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					Greater Iowa Chapter News                                                                           Spring 2006
Published quarterly for our donors, volunteers, advocates                        
and friends in the Alzheimer community                                                              1 800 272 3900

Making A Smooth Transition from Home To Facility Care
Jeanie Stewart hesitated to tell her husband Robert            · Personalize the room before admission.
that he would be moving into a nursing home,                       Decorate your loved one’s room with personal
worrying he might become upset. “I decided to                      items such as pictures, a favorite chair, end table
explain it to him the day of the move,” says                       or bedspread. Familiar items provide
Stewart. “It was actually easier for him to adjust                 reassurance.
not knowing too far in advance.”
                                                               · Choose the right time for the move. Try to
Moving an individual with Alzheimer’s disease to a                arrange the admission time during the
long term care facility can be a very traumatic                   individual’s “best” time of day. Avoid staff shift
experience, not only for the individual with the                  changes or meal times when facilities tend to
disease, but also for the caregiver. There are a                  be loud or hectic. Mid-morning hours are
variety of things that can be done to make the                    usually best because generally more staff are
transition go more smoothly.                                      present and there is an activity the new
                                                                  resident can attend right away.
“Approach the transition in a way that will create a
positive experience for the individual,” says Ann              · Try not to show fear and sadness. Do your
Riesenberg, Program Director for the Greater Iowa                  best not to be outwardly upset. Individuals
Chapter.                                                           with Alzheimer’s can be very perceptive of the
                                                                   emotions of those around them.
Look for signs from the individual to determine
how much information is helpful. Often, telling             Relinquishing day-to-day responsibilities often makes
the person days or weeks ahead of time will result          a caregiver feel guilty. But family caregivers can
in increased trauma and anxiety. Consider sharing           remain active in caregiving by discussing with the
information about the upcoming move based on                provider how they can be involved. Stewart, for
the person’s ability to understand what’s happening         example, continues to assist her husband with activities
and handle stress.                                          that make her feel connected to him.

Transition is generally easier if a family member or        “I have dinner with Robert every other night,” says
another familiar person spends some time with the           Stewart. “Afterwards, I help him shave and brush his
individual at the time of admission. Many care              teeth. It makes me feel involved.”
facilities will make arrangements with you to have
the first meal together, which can make ther person         The following steps can also help you cope with
more comfortable.                                           transition.

There are other steps you can take before and
during the transition to help the person adjust                       Transitions- Continuted on page 4
more easily:
Board & Staff                                Dear Friends and Supporters,

Board of Directors                           The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines stewardship as “the
Thomas W. Cross, President                   careful and responsible management of something entrusted to
David Bailie, Vice Preseident                one’s care.”
Rachel Goedken, Vice President
Sarah Stanisz, Secretary
                                             We take our stewardship responsibility very seriously. From the
Sandra Ham, Treasurer
Andrew Lenaghan,                             perspective of our programs and services, we continually educate
        Immediate Past President             staff and volunteers so they are equipped to provide accurate
Rosemary Cronin                              information. We work to keep our resources up-to-date so we can
Emily Eisentrager                            make helpful referrals. We collaborate with other organizations
Thomas Fischer, Jr.                          when such efforts will multiply our impact. Finally, and most
Linda Forthmann                              importantly, we strive to ensure that our programs and services
Judith Garside                               translate into meaningful differences in the lives of people we serve.
Sonya Heitshusen                             We participate in the Alzheimer’s Association’s nation-wide Core
Darshini Jayawardena                         Services Quality Evaluation Initiative to evaluate our five core
Martin Kenworthy
                                             services. Although we have a long history of evaluating programs,
Joni McKay
                                             this new initiative provides our chapter with more extensive
Craig Miller
Jim Miller                                   feedback and allows us to compare our results to other chapters
Debbie Miner                                 across the country. Results from this initiative give the Chapter the
Mehrdad Razavi, MD                           necessary facts to make program improvements and ultimately be
Michelle Sprengelmeyer, MD                   more effective in the services we provide.
Sr. Dolores Ullrich
Lynn Volker                                  From a financial perspective, we strive to make sure contributions
Greater Iowa Chapter Staff                   are used efficiently, effectively and as intended by our donors. We
(Des Moines)                                 undergo an independent audit of our finances each year. We work to
Carol Sipfle, Executive Director             keep our administrative and fund raising costs as low as possible. We
Lori Fish, Director of Finance
                                             minimize unanticipated losses through insurance and other forms of
Paul Crawford, Development Director
                                             risk management. Our volunteer board of directors regularly
Ann Riesenberg, Program Director
Gale Brubaker, Special Projects/             reviews chapter finances and management practices.
        Communications Coordinator
Renee Simmons,                               Whether you are a caregiver of someone with dementia, a family
         Administrative Assistant            member, health care professional, donor, volunteer or advocate, you
Sue Dwyer, Family Services Coordinator       have entrusted the Alzheimer’s Association to be a good steward of
Mary Hall, Program Support Specialist        our resources. We pledge to honor this trust and do our best to be
Quad Cities Branch Office                    the good stewards with all you have entrusted in us.
Marjean O’Brien, Program Specialist
Jerry Schroeder, Community Relations         Sincerely,
Phyllis Chamberlin, Office Assistant
                                             Carol Sipfle
Dubuque Branch Office
Mary McNally, Program Specialist             Executive Director
Sal Weber, Community Relations Coordinator
Burlington Branch Office                     Thomas W. Cross
Michelle Kelman, Program Specialist          President, Board of Directors
Newton Branch Office
Connie Lucas, Program Specialist
Welcome New Staff
Renee Simmons is the Administrative Assistant in the West Des Moines office. Renee joins the team after 6 ½
years as an Administrative Assistant with Iowa Prison Industries. She has been a welcome addition to the team,
utilizing her organizational skills to good measure . Renee says, “I love my new job here. Not only are my co-
workers great and very helpful, but it is very rewarding to know that I am at a job that I feel I am making a small
contribution in helping people who are impacted by this disease.”

We also welcome Sally Weber to the Dubuque office as Community Relations Coordinator. Sal recently graduated
from Loras College with a BA in Communications, and looks forward to all the challenges ahead, including
planning a Memory Walk and first-time golf tournament in Galena.“My Grandma died of Alzheimer’s disease, and I
also have an uncle in the late stages,” Sal said. “I am looking forward to the challenges and rewards the job

                                                                      Chapter Program Grants and
                                                                      The Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Iowa
                                                                      Chapter thanks the following foundations and
                                                                      organizations for their support of educational
   The Greater Iowa, Big Sioux, Midlands and                          programs and services for people with
 East Central Iowa Chapters of the Alzheimer’s                        Alzheimer’s disease and their families:
    Association announces a first-of-it’s-kind
   statewide Memory Walk Sponsorship with                             Area XIV Agency on Aging is working
     Care Initiatives, Iowa’s largest senior care                     with the Alzheimer’s Association to develop a
                                                                      drop-in respite program in Creston.
  provider. This multi-year sponsorship makes
   Care Initiatives a premier sponsor of all 20                       The Community Foundation of Greater
 Memory Walks held by Iowa’s Chapters. Kelly                          Dubuque provided $1,000 to continue the
  Banning, Care Initiatives representative said,                      Telephone Support Group based in the
 “The exemplary work of these Chapters made                           Dubuque Branch Office.
  this partnership a natural for Care Initiatives.
                                                                      The Wahlert Foundation has generously
 Memory Walks are a vital source of funding as
                                                                      awarded the Chapter an $8,000 grant to
  well as wonderful community events, and we                          provide financial assistance to family caregivers
  are proud to be the first statewide sponsor of                      in the Dubuque area in need of respite care
                  Memory Walks.”                                      and Safe Return registration fees.

