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					                                                                Issue two


                            On the crest
                   OF A WAVE
ScottishPower I Waterfront developments I Capital of Culture I Crane watch
                        is a magazine for those with an      This publication highlights Liverpool’s

          interest in the economic resurgence of the        renaissance and its business and

          Liverpool City Region: investors, property        investment potential, with that dynamism
          players, retailers, professionals and business.   and self-belief reflected in the magazine’s

            Liverpool is a rapidly improving business       confident and modern approach.

          location that offers companies a strong

          combination of business benefits. The area                     is published by newsco-insider

          is attracting growing levels of inward            and supported by Business Liverpool,

          investment and is creating jobs at a faster       Liverpool Land Development Company,

          rate than anywhere else in the UK.                Liverpool Vision, the Mersey Partnership, the

          The effects of economic regeneration              Northwest Regional Development Agency

          are everywhere to see.                            and Government Office for the North West.

                                                                                              Liverpool magazine editor
                                                                                                              Lisa Miles
                                                                                     David Chadwick, Charlotte Dalgarno,
                                                                                                Kevin Gopal, Neil Tague
                                                                                                    Design & Production
                                                                                                          Damien Wiehl
                                                                                                    Production manager
                                                                                                             Bob Stoney
                                                                                                       Editorial director
                                                                                                          Michael Taylor

 4   Foreword
     John Roberts, chief executive of United Utilities,
                                                          22   On the move
                                                               •MerseyTram on track
     on Liverpool’s economic renaissance                       •Airport investment
                                                               •Bridge across the Mersey
 5   Up front
     •Shop ‘til you drop
     •Smoke-free Liverpool
     •Guest column: Phil Griffin
     •Economic indicators
 9   Investment
     •Power to the city
     •Grand National sponsor signs
     •Littlewoods digs deep
                                                          24   Sector focus - Automotive
                                                               •Jaguar at Halewood
                                                               •Funding, research and company news
12   Talking business with…

                                                          26   Knowledge
                                                               •Universities lead the way
                                                               •International Centre for Digital Content
                                                               •Start-up funding
                                                          28   Professional Liverpool
                                                               •Law firms prepare for battle
     •Simon Edwards, chief executive of Midas Capital          •Burning issue: funding
                                                               •Latest news from the professional community
15   Property
     •  Waterfront takes shape
                                                          31   Lifestyle
                                                               •A night at the theatre
     •New urban spaces                                         •Boutique hotels
     •New-look Anfield                                         •Films: Made on Merseyside
     •Projects updates                                         •A bit of sparkle
     •Crane watch                                              •FACT
20   Countdown to Culture
     •  SeaLiverpool
                                                          32   Who’s who?
                                                               Where to go for info, funding or advice in Liverpool

     •How business can win
     •Museums of the future


    Welcome to the second issue of


                                                                        home grown and many, including Unilever, the Mersey
                                                                        Docks and Harbour Company, Pilkington, Littlewoods
                                                                        and, of course, United Utilities, have a significant
                                                                        historical association with the region.
                                                                          But it is also worth pointing out that the vast majority
                                                                        of businesses in the region are small, employing fewer
                                                                        than six people. This alone shows the innovation and
                                                                        entrepreneurial nature of Liverpool.
                                                                          All these indicators show that the Liverpool economy is
                                                                        now delivering real growth.
                                                                          The fastest growing sectors are hotels and restaurants,
                                                                        construction and real estate and this reflects the
                                                                        re-emergence of the city centre itself.
                                                                          Liverpool is at the forefront of public/private working

                   few years ago, if you had asked someone to           to maximise the impact of social and economic
                   name five things about Liverpool I wonder            regeneration programmes. It was the first city to
                   what they would have said? Probably crime,           establish an urban regeneration company and its
          unemployment, docks, Scousers and, of course, The             pioneering work continues – working with private sector
          Beatles would be mentioned. And perhaps underpinning          and regional agencies to attract new investment and
          it all would be a sense of a city whose time had come         maximise the economic impact of Objective One.
          and gone – a city in decay.                                     Major improvements are being planned to the
            My childhood in Merseyside coincided with the start         transport infrastructure and Liverpool John Lennon
          of Liverpool’s decline. From my perception, the city had      Airport continues to expand and grow rapidly.
          everything. Everything, that is except the energy to          Over £3bn of construction and infrastructure projects
          change and adapt. There was a lack of confidence and a        are planned in the next five years.
          feeling of acceptance and complacency.                          The European Capital of Culture success has come
            Decades of under-investment and industrial dislocation      along at just the right time. People have described
          can’t be transformed overnight. But a mix of private,         the award as “a shot in the arm for Liverpool” and
          European Union and other public investment in                 ”the catalyst for a fresh wave of regeneration”. And that
          the Liverpool City Region is now clearly beginning to         is exactly what it is.
          bear fruit.                                                     The bid team used a strap line of The World in One
            Over the last few years employment levels have been         City. This is not just an aspiration – it is now believable.
          rising and the city region has created 51,000 extra jobs.
          In 2002 employment increased by 5.3 per cent,
          compared to 0.4 per cent across the UK as a whole.
          There are also good rates of new business formation,
          business survival and some improvement in educational
            Liverpool City Region has over 38,000 businesses. It is a   John Roberts CBE
          testament that the majority of its top 20 businesses are      Chief executive, United Utilities plc

Up front                                              Salon designs for flamboyant hairdresser Herbert Lowe
                                                                                                                  PLEASE SEND LETTERS AND FEEDBACK TO
                                                                                                                            email: liverpool@newsco.com

                                                                                                              Companies in this issue
                                                                                                              3xNielsen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
                                                                                                              BCA Landscape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
                                                                                                              Boodle & Dunthorne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
                                                                                                              Bovis Lend Lease . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
                                                                                                              Brabners Chaffe Street . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
                                                                                                              British Waterways . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
                                                                                                              Broadbent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
                                                                                                              Bruntwood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
                                                                                                              BusinessLiverpool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                                                              Coutts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                                                                                                              Cuff Roberts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
                                                                                                              David McLean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
                                                                                                              Debenhams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                                                                              Dubois Naval Atchitects. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
                                                                                                              Empire Theatre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
                                                                                                              Ernst & Young . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
                                                                                                              Everyman and Playhouse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
                                                                                                              FACT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
                                                                                                              Flybe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
                                                                                                              Getrag-Ford Transmissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
                                                                                                              Grosvenor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                                                                              Halliwells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Retail therapy across the city                                                                                Hermes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                                                                              Hill Dickinson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
                                                                                                              HIT UK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
22 November 2004 will go down in         retailer John Lewis and other high-street stores. Hanover
                                                                                                              The Hope Street Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
history as the day work officially       Street will focus on lifestyle, while Peter’s Lane, based around     Hurst . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
                                                                                                              ICDC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
started on the Paradise project – the    two small squares, will be designer led. South John Street,
                                                                                                              Jaguar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
£800m scheme set to transform            featuring a 190,000 sq ft Debenhams store, will be family            John Lewis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Liverpool city centre and put it on      oriented. Chavasse Park will be recreated as The Park,               John Smith’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
                                                                                                              Johnson Service Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
the map as a world-class retail          a five-acre open terraced space with a 2,000-space car park          Langtree Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
destination. With 30 individually        underneath. A transport interchange, for buses and the new           Littlewoods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                                                                                                              Liverpool Fabrication Company . . . . . 24
designed buildings, the city will        Merseytram, will be at Canning Place. The city will boast over
                                                                                                              Liverpool Football Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
retain its reputation for distinctive    1.6 million sq ft of new shopping space.                             Liverpool Victoria . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                                                                              Liverpool John Lennon Airport . . . . 6,23
architecture                               Just days before the groundbreaking ceremony, Grosvenor
                                                                                                              Lloyds TSB Development Capital. . . . 30
  The groundbreaking ceremony was        announced the scheme had secured £225m of international              M’side Special Investment Fund . . 6,29
led by the Duke of Westminster,          backing. The Ryan family (of Ryanair), financial services firm       MerseyDocks & Harbour Company . 15
                                                                                                              Merseytravel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
chairman of developer Grosvenor, and     Liverpool Victoria, fund manager Hermes, property firm               MET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Mike Storey, leader of Liverpool City    Redevco, an unnamed Middle Eastern investment group and              Midas Capital Partners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
                                                                                                              Milligan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Council. “After four years of planning   Grosvenor itself all committed funds to the project.
                                                                                                              National Museums Liverpool. . . . . . . . . . 21
we can start to enhance this already       Liverpool’s retail offer is also set to benefit from the Met       Neptune Theatre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
                                                                                                              The Pierse Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
great city,” said the Duke. “The city    Quarter on the former post office site at Whitechapel,
                                                                                                              PricewaterhouseCoopers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
centre will evolve. We hope to leave a   bordering the Cavern Walks area. Developer Milligan hopes            Puschka . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
legacy, and provide real benefits that   to complete the designer shopping scheme by the end of               The Racquet Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
                                                                                                              RED Productions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
people can be proud of for a long time   2005. It received a major shot in the arm in May 2004 with           Redevco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
to come.”                                the signing of Armani as a tenant over two floors.                   Reddington Finance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
                                                                                                              The Royal Bank of Scotland . . . . . . . . . . . 30
  At 42.5 acres, the Paradise Street       Meanwhile Liverpool City Council announced in December
                                                                                                              Ryanair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,23
Development Area is a project of huge    2004 that the busiest shopping area, Church Street, is to            ScottishPower . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6,9
                                                                                                              Seatrade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
importance. Since the Office of the      undergo extensive improvement. Plans to replace worn-out
                                                                                                              Smiling Wolf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Deputy Prime Minister approved           paving with solid granite on Church Street and surrounding           Stanley Leisure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Compulsory Purchase Orders in May        roads continues as part of a £78m commitment to improving            Swiss Life Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
                                                                                                              Toxteth TV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
2004 Liverpool hasn’t looked back.       the city centre environment.                                         United Utilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
  Paradise Street itself will be a         Bids for the contract will be invited in the autumn, with          Venmore, Thomas & Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
                                                                                                              Wilkinson Eyre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
pedestrian boulevard featuring anchor    work to start early in 2006 and complete early in 2007.

Up front

        Capital letters…                                                    To the point…
        Neil Tague, property writer at regional
        business magazine North West Business
                                                                            •Changes are underway to                  Heathrow, after the phenomenal
                                                                            transform Liverpool’s historic            success of VLM’s daily flights to
        Insider, witnesses exciting times in Liverpool
                                                                            waterfront, including a cruise liner      London City Airport.
                                        While the Paradise Project is       facility, an extension to the Leeds-
                                        rightly grabbing headlines          Liverpool canal and an arena and          •ScottishPower, owner of the city’s
                                        as the saviour of Liverpool’s       conference centre at Kings Dock.          electricity network, is investing over
                                        retail offer, a quiet revolu-       READ MORE IN PROPERTY ON P15              £30m in its city centre infrastructure
                                        tion is taking place away                                                     over the next three years.
                                        from the hustle and bustle          •  2005 is SeaLiverpool, a year-          READ MORE IN INVESTMENT ON P9
                                        of the shopping streets.            long celebration of the city’s rich
                                        For a long time much of             maritime legacy.                          • New Futures, a regeneration
                                        Old Hall Street was owned           READ MORE IN COUNTDOWN TO                 project in the Kensington area of
        by the Littlewoods family and nothing much                          CULTURE ON P20                            Liverpool, has been launched with
        changed.                                                                                                      the aim of increasing employment
           But the arrival of the Beetham Tower and the                     •  Liverpool Business Centre, the         opportunities in ICT, construction,
        Radisson SAS hotel heralded a rebirth. Penthouse                    one-stop shop for business support        and health and social care. The
        apartments and four-star accommodation, along                       in the city, has been rebranded as        Kensington regeneration scheme
        with the sparkling Unisys building at 101 Old Hall                  Business Liverpool. It is a partnership   has a grant of £62m from the Office
        Street, breathed new life into the previously                       between Liverpool Chamber of              of the Deputy Prime Minister.
        tired street. Since then we’ve seen extensive                       Commerce and Industry, Business
        refurbishment programmes announced at both 60                       Link and Liverpool City Council,          • A new £27m fund for knowledge
        and 100 Old Hall Street. The announcement in                        and was founded in 2001. A joint          -based start-ups on Merseyside has
        January 2005 by Liverpool developer UK Land &                       venture company is being formed,          been launched, managed by the
        Property that it had acquired the limestone-fronted                 to be headed by a mainly private          Merseyside Special Investment
        former Index House and adjacent Stanley Hall                        sector-led board.                         Fund. A new company, Liverpool
        underlines that this is a business district on the up.                                                        Ventures, will work with the
           There’s still room for improvement at the Chapel                 •  Plans for Merseytram, the city’s       universities, entrepreneurs and
        Street end. While Chris Nisbet’s development of the                 own tram system, are on track as          companies to help develop
        Albany       building        will     bring      much-awaited       the government gives transport            innovative ideas for application to
        residential space, several fabulous buildings have                  authority Merseytravel the green          the fund.
        potential that seems to be going untapped. Maybe                    light to build Line One.
        Rumford’s mixed-use Unity will trigger further                      READ MORE IN ON THE MOVE ON P22           •Jack Stopforth, current chief
        development.                                                                                                  executive of Cumbria Inward
           Refurbished accommodation is all well and                        •Stanley Leisure, the Liverpool-          Investment Agency, has been
        good. But to really excite the investor community                   based casinos and bookmaking              appointed as the new chief
        and wider public, big new schemes are needed –                      giant, has formed a joint venture         executive of the Liverpool Chamber
        and that’s exactly what English Cities Fund’s St                    with Palomino Sun, a subsidiary of        of Commerce and Industry.
        Paul’s Place, at the end of Old Hall Street, will do.               Malaysian company Genting
           Old Hall Street has history to go with the shiny                 Berhard, to pursue the development        • Financial services firm
        new offices – a history well documented in the Face                 of regional casinos in the UK             PricewaterhouseCoopers is
        of Liverpool public art project. To reflect Liverpool’s             and maximise on the benefits of           celebrating its 200th year in Liverpool
        status as a melting pot of different cultures, Index                deregulation in UK casinos.               and has launched a year-long charity
        House is to be renamed Nations House. And while                                                               campaign to raise funds for the BBC
        some have heralded St Paul’s Square as “the City of                 •   Liverpool Chamber of Commerce         Radio Merseyside Charitable Trust.
        London comes to Liverpool”, that’s too negative.                    and Industry is campaigning               The firm traces its roots back to
        Liverpool is its own city, and with a burgeoning                    for a scheduled air link between          Harmood Banner, which opened
        business district it should start to punch its weight.              Liverpool John Lennon Airport and         an office in Liverpool in 1805.

