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                                            ACADEMY OF STUDENT PHARMACISTS
                                         UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA MEDICAL CENTER
                                                    OMAHA, NEBRASKA

                                                                                                                               August 27, 2007

  College of Pharmacy
      OUTLOOK                      Class of 2011 Has White Coat Ceremony
August                             By Mark Hamann                    Ceremony for a late dinner and a
 • Tuesday, Aug. 28: RPSA                                            chance to meet the faculty. The P1
   meeting from Noon-1 pm          This past Wednesday the           class also got a chance to meet the
 • Wednesday, Aug. 29: ASP         newest members of UNMC’s          COP’s new Dean, Dr. Courtney
   Meeting from Noon-1 pm in       College of Pharmacy (COP)
   Witson Hall                                                       Fletcher.
                                   were officially welcomed into
 • Thursday, Aug. 30: Kappa Psi                                        The White Coat Ceremony is a
   informational meeting from
                                   the program at the annual
   Noon-1 pm                       White Coat Ceremony.              traditional beginning to the
 • Thurs, Aug. 30: ASP Social      Hundreds of friends and family    academic year. The attendance at
   RiverBoat from 8-Midnight       members gathered at the           the event has increased
                                   Durham Research Center to         dramatically from the past. Parents,
 • Monday, Sept. 3: Labor Day –    witness the new P1 class’s        husbands, wives, grandparents,
   NO CLASS                        inauguration. The ceremony        siblings, children, boy friends, girl
 • Tuesday, Sept. 4: Kappa Psi     introduced students to a brief    friends, and others come to support
   Meeting from Noon-1 pm          overview of the curriculum        and congratulate the students on          Adam Smith, Class of 2011 after
 • Wednesday, Sept. 5: KE                                            their acceptance into the UNMC              the White Coat Ceremony
   Meeting from Noon-1 pm
                                   and gave them an idea as to
 • Saturday, Sept. 8: ASP          what lies ahead.                  Pharmacy program.
   philanthropy – Habitat for                                                                                  schedule, COP organizations,
                                     The students, along with           The Class of 2011 had first year
   Humanity                                                                                                    parking, class waivers,
 • Saturday, Sept. 8: MCCP         their family and friends, were    orientation on Thursday and Friday
                                                                                                               immunizations, and numerous
   Sand Volleyball tournament      invited back to the College of    and were introduced to IPPE
                                                                                                               other items.
 • Tuesday, Sept. 11: RPSA         Pharmacy after the White Coat     (formerly EPE), their class
   Meeting from Noon-1 pm
 • Tues, Sept 11: TB express
   clinic from 5:30-8 pm           UNMC Students Help Less-Fortunate Patients in Nicaragua
 • Tues, Sept 11: MCCP meeting
   from 6-8 pm at Creighton        By Mark Hamann                      medication and counseling the
   Hixson Lied Science building    This past spring a group of         patients in Spanish. Carder
 • Wednesday, Sept. 12: ASP        UNMC students visited               also assisted with physical
   Meeting from Noon-1 pm in                                           exams and helped administer
   Witson Hall                     Nicaragua to offer free medical
                                   help to citizens of the third       vaccines to school children. In
 • Thurs, Sept. 13: SIPA meeting                                       the process, she got a chance to
   at Mid-American Center          poorest country in the Western
 • Tuesday, Sept. 18: Kappa Psi    Hemisphere. The trip was            see many young children and
   Meeting from Noon-1 pm          organized by the Student            mothers.
 • Wednesday, Sept. 19: KE         Alliance for Global Health             “Mothers would get pap
   Meeting from Noon-1 pm
                                   (SAGH), and consisted of 12         smears and pelvic exams, as
 • Saturday, Sept. 22: Omaha’s                                         well as contraceptives,” said         Katie Carder administering vaccines
   Got Talent to benefit LLS at    medical students, five nursing                                            to children at a school in Nicaragua
                                   students, and one pharmacy          Carder. “Babies would be
   Central High School at 7 pm
                                                                       checked to see if they were
 • Tuesday, Sept. 25: RPSA         student. The group spent over                                             work very hard and very long hours
   Meeting from Noon-1 pm          a week working at various           growing properly. This was
                                                                                                             in the warm Caribbean weather.
 • Tuesday, Sept. 25: HALO 3       schools and in the barrios (the     measured by weight, age, and
                                                                                                             She feels that her experience in the
   RELEASED for X-box 360          poorest neighborhoods) at           head circumference. It was
                                                                                                             third world country was both eye-
 • Wednesday, Sept. 26: ASP        “makeshift” clinics, which          really sad because many babies
                                                                                                             opening and rewarding.
   Meeting from Noon-1 pm in
                                   consisted of small buildings        were less than the 5th percentile
   Witson Hall                                                                                                 “Everyone needs to put
                                   with dirt floors and no             on the growth chart.”
 • Every Tuesday: Sharing                                                                                    themselves outside of their comfort
                                   electricity.                           Carder and her group spent
   Clinic from 5:30-9:00 pm at                                                                               zone once in a while,” said Carder.
   NMC Community Health Center       The group’s only pharmacy         most of their time in San
                                                                                                             “You learn a lot about yourself and
 • Every Tuesday: CPFI             student, Katie Carder (P3), was     Marcos and in the capitol city
                                                                                                             the rest of the world by traveling to
   meeting from Noon-1 pm          in charge of dispensing             of Managua. She had a great
                                                                                                             the less glamorous destinations.”
                                                                       trip even though they had to
  PAGE 2                                                      ASP CAPSULE                                                VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1