                                                                      The Western Illinois Area Agency on
  If you’re finished with this issue,                                 Aging provided a $3,000 grant to support
                                                                      family caregiver education programs in Henry,
  please take it to a friend, doctor’s                                Mercer, and Rock Island Counties in Illinois.
  office or other public place. You
  may provide the help someone is
              looking for!
Transitions- con’t from page 1
    ·   Plan ahead. Research the care options available in your community soon after you receive a diagnosis.
        Many long term care facilities have waiting lists, so it is important to get your name on the list before a
        crisis occurs. Becoming familiar in advance with the staff will also help you become more comfortable with
        the facility.

    · Define your new caregiving role. Your role changes (but doesn’t end) when a loved one moves into a care
       facility. You may want to come in for meals or do an activity together, such as attending a church service.
       This change can be very difficult so it is good to stay active and pursue some of your own interests as well.
       Enjoying yourself in no way means that you are abandoning or forgetting your loved one.

    · Talk with others about your feelings and emotions. Many people find it helpful to join one of the
        many support groups sponsored by the Greater Iowa chapter. Or you can spend time getting to know other
        family members who may be visiting loved ones. Talking to others who are experiencing similar situations
        can be extremely helpful.

    · Maintain good communication with staff. Share your concerns and suggestions with staff so they can
       provide a safe and comfortable environment for the individual. You know your loved one better than anyone
       so offering detailed information will not only help the staff, but also improve the quality of life for the
       person with Alzheimer’s.

    · Develop a visitation schedule that is comfortable for you. At first, you may need some time away to
       process the change, define your new role and accept the placement. Visit with a friends or family member if
       it is too difficult to visit alone. Encourage other family members to visit with you or at times when you are
       not able to. This is a good way to involve the family in the person’s care.

    When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Estate Plan?
    Some things in life get better with age, like a fine       This is also a good time to review your charitable
    wine. An estate plan is not one of them. Our lives         giving goals and include the Alzheimer’s Association
    are constantly changing, and our estate plans need to      as a beneficiary of your will or trust. Even if your
    keep up with those changes. If there have been             estate plan is up to date, you can simply add a codicil
    changes in your family, home, health, assets or the tax    (amendment) to specify a gift. Share this with your
    laws, you may want to review your estate plan.             professional counsel:“I give, devise and bequeath
                                                               (insert amount of gift, percentage of estate or
    Your will, life insurance, qualified retirement plans,     residuary of estate) to the Alzheimer’s Association,
    powers of attorney, as well as trusts and life income      Greater Iowa Chapter, with offices located at 1730
    plans can all be a part of your estate plan. A good, up-   28th Street, West Des Moines, IA 50266.” If you have
    to-date estate plan will help you meet your goals and      already included the Alzheimer’s Association in your
    objectives, be prepared for an emergency and               will, please let us know so we can thank you now.
    distribute your assets according to your wishes. So
    how often should you review your estate plan?              For more information about estate plans, please
    Estate planning professionals recommend that plans         contact Paul Crawford, Development Director, at
    should be reviewed every three years.To make sure          (800) 272-2900 or email
    your estate plan meets your wishes, you should talk
    to your estate-planning advisor.

sStand By You Awards Presented At 2005 Fall Conference
 The Greater Iowa Chapter was proud to recognize the following individuals during the Stand By You award
 presentation during the fall education conference. Individuals, facilities and professional organizations are urged to
 nominate caregivers who exemplify the dedication and compassion needed to support people with Alzheimer’s
 disease. Not pictured: Dr Subhash Sahai-Physician and Janet Boesen- Assisted Living.

   Carmen Schrad                      Alberta Wilcox                   Sandy Davis                      Teresa Barnes
   Nursing Facility                  Family Caregiver                Adult Day Services                 Home Health

Alzheimer’s…Connecting the Care Conference
“Alzheimer’s…Connecting the Care, Diagnosis, Intervention and Research” will address the proven benefits from
exciting and cutting edge ideas Wednesday April 19 during the Greater Iowa Chapter of the Alzheimer’s
Association spring education conference. It will be held in the Rogalski Center, at St. Ambrose University in
Davenport, IA.The keynote speaker, Judith H.W. Crossett, MD, PhD, DFAPA, is an Associate Professor from
the University of Iowa. Dr. Crossett has published and lectured extensively in the field of geriatric psychiatry on the
topics of depression dementia and Alzheimer’s. She will talk about Alzheimer’s and related dementias treatment and
research. Additional presenters include Brenda Hughes, MA.OTR/L, an Occupational Therapist and Michael
Puthoff, PT, MPT Physical Therapist, from St. Ambrose University, speaking on the ongoing physical needs of those
afflicted with dementia.Also presenting will be Connie Lucas, Program Specialist, Alzheimer’s Association.

Attendance for professional price is $60 by April 7; late registration fee is $70. Student and family caregiver fee is
$35 by April 7, late registration is $45. Registration include all sessions, continental breakfast, lunch and afternoon
break. Registration and continental breakfast begin at 8 a.m. and the conference will begin at 9 a.m. CEUs for Iowa
and Illinois health care disciplines will be available; please call the Davenport Alzheimer’s Association office at 563-
324-1022 for more information.

The program is appropriate for healthcare providers who deal with seniors and their caregivers. It provides needed
continuing education credits. It is also beneficial for family caregivers offering tips and new information to assist
with the enormous task of caring for a loved one.

Respite care scholarship is available for caregivers who would like to come to the program but need someone to stay with their
loved one. Please call your local Alzheimer’s Association office to apply: Burlington—319-208-0271; Davenport, 563-324-
1022, or Dubuque 563-589-0030.