    (Read more about the property schemes mentioned in Property from P15)

                                                                                                                                              Up front

Up in smoke
Liverpool is leading the campaign to make the UK a
smoke-free haven. Building on its heritage of public
health reforms, the city’s private bill to ban smoking
in all workplaces has won a slot for parliamentary
debate in the House of Lords.
  Despite concerns from the leisure industry that
banning smoking would adversely affect trade,
establishments in Liverpool are already reaping the
rewards of opting to be smoke free. A survey by YouGov
on behalf of professional services firm KPMG found that
infrequent pub-goers will visit more often with a ban in
place, while regulars are unlikely to be discouraged.
  Over 100 people die each year in Liverpool from
cancer caused by passive smoking. Campaigners argue
that the government’s own proposals do not go far
enough – smoking needs to be banned in every
workplace, including pubs and bars that do not serve
food, and soon. They hope that Liverpool’s law will be
in place by mid 2006. The city has teamed up with the
Association of London Government, which represents
London’s 33 councils, in a joint petition to Parliament.
  Businesses are gearing up for the ban and reporting
positive results. Chic city centre restaurant Puschka has
been smoke free since May 2004 after a survey of
customers revealed that 83 per cent were in favour of
stubbing out smoking.
  Co-founder Glen Dumbell explained that trade has
actually improved. “None of the staff are suffering;
we don’t smell of smoke; the windows are staying
cleaner,” she said. “I’d say we only had two negative
comments. Plus we have chairs and tables outside if
people want to smoke.” A new Café Puschka, a 120-
cover restaurant, has now opened in the city centre.
  Liverpool’s proposed legislation is being championed
                                                            City centre restaurant Puschka has opted to go smoke free
by Smokefree Liverpool, a partnership of organisations
that includes health groups, the City Council, Liverpool
Chamber of Commerce, the North West TUC and the             LIVERPOOL STATISTICS
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Individuals or             LIVERPOOL PROFILE
businesses breaching the ban would face fines of up to
                                                               Population (Merseyside)*                                                 1.48 million
  “We need to protect all employees who are exposed            Employment rate (Merseyside)*                                                    67.3%
to smoking in their workplace,” said Mike Storey, leader       Number of jobs (Merseyside)*                                                  594,768
of Liverpool City Council. “In Liverpool over 100 people
                                                               Unemployment claimant rates (Feb 04) (Merseyside)*                                   4%
die each year from cancer caused by passive smoking.
                                                               Unemployment claimant rates (Dec 04) (Merseyside)*                                3.5%
We take this extremely seriously. As a city council we
have a duty to protect employees and customers, and            Number of Universities                                                                 3
this bill will do exactly that. We have received over-         Total number of higher education students**                                    50,200
whelming support from smokers and non-smokers in
                                                               Total number of graduates**                                                     10,135
the city and I’m sure other cities will follow our lead.”
                                                                                                                      *2003 – ONS, The Mersey Partnership
                                                                                                             ** Higher Education Statistics Agency (2002/3)


                                                                             So what do you do exactly?
                                                                             “The metropolitan area of Liverpool is a £14bn economy
                                                                             and TMP champions it as a place to live, work, invest and
                                                                             visit. Our economic arm focuses on improving economic
                                                                             performance and acting as a mature and informative voice
                                                                             for Merseyside in regional, national and international
                                                                             settings. Our investment arm encourages corporates to
                                                                             look at Liverpool as a place to set up business.
                                                                               “Our tourism arm promotes and markets tourism
                                                                             assets to increase visitor flow and spending in the area.
                                                                             The tourism message is also part of the wider
                                                                             corporate investment message – it is becoming
                                                                             increasingly important for an investor to feel that it is
                                                                             moving into a location with a high quality of life.”

                                                                             Has TMP succeeded in its role?
                                                                             “The economic news is very positive for the Liverpool
                                                                             region as our income per head has been growing faster
                                                                             than in the whole of the North West and the UK over
                                                                             the last five years, which is quite a turnaround. We have

                                  What is The Mersey                         been creating jobs at twice the pace of the national
                                  Partnership?                               average. Unemployment is below 4 per cent – the
                                  “In place for 11 years, The Mersey         lowest in a generation. We have attracted over £50m in
                                  Partnership (TMP) is an independent        corporate investment over the last three years and
    Get to know Thomas O’Brien,   body that is supported and sustained       created or safeguarded 4,000 jobs.”
    chief executive of            by members in the public and
    The Mersey Partnership        private sectors. It is a unique alliance   What skills do you and your team bring?
                                  representing over 400 businesses           “We bring together invaluable experience from the
                                  across the city region – we have a         public and private sectors. I have been with TMP for nearly
                                  network of 110 corporate members,          four years and bring expertise from UK government,
                                  including household names such as          where I was an economic adviser at the Treasury, and
                                  Littlewoods, Unilever and Jaguar, as       private sector experience from KPMG and the World
                                  well as professional firms.                Bank Group. Our tourism director, Martin King, joins
                                    “Our member companies are known          from being managing director of the Alexandra Palace
                                  in the North West and nationally, and      exhibition centre in London and was previously a
                                  many are internationally known too.        senior executive with the Tussauds Group.
                                  We are the only agency of our type           “Our familiarity with public sector structures and
                                  that works across the metropolitan         processes ensures that we are in sync with public
                                  area of Liverpool – in doing so we         sector priorities and are able to use its investment
                                  have a certain critical mass, logic of     effectively. At the same time we play great reference to
                                  economics and market penetration as        our private sector support and enthusiasm, in keeping
                                  we can make connections for 1.5            with the needs and aspirations of our members and of
                                  million people and showcase all that       companies that we are touch with. It gives TMP a
                                  the region has to offer.”                  degree of flexibility and independence that is valued.”



                                                                                                                                                       The Mersey Partnership
A modern, growing city needs a modern electricity                                                        between demand and capacity
                                                                                                         we approached ScottishPower.
network to power its economic aspirations and to light                                                   After reviewing our forecasts they
                                                                                                         confirmed our analysis and moved
the way for the new homes and businesses it craves                                                       quickly to make their investment
                                                                                                         decision. Vision’s long-term strategic

       tilities giant ScottishPower, owner of Liverpool’s    we have the capacity, we have to            view helped identify the issue before
       electricity network, is investing £30m of its own     distribute it. We are reinforcing           it became a practical problem.”
       money in the city’s power infrastructure to ensure    the network to meet a forecast                While there may be some city
that aspirations for a growing and regenerated city centre   increase in demand due to the major         centre disruption during the essential
can be met. By 2010, says the company, Liverpool’s           regeneration of the city centre.”           upgrading, Gill is confident that
power needs will treble from levels in the 1960s, when         With plans for a major retail scheme      effective coordination of this and
the network was set up.                                      at Paradise Street, a raft of residential   other construction and utilities
  Work on the three-year investment project started in       and commercial developments                 work will minimise inconvenience.
July 2004 and is set to continue for the next three years.   and the tram system, studies predict        “The city can’t change without some
ScottishPower is also working closely with transport         an increase in demand of 22 per cent        disruption and this work is essential,”
authority Merseytravel on plans for a tram system            between 2003 and 2008/09.                   he said.
– a £10m scheme that will require moving over 300            ScottishPower expects to recover
                                                                                                           POWER INVESTMENT: : KEY FACTS
major electricity cables and relocating a substation.        some of its £30m from new residential
  The city’s electricity demand is today around 180,000      and commercial customers, but part             Total investment              £30m
kilowatts of power, equivalent to 95,000 homes – demand      of that investment is also expected to         Timescale            Three years
is set to rise by the equivalent of another 25,000 homes.    go towards the planned tram system.
                                                                                                            Substations         Lister Drive
Around 18 km of cable will be laid and a new 132,000-volt      “The level of actual and planned
                                                                                                                               & Sparling St
substation will be constructed, close to the Albert Dock,    investment over the next few years
that will be capable of supplying 60,000 kilowatts to the    will generate significant additional           New cable                     18km
immediate area.                                              demand for electricity in the city             Current demand 180,000kw
  “We are bringing capacity from the outskirts to the        centre,” explained Jim Gill, chief
                                                                                                            Forecast increase          22% by
city centre,” explained Alan James, programme manager        executive of urban regeneration
for PowerSystems, part of the ScottishPower group.           company Liverpool Vision. “Having
“That network doesn’t exist at the moment and once           identified a potential mismatch                                   Source: ScottishPower


     Sweet smell of bitter

                                                                                                         PROPERTY HUB
                                                                                                         Irish contractor and developer
                                                                                                         The Pierse Group has chosen
                                                                                                         Liverpool as the base for its
     As 40 horses line up on 9 April and      Smith’s will emphasise in a big way. Scottish &            North West operations as the
     prepare to conquer Bechers Brook,        Newcastle is the biggest brewer in the UK, which opens     property market continues to
     onlookers will not be sipping on         up a very good market for us. More and more people         flourish in the city. Pierse will
     Martell Cognac, but downing a pint       will become actively involved in the race thanks to this   add projects worth around
     of John Smith’s bitter.                  sponsorship.”                                              £50m to recent developments in
       National brewer John Smith’s is          The three-year deal has an option to be rolled on for    the residential and commercial
     backing the Grand National for the       another three years, which would take the John Smith’s     markets in the city and create
     next three years. The brewing giant,     Grand National into Liverpool’s European Capital           job opportunities.
     part of the Scottish & Newcastle         of Culture Year in 2008. By then Aintree will have           Joe Briody, director for the
     empire, has signed a multi-million       undergone an ambitious £30m facelift.                      north of England, said:
     pound sponsorship deal, with the first     “The redevelopment of the racecourse will make           “Expanding our operation in the
     John Smith’s Grand National meeting      Aintree look quite different. People will notice the       UK was a logical move and we’ve
     set for April 2005.                      exciting and interesting changes in relation to entering   started in Liverpool because,
       Aintree Racecourse, one of the         the racecourse and the feel inside,” said Barnett.         quite simply, there are more
     region’s most famous sporting              The new design will include two five-storey              opportunities here and it’s more
     destinations and home to the Grand       grandstands and a new parade ring, providing elevated      practical to enter the market.
     National, is preparing for its new       viewing for around 4,000 spectators. The overall           Liverpool has a very positive
     sponsor with excitement. “John           capacity will increase by around 6,700 and there will      environment in which to do
     Smith’s goes to the very roots of the    be a permanent Aintree Pavilion providing bar catering     business. It was a natural choice
     event,” said Charles Barnett,            and betting facilities for up to 10,000.                   for us. Both commercially and
     managing director at Aintree. “The         Work is due to start after the 2005 Grand National       residentially we’re here for the
     Grand National is the people’s race      and complete in time for the 2007 event. Work will be      long haul and we’re here to
     and that is something which John         suspended to allow the 2006 event to go ahead.             make our mark.”


