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					                                            Scout History
                                            Troop Edition

Instructions and FAQs:
How the system works:
    The Dashboard is to give a general overview of the scout's progress and career.
    Every page is protected so that inadvertant changes can't be made. Only the
    cells that need input data can be selected. Some cells have a drop down box
    that gives you choices. Currently these boxes are limited to Yes / No and
    Complete / Partial / Not Started.
How to enter info for Leadership Positions:
   Enter the Election Date, Date Relieved, and Position from the drop down.
How to enter credit for Service Hours, Outings, and Camping:
    Enter the starting date (if multiple days), Name of the event, and hours or days
How to enter credit for Merit Badges:
    Select the drop down to determine the status of the merit badge, Complete /
    Partial / Not Started, Date, Merit Badge Concellor number, Merit Badge
    Concellor Name. This is to ensure that if the Merit Badge Card is lost there is
    enough info to get another one.
How to enter credit on the Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life, & Eagle
    To enter credit on the any of these pages, enter an A as a boy completes each
    requirement. It is critical that you enter an A. Any other letter you enter will
    cause the individual Scout pages to not calculate correctly. At the bottom is a
    place to enter the date for the Board of Review.
What's the password?
   First, I wouldn't recommend unprotecting the spreadsheet. It has been locked for
   your protection. Basically, it has been locked to keep you from messing up the
   formulas. It's designed as such that if you are getting a message telling you that a
   cell is protected, then you are trying to type in the wrong box. But if you must
   know, the password is: cubs

    Version 1.4
    Drop down menu added to the Leadership Positions page
    Drop down menu added for status on Required Merit Badge and Elective Merit Badge page
    Drop down added to select status of Order of the Arrow stages
    For First Class added a totaling feature for requirement 3. The cell totals Sevice Projects
    and Outings.
     Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx -
                              Scout Name
                             # Left to                 Religious Award
                             Complete     Wolf                                No
Bobcat                           7        Bear                                No
Tiger                           15        Webelos                             No
Tiger Electives
Wolf                            12            Pack / Den Outings & Service Hours
Wolf Arrow Points                                   and Pack / Den Campouts
Bear                                      Outings Attended                     0
Bear Arrow Points                0        Campouts Attended                    0
Webelos                         26        Total Nights Camping                 0
Arrow Of Light                  27        Total Service Hours                  0
Super Achiever                  20        Total Service Projects               0

Academic Beltloops                   0    Leave No Trace                      No
Athletic Beltloops                   0    World Concervation                  No
Academic Pins                        0
Athletic Pins                        0
    Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx -
Scout Name                           Scout Information
 Scout's Full Name:
          Address:                                Home Telephone:
               City:                                  Cell Phone:
              State:                                        email:
          Zip Code:
                           Primary                                    Secondary
     Relationship:                                   Relationship:
             Name:                                           Name:
          Address:                                        Address:
   City, State ZIP:                                City, State ZIP:
     Home Phone:                                     Home Phone:
     Work Phone:                                     Work Phone:
       Cell Phone:                                     Cell Phone:
     Home e-mail:                                    Home e-mail:
      Work e-mail:                                    Work e-mail:

     Relationship:                                   Relationship:
             Name:                                           Name:
          Address:                                        Address:
   City, State ZIP:                                City, State ZIP:
     Home Phone:                                     Home Phone:
     Work Phone:                                     Work Phone:
       Cell Phone:                                     Cell Phone:
     Home e-mail:                                    Home e-mail:
      Work e-mail:                                    Work e-mail:

Service Hours                   Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx - 10/11/2011

                                                                                                            Service Hours
                                                                              Service Projects and Hours

                                                      Service Hours
                              Enter a # (number) to indicated how many hours the scout has worked.

                                                                             Total Service Hours:     0
Service Hours

                                                                                                            Service Hours
                                                                           Total Service Projects:    0
                               Date     Service Project                                              Hrs.
Service Hours

                                                                                                            Service Hours
Service Hours

                                                                                                            Service Hours
Service Hours Service Hours

                                                                                                            Service Hours Service Hours
Service Hours

                                                                                                            Service Hours
Service Hours Service Hours

                                                                                                            Service Hours Service Hours


           Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx - 10/11/2011
                                                              Outings Attended

                 Non-Troop Meeting & Non-Campout Outings
                     Enter A to indicated Attendance at the Outing.

                  Total Non-Troop Meeting & Non-Campout Outings Attended:          0
          Date    Outing Activity (Trip to Firestation, Troop Hike in Park, etc)













Nights Camping    Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx - 10/11/2011

                                                                                           Nights Camping

                                       Nights Camping
                   Enter a # (number) to indicated how many nights the scout camped.
                                                                           NYLT (Y or N)
                                                               Ranger Program (Y or N)
                                                                  Total Nights Camped: 0
Nights Camping

                                                                                           Nights Camping
                                                             Total Campouts Attended: 0
                 Date     Campout Location
Nights Camping

                                                                                           Nights Camping
Nights Camping

                                                                                           Nights Camping
Nights Camping

                                                                                           Nights Camping
Nights Camping

                                                                                           Nights Camping
Nights Camping

                                                                                           Nights Camping
Nights Camping

                                                                                           Nights Camping



Beltloops Beltloops      Enter A to award credit for the             Enter A to award credit for the pins


                         beltloop.                                   Beltloop credit is calculated elsewhere
                      Academic Beltloops                                                 Academic Pins                                           Sports Pins


                      Art Beltloop                                   Art Academic Pin                                   Archery Sports Pin
                      a. Composition Materials                       (earn Art Beltloop plus any six)                   (can only be earned at a BSA camp)
                      c. 6 Elements of Design                             Earn the Art Beltloop                               Archery Pin awarded at a camp?


                      c. Primary and secondary colors                  1   Visit Art Museum                                    Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               2   Two Self-Portraits                           BB Gun Shooting Sports Pin


                      Astronomy Beltloop                               3   Make Paper                                   (can only be earned at a BSA camp)
                      a. Set up and Focus Tele. & Binoc.               4   Silkscreen or Stencil                              BB Pin awarded at a camp?
                      b. Solar System Diagram                          5   Sculpture                                           Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete


                      c. Explain Astronomical Terms                    6   Clay Object                                  Badminton Sports Pin

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               7   Theme photographs                            (earn Badminton Beltloop plus any five)


                      Chess Beltloop                                   8   Collage                                           Earn the Badminton Beltloop
                      a. Identify & Set Up Chess Board                 9   Create With Artistic Skills                     1 Play in a badminton tournament
                      b. Demonstrate Moves                    Pins    10   Computer Painting Program                       2 Show how to use equipment

                      c. Play a Game of Chess                         11   Display Your Artwork                            3 Demonstrate grip techniques
Beltloops Beltloops

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 4 60 minutes developing skills
                      Citizenship Beltloop                           Astronomy Academic Pin                                5   Demonstrate hit skills

                      a. List of jobs around the home                (earn Astronomy Beltloop plus any five)               6   Lay out a badminton court
                      b. Good citizen poster                              Earn the Astronomy Beltloop                      7   Play 5 games of badminton
                      c. Service project                                1 Diagram & Explain Telescope

                                                                                                                           8   Skills development clinic
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               2   Locate 5 Constellations                         9 Play 3 games where you ref yourself
                      Collecting Beltloop                              3   Find a Planet & Identify                           Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete

                       1 Collect 10 items                              4   Find & Explain North Star                    Baseball Sports Pin
                       2 Display your collection                       5   Interview an Astronomer                      (earn Baseball Beltloop plus any five)

                       3 Visit a collector's show or museum            6   Visit Observatory & Give Report                    Earn the Baseball Beltloop

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               7   Poster on Stars                                 1 Play in a baseball tournament
                      Commmunicating Beltloop                          8   Early Space Missions                            2   Demonstrate 2 throwing skills
                      a. Tell a story                                  9   Current Event on Space                          3   Demonstrate 2 catching skills

                      b. Write a letter                               10   Moon Phases                                     4   Demonstrate pitching technique

                      c. Make a poster                                11   Report on 2 Astronomers                         5   Demonstrate hitting technique
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete              12   Locate 3 Observatories                          6   Explain base running & coaching

                      Computers Beltloop                                   Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 7 Demonstrate sliding techniques
                      a. Explain computer parts                      Chess Academic Pin                                    8 Play 5 baseball games

                      b. Computer startup/shutdown                   (earn Chess Beltloop plus any five)                   9 Draw or set up a baseball field
Beltloops Beltloops

                      c. Prepare and print a document                     Earn the Chess Beltloop                         10 High school, college or pro game
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               1   Basic Opening Principles                       11 Book report on a baseball player