Programs and Services . . .
Making a Deeper Connection
2006 is bringing a new emphasis by the Greater Iowa Chapter for
programs to be used in a manner that reflects a greater “depth” of help for
persons with dementia, family members and professional caregivers.
                                                                                             September 9
Among these new programs are three listed in the previous newsletter,                    Ames: Brookside Park
including Alzheimer’s- Beginning the Conversation, Memory                               Clinton: Riverfront Park
Minders and Caregivers College. Times, dates and locations for these
programs can be found on the Greater Iowa website at                         September 16
greateriowa.                                                                          Humboldt; Zion Lutheran
                                                                                     Dubuque: Louis Murphy Park
You may receive a call back if you contact our 24/7 Helpline. Staff is
determining if the information given has been helpful and if further                       September 23
assistance would be beneficial, so don’t be surprised to hear from us.            Mason City: NIACC Activity Center
                                                                                         Bellevue: Cole Park
Another enhanced service is respite funding, which is available for those
who wish to attend a support group meeting or an educational program                      September 30
offered by the Greater Iowa Chapter or if there is a caregiving crisis.                 Quad Cities:The Mark
Financial support for individuals who are unable to leave loved ones alone           Des Moines:WaterWorks Park
can provide much needed relief from day-to-day caregiving, so please don’t             Burlington: Crapo Park
hesitate to call.
                                                                                            October 7
Professional education will now include the Foundations of Dementia                Fort Dodge: Snell/Crawford Park
Care Curriculum, an evidence-based training program from the
Alzheimer’s Association. Endorsed by 24 national healthcare organizations,                   October 14
the curriculum includes leadership and supervisory training and interactive            Savanna, IL: Old Mill Park
exercises to apply the information from the classroom to the care setting.
                                                                                    Take Steps To End Alzheimer’s!
On June 22, 2006, at the Holiday Inn-Merle Hay Road in Des Moines,                  Go to
Alzheimer’s . . . Today and Tomorrow is being offered for dementia                      or call 1-800-272-3900
care professionals. It will focus on early diagnosis, exploration of assessment
and diagnostic tests, cognitive rehabilitation and again, issues and trends in
research. Call (515) 440-2722 for information. A conference exclusively
for family caregivers is scheduled for fall 2006.

In order to provide information about Alzheimer’s Disease more efficiently, the Greater Iowa Chapter is offering a new
option for receiving the quarterly newsletter, as well as introducing e-news options.
    1) Sign up to receive the quarterly newsletter in your email in-box instead of a printed copy. It’s easier to forward
        on to friends and family, and you will be helping the Alzheimer’s Association save money on postage and printing.
    2) Would you like to receive periodic electronic updates on research developments, Alzheimer’s news, advocacy
        efforts and care giving information?

If the answer is yes to either of these options, please send an email to, and in the body of the
email, please state if you would like to receive the e-newsletter and/or the e-updates, and your mailing address. You can
also go to and follow the links to email your preference there as well.
Awards and Recognitions
Thomas W. Cross Earns Award in Fight Against Alzheimer’s
Greater Iowa Chapter Board President Thomas Cross, Finance Director-Business Unit Financial Planning for
Pioneer HiBred, recently received a DuPont Volunteer Recognition award from his company.These awards
recognize employees who are contributors both at work and in their community, as volunteers.Tom received this
award in recognition of his work with the Alzheimer’s Association. He takes his work with the organization very
personally, having watched both his mother and a grandmother battle the disease.

“I’m fighting Alzheimer’s because I want to spare others from going through what my family went through,”Tom
says. He adds, “It was great to be recognized for my work; the certificate I received in a constant reminder that I
need to stay focused on beating Alzheimer’s.” In addition to the certificate, DuPont made a $1,000 donation to the
Alzheimer’s Association in Tom’s name. Besides his duties as Board President,Tom also is a major fundraiser for the
Des Moines Memory Walk, raising over $11,000 in 2005.

Sarah Staniz Named “Hero of the Heartland”
The Central Iowa Chapter of the American Red Cross recently recognized Sarah Stanisz, Program Coordinator for
Arbor Springs in West Des Moines and Greater Iowa Chapter board member, as a “Hero of the Heartland”. Sarah
was commended for her tireless efforts over many years to not only support the Greater Iowa Chapter’s mission and
work, but for her efforts to educate the public about Alzheimer’s disease.

 News and Updates
 New Drug Targets Both Plaques and Tangles
For the first time, an experimental drug has been shown to curb both forms of brain lesions found in Alzheimer’s
disease — at least in mice.The compound, called AF267B, shut down both the amyloid protein plaques that collect
in Alzheimer’s-affected brains, as well as another lesion, the “tangles” of protein called tau.

What’s more, AF267B also appeared to reverse cognitive declines in mice genetically designed to mimic
Alzheimer’s disease. Mice appeared to gain renewed powers of memory and learning after treatment, the researchers
report in the March 2 issue of Neuron.

Green Tea May Protect the Aging Brain
People who regularly drink green tea may have a lesser risk of mental decline as they grow older, researchers have
found.Their study, of more than 1,000 Japanese adults in their 70s and beyond, found that the more green tea men
and women drank, the lower their odds of having cognitive impairment.

The researchers found that older adults who drank two or more cups of green tea per day were about half as likely
to show cognitive impairment as those who drank three cups or less each week. Men and women who averaged
one cup per day fell somewhere in between.

The connection between green tea and mental function persisted when the researchers accounted for overall diet
and factors such as smoking and exercise habits. However, the findings cannot demonstrate a cause-and-effect
relationship. For example, healthier, more active individuals may simply drink more green tea — which, in Japan, is
often consumed in social settings.

Memorials and Honorariums received 10-13-05 to 2-24-06
                                                Graydon and Marilyn Kranz          DOROTHY BILLINGSLEY
        Stan and Pat Niebuhr
                                                Linda McQuady                         Clyde and Helen Simmons
        Richard and Nancy Toohill
                                                Lisa and Kerry Panozzo             EVELYN BLUHM
                                                Jerald and Karen Parker               Gaylord and Lona Teter
        John and Linda Allen
                                                Dennis and Janet Riccio               William and Linda Tubbs
        David and Barbara Lilland
                                                Donna Royer                        BURDELL BOEDEKER
        Pearl Picht
                                                Gary and Julie Seaba                  Donald and Agnes Burns
                                                Larry and Cheryl Spengler             Donna Davis-Day
        Sylvia J. Anderson
                                                Nancy Surr                            H.O.Seiffert Lumber Co.
        Page and Rod Bristol
                                                Michael and Rhonda Whitney            Anne Hunter
        Linda and Perry Davis
                                             SHARON BESSINE                           M & C Bar Ranch, Inc.
        David Dedoncker
                                                Brian and Leann Bessine               Luci M Oseland
        Albert and Joann Mier
                                                Tony and Nancy Bessine                John and Patricia Schneider
        Andrew and Julia Neece
                                                Carol Boeding                      DOROTHY BOLLINGER-MILLER
        Rosemary and Michael Sims
                                                Kenneth and Teresa Brueck             Rita Toalson
        Jeffrey and Nancy Swanson
                                                Michael Daly                       LORRAINE BOYD
        Glenda Withers
                                                James and Sharon Doty                 Bob and Grace Armstrong
                                                Robert and Linda Hill                 Mary Lou Campbell
        Martha Angier
                                                C. Robert and Marlene Jackson         Dorita and Paul Eckman
        Robert and Lilie Galloway
                                                Ms Vicki Parrott                      Mrs Shirley J Engelmann
        Bonnie and Scott Suss
                                                Donald Roasa                          Sue Gibson
                                                Cheryl Vogel                          Gerald and Sheila Houk
        Michael and Sharlene Riche
                                                Dean and Elizabeth Weinreich          Delores T Johnson
                                             FRED BEYHL                               Roberta Johnson
        Delores Callahan
                                                Howard McConnell                      John nd Doris Mellick
        Robert & Marty Jo & Family Denicus
                                             JAMES BIELEFELDT                         Don and Georgetta Meuster
        Betty McMahon
                                                Bill and Mary Curtis                  Albert Reis
        Alan and Eloise Mohr
                                                Steve and Karen Edmunds               Paul and Patricia Riedesel
        Tom & Becky Parizek
                                                Thomas Ferris                         L Joan Truman
        David & Lorraine Parker
                                                John Fitzgibben                       Charles and Karen Ullrich
        Dan & Shirley Schlotfelt
                                                Elizabeth Fitzgibbon                  Billie Y Warnecke
        Kyle Schlotfelt
                                                Thomas and Sherry Fitzgibbon          Richard C Weller
        Sharon Smith
                                                Gary Kleinschmidt                     Darlene and Royce Young
        Mr. and Mrs. Jack Strive
                                                David Lemon                        FRANCES BRIANT
        Mr. and Mrs. Raoul Swanson
                                                Family/Marvin Jenkins Lowenvilla      Claude & Vera Baker
                                                Gary and Janet Mell                   Marvin and Norma
        Ralph and Janet Beck
                                                Robert and Marsha Milburn                  Baughman
        Lyle and Donna Behne
                                                Dan and Karen Moore                   Ted & Bryce Bear
        Terry A Brooks
                                                Duane & Cheryl Schipull               Richard & Joyce Borg
        Karla Buckrop
                                                Norman and Dorla Schroder             Barbara V Borrusch
        Christine and Jeremy Busard
                                                Larry and Judy Schulte                Mildred S Boyd
        Margaret Castor
                                                Betty Shuda                           Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Brohl
        Judy Conover
                                                Jack and Neoma Stamm                  Robert & Boneta Brown
        Stephen Dixon
                                                Dr. Andrew and Dr. Mary Tallon        Steve Glasnapp & Judy
        Daniel Einfeldt
                                                Stephen Vanspeybroeck                     Brugioni
        Lucille Elliott
                                                Charlene Wirt                         Harold & Judy Chapman
        Kevin and Lori Feik
                                                Michael Zeglin                        Al & Dorothy Clough
        Benjamin and Luci Goodnight
                                                Jane Zimmer                           Terry and Jacqueline
        James and Linda Hollins
        John and Connie Jones                                                             Coghlan

