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                                                                                                                 July 27, 2009

Our 2009-2010 roundtable series begins again in                     Telephone agents of the Social Security Administration
September. Networking through established groups                    can verify – for employers for wage reporting purposes
provides a unique opportunity for peers from different              – up to five employee SSNs at a time. Beginning
companies to share best practices, learn from the                   September 21, 2009, employers will no longer be able to
experience of others, and test new ideas. There are four            verify SSNs via live telephone agents, yet will still be
roundtable groups to choose from: Senior HR Executive,              able to register and use free verification systems such as
HR Management, HR Generalist, and Plant Manager.                    SSNVS (Social Security Number Verification Service)
Most meet monthly over lunch (Senior HR Executives                  or TNEV (Telephone Number Employer Verification).
meet semi-monthly). See this week's attachment to help              SSNVS (www.ssa.gov/employer/ssnv.htm) is online,
decide which group is best for you. But hurry –                     while TNEV (www.socialsecurity.gov/bso/documents-
enrollment is limited.                                              /TNEV.pdf) is an automated telephone service.
                                                                    Interestingly, a related service – Consent Based Social
GOING GREEN: WHERE TO START?                                        Security Number Verification Service, or CBSV – may
Are you wondering where to start? First, evaluate what              be used by businesses to verify SSNs of clients and
you are currently doing. You may already have a number              customers for designated reasons such as mortgage ser-
of green practices in place. Develop an environmental               vices, banking services, background checks, licensing
responsibility policy to help guide you. Such a policy              requirements, and credit checks. The SSN holder must
generally contains a description of the purpose, and a              consent to having his or her number verified in advance
definition of what environmental responsibility means to            in writing. CBSV requires payment of a $5,000 non-
your company. Then establish goals. Seek input from                 refundable enrollment fee, as well as per-transaction
your employees.          Communicate, communicate,                  fees. More information is at www.ssa.gov/cbsv/.
communicate what you are doing, and seek ongoing
input from your employees on what new goals can be                  MOST PRIZED SUMMER BENEFITS
added. Going green can be a real morale booster. It also            According to a recent survey by OfficeTeam, flexible
has a positive impact on your company image. Here are               schedules and the ability to leave work early on Fridays
some no-cost or low-cost ideas to get you started:                  are the most appreciated summer benefits. The survey
• Encourage employees to be environmentally friendly                was based on telephone interviews with 457 workers, 18
    – by walking, biking, or taking public transit;                 years of age or older, employed in an office environment.
    recycling; making double-sided copies; powering                 Workers were asked, "Which of the following summer
    down computers when not in use; lowering blinds in              benefits would you most like to have?" Their responses
    the summer to conserve energy; etc.                             are as follows:
• Donate used furniture and supplies to local charities,            • Flexible schedules - 38%
    or sell or give away the items to employees.                    • Leave early on Fridays - 32%
• Choose to do business with suppliers that have green              • Activities (e.g., company picnic, potluck, etc.) - 6%
    practices.                                                      • More relaxed dress code - 5%
• Use energy-efficient lighting equipment.                          • Other - 4%
• Install automatic shut-off sensors on office                      • Don't know/no answer - 15%
    equipment.                                                      Flexible scheduling and allowing employees to leave
• Buy or lease refurbished goods.                                   early on Friday may be inexpensive ways to motivate and
While going green may cut costs, more importantly it can            improve morale during these hot months! And to retain
have a positive impact on employee morale. Lift spirits             top talent. See this week’s second attachment for an
and demonstrate your commitment to efficiency at the                insightful discussion on retention.
same time.

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EMPLOYERS                                                2009-2010 R OUNDTABLE S ERIES
Council                                                      SAME GREAT NETWORKING, SAME GREAT PRICE!


 SENIOR HR EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE – Exclusively reserved for                          KEY BENEFITS :
 senior level HR executives with more than ten years experience (at
 least three of which are at the executive level) in larger                         i Engage in meaningful roundtable
 organizations (generally 300+ employees).                                          discussion on a regular basis -
         When: Third Wednesday – 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.                             enrollment limited to about 25
                 (Every other month beginning in September)
                                                                                    i Build a network of professional
 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAG EMENT ROUNDTABLE – Open to HR                                 peers whom you can turn to for
 professionals with more than five years of manager or director                     advice and consultation
                                                                                    i Dialogue with roundtable members
        When: Fourth Wednesday – 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
                                                                                    to get workable solutions for your
           (September - May, except December)
                                                                                    current workplace challenges

