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         Maryland Department of the Environment
                                                                                                                                                                                    Volume IV, No. 4
                                                                                                                                                                                      August 2000

State’s reduce, re-use trend                                                                         Maryland’s Recycling Rate Has Steadily

continues its annual growth                                                                                  Increased Since 1992
   By Virginia Lipscomb                        group of volunteers, the 16-member Mary-                                      35%

                                                                                                        Recycling Rate (%)

    Marylanders continue to embrace the        land Recycling Advisory Group, who con-                                       30%

reduce, re-use, recycle message, accord-       tributed their time and energy towards

ing to the latest figures tabulated by the     MDE’s mission of protecting and promot-

Maryland Department of the Environment         ing Maryland’s natural resources.”                                            20%
(MDE).                                            The Maryland Recycling Advisory                                            15%

   In 1999, Maryland achieved a statewide      Group completed its recommendations re-                                       10%
recycling rate of 36 percent, three percent    garding the future of recycling in Mary-                                      5%
higher than the year before. Maryland’s        land in July 1997. With their support,                                        0%
recycling rate has continually increased       along with the Governor’s Solid Waste








year after year since the Maryland Recy-       Management Task Force and the Maryland







cling Act was passed in 1988.                  Recyclers Coalition, MDE has pursued the
                                                                                                                                                       Reporting Period
   “It has taken the hard work of all our      advisory group’s recommendations as re-
stakeholders including state and county        sources become available. The majority
officials, businesses, and most importantly,   of the recommendations made by the
residents to set this upward trend,” said      Maryland Recycling Advisory Group have      sion goal of 40 percent by the year 2005.                            Resolution 6 establishing a voluntary state-
MDE Secretary Jane T. Nishida. “It has         been implemented. They include:               •      Earlier this year, the Maryland                             wide solid waste diversion goal of 40 per-
also taken the foresight of a dedicated           Enacting a voluntary statewide diver-    General Assembly passed Senate Joint                                                  See RECYCLE, Page 5

Surfriders glide into Maryland, report beaches are fine
 By Don Mauldin                                search, and education (C.A.R.E.).           it is working for the environment.”
   Harold “Butch” Dye plunges into the            Butch and Surfrider’s Maryland Chap-        Three hundred Surfrider members and
surf with board in hand. The ocean is cold,    ter Chairman Randy Myer presented MDE       volunteers across Maryland have devel-
clean and refreshing. He enjoys another        Secretary Jane T. Nishida with the          oped and implemented various programs
beautiful day on the beach in Ocean City,      organization’s 2000 State of the Beach      and projects that protect and promote
Maryland. But Butch not only enjoys the        Report on June 26. A few weeks earlier,     coastal resources through C.A.R.E. In
outdoors, he ensures its safety as a program   Myer had the honor of presenting the re-    April, Surfrider launched the “Respect the
manager in the Maryland Department of          port to President Bill Clinton.             Beach” education program targeted to
the Environment’s (MDE) Hazardous                 “Maryland beaches are in excellent       school-aged students and local communi-
Waste Program.                                 shape,” Myer told the secretary, adding,    ties. The program gives participants ways
   His career and surfing find common          “they are in the top 25 percent compared    to maintain and protect, while enjoying the
ground in the Surfrider Foundation, an in-     to other states as far as cleanliness and   coastal environment.
ternational non-profit environmental orga-     water quality.”                                Maryland’s Surfrider chapter just cel-
nization. Surfrider Foundation is dedicated       During the meeting, Secretary Nishida    ebrated its first aniversary and is based in
to the protection and enjoyment of the         commented, “It’s great to receive a posi-   Ocean City. It conducts routine beach and
world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all      tive report. The Surfriders Foundation is   wetland clean-ups, has set up three water
people through conservation, activism, re-     to be commended for the progressive way                              See SURF, Page 6                                   “Butch” Dye, catches a wave.

                                                Summer’s air quality better this year--Page 2
    In this                                         Committee creates lesson plans--Page 3
   edition...                                         Railroad cleanup effort begins--Page 6                                                                           Visit MDE’s website at:
Page 2-MDENVIRONMENT-Tuesday, August 1, 2000

                                             So far, air quality better this summer than last
 MDEnvironment                               By Bob Maddox                                    normal temperatures is helping to keep         in better air quality. However, when we
                                                 Last year, Marylanders breathed a sigh       ozone at low levels,” explained Woodman.       get back to those sticky, hot, sunny peri-
                                             of relief when summer ended. It was a                                                           ods, remember that there are things you
August 2000
                                             hot, dry period when lawns turned                                                               can do to reduce pollution and keep our
                                             brown and water restrictions went into                                                          air cleaner:
   MDEnvironment is a monthly
newspaper published by the Mary-             effect. Ninety-plus temperatures were                                                              •      Avoid mowing lawns with gaso-
land Department of the Environ-              frequent. And of course, the air quality                                                        line-powered mowers
ment. Information contained                  on many days was unhealthy.                                                                        •      Limit driving when possible and
within this publication is not in-               Summer 2000 is, thus far, a differ-                                                         combine trips
tended to fulfill any legal or regu-         ent story. The grass is green, the crops                                                           •      Use public transportation or share
latory community information re-             look good, and Maryland has not expe-                                                           a ride to work
quirement.                                   rienced the drought that was forecasted                                                            •      Walk or ride a bicycle for short
Parris N. Glendening, Governor               earlier in the year.                                                                            distances
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend,                         “So far, there’s been only one day                                                           •      Refuel your vehicle after dusk
   Lieutenant Governor                       this July when the temperature was                                                                 •      Conserve energy in your home
Jane T. Nishida,                             above 90,” said Mike Woodman, a me-                                                                •      Avoid using oil-based paints and
   Secretary of Environment                  teorologist with the Maryland Depart-                                                           solvents
Arthur Ray, Deputy Secretary
                                             ment of the Environment’s (MDE) Air                                                                  To learn more about about ground-
Bob Hoyt, Assistant Secretary
John S. Verrico,
                                             Quality Planning Program. “The tempera-          “Last year’s drought was one reason why        level ozone forecasts or general infor-
   Director of Communications (Acting)       tures are running about two degrees below        Maryland had unhealthy air. There were         mation about ozone and health, visit
Richard J. McIntire, Managing Editor         normal during the day and five to six de-        long periods of hot, sunny weather.”           MDE’s           Web          site        at:
          Editorial Board Members            grees below normal at night. It’s a pretty           This year’s weather is playing a part

                                                                                              Governor pulls Site 104
Tim Ford, Director                           unusual July.”
  Environmental Permits Service Center           The air quality this summer has been
Bob Maddox, Public Participation Coordina-
                                             remarkably different from last year’s as