Memorials and Honorariums
      Brenda Cort                          Mary Burger                          Richard Mellinger
      Robert & Marion Cotter               Richard Claypool                     William and Shirley Mundt
      Loren Drake & Pearl                  Richard and Nancy Curd               Joan Pflum
      Duwayne and Nancy Fink               Miriam Dunlap and David Larson       Ronald and Violet Powell
      Ronald & Nancy Foshe                 Carole Dyslin                        Raymond Roewe
      Russell and Jeanna Fowler            Shirley Ehrhardt                     Joyce Scheideman
      Roger and Mary Greever               William and Mary Geiger              Edward and Mel Davis Schiefer
      Dennis & Ruth Hayes                  LaVon Hutzell                        Loretta Siefken
      Donna M Heyer                        Carol Kenney                         Terry and Beverly Simonson
      George & Naomi Hosfield              Kathy Kurtz                          John and Dona Swygard
      Allen & Nancy Jarred                 Steven and Pamela Lukenbill          The Hawk Eye
      H Louise Johnson                     Marvin and Linda Mahr                Wayne and Nancy Tolander
      Keith & Louise Johnson               Gerald and Marsha Marlow             Charlotte and Leon Yeager
      Don & Naomi Johnston                 Robert and Susan Nutgrass        GERI CARTER
      Georgia Etta Kinne                   Marcia and Ronald Peeler             Clinton and Annette Tucker
      Curtis & Terry Lininger              Harlan and Donna Pratt           JOHN CASAD
      Keith & Twilla Lininger              Julia Weir                           Helen and Linda Casad
      Charles & Bonnie Manders         MARY BUTLER                          WILLIAM CASTINGS
      Florence S. Marvin                   Susan and Greg Bridge                Susan J Marasco
      Bonita I Mohler                      Roy Brown                        CHARLES CELANIA
      Mary Moody                           Nenita Detablan                      Pat and Bob Sanden
      Rickey and Pamela Moody              Laura and Thomas Hinkel          HELEN CHADWICK
      Roger & Donna Morrison               John P McAllister                    Margaret Augustine
      Karen Naomi                          Joe and Cherie McFarland             Dorothy Peak
      Arnold & Mary Nelson                 Patrick and Le Ann McFarland         Nile and Theresa Ramsbottom
      Betty Lu Oxenrider                   Wayne and Joanne Robbins             Margaret Weisshaar
      Marv & Dave Patch                    Robert & Nancy Schoene           DOROTHY CLIFTON
      Gene & Margaret Peterson             Gordon and Karen Swan                Thomas and Nancy Clifton
      Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Shinn           MARILLA BYBEE                            Larry Ray & Sandra Cooper
      Bernard & Marilyn Sobotka            John and Diane Baughman              Schneekloth Oil Company
      Wendall Sollars                      Richard and Jolene Bybee         HAROLD CONN
      Doris Todd                           Robert and Betty Daggett             Doris Conn
      Kenneth & Marcella Vogt              Mary Kay Eckert                  DONNA COOPER
      Barbara Walljasper                   Gary Francque                        Lu McLeland
      Mr. and Mrs. James Walters       WILLIAM CARPE                            TelecomPioneers
      Jay & Donna Watson                   Audrey Nelson                    JOHN CORLEY
      Marjorie Werner                  RON CARROLL                              Agri-King, Inc.
      Maxine E Werner                      Barbara Carroll                  BOB CRONIN
      Marvin and Mary Wood             ALICE CARTER                             James & Lisa Collins
 VELTA BRIGGS                              Delbert and Kathy Blume          RUBY DEMOSS
      Lewis and Connie Darrah              James and Jane Bradshaw              Mary Ruby
 MARVIN BRINDLE                            Edward Carter                    MARY DE SIO
      Mrs Marvin Brindle                   John Carter                          Susan J Marasco
 ELIZABETH BROCKMAN                        Don and Lois Close               JANET DUFF
      Sally Haas                           Robert and Sharon Deggendorf         Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lucia
 C. JOAN BROWN                             Jim and Susan Ferrell            BETTY DYBDAHL
      Preston Engineering                  Richard and Elaine Fischer           Mary and Tom Clingan
 FRED O BURGER                             Ellen and Charles Fuller             Gretchen Stanislav
      Verlyn and M. Joanne Anderson        Wanda George                     HERBERT ELLIOTT
      Mary Ann and Richard Aringdale       Margaret Hansen                      Weir Sears