                      Geography Beltloop                               2   Visit a Chess Tournament                            Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                      a. Map of your Neighborhood                      3   Participate in a Chess Tournament            Basketball Sports Pin


                      b. Physical geography of community               4   Solve Chess Problem                          (earn Basketball Beltloop plus any five)
                      c. Locate continents, oceans, etc.               5   Play 5 Games of Chess                              Earn the Basketball Beltloop
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               6   Play 10 Games of Internet Chess                 1 Compete in a tournament


                      Geology Beltloop                                 7   Read About Famous Chess Player                  2   Demonstrate 3 passing skills
                      a. Define Geology                                8   U.S. Chess Federation Ratings                   3   Demonstrate set and jump shot

                      b. Define Igneous, Sed., & Meta.                 9   Chess Notations                                 4   Demonstrate dribbling techniques


                      c. Explain rock vs. mineral                     10   History of Chess                                5   Develop defensive skills
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 6 Demonstrate 10 official's signals


                      Heritage Beltloop                              Citizenship Academic Pin                              7   Play 3 shot-improving games

                      a. Family history & traditions                 (earn Citizenship Beltloop plus any five)             8   Play 5 basketball games
                      b. Ancestral poster                                 Earn the Citizenship Beltloop                    9   Participate in a basketball clinic


                      c. Family tree                                    1 Interview a naturalizes citizen                 10   High school, college, comm. game
                        Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                2   Letter to a newspaper                              Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                      Language & Culture Beltloop                      3   Collage about America                        Bicycling Sports Pin

Beltloops Beltloops

                      a. Talk with foreign raised                      4   Home safety & energy audit                   (earn Bicycling Beltloop, do #1, plus any four)
                      b. Learn 10 words in foreign language            5   Visit government site                              Earn the Bicycling Beltloop
                      c. Two games from a foreign country              6


                                                                           Visit a court room                              1 10 hours of bicycling
                        Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                7   Go to the polls with parents                    2   Participate in a group bike rodeo
                      Maps & Compass Beltloop                          8   Take part in a parade                           3   Demonstrate how to repair a flat tire


                      a. Orient a map & Find 3 landmarks.              9   Ways to recycle                                 4   Poster of early bikes
                      b. Explain how compass works                    10   Community event or landmark                     5   Show use of safety equipment
                      c. Draw & Label neighborhood map                     Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 6 Register bicycle


                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete             Collecting Academic Pin                               7 Go on a group bicycle hike

                      Mathematics Beltloop                           (earn Collecting Beltloop plus any five)              8 Restore nonfunctioning bike
                      a. 5 things that require math                       Earn the Collecting Beltloop                     9 Visit bike race or exhibit


                      b. Keep track of money for 3 weeks                1 Give a talk about your collection               10 Set up rodeo or competition
                      c. Measure 5 items                               2   Show how to preserve & display                      Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete


                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               3   Read a book about your collection            Bowling Sports Pin

                      Music Beltloop                                   4   Start a new collection of 20 items           (earn Bowling Beltloop plus any five)
                      a. Explain why music is important                5   Define numismatics & philately                     Earn the Bowling Beltloop


                      b. Pick a song and learn it                      6   Join a collector's club                         1 History of bowling
                      f. Four types of music                           7   Careers in what you collect                     2 Define bowling terms
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               8   Diff't countries in stamps & coins              3 Demonstrate stance and delivery

ltloops Beltloops







Beltloops Beltloops   Science Beltloop                                   9 Visit online auction                                4 Try different hand positions
                      a. Explain the scientific method                  10 Computer to log & track collection                  5 Score a game


                      b. Use the scientific method                      11 Help a friend start a collection                    6 Play 4 games. Find your average
                      d. Visit a place that employ scientists                Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   7 Compete in a scout bowling tourney
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               Commmunicating Academic Pin                             8 Take bowling lessons


                      Weather Beltloop                                 (earn Communicating Beltloop plus any five)             9 Parent, HS, college, or pro tourney
                      a. Water cycle poster                                 Earn the Communicating Beltloop                   10 Bowling alley care and maintenance


                      b. Weather station                                 1   Write a poem or story                                 Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                      e. Watch weather forecasts on TV                   2   7 day journal                                  Fishing Sports Pin

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 3   Listen to a news story                         (earn Fishing Beltloop plus any five)


                      Wildlife Conservation Beltoop                      4   Computer card catalog                                 Earn the Fishing Beltloop
                      a. Explain natural resources                       5   Read a book                                       1   Compete in a fishing tournament
                      b. Make a food chain poster                        6   Develop a skit                                    2   Clean a fish



                      c. Report on endangered species                    7   Sign language                                     3   Report on 3 kinds of fish
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 8   Research on the internet                          4   Picture of 3 kinds of reels
                                                                         9   3 television commercials                          5   Tie 3 fishing flies

                      Individual Sports Beltloops
                                                                        10   Directions for a new game                         6   Casting proficiency
                      Archery Beltloop                                  11   Visually impaired reading materials               7   Draw a label a fish

Beltloops Beltloops

                      a. Credit Given at Official Camp?                 12   Road signs/License plates                         8   Replace fishing line
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                     Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   9 Make a simple pole and line rig
                      BB Gun Shooting Beltloop                         Computers Academic Pin                                 10 Catch a fish using lures

                      a. Credit Given at Official Camp?                (earn Computers Beltloop plus any five)                11 Practice fishing 5 times
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                     Earn the Computers Beltloop                          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete

                      Bicycling Beltloop                                 1   Prepare a report                               Flag Football Sports Pin
                      a. Explain rules of safe bicycling                 2   10 home devices w/ computer chip               (earn Flag Football Beltloop plus any five)
                      b. Proper safety equipment                         3   Balance sheet                                        Earn the Flag Football Beltloop

                      c. Show how to ride safely                         4   Use a spreadsheet to organize                     1 Layout & mark a flag football field

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 5   Create a picture on the computer                  2 Difference between defense & offense
                      Bowling Beltloop                                   6   Thank you letter                                  3   Describe 5 different positions

                      a. Bowling rules, courtesy, and safety             7   Log on to the Internet/BSA home                   4   Practice skills in 3 half-hour sessions
                      b. Pick a proper ball                              8   Internet personal safety rules                    5   Flag football clinic

                      c. Bowl a complete game                            9   Improve scores on computer game                   6   List all who make game possible

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                10   5 e-mails                                         7 Play 5 games without a penalty
                      Fishing Beltloop                                  11   Visit place with mainframe                        8 6 officiating signs

                      a. Local fishing regulations                           Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   9 Attend HS, college, or cmnty game
                      b. Bait a hook                                   Geography Academic Pin                                 10 Read a book about a football player
                      c. Try to catch a fish
Beltloops Beltloops

                                                                       (earn Geography Beltloop plus any five)                11 Talk with a referee about his job


                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                     Earn the Geography Beltloop                           Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                      Golf Beltloop                                      1   3-dimensional model                            Golf Sports Pin


                      a. Golf rules and safety                           2   List 10 cities                                 (earn Golf Beltloop plus any five)
                      b. 30 minutes practicing golf skills               3   Company locations                                    Earn the Golf Beltloop
                      c. Play a round of golf                            4   Explorer routes                                   1 Explain use of woods and irons


                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 5   Family and ancestors on map                       2 Explain par
                      Gymnastics Beltloop                                6   Map record of sports team                         3   Demonstrate power grip


                      a. Explain 6 men's events                          7   Read a geography book                             4   Swing styles
                      b. Participate in 3 of 6 events                    8   Geography bee                                     5   Aim, stance, and address

                      c. Explain safety rules                            9   Travel poster for a country                       6   Diagram a golf hole


                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                10   Geography-based board game                        7 Use and care of golf equipment
                      Ice Skating Beltloop                              11   Draw a map of your state                          8 Composition of a regulation golf ball
                      a. Ice Skating Safety Equipment                        Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   9 Take golf lessons


                      b. 30 minutes practicing                         Geology Academic Pin                                   10 30 minutes at the driving range
                      c. Go ice skating for 3 hours                    (earn Geology Beltloop plus any five)                  11 Play miniature golf


                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                     Earn the Geology Beltloop                             Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                      Marbles Beltloop                                   1   Plaster cast of a fossil                       Gymnastics Sports Pin
                      a. Explain marble rules                            2   Hardness scale                                 (earn Gymnastics Beltloop plus any five)
Beltloops Beltloops



                      b. 30 minutes practicing marbles                   3   Examples of Ign, Sed, & Meta                         Earn the Gymnastics Beltloop
                      c. Play a game of marbles                          4   Collect & group rocks by properties               1 History of gymnastics
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 5   Effects of wind, water & ice                      2 Take a gymnastics lesson