                                                                                              from state dredging plan
tor, Air & Radiation Management
Visty Dalal, Division Chief, Technical &
                                             well. As of press time, there had not been
  Regulatory Services Administration         a Code Red day in July. Code Red is when
Theresa Capobianco, Outreach Coordinator,    ground-level ozone is at levels that are
Water Management Administration              unhealthy for everyone. Last year, at this          Citing disturbing findings from recent      material placement at Site 104 would re-
Joe Herb, Graphic Artist, Technical &        point, there had been five Code Red days         scientific analyses by the U.S. Army Corps     quire the use of a “mixing zone.” The
  Regulatory Services Administration         in July, with a bad air episode from July        of Engineers, Governor Parris N.               chemicals in the sediment, although not a
Don Mauldin, Administrative Specialist,                                                       Glendening recently announced his deci-        problem in undisturbed sediment, could be
                                             15 through July 19. Last year during July,
  Waste Management Administration                                                             sion to terminate consideration of Site 104    released during open water disposal, pos-
Barbara Rodgers, Division Chief,
                                             there was one Code Green day, a day when
                                             the air quality was healthy. There have          as a dredged material disposal site. Tests     ing a potential risk to the environment. A
  Administrative & Employee Services
Pat Coll, Management Associate,              been 11 Code Green days for July thus far        conducted by the Corps, as part of the on-     mixing zone allows dredge material to be
  Administrative & Employee Services         this year.                                       going evaluations for the Environmental        dispersed over a specified area, and over
                                                The other air quality codes the depart-       I m p a c t                                                                 such a period
          Contributing Writers:              ment uses are Code Yellow and Code Or-           Statement,                                                                  of time, that
                                             ange. Code Yellow indicates that the air         indicate that                                                               toxins are di-
Molly Gary, WMA Virginia Lipscomb, WAS                                                        chemicals                                                                   luted to below
Shari Wilson, OAS  Bob Maddox, ARMA
                                             quality is moderate. Code Orange indicates
                                             that the air quality is unhealthy for sensi-     harmful to                                                                  harmful levels.
Don Mauldin, WAS Mike Gallagher, AESA
Don Jackson, EPSC    Bernard Penner, OS      tive groups (i.e., active children and adults,   marine life                                                                 While mixing
                                             and people with respiratory disease, such        might be re-                                                                zones have
          For the Record Section             as asthma, should limit prolonged outdoor        leased into                                                                 been used in
    Meetings and Hearings Calendar           exertion). A bad air episode is when MDE         the water if                                                                many waters
    Joane Mueller, Production Coord.                                                          material is                                                                 across       the
                                             forecasts a Code Red day or when a Code
             Contributors:                                                                    placed at                                                                   United States,
                                             Orange day is followed by one or more
                                             Code Red days.                                   Site 104.                                                                   they are being
Gail Castleman, WAS    Ta-shon Yu, WMA          “We saw a jump early in the [ozone]              “The best                                                                phased out in
Lorrie Del Pizzo, TARSA    Jim Metz, WAS     season,” said Randy Mosier, a planner with       available                                                                   such areas like
Bob Maddox, ARMA Sheila Franklin, WMA        the Air Quality Planning Program. “We            science now                                                                 the       Great
Rick Trickett,WMA Jeanette Wolfe, ARMA       had two Code Red days on May 13 and 14           indicates                                                                   Lakes. A mix-
           Melody Thrower, WMA               and two more in early June [June 9 and           that pro-                                                                   ing zone does
                                             10]. That caused concern early on about          ceeding                                                                     not remove
                                             what the rest of the summer would look           with Site                                                                   toxins, it just
    Enforcement& Compliance Notes
                                             like.                                            104 could                                                                   dilutes them.
  Bernard Penner, Office of the Secretary
             Contributors:                         “The intense sunlight and other me-        pose a seri-                                                                Part of the new
         Angelo Bianca, ARMA                 teorological conditions help turn various        ous threat to                                                               Chesapeake
        Frank Courtright, ARMA               compounds in the air into ozone,” said           the health of                                                               Bay       2000
        Frank Whitehead, ARMA                Mosier.                                          the Bay,” said Governor Glendening. “It        Agreement, signed June 28, calls for vol-
          Regina Rochez, WAS                                                                  is clear that we must eliminate Site 104       untary phase out of the use of mixing zones
                                                  The other compounds that Mosier re-
           Jack Bowen,WMA                                                                     from all further consideration. I have con-    over the next decade.
                                             fers to are volatile organic compounds
                                             (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Most           sistently indicated we will not do anything      Site 104 is located in Queen Anne’s
     Send comments or inquiries to:          of these compounds are emitted into the          that would have a negative impact on the       County near Kent Island and was proposed
             MDEnvironment                   air from human activities. The burning of        Bay. We have worked aggressively to re-        several years ago as part of the Port of
   Richard J. McIntire, Managing Editor                                                       store the Bay and renewed that commit-         Baltimore’s 20-year dredging plan aimed
                                             fossil fuels from automobiles and power
         2500 Broening Highway                                                                ment by joining the leaders of Virginia,       at maintaining and improving the Port’s
          Baltimore MD 21224
                                             plants contributes to NOx emissions. The
                                             use of solvent-based products and refuel-        Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia,        channels. With the removal of Site 104
              (410) 631-3012                 ing practices contributes to VOC emis-           and the federal government to sign the new     from the plan, the Port has about eight
                                             sions.                                           Chesapeake Bay 2000 Agreement.”
                                                                                                 The Corps’ analysis indicates that dredge                      See DREDGE, Page 5
                                                  “This year, the consistent cooler than
                                                                                                                        Tuesday, August 1, 2000-MDENVIRONMENT- Page 3

Teachers prepare mineral
education lessons for class use
By Molly Gary, C.P.G.                           Representatives of the mining industry as
   Mined products are more important than       well as the Mining Program worked with
you think and play a role in everyday life.     the instructors for a week to develop the
   Minerals and resources found in the          lesson plans.
Earth, fuel cars, pave roads, and provide          Lessons regarding chemistry and chemi-
the raw materials to produce electricity and    cal reactions were developed for science
the silica used in building computers. Most     programs. The cost of operating a mine
of us take these things for granted.            and the expenses involved along with en-
   In an effort to educate children about the   vironmental and social concerns are part
value and presence of mining in Maryland,       of the plans. Typical uses of mined prod-
the Maryland Department of the Environ-         ucts in a house, which really stimulates
ment (MDE) initiated a Minerals Educa-          thinking about the value of minerals, is also
tion Committee in the fall of 1998. The         included. Another segment of the curricu-
goal of the committee was to develop les-       lum addresses the permit process and of-        The mining site above is located near Frederick just off Interstate 70. Below are
son plans that would be used in school sys-     fers a score card for measuring success.        members of the Mineral Education Committee standing inside the bucket of a diesel
tems to educate students about mining and          Robinson and Massella, who wrote so-         powered shovel that can move tons of earth at a time.
mined products. The committee consisted         cial studies lesson plans from the experi-
of representatives from the coal and non-       ence, received the Second Annual Miner-
coal mining industries, the Maryland State      als Education Award from the Interstate
Department of Education and MDE’s Min-          Mining Compact Commission in recogni-
ing Program.                                    tion of their efforts.
   After reaching a consensus of what was          After the lesson plans were written it was
to be accomplished, four teachers, Kathryn      time to put the project to the test. Would
Robinson of Parkville High School, Gina         other teachers use the lesson plans, which
Massella of Overlea High School, Greg           were designed to meet required core teach-
Holm of North County High School, and           ing goals in Maryland for science and so-
Fred Hatch of Old Mill High School, were        cial studies?
selected to write lesson plans that would          The committee put together a mineral
be used by their peers across the state. The    education symposium at Towson State
mining industry set up tours of active mine     University in May to present the plans.
sites for the teachers. The committee went      With partial sponsorship from the mining
from Garrett County coal mines to Cecil         industry, counties were encouraged to par-
County stone quarries and sand and gravel       ticipate. Ten counties sent representatives.
operations. Committee members saw               Ten displays and information booths were
equipment large enough to hold the entire       set up by mining companies, utilities and
group in its bucket. Mining and reclama-        government agencies. Lesson plans for sci-        In coming months, the committee will           work atmosphere that permeated through-
tion activities were observed and the prob-     ence and social studies were presented.         reconvene to discuss its future.                 out this project.
lems of blasting, dust control and water        Lively discussion and suggestions poured          “I am sure we will build from our mo-              “Accurate, unbiased education is the most
management were discussed.                      freely from teachers who overwhelmingly         mentum to try and get more teachers in-          important gift that we can provide to the
   The field trips prompted the teachers to     supported the project. All of the teachers      volved and continue to make resources avail-     children of our state,” Hearn added. “That
ask even more questions about what they         were eager to use the lesson plans as part of   able for teachers to use,” said J.L. Hearn,      is the goal of the Mineral Education Com-
had seen, enabling them to formulate the        their teaching curriculum during the school     director of MDE’s Water Management Ad-           mittee.”
information into a lesson plan that would       year. Maryland’s mineral education initia-      ministration that oversees the Mining Pro-
challenge the thought process of students.      tive is off to a great start.                   gram. “Our success is due in part to the team-