Memorials and Honorariums
                                      Mike and Carrie Kading        MARGARET GUERIN
    Roger Klosterman & Co LLP
                                      Dale and Jane Kiser               James and Bonnie Jean Baldwin
                                      Ruth Lamer                        Mary Barngrover
    Alan & Peggy Fleege
                                      Martha Larson                     Carol Brotherson
YOUR FATHER                                                             Barbara Crawford
                                      Marylin Long
    Bobbye Scheidler
                                      Joann McHugh                      Donald and June Current
                                      Jim and Sharon Miller             Mary Ericsen
    Rebecca Burdess
                                      Gary and Nancy Moller             Ellen and Charles Fuller
                                      Curt Nystrom                      W.H. Gehrmann
    Susan and Eric Aspengren
                                      Dean and Charlene Nystrom         Mary Ann Grinde
    Philip and Mary Bisenius                                            Jill and Danny Hurst
                                      Donald and Evelyn Nystrom
    Nancy Dittmer
                                      Jerry and Melanie Nystrom         Marlene Nichting
    Steve and Deborah Goodner
                                      Bill and Linda Ott                Wilma and William Paule
                                      Clara Page                        Doris Pedersen
    Barbara and Craig Foss
                                      Gary and Betty Peterson           Alex and Darcy Sherwood
                                      Gordon Peterson               MICKI GUTGSELL
    Ivan and Marcia Frey                                                Richard Asbury, Ret. USAF
                                      LaVerne and Judy Peterson
                                      Bob Phillips                      Janet Brown-Lowe
    Vicki J Alderson
                                      Bob and Naomi Post                Robert Carlson
    Joseph & Sally Dunn
                                      Gordon and Laura Quam             William and Ruth Conway
    James W Kappeler
                                      George and Lois Riker             Joan Duea
    Anna Marti
                                      Betty Runner                      Greg Gutgsell
    Phyllis J Parry                                                     Ralph Heninger
                                      Ruth Shafer
                                      George Silverhorn                 Mark & Kathy Kilmer
    David and Brenda Christensen
                                      John and Jean Smith               Evonne Lavender
    Michael and Victoria Farrell
                                      Ron and Lisa Sunstrom             Carter LeBeau
    Betty Happel
                                      Patricia Triska                   Terrance Lunardi
    Collin Holke
                                      Henry and Rosie Wallace           Alison McCrary
    Donald L Wollrab
                                      Judy Walters                      Glenn Medhus
                                      Virginia White                    Jack and Sydney Niemann
    William Getz
                                      Wayne and Shirley Wilkerson       Gayle Peters
                                      Collett Williams                  Jan Pinnow
    Ed and Luann Anderson
                                      Keith and Kathy Williams          Mrs. Dean Stichnoth
    Brad and Trudy Appenzeller
                                      Edward Wirstlin                   James R. Walker
    Don and Linda Blanchard
                                      Mary Wirtz                    ALETRIAS HAMILTON
    Janet Bosen
                                      Bob and Mary Ziel                 Susan Wilson
    Stan and Vivian Brandmeyer
                                   JOSEPH GRACE                     DOROTHY “TIL” HAMPTON
    Darlene Carlson
                                      Cindy Barron                      Helen Adams
    Wendell Carlson
                                      Robert and Ardys Bowers       VIRGINIA HANOVER
    Lyn and Sherri Dighton
                                      Janann Corken                     Jere S Smith
    Jack and Sue Gano
                                      Will and Dixie Hoekman        ELIZABETH HARDEN
    Mike and Pamela Goldsworth
                                      Ardith and Jerold Ransdell        Stephen and Carolyn Haines
    Nadia Goldsworth
                                      Shirley Schroeder                 Stuart and Mary Thoms
    Mary Jane Green
                                      Virginia Sedbrook                 Richard and Olga Scherer
    Leonard and Joan Grimm
                                      Clarence Selken               GLADYS HARRIS
    Richard and Sharlett Ham
                                   YOUR GRANDMOTHER                     Terry Harris
    Steve and Patty Harrison
                                      Ben and Kori Walsmith         ALICE HASTE
    Dorothy Inman
                                   DOROTHY GRUVER                       Roberta M Smith
    Harvey and JoAnn Jensen
                                      Harlan and Donna Pratt        MONICA HELGESEN
    Harold Johnson
                                                                        Peter Tvarkunas
Memorials and Honorariums
LYLE HENRY                            Glen and Mary Louise Piotter       Terry and Christine Branstad
    Fama Prokup                    ERWIN JEPSEN                          Jerita Brokaw
THELMA HIGGINS                        Thomas & Jill Jepsen               Marion Burnquist
    Nancy Stenger                  WAYNE JOHN                            Larry Bushman
ANN HINSON                            David Acord                        Daniel Pharmacy
    Dr. Dan Hinson                    R.W. AND S.K. Berry                Forrest and Marjorie
CARL HOFFERT                          Charles and Sandra Franklin            Dannenbring
    Betty Hoffert                     Connie Franklin                    Leopoldo and Judith Delucca
    Connie Lucas                      George and Maurita Leahy           Susan Gill
PATRICIA HOFFMAN                      Shawn Lockridge-Hermsen            Robert Glaser
    Dunsworth Family                  J.D. and Marilyn Showers           Heartland Communications
    James & Jane Gadzik               James and Katherine Wilbert           Groups, Inc.
    Wayland and Anita Havig           Diane Wulf                         James and Nola Humes
    Jane Jones                     EDWARD JOHNSON                        Daryl Hurdel
    Fran Kuhlman                      Marilyn Huber                      Vernon Huseman
    Larry and Cheryl Kuhlmann         Marion Hull                        Thomas and M. Virginia Kelley
    Bob and Sandra Moellenbeck        Cliford and Laverna Petersen       Virginia Kelley
    Gus and Kerri Pappas              George and Karen Sebesta           Anne Marie Kersten
    Duane Petersen                    Cliff and Joyce Zaug               Laurie Kersten
    Gary and Lynn Scherer          NORMA RUTH JONES                      Robert Kurt