 UNMC Welcomes New College of Pharmacy Dean
    Courtney Fletcher, Pharm      Minnesota in 1982. Most             nearly 15 years of academic        immunocompromised patients.
  D., has been selected as the    recently, Dr. Fletcher has been     administrative experience          Much of his research has been
  new dean of the UNMC            working at the University of        including five years as            focused on HIV and AIDS patients.
  College of Pharmacy. He will Colorado Health                                       chairman of the     Dr. Fletcher will continue his
  begin his new position on       Sciences Center                                    Dept. of            research activities at UNMC and
  November 1, succeeding          in Denver as a                                     Clinical            hopes to possibly bring some of his
  Clarence Ueda, Pharm.D.,        professor,                                         Pharmacy at         laboratory staff from CU.
  Ph.D., who has been with the    researcher and                                     Colorado.             Dr. Fletcher is presently a
  UNMC College of Pharmacy        director of the                                      Dr. Fletcher      member of the NIH's AIDS
  for 33 years and served as dean Antiviral                                          has done            Discovery and Development of
  the past 20 years.              Pharmacology                                       extensive           Therapeutics Study Section as well
    Dr. Fletcher is originally    Laboratory.                                        research and        as the Department of Health and
  from Greybull, Wyoming and      Before his career                                  work on the         Human Services' Panel on Clinical
  received his Bachelor of        in Colorado, Dr.                                   clinical            Practices for the Treatment of HIV.
  Science degree in Pharmacy      Fletcher held academic                pharmacology of antiviral        He is a past member of the U.S.
  from the University of          pharmacy positions at the             agents. His research has         FDA Antiviral Drug Advisory
  Wyoming in 1978 and his         University of Minnesota and           focused on the treatment of      Committee.
  Doctor of Pharmacy degree                                                                              *Information obtained from article posted
                                  Drake University. He has              viral infections in              on UNMC’s website by Tom O’Connor
  from the University of