Three Capital Beltway studies underway to examine congestion issues
Reprinted from TPB News with permission from the Metropolitan Washington Coun-                  generate about 52,300 new trips. Rajan pointed out that in terms of cost per new rider
cil of Governments.                                                                             light rail seems to be more cost effective than heavy rail. Capital costs for heavy rail
   Transportation system and demand management strategies, High Occupancy Vehicle               outside the Beltway, for example, would run from $6.3 billion to $7.5 billion, while
(HOV) lanes, high-occupancy/toll (HOT) lanes, heavy rail, light rail, and express bus           capital costs for light rail from inside to outside the Beltway would be between $3.1
service are among the alternatives being considered for improving the Maryland portion          billion and $3.6 billion. Annual operations and maintenance costs would be $75 to $90
of the Capital Beltway, according to a recent National Capital Region Transportation            million for heavy rail, and $40 to $50 million for light rail. Rajan reported that during the
Planning Board (TPB) briefing. HOV lanes, express/local lanes with HOV, heavy and               public workshops, a large number of the speakers favored some type of transit around the
light rail, monobeam systems, and bus rapid transit are among the measures being con-           Capital Beltway. The study is scheduled to be completed within two years.
sidered on the Virginia side.                                                                      Ken Wilkinson of VDOT reported on the study of transportation improvements along
   On June 21 the TPB was briefed by representatives of the Maryland State Highway              the Capital Beltway from the Springfield Interchange to the American Legion Bridge. He
Administration (MD SHA), the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and the              said the alternatives have been narrowed down to concurrent HOV lanes, express/local
Virginia Department of Rail & Public Transportation (VDR&PT) on three separate but              lanes with HOV, and barrier-separated HOV lanes, along with some interchange im-
coordinated studies of the Capital Beltway.                                                     provements.
   Sue Rajan of MD SHA reported that initial findings suggest that if HOV lanes were               Wilkinson said upcoming tasks include completing the draft environmental document,
constructed on the Maryland side of the Beltway, the system could open as HOV 2+ and            holding location public hearings, and forwarding a summary of the public comments and
grow to HOV 3+. She said that the highest usage of the HOV system would be in Mont-             the draft document to the Commonwealth Transportation Board. Once a decision is made,
gomery County. Capital costs would run between $750 million and $1.2 billion. Annual            the final environmental document will be published.
operations and maintenance costs would be between $200,000 and $300,000.                           Corey Hill of VDR&PT reported on the Capital Beltway Corridor Rail Feasibility Study.
   Rajan stated that heavy rail outside the Beltway was found to generate the most new          He said the study area, which is larger than VDOT’s, has been defined and that they are
transit trips, 64,000. She said these trips would be commuters who were diverted away
from automobiles. Light rail running from inside to outside the Beltway was found to                                                                                 See STUDIES, Page 5
Page 4-MDENVIRONMENT-Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Family farms
protect the
   (NAPSI)-The Ag-Earth Partnership,
whose environmental efforts have been
praised by President Clinton and Vice
President Gore, have honored five families
that have made outstanding contributions
to the environment, and shared their
knowledge through public outreach.
   “America’s farmers and ranchers know
well the importance of responsible
stewardship of our environment, and they
have set a strong example for us all,” said
   The Partnership presented the
Millennium Farm/Ranch Family Award to
the Wittman family of Lapwai, Idaho. At
Wittman Farms, family members have
created a natural resources camp that is a
model of agricultural and forestry
stewardship to host wildlife in harmony
with sustainable food and timber
   There, at-risk children and other youth
enjoy a natural setting to learn about
renewable natural resources. The camp is
totally solar powered and includes an
education center, dorms and more. The
Wittmans’ conservation practices, such as
direct seeding, sediment ponds and
                                                 WSSC expands Germantown treatment plant
terraces, have resulted in a 50 percent          To better serve central and northern Montgomery County residents and businesses, the Washington Suburban
reduction of soil erosion and associated         Sanitary Commission (WSSC) recently began a three-year, $47 million expansion of its Seneca Wastewater Treat-
sediment entering the Lapwai Creek               ment Plant in Germantown. To mark the occasion, Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Jane T.
watershed.                                       Nishida (above right), WSSC Chairman Gregory Wims (second from right) and WSSC General Manager John
   Other families and farms honored by the       Griffin (second from left) join the plant’s superintendent Tom Heikkinen (left), WSSC Commissioner Kevin Maloney
Partnership include:                             and Montgomery County Council member Nancy Dacek in planting a perennial garden. The expansion will in-
   • In New Hampshire, the Brookdale Fruit       crease the plant’s capacity from five to 20 million gallons per day. Innovative odor control methods and noise
Farm, run by Elwin and Betty Hardy, along        absorption measures are being included. Work is underway and is expected to be complete by March 2003.
with Frank and Eleanor Whittemore and
their children, was one of the first orchards      • In Alabama, Robert E. and Sarah             dragging it, resulting in less damage to the   efforts that are helping America’s farmers
in that state to adopt integrated pest          Gullatte, along with son Robert Jr., farm        forest environment. The Gullattes also         and ranchers contribute to clean water and
management practices to reduce the              the same land their ancestors tilled in the      recycle water through their hog houses.        air, healthy soil, sustainable forestry,
amount of pesticides used. They utilize         1870s. They were early adopters of the             The Ag-Earth Partnership is a coalition      improved wildlife habitat and open spaces,
global position satellite information to        conservation tillage practice called “strip      of more than 70 agricultural and               and a quality environment for all.
allow precise applications of fertilizer, and   till” that helps hold soil and prevent it from   conservation organizations and agencies.         To learn more, visit the website at
use a Soil Nitrate Test that has reduced        muddying local streams. They use special         The Partnership is a three-year initiative
nitrogen fertilizer applications.               equipment to cut and haul timber without         designed to highlight ongoing stewardship      index.html.
   • The James O. Smith Family farm in
Homer, Illinois, is home to many species
of birds, spring wildflowers and native
trees, and the area’s only active sharp-
                                                Make your travels as ‘green’ as possible
shinned hawk. The Smiths have won soil             “Green” Hotels Association® is encour-        of a tour company or cruise line with com-     Book your guestrooms and meeting rooms
conservation awards since 1965 and              aging all travelers to green up their travel.    pliments or comments regarding their           with hotels that are clearly interested in
received the Presidential Service               The U. S. Travel Data Center estimates that      green program. Thank them for their green      protecting our environment, and let man-
Recognition from the National Audubon           43 million US travelers are “ecologically        program if they have one. Or, ask why they     agement know that’s why you’ve chosen
Society in 1999. The family was also            concerned.” These travelers will be espe-        don’t have a green program. As a paying        their hotel. “Green” Hotels Association®
instrumental in halting the dumping of raw      cially interested, but all travelers can take    customer, it is important that you let them    member hotels are encouraged to imple-
sewage and industrial waste into the Salt       part in this important mission (the green-       know that you want them to lower water         ment water-saving measures, execute en-
Fork River.                                     ing of the travel industry—whether away          and energy usage and reduce solid waste—       ergy-saving techniques and reduce solid
   • The Alto “Bud” Adams family of             for business or pleasure.                        and that you want to participate.              waste. Rather than putting all these mea-
Florida, now in its fourth generation, tends       Managers of all businesses react and re-        ”Encourage businesses to think as you        sures into effect “behind the doors”, GHA
a ranch where wildlife are so plentiful that    spond to requests of guests, customers and       do by choosing where to spend your travel      encourages all lodging accommodations to
the family organized Florida Ranch Tours        clients who voice their concerns. So, when       dollars. Spend your dollars with travel        get guests and clients involved. Hotels can
to make the Adams Ranch more accessible         you write a note or speak directly to man-       businesses that are interested in protecting   offer towel and sheet-changing options,
to bird-watchers, tourists and nature lovers.   agement regarding our environment, you           the beautiful destinations we all love to      soap and shampoo dispensers, guestroom
The family has won numerous stewardship         are casting a vote. You can write a note to      visit”, suggests President Patricia Griffin.   recycling baskets and reduced food-related
awards for their total program to keep          the general manager of the hotel, to the           Hotels and airlines which have an envi-      waste. Almost all guests realize that we
humans in balance with nature.                  captain of the airplane and to the manager       ronmental agenda deserve your patronage.                           See TRAVEL, Page 6
                                                                                                                     Tuesday, August 1, 2000-MDENVIRONMENT- Page 5