    Ronald & Susan Stalder            Robert and Clarice Thompson        Mary Linney
JOHN “GIB” HOLLINGSWORTH           DOROTHEA KAY                          Margaret Loomis
    Joy Murphy                        Darlene Arp                        Robert and Candace Lynch
MARJORIE HOLLINGSWORTH                Mr.and Mrs. Larry Arp              Dr. M.J. and L.L. Maggio
    Merle Pacha                       Mr. and Mrs. Jim Boland            Carolyn Mulholland
HERBERT HOLTAN                        Dicky Claussen                     Neven and Jill Mulholland
    Pam Hugelen                       Mark and Linda Davis               Bernice Schaal
W.O. HOLTON                           Wayne and Nancy Dengler            RS Warren Seltz
    Keith and Mary Jean Murphy        Weldell and Lois Dunhee            Bruce and Sally Shimkat
HOMER HOWE                            Judith Guenther                    Bette Smith
    Dr. Donald and Janice Fuller      Dennis and Shelley Kay             Mary Stark
JANIS HUMISTON                        Allen and Donna Keppy              Mary Terrass
    Allied Valve, Inc.                Jeanette Keppy                     Tito and Peggy Trevino
    Patrick and Lynn Boland           Thomas and Cecilia Merrell         Kelly and Marcia Warren
    Marjorie Cook                     Dale and Mary Moore                Karen and Robert Wood
    Mark and Lora Gwin                Candace Owens                      Dr. Ralph and Martha Woodard
    Brenda Klemetson                  Marian Petersen                MILDRED BONDOLI KIMBER
    Judy and Martin Steffen           Delmar and Marijane Riefe          Dora Callahan
    Melvin and Betty Swartout         Wayne and Leanne                   James Clark
    Ann and Robert Weeks                  Schneskloth                    Helen and Gerald Erpelding
YOUR HUSBAND                          Mary Schroeder                     Dennis and Diana Froistad
    Kim Bingham                       Lavern and Carol Stille            Teri Happe
NANCY IRENE IRVING                    Pat Terhune                        Ward Parkway Estates Garden
    Dr. Patrick G Irving           ANN AND JOSEPH KAZER                     Club
VIRGIE ISAACSON                       Mary Ann Vedder                    Duane & Jane Willey
    Carmen Antonen                 HERB AND CECE KERSTEN             ROBERTA KING
    Laraine and Rick Davis            Mark and Kimberly Bacon            Cheryl Pence
    Rick and Vickie Walter            Barry and Elizabeth Barretta   LOUIS KNAKE
    Samuel G Wise                     Christopher and Laurie Bates       Meta Arrington
LORRAINE JACOBS                       Thomas and Marilyn Brainerd        Ella Chantos
Memorials and Honorariums
    John Chantos                         Tom and Barb Neill               SUE MILLER
    Timothy and Phyllis Chantos          Lanny and Barb Reed                  James and Donna
    Dena Glunz                           Janet Regenwether                       Brostrom
    Albert and Lillian Knake             Southeastern Council-Telecom         Patricia and Mike
    John Knake                               Pioneers                             Frederiksen
    Minnie Knake                     RAY MARCOM                               Roseann and Shalynn
    Eliza Meyer                          Robert and Susanne Muirhead              Gillespie
    Mary and Wayne Young             JOSEPHINE MATIZAK                        Gretchen Hansen
MARGARET KOLOSEUS                        Mary Ellen Ehlert                    James and Mary Harper
    Deborah Bringle                      Ethelyn Faudel                       John Harris II
    Michael Shuchman                     Rose Griffin                         C. Leroy and Mary Hull
    The New York Times Company           Lucille Juarez                       Leslie and Jeannine
    Peggy Vyneke                         Catherine Pohlmann                       Ingelson
    Sarah and Jerry Webb             ROSE C MAZZA                             Scott & Dixie Kurtz
ELIZABETH KOSCIELAK                      Gary & Donna Runge                   Mr. & Mrs. Russell Mason
    Edward & Delores Pagliai         WETZEL MCCORMICK                         George & Elizabeth
INGA KRAUSE                              Greg Losasso                            McClanahan
    Reg and Roberta Yoder                James and Leeta Stuhler              Harold Morency
HAZEL KRELL                          VIRGINIA MCCOY                           Marilyn Sandholm
    Northeastern Illinois Planning       Rita Keyser                          Barbara J Walzem
        Commission                   EVELYN MCDONALD                      SUZANNE MORENCY MILLER
EDWIN KUNKEL                             Marlin and Shirley Allchin           Gail H Arnold
    Carmen Kunkel                        Mr. and Mrs. Brian Barclay           James and Mary Harper
ROBERT LAMPHERE                          Donald and Barbara Hiesterman        John Harris II
    Donald and Lois Abbott               Terrance McDonald                    George & Elizabeth
    Alverno, The                     VIRGINIA MCFARLAND                          McClanahan
MAUDE LEPERA                             Ann Cunningham                       Gary & Sandra Wilharber
    Ron and Virginia Gilbert             Michelle Keener                  SHIRLEY MUMMA
    Sister Mary Anne Leto                Mary Matcher                         Connie and Joseph
    Shirley Peterson                     L.W and Darlene Pennock                  Robinson
ROBERT W. LEWIS                          Jim and Cheryl Rentz             MARY MURPHY
    Byron and Eleanor Willhoite          Donald Shaw                          Community Corrections
EDNA LOHMAN                              Marilyn Smith                           Improvement Assoc.
    Charles and Kathleen Grosso          Joseph and Marcia Teshak         GEORGE MURRAY
PAULINE LOOMIS                           Bradley and Barbara Vandeveire       Ronald Newenham
    John and Sarah Brush             MARY MARGARET MEINSEN                ORVILLE NELL
HAZEL LORD                               Kenneth and Mary Meinsen             Fern Lapehn
    Anne and Ryno Olson                  Shirley Zahner                   CYNTHIA NELSON
WILLIAM “VAN” MACKENZIE              RICHARD E MELSON                         Erika Biley
    Joyce and Dale Boekeloo              Jane Mathison                        Barbara Brereton
    Allan and Karen Bruhn            PHYLLIS METZ                             Shirley Johnson
    Elmer and Bertha Ehler               Trisha Collier                       Delores Peters
    Gateway State Bank                   J.P. and Rhonda Kimrey               E. Dick Stoltenberg
    Lois and Donna Grinnall              Kyla Leinen                          Betty Thoensen
    Dwayne and Helen Howson              Ray Metz                         MELVINA NEWCOM
    Palmer and Loretta MacKenzie         Roger and Debbie Metz                Leeta Sanger
    Dennis and Liz McConnell             Roxanne M Stockwell                  True Sherman
    Dan & Julie Mulholland           RUTH MILLER                          VIVIAN NICHOLS
    Lois Mulholland                      Frances Haller                       Angela Althoff
    Tom and Pat Mulholland                                                    Jeff and Barbara Borts