TAKE TO THE SKIES                                                                                                  Bankers to
                                                                                                                   the Queen
                                                                                                                   Private      bank    Coutts   reports
                                                                                                                   growing business for its Liverpool
                                                                                                                   office and an expanding client
                                                                                                                   base as it benefits from the fortunes
                                                                                                                   of the city’s entrepreneurs and
                                                                                                                    other wealthy individuals. The
                                                                                                                      office is the second fastest
                                                                                                                         growing in the group.
                                                                                                                          The bank’s arrival at Princes
                                                                                                                      Dock in November 2003 was
                                                                                                                   hailed as proof of Liverpool’s
                                                                                                                   economic renaissance. The office,
                                                                                                                   which opened with a team of five
                                                                                                                   private bankers, is headed by
                                                                                                                   senior private banker Paul Scott
                                                                                                                   and serves clients in Merseyside and
                                                                                                                   the surrounding area, including
                                                                                                                   Chester and North Wales.
                                                                                                                     “It’s been a snowball effect,”
 LLDC chief executive David Waugh, Liverpool City Council leader Mike Storey and Littlewoods’ McGeorge celebrate   said Scott. “We receive referrals
                                                                                                                   from existing clients and from
Work is underway on the construction of major new                       from the city centre: Littlewoods          the    professional     community.
headquarters in South Liverpool for retail giant                        Finance Company moved to the               There is a lot of new wealth
Littlewoods. The move confirms the company’s                            Aintree Innovation Centre in               around Liverpool, with many
commitment to its 80-year Liverpool heritage and its                    September 2004 and the Littlewoods         entrepreneurs, particularly in the
confidence in the city region’s economy.                                Stores business, relocated to Spinney      35 to 55-year-old age group –
  Littlewoods, one of the largest employers on Merseyside               House, above the flagship                  although our footballer clients
with a 6,000-strong workforce, is relocating its Home                   Littlewoods store on Church Street.        tend    to    drag    that    average
Shopping division from the city centre to a listed hangar                 The Estuary Commerce Park,               down. There is a lot of wealth
building at a former aerodrome complex in Speke. The                    owned by the Northwest Regional            around.
hangar is being converted to provide 100,000 sq ft of                   Development Agency (NWDA), is a              “We have been here over a year
high-quality office space, to be known as Skyways House.                flagship business park managed by          now and couldn’t have asked for
  A new 83,000 sq ft building is also being constructed                 Liverpool Land Development                 more support from the local
on an adjacent site on Estuary Commerce Park to provide                 Company (LLDC) that attracts               business community. We aim to
extra office space and warehousing. A further 11,000 sq                 investment from names such as              keep growing and hiring new
ft building will house a new IT data centre. Work is                    HBOS, DHL and Avarto.                      private bankers to look after
scheduled for completion in May 2005 with 1,200                           The £31m relocation project is part      clients.”
Littlewoods staff moving in at the end of summer 2005.                  funded by the NWDA. “I am delighted          Coutts is the international
  “These new premises provide us with improved road                     the NWDA has been able to provide          private banking arm of The
and air transport facilities, with the M62 and Liverpool                £2.6m towards the new headquarters,”       Royal Bank of Scotland and
John Lennon Airport situated on our doorstep,” said                     said NWDA area manager for                 manages assets for 90,000 clients
Alastair McGeorge, Littlewoods Home Shopping chief                      Merseyside, Paul Lakin. “The name of       worldwide. It offers a complete
executive. “And with further improvements to the public                 Littlewoods has long been associated       private banking service that uses
transportation networks, this area really does start to                 with Liverpool and we welcome being        a wide range of investment,
provide an ideal base for a retail business.”                           able to support their continued            fiduciary and banking products.
  Two Littlewoods businesses have already relocated                     investment in the city.”

 Talking business

                    Liverpool’s thriving
                    professional community is
                    home to a raft of successful
                    firms, from actuarial
                    consultancies to corporate
                    finance boutiques.
                              talks to Simon
                     Edwards, chief executive
                     of investment manager
                     Midas Capital Partners,
                     about building up a
                     successful independent
                      firm in the city

                                           Photography by Mark McNulty

                                                                                                         Talking business

On the
               e eat our own cooking,” says Simon Edwards          “I’ll never forget that,” says Edwards. “They were very
               proudly, as he sits in his modest office in the   supportive and put their faith in us as a new company
               Martins Bank Building in the heart of             – albeit one with a strong track record, but still
Liverpool’s business district. On the floor below film           unproven as a new business. Thankfully we’ve performed
finance company Tower Films is generating an edgy mix            very well for the university and repaid that faith.”
of creativity and enterprise that is helping to drive the        Since then the fund has consistently exceeded agreed
city’s economic renaissance. Several floors over his head        benchmarks and in 2003 it was ranked in the top quartile
lies the building’s majestic interwar boardroom,                 of all charitable funds, as analysed by investment
reminiscent of a Renaissance palace with its painted,            performance measurement business WM Company.
beamed ceiling and symbolic of Liverpool’s heritage as a           Southport born and bred, Edwards was at MPF for
centre of vibrant world commerce.                                seven years and his right-hand man, Alan Borrows,
  Culinary prowess aside, the chief
executive of Liverpool-based independent,       “Our own money is invested in these
investment business Midas Capital
Partners is referring to his team’s personal
                                                 two products. We believe in aligning
investments in Midas’ two flagship unit          our interests with those of our clients.”
trusts. “Our own personal money and our
pensions funds are invested in these two products. We are        for 20. The step to set up an independent business is
very much believers in aligning our interests with those of      always ambitious, but Edwards’s career had prepared him
our clients,” he says. “It keeps us focused to do the best       for the rigours ahead. Part way through a post-graduate
job we can for those trusts.”                                    year abroad, he decided to abandon the job being
  Edwards set up Midas in April 2002 when he left the            held for him at a London-based chartered accountancy
Merseyside Pension Fund (MPF), one of the largest                to take a position in New Zealand as a share analyst at
pension funds in the country with just over £3bn under           the Australian Mutual Provident Society, the biggest
management for the five local authorities and over 100           investment and insurance house in Australasia.
quasi-governmental organisations. His team consistently            He was headhunted at the age of 25 to head the
delivered some of the best pension fund performances in          National Provident Fund, the second largest pension
the country.                                                     fund in New Zealand, leading a team of 15 people
  Edwards’ colleagues followed him into the risky world          for four years. In 1992 he returned to London to join
of an independent start-up business. Their first success         Credit Suisse First Boston as a director.
put Midas on the map: they won the mandate to manage               After his team’s success at MPF, he was encouraged by
the University of Liverpool’s charitable funds. It was a         senior businessmen locally and nationally to set up a
brave move for the university to choose a new local firm         firm to manage their money. “They genuinely believed in
over larger, more established names, but the decision was        what we do and thought that we had a strong business
based on the reputation of Edwards and his team.                 case to manage people’s money in a different way,”

 Talking business

                                                                    JUST THE FACTS
                                                                    Set up in April 2002 by Simon Edwards, who previously led a successful
                                                                    team that managed £3bn of assets at the Merseyside Pension Fund (MPF).
                                                                    Edwards was joined by Alan Borrows, former MPF senior investment
                                                                    manager, and four other team members.
                                                                    Manages around £250m. Its range of balanced mandates includes two
                                                                    authorised unit trusts and three segregated accounts for corporate
                                                                    pensions, charitable trusts and high net worth individual funds.
                                                                    Two flagship unit trusts Midas Balanced Income and Midas Balanced
                                                                    Growth. Also manager of the City Natural Resources High Yield Trust and
                                                                    acts as an adviser to Invesco Perpetual, part of Amvescap, one of the
                                                                    world’s largest independent investment management groups.

                                                                    manages money for charitable trusts and corporate
                                                                    pension funds and takes a similar approach to
                                                                    investment for each type of client. “We invest in a highly
                                                                    diversified way that includes different types of assets
                                                                    such as UK shares, overseas shares, property, gilts and
     explains Edwards. “We’ve made available an institutional       bonds, hedge funds and some capital guaranteed
     management style to a whole range of individuals               products,” explains Edwards.
     that want that level of diversification and experience           And that technique appears to be working. Both its
     and peace of mind. We do provide a much wider                  unit trusts have been the number one funds in their
     spread of investments than perhaps some of the                 respective groups since they were launched. The Midas
     competition locally.”                                          Balanced Growth Fund was the best-performing
       One of Midas’ key supporters has been Jon Moulton,           balanced managed fund in 2003, as measured by
     the man behind venture capital firm Alchemy Partners.          investment funds information service TrustNet.
     “He has the pick of the crop of anyone who wants to            This return was achieved despite a much lower level
     manage his money and he chose us,” says Edwards.               of volatility than is usual in that group.
     “And he refers contacts to us. He has been very                  The Midas Balanced Income Fund was also number
     supportive in helping me to develop the business and           one of the funds in the cautious managed peer group
     to consider the issues of growing it.”                         over the last 12 months. This strong performance is
       The firm has also won a beauty parade to manage              accompanied by a very low level of volatility. The trusts
     pension funds totalling £30m in the empire of Trevor           currently hold around £60m between them.
     Hemmings, the North West entrepreneur ranked 46th in             As part of the vibrant and growing professional
     the Sunday Times rich list for 2004 with an estimated          community in Liverpool, Midas enjoys its distance from
     wealth of £700m through property and leisure interests.        the hectic financial centres of London, Edinburgh and
       The team has developed a multi-asset approach to             Manchester. “It has not been a barrier for investment
     investment. Edwards explains: “Many of our investors           performance,” he says. “Sometimes it helps to be away
     feel that we have the right philosophy in broad                from the crowd and the gossip. We can stand back
     diversification, which gives then the three Ps: performance,   and take a longer term view of investment markets.
     peace of mind and protection. We also keep charges and         Our philosophy is not to trade aggressively.
     costs to a minimum and are very transparent.”                    “If I’d had a map of the UK and been asked where
       Portfolios range from those of high net worth                I would have liked to locate our business, I can’t think
     individuals to small amounts of money from less wealthy        of a better place. I’m very excited about developing our
     investors. Money arrives in the form of lump sums, ISAs,       business in this region with its economic activity, wealth
     PEPs, individual pensions and trust funds. Midas also          generation, employment – it’s a great opportunity.”


                                                                      On the waterfront
Northwest Regional Development Agency

                                        Liverpool’s world-famous waterfront may already be a World
                                        Heritage site, but its face is transforming as it enters a new age
                                               hanges are afoot to build on the stunning               December 2004 on Liverpool’s new         plans for which also include the

                                        C      foundations of Liverpool’s heritage-packed
                                               waterfront, with a range of developments planned
                                        for completion before Capital of Culture year in 2008.
                                                                                                       cruise liner facility. The scheme,
                                                                                                       close to the Pier Head, will be a 350-
                                                                                                       metre extension of the Princes Dock
                                                                                                                                                extension of the Leeds-Liverpool
                                                                                                                                                canal and new public spaces.
                                                                                                                                                  In January 2005 National
                                          Planning permission has been granted for the £140m           landing stage, and will be able to       Museums Liverpool announced that
                                        regeneration of the Kings Waterfront site, including an        accommodate the world’s biggest          it had selected Danish architect
                                        impressive arena and conference centre. Luxury cruise          ocean-going liners – meaning a           3xNielsen to research the design of
                                        ships are soon set to grace the Mersey again and further       huge influx of visitors if Liverpool     the new £65m museum. The Danish
                                        ambitious designs are on the drawing board.                    becomes a port of call for cruise        firm was selected from a shortlist of
                                          In November 2004 Australian-owned Bovis Lend Lease           holiday companies.                       seven that included Daniel
                                        was announced as the company that will build the                 The cruise liner facility is being     Libeskind, the man chosen to
                                        9,000-seat Kings Dock arena and 1,350-capacity                 developed by a partnership between       redesign the Ground Zero site in
                                        conference centre, with work expected to get underway          the City Council, Mersey Docks and       New York, and Zaha Hadid, the Iraqi
                                        in April 2005.                                                 Harbour Company, the Northwest           creator of Taiwan’s Guggenheim.
                                          James Millett, managing director of Bovis Lend Lease         Regional Development Agency                British Waterways’ £15m, two-km
                                        in the UK, said: “This is a significant and spectacular        (NWDA), Liverpool Vision and Mersey      Leeds-Liverpool canal extension
                                        project for us to win. We have a long track record in          Waterfront. Completion is expected       across the waterfront could start on
                                        urban regeneration and we’re proud to be working with          by the summer of 2006.                   site in 2005, with approval of
                                        Liverpool Vision, Liverpool City Council and partners on         As the city flexes its architectural   Objective One funding expected to
                                        the redevelopment of this famous landmark.”                    muscles, exciting plans have also        come in the summer. The plan is to
                                          The design, by architect Wilkinson Eyre – twice winner       been unveiled for a new Museum of        extend the waterway from Stanley
                                        of the RIBA Stirling Prize for architecture –, also features   Liverpool on the Pier Head.              Dock to the north through the
                                        a 88,770 sq ft exhibition hall, a 1,600-space multi-storey     Objective One and the NWDA have          central docks system, Princes Dock
                                        car park and a public piazza.                                  each pledged £2.5m towards project       and across the world-famous Pier
                                          Meanwhile, preliminary exploratory work started in           development costs for the scheme,        Head into the Albert Dock system.