Key to future vehicles may be fuel cell technology
  (NAPSI)-The world’s easily-extractable        produce a fuel cell vehicle as soon as 2004.   amounts of precious metals, or by using a     reliability...the same issues that
petroleum resources may last only another       “Today we are designing the vehicles           hybrid powertrain that combines a fuel cell   challenged engineers before 2000.
40 years, so automakers already are             which will be the mainstream for our           with an electric motor. According to the        SAE is a leading resource for
looking down the road for alternatives,         children and grandchildren,” she said.         SAE, such a hybrid may be ready by 2003.      technical information and expertise in
according to the Society of Automotive          “Fuel-cell based vehicles are going to have      However, automotive engineers also are      designing, building, maintaining and
Engineers (SAE).                                a profound positive impact on the planet.”     continually improving the efficiency and      operating self-propelled vehicles. To
  Engineers are developing alternative            Today a fuel-cell powertrain costs about     reducing       the      emissions       of    learn more about a career in
powertrains for better fuel economy             $30,000, compared to a conventional            conventional gas and diesel engines.          automotive engineering, new products
without increasing cost and emissions, or       powertrain costing about $3,000. But           So, success of alternative technologies       and standards, and other engineering
exhausting natural resources.                   researchers believe costs can be cut using     in this new century will be determined        information, check their Website at:
  Pete Beardmore, director, Chemical &          rare-earth materials combined with small       by value, functionality and         

Physical Sciences at Ford Motor
Company’s          Scientific     Research
Laboratory, believes electrification of the
                                                                                                                                             Continued from Page 2
automobile is inevitable. Still elusive is an
inexpensive battery that can power a                                                                                                         years of identified and approved disposal
vehicle for 200 miles or more. But there’s                                                                                                   capacity.
another solution, Beardmore says, which                                                                                                        “Thanks to the efforts of Maryland’s
was invented in 1839, well before the birth                                                                                                  Congressional Delegation we have more
of the modern automobile. It’s the fuel cell,                                                                                                capacity per year than we have ever had
offering higher energy efficiency, lower                                                                                                     before,” said Governor Glendening.
emissions and the potential to operate on                                                                                                    “Without their support of projects such as
hydrogen, the fundamental building block                                                                                                     Poplar Island, we would not even have
of the universe.                                                                                                                             these eight years in which to make new
  Fuel cells, which already generate                                                                                                         plans.”
                                                                                                                                               Governor Glendening has directed the
electricity aboard NASA space vehicles,
produce electricity by combining hydrogen                                                                                                    Department of Transportation to adjust the
                                                                                   Continued from Page 3
with oxygen from the air. This reaction                                                                                                      20-year dredging plan and identify alter-
                                                in the process of developing the purpose       blies; the Washington Metropolitan Area
produces water and electricity-with no                                                                                                       natives that will protect the future of the
                                                and needs statement and evaluation crite-      Transit Authority; and non-voting mem-
pollutants at all.                                                                                                                           Port without compromising the health
                                                ria. Alternatives being considered include:    bers from the Metropolitan Washington
  Hydrogen easily can be produced from                                                                                                       of the Bay. The alternatives will likely
                                                heavy rail, light rail, monobeam systems,      Airports Authority and federal agencies.
ethanol, methanol and natural gas, energy                                                                                                    include potential sites for beneficial
                                                and bus rapid transit. Hill said that public   Staff support to the TPB is provided by
sources that are abundant and relatively                                                                                                     uses and land placement of dredged
                                                input will be sought throughout the pro-       the Department of Transportation Planning
easy to store and deliver. According to the                                                                                                  material.
                                                cess. A final report is expected in March      of the Metropolitan Washington Council
SAE, a methanol-based fuel cell can extract                                                                                                    “The Port of Baltimore generates
                                                2001.                                          of Governments (COG). COG is a regional
about 80 percent of the energy in a gallon                                                                                                   127,000 jobs and is Maryland’s gate-
                                                   The National Capital Region Transpor-       organization of Washington area local gov-
of methanol. This compares to about 25                                                                                                       way to the international marketplace,”
                                                tation Planning Board (TPB) is the feder-      ernments.
percent for a conventional gasoline engine.                                                                                                  said Governor Glendening. “I have
                                                ally designated Metropolitan Planning Or-         COG provides a focus for action and
  A vehicle powered by a fuel cell is not                                                                                                    always believed that a healthy Chesa-
                                                ganization for the region, and plays an        develops sound regional responses to such
far off. Susan Fancy, Ecostar program                                                                                                        peake Bay and a strong Port of Baltimore
                                                important role as the regional forum for       issues as the environment, affordable hous-
manager, says that work done by a team                                                                                                       are not mutually exclusive. Maryland will
                                                transportation planning. Members of the        ing, economic development, health and
from Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Ballard                                                                                                          continue to be a national leader in the en-
                                                TPB include representatives of local gov-      family concerns, human services, popula-
Power Systems and Ecostar, should                                                                                                            vironment and a national leader in job
                                                ernments; state transportation agencies; the   tion growth, public safety, and transporta-
                                                                                                                                             growth in the new economy.”
                                                Maryland and Virginia General Assem-           tion.