Memorials and Honorariums
    June Cornelius                    ELSIE PIETZONKA                          Charlse and Beatrice Drenter
    Steven and Judy Houg                   Darlene Arp                         Linda Dudgeon
    Mark and Gayle Welter                  Rosemary Boland                     Karen & Jim Enright
    Jack and Patricia Wilkes               Delmar Brus                         Tank Farms Inc
MARILYN NORMAN                             Melvin and Betty Brus               John and Joanne Fleischman
    Herbert & Carol Klinkhammer Jr.        Reinold and Lorraine Burroughs      Richard and Linda Fleischman
BETTY OTTO                                 Rhonda and Scott Drechsler          Mary Ann Francois
    Neita Derrough                         Ralph and Dorothea Kay              Ralph and Elsie Griffith
JOHN AND DOROTHY PATTERSON                 Frances and Dale Moritz             Charles and Jennifer Hager
    Elizabeth Sandburg                     Royal Neighbors of American         Alfred and Donna Oetzel
JAMES PETTETT                              Gary and Barbara Schrieber          Jack and Virginia Olds
    Nina and Carlo Ferreri                 Gerald and Mary Lou Wheeler         Charles and Linda Robbins
    Karl and Jodelle Kane                  Eugene and Darlene                  Cynthia Ruwe
    Amy Killion                                Wuestenberg                     William and Geraldine Saladino
    Sharon Killion                    PAULINE POWERS                           Marilyn Schmidt
    Robert and Sylvia Lofgren              Ernest and Annie Brush              Bev Seghers
    James & Jeanine                   THOMAS RANDOLPH                          Patricia and Kenneth Smith
       McGaughy                            Darwin E Chapman                    Donna J Speth
    Robert and Joan McVey                  Dick Christian                      Robert and Pamela White
    Robert and Joan Morris                 Frank and Deborah Fisher            Marcia Wulf
    Hupp Electric Motors                   Thomas and Shirley Hopewell         Connie Youngers
    Dorothy M. Palmer                      Marc and Debra McGinn               David and Elizabeth Zimmer
    James and Linda Parry                  Mike and Karen Rehberg           JUSTINE SANDELL
    Dickson and Mary Putney                Lyne and Eleanor Schrum             Marcia H Bright
    Robert and Jean Rhone             MR. AND MRS. KENT RENEGAR             ELMER SCHIEL
    Kenneth and Stephanie Schultz          Garland and Martha Renegar          Joseph Dolter
    Frederick Stanton                 TONY RICCELLI                            James and Sandra Klinge
    Susan Trevor                           Gary & Donna Runge                  Karen and David Koppes
    Jeffrey and Bobbi Uddin           O.D. RINKER                              MHS, Inc
    Alan and Debra Wright                  Beverly Barnes Rinker            CHESTER C. SCHMITT
ELSIE PEZZETTI                        ARDITH ROMELTON                          Betty R Artus
    Keith and Kathy Churchill              Joseph and Jody Melcher             Ruth Bartlett
    Marsha L Deskin                   ALBERTHA RUMP                            Bernard or Marilyn Dansart
    Waneta Johnson                         Carol Brotherson                    Frank and Ruth Donner
    Susan Judkins                          Lee and Ann Inghram                 Alan and Susan Hattel
    Herman and Rosa Kappelman              Patricia Weld                       Ramona and Richard Hennings
    Dr M J McCornick                       Martha Williams                     Robert and Mildred Hoerner
    Merilee Mitchell                  GERRY SALADINO                           Mark and Rae Lynn Jackson
    Duane and Cherry Mott                  Carol Albrecht                      Jefferson Courtesy Fund
    Kay Peck                               Norma Jean and Judy Arner           George Ketoff
    Phillip and Victoria Pezzetti          Cheryl Arp                          Mary Alice Kirkwood
    Thomas Pezzetti                        Richard and Jean Bertram            Larry Loeppke
    Brownnie and Cheryll Polley            Mary M Bobb                         Roger and Elsabeth Oakley
    Diana Prall                            George and Lois Braden              Donald and Retha Palmer
    Olean Salmon                           Allen and Janice Bradley            Altha Raisbeck
    James V Snyder                         Marsha A Burke                      James and Janet Smith
    Mary and Ronald Sones                  Karl and Lori Christoff             Gail and Laurice Streyffeler
    Martin and Nancy Spillers              Annabelle and Dale Decock           John & Vera Tippe
    Alan and Janene Stoner                 Betsy and Larry Devilbiss           John and Nancy Woodin
                                           Victor and Judith Dibbern
Memorials and Honorariums
 JOANN SCHROEDER                       William & Mary Lee Leslein    ELLIS STOKES
     Thomas & Jill Jepsen              Catherine Pohlmann                Glee Stokes
 ALICE SEAMEN                       BRUCE SNYDER                     HERBERT STONEHOUSE
     Charlene Allely                   Barbara Brereton                  Melba and Roger Cox
     Donald Christy                 RUTH SOMMERS                         Wayne and Roberta Cox
     Lori Duning                       Douglas and Patricia Burke        Jon and Susan Cunningham
     Mark and Cynthia Espe             Dot A. Christiansen               Marlin and Eva Ford
     William Finnigan                  John and Janice Debuysere         James and Maisie Green
     Korby Palmer                      Ila Gober                         Donald and Joyce Long
     Richard and Valerie Verbeke       Kimberly Grampp                   Mary McKenzie
 IONA SEITSINGER                       Katherine and Robert Groves       Chad and Elizabeth Moore
     Sara and Thomas Whitwell          Charles Hanna                     Robert and Phyllis Scarff
 KENNETH SHELLY                        Gregory and Diane Heist           Max and Yvonne Strong
     Robert and Lavora Flemming        Blaine and Joyce Ketner           Eugene Thornburg
 BETTY SIESSEGER                       John and Karen Lasley             Rodney Thornburg
     Frances and Douglas Barker        Wendy and David Maas              David and Sharyl Van Dorin
 ELIZABETH SIESSEGER                   Duane and Pamela Saunders     ELMER STORM
     Mary Ann Bramhall-Lambert         Pamela Smith                      Mabel Hammen
     Anne Carroll                      Diane Vana                    MIKE AND JANA TEACHOUT
 HERB SITZ                             John V Vana                       Dennis and Wanda Johnson
     Dean and Marilyn Arney         HERBERT STEIGER                  BLAINE TEMPLETON
     Marianne Benson                   American Legion Auxilary          Jerry Cartwright
     George and Cynthia Bleich         Marge Bowers                      Fred and Marjorie Deeds
     Betty and Warren Border           Helen and Marion Cooney           Samuel Doty
     Ruthann Boyd                      Larry and Shirley Forari          William Livingston
     Alexander Busch                   Paul and Jane Goettsch            Gwen Miller
     Edward and Teresa Callahan        William Groom                     Harlen and Frances Northup
     John and Nancy Cathey             Gregory Kautz                     Marjorie Schmidt
     Kermit and Virginia Clingman      Wiley and Pat Ketner              Frances Templeton
     Stephen and Dorothy Earp          Joan J Meyer                      Lowman and Colene West
     Dorothy Folwell                   John and June Olds                Sheryl West
     Thomas & Judy Garside             Elenonore Steiger             DALE THORNTON
     John Harnung                      Dennis Testroet                   Mark and Marcia Granzow
     Alicia Hayes                      Marilyn Thiessen                  John and Joyce Speech
     Mary Lu Johnson                LAVONNE STIRTS                       Dennis and Luann Sutter
     Kay Marske                        Clarence and Lois Arp             Ruth Thornton
     Marlene Metzgar                   Darlene Arp                   LILLIAN TIMMERMAN
     Vivian Norton                     Sherman and Darlene Blomme        Burlington Gymnastic Society
     Kathleen Sitz                     Cleo and Cora Borders             Kenneth and Irene Campbell
     Lori Sitz                         Nelda Burken                      Max and Carol Cunningham
     Matt and Ellen Steffen            Emmy Lou Dexter                   Dorothy Gerst
     Mrs. Dean Stichnoth               Arnold and Bernice Heuer          Rita Phenicie
     Jean Stringham                    Dorothy Keppy                     Donald Roasa
     Robert and Virginia Tudeen        W & N Meinhardt                   Joyce Tweedy
