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									Bachelor of Physiotherapy
School of Primary Health Care
Bachelor of Physiotherapy

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)                                                               Gerontology
is a four-year undergraduate course                                                               Providing healthcare to older people,
within the School of Primary Health                                                               including maintaining fitness and
Care, in the Faculty of Medicine,                                                                 maximizing physical ability.
Nursing and Health Sciences. It is
part of the health sciences program                                                               Health and wellbeing
based at the Monash Peninsula campus.                                                             Design, delivery and promotion of age-specific
                                                                                                  activities for individuals or groups to promote
Monash physiotherapy education
                                                                                                  strength, fitness and wellness in the
is a fully integrated curriculum and
                                                                                                  community and prevent functional decline.
includes interdisciplinary studies.
Commencing semester one, the
curriculum is structured around                                                                   Management
case-based learning. Conditions for                                                               Managing healthcare facilities, allied health
                                              Physiotherapy students experience group learning.   services, and coordinating other aspects
which people typically seek physiotherapy
provide the context for integrating                                                               of the healthcare system.
learning about biomedical and behavioural     Career opportunities
sciences and physiotherapy skills.                                                                Musculoskeletal
                                              A degree in physiotherapy prepares                  Healthcare delivery in sports physiotherapy,
In the later years of the course,             you for a range of career opportunities             spinal physiotherapy, exercise prescription
the focus moves from campus-based             in metropolitan, rural and remote settings.         and rehabilitation following surgery.
patient scenarios to learning in a clinical   Physiotherapists may work independently
environment. This provides opportunities      or as part of a team of healthcare
                                              professionals. They work in public and              Neurology
for students to appreciate the relevance
                                              private hospitals, health centres, sports           Healthcare services for people with
of on-going learning in the context of
                                              medicine clinics, maternity hospitals,              neurological conditions such as stroke,
supervised healthcare delivery.               rehabilitation centres, aged-care facilities        spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease
                                              and in private practices, as well as                and multiple sclerosis.
Monash physiotherapy education
                                              in health promotion, education,
facilitates development of skills through     management and research.
small group learning. Other features                                                              Occupational health
of this degree are opportunities to           Physiotherapists practice                           Analysis of biomechanics in the workplace,
experience rural healthcare delivery          in many specialised areas:                          strategic management of risks of injury in
and Interprofessional Education (IPE).                                                            the workplace and healthcare services for
In IPE, students spend some time each         Animal                                              injured workers.
semester learning and collaborating with      Treating animals with
students enrolled in other health science     musculoskeletal problems.                           Paediatrics
courses including occupational therapy,                                                           Provision of healthcare services to babies,
nursing, ambulance and paramedic              Aquatic                                             children, adolescents and their families.
studies and social work.
                                              Treating clients in water.
Monash physiotherapy promotes                                                                     Women’s health
the skills required for clinical and          Cardiorespiratory                                   Promoting the wellbeing of women across
community practice and includes               Providing healthcare services to people with        the lifespan, including before and after
education in health promotion and             heart or lung problems, including people in         childbirth and strategies for management
disease prevention, as well as traditional    intensive care and following surgery as well        of incontinence.
approaches to healthcare delivery.            as maintenance of cardiovascular fitness.
In recognition that this is a time of                                                             Research
exponential growth in knowledge, the          Education                                           Advancing fundamental knowledge
course aims to produce graduates with         Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate             and healthcare practices.
a flexible skill-set who are well equipped     students of physiotherapy and related     
to continue learning and advancing their      disciplines. All Monash graduates are               courses/3868.html
skills throughout their careers.              prepared to provide clinical education
                                              to undergraduates.