                      Physical Fitness Beltloop                          6   Pet rocks                                         3   Attend a gymnastics meet
                      a. Dangers of drugs and alcohol                    7   Diagram of different parts of volcano             4   Demonstrate 5 floor exercise skills


                      b. Find pulse and count heartbeats                 8   Crystal Garden                                    5   Demonstrate 2 pommel horse skills
                      c. 5 physical fitness skills                       9   Collect & Identify 5 fossils                      6   Demonstrate 2 still ring skills
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                10   10 products using rocks & minerals                7 Demonstrate 2 parallel bar skills


                      Roller Skating Beltloop                           11   Visit mine, pit, quarry, etc.                     8 Demonstrate 2 horizontal bar skills

                      a. Skating protection and equipment               12   Interview geologist                               9 Demonstrate a vault
                      b. 30 minutes practicing skating skills           13


                                                                             Draw stalactites vs. stalagmites                 10 Develop a regular routine
                      c. Go skating for 3 hours                              Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                  11 3 US gymnasts who won medals
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete               Heritage Academic Pin                                       Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete


                      Snow Ski & Board Sports Beltloop                 (earn Heritage Beltloop plus any five)               Ice Skating Sports Pin
                      a. Clothing, equipment, and training                  Earn the Heritage Beltloop                      (earn Ice Skating Beltloop plus any five)
                      b. Safety and courtesy codes                        1 Pack heritage celebration                             Earn the Ice Skating Beltloop


                      c. Go skiing or snow boarding                       2 Attend a family reunion                             1 Pack Ice Skating Event
ops Beltloops









Beltloops Beltloops      Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                    3   Pen pal from another country                               2 Sharpen Your Skates


                      Swimming Beltloop                                     4   20 words in a foreign language                             3   Lace, Assemble, and Disassemble
                      a. Rules of Safe Swim Defense                         5   Interview a family elder                                   4   Spend 30 minutes practicing
                      b. Play a recreational water game                     6   Organize family photos                                     5   Play a skating game on ice


                      c. Flutter kick 25' using kick board                  7   Visit a genealogy library                                  6   2 new figure skating skills
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                    8   Make clothes, a toy or tool                                7 Demonstrate speed skating start
                      Table Tennis Beltloop                                 9   Help prepare a traditional meal                            8 Explain long track vs.. short track


                      a. Explain the rules of table tennis                 10   Origins of your name                                       9 Skating Skill development clinic
                      b. 30 minutes practicing table tennis                     Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                           10 Olympic athlete figure or speed skater


                      c. Play a game of table tennis                      Language & Culture Academic Pin                                      Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                  (earn Language & Culture Beltloop plus any seven)             Marbles Sports Pin
                      Tennis Beltloop                                           Earn the Language & Culture Beltloop                    (earn Marbles Beltloop plus any five)


                      a. Explain the rules of tennis                        1   BSA Interpreter Strip                                         Earn the Marbles Beltloop
                      b. 30 minutes practicing tennis                       2   1-10 in Other Number System                                1 Compete in a marble tournament
                      c. Play a game of tennis                              3

                                                                                Visit Embassy or Consulate                                 2 Explain lagging

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                    4   Foreign Stamps or Post Cards                               3 Demonstrate shooting techniques
                      Badminton Beltloop                                    5   Learn 30 words in foreign language                         4 Marble scoring

                      a. Explain the rules of badminton                     6   Learn a song in a foreign language                         5 5 marble matches
                      b. Spend 30 minutes practicing skills                 7   Five American Sign Language words                          6 Marble collection
Beltloops Beltloops

                      c. Play in a badminton game                           8   Visit restaurant with foreign food                         7 Report on the history of marbles

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                    9   Watch foreign language TV or movie                         8 Rules about shooters
                                                                           10   Interview an Interpreter                                       Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                      Team Sports Beltloops

                                                                           11   30 Foreign Made Things                                  Physical Fitness Sports Pin
                      Baseball Beltloop                                    12   Book on US Immigrants                                   (earn Physical Fitness Beltloop plus any five)
                      a. Explain the rules of baseball                          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                                Earn the Physical Fitness Beltloop

                      b. Spend 30 minutes practicing skills               Maps & Compass Academic Pin                                      1 Food Guide Pyramid
                      c. Play in a baseball game                          (earn Map & Compass Beltloop plus any five)                      2 Bring heart rate up for 15 minutes

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                        Earn the Map & Compass Beltloop                            3 4-step exercise program

                      Basketball Beltloop                                   1   Define cartography                                         4   Warming up and Cooling down
                      a. Explain basketball rules                           2   Poster with 10 map symbols                                 5   Visit local gym and talk to trainer

                      b. 30 minutes practicing basketball                   3   Famous explorer or navigator book                          6   Aerobic exercises
                      c. Play in a basketball game                          4   Simple compass w/ magnet & pin                             7   Obstacle course
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                    5   Latitude & longitude                                       8 Swim for an hour


                      Flag Football Beltloop                                6   Draw compass rose & label North                  Pins      9 Organized team sport/Athletic activity
                      a. Explain rules of flag football                     7   Label blank US map                                             Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete


                      b. Practice skills for 30 minutes                     8   Take compass bearing in field                           Roller Skating Sports Pin
                      c. Play a game of flag football                       9   Measure distance using map scale                        (earn Roller Skating Beltloop plus any five)
Beltloops Beltloops

                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   10   Measure pace & lay out compass crs                             Earn the Roller Skating Beltloop
                      Soccer Beltloop                                      11   Determine distance with road map                           1 Participate in a skating event
                      a. Explain the rules of soccer                       12   Explain map colors on a map                                2 Disassemble & Reassemble Skates
                      b. 30 minutes practicing soccer                           Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                            3 Explain proper roller skating clothing
                      c. Play a game of soccer                            Mathematics Academic Pin                                         4 Warm-up exercises
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                                                                                  )
                                                                          (earn Mathematics Beltloop plus one from each of the five areas5 Play a game of roller hockey
                      Softball Beltloop                                        Earn the Mathematics Beltloop                               6   Learn two roller skating skills
                      a. Explain Softball Rules                             I. Geometry                                                    7   Skating skills development clinic
                      b. Practice softball skills for 30 minutes            1 Collect 12 Items                                             8   Demonstrate quick & safe stopping

                      c. Play in a softball game                            2 Select & Record Single Shape                                 9   Skate backwards
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                    3 Presentation                                                10 Play a game on skates
                      Ultimate Beltloop                                     II. Calculating                                                    Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                      a. Explain the rules for ultimate                     1 Abacus or Slide Rule                                      Snow Ski & Board Sports Pin
                      b. 30 minutes practicing ultimate                     2 Go Shopping & Use Calculator                              (earn Snow Ski & Board Sports Beltloop plus any five)

                      c. Play in an ultimate game                           3 Visit Bank & Explain Interest                                    Earn the Ski & Board Sports Beltloop
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   III. Statistics                                                 1 Explain different kinds of ski lifts
                      Volleyball Beltloop                                   1   Meaning of statistical words                               2   Describe 4 trail difficulty symbols
                      a. Explain volleyball rules                           2   Opinion survey                                             3   Hold position, Turn, & Get Up