     Hot property                                                                                as a hotel. There would be a
                                                                                                 significant amount of public space
                                                                                                 released by the development.
                                                                                                   According to Liverpool estate
     Talks over stadia for Liverpool’s two great teams raged                                     agency Venmore, Thomas and

     for years. Liverpool FC has exciting plans for Anfield                                      Jones, the news has already acted
                                                                                                 as a massive fillip for a previously
                                                                                                 sluggish area. With housing in the

                   t’s been talked of for years, but      The proposed scheme is on a            area still cheap compared to other
                   now it’s a reality. Liverpool          massive scale, encompassing the        parts of Liverpool, the agency has
                   Football Club – England’s most         regeneration of the Anfield            been flooded with enquiries. In
                successful club, with 18 league           and Breckfield areas, as well as       September 2004 alone the firm’s
                wins and four European cups – will        providing a new stadium.               Anfield branch instructed the sale
                be leaving Anfield, their home since        Following approval from              of 41 properties, many of which
                1892, for a new 60,000-capacity           Liverpool City Council’s planning      defied the national trend by selling
                stadium in nearby Stanley Park.           committee in July 2004, the plans      for more than the asking price.
                   For a time it seemed possible          received a boost three months later,     Along with housing renewal and
                that the cost of the project, initially   with the announcement from the         the Stanley Park stadium plans,
                set at £80m but later revised to          Office of the Deputy Prime Minister    a key part of north Liverpool’s
                somewhere closer to £120m, would          (ODPM) that the scheme would not       regeneration is the North Liverpool
                lead Liverpool to invite neighbours       be called in for a public inquiry.     City Academy. Billed as an enterprise
                Everton to share the stadium. In            Should the scheme progress as        college specialising in business
                January 2005 this possibility was         planned, the area currently            studies, the futuristic £31m facility
                seemingly removed for good,               occupied by the existing Anfield       is to consist of a two-storey
                as both clubs formally rejected           stadium would be replaced              building split in two by a three-
                proposals to consider a groundshare.      by an area called Anfield Plaza.       storey curved building containing
                   Work is scheduled to begin in the      This would be a mixed-use              central facilities. It is planned to
                spring of 2005, with the stadium          scheme including retail, offices       replace the Anfield and Breckfield
                opening for the 2007-08 season.           and residential elements as well       comprehensive schools.


A central theme of Liverpool city         which is inscribed a new poem by legendary local
centre’s transformation is a focus on     poet Roger McGough.
public spaces and facilities, providing     The entire square has been resurfaced with Chinese
what Rod Holmes, director of              granite and features new groups of seats made from
Paradise Street developer Grosvenor,      purple heart wood and opaque hardwood. Eleven
calls “a new living room for the          semi-mature trees have been planted in the square.
city”. Liverpool’s City Centre              The square’s lighting has also been drastically
Movement Strategy (CCMS), a £73m          improved, with four new lighting columns, as well as
package of public realm and street        feature lighting for the Liverpool Playhouse. The new
improvements, is underway.
  The first major area to benefit
                                          trees are uplit, while the fountain features coloured
                                          lighting from below.
                                                                                                         CRANE WATCH
from the CCMS is Williamson                 As well as Williamson Square, surrounding streets,           WORK IN PROGRESS…
Square, in the heart of Liverpool’s       such as the Cavern Quarter, have been resurfaced.              Paradise Street Development
shopping district. The centrepiece        The Church Street area is next (for further details            Area. 1.6 million sq ft of shopping
of the revitalised square is a            see Up front on p5), followed by Derby Square and              on a 42.5-acre site. Phase one
spectacular new fountain, around          Castle Street.                                                 open 2007, full completion
                                                                                                         2008… No1 Arthouse Square in
                                                                                                         the Ropewalks area. Over 32,000
                                                              Planning consent was given in              sq ft of office space in £5m devel-
 Ode to St Paul                                               December 2004 to St Paul’s Square,
                                                              the £100m scheme by English Cities
                                                                                                         opment. Due for completion
                                                                                                         March 2005… Princes Dock. Work
                                                              Fund that will help the city centre Old    has started on a 760-space car
                                                              Hall Street area become the fulcrum        park and a residential tower. A
                                                              of a mixed-use business quarter com-       Malmaison hotel is due to start
                                                              parable with any in the country.           onsite in summer 2005… Unity,
                                                                 The development is being led by         a £67m scheme consisting of a
                                                              English Cities Fund, a limited partner-    27-storey residential tower and a
                                                              ship combining Legal & General,            16-storey office block, providing
                                                              AMEC and English Partnerships, and         149,634 sq ft of space on Chapel
                                                              will transform the site adjacent to the    Street. Due to complete summer
                                                              former Littlewoods’ office tower,          2006…City Square, new home for
                                                              which is itself being refurbished by       Liverpool’s civil courts. £20m-plus
                                                              new owners Bruntwood. When com-            development at the corner of
                                                              plete, St Paul’s Square will provide       Moorfields and Tithebarn Street…
                                                              workplaces for 3,000 people.               Venture Point, a 62,000 sq ft
                                                                 Phase one consists of a 125,000 sq      industrial park in Speke by
                                                              ft office building, plus an apartment      Langtree. Went onsite October
                                                              block, retail, restaurants and a 400-      2004, due for completion July
                                                              space car park. The office block will      2005… Met Quarter development
                                                              be clad in red sandstone. Two further      of 147,000 sq ft of retail space on
                                                              office blocks will follow later. As part   the Old Head Post Office site in
                                                              of Liverpool Vision’s masterplan to        Whitechapel by Milligan
                                                              expand the commercial core by over         Developments… Conversion of
                                                              1.7 million sq ft of offices, St Paul’s    The Albany Building into 123
                                                              Square will play a vital role in what      luxury apartments. First handover
                                                              Chris Prescott, head of the Liverpool      in March 2005, final completion by
                                                              office of property consultant King         September 2005... The Plaza, Old
                                                              Sturge, says is “precisely what            Hall Street, £12m redevelopment.
                                                              Liverpool needs to compete both            Phase one open May 2005.
                                                              nationally and on a European stage”.

     Changing faces

                                        ld Hall Street, at the heart   community-based project to tell the story of their
                                        of Liverpool’s business        respective journeys from all over the globe.
                                        district, has become home        The project also features a morse code wall based on
                             to one of the most unique design,         Liverpool’s maritime heritage, and the retention and
                             public art and landscape projects to      display of canal-side cottages. The project is the result of
                             hit a British city in years.              collaboration between three Liverpool-based design
                               Thresholds to the End of the            practices – BCA Landscape, Smiling Wolf and Broadbent.
                             Earth opened on 26 January 2005.
     One of the most         The project surrounds three of

     unique design,          Liverpool’s newest feature buildings:
                             101 Old Hall Street, home to the
     public art and          Passport Office and Unisys; the 30-

     landscape projects      storey Beetham Tower; and the
                             Radisson SAS hotel. The project
     to hit a British city   forms part of a £60m regeneration
                             project in the Old Hall Street area.
                               One of the main elements in the
                             scheme is the Face of Liverpool,
                             which features blue glass portholes
                             in granite walls. The portholes are
                             etched with images of 32 Liverpool
                             residents who have either moved to
                             Liverpool from another country or
                             whose direct ancestors did so.
                             The people were chosen for this


                      How does your
                      garden grow
                    Neglected since the International                The first section of the site to be developed will be
                    Garden Festival brought visitors            the area occupied by the dome and car park, which
                    flocking in the mid 1980s, an 88-acre       totals around 18 acres. Dean says this section will be
                    site in Otterspool, to the south of         “predominantly residential”, although the size and scale
                    the city centre, is on the cusp of an       of the scheme has not been decided.
                    exciting new era.                                There will be commercial use at ground floor level,
                      Since being acquired by a joint           although Dean says that a major retail scheme will not
                    venture between investment company          be part of the plans. It is more likely that smaller,
                    Langtree Group and developer David          neighbourhood stores and even healthcare uses will
                    McLean in autumn 2004, the site’s           make up the commercial element.
                    future has brightened. According                 With the masterplan aiming to reopen the Oriental
                    to Richard Dean, land development           gardens that were a centrepiece of the Festival, this site
                    director at McLean, a masterplan            boosts Liverpool’s culture offer for 2008. Dean says:
                    should be completed early in 2005,          “This is an enormous site and will be of benefit for the
                    with a planning application to follow.      city when we bring it back to life.”

ON THE EDGE                               Compulsory Purchase Orders have                LIVERPOOL STATISTICS
                                          been issued on properties to be                  HIGHEST RENTS IN LIVERPOOL COMMERCIAL
                                                                                           PROPERTY (£ PER SQUARE FEET)
Calls for Liverpool’s key eastern         demolished for the road widening.
gateway to be upgraded have                 Work is already underway on the                                    2001         2002         2003       2004
rumbled on for over 20 years, but         development of the former MTL bus
                                                                                           Office              15.50        14.75       16.50 16.00
now £65m of public sector                 depot site. Owned by the NWDA, the
                                                                                           Retail (Zone A)       250          250          275       300
investment is set to transform the        site has been earmarked for a new
Edge Lane corridor.                       business park aimed at attracting                Industrial           4.00          4.00        4.50       5.00
  Liverpool Land Development              investment and jobs from companies
                                                                                                        Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, Knight Frank, GVA Grimley
Company (LLDC), the organisation          in the science, technology, digital,
leading the project, has unveiled         creative and IT sectors.                         AVERAGE RESIDENTIAL SALES PRICES BY DISTRICT (£)
plans to make the whole length of           David Waugh said: “The start of
                                                                                                                     2002            2003           2004
Edge Lane into a dual carriageway         work at the MTL site is great news
to reduce heavy congestion on the         for the Eastern Approaches area and              Baltic                   £120k            £130k         £165k
entrance to the city, improve the         the city as a whole. Together with
                                                                                           Commercial                 £70k           £120k         £190k
environment and allow for new or          Wavertree Technology Park, the
improved housing.                         development has the potential to                 Hope                         n/a          £125k         £165k
  The scheme is expected to lever         become a site of regional significance           Office                   £125k            £105k         £190k
in £120m of private sector                for science and technology.”
                                                                                           Retail                     £75k              n/a            n/a
investment in related projects,
including the development of up to                                                         Rope Walks                £115k           £140k         £182k
660,000 sq ft of new and refurbished
                                                                                           Waterfront               £130k            £145k         £210k
commercial floorspace and up to
300 new housing units.                                                                                                                  Source: Knight Frank

  The Edge Lane area runs from the
                                                                                           OFFICE TAKE-UP RATES (2004)
end of the M62 and includes major
sites such as Wavertree Technology                                                         City centre office core (L1)                  335,000 sq ft
Park, as well as an area of
                                                                                           Edge of centre and Merseyside                 300,000 sq ft
Victorian homes and shops.
                                                                                                                         Source: Merseyside Property Forum

  Countdown to culture

                                                 Awash with culture
                                                 As Liverpool counts down to Capital of Culture in 2008,
                                                 its themed years continue with 2005 dedicated to celebrating
                                                 the city’s maritime past and building a martime future
                                                                                                         the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race will set off from
                                                                                                         the Albert Dock before returning in the summer of 2006.
                                                                                                         The anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21
                                                                                                         will see the visit of the famous tall ship, Grand Turk.
                                                                                                           “SeaLiverpool is an amazing opportunity for this city to
                                                                                                         showcase what Liverpool has to offer,” said Mike Storey,
                                                                                                         leader of Liverpool City Council. “We are using this year to
                                                                                                         try and help reconnect a new generation of Liverpudlians
                                                                                                         with the river and hep them understand its importance.”
                                                                                                           The city’s celebrations began with a major international
                                                                                                         conference for the cruise industry, the Seatrade Cruise
                                                                                                         House Party, a networking event funded by the Northwest
                                                                                                         Regional Development Agency that gathered together
Northwest Regional Development Agency

                                              iverpool is a city built on an intense and long            around 100 top representatives from cruise lines, itinerary
                                              relationship with the sea; its trade links, its migrants   planners and tourism industries. As the world cruise
                                              and its world-famous Ferry across the Mersey have          industry is growing rapidly, Liverpool hopes to gain from
                                        shaped a people and an urban landscape. To celebrate this        the cruise lines’ desire to broaden their UK markets.
                                        heritage and to showcase a future of luxury cruise liners          “734,000 passengers arrived in Liverpool by sea in 2003
                                        and international sailing events, 2005 is SeaLiverpool,          and it’s hoped the new cruise liner facility at the Pier Head
                                        a themed year of events and festivals.                           will attract more than 30 cruise calls every year,” said
                                          The River Mersey and the stunning Pier Head, which             Martin King, director of tourism at The Mersey Partnership.
                                        received World Heritage Status in 2004, will be the focus of       Port and maritime business grew rapidly on Merseyside
                                        activities. SeaLiverpool is promoted as part of the National     between 2003 and 2004. Traffic and passenger levels
                                        Maritime Museum’s SeaBritain 2005, a celebration of the          between Merseyside and Ireland broke all records and
                                        200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.                    tonnage through the Port of Liverpool increased by
                                          SeaLiverpool will feature the 25th year of the increasingly    1.2 million tonnes. Two international shipping companies
                                        popular Mersey River Festival and the Tall Ships Race,           invested in new local offices in 2004: Meridian Marine
                                        hosted by Liverpool for the third time. On September 18          Management and CSAV.