 HUMAN RESOURCE GENERALIST ROUNDTABLE – Open to HR                                  i Learn about hot topics and best
 professionals with less than five years of experience or any other                 practices from roundtable members
 staff with HR responsibilities.                                                    and guest presenters
    When: First Wednesday – 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
            (September - May, except December)                                      i Send e-mail queries to roundtable
                                                                                    members to learn about common
 PLANT MANAGER ROUNDTABLE – Designed for operating managers                         practices
 and directors with direct responsibility for manufacturing or plant
 operations. Includes three plant tours.                                            i Increase your personal knowledge
   When: Second Thursday – 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.                                        and development – so that you can
           (September - May, except December)                                       add value to your organization

 WHERE :              Radisson Hotel                                                COST :    $329 for the entire series
                      215 West South Temple                                                   (Includes meals, materials, and parking)
                      Salt Lake City, Utah                                                   No price increase from last year!

 REGISTRATION INFORMATION:                                              PAYMENT METHOD:
 Please register the following for:                                     Cost:     $329 per Council Member
        ____ Senior HR Executive              ____ HR Management                  (Council members only)
        ____ HR Generalist                    ____ Plant Manager        ____Check Enclosed
                                                                        ____Bill Me
 Registrant Name___________________________________________
                                                                        ____Charge Credit Card
                                                                             ____Visa   ____Master Card    ____American Express
                                                                        Credit Card # _________________________________
                                                                        Expiration Date _______________________________
                                                                        Total Amount _________________________________
 Phone______________________ Fax_________________________
                                                                        Name on card ________________________________
 E-mail Address_____________________________________________
                                                                        Signature ____________________________________

 Register for the 2009-2010 Roundtable Series by:
                               E-mail:     info@ecutah.org           Mail:      The Employers Council
                               Fax:        801-364-8915                         175 W 200 S, Suite 2005
                               Phone:      801-364-8479                         Salt Lake City, UT 84101

      175 WEST 200 SOUTH, SUITE 2005 ~ SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84101 ~ PHONE: 801.364.8479 ~ FAX: 801.364.8915 ~ WWW.ECUTAH.ORG
                                                   The Myth of Retention

                                                                            Taken from: MRA’s Inside HR Newsletter

Sometimes in a turbulent economy, the myth abounds that there’s no need to worry about
attrition. It’s assumed that concerns about the economy will keep employees safely in their
seats. But some companies are still hiring, and people are changing jobs. Regardless of
external forces, top talent – the individuals you can least afford to lose – will always have
choices. It’s important to avoid a false sense of “economic security.” We need to step up
our game to engage the talent that is critical to our business success, now more than ever.

Companies focused on growth will always be trolling for those employees who bring
something special – whether that’s subject matter expertise, strategic acumen, or leadership
vision. And while individuals change jobs for lots of reasons, of key consideration at this time
is the desire for new challenges, and a lack of confidence in or knowledge about where a
company is headed.

                                               Am I Just Treading Water?

One reason your top performers or future stars are at that level is their constant desire to
learn, to grow, and to achieve. Even if your situation dictates that the company proceed
cautiously, you can’t slow down the engagement process. Are there larger projects,
questions, or benchmarks that employees could be exploring? Is there cross-training or
other learning opportunities that could occur? Lean projects that could be undertaken? It
may be helpful to pull out that “to do list” of projects that have been deemed important, but
are often passed over in the midst of breakneck production levels.

                                                 Am I on a Sinking Ship?

Everyone wants to be on a winning team. Communication and transparency are key to
retention. Promises of “trust us” and general corporate cheerleading may last for a while if
you’ve developed a track record of solid partnership with employees. But when the
uncertainty and low-level anxiety become tangible, especially if it’s coming from your leaders,
people get nervous. Communicate often and honestly, and relay what the corporate plan is –
even if it contains a lot of variables. Harness the intellectual horsepower of your top talent in
helping you address key issues, thus reinforcing their value to the company. You want to
show these and all your employees that your company is focused on the future and headed
in the right direction. In a vacuum, employees will create their own stories.

We count on the insights, innovation, and the drive of our corporate stars. Don’t assume that
past projects and opportunities, coupled with economic uncertainty, will be enough to keep
them on your team. Pay particular attention to keeping this key group engaged, and show
them that they have a place in the ongoing success of your company. Your top performers
will always have options. Ensure that your company is the option they select.

Reprint by: The Employers Council
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