                      b. 30 minutes practicing volleyball                   3   Statistics in a newspaper                                  4   Demonstrate how to fall safely
                      c. Play in a volleyball game                          4   Computer spreadsheet                                       5   Demonstrate 5 cross-country skills
                         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   IV. Probability                                                 6 Play skiing or boarding game
                                                                            1   Explain use of probability for job                         7   Skiing or boarding accident
                                                                            2   Coin toss probability                                      8   Take skiing or boarding lessons
                                                                            3   Sneaker toss probability                                   9   Watch a film on skiing or boarding
                                                                           V.   Measuring                                                 10   Talk with a ski patrol member
                                                                            1 Ask 4 adults about measuring                                     Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                                                                            2 Measure height                                            Soccer Sports Pin
                                                                            3 Measure your use of time                                  (earn Soccer Beltloop plus any five)
                                                                            4 Measure, mix and cook 2 recipes                                 Earn the Soccer Beltloop
                                                                                Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                            1 Participate in a soccer tournament
                                                                          Music Academic Pin                                               2   Demonstrate player skills
                                                                          (earn Music Beltloop plus any five)                              3   Demonstrate goal keeping skills
                                                                               Earn the Music Beltloop                                     4   Lay out soccer field
                                                                             1 Make a musical instrument & play                            5   5 types of fouls
                                                                             2 Teach your den a song                                       6   Juggle soccer ball for 30 seconds
  3   Play a song                                        7   Play 2 games of soccer tennis
  4   Create an original melody or lyric                 8   6 hours playing soccer
  5   Capture natural sounds on tape                     9   Join a soccer team
  6   Live musical performance                          10   HS, College, or Pro soccer game
  7   Conducting patterns                               11   Learn about US Olympic soccer team
  8   Voice, dance, or music lessons                    12   History of soccer
  9 Demonstrate moods of music                               Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
 10 Learn about a composer                            Softball Sports Pin
      Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 (earn Softball Beltloop plus any five)
Science Academic Pin                                         Earn the Softball Beltloop
(earn Science Beltloop plus any five)                    1   Play in a pack or community game
     Earn the Science Beltloop                           2   Demonstrate throwing skills
   1 Electric motor                                      3   Demonstrate catching skills
   2 Find erosion site                                   4   Demonstrate pitching techniques
   3 Plant seeds                                         5   Demonstrate hitting techniques
   4 Simple machines                                     6   Explain & demonstrate base running
   5 3 states of water                                   7   Demonstrate base coaching
   6 Atomic model                                        8   Learn about a defensive position
   7 Collection of 3 rock types                          9   Attend a game
  8 Report on ocean creatures                                Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
  9   Label a diagram of bones                        Swimming Sports Pin
 10   Solar system model or poster                    (earn Swimming Beltloop plus any five)
 11   Scientific experiment with audience                   Earn the Swimming Beltloop
 12   Read a science book                                1 Breathing motion while standing
      Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                    2 Learn 2 strokes
Weather Academic Pin                                     3   Learn 2 float skills
(earn Weather Beltloop plus any five)                    4   3 types of kicks
     Earn the Weather Beltloop                           5   Pass "beginner" or "swimmer" test
   1 Define weather terms                                6   Visit with a lifeguard
   2 Explain how clouds are made                         7   Explain the four rescue techniques
   3 Describe climate in your state                      8   Take swimming lessons
   4 Dangerous weather conditions                        9   School or community swim meet
   5 Acid rain & greenhouse effect                      10   Tread water for 30 seconds
   6 Talk to a meteorologist                            11   US Olympic swimmer medalist
   7 Weather map                                        12   Demonstrate mask & snorkel
  8 Tornadoes and hurricanes                                 Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
  9   Make a weather vane                             Table Tennis Sports Pin
 10   Weather's effects on agriculture                (earn Table Tennis Beltloop plus any five)
 11   Book report on weather                                Earn the Table Tennis Beltloop
 12   Rainbows                                           1 Compete in a table tennis tournament
      Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                    2 Use & care of table tennis equipment
Wildlife Conservation Academic Pin                       3   Develop serving skills
(earn Wildlife Conservation Beltloop plus any five)      4   Forehand and backhand strokes
      Earn the Wildlife conservation Beltloop            5   Effects of spin
  1   Wildlife snct, nature cntr, fish hchry             6   Set up table tennis table
  2   Report on 5 conservation articles                  7   Play 5 games of table tennis
  3   5 camouflage animals                               8   Table tennis development clinic
  4   Birdbath                                           9   Explain scoring in table tennis
  5   Collage of animals                                10   Play a game of table tennis doubles
  6 Plaster cast of animal track                             Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
  7 Visit with a wildlife worker                      Tennis Sports Pin
  8 Visit a state or national park                    (earn Tennis Beltloop plus any five)
  9 Environmental service project                           Earn the Tennis Beltloop
      Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                    1 Compete in a tennis tournament
                                                         2   Use and care of tennis equipment
                                                         3   Develop forehand techniques
                                                         4   Develop serving skills
                                                         5   Explain scoring in tennis
                                                         6   Explain tennis court layout
                                                         7   Play 5 games of tennis
                                                         8   Tennis skills development clinic
                                                         9   HS, College, or Pro tennis meet
                                                        10   History of tennis
                                                             Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                                                      Ultimate Sports Pin
                                                      (earn Ultimate Beltloop plus any five)
                                                            Earn the Ultimate Beltloop
                                                          1 Compete in an ultimate tournament
                                                          2 Demonstrate throwing techniques
                                                          3 Demonstrate catching techniques
                                                          4 90 minutes practicing individual skills
                                                          5 Explain flight dynamics of disk
                                                          6 Lay out ultimate field
   7 Play 5 games of ultimate
   8 Ultimate skill development clinic
   9 Explain the history of ultimate
     Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
Volleyball Sports Pin
(earn Volleyball Beltloop plus any five)
      Earn the Volleyball Beltloop
   1 Compete in a tournament
   2 Demonstrate 2 passing skills
   3 Demonstrate 2 serving skills
   4 90 minutes in skill development
   5 Explain scoring
   6 Lay out a volleyball court
   7 Play 5 volleyball games
   8 Officiate 3 games
   9 Importance of good sportsmanship
  10 Attend a community game
     Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
      Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx -
Learn & Say Cub Scout Promise                                                  A
CC Honesty - Know
CC Honesty - Commit
CC Honesty - Practice
Say & explain Law of the Pack
Tell what Webelos means
Show & explain Cub Scout Sign
Show & explain Cub Handshake
Say & explain Cub Scout Motto
Give & explain Cub Scout Salute
Complete booklet exercises
       Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx -
                         Tiger                               Tiger Electives
Tiger Totem                                 10   Helping Hands
      Cub Scout Motto                       11   Helping the Needy
      Cub Scout Sign                        12   A Friendly Greeting
      Cub Scout Salute                      13   Making Change
1. Making My Family Special                 14   Reading Fun
f. Think of one chore you can do with       15   Mix Primary Colors
   your adult partner. Complete it          16   Collecting and Other Hobbies
   together.                                17   Make a Model
d. Make a Family Scrapbook                  18   Sew a Button
g. Visit historical bldg or old person      19   Magic Fun
2. Where I Live                             20   Public Service Announcement
 f. Look at a map of your community         21   Puppet
 d. Say pledge & do flag ceremony           22   Picnic Fun
 g. Visit police or fire station            23   What Kind of Milk?
3. Keep Myself Healthy and Safe             24   Help in the Kitchen
fa.   Plan & practice fire drill            25   Snack Time
fb.   Develop plan if you get lost          26   Phone Manners
d.    Make a food guide pyramid             27   Emergency!
 g.   Watch a sport & learn its rules       28   Smoke Detectors
4. How I Tell It                            29   Safety in the Sun
f. Have family discussion at a meal         30   Plant a Seed
d. Play "Tell it like it isn't"             31   Learn About Animals
g. Visit television, radio, or newspapr     32   Feed the Birds
5. Let's Go Outdoors                        33   Cleanup Treasure Hunt
f. Go outside & watch the weather           34   Conservation
d. Make a leaf rubbing                      35   Fun Outdoors
g. Take a hike with your den                36   See a Performance
                                            37   Take a Bicycle Ride
                                            38   Bicycle Repair
                Tiger Electives             39   Go to Work
Grand Total of All Elective Points          40 Fun in the Water
  1   How Do You Celebrate?                 41   Transportation
  2   Making Decorations                    42   Fun at the Zoo
  3   Fun and Games                         43   Pet Care
  4   Display a Picture                     44   Dairy Products
  5   Family Mobile                         45   Fresh Baking
  6   Song Time                             46   Healthy Teeth and Gums
  7   Play Along                            47   Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  8   Your Religious Leaders                48   Go for a Ride
  9   A New Friend                          49   Your Government
                                            50   Banking
      Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx - 10/11/2011

                            Wolf                                    Wolf Electives
           Achievements Summary                  Grand Total of All Elective Points
           1. Feats of Skill
           2. Your Flag                          Elective Points from Achievements
           3. Keep Your Body Healthy             1. It's a Secret
           4. Know Your Home & Community         a.          Use a secret code
           5. Tools for Fixing & Building        b.          Write in invisible ink
           6. Start a Collection                 c.          Sign your name in ASL
           7. Your Living World                  d.          Use 12 American Indian sgns
           8. Cooking and Eating                             Elective Points from Elective 1
           9. Be Safe at Home & on the Street    2. Be an Actor
           10. Family Fun                        a.          Put on skit w/costumes
           11. Duty to God                       b.          Make scenery for a skit
           12. Making Choices                    c.          Make sound effects for a skit
                                                 d.          Be the announcer for a skit
1. Feats of Skill                                e.          Make paper sack mask for skit
(Do 1a thru 1e, plus any one of 1f thru 1l):                 Elective Points from Elective 2
a.   Play catch                                  3. Make it Yourself
b.   Walk a line                                 a.          Make something useful
c.   Front roll                                  b.          Stretch your hand
d.   Back roll                                   c.          Make a bench fork
e.   Falling forward roll                        d.          Make a door stop
f.   Jump high                                   e.          Make something else
g.   Elephant walk, etc.                                     Elective Points from Elective 3
h.   Swim 25 feet                                4. Play a Game
i.   Tread water                                 a.          Play pie-tin washer toss
j.   Basketball passes                           b.          Play marble sharpshooter
k.   Frog stand                                  c.          Play ring toss
l.   Run or Jog 5 min                            d.          Play beanbag toss
           Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete       e.          Play a game of marbles
2. Your Flag                                     f.          Play large group game
(do all)                                                     Elective Points from Elective 4
a.   Pledge of allegiance                        5. Spare Time Fun
b.   Lead flag ceremony                          a.          Kite flying safety rules
c.   Respect and care for flag                   b.          Make & fly a paper bag kite
d.   State Flag                                  c.          Make & fly a two-stick kite
e.   Raise flag                                  d.          Make & fly a three-stick kite
f.   Outdoor flag ceremony                       e.          Make and use a kite reel
g.   Fold US Flag                                f.          Make rubber-band boat
           Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete       g.          Make boat, plane, train, etc.
3. Keep Your Body Healthy                        h.          Make boat, plane, train, etc.
(do all)                                         i.          Make boat, plane, train, etc.
a. Track health habits                                       Elective Points from Elective 5
b. Stop spread of colds                          6. Books, Books, Books
c. Cut on your finger                            a.          Visit library. Get library card
           Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete       b.          Choose a book and read it
4. Know Your Home and Community                  c.          Make a book cover for a book
(do all)                                                     Elective Points from Elective 6
a. Emergency Numbers                             7. Foot Power
      Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx - 10/11/2011