                                                             GOOD SHIP LIVERPOOL
                                                             A yacht that promotes Liverpool’s           the ten Dubois 68s to be unveiled.
                                                             Capital of Culture title has been             “The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race will help
                                                             unveiled to compete in the 35,000-          develop international interest in Liverpool’s renaissance
                                                             mile Clipper Round The World Yacht          and cultural status,” said Mike Storey, leader of Liverpool
                                                             Race 2005-06. The 68-foot boat,             City Council. “The Liverpool ‘08 yacht will promote
                                                             sponsored by Liverpool City Council,        Capital of Culture to new audiences around the world.
                                                             is one of a ten-strong fleet of identi-       “The Clipper race itself is also an integral part of an
                                                             cal yachts to be raced by internation-      exciting sporting and cultural events programme
                                                             al teams of 17 crew and a skipper.          which the city is developing in the run up to 2008.
                                                                Designed by Dubois Naval                 Liverpool is a winning city – I’m confident our yacht
                                                             Architects, Liverpool ’08 is the first of   will be a strong competitor in the Clipper 05-06 Race.”

                                                                                                    Countdown to culture

  World in one museum
  World Museum Liverpool                side London. NML has also
  opens in April 2005 and                launched a new club,
  reinforces the city’s cultural         Business2008, which allows the
  offering as it strives to promote       local business community to             WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?
  its quality-of-life message             engage with the North West’s            Jason Harborow, chief operating officer at the Liverpool
  to potential investors.                 biggest cultural institution and        Culture Company, explains how businesses in the city
     The £35m scheme doubles               be involved in its future. The         region will benefit from Capital of Culture
  the size of the previous Liverpool       club offers members the oppor-
  Museum, an attraction in the city        tunity to network and entertain        “Looking to 2008 and beyond, the focus on Liverpool will be
  since 1851. It features expanded          clients at venues such as the         greater than that on any other UK city apart from London, a
  galleries and improved facilities,        Walker Art Gallery and the            regional, national and international focus. The city is going
  including new exhibitions such as         Merseyside Maritime Museum.           through huge regeneration and a reengineering of the city
  the World Cultures gallery and the           Meanwhile the Northwest            centre. Liverpool is putting the building blocks in place to
  Bug House – where visitors will            Regional Development                 be a premiere European city, to become part of a select
  encounter giant model insects.             Agency has endorsed plans to         group of cities that people talk about.”
     World Museum Liverpool is one           develop a waterfront site as a
                                                                                  WHAT ABOUT THE WORKFORCE?
  of the eight National Museums               major new visitor destination
  Liverpool (NML) venues, England’s     that will include the development         “One of the most positive by-products so far is the way in
  only national collection based out-   of a new Museum of Liverpool.             which we have engaged the people of Merseyside, who are
                                                                                  more enthusiastic and committed about the city, but also
                                                                                  about their work. A lot of confidence was gained from

The biggest government-backed           It will not only be a major resource
                                                                                  winning Capital of Culture and there is a more productive
                                                                                  and efficient workforce.
                                                                                    “It has been a record year for retail in Liverpool. But the
library development in the country      for the city but will also help attract   actual offer is better too – the Big Screen and other street
has been given the green light by       tourists from around the world.”          activities add to the visitor experience. If businesses are
the Department for Culture, Media         Subject to the business plan being      looking to relocate to the region, they have to think about
and Sport. Liverpool has been           approved, work is expected to begin       quality of life. The social scene and events calendar are second
awarded over £31.5m through a           on the two-year redesign in 2006.         to none and we are beginning to get a 24-hour feel.”
private finance initiative to revamp    Once completed, the library will
                                                                                  IS SPONSORSHIP BEING LINED UP?
the central library on William Brown    become one of the key buildings in
Street in time for 2008.                the city’s World Heritage site, with      “The commercial programme is very wide. We have a
  The scheme will see a remodelling     customers expected to rise from           pyramid with 12 partners investing £2m each – big
of the library that preserves the       600,000 to over 1 million a year.         companies are not being frightened away by that figure as
heritage of the building and              Cllr Warren Bradley, executive          they see Liverpool as a city to invest in. And I have not had
includes a new entrance, an 18,000      member for leisure and culture,           to make any cold calls yet – they call us. There are then 12
sq m library and space for 250          said: “By 2008 we will have a 21st        supporters and layers of suppliers and friends.
public computers. There will be         century library and archive with the        “In 2005 we are launching a business network – a free-
seven miles of archives, 10,000         Walker Art Gallery, new museum            to-access network to inform all businesses in the region
more books and a visitor centre.        and St George’s Hall all within a         about opportunities available. For example, a business may
  Joyce Little, head of libraries and   stones throw of each other – and          have suitable goods and services to offer but may not
information services, said: “This       within a World Heritage site. No          understand how to access our procurement team. We want
news means we will have a central       other city can offer as much culture      to use as many local and regional businesses as possible.
library fit for the 21st century.       on one street.”                           The network will be online and a physical club.”

 On the move

                                                                                                             Union Objective One coffers and the
                                                                                                             private sector. Construction is due
                                                                                                             to start in April 2005.
                                                                                                               The government is also considering
                                                                                                             plans for a second tram line that will
                                                                                                             link the city centre to Liverpool’s two
                                                                                                             universities, to Wavertree Retail Park

     Green light for tram
                                                                                                             in the east and – depending on
                                                                                                             which option is taken – to either
                                                                                                             Liverpool Science Park or Wavertree
                                                                                                             Technology Park. It will run through
     Liverpool has the go-ahead for a modern transport
                                                                                                             Prescot town centre before reaching
     system to improve movement around the city region                                                       Whiston Hospital.

               he government has approved       well as some important new development sites,” said
               the first phase of Liverpool’s   David Jamieson, transport minister, commenting on the
               plans to build a tram system,    planning approval. “It would integrate well with the
     paving the way for an 18km line            existing transport network and I agree with the inspector
     from the city centre to Kirkby in the      that it is capable of giving a real boost to the image and
     north that will transport workers,         profile of Merseyside.”
     shoppers and tourists around the city        Passenger transport authority Merseytravel is
     region.                                    considering a bid to build and run the line by the
       The Department of Transport              MET consortium. MET plans to delay the
     agrees with Merseyside’s transport         building of a section of the city centre
     chiefs that the line, with 30 stops        loop until after the Capital of Culture
     and a park-and-ride scheme, will           celebrations in 2008 so that the
     contribute to the area’s regeneration.     September 2007 deadline
     The line will link the city centre to a    for the rest of the line
     new housing and retail development         can be met.
     in Croxteth, a designated regeneration       The government
     area on the A580 and Knowsley              is expected to
     Industrial Park to the north.              contribute around
       “This scheme provides for a              £170m to the overall
     high-quality public transport service      cost of the line of
     which would serve some of the              £227m, with the rest
     country’s most deprived areas as           coming from European

                                                                                                                                    On the move
                                                                                    Robert Hough, chairman of LJLA, and Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary

    Come fly with me
    A host of new routes from Liverpool John Lennon
    Airport (LJLA) means more jobs and better connections
    for business travellers and holidaymakers.
      Irish low-fares airline Ryanair has chosen Liverpool
    as its 12th base, with a £240m investment in four new
    Boeings and nine new routes, with over 1.4 million
    more passengers travelling to and from the city in
    2005. The carrier now flies to 13 destinations from
    LJLA, the country’s fastest growing airport. The new
    destinations are Venice, Pisa, Limoges, Nimes,             established itself at the airport in            two port cities with long-standing
    Granada, Murcia, Reus, Cork and Shannon.                   October 2004. It already flies to               relationships between their maritime
      Dr Peter Brown, chairman of the Liverpool Chamber        Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast and                 industries.”
    of Commerce’s air transport committee, said Ryanair’s      Jersey.                                            Progress is continuing meanwhile
    expansion is important. “Firstly, we expect it to              The Southampton flight in                   on construction of the £16m
    generate somewhere in the region of 1,000 new              particular has been welcomed.                   Liverpool South Parkway transport
    jobs in the North West,” he said. “We also expect that     Ian Higby, managing director of                 interchange, which will become
    the increased number of visitors will lead to a            Atlantic Container Line and chairman            a key rail and bus hub, providing
    significant increase in Merseyside’s economic output.      of industry body Mersey Maritime,               links to LJLA. The project will see
    Finally, the increased number of destinations boosts       said: “This is excellent news for my            the redevelopment of Allerton
    our connections with Europe, increasing business           company and the whole maritime                  station and the relocation of
    opportunities and travel options,.”                        sector across Merseyside.                       Garston station to provide links
      Ryanair’s move came shortly after Europe’s third-            “A direct air link between Liverpool        with national, regional and local
    largest low-cost carrier, Flybe, announced new routes      and Southampton makes excellent                 train and bus services, including
    from LJLA, to Southampton and Exeter, having only          business sense, bringing together               a bus link to LJLA.

A bridge over the River Mersey
Hopes are high that the government        the river will be negligible and that it would not put                "A second river crossing over the
will approve plans for a new bridge       pressure on motorway junctions nearby.                               Mersey is the only answer."
over the River Mersey after                  The Mersey Gateway would relieve the congestion on                   CBI director-general Digby
additional studies showed the             the Silver Jubilee Bridge, the river’s current crossing.             Jones has also lent his support to
impact of the crossing on the river       The new bridge would also link the Daresbury Research                the plans.
and the road network would be             Park with biotech and pharmaceutical companies in
minimal. Campaigners say that             Speke, and research centres at MerseyBio, Liverpool                   LIVERPOOL
relief to congestion on the current
bridge is vital.
                                          School of Tropical Medicine and the Cancer Research
                                          Centre. It will also provide a direct road link between
                                                                                                                 LIVERPOOL AIRPORT FIGURES
  If approved, the new bridge,            Liverpool and Manchester Airports.
                                                                                                                  Monthly analysis December 2005
between Widnes and Runcorn,                  The MCG ensured the support of a number of politicians
could lead to the creation of 3,350       when a delegation went to Westminster at the                            Passengers
jobs and an £80m annual increase          end of 2004. The group also briefed Dawn Primarolo,
                                                                                                                  Scheduled, international
in GVA for the local economy.             the paymaster-general, when she visited Widnes.
                                                                                                                  and domestic                    237,021
  The Mersey Crossing Group                  There has been support too from the private
(MCG), led by Halton Borough              sector. David Crisp, corporate affairs director at                      Charter                           8,689
Council, submitted new studies to         Jaguar, which is planning to build the new Freelander
the Department of Transport at            at Halewood, said expansion at the plant means it is                    Total                           245,953
the end of 2004. Supporters of the        essential to have a new crossing to bring in materials
                                                                                                                  Freight (metric tonnes)
bridge, named the Mersey                  and ship out vehicles.
Gateway, say studies show the                "The M6 is constantly under repair and there is                      Scheduled and charter 1,258
adverse impact of the structure on        no alternative north-south route," said Crisp.
                                                                                                                                                  Source: LJLA

 Sector focus: Automotive

     Expect the unexpected
     as the Freelander arrives                                                                        Jaguar X-TYPE and the new Land
                                                                                                      Rover Freelander – two exciting
                                                                                                      products from two prestigious
                                                                                                      brands,” says Colin Tivey, operations
                                                                                                      director for the Halewood plant.
                                                                                                          “The workforce here have proved
                                                                                                             that they’re highly skilled,
                                                                                                                highly motivated and
                                                                                                                 committed to building
                                                                                                                 top-quality products in
                                                                                                               an efficient manner.”
                                                                                                               Halewood is ideally placed
                                                                                                            for efficient in-bound and
                                                                                                          out-bound logistics, and enjoys
                                                                                                      a close working relationship with the
                                                                                                      X-Type’s major suppliers. Adjoining
                                                                                                      Halewood is the Boulevard Industry
                                                                                                      Park, housing supplier companies
                                                                                                      including Conix, which makes front
          aguar’s Halewood plant leads the way for the       learning about the Land Rover brand      and rear bumpers, seat-maker Lear,

     J    region’s highly skilled automotive sector.
          And the household name is gearing up to begin
     producing its new Land Rover Freelander. Along with
                                                             and product in readiness for
                                                             production of the new generation of
                                                             the 4X4 vehicle, due to start in 2006.
                                                                                                      and Visteon, supplier of instrument
                                                                                                      panels and centre consoles.
                                                                                                        The park’s proximity means true
     investment in new facilities, employees at the plant,     “We’re really proud of the fact        just-in-time manufacturing is
     which currently makes the luxury Jaguar X-Type – are    that the plant will be producing the     possible. A dedicated railhead

                                                                        CARS AND COMPETITIVENESS
                                                                        Merseyside’s automotive and related manufacturing sector is set
                                                                        to benefit from £1.25m of European Union Objective One
                                                                        funding. The money will be used to support the second phase of a
                                                                        project managed by Merseyside Manufacturing and Automotive
                                                                        Group and aimed at improving the competitiveness of small firms
                                                                        in the sector.
                                                                           Phase one of the programme has been running for four years
                                                                        and has directly helped to create 53 jobs and safeguard a further
                                                                        270, contributing £37m to the local economy.
                                                                           “Automotive and manufacturing firms employ thousands of
                                                                        people across the Liverpool city region and make a major
                                                                        contribution to the area’s economy,” said John Flamson, Objective
                                                                        One programme director. “I’m confident that this European
                                                                        investment will enable the sector to become even more competitive
                                                                        and help drive many of its businesses forward.”