Course outline

                                                 Theme 4: Applied practice
Duration of the course                           Theme 4 develops clinical competencies
                                                                                                     Course structure
The Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a four-year     integral to physiotherapy practice. It focuses
degree offered on a full-time basis.             on the incorporation of the best available          Years one and two
                                                 research evidence with the clinical reasoning       During the early years of the course,
                                                 skills of assessment and care of patients           education in the biomedical and
Campus                                           within a range of environments.                     behavioural sciences (anatomy,
                                                                                                     biomechanics, kinesiology, pathology,
The Bachelor of Physiotherapy is
                                                                                                     pharmacology, physiology, psychology,
offered at the Monash Peninsula campus.          Theme 5: Research
                                                                                                     radiology, sociology), foundations of
One day per week will usually be spent at        Theme 5 focuses on the knowledge and                physiotherapy practice and research
the Monash Clayton campus in the early           skills that are required to locate, interpret       are provided on-campus in the context
years of the course.                             and critically evaluate research relevant           of a patient-centred approach to learning.
                                                 to physiotherapy practice.
Professional                                     The Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a
                                                                                                     All students participate in an interdisciplinary
                                                                                                     rural attachment in year one and an
registration                                     challenging course. Students can expect
                                                 to spend significant time in self-directed
                                                                                                     interdisciplinary program in year two
                                                                                                     to gain knowledge and insight into
Following successful completion of the           learning that supports the course of study.         rural interdisciplinary health issues.
Bachelor of Physiotherapy, graduates             Students will be expected to be fit to
will be eligible for registration by the         undertake the course by accepting                   In addition, students will complete their
Physiotherapists Registration Board              responsibility to maintain their health             First Aid Certificate as part of their studies.
of Victoria.                                     and take adequate rest. Students are
                                                 also expected to demonstrate respectful
                                                                                                     Years three and four
                                                 and responsible behaviour towards each
Course themes                                    other and staff from the time of entering           On-campus learning continues in the early
                                                 the course.                                         weeks of year three. The focus then changes
The four-year physiotherapy curriculum                                                               to learning in the clinical setting. Clinical
incorporates five themes:                         Clinical education across all years of the          education aims to develop knowledge
                                                 course is compulsory. In the third- and             and practical experience in the delivery of
Theme 1: Personal and                            fourth-years of study, the majority of time         physiotherapy services under the supervision
professional development                         is spent in clinical education. Some flexibility     of experienced physiotherapists.
                                                 may be required of students, both in terms
This theme focuses on the development
                                                 of hours worked at clinics, and scheduling
of personal attributes and related skills                                                            Clinical education
                                                 of clinical education.
that assist the student in the transition from                                                       Clinical education becomes increasingly
student to physiotherapist. It includes verbal   All students can expect to experience               challenging from year two to year four.
and written communication skills, ethics and     education in a rural environment during the         Students undertake clinical education
legal issues.                                    course. Some students will have additional          in the public and private sector in
                                                 rural education of 4, 12 or 15 weeks in years       rural and metropolitan locations in
Theme 2: Population,                             three and four. Students should take these          both the Victorian and Tasmanian
                                                 matters into consideration when considering         healthcare systems.
society and health
                                                 casual employment.
Theme 2 provides the structure to develop
abilities in dealing with broader society and                                                        Bachelor of Physiotherapy
population health and is underpinned by an                                                           (Honours)
internationally accepted socio-ecological                                                            An honours program embedded in the
model of health.                                                                                     second, third and fourth years of the course
                                                                                                     commenced in 2007. Students enrolled in
Theme 3: Fundamental knowledge                                                                       honours receive individualised tuition from
                                                                                                     an academic supervisor. Honours students
of health science                                                                                    are assessed by coursework and a
Theme 3 provides the knowledge and skills                                                            10,000–12,000 word thesis. Applicants will
that underpin physiotherapy clinical practice.                                                       be invited to apply for honours based on
It includes basic biomedical sciences such                                                           their academic achievement after year one.
as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology,
pathology and psychology as well as
clinical sciences.
                                                 Students of physiotherapy on the Peninsula campus
                                                 study anatomy on the Clayton campus.
