                           Showed that the Johnson administration had lied to       to lose their support of the war.
                           the public and Congress.
        Newspaper article

• Write a newspaper article
  describing U.S. actions in
  Vietnam. Include why the United
  States got involved and pick at
  least two events from the war
  and analyze their importance to
  the war.
•   Take an index card.
•   Write three things you learned today.
•   2 questions you still have from today’s lesson.
•   1 thing you want to learn tomorrow when we
    continued the Vietnam war.

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