                                                                                                 Sector focus: Automotive

transports over 90 per cent of finished export vehicles
from the plant, increasing efficiency and strengthening
Jaguar’s excellent environmental record.
  In 2000 £300m was invested to transform the Jaguar
plant from a mass-production assembly plant for the
Ford Escort to a world-class manufacturing facility for
the Jaguar X-Type. For the first time Jaguar had a plant
that housed all four stages of the production process
under one roof – totally new body construction and final
assembly facilities, along with refurbished press and
paint shops.
  Over one million training hours has led to a
transformation of the plant and its 2,400-strong workforce.
Halewood has for the past three years received the highest
score in a worldwide process audit of all Ford-owned
plants, setting a global benchmark for the company.
  In 2002 a new training facility was established at the
plant, which this year will train over 150 managers from
Ford’s Premier Automotive Group companies across
Europe in up-to-the-minute lean management skills.
  Jaguar X-Types made at Halewood are exported to
over 60 countries. Following on from the car’s initial        Fabrication and ties
worldwide success, Halewood last year launched                Award-winning automotive               LFC employs 52 staff including
diesel and estate models and production of a new high-        supplier Liverpool Fabrication       highly skilled welders, sheet metal
performance diesel car is due to start later this year.       Company (LFC) capped off a           workers, fabricators, polishers and
                                                              successful 2004 with a move          nine apprentices. Last year it was
                                                              into transatlantic markets.          named small- or medium-sized
TOP GEARS                                                       The Bootle company, which          enterprise of the year by the
Getrag-Ford Transmissions is to invest £115m in making        makes steel products for customers   Merseyside Manufacturing and
a new six-speed transmission system on Merseyside,            including Jaguar and Rolls-Royce,    Automotive Group, following its
creating long-term security for 736 workers.                  is set to build on its ties with     2003 award as North West
The investment has been supported with £5m from the           a Canadian company and               employer of the year.
Department of Trade and Industry’s Selective Finance          complete a new contract that           Planned expansion in the coming
for Investment in England programme.                          could be worth up to a million       year, includes a new 300 sq m
  Getrag-Ford Transmissions, a joint venture between          pounds over the                           assembly shop and a 15-
Getrag and Ford, makes gearboxes and employs 3,700            coming year.                                           tonne crane.
people in Europe. In 2003 revenues topped £839m.
  “Merseyside is an important European location and we
are delighted that we will now enhance our presence
here with this important project which will result in a
world-class manufacturing facility,” said John McDonald,
vice-president, manufacturing, Getrag-Ford
Transmissions. “It is good news for Getrag-Ford
Transmissions, for the economy of the North West and for
the UK as a whole.”
  Trade secretary Patricia Hewitt said the investment
showed Merseyside’s attraction as a location for
high-value manufacturing.

Knowledge economy

     Digital direction
                                                                                                               industries, says Tony Hughes, ICDC
                                                                                                               assistant director, but young people
                                                                                                               are often not even aware such careers
                                                                                                               exist. ICDC will work with schools,
                                                                         he Liverpool city region has a        training providers and the Learning
     Liverpool’s strong digital content
     industry is set for a further boost
     as the Digital Academy project
                                                                  T      heritage of expertise in digital
                                                                         industries on which academics
                                                                  and industry are looking to build
                                                                                                               and Skills Council to “map out a clear
                                                                                                               route for them”, he says.
                                                                                                                  School children are often drawn to
                                                                  through a regional academy that              digital industries through computer

     moves into its second phase                                  supports budding recruits. Liverpool’s       games and show an aptitude for
                                                                       Digital Academy is a project            devising narrative content. “But it’s not
                                                                              managed by the                   taught in schools because teachers do
                                                                                   International Centre        not have the skills and it’s not built
                                                                                   for Digital Content         into the curriculum.”
                                                                                  (ICDC), a partnership           For those above school age,
                                                                               between Mersey                  continues Hughes, “there are
                                                                              Television and Liverpool         shortages in software skills such
                                                                             John Moores University that       as Flash and the new Dotnet
                                                                            provides support for               programming language. We will be
                                                                          companies and community              looking at ability to communicate
                                                                         groups creating digital content.      and project management.”
                                                                           A new phase of the project is          The first phase of the project, funded
                                                                       bringing together schools and           by the EU Objective One programme,
                                                                      training organisations so that           provided business support and advice
                                                                     young people wanting to work in           digital industry companies. ICDC has a
                                                                    a digital industry know where to           strong record of backing companies,
                                                                   turn – and to ensure training meets         especially with its business incubator,
                                                                  the needs of the sector. It focuses on       DigitalINC.
                                                                  development of new skills and projects          ICDC is preparing to move to
                                                                  for schools, as well as the community        Liverpool Digital on Edge Lane, the
                                                                  sector, with an emphasis on the 14 to        specialist technology park on the old
                                                                  19 age group.                                Marconi site in Liverpool that will house
                                                                    There is great demand for                  technology companies, developers and
                                                                  skilled workers in the digital content       community organisations.

     University embarks on malaria battle
                                           humans by the mosquito, has become              Dr Ward and his colleagues, in collaboration with
                                           resistant to chloroquine, one of the          Professor Peter Winstanley’s team at the University of
                                           most successful drugs used to treat           Liverpool, are producing a new antimalarial drug called
                                           the disease.                                  Lapdap, which has been found to be effective when other
                                             Research by Professor Steve Ward, Dr        antimalarials have failed because of resistance.
                                           Pat Bray and Dr Dave Johnson of the             Professor Ward said: “While other drugs are available,
                                           LSTM, working with Dr David Fidock at         most are much more expensive than chloroquine, putting
                                           the Albert Einstein College of Medicine       them out of the reach of healthcare workers in developing
                                           in New York, has shown how a protein          countries. This research will eventually help us develop new
     At the Liverpool School of Tropical   called PfCRT inside the parasite has          drugs based on a modified structure of chloroquine that
     Medicine (LSTM), scientists have      enabled it to become resistant to             cannot be got rid of through this back door, thereby
     made a major breakthrough in dis-     antimalarial drugs by creating a “back        eliminating the parasites’ resistance to existing drugs.
     covering why the malaria parasite,    door” and moving the drugs out of the         Whatever drug we come up with will have to be cheap as
     Plasmodium Falciparum, deposited in   parasite by leakage.                          well as effective. But this is a big piece in the jigsaw puzzle.”

                                                                                                               Knowledge economy
                          Carter and Excell

                                              company EA Technology, becomes
                                              director of business services. He will
                                                                                            Disease breakthrough
                                              lead the 22-strong business services          Scientists at the University of Liverpool have made
                                              team and will be responsible for the          breakthroughs that could help in the treatment of
                                              development of the university’s wholly-       arthritis. A team led by Professor Robert Moots, director
                                              owned intellectual property                   of research and development at the university’s clinical
                                              exploitation company, ULivE                   science centre, and Professor Steven Edwards at the
                                              Enterprises, which will concentrate on        school of biological sciences have identified a way of
                                              consultancy, licensing, and spin-out          switching off the harmful function of neutrophils –
                                              companies.                                    white blood cells that damage joints in arthritic
                                              EASTERN PROMISE                                 Neutrophils secrete a vast array of highly toxic
                                              David Harvey, professor of electronic         compounds that lead to joint damage. But they also
                                              engineering at Liverpool John                 have an important function in the body, protecting it
                                              Moores University has been awarded            from infections and bacteria. Until now scientists have
                                              £200,000 by the European                      been unable to stop these cells causing tissue damage
                                              Commission to develop a new range             without losing their ability to fight off infections. The
                                              of e-learning courses for students in         Liverpool team discovered that the cell stops secreting
                                              China.                                        the toxins when a specific molecule on the surface of
                                                The three-year project, known as            the neutrophil is blocked by using certain antibodies.
                                              Telepath, is being developed in                 Professor Moots said: “This discovery has led us to
                                              partnership with the Shanghai Jiao            search for new compounds that might be turned into
                                              Tong University, China and Instituto          drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis and potentially
                                              Superior de Engenharia do Porto,              many other diseases such as chronic bronchitis.
OVER TO YOU                                   Portugal. The electronic and                    “We will be developing treatments for clinical trials
The University of Liverpool is investing      mechanical engineering postgraduate           across Merseyside, in partnership with the pharmaceutical
in its knowledge-transfer activities          e-learning programmes will be tar-            industry. This is a most exciting discovery because, for
and research portfolio with two               geted initially at 100 companies and          the first time, we believe there is an opportunity to
significant appointments. Dr Ian              individuals who are able to study in          suppress disease in rheumatoid arthritis without the
Carter has moved into the new                 English over the internet.                    terrible cost of side effects, which is a major problem
director of research post from a                Professor Harvey said: “Telepath            with all the other anti-rheumatic drugs.”
similar position at the University of         aims to promote and strengthen the
Glasgow. He will promote the                  e-learning infrastructure in China
university’s research strengths and           by transferring key information
be instrumental in managing the               technology and communication
university’s move towards full                skills from Europe into Asia.
economic costing, which will                  By linking three well-respected
dramatically change the way                   universities in China, Portugal and the
universities price research.                  UK, we aim to develop a cluster of
  Dr Stuart Excell, former chief              e-learning engineering courses at
executive and chairman of energy              postgraduate level.”

                                                                                                                         Total PG             Total UG
                                                                           Total all    Total FE        Total HE         students             students
  Liverpool Hope University College                                           7, 635       305            7,330              1, 685              5, 645
  Liverpool John Moores University                                         20, 720            0          20,720             3, 060             17, 660
  The University of Liverpool                                              22, 150            0          22,150             5, 390             16, 765

                                                                                                           Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency (2002/3)
 Professional Liverpool

     Lawyers court fortune
     RAISING THE BAR                                                                                                         Halliwell’s Austin enjoys his new view

       f the law is an ass, Liverpool solicitors are increasingly
       spurning donkey derbies in favour of thoroughbred
       mounts in the Grand National of business growth.
         As the city’s economic resurgence gathers pace, major
     corporate finance deals and commercial property
     assignments are offering favourable odds on lucrative
     returns. Beyond media and marketing hype, no one
     disputes the impressive numbers behind Merseyside’s
     entrepreneurial renaissance.
         A new government survey shows Liverpool’s economy
     grew by 7.2 per cent between 2001 and 2002, while the
     overall wealth of the city rose from £5.7bn to £6.1bn.
     This was the highest percentage increase of the major UK
     cities, comfortably exceeding the national increase of 4.7
     per cent.
         An in-depth survey from property advisers Knight Frank
     predicts £2bn of investment from commercial developers
     over the next five years. Already Estuary House, a 76,000 sq
     ft office building at Speke, has been sold for £11m, while       number of well-respected firms, but         the commercial property market
     Deacon Park, a 740,000 sq ft industrial estate in Knowsley       we are confident we can raise the           here,” says Wilson. “Whether any law
     was acquired in a £17m deal.                                     bar in terms of commerciality and           firms seeking to establish a presence
         Among lawyers eager to grab a slice of Liverpool’s action    resources. We will be looking to            in Liverpool are right to do so, is
     is Manchester-based Halliwells – ranked by leading regional      grow our Liverpool office by 100 per        another matter. There are some very
     magazine North West Business Insider in the region’s top         cent over the next three years,” adds       strong players here already and I
     five corporate finance and commercial property law firms         Austin.                                     believe they will carry the day in
     – which recently acquired mid-tier Liverpool solicitors Cuff       But Tony Wilson, senior partner at        terms of winning business.”
     Roberts.                                                         Liverpool-based Hill Dickinson,               The firm has advised on a raft of
         “We are not in Liverpool to sit on our hands,” explains      suggests newcomers to the Liverpool         major deals in the last six months,
     Ian Austin, Halliwells’ managing partner, who is basing          legal market will meet stiff competition.   including the £100m disposal of FLS
     himself in both Liverpool and Manchester. “The Cuff              Hill Dickinson – ranked equal third         Aerospace to Swiss-based SR Technics.
     Roberts merger is the first stage of an ongoing growth           with Halliwells in the regional               Hill Dickinson’s most high-profile
     programme in Liverpool. We are already speaking to a             commercial property legal sector in         accomplishment of 2004 was
     number of partners at other Liverpool firms who are              2004 – has released half-yearly figures     becoming the first official partner to
     interested in coming on board and will be particularly           revealing that it is well on target for     Liverpool 2008: European Capital of
     focusing on general commercial and property work.                ambitious growth plans, generating          Culture.
     Our evaluation is that there is considerable untapped            income of £22m in the first six               “This is the proudest achievement
     potential in this market.”                                       months – a hike of 34 per cent on the       for Liverpool in many years and we
         Following the acquisition of Cuff Roberts, Halliwells will   comparable period last year.                are determined that, as a firm, we will
     turn over more than £50m in 2004/05 – and Austin                   “There is tremendous interest,            help to ensure it has maximum
     reckons there is much more to come. “Liverpool has a             especially in the massive potential of      impact,” comments Wilson.