Class of 2009 to Put on City-Wide Talent-Show for LLS
By Tess Andersen                               of all cancers in children; however, it causes   All together, over 30 different performers
  Omaha’s Got Talent is a city wide talent     more cancer deaths in children than any          were seen, with everything from dancing,
show undertaken by the College of              other cancer. The cause of leukemia and          singing, and magicians making the final cut.
Pharmacy’s Class of 2009 students to           lymphoma is still not known and it is              The 21 acts selected will proceed to the
benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma              obvious that much more research is needed.       September 22nd show held at Central High
Society (LLS). This is not an ordinary           To begin planning the city wide talent         School at 7 PM. The acts will be judged by
fundraiser. Students in the class of 2009      show, the Class of 2009 asked Dr. Krobot         seven celebrities paired up with seven
wanted to do something more, something         and John Ridgeway to be the faculty              cancer survivors, including the P3’s very
big! As a class of 63, we had the              advisors for the event. Our class also           own Greg Schardt! The most talented act
opportunity to do a bigger-than-normal         formed an executive committee comprised          will receive $1000.00. Tickets are currently
philanthropy where we could really exploit     of Lisa Carstensen, Jessica Chardoulias,         on pre-sale for only $15. They are subject to
our resources to raise a large amount of       Cara Bruckman and myself. Lisa                   change and are available on a first come first
money for a given organization. After          Carstensen’s husband, Chad Carstensen, has       serve basis. You can purchase tickets via
careful consideration and creating different   been instrumental in building the website        Pay-pal on the website or in the dean’s
committees, our class decided to benefit       and designing fliers and banners for the         office.
LLS.                                           event. The fliers have been extremely                Finally, to quote classmate Jessica
  Although I would have put all of my effort beneficial in getting the word out to              Chardoulias: “This event is sure to bring
and heart into any worthy cause, the choice    potential donors and audition applicants.        pharmacy into the public eye. We will
of benefiting LLS was a very personal one      Fliers have been distributed to dance            forever be seen as “pill-counters,” but my
for me. As a teenager, my father had stage     studios, high schools, movie theaters, clubs,    hope is that Omaha’s Got Talent will be a
IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My siblings gas stations, etc. In addition, Vicky Cerino             catalyst to inspire many other students and
and I were with him constantly throughout      with UNMC Public Affairs and Media               pharmacists to get out into their
his battle; however, the doctors were not      Relations has been very helpful in setting up    communities and show that we have much
optimistic about his condition. We were        interviews with all four major television        more to offer. We truly do want to be a part
given permission to spend his last night in    networks, publishing stories in UNMC             of the community and we want to play an
the hospital with him to say our good-byes.    Today, and offering suggestions on a daily       active role in promoting health care and
Fortunately, my father beat the odds and I     basis. Our first donation was from Kohl’s        healthy living. I just believe more of us
am proud to say he is still alive today,       Pharmacy for $250 and our most recent            need to stand up, speak louder, and become
twenty years later. His doctor still calls him donation was from the Gallup Organization        more visible.”
                                               for $1000. With the night of the event fast
a “miracle patient.”                                                                               Find more information online:
  My seed of motivation to help LLS find a approaching, much work still needs to be
cure runs even deeper. My brother-in-law’s done to reach our goal of $30,000.         
nephew, Jacob, passed away at the age of           Auditions for the talent show were held
four after several long years of battling      this past Saturday at Central High School.
Leukemia. Many people do not realize that The first scheduled auditions were at 9:30
leukemia is attributed to approximately 30% AM, with open auditions starting at 2 PM.
 PAGE 3                                                          ASP CAPSULE                                       VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1

 Pharmacy Cross Word Puzzle
 4 Cephalexin is a ______ generation cephalosporin
 5 The drug of choice when treating MRSA infections.
 7 This common herbal product is used to treat peripheral
 arterial disease, dementia, & other blood flow disorders.
 8 If a patient over age 65 has a SCr level of 0.5, you should
 assume it to be _____ when calculating GFR
 10 N-______ is an antidote used for the toxins produced by
 acetaminophen overdose.
 13 Zidovudine is a reverse ______ inhibitor.
 1 Diazepam is a member of which drug class?
 2 The mechanism of action of NSAIDs is the inhibition of
 the enzyme ______
 3 Amoxicillin is a beta ______ antibiotic.
 4 Amphotericin B is an anti-_____ drug often used
 intravenously for systemic _____ (same word) infections.
 6 In Nebraska, which STD has the highest incidence rate?
 9 A woman taking warfarin would most likely be switched
 to what drug if she became pregnant? (Not Lovenox)
 11 The best selling HMG-CoA Reductase inhibitor.
 12 Atenolol is a drug belonging to the ______ blockers drug
 class.                                                                                                         * Compiled by Mark Hamann
 14 Omeprazol, Lansoprazole, Esomeprazole, and
 Pantoprazole belong to this drug class