     Mary Ann Tyler                    The Ramsey                        Richard Williamson
     Merle and Patricia Vastine        Thomas and Jean Ramsey        ISADORE TOBIS
     Susan Von Maur                    Robert and Vanetta Vandello       Skip and Elaine Spielberg
 LEOCADIA SLAKIS                       Viola Yakley                  MIKE TONINI
     Dave and Marilyn Engler        JOHN C. STOEVER                      Ms Frances C Fazio
                                       Edward Zezinka                    Susan J Marasco
   Memorials and Honorariums
  MARIANNE VANDERHIJDE                    Carolyn Blockhus, Judith Boes, Michael       Gladys Purcell, Jolene Quandt,
      Stephen and Ann Vanderhijde         Bowman, Brown Traffic Products, Inc.,        Janaan Redmond, Jacqueline
  MARY VANHULLE                           Lois N. Brown, Robert Brunkan,               Reid, Destiny Roberts, Mike &
      Ruby Griffin                        Douglas Campbell, Karen Carsell-             Tracy Robinson, Tom Roederer,
                                          Laake, Marilyn Chappell, Elizabeth           Bill Rosebery, Karen Ruble, Ernest
      Ruth Klouda
                                          Clements, Charles Cobb, Ms Muriel            Sansgaard, Frederick Scherr,
      Michael and Patty Moore             Armbrecht, Doris Conn, Judy Cooper,          Loraine Schleisman, Mark &
      Lois Sabol                          Pearl Cooper, Philip Cornelius, Sharon       Deborah Schwiebert, Ronni Scott,
      Mitchell VanHulle                   Dee, Glen & Vi DeStigter, Lynette Dietz,     Linda Hoyt, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry
      Weston and Mabel Wassell            Neil Donohoe, Jean Dunning, James            Shinn, Rodney & Joanna Short,
  DONALD VONACHEN                         Ellis, William Engler, J. Wallace and        Carol Sipfle, Darlis Spaete, Steve
                                          Rosaline Erickson, Ben Farrar, David         Sparks, Don & Karen Spenner,
      Susan J Marasco
                                          Fenton, Nancy Ferguson, Edward               Robert Spofford, Jayne Stebbins,
  ROBERT WALLACE                          Frankel, Steven & Karen Freeborn,            Kenneth & Cindy Stephens,
      Michael & Penne Beauchamp           Brian Freeman, Scott & Janet Freeman,        Richard Stockseth, Wilma Strait,
  MARY ANN WATSON                         Susan Freeman, Jim Gager, Linda              Donald & Marilyn Swenson, Dr.
      Loretta T Pittman                   Gibbs, Elaine & Brian Gifford, Harold        and Mrs. John Syverud, H.F.
                                          Godwin, Sarah Graf, Conan Grap, Mr.          Thompson, Robert Tree, Leigh
      James & Bonnie Rathburn
                                          and Mrs. Thomas Green, C. William            Trembath, David Trenkamp, Toni
  DELORIS WEBSTER                         Gustafson, Charles Haas, Sandra              Turner, Teri Ullrich, Barbara &
      Janet Belluchi                      Ham, Leroy & Joan Hamilton, Jack             Dennis Van Der Ginst, David Van
  DORIS WEIKERT                           Hebbeln, Richard & Patricia Heber, Ted       Lauwe, Stan VerPloeg, Sharon
      John and Deanna Borts               Herbst, Sharon Hermie, Elaine                Grafft, Michele & Andrew Waber,
      Trudy Holman                        Holcombe, Ted & Marjorie Holtzer, Mrs.       Alice Wagner, James Wieder,
                                          Annette Homer, Lawrence & Coletta            Margaret Willis, Bryan Wilson,
      Kathy Leitch
                                          Huber, Darla Hulse, Glenn & Lois             Richard & G. Lee Yahnke, Barry
  IRENE WEINGARTNER                       Hultquist, John & Jean Hutchison,            Yoakum, Deena Zymm.
      Donna Dwyer                         Robert Hyde, Cynthia Irwin, Tom & Judy
  CAROLINE WHALEN                         Jackson, Tim & Ellen Janicki, Mildred
      Arthur Whalen                       Jay, Gene & Margaret Jennings, Daniel                     Go To
  DORIS WILKS                             & Phyllis Jepsen, Gerald Grubb, Harold
                                          Johnson, Quentin & Sandi Johnson,
      Robert and Fern Rasmussen
                                          Richard & Carol Jurgens, Ms. Veda                          for...
  MARY JOY WILSON                         Kail, Johnette Kellogg, Janice Kennedy,
      Shirley Carpenter                   Martin & Tamara Kenworthy, William          -Support group listings
      Gary and Toni Dann                  Klatt, Evelyn & Duane Klute, Joseph
      Douglas and Tina Fulton             Lane, Representative Latham, Evonne
                                          Lavender, John Leachman, Frank              -New! Tour of the
      Frank Kutchen
                                          Leiserowitz, Andrew Lenaghan, Randall        Alzheimer’s Brain
  LORINE WRIGHT                           Lengeling, Kathy Lentsch, Shirley Lentz,
      Marilyn Lee Sherman                 Jean Lester, Thomas Lincoln, Gayle          -Secure donation site
  ANN YOUNG                               Lovejoy, Nancy Lowe, Elaine
      James and Mary Kruger               Lundstrom, Daniel & Bonnie Lyphout, Al
  ERMA YOUNG                              & Regina Macrae, Patricia Magel,            -Volunteering information
                                          Michelle & Craig Mahoney, James &
      Helen Field
                                          Jean Marinos, Jerry & Sunny Marker,         -Educational program calendar
      Barry and Andree Halden             Steven McCann, James McCarl,
      Dean Marshall                       Madeline McCombs, Donald & Ellen
                                          McWilliams, A. Jay Medford, Mark Meyer,     -Basic disease information
  Donations                               Joan Miller, John & Mildred Miller, Betty
Carol Ades, Mr. James Agnew, Robin        & Robert Mitchell, Peter & Karen Drew       -Memory Walk registration
Ahnen-Cacciatore, Elaine Anderson,        Moldt, Francis & Phyllis Morris, Michael
Katherine D. Anderson, Russell            Myszewski, Gerard Nigon, Robert Noth,
                                          Craig Olson, John O’Neil, Virginia Otto,    -Staff and branch office
Andeway, Allen and Mary Arnold, Beverly
                                          Laura Pascuzzi, Thomas Patterson,            contact information
Warner, Michael Bailey, Ms Dot Beason,
Joyce Thompson, Paul & Ruth Bendit,       Vivian Peters, Mrs. P.A. Phelps, Dale
Stephen & Teresa Betz, Daniel Bimbi,      Phillips, Steve Schaaf, James &
                                          Jermaine Prescott, David DeFlavio,
UnForeGettable Golf Classic                        Taxes & Alzheimer’s Disease
                                                   Tax returns will be due sooner than you think! If you care
                          Thursday, May 25         for a person with dementia, you may be eligible for some
                          Eagle Ridge              tax deductions and credits.
                          Galena, IL               Before you start organizing your receipts and forms, check
                          Call (563) 589-0030      out the Alzheimer’s Association’s “Taxes and Alzheimer’s
                                                   disease” publication. It outlines the following tax issues:
                                                       · Deductibility of care expenses
                                                       · The household and dependent care credit
                                                       · Federal employment taxes and income tax
                                                           withholding for household workers
                              Thursday, July 27
                                                   You can download this publication from or
                              The Harvester
                                                   call the Greater Iowa Chapter at 1-800-272-3900 and
                              Rhodes, IA
                                                   receive a copy of “Taxes and Alzheimer’s Disease”.
                              Call (515)440-2722

                                                                                                  800 272 3900

                                                                           to give everyone a reason to hope.
                                                                           We are fighting on your behalf 24/7

                                                                                    West Des Moines, IA 50266
                                                                                    1730 28th Street
                                                                                    Greater Iowa


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