b.   Stranger at door                            a.          Learn to walk on stilts
c.   Phone etiquette                             b.          Make puddle jumpers & walk
d.   Leaving home rules                          c.          Make foot racers and use
e.   Household jobs and resp.                                Elective Points from Elective 7
f.   Visit important place                       8. Machine Power
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete        a.          Name 10 kinds of trucks
5. Tools for Fixing and Building                 b.          Job using wheel & axle
(do all)                                         c.          Show how to use a pulley
a.   Name seven tools                            d.          Make and use a windlass
b.   Use pliers                                              Elective Points from Elective 8
c.   Screws and screwdrivers                     9. Let's Have a Party
d.   Use a hammer                                a.          Help with a home or den party
e.   Make something useful                       b.          Make a gift or toy and give it
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete        c.          Make a gift or toy and give it
6. Start a Collection                                        Elective Points from Elective 9
(do all)                                         10 American Indian Lore
 a. CC Positive Attitude - Know                  a.          Read about American indians
    CC Positive Attitude - Commit                b.          Make traditional instrument
    CC Positive Attitude - Practice              c.          Make traditional clothing
 b. Collect ten things                           d.          Make traditional item
 c. Show and explain collection                  e.          Make a trad house model
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete        f.          Learn 12 Am. Ind. pict. words
7. Your Living World                                         Elective Points from Elective 10
(do all)                                         11. Sing-Along
 a. CC Respect - Know                            a.          Learn & sing America
    CC Respect - Commit                          b.          Learn & sing national anthem
    CC Respect - Practice                        c.          Learn & sing three cub songs
 b. Find out about pollution                     d.          Learn & sing thee hymns
 c. Find out about recycling                     e.          Learn & sing grace
 d. Pick up litter                               f.          Sing a song with your den
 e. Three stories about ecology                              Elective Points from Elective 11
 f. Three ways to save energy                    12. Be an Artist
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete        a.          Freehand sketch
8. Cooking and Eating                            b.          Thee step cartoon
(do all)                                         c.          Mix primary colors
 a. Food guide pyramid                           d.          Draw, paint, or color scenery
 b. Plan family meals                            e.          Make a stencil pattern
 c. Fix a meal for your family                   f.          Make a Cub Scout proj. poster
 d. Fix your own breakfast                                   Elective Points from Elective 12
 e. Plan and fix outdoor meal                    13. Birds
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete        a.          List all birds you see for a week
9. Be Safe at home and On the Street             b.          Put out nesting materials
(do all)                                         c.          Read a book about birds
 a. CC Responsibility - Know                     d.          Point out 10 diff't birds
    CC Responsibility - Commit                   e.          Feed wild birds
    CC Responsibility - Practice                 f.          Put out a birdhouse
 b. Check for home hazards                                   Elective Points from Elective 13
 c. Check for home fire dangers                  14. Pets
 d. Street and road safety                       a.          Take care of a pet
 e. Know rules of bike safety                    b.          Meet a strange dog
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete        c.          Read and report on a pet book
      Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx - 10/11/2011

10. Family Fun                                   d.           Define rabid and tell what to do
(do 10a plus any two from 10b thru 10g)                       Elective Points from Elective 14
 a. CC Cooperation - Know                        15. Grow Something
    CC Cooperation - Commit                      a.           Plant and raise box garden
    CC Cooperation - Practice                    b.           Plant and raise flower bed
 b. Make a game                                  c.           Grow a plant indoors
 c. Plan a walk                                  d.           Plant & raise vegetables
 d. Read a book                                  e.           Visit botanical garden in area
 e. Watch TV or listent to radio                              Elective Points from Elective 15
 f. Concert, play, or live program               16. Family Alert
 g. Board game night                             a.           Family talk about emergencies
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete        b.           Safe water - purify water
11. Duty to God                                  c.           First aid supplies & kit
(do all)                                                      Elective Points from Elective 16
 a. CC Faith - Know                              17. Tie It Right
    CC Faith - Commit                            a.           Overhand knot & square knot
    CC Faith - Practice                          b.           Tie shoelaces
 b. Duty to god                                  c.           Wrap and tie a package
 c. Two ideas - religious blfs.                  d.           Tie a stack of newspapers
 d. Help you place of worship                    e.           Tie two cords with overhand
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete        f.           Tie a necktie
12. Making Choices                               g.           Wrap ends of a rope with tape
(do 12a plus any four of 12b thru 12k)                        Elective Points from Elective 17
a. CC Courage - Know                             18. Outdoor Adventure
     CC Courage - Commit                         a.           Plan & hold family or den picnic
     CC Courage - Practice                       b.           Plan & run family or den outing
b.   Older boy with drugs                        c.           Play & lay a treasure hunt
c.   Home alone phone call                       d.           Plan & lay out obstacle race
d.   Kid with braces on legs                     e.           Plan & lay out adventure trail
e.   Stranger in car                             f.           Two summertime pack events
f.   Bully demands money                         g.           Point out poisonous plants
g.   Meter reader                                             Elective Points from Elective 18
h.   Burglar at neighbor's                       19. Fishing
i.   Guide dog                                   a.           Identify 5 fish
j.   Steal from a store                          b.           Rig a pole with line and hook
k.   Elderly woman                               c.           Bait your hook & fish
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete        d.           Know rules of safe fishing
                                                 e.           Tell about fishing laws in area
                                                 f.           Show how to use a rod & reel
                                                              Elective Points from Elective 19
                                                 20. Sports
                                                 a.           Play tennis,, or bdm.
                                                 b.           Know boating safety rules
                                                 c.           Earn Archery belt loop
                                                 d.           Safety and courtesy for skiing
                                                 e.           Go ice skating
                                                 f.           Go roller skating
                                                 g.           Go bowling
                                                 h.           Track sprinter's start
                                                 i.           Standing long jump
                                                 j.           Play in a flag football game
Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx - 10/11/2011

                                           k.         Play in a soccer game
                                           l.         Play in a baseball or softball
                                           m.         Play in a basketball
                                           n.         BB-gun belt loop
                                           o.         4 outdoor physical fitness act.
                                                      Elective Points from Elective 20
                                           21. Computers
                                           a.         Business w/computers
                                           b.         Explain a computer program
                                           c.         Describe mouse and CD-ROM
                                                      Elective Points from Elective 21
                                           22. Say It Right
                                           a.         Say "hello" in other language
                                           b.         Count to 10 in other language
                                           c.         Tell a short story to den or adult
                                           d.         Directions to fire or police statn.
                                           e.         Invite a boy to join Cubs
                                                      Elective Points from Elective 22
                                           23. Let's Go Camping
                                           a.         Participate in overnight campout
                                           b.         Take care of youself in outdoors
                                           c.         Tell what to do if you get lost
                                           d.         Explain the buddy system
                                           e.         Attend day camp in your area
                                           f.         Attend resident camp
                                           g.         Participate w/den at campfire
                                           h.         Participate in outdoor worship
                                                      Elective Points from Elective 23
                                                   Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx - 10/11/2011