                                                                         Physiotherapy domestic                                                   Additional information
Admission process                                                        admissions application procedure:                                        Prospective students are advised that there
                                                                                                    may be additional costs associated with the
Course prerequisites                                                     course/3868/domestic-requirements.html                                   course for text books and course support
Admission to the Bachelor of Physiotherapy                                                                                                        material, uniforms for clinical attachments,
requires the following prerequisites: VCE                                                                                                         travel, accommodation, living costs
units 3 and 4 – a study score of at least 30                             Physiotherapy international                                              associated with rural clinical attachments,
in English (ESL) or 25 in English (any) and in                           admissions application procedure:                                        a Police Check and precautionary procedures
any two of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical                                                         (such as immunisations) that are required
Methods, Physics or Specialist Mathematics.                              course/3868/international-requirements.html                              prior to commencing the course.
International Baccalaureate (IB) – English and
any two of Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics,                                                                                                       Unsolicited written or electronic information
Physics, or Further Mathematics at a                                     Health requirements                                                      – for example, letters to the physiotherapy
minimum of grade four at standard level.                                 and police checks                                                        selection officer, will not be considered
                                                                                                                                                  in the selection process and are
                                                                         Students will be required to comply with
Non-school leavers must also meet these                                                                                                           strongly discouraged.
                                                                         the Faculty Immunisation and Infection Risk
requirements either at year 12 level or
                                                                         Policy, recommendations and procedures,
equivalent university studies. Successful
                                                                         to enable them to proceed through the
completion of two semesters (semester one
                                                                         course with an acceptably low-level of
and two) of tertiary studies in the prerequisite
                                                                         risk and meet health service requirements.
VCE subjects at a recognised tertiary
institution would be considered comparable                               It is recommended that all students
to VCE success in those subjects.                                        accept responsibility for having up-to-date
                                                                         immunisations before commencing the
Additional requirements for entry                                        course. Recommended immunisations
                                                                         include diphtheria, tetanus, polio,
Undergraduate Medicine and Health
                                                                         measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis B.
Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT)
                                                                         Prospective students are provided
All applicants must sit the UMAT in order
                                                                         with detailed written information and, as
to be eligible for selection for physiotherapy.                                                                                                   Students in the Bachelor of Physiotherapy study
                                                                         appropriate, counselling about the effect                                with experienced clinicians in state-of-the-art
Application procedures, examination dates
                                                                         that HIV or hepatitis B infection may have                               teaching laboratories.
and venue details can be found at:
                                                                         on the ability of healthcare workers to
Phone:          +61 3 9277 5673                                          practice their profession.
Fax:            +61 3 9277 5757
                                                                         A satisfactory Police Check and Working With
                                                                         Children Check is required for each student.                             Further information
Domestic students apply through VTAC                                     Credit provision or recognition                                          School of Primary Health Care
(                                                       of prior learning                                                        Monash University
All students participate in interviews as part                           Applicants applying for advanced standing                                PO Box 527
of the admissions process. Interviews are                                must clearly demonstrate to the selection                                Frankston, Victoria 3199
held in November/December of the year                                    committee that the content of their previous                             Australia
prior to entry.                                                          studies is at least equivalent to the Monash
                                                                         Bachelor of Physiotherapy course components                              Telephone: +61 3 9904 4466
                                                                         for which they are seeking exemption.                                    Fax:       +61 3 9904 4812
University-wide undergraduate                                                                                                                     Email:
admissions application procedure:                                        Due to the integrated nature of the                                      Web:                                            curriculum, it is unlikely recognition                                              physiotherapy                                    of prior learning will be approved.

                                                                                                                                                  Photographs courtesy of the APA
                                                                                                                                                  (Australian Physiotherapy Association)
                                                                                                                                                  and students and staff of the Monash
                                                                                                                                                  physiotherapy department.

Disclaimer: The information in this brochure was correct at the time of publication. Monash University reserves the right to alter fees, regulations and procedures should the need arise. The inclusion of course
details in this brochure in no way creates an obligation on the part of the University to teach it in any given year, or in the manner described. The University reserves the right to discontinue or vary courses at
any time without notice. Students should always check with the relevant faculty officers when planning their courses and consult other information such as handbooks and websites for the most current information.
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