RECYCLE                                  Continued from Page 1
cent by the year 2005.                                           ment or improve their recycling and source    is now available to counties for loan. The
   •      The diversion rate is defined as         •     MDE and two companies are de-         reduction programs.                           display educates consumers about select-
the recycling rate plus up to a 5 percent       veloping a pilot program to highlight mer-        •      MDE compiled the Maryland Re-       ing products with minimal packaging to
source reduction credit for counties that       chants that sell recycled products.            cycling Industry Database of Processors,      help reduce the waste stream.
have implemented a variety of source re-           Encouraging and assisting local gov-        Brokers, Reuse Industries and Markets in         •     With the help of a Source Reduc-
duction activities.                             ernments and businesses to increase the        Maryland and the surrounding area. Sup-       tion Work Group, MDE has established a
   Fostering the distribution of informa-       efficiency and the effec-                                       ported by the Northeast      system to give credit to counties with
tion regarding “Reduce, Reuse, Re-              tiveness of solid waste                                         Maryland Waste Disposal      source reduction programs
cycle.”                                         management systems.                                             Authority, the searchable       Working to improve measurement of
   •      MDE has focused additional time          •     MDE continues                                          database is available on     solid waste and recyclable materials
and attention on outreach efforts through       to promote full cost ac-                                        the         web         at   generated in Maryland.
presentations at schools, state agencies and    counting in meetings and                                            •     Starting in September, MDE will
exhibits at local events.                       training programs.                                              The site also includes in-   report the annual percentage of all solid
   •      MDE continues to co-sponsor              •     In December                                            formation on the recy-       waste managed through landfilling, incin-
with WJZ TV-13, a media campaign for            1999, MDE hosted a train-                                       cling of abandoned com-      eration, composting and recycling, as
America Recycles Day, held annually on          ing program for county                                          puters.                      well as, the flow of waste in and out of
Nov. 15. America Recycles Day promotes          recycling and solid waste                                          Establishing source       Maryland.
the “Buy Recycled” concept and the ben-         managers entitled “Mov-                                         reduction as a signifi-         “MDE appreciates the dedication of
efits of recycling. It also seeks a personal    ing to the Next Level:                                          cant component of            our stakeholders who demonstrate their
commitment to incorporate recycling prac-       Management Tools for                                            Maryland’s solid waste       commitment to the protection of
tices into daily life.                          Successful Programs.”                                           program.                     Maryland’s environment by giving so
   •      New and creative recycling infor-        •     Through an EPA grant, technical          •      Source reduction has become a       generously of their time and expertise,”
mation is accessible through the Internet.      assistance was provided to businesses in       focus of many of MDE’s outreach and           said Hallie Clemm, MDE’s chief of
Check out our home page at                      Baltimore and Harford counties to imple-       training efforts. A Smart Shopper display     planning and recycling. “Without their
                                                                                                                                             support our job would be much more
Page 6-MDENVIRONMENT-Tuesday, August 1, 2000

2000 tackles
growth issue
 By Shari Wilson
   For the first time, the Chesapeake Bay
Agreement has tackled growth issues head
on. Chesapeake 2000 includes a “Sound
Land Use” goal aimed at protecting natu-
ral resource and rural lands, limiting im-
pervious surfaces and concentrating new
growth in population centers or suitable
areas served by infrastructure.
   While the Chesapeake Bay Program has
long recognized the impacts of develop-
ment patterns within the Chesapeake Bay
waterhsed on water quality, the approach
was to address the problem through dis-
tinct development practices and land con-
servation measures. In 1987, signatories
to the Chesapeake Bay Program agreed that
there is a clear correlation between popu-

                                                 Multi-state railroad cleanup begins
lation growth and associated development
and environmental degradation in the Bay
   To begin to focus on the issue, the Chesa-    The Maryland Railroad Cleanup kick off event, held at Lohrs Lane in Baltimore City June 24, marked the beginning
peake Bay Program created a Land,                of a multi-jurisdictional initiative to cleanup trash and tires along the Amtrak rail line from Washington D.C. to
Growth and Stewardship Committee. That           Philadelphia, Pa. Maryland Department of the Environment representatives, Rick Collins, director of the Waste
committee undertook a variety of work            Management Administration, Jim Richmond and Brian Coblentz, of MDE’s Scrap Tire Program, participated in the
ranging from land use studies to funding         kickoff with Baltimore City Mayor Martin O’Malley, Maryland Department of Transportation Secretary John Porcari,
collaborative efforts among local govern-        Mass Transit Administration Administrator Ron Freeland and elected officials. Amtrak staff and more than 60
ments, business and environmental inter-         volunteers from community organizations also joined in. Above, Coblentz assists Mayor O’Malley, center, with
ests. In 1993, the tributary strategies cre-     woody debris during the cleanup.
ated 10 watershed basin teams to provide
a more locally based management ap-             serious environmental consequences.               In addition to reducing land conversion,        Lastly, the goal sets measurable targets
proach to the priority issues within that       Maryland’s ‘Smart Growth’ Initiative is        the goal also seeks to assess land use,          to increase public access to the Bay.
watershed. The tributary strategies also        designed to combat these trends. “Smart        strengthen land acquisition and preserva-          Maryland’s Department of the Environ-
recognized a host of issues related to land     growth” is receiving unprecedented levels      tion programs and provide financial assis-       ment along with other state agencies will
use. This work related to land use culmi-       of attention both within the Chesapeake        tance and incentives to promote land con-        be incorporating the Chesapeake Bay
nates with the Chesapeake 2000 agree-           Bay states and across the country. The         servation. It calls for reviewing policies,      Program goal into its work on ‘Smart
ment.                                           Chesapeake 2000 agreement capitalizes on       including taxation, to identify barriers or      Growth’ to determine how to further
   The “Sound Land Use” goal contains a         this emphasis and seeks to incorporate         disincentives to sound land use practices.       encourage conservation of natural re-
number of specific actions with deadlines,      improved land use planning as a major tool     The goal also calls for extensive work with      sources and further redevelopment in
the most notable of which is the reduction      to control the water quality of the Chesa-     local governments and better coordination        priority funding areas to better im-
rate of conversion of forest and agricul-       peake.                                         on transportation planning.                      prove water quality.
tural land. The goal includes a measure to
“by 2012, reduce the rate of harmful sprawl
development of forest and agricultural land
in the Chesapeake Bay watershed by 30
                                                TRAVEL                              Continued from Page 4
                                                need to help protect our favorite destina-      tronic ticketing systemwide.                    heater, adjusting your AC/heat thermostat
percent…” This reduction will be mea-           tions. Those guests are more than willing          Use the hotel van instead of renting a       and stopping your newspaper.
sured as an average over five years. The        to participate in a hotel’s green program.      car. Use public transportation in your des-        You can help protect the beautiful busi-
baseline for measurement will be the av-        Choose “green” hotels by calling or faxing      tination city.                                  ness and pleasure destinations we all love
erage of conversion rates from 1992             “Green” Hotels Association® for a list of          Before you leave home, you can take the      to visit. You can help protect Mother Earth.
through 1997.                                   members. Or, visit GHA’s Internet site—         first steps to green up your travel by turn-    You can help protect our environment for
   This goal is enacted at a critical junc-                            ing down the thermostat on your hot water                            See GREEN, Page 11