Students Visit Boston for Kappa Psi Retreat                                An Easy Way to Get Your IPPE Meetings Done
By Sarah Cox                                                              By Lindsay R. Nissen PharmD
  Boston - home of the Red Sox, a tea party, and the 53 rd Annual           Midwest College of Clinical Pharmacy (MCCP) is a local
 Kappa Psi Grand Council Convention (GCC). Four COP students,             chapter of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP).
 Anne Gerdes (P3), Monica Hanson (P3), Melissa Maiefski (P2),             MCCP is a relatively new organization and is committed to the
 and Jenny Nesiba (P2), represented the UNMC Gamma Epsilon                advancement of clinical pharmacy practice. Up to four ACPE-
 chapter. Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity is the oldest and           accredited programs are offered each year, available to both
 largest professional pharmaceutical fraternity and currently has over    pharmacists and students who want to increase their clinical
 70,000 members.                                                          knowledge. Yearly membership is $20 for licensed pharmacists
   Every two years the brothers of Kappa Psi hold a national meeting      and $5 for students. We have an exciting fall planned! On
 to elect new executive members and vote on legislative issues.           September 8, our first annual Sand Volleyball Tournament will
 Over 430 people including collegiate and graduate brothers,              take place at Deuces in Council Bluffs. We have lots of great
 spouses, and children traveled from across the nation to attend this     door prizes and an excellent silent auction. Proceeds from the
 year’s GCC in Boston from Aug. 7-11.                                     event will help us develop programming for next year. For more
   The focus of the convention is to present candidates running for       information, please contact Lindsay Nissen at
 national offices to all the Kappa Psi brothers. Participants learned or at 960-3754.
 about various roles and opportunities at the national level of Kappa       Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 11 at Creighton
 Psi, and also had the chance to participate in provincial (regional)     University School of Pharmacy, in room G4. We are pleased
 caucuses and various legislative votes. Thanks to their enthusiasm       that Dr. Michael Maddux, executive director of ACCP, has
 and participation, the Gamma Epsilon Chapter from UNMC was               agreed to speak to our chapter on “Advancing Clinical
 awarded the title of eighth top collegiate chapter in the nation (out    Pharmacy: ACCP's Agenda for the Future”. To RSVP, please
 of 70 chapters).                                                         contact Carla Christensen at or 398-
   “We had a blast meeting other pharmacy professionals from              5746. Seating may be limited, so contact her soon.
 across the nation,” said Gerdes. “It’s one of the best ways to learn       We are also planning a Residency Night separate from our
 about other brothers and to create professional and personal             meetings this fall (date to be determined). Various aspects of
 relationships that can benefit you in the future.”                       both the application and interview process will be discussed.
                                               Becky Fahrenbruch UNMC
                                               alum and former council    We will invite residents from the Omaha residencies to come
                                               member, congratulates      and talk to you about their experiences and give you advice on
                                               Gamma Epsilon. From L-R,   the process. Residency Coordinators from the metro area will
                                               Melissa, Anne, Gerdes,     also be invited to give you information on their program in a
                                               Monica, Becky, and Jenny
                                               Nesiba.                    “Residency Showcase” format. More Information to come!
PAGE 4                                                  STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS                                                                VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1

 ASP     (Academy of Student Pharmacists) In the same way that the                           Kappa Psi           Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. is currently the
 American Pharmacists Association is “pharmacy’s first, largest”                             oldest and largest professional pharmaceutical fraternity in the
 professional organization, our ASP chapter serves students in the College                   United States with 70 active Collegiate and 50 active Graduate
 of Pharmacy as the first and largest organization. This year our goal will                  chapters. Our chapter, Gamma Epsilon, has been nationally ranked,
 be to achieve 100% membership within the COP. Through ASP’s                                 and an alum of UNMC have served on the executive committee.
 committee system, many important outreach activities of the College are                       We are involved in many philanthropies. Our main service project
 organized including philanthropic work, Healthy Heartland, Operation                        is hosting the Hoops for Healing Basketball tournament each spring
 Immunization, Heartburn Awareness and Hope Clinic.                                          which supports Camp Floyd Rogers, a diabetes camp for kids. We
   Student-initiated leadership is one of the key purposes of our ASP                        also conduct an American Red Cross food and clothes drive for the
 chapter, making ASP the umbrella under which new activities are                             homeless. Kappa Psi’s national and local service project is to
 conceived, proposed and organized. P1 and P2 students should plan                           prepare and serve food at the Ronald McDonald House. Our social
 volunteer work on ASP committees as a starting point for seeking                            activities include a pledge retreat and an initiation in the fall as well
 leadership positions in their P2 and P3 years. ASP also prides itself in                    as various events throughout the year. For the upcoming school
 providing students with a variety of opportunities to assist in the                         year our chapter is hoping to have a large attendance at Conclave,
 completion of the IPPE requirements for graduation from the College of                      our province meeting at the University of Iowa. It should be a fun
 Pharmacy. ASP meets every other Wednesday from 12:00pm-1:00pm in                            road trip to represent UNMC and meet with our Kappa Psi
 the Witson Hall Amphitheater. We are excited to kick off another                            Brothers. Please attend our information meeting Aug. 30 and enjoy
 successful year in ASP and can’t wait to get our committees rolling! Katie                  FREE LUNCH. Questions? Contact Regent Sarah Cox at
 Frost – ASP President                                             