                   Bear Rank         P                                             ACHIEVEMENT                                    ELECTIVE   Notes:
          Electives Completed        0                                               RECORD                                       RECORD     Do not make any entries in shaded boxes!
              Arrow points           0   Faith Char Connection                       A Do          A Constellations               1 A        This entire page is calculated from the
              Progress Beads         1   List of things to practice                  B both        A Planetarium                     B       individual Scout pages!
                                         Emblem of Faith                       2     A Do a        A Visit a planetarium             C
                                         Write about America                         A Do          A Model rocket                    D
Achievement Summary                      Tell of 2 Americans                         B a, j + 2    A Satellite                       E
GOD (Do 1)                      1    C   Two old homes                               C             A Picture of planet                F      In the calculated fields:
Ways We Worship                 1    A   Visit historical place                      D                Thermometer                 2   A
Emblems of Faith                2    C   Favorite State                              E                Weather vane                    B      A = Achievement credit has been
COUNTRY (Do 3)                  4    C   Color guard                                 F                Rain guage                      C          logged for this activity.
Why is USA special?             3    P   Display the flag                            G                Barometer                       D
Tall Tales                      4    C   Learn about o/d flag ceremony               H                Identify clouds                 E
Sharing with Wildlife           5    C   Do outdoor flag ceremony                    I                Weather forecast                F      E = Elective credit has been
Take Care of the Planet         6    C   Citizenship Char Connection                 J                Crystal radio               3   A          logged for this activity
Law Enforcement                 7    C   Tell what folklore is, play game            A   Do        A Battery powered radio            B
FAMILY (Do 4)                   0        Name 5 folklore stories               4     B   all 3     A Wire a doorbell              4   A
Past is Exciting                8        Read 2 folklore stories, tell story         C             A Electric buzzer                  B
What's Cooking                  9        Choose a bird/animal                        A Do          A Electromagnet                    C
Family Fun                      10       Build a feeder/house & hang it              B any 4       A Electric motor                   D
Be Ready                        11       Wildlife officer                      5     C             A Electromagnetic lift             E
Outdoor Adventures              12       Visit zoo/preserve etc.                     D             A Rig a boat                   5   A
Saving, Spending                13       Name an extinct animal                      E                Repair a boat                   B
SELF (Do 4)                     0        Save 5 pounds of aluminum                   A Do          A Storm warning                    C
Ride Right                      14       Plant a tree                                B any 3       A Repair a dock                    D
Games                           15       What happens to trash?                      C             A Row a boat                       E
Muscles                         16       Correct water waste                   6     D                Five kinds of aircraft      6   A
Information, Please             17       Types of energy @ home                      E                Ride in a plane                 B
Jot it down                     18       Energy use                                  F                Hot air balloon                 C
Shavings & Chips                19       Clean-up project                            G                Model airplane                  D
Sawdust & Nails                 20       Practice making prints                      A   Do all    A Forces on plane                  E
Build a Model                   21       Visit with officer                          B             A Helicopters                      F
Tying it all up                 22       Crime prevention at home              7
                                                                                     C             A Build model airplane             G
Sports                          23       Know where help is                          D             A Scooter                      7   A
Be a Leader                     24       emergency numbers                           E             A Windmill                         B
                                         Help police                                 F             A Waterwheel                       C
                                         Visit library                               A Do g +         Invention that goes             D
                                         Interview scout                             B any 2          Homemade instrument         8   A
                                         Scrapbook                                   C                Play tunes                      B
                                         Family tree                           8     D                Den band                        C
                                         Community history                           E                2 tunes on an instrument        D
                                         2 week personal journal                     F                Art project                 9   A
                                         Respect Char Connection                     G                Museum/gallery                  B
                                         Bake Cookies                                A   Do           Draw/paint o/d location        C
                                         Make Snacks                                 B   any 4        Simple mask                 10 A
                                         Prepare meal                                C                Animal mask                    B
                                         List junk food                        9     D                Clown Mask                     C
                                         Make trail food                             E                Use a camera                11 A
                                         Make dessert                                F                Take 5 pictures                B
                                         Cook outdoors                               G                Mount pictures                 C
                                         Go on a trip or evening out           10
                                                                                     A   Do both      Make a picture                 D
                                         Family fun night                            B                Solar prints                12 A
                                         In case of accident                         A   Do           Animal tracks                   B
                                         Water accident                              B   a-e & g      Collect leaves                  C
                                         School bus accident                         C                Build a waterscope              D
                                         Car accident                          11    D                Collect seeds                   E
                                         Home escape routes                          E                Collect rocks                   F
                                         Health checkup                              F                Collect shells                  G
                                         Courage Char Connection                     G                Build and use bird caller       H
                                         Go camping                                  A Do             Magic tricks                13 A
                                         Go on a hike                                B any 3          Magic show                     B
                                         Have a picnic                         12    C                4 Puzzles                      C
                                         Outdoor event                               D                rope tricks                    D
                                         Plan a family day                           E                Care of lawn/flower beds    14 A
                                         Go grocery shopping                         A   Do           Landscape plan                 B
                                         Savings account                             B   any 4        Beautify neighborhood          C
                                         Record spending money                       C                Greenhouse                     D
                                         Shopping for a car                    13    D                Excavation project          15 A
                                         Family finances                             E                Soil experiment                B
                                         Board game                                  F                Visit burned forest            C
                                         Cost to eat?                                G                What is erosion?               D
                                         Bike safety                                 A Do             Waterway cleanup               E
                                         Learn to ride                               B a+3            Care for farm animal        16 A
                                         Check bike                                  C                6 breeds of farm animals       B
                                         Change tire                           14    D                Read about farm animals        C
                                         Protect from theft                          E                Visit livestock exhibit        D
                                         Ride one mile                               F                Electric plug/appliance     17 A
                                         Plan a bike hike                            G                Use glue                       B
                                         Two outdoor games                           A Do             Drain trap                      C
                                         Two organized games                   15    B any 2          Repaint something               D
                                         Select a game                               C                Repair job                      E
                                         Stretching                                  A   Do           Outdoor gym                 18 A
                                         Two person contests                   16    B   all 3        Toss games                     B
                                         Relays                                      C                Gym day                        C
                                         Watch TV                                    A   Do           Open house                     D
                                         Play Charades                               B   a+3          Swim 25 ft                  19 A
                                         Visit newspaper, etc.                 17
                                                                                     C                Swim on back                   B
                                         Use a computer                              D                Float                          C
                                         Write a letter and send or e-mail           E                Buddy plan                     D
                                         Getting and giving facts                    F                Dive                           E
                                         List of things to do                        A Do h           Archery                     20 A
                                         Letters to relatives                        B +4             Skiing                         B
                                         Record activities                           C                Ice skating                    C
                                         Invitation                            18
                                                                                     D                Track                          D
                                         Thank you note                              E                Roller skating                 E
                                         Story                                       F                Roller skating                 E
                                         Den doings                                  G                Sports Pin                     F
                                         Honesty Char Connection                     H                Sports Pin                     F
        Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx - 10/11/2011

Knife safety                          A   Do      Sports Pin                   F
Use pocketknife                  19
                                      B   all 4   Pack sales                21 A
Carving                               C           Garage sale                  B
Whittling chip card                   D           Stamp collection          22 A
Use of tools                          A Do        Collection display           B
Build a tool box                20    B all3      Library                      C
Use two tools                         C           Border states             23 A
Build a model                         A Do g +    Find your city               B
Build a display                       B any 2     Time zone                    C
Change furniture                      C           Make a map                   D
Model of mountain               21    D           Mark a map                   E
Model of building                     E           Nearby A.I. Nation        24 A
Make a model                          F           Native american games        B
Resource Char Connect                 G           Native american shelter      C
Rope ends                             A Do        10 essentials             25 A
Tie knots                             B any 5     Short hike                   B
Rope tangling                         C           Campfire                     C
Coil a rope                           D           Pack campout                 D
Rope trick                            E           O/d religious service        E
Make rope                             F           Day Camp                     F
Learn rules of sports                 A Do        Resident Camp               G
Learn one person sports               B all 5     Leave no trace              G
team sport                      23    C           0
Watch a sport on TV                   D
Attend sporting event                 E
Help a boy join scouts                A Do f +
Denner                                B any 2
Plan a den activity                   C
Tell 2 people good job                D
Leadership choices                    E
Compassion Char Connection            F
         Scout History - Troop Edition - 5d33294e-37fe-408a-a6c5-8ea0bf4761bd.xlsx -
    Enter A for achievement credit
                  do 1 thru 7 and 8 a, b, c all, plus do either 8d or any two from 8e
1   Parent sign off Parent Guide
2   Active member of den for 3 months
3   Explain meaning of Webelos badge
4   Explain parts of Webelos uniform
5   Fitness Activity Pin
    Citizen Acitvity Pin
    Other Pin not from Physical or Comnty Group
6 Lead flag ceremony
7 a.    Demonstrate Scout Salute
          Demonstrate Scout Sign
          Demonstrate Scout Handshake
    b.    Explain Scout Oath
          Explain Scout Law
          Explain Scout Slogan
          Explain Scout Motto
  c.      Explain & Follow Outdoor Code
8 a.      CC Faith - Know
  b.      CC Faith - Commit
  c.      CC Faith - Practice
  d.      d. Earn Religious Emblem of Faith
  e.      Attend Worship & talk with religious leader
          Religious beliefs fit with Oath & Law
          2 things to draw nearer to God for a month
          Pray & meditate for a month
          Act of service for someone else
          2 ways you live acc'ding to religious beliefs
                               Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
 Enter A for achievement credit