ture. The population of the Chesapeake             “Further ideas for greener individual
Bay watershed is expected to increase by        travel”, said Griffin, include: during your                            Continued from Page 1
three million people over the next 20 years.    hotel stay, let management know that it is      quality monitoring stations in Ocean City,      ing back ashore. “The Surfrider Founda-
Maryland, alone, is expecting an increase       not necessary to change your towels and         and is assisting in a survey of Ocean City’s    tion is a good extra set of eyes, ears and
of one million residents.                       sheets every day. When you leave the            coastal beach environment.                      hands working for the environment in this
   Current development trends in Maryland       room, turn off the AC/heat, lights and TV.         In addition, Surfrider has forged partner-   state. We plan to make Surfrider a vocal,
show that through the ‘80s and early ‘90s,      Leave the little bottles of shampoo, if you     ships with the University of Maryland’s         active part of the Ocean City and Mary-
average lot sizes were increasing and av-       don’t use them. Avoid room service.             Seagrant Program, the Chesapeake Bay            land environmental community.”
erage family sizes on those larger lots were       Book flights with airlines that recycle the  Foundation, Maryland’s Department of               For more inf o r m a t i o n o n t h e
decreasing. Trends like those, combined         waste created when serving food and bev-        Natural Resources, and the U.S. Environ-        Surfrider Foundation or the 2000 State
with migration from the suburbs, which          erages to passengers. British Airways, for      mental Protection Agency.                       of the Beach Report visit their web site
began in the ‘50s and ‘60s and was in full      instance, has a very strong environmental          “Surfrider is very positive and we’re glad   at or e-mail the
force by the ‘70s, has led to a pattern of      agenda. Southwest Airlines recycles all         to have them here in Maryland,” Butch, a        Maryland             chapter           at:
development which is inefficient and has        cabin waste, and was the first to offer elec-   surfer of 34 years, said recently after com-
                                                                                                                  Tuesday, August 1, 2000-MDENVIRONMENT- Page 7