 RPSA       The Rural Pharmacy Student Association is an organization for                    Kappa Epsilon is a national, professional fraternity with
 students admitted through the Rural Health Opportunities Program                            a founding purpose of promoting women in pharmacy. The Beta
 (RHOP), the Rural Pharmacy Practice Educational Initiative (RPPEI), and                     Chapter at the Nebraska Medical Center was one of the three
 all other pharmacy students interested in learning more about rural                         founding chapters of Kappa Epsilon in 1921. We strive to achieve
 pharmacy practice.                                                                          academic excellence, foster professional awareness, and to provide
     "Faces of Rural Pharmacy" is the theme for the 2007-2008 academic                       lasting loyalties, interests and friendships.
 year. By focusing on both the professional and personal aspects of the                        We work hard to promote breast cancer awareness and participate
 Pharmacy professionals practicing in rural Nebraska, we will                                in many other service and professional projects that benefit our
 try capture the essence of rural Nebraska that people enjoy. In an effort to                community and our college. Our new national project is
 promote and encourage a positive learning atmosphere, we will be rolling                    PharmCORP where we educate high school students about careers
 out a new program called Rural Professional Peers (RPP) which provides a                    in pharmacy. We also focus on promoting the Young Survival
 student peer network structure designed to improve communication among                      Coalition and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
 students.                                                                                     We are a small organization which offers many opportunities for
     To learn more about RPSA and meet our members, please join us for                       leadership as well as personal and professional development.
 the RPSA Information Session meeting Tuesday August 28th in the                             Please attend our first informational meeting to not only learn more
 College of Pharmacy room 2005 at Noon. There will be food provided                          about Kappa Epsilon, but also to get a free lunch. This means that
 with many valuable prizes to be given away. Come explore the                                even though our chapter currently has no male involvement, the
 opportunities that rural pharmacy practice has to offer. For more                           gentlemen are also encouraged to come. If you have any questions
 information please contact Peter Vu: 402-580-2987.                                          email Amanda Herdzina (Mausbach) at

 Rho Chi       is a national honor society for pharmacy that recognizes and rewards academic achievement and promotes scholarly fellowship
 among members. In order to be eligible for Rho Chi, students must have completed their second year of pharmacy school coursework, must rank in
 the top 20 percent of their class, and have achieved a cumulative grade point average (GPA) above 3.50. Various faculty members within the COP
 are also members of the Rho Chi Society. The UNMC chapter of Rho Chi, Alpha Epsilon, organizes several activities throughout the school year.
 These include a silent auction, the sale of CPS pads to P2 students, and a spring banquet to honor and initiate new members.

                    ASP Capsule                                           CPFI The Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International is a nondenominational
                                                                          ministry made up of pharmacists throughout the world. Pharmacists in this organization
 Editors: Mark Hamann ( &                                are in all areas of pharmaceutical service and practice. One of CPFI's goals is to
 Sarah Cox (                                               encourage the advancement of knowledge and ethics in the practice of pharmacy. The
 Special Thanks: Katie Carder, Tess Andersen,                             organization also promotes Christian fellowship among pharmacists while promoting
 Amanda Herdzina, Peter Vu, Jessica Karas, Katie                          spiritual growth. Our student chapter meets every Tuesday for fellowship and fun. We
 Frost, Lynnette Mullins, John Ridgway, Anne Gerdes,                      usually include a discussion of an ethical or religious topic. All are invited. If you
 Jenny Nesiba, Al Stahlnecker, Tom O’Connor (UNMC                         would like more information, please contact Jessica Karas ( or the
 public affairs) & Dr. Courtney Fletcher                                  faculty advisors Dr. Peter Gwilt and Dr. Jon Vennerstrom.
 *Times & dates listed are subject to change without notice. The
 calendar does not include all COP events & some events listed above
 may be incorrect. If you would like your event in the ASP Capsule,
                                                                          Phi Lambda Sigma is the Pharmacy Leadership Society, which works to
 please email the editors with date, time and place. Opinions expressed   foster and recognize leaders and support leadership commitment, especially among
 represent the views of the writers and not necessarily the views of      pharmacy students. Its members are chosen by peer recognition, and consist of students,
 ASP, APhA, or UNMC. Signed letters to the editor are welcome. If
 you have an idea for a story or if you would like to write an article,
                                                                          faculty, alumni, and honorary members. The student portion is comprised of second,
 please email the editor.                                                 third, and fourth year pharmacy students who possess high moral and ethical character.

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