                  Physical Skills                                               Mental Skills                                             Community                                        Technology                                             Outdoor

                          0                                                            0                                                         0                                                0                                                   0
Aquanaut                                          Artist                                                             Citizen                                          Craftsman                                              Forester
(do 1 thru 3 all, plus any three from 4 thru 8)   (do 1 thru 2 all, plus any five from 3 thru 11)                    (do 1 thru 8 all, plus any two from 9 thru 17)   (do all)                                               (do any 5)
 1 Swim 100 ft                                     1 Art occupations                                                  1 CC Citizen - Know                              1 Explain tool safety                                  1 Kinds of forests in USA
 2 Float 1 minute                                  2 Scrapbook of projects                                               CC Citizen - Commit                           2 Wood project #1                                      2 Layers of a forest
 3 Use of PFD                                      3 Original picture, frame it                                          CC Citizen - Practice                            Wood project #2                                     3 6 forest trees
 4 Dive and strokes                                4 Primary and secondary colors                                     2 Names of govt. officials                       3 Display stand or frame                               4 6 forest plants
 5 Rescue methods                                  5 6 designs from lines on computer                                 3 History and use of flag                        4 Non-wood project #1                                  5 How water, minerals, sun help
 6 Handling of rowboat                             6 Family member profile                                            4 Why respect flag                                  Non-wood project #2                                 6 Growth rings and history
 7 Pass BSA swimmer test                           7 Clay sculpture                                                   5 Pledge                                            Non-wood project #3                                 7 3 kinds of wood for houses
 8 Swimming beltloop                               8 Make mobile                                                      6 National Anthem                                   Non-wood project #4                                 8 Plant 20 seedlings
         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete           9 Make a construction                                              7 Rights and duties of citizenship                  Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                     9 Harm/benefits of wildfires
                                                  10 Create a collage about self                                      8 Citizenship beltloop                                                                                  # Urban forestry plan
Athlete                                           11 Art belt loop                                                    9 2 things to help law enforcement              Engineer                                                        Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
(do 1 thru 5 all, plus any two from 6 thru 10)                       Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                 10 Visit community leader                                                                               Geologist
 1 CC Perseverance - Know                                                                                            11 Story on great American                            (do 1 thru 2 all, plus any four from 3 thru 10)   (do any 5)
   CC Perseverance - Commit                       Scholar                                                            12 Tell about boy good citizen                    1   Occupations in engineering                         1 5 important specimens
   CC Perseverance - Practice                     (do #1, plus any three of 2 thru 8, plus any three of 9 thru 13)   13 Tell about 3 good citizens                     2   Draw floor plan                                    2 Exp of minerals in various uses
 2 Explain phy & mental health                     1 CC Positive Attitude - Know                                     14 Why we have laws                               3   Visit construction site                            3 Scale of hardness
 3 How stay healthy                                   CC Positive Attitude - Commit                                  15 Why we have government                         4   Visit civil engineer/surveyor                      4 Geologic materials in home
 4 5 minutes warmup exercises                         CC Positive Attitude - Practice                                16 4 ways USA help other nations                  5   How elec generated/reach home                      5 Cause of volcano/geyser/earthquake
 5 Listed exercises                                2 Good attendance, behavior & grades                              17 3 organ. that help people                      6   Working electrical circuit                         6 How mountains are formed
 6 Vertical jump                                   3 School activity or service                                                  Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete       7   Draw 3 types of bridges                            7 Fossils
 7 Run 50 yards                                    4 Values of education                                                                                               8   Block & tackle                                     8 Geological field trip
 8 Bike 1 mile                                     5 Important things you can do                                     Communicator                                      9   Catapult                                           9 Geology beltloop
 9 Swim 1/4 mile                                   6 Language & Culture beltloop                                     (do any 7)                                       10   Math beltloop                                              Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
## Earn Physical Fitness Sports Pin                7 Math beltloop                                                     1 Play body language game                                Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete           8 Chess beltloop                                                    2 3 min talk to den                                                                                   Naturalist
                                                   9 History of diff kinds of schools                                  3 Invent sign or picture language              Handyman                                               (do #1 plus any five from 2 thru 13)
Fitness                                           10 Chart of how school system run                                    4 6 or more methods of comm                    (do #1 plus any six of 2 thru 17)                       1 CC Respect - Know
(do #1, plus any six of 2 thru 8)                 11 Best things/problems of our school                                5 Invent secret code                            1 CC Responsibility - Know                               CC Respect - Commit
 1 CC Health & Fitness - Know                     12 Positions in education field                                      6 Visit library, cataloging, get card              CC Responsibility - Commit                            CC Respect - Practice
   CC Health & Fitness - Commit                   13 Help another with school work                                     7 Visit newsroom, how get info                     CC Responsibility - Practice                        2 Keep insect zoo
   CC Health & Fitness - Practice                                    Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                   8 Write an article                              2 Wash car                                             3 Aquarium or terrarium
 2 Protect from child abuse                                                                                            9 Comm impairment to den                        3 Change car tire                                      4 Visit museum of natural history
 3 Plan meals for a week                          Showman                                                            10 Person speaks another language                 4 Replace bulb on car                                  5 Identify birds for 1 wk
 4 Record meals and snacks                        (do any 9, including at least one from each group)                 11 Write letter on computer                       5 Check oil and tire pressure                          6 Learn about bird flyways
 5 Bad effects of tobacco                          1 plus 6 additional from any section                              12 Use internet                                   6 Repair bicycle                                       7 Poisonous plants & reptiles
 6 Why not use alcohol                                Puppetry                                                       13 Exchange e-mail w/ friend or relative          7 Lube bicycle                                         8 Watch 6 wild things
 7 Effect of drugs on body                         2 Write puppet play                                               14 Computers beltloop                             8 Inflate bike tires                                   9 Ecosystem & balance of nature
 8 Take a Stand Against Drugs!                     3 Make set of puppets                                             15 Communicating beltloop                         9 Change wheels                                        # Identify native plant, bird or animal
          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete          4 Build stage for puppets                                         16 Jobs in communications                        10 Replace bulb in lamp                                 # Ecosystems and wetlands
                                                   5 Put on puppet show                                                  Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete              11 Store dangerous cleaners & tools                     # Danger of litter
Sportsman                                          6 Sing with 4 bag puppets                                                                                          12 Sawhorse or stool                                    # Wildlife Conservation beltloop
(do all)                                           7 Explain different types of puppets                              Family Member                                    13 Take care of lawn                                            Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
 1 Signals used by officials                          Music                                                          (do 1 thru 6 all, plus any two from 7 thru 13)   14 Storage for tools
 2 Good sportsmanship                              8 Play 4 tunes from music                                           1 Family duty & meetings                       15 Clean and store tools                               Outdoorsman
 3 Individual Sport beltloop #1                    9 Sing 2 songs                                                      2 Family jobs                                  16 Label tools for identification                      (do any two from 1 thru 4, plus any five from 5 thru
   Individual Sport beltloop #2                   10 Collect 3 or more records, etc                                    3 Family spending/ways to save                 17 Toolbox                                                                    12)
 4 Teams Sport beltloop #1                        11 What is folk music                                                4 30 day budgets                                       Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                1 Packing for overnight campout
   Teams Sport beltloop #2                        12 3 American composers                                              5 4 family meetings                                                                                   2 Outdoor evening activity
         Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete          13 Draw a staff                                                      6 Home inspection                              Scientist                                              3 Family or den campout, pitch tent
                                                  14 Show different timings of music                                   7 Energy saving plan                                                                                  4 Troop campout, pitch tent
                                                  15 Music beltloop                                                    8 Family fun                                          (do 1 thru 4 all, plus any six of 5 thru 14)    5 Discuss Leave no trace
                                                      Drama                                                            9 Cleaning home                                 1   How Bernoulli's Principle works                   6 Conservation project
                                                  16 Give a monologue                                                10 Look after own clothes                         2   How Pascal's law works                            7 Outdoor fire safety, build/put out fire
                                                  17 Attend a play                                                   11 Plan and help with meals                       3   3 ways inertia works                              8 Assist with cooking outdoor meal
                                                  18 Read a play                                                     12 Heritages beltloop                             4   Science beltloop                                  9 3 mile hike
                                                  19 Put on a play                                                   13 Disposal of garbage and trash                  5   Effects of atmospheric pressure                   # Whip/fuse rope
                                                  20 Make a list of stage directions                                             Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete       6   Effects of air pressure                           # Knots and pitching tent/fly with them
                                                  21 Describe theater in the round                                                                                     7   Effects of water pressure                         # Visit boy scout camp with den
                                                  22 Diff between opera and light opera                              Readyman                                          8   Model rocket, Newton's 3rd law                            Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                                                  23 Read about Shakespeare, draw theatre                            (do 1 thru 8 all, plus any two from 9 thru 15)    9   Causes of fog
                                                                     Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                  1 CC Courage - Know                             10   Crystals
                                                                                                                         CC Courage - Commit                          11   Center of gravity/balancing tricks
                                                  Traveler                                                               CC Courage - Practice                        12   Ways eyes work together,optical illusion
                                                  (do any 5)                                                           2 Explain first aid                            13   Weather beltloop
                                                   1 Look up places on map or timetable                                3 How to get help quickly                      14   Astronomy beltloop
                                                   2 Plan a trip using timetable                                       4 Heimlich                                              Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                                                   3 Plan a trip using a map                                           5 Hurry cases of first aid
                                                   4 Take a trip with parent                                           6 Shock
                                                   5 Cost of trip per mile                                             7 Various first aid items
                                                   6 List 4 trips, navigate for one                                    8 Swimming safety
                                                   7 Pack a suitcase for a trip                                        9 6 rules of bike safety
                                                   8 Check first aid kit in car                                      10 Safety equipment
                                                   9 Map legend and symbols                                          11 Home fire escape plan
                                                  10 Shortest route                                                  12 How to use first aid kit
                                                  11 Safety precautions                                              13 Where accidents happen
                                                  12 Geography beltloop                                              14 6 rules for car safety
                                                  13 Map and compass beltloop                                        15 Attend first aid demonstration
                                                                     Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete                             Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
Enter A for achievement credit