                                    Enforcement & Compliance Notes
     Air & Radiation                         assessed for lead enforcement viola-           port International was cited for operat-       der the terms of the consent order,
                                             tions in Baltimore City, Allegany,             ing without an Oil Operations Permit.          Hendon has agreed to develop and
Management Administration
                                             Dorchester and Garrett Counties.                 Status: Case Pending (Reference              implement an emergency response
                                               A penalty of $55,120 was assessed            #COV-2000-017)                                 plan to address pump station fail-
  June 17 - July 13
                                             against 12 property owners for failure                                                        ures, to implement an operation and
                                             to register and $40,000 for lead risk                                                         maintenance plan, and to install a
   Red Star Yeast - Baltimore
                                             reduction violations involving one prop-          Day’s Cove Rubble Fill, Baltimore           telemetering alarm system. Hendon
                                             erty.                                          County, MD – Day’s Cove Reclama-               has also agreed to pay $1,500 to the
   On June 28, MDE signed a Consent
                                                                                            tion, Inc paid a $30,000 Administrative        Clean Water Fund to settle previous
Order with the Red Star Yeast Com-
                                                Eastern Petroleum, Annapolis, MD            Penalty as partial settlement a Consent        unauthorized sewage discharges
pany to settle violations of its air qual-
                                             – On June 21 MDE issued a Complaint,           Order for failure to properly apply plas-      from the pump station.
ity permit that resulted in excess emis-
                                             Order and Civil Penalty against East-          tic tarps to the soil cover at the landfill.     Status: Case closed. (Reference
sions of sulfur oxides to the atmo-
                                             ern Petroleum Corporation of Annapo-           In addition to the fine, Day’s Cove Rec-       # CO-00-0065).
sphere. The Order requires the Com-
                                             lis for $20,000. The enforcement action        lamation, Inc. restored the proper
pany to pay a penalty of $40,000 and
                                             charged failure to report an overfilled        placement of tarps, and is developing            Water Pollution Penalties -
install air pollution control equipment
                                             above ground tank, refusal to remove           a quality assurance plan to insure that        Statewide
to achieve compliance with its permit
                                             soil and liquid phase hydrocarbons, and        methods to verify proper tarp place-             During the period June 12, 2000
                                             failure to abate the spread of oil from        ment are instituted by the landfill op-        to July 10, 2000, MDE collected
   Status: Case Closed. (Reference
                                             entering previously uncontaminated ar-         erator.                                        $7,715.50 in administrative penalty
# 24-5-1175M)
                                             eas at a residence in Shady Side, Mary-           Status: Settled (Reference #CO-             payments to the Clean Water Fund
                                             land.                                          AP-00-SW-060)                                  in settlement of water pollution vio-
   Bernard Totz, DDS - Prince
                                                Status: Case Pending (Reference                                                            lations from 10 establishments.
George’s County
                                             #COV-2000-034)                                         Water Management
   Under the terms of a Consent
                                                                                                                                              Erosion and Sediment Control
Agreement, MDE has received a
                                               Lenderking Metal Products, Anne
                                                                                                     Administration                        Penalties – Statewide
$5000 penalty payment from this den-
                                             Arundel County, MD – On June 28                                                                  During the period June 12, 2000
tist. Dr. Totz was cited for the under-                                                       May 12, 2000 – July 10, 2000
                                             MDE issued a Complaint and Order                                                              to July 10, 2000, MDE collected
development of x-ray film, inaccuracy
                                             assessing a $50,000 penalty. Violations                                                       $3,180 in administrative penalty
in the timing of his x-ray machine and                                                         Tyson Foods, Inc., Worcester
                                             included the disposal of Controlled                                                           payments to the Sediment Fund in
non- compliance with the regulatory                                                         County – On May 26, 2000, MDE and
                                             Hazardous Substances (CHS) through                                                            settlement of erosion and sediment
requirement for monitoring devices                                                          Tyson Foods, Inc. finalized a judicial
                                             evaporation, accumulation of more than                                                        control violations at four construc-
and monitoring records. The Consent                                                         consent decree to resolve a civil com-
                                             100 kilograms of CHS and storage of                                                           tion sites.
Agreement also requires that Dr. Totz                                                       plaint filed on July 28, 1998 for alleged
                                             CHS beyond 90 days without a permit.
no longer operate a radiation machine                                                       unauthorized discharges resulting
                                               Status: Case Pending (Reference #                                                              Town of Galena, Kent County –
at his office.                                                                              from over-application of sludge from
                                             C-O-00-047)                                                                                   On June 26, MDE and the Town of
   Status: Case Closed (Reference                                                           Tyson’s Berlin poultry processing              Galena finalized an administrative
#RHP 99-9)                                                                                  plant. The consent decree has been
                                               Airport Group International, Inc,                                                           consent order regarding improve-
                                             Baltimore, MD – On July 6 MDE is-              filed in the Circuit Court of Worces-          ments to the Town’s wastewater
  CJB Therapy - Baltimore County                                                            ter County and is awaiting the judge’s
                                             sued a Complaint, Order and Civil Pen-                                                        treatment plant (WWTP). Under the
  MDE has issued a Complaint, Or-                                                           signature. Under the terms of the
                                             alty against Airport Group International                                                      terms of the consent order, Galena
der and Penalty against CJB Therapy                                                         settlement, Tyson has agreed to pay
                                             of Baltimore for $5,000. The enforce-                                                         is required to submit to MDE for re-
assessing a penalty in the amount of                                                        $80,000 to the Clean Water Fund and
                                             ment action charged that 25 gallons of                                                        view and approval a plan and sched-
$5000 for not adhering to Maryland ra-                                                      give 100 acres of land to the Nature
                                             fuel were spilled while refueling a ve-                                                       ule for upgrade of the WWTP to en-
diation regulations by failing to certify                                                   Conservancy. In addition, Tyson has
                                             hicle on July 9, 1999, as well as spill-                                                      sure compliance with biochemical
the radiation machine and for incom-                                                        agreed to pay the Nature Conser-
                                             ing 250 gallons of fuel due to an acci-                                                       oxygen demand (BOD) effluent limi-
plete film badge monitoring records.                                                        vancy $20,000 to maintain the prop-
                                             dent on July 10, 1999, failure to prop-                                                       tations.
The Order requires CJB Therapy to                                                           erty. Tyson has also agreed to in-
                                             erly monitor a refueling operation, spill-                                                       Status: Case closed. (Reference
pay the penalty or cease operation of                                                       stall, within 390 days, an upgrade to
                                             ing approximately 30 gallons of fuel on                                                       #CO-00-0251).
the radiation machine.                                                                      the Berlin plant’s existing wastewa-
                                             July 12, 1999, discharging 150 gallons
  Status: CJB Therapy has 30 days                                                           ter treatment system.
                                             of fuel onto the ground while filling a                                                          Castle Ventures Ltd., Baltimore
to appeal the Order and request a                                                              Status: Case pending. (Reference
                                             10,000 gallon fuel truck when the auto-                                                       County – On July 6, 2000, MDE and
hearing. (Reference #RHP 00-01)                                                             # CJ- 00-0238).
                                             matic shut-off valve failed and the ve-                                                       Castle Ventures Ltd. reached a settle-
                                             hicle was not equipped with spill con-                                                        ment to resolve unauthorized dis-
       Waste Management                      tainment material or a cleanup kit on            Hendon/DDR/BP,LLC, Anne                      charges from a sewage pumping sta-
                                                                                            Arundel County – On June 2, MDE
        Administration                       July 15, 1999. Again on July 31, 1999                                                         tion at the Carriage Hill Village Apart-
                                             a spill of approximately 40 gallons oc-        and         Hendon/DDR/BP,LLC                  ments. Under the terms of the settle-
                                             curred while fueling due to a failing shut-    (“Hendon”) finalized an administrative         ment, Castle Ventures has agreed to
  June 16 – July 14
                                             off valve. Airport International also failed   consent order regarding improve-               pay $10,000 to the Clean Water
                                             to report a spill of 30 gallons of aviation    ments to the sewage pump station               Fund.
  Lead Program Enforcement
                                             fuel on October 17, 1999. Finally Air-         serving the shopping center at 8115               Status: Case closed. (Reference
   A total of $95,120 in penalties were
                                                                                            Ritchie Highway in Pasadena. Un-               #PS-00-0248).

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Page 8-MDENVIRONMENT-Tuesday, August 1, 2000