                                                                                                  Professional Liverpool

                            We asked a cross-section of Liverpool-based advisers and funders for their frank views
                            on the availability of finance for entrepreneurs. Here’s what they said...

                       DAVID HOUGHTON, director of corporate                                             BARRY FLYNN, managing
                       finance at lawyers Brabners Chaffe Street                                         partner at Big Four
                                                                                                         accountancy Ernst & Young
                        “It’s great to have a dedicated venture capitalist
                        (VC) on your doorstep – Merseyside Special                                        “There is certainly a lack of
                        Investment Fund (MSIF) does its best to promote                                   VCs in Liverpool and the city
                        enterprise locally and, because its sole focus is                                 has suffered from the exodus
                        Merseyside, it tries a lot harder to make deals                                   of funding houses to
                        happen. However, there are restrictions on the                                    Manchester. However, the tide
 deals it can support in terms of size, sector and location, so many                now seems to be turning with the much welcome
 companies are forced to look elsewhere.                                            return of LDC.
   “Lloyds Development Capital (LDC) has a notional office in Liverpool,              “Ernst & Young’s 2004 Enterprise Survey, which
 although it doesn’t make its presence strongly felt, even though two of            polls the UK’s top entrepreneurs on a range of
 its biggest recent deals – Ethel Austin and Mersey TV – have both come             issues, showed that entrepreneurs in the North
 from Merseyside. As far as we are concerned, the more VCs in Liverpool             West, above any other region, bemoan lack of
 the better. One of the problems is lack of awareness among businesses              funding as a restriction on their businesses. This is
 of the use of private equity to facilitate transactions.”                          at odds with Liverpool’s ability to boast its own
                                                                                    unique fund in the MSIF. Perhaps what is called for
                                                                                    now is better communication and engagement with

“We now need better communication                                                   the business community, by funders and advisers
                                                                                    alike, to promote opportunities.”
and engagement with the business
community to promote opportunities.”

                       Updates...                               and social problems across the UK
                                                                as a result of backing from the
                                                                                                      acquisition of 50 service centres
                                                                                                      from    the    AA.   The   deal     takes
                       • The     Department       of   Trade    Merseyside Special Investment         Nationwide’s turnover from £50m to
                       and Industry’s     Annual Business       Fund. The company supplies a          more than £70m, generated from
                       Inquiry survey revealed that the         range of organisations such as        225 centres.
                       number of businesses in Liverpool        schools, youth centres, surgeries     •Swiss     Life Group has sold its
                       grew from 12,247 in 2002 to              and drug treatment centres.           closed UK life business for £205m to
                       12,525 in 2003 – a rise of 2.3 per       •   The Liverpool head office of      Resolution Life Group, a company
                       cent, outstripping the national          law firm Brabners Chaffe Street       specialising in the management of
                       increase of 1.5 per cent.                advised Nationwide Autocentres –      closed life funds. The transaction

                       •Liverpool     company HIT UK is         the UK’s largest independent car      depends on regulatory approval
                       helping to tackle substance abuse        service and MoT company – on its      by the UK Financial Services Authority

 Professional Liverpool

                                                                                 ARE THERE ENOUGH FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                 AVAILABLE IN LIVERPOOL TO ENCOURAGE ENTERPRISE?

                                   BRIAN MCCANN, partner at                                        CARL WORMALD, investment director of
                                   mid-tier accountancy Hurst                                      mid-market private equity provider Lloyds
                                                                                                   TSB Development Capital (LDC)
                                    “The issue is not the shortage
                                    of funding opportunities                                         “As part of an ongoing commitment to working
                                    available, but rather the                                        with Merseyside firms, LDC opened a Liverpool
                                    shortage of suitable                                             office in March 2004. Our investments in Mersey
                                    propositions that merit                                          TV and Ethel Austin have been particularly
                                    investment. There are certainly                                  successful and we remain focused on creating
              sufficient funding opportunities which encourage               more opportunities to work with ambitious management teams looking
              enterprise on Merseyside.                                      for investment capital.
                “Naturally, both the banks and MSIF have rules                  “Firms can access a range of funding opportunities, but many of the
              they must follow before providing funds. No one                major private equity houses are not currently based in the city. We feel
              should expect the banks to relax the necessary                 that developing a significant local presence is vital in building successful
              checks and safeguards for Merseyside enterprise                relationships with management teams and the adviser community.
              projects. A good business proposition, with                    As the general economic climate continues to improve and the deals
              effective management behind it and the willingness             market in Liverpool builds up a head of steam, more and more financiers
              to put in their own cash, as well as seeking outside           will look to increase their profile in the city.”
              investment, should always find funding. But take
              just one of those elements away, and quite rightly
              they won’t get the funding.”
                                                                                                                          MARK FULLER, managing
                                                                                                                          director at the Merseyside
                                                                                                                          Special Investment Fund (MSIF)
                                   BARRY ROBERTS, regional director of corporate
                                   banking at The Royal Bank of Scotland                                                   “2004 was a landmark year for
                                                                                                                           MSIF. Highlights for our
                                    “From a banking perspective, the market has been                                       Venture and Mezzanine Fund
                                    extremely competitive for some time, with strong                                       included investments in the
                                    liquidity a current feature, and in turn this has                                      relocation of MoneyExpert,
                                    been good news for projects and businesses                     an online consumer personal finance business, the
                                    looking for funding. A combination of central                  management buyout of St Helens-based
                                    European and government support, along with the                electro-mechanical-manufacturing business HQC and
              competitive funding environment, has created an ideal platform for                   the expansion of Cooltrader, the Wirral frozen food
              encouraging both new enterprise and expansion of existing businesses.                company. Clients in our portfolio have also witnessed
                “At the RBS’ Liverpool corporate banking office, we are seeing some                exciting progress and it’s been very encouraging to
              strong proposals for funding from both new and existing customers.”                  watch their developments over the last year.
                                                                                                       “Liverpool’s Capital of Culture reinforced a new
                                                                                                   climate of confidence and we saw a marked
             and is expected to be completed by      acquired Scottish S Yaffy, which              increase in activity across all our funds. We’ve started
             the end of the first quarter of 2005.   supplies outdoor wear to the                  the year in a strong position with a substantial work

             •Johnson Service Group, Britain’s       police.                                       in progress list and are confident that some of the
             biggest dry-cleaning chain, is still    •  The Royal Bank of Scotland has             work pending will translate into high-profile
             on the acquisition trail. The Bootle-   taken a lease of 15,173 sq ft of              transactions. I suspect we will also continue to see
             based    company      has    bought     office space at 12 Princes Dock,              an increase in enquiries from businesses wanting to
             Dewhirst Corporate Clothing in a        one of Liverpool’s top waterfront             expand or relocate into the region, which provides
             £22.5m deal. In late 2004 it also       locations.                                    us with another source of valuable opportunities.”


Liverpool’s Empire Theatre
                                                                                     musicals and concerts by both musical and speciality
                                                                                     artists. Voted Merseyside Tourism’s live performing venue
                                                                                     of the year 2002, it is the largest two-tier theatre in the
                                                                                     country. The spring season features Miss Saigon, The King
                                                                                     and I and Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake.
                                                                                     Also paying a visit in early 2005 are the Chinese State
                                                                                     Circus and members of the Welsh National Opera will
                                                                                     perform Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, Wozzeck and
                                                                                     La Traviata. (www.getlive.co.uk/liverpool. Empire Theatre
                                                                                     Liverpool Lime St, Liverpool, L1 1JE. Tel: 0870 6063536)

                                                                                                                The Odd Couple at Liverpool's Playhouse

         overs of the stage are spoilt     Hopkins. And it was the wartime
         for choice in Liverpool. The      home of the Old Vic company
         city is home to eight theatres,   during the Second World War.
  many in the city’s central cultural      The Playhouse is now enjoying a
  quarter, offering a blend of events      new lease of life.
  and cultural delights for every taste.     Together the two theatres have a
     On Hope Street, the Everyman          full and absorbing programme to
  Theatre is world renowned for the        offer theatregoers in 2005, based on
  groundbreaking work of a succession      the creative interpretations of classic
  of talented directors, writers and       plays. Forthcoming highlights
  actors. Famous names such as Julie       include Tom Stoppard’s version of
  Walters, Bernard Hill, Antony Sher,      Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull, hailed
  Bill Nighy, Alan Bleasdale, Willy        as one of the defining works of             Formerly the home of amateur productions,
  Russell and Barbara Dickson have         modern theatre, and Edward Albee’s        Hanover Street’s Neptune Theatre is gearing up for its
  crept its boards over the years and      critique of the American dream,           role in Capital of Culture 2008 with an extended
  last year’s 40th birthday celebrations   Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?           range of amateur and professional productions. Shows
  coincided with it returning to being     For lovers of the classics, there’s a     vary from classic drama to children’s theatre, music
  a producing theatre again.               production of Shakespeare’s               and dance. In 2005 the theatre will be staging
     The Everyman works in close           The Winter’s Tale, directed by the        Hobson’s Choice, one of the most popular and best-
  partnership with Liverpool’s             award-winning Edward Hall.                loved British comedy dramas, and Moments of Magic,
  Playhouse Theatre, which was built in    (www.everymanplayhouse.com.               which features the timeless and unmistakeable music
  1866 `as the Star Music Hall, before     Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse,         of Matt Monro, Judy Garland and Perry Como.
  becoming a full-time repertory           13 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BH.        The Neptune has also scheduled several one night
  theatre in 1911. The Playhouse’s         Te:l 0151 708 3700)                       events, including an evening of clairvoyance with
  acting roster was among the finest         Lime Street is home to Liverpool’s      leading UK medium Billy Roberts and Murder 2 Night,
  in the country including Robert          Empire Theatre. This conveniently         a murder mystery evening. (www.neptunetheatre.co.uk.
  Donat, Michael Redgrave, Rachel          located theatre is the place to catch     Neptune Theatre, Hanover Street, Liverpool L1 3DY
  Kempson, John Thaw and Anthony           popular touring productions,              Tel: 0151 709 7844)

                                                                                                                                  Ziba at The Racquet Club

      Whether it be for a city break or business, Liverpool offers a variety of quality
      accommodation for those in search of style and comfort. In 2003 the city
      welcomed two unique boutique hotels – Hope Street Hotel and The Racquet
      Club – and the chic Malmaison group has announced a new stylish hotel close
      to Liverpool’s Princes Dock for July 2006. This year also sees the completion of
      an exciting hotel renovation project in the city.

