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					                      The School District of the City of Erie, PA

                          SUPPLEMENTAL NEW BUSINESS

                                                                         September 10, 2008

21.0 -   That the following recommendations of the Superintendent be approved:

                                LEAVES OF ABSENCE

21.1 -   Sept. 22-23 -     Deborah Brasington, Teacher, ESEA/Title 1, to attend Institute
                                 for School Improvement and Education Options Linking
                                 Systems: State, District, School, Classroom in Chicago,
                                 IL, with salary only (expenses to be paid by Academic
                                 Development Institute);

21.2 -   Nov. 5-9 -        Lorri Bland, Parenting Supervisor of Student Parenting and
                                  CHAMPS Afterschool Program, Student Parenting
                                  Program, and Tiffany Schroyer, Teacher, Diehl, to
                                  attend the Search Institute’s 12th Annual 2008 Healthy
                                  Communities - Healthy Youth Conference in
                                  Minneapolis, MN, with salary and expenses (expenses
                                  will be paid from CHAMPS Budgets and Fundraisers -
                                  037-467-0239.04,       037-465-0239.04,      037-438-


21.3 -   Aug. 18 -         Mark Weir----------------------------------------McKinley, Elementary,
                                 resignation effective August 18, 2008;

                           MILITARY LEAVE OF ABSENCE

21.4 -   Sept. 2 -         Matthew Parker-----------------Central Tech, Protective Services,
                                 paid military leave of absence effective September 2,
                                 2008 through September 12, 2008;



21.5 -   Oct. 31 -         Thomas James--------------------------------------East, Co-Principal,
                                retirement effective October 31, 2008;
                                                                        September 10, 2008
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21.6 -   Aug. 19 -         Jeffrey Boam transfer from Emerson-Gridley, Elementary, to
                                  AEP/Transition, Assistant Principal/Noon to 8:00 p.m.,
                                  transfer effective August 19, 2008;

21.7 -   July 1 -          Danny Jones transfer from Family Center, Coordinator of
                                Student Assistance Programs, to Family Center,
                                Director of Student Assistance Programs, transfer
                                effective July 1, 2008;

21.8 -   Aug. 19 -         Janet Quinn transfer from Perry, Elementary, to Diehl,
                                 Assistant Principal, transfer effective August 19, 2008;

                         OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE


21.9 -   Oct. 28 -         David Hadberg---------------------------------------Vincent, Engineer,
                                 retirement effective October 28, 2008;

22.0 -   That the Board of School Directors approves the following budgetary transfers:

                                  TITLE II, D-EETT-CG

FROM:                                 TO:                                           AMOUNT:

027-293-0831.01                       027-293-0222.01                                  $ 491.00
Retirement                            Supplies

027-293-0832.01                       027-293-0222.01                                    780.00
Social Security                       Supplies

027-293-0833.01                       027-293-0222.01                                    204.00
Worker’s Compensation                 Supplies

TOTAL - $1,475.00

REASON: Transfers are necessary to add additional monies to Supplies and to close out

23.0 -   Be it resolved beginning with the 2008-09 school year that the School District of
         the City of Erie pay its non-bargaining unit substitute principals $150.00 per day.
                                                                     September 10, 2008
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24.0 -   WHEREAS, the School District of the City of Erie ("District") Board of
         Directors ("Board") receives requests from time to time to discharge
         delinquent tax claims owed on blighted or dilapidated property when efforts
         are being made to rehabilitate that property; and

         WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law, 72 P.S. §5860.101
         et seq., creates a procedure under which a political subdivision such as a
         school district may discharge delinquent tax claims, which law provides in
         relevant part the following:

(1)      Any owner, his heirs or legal representatives, or any lien creditor, his heirs,
         assigns or legal representative, or other interested person or, with the
         approval of the lienholding political subdivision, disinterested person may
         cause the discharge of tax claims and liens entered against the property by
         payment to the bureau of the amount of the aforesaid claim and interest
         thereon calculated under paragraph (1), (2) or (3). The subject property shall
         be removed from exposure to sale and shall not be listed in any
         advertisement relating to sale of property for delinquent taxes if, prior to July 1
         of the year following the notice of claim, payment is made in any of the
         following amounts:

(2)      An amount less than the total amount due under paragraph (1) [pertaining to
         the sum of outstanding taxes due plus interest] if the political subdivision
         agrees to accept that amount. If payment is made after July 1 of the year
         following the notice of claim, but before the actual sale of the property, the
         property shall not be sold.