  Earn your Webelos Badge…AND
1 Be active in den for 6 months
2 Repeat Scout Oath
  Repeat Scout Law
  Give Scout Motto
  Give Scout Slogan
  Give Scout Sign
  Give Scout Salute
  Give Scout Handclasp
  Describe significance of Scout Badge
  Describe boy scout uniform
  Tie the joining knot (square knot)
3 Eight Activity Badges Total
  Fitness Activity Pin
  Citizen Activity Pin
  Readyman Activity Pin
  Outdoorsman Activity Pin
  One Acitvity Pin from Mental Skills Group
  One Activity Pin from Technonogy Group
4 Visit boy scout meeting
  Visit boy scout outdoor activity
5 Webelos overnight campout or hike
6 Visit troop you chose
  Conference with Scoutmaster
7 CC Honesty - Know
  CC Honesty - Commit
  CC Honesty - Practice
  Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete

Not Started

Senior Patrol Leader
Asstant Senior Patrol Leader
Troop Guide
Order of the Arrow Rep
Patrol Leader
Den Chief
Junior Asstant ScoutMaster
Chaplain Aide
                                                         WORLD CONSERVATI
                                                            Bear Requirements
                                                     Complete Achievement 5
                                                   Complete all points for Elec 2
                                                   Complete all points for Elec 12
                                                   Complete all points for Elec 15
     NO TRACE AWARENESS                           Den or pack conservation project
  Discuss with Leader         1
  Practice on 3 Outings       2
Complete Achievement 12       3   #REF!
    Service Project           4
 Sign No Trace Pledge         5
     Draw a Poster            6

                   OUTDOOR ACTIVITY AWARD
        Day or
         camp             1        A
       Leave No
         Trace            2        A      #REF!
       Plus five
         hike             3        A
        activity                   B

       the buddy
         system                    C
           er                      D
         project                   E
            project                 F
            me Pack
            Award.                  G

            n activity              H
             activity               I
            program                 J
              event                 K
              Own                   L
            Explore a
               park                 M

Cardiovascular fitness evaluation
      Give a presentation 2
            taken for
              goals        3
             on and
              mia          4
             How you
               goals        5
             Set up a
                plan        6

             ate your
            ability to
            with your
            own goal-
                plan        7

    Complete Achievement 11
                          1                    #REF!
          Make a small display or give a presentation
     Complete one of these

            Red Cross
            Basic Aid
            Training        3         A
Put together a family emergency kit   B
            Join a Safe
             Put on a
             program.                 C
                                                          Additional Award

                                                                               Enter A for achievement credit

                                                          Additional Awards
                  AWARD                                                       World Conservation Award
          Bear Requirements                                                            reference:
   Complete Achievement 1   5    #REF!                                                 1   Earn Forrester Activity Pin
 Complete all points for Elec 2
                            2    #REF!                                                 2   Earn Naturalist Activity Pin
 Complete all points for Elec 12
                            3    #REF!                                                 3   Earn Outdoorsman Activity Pin
 Complete all points for Elec 15
                            4    #REF!                                                 4   Conservation Project
Den or pack conservation project                                                            Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
          (Note: only 2 out of 2,3,4 need be completed)                       Conservation Good Turn Award

                                                          Additional Awards
                                                                                       1 The scout participates in a pack-
                                                                                            Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                                                                              Leave No Trace Awareness Award
                                                                                       1 Importance of LNT
                                                                                       2 Practice LNT on outing #1
                                                                                         Practice LNT on outing #2

                                                          Additional Awards
                                                                                         Practice LNT on outing #3

                                                                                       3 Earn Outdoorsman Activity Pin

                                                                                       4 LNT related service project

                                                                                       5 Sign Cub LNT Pledge
                                                          Additional Awards

                                                                                       6 Make LNT poster and display

                                                                                            Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete

                                                                              Outdoor Activities Award - (do a & b, plus a
                                                          Additional Awards


                                                                                       a Attend day or resident camp
                                                          itional Awards
Additional Awards
                     b Earn Outdoorsman Activity Pin

                     1 Nature hike

Additional Awards
                     2 Outdoor activity

                     3 Explain the buddy system

                     4 Pack overnighter

Additional Awards
                     5 Outdoor service project

                     6 Nature/conservation project

                     7   Summertime Pack Award.
                     8   Nature observation activity
                     9   Outdoor aquatic activity
Additional Awards

                    10   Outdoor campfire program
                    11   Outdoor sporting event
                    12   Outdoor Scout’s Own Service

                    13 Explore a park
Additional Awards

                          Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
Additional Awards
Additional Awards
                    Donor Awareness

Additional Awards
                           1 Scout gets adult to agree to be
                             doner, sign donor card, and carry

Additional Awards             Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                    Emergency Prepardness Award
                           1 Earn Readyman Acitvity Pin
Additional Awards

                           2 Build family emergency kit
                          3a Take RedCross First Aid Course

                          3b Patrol presentation
Additional Awards

                          3c Organize training program

                              Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                                         Scout 1

                                                     Scout 2

                                                               Scout 3

                                                                         Scout 4

                                                                                    Scout 5

                                                                                              Scout 6

                                                                                                        Scout 7
or achievement credit

nservation Award
 Earn Forrester Activity Pin
 Earn Naturalist Activity Pin
 Earn Outdoorsman Activity Pin
 Conservation Project
  Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
ion Good Turn Award
 The scout participates in a pack-
  Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
Trace Awareness Award
 Importance of LNT
 Practice LNT on outing #1
 Practice LNT on outing #2
 Practice LNT on outing #3

 Earn Outdoorsman Activity Pin

 LNT related service project

 Sign Cub LNT Pledge

 Make LNT poster and display

  Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete

ctivities Award - (do a & b, plus any six from 1 thru 13)


 Attend day or resident camp
Earn Outdoorsman Activity Pin

Nature hike

Outdoor activity

Explain the buddy system

Pack overnighter

Outdoor service project

Nature/conservation project

Summertime Pack Award.
Nature observation activity
Outdoor aquatic activity
Outdoor campfire program
Outdoor sporting event
Outdoor Scout’s Own Service

Explore a park

 Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
Scout gets adult to agree to be
doner, sign donor card, and carry

 Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
y Prepardness Award             (do 1 & 2, plus any one from 3a thru 3c)
Earn Readyman Acitvity Pin
Build family emergency kit
Take RedCross First Aid Course

Patrol presentation
Organize training program

 Status: (P)artial or (C)omplete
                                                                                                                     Scout 8

                                                                                                                     Scout 9

                                                                                                                     Scout 10

                                                                                                                     Scout 11

                                                                                                                     Scout 12

                                                                                                                     Scout 13

                                                                                                                     Scout 14

                                                                                                                     Scout 15

itional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards     Additional Award
Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional
Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional Awards   Additional

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