      •The Hope Street Hotel is one of        also offer residents an exhibition space,
      the city’s first boutique hotels and    formal boardroom and theatre-style
      is located in an 1860s Venetian         seminar room, each with state-of-the-
      Palazzo-style building in Liverpool’s   art plasma screens, public address and
      cultural quarter. Formerly a            audio-visual equipment.
      warehouse, the hotel combines              Mary Colston, Hope Street’s general      facilities. But is also offers eight luxury bedrooms
      contemporary furnishings such as        manager, explains: “This is a hotel not     decorated in a variety of styles from antique oriental to
      sleek slate floors and designer         only with a superior sense of style and     ultra modern. And it has one of the best dining
      leather sofas with the original         design, but with service that reflects      experiences in town at restaurant Ziba, where customers
      brickwork and beam features of the      Liverpool’s easy, confident nature.         can eat before relaxing in the hotel bar or private
      building. The 48-room, privately        Liverpool is a lively, cosmopolitan and     member rooms.
      owned design hotel has already          proud city and we are delighted to            Owner Martin Ainscough says: “The Racquet Club
      won several awards, including           reflect these qualities in a project of     offers a unique accommodation experience when people
      Good Hotels Guide’s newcomer            this standard.” (Hope Street Tel: 0151      stay in Liverpool. This is achieved by top-quality staff
      of the year and was voted one           709 3000)                                   offering fantastic service without formality or fuss.”
      of Condé Nast Traveller ’s 50                                                       (Chapel Street Tel: 0151 236 6676)
      Coolest Hotels in the World.            •   Visitors requiring exclusivity during
         The hotel boasts several enticing    their time in the city should look no       • In summer 2005 the former Gladstone Hotel gives
      features, including a nationally        further than The Racquet Club, close to     way to The Liner at Liverpool, named in tribute to
      renowned restaurant, The London         the Pier Head on Chapel Street. The         Liverpool’s maritime heritage. The 154-cabin hotel
      Carriage Works, created by Paul         hotel evolved out of a racquet club and     features décor inspired by a luxury cruise liner is within
      Askew, the city’s most decorated        members can still enjoy a few rounds        easy reach of Lime Street Station. Facilities include
      chef, as well as a chic residents’      of squash before using the gym or           conference and training rooms as well as family
      lounge and cocktail. The hotel can      simply relaxing in the spa and beauty       accommodation. (Lord Nelson Street Tel: 0151 709 7050)

     DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER                                                                                      glass of champagne at our bar whilst
     Family-run jewellery business, Boodle & Dunthorne, has                                                    they choose a ring."
     been a feature of Liverpool for over 200 years and                                                           Boodles has recently begun
     despite now having stores in some of the country’s most                                                   staging parties in the store to
     exclusive locations it has retained its headquarters in                                                   celebrate a variety of events
     the city.                                                                                                 including the Arts Biennial and the
       Recently winning retail jeweller of the year, Boodles                                                   Grand National.
     stocks a wide range of exquisite contemporary                                                                Dry believes the renovation and
     jewellery created by its very own-in house design team.           Alex Dry, manager at Boodles in         approach reflects the spirit in the
       The Liverpool store had a major refit in 2004,               Liverpool, explains: "We have a good       city today and adds: "As a local
     mastered by renowned architect Eva Jiricna. The stylish        range of prices and since the refit had    family business we are proud of
     contemporary make-over, which includes a glass spiral          a definite increase in engagement          Liverpool and are pleased to see
     staircase, reflects the modern and bold designs of             ring sales. Young people are attracted     the regeneration. Going forward
     Boodles’ products. It has already won an award for best        to the design of both the store and the    we are excited to be part of
     store design.                                                  jewellery and they can sit and enjoy a     Liverpool’s future."


   MATTER OF FACT                                     FACT’s director of marketing and
   Liverpool’s FACT (Foundation for Art            communications, Anna Izza, said:
   and Creative Technology), is the UK’s           “There’s never been a more exciting
   leading organisation for the                    time to visit FACT. The exhibitions,
   commissioning and presentation                  events and films planned for 2005
   of film, video and new media art                confirm the centre’s status as the UK’s
   forms. FACT has commissioned and                leading arts organisation for the
   presented over 100 digital media                exhibition, promotion and support of
   artworks with artists including Mark            film, video and digital art.”
   Wallinger, Tony Oursler and Isaac                  Forthcoming exhibitions including
   Julien.                                         Critic’s Choice, which has four of the
      In early 2003 it opened a £10m,              country’s most influential art critics
   ultramodern, zinc-panelled arts cen-            curating a unique collection of works
   tre in the Ropewalks district of                from around the world, including
   Liverpool. In less than two years the           Tracey Emin’s first feature film Top
   centre has welcomed over 500,000                Spot – its first screening outside
   people, visitors keen to view                   London. In June, prior to his work
   temporary exhibitions in the two                being shown at the Venice Biennial,
   stunning galleries or view an                   Chen Chieh-Jen shows his much talked
   arthouse or independent film in one             about work Lingchi – Echoes of a
   of the three state-of-the-art cinemas.          historical photograph at FACT.

Mike Henesey, European Government Office; Red's Critchley; actor James Nesbitt, who is filming in
Liverpool for Red; Jason Barker, Liverpool Scenic; Lucy Dosser, Broadside Films; Phil Coxon, Fubar;
                                                                                                      local crews and facilities and hope that this will help to
Chris Moll, North West Vision; Paul Rogers and Jon Corner, River Media
                                                                                                      enable people to remain in the area for TV work.”
                                                                                                        Alice Morrison, chief executive of North West Vision, said:
                                                                                                      “These awards are just the beginning of a process that will
                                                                                                      see us distribute over £2.2m of Objective One funding to
                                                                                                      Merseyside’s film, television and digital media sector over
                                                                                                      the next 24 months. The enduring legacy will be a first-class
                                                                                                      infrastructure capable of supporting the very best talent
                                                                                                      and the most creative projects in Europe.”
                                                                                                        Meanwhile, Toxteth TV is making waves. A pilot project,
                                                                                                      it aims to provide training and education for school
                                                                                                      children and young adults. Based in an old mission hall,
                                                                                                      school site and pub on Windsor Street in Toxteth, Toxteth
                                                                                                      TV’s production facilities have been purpose built to
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION                             to benefit are: Red Productions,                   provide affordable studio space that is technically
Merseyside is home to a bustling TV                Fubar Post Production, props and                   excellent. It is funded by the Department for Education
and filmmaking community,                          set-building company Liverpool Scenic              and Skills and Objective One.
responsible for some of the best-loved             Workshop, graphics specialist River
dramas on our screens and providing
employment and training for talented
                                                   Media and Broadside Films.
                                                      Red Productions is the company
                                                                                                      LIVERPOOL STATISTICS
                                                                                                       MERSEYSIDE HOTEL OCCUPANCY (DECEMBER 2004)
individuals in the region.                         behind TV hits such as Clocking Off,
   In 2004 regional screen agency                  Burn It and Queer as Folk and has                    Average room occupancy %                             56.5
North West Vision announced that five              recently set up an office in Liverpool.              Av. bed occupancy %                                  43.7
Merseyside companies would benefit                 Andrew Critchley, managing director
                                                                                                        Overseas bed occupancy %                               5.5
from over £375,000 of investment                   of Red, said: “We’re delighted
from European Objective One,                       to realise our long-held ambition to                 Av. length of stay (nights)                            1.9
creating over 60 jobs and generating               establish a base on Merseyside.                      Av. length of stay (nights), overseas guests          2.0
a turnover of over £4m. The companies              We’re committed to working with
                                                                                                                                         Source: The Mersey Partnership

contacts 12/2/05 2:03 AM Page 34 DWiehl Production: SHARED PROJECTS:LIVERPOOL2:p34-35 Contacts:

 CONTACTS               Business Liverpool
                        The one stop shop for free business support and
                        investment in Liverpool. Our primary objective is to
                        create a focused and effective support mechanism
                        to fully meet the needs of our clients. The core
                        activity of Business Liverpool is the provision
                                                                                                    LIVERPOOL CITY COUNCIL
                                                                                                    Municipal Buildings, Dale St,
                                                                                                    Liverpool L69 2DH
                                                                                                    T 0151 233 3000
                        of support in the areas of property, finance and
                        workforce development – and by working in
                        partnership with other key public and private sector   REGIONAL ORGANISATIONS
                        organisations to deliver a comprehensive business
                        support package.                                       BUSINESS IN THE COMMUNITY NORTH WEST

                        Number 0ne, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9HH          2nd Floor, Amazon House,
                                                                               3 Brazil Street
                        T 0151 288 6677 F 0151 288 6678
                                                                               Manchester M1 3PJ
                        info@businessliverpool.co.uk                           T 0161 233 7750
                        www.businessliverpool.co.uk                            F 0161 236 3987

                                                                               BUSINESS LINK FOR GREATER MERSEYSIDE
                        Liverpool Land                                         St Nicholas House,
                        Development Company                                    4th Floor, Old Churchyard,
                                                                               Liverpool, Merseyside
                        Delivering major physical and economic regeneration
                                                                               L2 8TX
                        programmes in four of the city’s five Strategic
                                                                               T 0845 330 0151
                        Investment Areas – Speke Halewood, Approach 580,
                        Atlantic Gateway, Eastern Approaches – to attract      F 0845 330 0150
                        investment and jobs by bringing new development        information@gme.org.uk
                        opportunities to the market and implementing major     www.gme.org.uk
                        infrastructure and environmental improvements.

                        Mersey House, 140 Speke Road, Garston                  CONFEDERATION OF BRITISH INDUSTRY NW
                                                                               Damian Waters, director
                        Liverpool L19 2PH
                                                                               Emerson House
                        T 0151 494 2555 F 0151 494 4210
                                                                               Albert Street, Eccles
                                                                               Manchester M30 0BJ
                                                                               T 0161 707 2190
                                                                               F 0161 787 7571

                        Liverpool Vision                                       LIVERPOOL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                                               Number 0ne Old Hall Street,
                        Urban Regeneration Company established by              Liverpool L3 9HG
                        national, regional and local government and the
                                                                               T 0151 227 1234
                        private sector to promote the regeneration of
                                                                               F 0151 236 0121
                        Liverpool City Centre as a centre for investment
                        and employment.                                        chamber@liverpoolchamber.org.uk
                        The Observatory
                        One Old Haymarket                                      LEARNING & SKILLS COUNCILS
                        L1 6EN                                                 GREATER MERSEYSIDE LSC
                        T 0151 707 8007 F 0151 707 6161                        3rd Floor, Tithebarn House
                        regenerate@liverpoolvision.co.uk                       Tithebarn Street, Liverpool L2 2NZ
                        www.liverpoolvision.co.uk                              T 0845 019 4150
                                                                               F 0151 672 3405


SECTOR DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES          VENTURE CAPITAL                      The Mersey Partnership
ENVIROLINK NORTHWEST                 LDC                                  Promotes the Liverpool City Region as a great place
Jackie Seddon, chief executive       Pall Mall House, Mercury Court       to live, work, invest and visit on behalf of the area’s
                                                                          six Local Authorities (Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool,
The Investment Centre                Tithebarn Street, Liverpool
                                                                          Sefton, St Helens and Wiral). Supports companies
Waterside Drive, Wigan WN3 5BA       L2 2QU
                                                                          and their advisers considering investing in the City
T 01942 491294 / 243261              T 0151 227 5024                      Region with information, support and guidance on
F 01942 491363                       www.ldc.co.uk                        all property, people and finance matters.
www.envirolinknorthwest.co.uk        MERSEYSIDE SPECIAL                   Mark Basnett
                                     INVESTMENT FUND                      Director of investment
MERSEYSIDE ACME                      5th Floor, Cunard Building           12 Princes Parade, Liverpool L3 1BG
(Arts, culture & media enterprise)   Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1DS          T 0151 227 2727 F 0151 227 2325
Unit 303, The Vanilla Factory        T 0151 236 4040                      investment@merseyside.org
39 Fleet Street, Liverpool L1 4AR    F 0151 236 3060                      www.investmerseyside.com
T 0151 708 4509                      info@msif.co.uk
info@merseysideacme.com              www.msif.co.uk
                                     INCUBATORS                           Northwest Regional
MERSEYSIDE                                                                Development Agency
Paula Conboy                         International Centre for Digital     RDA responsible for the sustainable economic
T 0151 288 2110                      Content, Redmond Close               development and regeneration of England’s
                                                                          Northwest under five key priorities: Business
F 0151 288 2115                      20 St James Road
                                                                          Development, Regeneration, Skills & Employment,
paula.conboy@magroup.org.uk          Liverpool L1 7BY                     Infrastructure and Image.
www.magroup.org.uk                   T 0151 231 5129
                                     www.icdc.org.uk                      Paul Lakin
MERSEYSIDE                                                                Area manager for Merseyside
CONTACT CENTRE FORUM                 MERSEYBIO                            Station House, Mercury Court
                                                                          Tithebarn Street
Julie Ledder                         Life Sciences Building, University
                                                                          Liverpool L2 2QP
T 07003 903918                       of Liverpool, Crown Street
                                                                          T 0151 236 3663 F 0151 236 3731
www.mccf.org.uk                      Liverpool L69 7ZB
                                     T 0151 794 4429
MERSEY MARITIME                      www.merseybio.com
Unit 28, Port of Liverpool
Building                             TRANSPORT
Liverpool L3 1BY                                                          Government Office
T 0151 231 6160                      MERSEYTRAVEL
F 0151 255 1234                      24 Hatton Garden,
                                                                          for the North West
info@merseymaritime.co.uk            Liverpool L3 2AN                     Represents Central Government in the region and it
www.merseymaritime.co.uk             T 0151 227 5181                      also feeds back the region’s views to Whitehall. Aims
                                     F 0151 236 2457                      to work with regional partners and local people to
THE NORTHWEST                        www.merseytravel.gov.uk              increase the prosperity of the region, promote
                                                                          sustainable development and tackle social exclusion.
Mike Goodwin, project manager        MERSEY FERRIES
                                                                          Cunard Building, Water Street
The Heath, Runcorn                   Victoria Place, Seacombe
                                                                          Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1QB
Cheshire WA7 4QF                     Merseyside CH44 6QY
                                                                          T 0151 224 6300 F 0151 224 6470
T 01928 513 777                      T 0151 630 1030 (General)
F 01928 581 330                      F 0151 330 1444 (Bookings)
mike.goodwin@nwfoodalliance.co.uk    info@merseyferries.co.uk
www.nwfoodalliance.co.uk             www.merseyferries.co.uk



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