72 P.S. §5860.501(a).

         WHEREAS, in certain compelling situations in an effort to cure local blight
         and to better maintain the local property tax base, the Board believes that it is
         in the best interest of the City of Erie community to grant the requests from
         property owners, lien creditors, interested and/or disinterested parties to
         discharge delinquent tax claims and liens entered against certain pieces of
         property; and

         WHEREAS, in this specific instance, the Board believes the request of
         EDICO, Inc. of Erie County to discharge delinquent tax claims, liens and costs
         entered against such property identified as 1404 East Avenue, Erie,
         Pennsylvania 16503 and with County Tax Identification # 15-020-040.0-
         107.00 to be compelling and in the best interest of the City of Erie community
         by increasing the commercial marketability of the property which should have
         the effect of creating additional jobs and placing the property back on the tax

         AND NOW, on this 10th day of September, 2008, it is hereby RESOLVED by
         the School District of the City of Erie Board of Directors the following:
                                                                       September 10, 2008
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         1. The Board discharges 100% of the delinquent tax claims, liens and costs
            entered against the following real property for all tax years listed as
            delinquent up to, but not including tax year 2008:

            (a) Tax ID #15-020-040.0-107.00

         2. Any prior resolution or part thereof which is inconsistent or conflicts with this
            resolution is hereby repealed insofar as it affects this Resolution.

25.0 -      That the Board of School Directors approves the Instructional Improvement
            Environmental Education Grant for Collegiate Academy as follows:


Manager: Doreen Petri/Lori Gornall

Revenue:                                                                   Original Budget
025-500-7599.01           State-DEP Grant                                        $3,000.00

                          TOTAL REVENUE                                           $3,000.00

025-500-0222.01           Instructional Fees                                        $150.00
025-500-0229.01           Instructional Equipment                                 $1,000.00
025-500-0556.01           Contracted Transportation                               $1,850.00

                          TOTAL EXPENDITURES                                      $3,000.00

26.0 -      That the Board of School Directors approves the 2008-09 Pennsylvania Pre-K
            Counts Grant in the amount of $1,220,700 as approved by the Pennsylvania
            Department of Education.
                                                             September 10, 2008
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                    PENNSYLVANIA PRE-K COUNTS
Fund: 025
Program: 488
Manager: John Dahlstrand

REVENUE:                                                                 TOTAL
025-488-7292.01        State Subsidy
                       10-7292-488.01                              $1,220,700.00

025-488-0212.01        Coordinator                                   $22,310.00
025-488-0213.01        Pre-K Coach                                    31,803.00
025-488-0213.02        Pre-K Teachers                                 76,593.00
025-488-0213.03        Professional Development Stipends                5,529.00
025-488-0218.01        Teacher Assistants                             27,194.00
025-488-0222.01        Instructional Supplies                         22,000.00
025-488-0222.02        Workshop Supplies                                6,500.00
025-488-0231.01        Refreshments                                     9,263.00
025-488-0239.01        Transportation/Travel                            7,500.00
025-488-0239.02        Advertising                                      5,000.00
025-488-0250.01        Contracted Services                              7,500.00
025-488-0250.02        Contr. Services-Pre-K Partners (Passthru)     900,050.00
025-488-0521.01        Student Transportation                         15,000.00
025-488-0650.01        Rental                                         14,000.00
025-488-0831.01        Retirement                                       7,516.00
025-488-0832.01        Social Security                                  6,040.00
                                                    September 10, 2008
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025-488-0833.01   Worker’s Compensation                       3,158.00
025-488-0833.02   Unemployment Compensation                   1,008.00
025-488-0834.01   Group Insurance                            48,278.00
025-488-0834.02   Dental Insurance                            4,061.00
025-488-0834.03   Vision Insurance                             228.00
025-488-0834.04   Life Insurance                               169.00

                  TOTAL EXPENDITURES                     $1,220,700.00

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