                                                                       For the Record
  The following is a list county of appli-                    Baltimore County
cations received by MDE and other per-                                                                                           Charles                               LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
                                                                                                                                                                    # 111 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
mitting activty between June 16 and July                BALTIMORE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF                                                                              (00DP3359) Surface municipal discharge permit
15, 2000. For more information on these               PUBLIC WORKS - 111 W. Chesapeake Avenue –                  CHARLES EARL GARDNER - 6981 Our Place,
                                                      Room 200, Towson, MD 21204. (00-1111) Sewer-             Port, Tobacco, MD 20677. (2000-NWW-GP01)
permits, contact MDE’s Environmental                                                                                                                                   LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
                                                      age permit to construct a force main from MD Route       Natural Woodwaste Permit
Permit Service Center at (410) 631-3772.                                                                                                                            # 87 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
                                                      43 and I-95 east to Ebenezer Road east to Bird River                                                          (00DP3355) Surface municipal discharge permit
                                                      Grove Road, White Marsh                                     EDWARD C. BOU PROPERTY - 9755 Crain
                                                                                                               Highway, Newburg, MD 20664. Sewage sludge ap-
                 Allegany                               BALTIMORE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF                         plication on agricultural land
                                                                                                                                                                       LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
                                                                                                                                                                    #110 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
                                                      PUBLIC WORKS - 111 W. Chesapeake Avenue –                                                                     (00DP3358) Surface municipal discharge permit
  UNITED ENERGY COAL – Lonaconing, MD                 Room 200, Towson MD 21204. (00-1122) Sewer-                ELAINE JONES - P.O. Box 332, Hughesville,
(SM-84-247) Modification to Coal Permit.              age permit to construct a force main along Martin        MD 20637. (00-1123) Water permit to replace the         LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
                                                      Boulevard, Eastern Boulevard , and Woodland Av-          water tank at the Independent Village, Newman        #112 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
                                                      enue                                                     Drive, Charlotte Hall
                                                                                                                                                                    (00DP3360) Surface municipal discharge permit
            Anne Arundel                                                                                          ROBERT AMMAN, CH-094 - 1830 Budds Ferry
                                                        LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATE AIR-                                                                                 LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
                                                      CRAFT - 2830 Strawberry Point Road, Baltimore,           Road, Indian Head, MD 20640. Sewage sludge ap-
  CITY OF ANNAPOLIS - 160 Duke of                                                                                                                                   #114 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
                                                      MD 21220. (TR 6036) an air permit to construct           plication on agricultural land                       (00DP3362) Surface municipal discharge permit
Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD 21401. (00-1110)
Sewerage permit to upgrade the Newtowne Drive         one paint spray booth
Wastewater Pumping Station at Forest Drive and                                                                                                                         LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
Newtowne Drive
                                                         MARYLAND RECYCLE COMPANY, INC. -                                     Dorchester                            #164 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
                                                      8920 Yellow Brick Road, Baltimore, MD 21237.                                                                  (00DP3362) Surface municipal discharge permit
   DORSEY RUN WWTP - 7920 Brock Bridge                (2000-03-02406) Air quality permit to operate
                                                                                                                  CITY OF CAMBRIDGE DEPARTMENT OF
Road, Jessup, MD 20794. Sewage sludge transpor-                                                                PUBLIC WORKS - 705 Leonards Road, Cam-                  LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
tation permit                                           MILLENNIUM INORGANIC CHEMICALS                                                                              #1MH - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
                                                                                                               bridge, MD 21613. (00-1118) Sewerage permit to
                                                      INC. - 3901 Fort Armistead Road, Baltimore, MD                                                                (00DP3345) Surface municipal discharge permit
                                                                                                               construct wastewater pumping stations and force
                                                      21226. (00-1114) Sewerage permit to construct a
            Baltimore City                            wastewater treatment plant at the Hawkins Point, Fort
                                                                                                               mains to serve Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Re-
                                                                                                               sort                                                    LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
                                                      Smallwood Road and Fort Armistead Road                                                                        #67 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
   BALTIMORE CITY DEPARTMENT OF HOUS-                                                                                                                               (00DP3346) Surface municipal discharge permit
                                                                                                                  JOHNSON T. SCHUFELT. – Secretary, MD (77-
E, Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. Voluntary
                                                                          Calvert                              SP-0098) Application received for a renewal of a
                                                                                                               surface mining permit located near Cambridge            LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
Cleanup Program application for property located                                                                                                                    #68 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
                                                         SOLOMONS ISLAND WWTP - 500 Sweetwater
at 801 South Caroline Street, Baltimore, MD 21212                                                                                                                   (00DP3347) Surface municipal discharge permit
                                                      Road, Lusby, MD 20657. Sewage sludge transpor-
  BALTIMORE RESCO - 1801 Old Annapolis                tation permit                                                            Frederick                               LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
Road, Baltimore, MD 21230. (2000-WIN-0030)                                                                                                                          #69 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
Solid waste incinerator permit                                           Caroline                                 EMIL BENNETT - 100 Rock Creek Way,                (00DP3348) Surface municipal discharge permit
                                                                                                               Thurmont, MD 21788. (00-1108) Sewerage permit
   BUILDING MATERIALS MANUFACTURING                      JAMES AND SHARON COULBY PROPERTY,                     to construct a wastewater pumping station at the        LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
CORPORATION - 1500 South Ponca Street, Balti-         CR-87 - 11955 Whites Lane, Greensboro, MD                Bennett Estates and a force main along MD Route      #70 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
more, MD 21224. (01DP0077) Surface industrial         21639. Sewage sludge application on agricultural         550 and MD Route 77                                  (00DP3349) Surface municipal discharge permit
discharge permit                                      land
                                                                                                                 CRESTVIEW ESTATES WWTP - Quail Knob                   LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
VICE - 1910 Russell Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.
                                                                           Carroll                             Lane, Frederick, MD 21702. (01DP0672) Surface
                                                                                                               municipal discharge permit
                                                                                                                                                                    #71 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
                                                                                                                                                                    (00DP3350) Surface municipal discharge permit
(TR 6030) an air permit to construct one shredder
                                                        D&L DEVELOPMENT LLC - 115 Stevens                        EASTALCO ALUMINUM COMPANY - 5601                      LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
   GENERAL MOTORS TRUCK GROUP - 2122                  Avenue, Valhalla, NY 10595. (00-1127) Water per-         Manor Woods Road, Frederick, MD 21703. (TR           #72 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
Broening Highway, Baltimore, MD 21224. (2001-         mit to lay water mains and to construct a water treat-   6018) an air permit to construct for two Bake oven   (00DP3351) Surface municipal discharge permit
OPT-3232) Oil operations permit for above ground      ment plant at MD Route 30 and Houcksville Road,          burners
storage tank and transportation                       630 Hanover Pike, Hampstead
                                                                                                                                                                       LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
                                                                                                                  FORT DETRICK - 1500 Porter Street, Building       #84 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
  P. FLANIGAN & SONS, INC. - 2444 Loch Raven             MARYLAND PAVING - FINKSBURG - 2914                    1422, Fort Detrick, MD 21702-5000. (TR 6034)         (00DP3352) Surface municipal discharge permit
Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21218. (2001-OPT-5373)       Industrial Park Drive, Finksburg, MD 21048. (2001-       an air permit to construct one emergency generator
Oil operations permit for above ground storage tank   OPT-3298) Oil operations permit for above ground
                                                                                                                                                                       LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
and transportation                                    storage tank and transportation                             FREDERICK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF                    #85 - Fish Hatchery Road, Frederick, MD 21702.
                                                                                                               PUBLIC WORKS - 118 N. Market street, Frederick,      (00DP3353) Surface municipal discharge permit
   STARWOOD CERUZZI PC LLC-1720 Post                     NORTHERN MUNICIPAL LANDFILL - 1400                    MD 21701. (00-1121) Sewerage permit to construct
Road, Fairfield, CT 06430. Voluntary Cleanup Pro-     Baltimore Boulevard, Westminster, MD 21157.              interceptor sewer along Tuscarora Creek and Tribu-      LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
gram application for the Port Covington property      (2000-WMF-0066) Solid waste municipal landfill           tary #89 from Willow Brook to Pool Jones Road        #86 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
located at 101 E. McComas Street, E. Cromwell         permit
                                                                                                                                                                    (00DP3354) Surface municipal discharge permit
Street, Baltimore, MD 21230                                                                                      HAHN TRANSPORTATION INC. - 90 West
                                                                             Cecil                             Main Street, New Market, MD 21774. (2000-OPT-
   STERICYCLE, INC. - 5901 Chemical Road, Bal-                                                                 2272) Oil operations permit for above ground stor-
timore, MD 21226. (2000-WIN-0034) Solid waste                                                                  age tank and transportation                                              Garrett
                                                         ELDRETH CONSTRUCTION, INC. –
incinerator permit                                    Conowingo, MD (85-Sp-0216) Renewal of a sur-
                                                                                                                 HELPING HANDS VETERINARY CLINIC -                     GARRETT COUNTY SANITARY DISTRICT,
                                                      face mining permit located 95 N-222 S-40 E Red
   UNILEVER HOME & PERSONAL CARE - USA                                                                         13651 Unionville Road, Mount Airy, MD 21771.         INC. - 313 East Alder Street, Oakland, MD 21550.
- 5300 Holabird Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224.                                                                   (TR 6023) an air permit to construct one crematory   (00-1120) Sewerage permit to construct a wastewa-
(TR 6052) an air permit to construct storage tanks,                                                                                                                 ter pumping station and a force main in the vicinity
                                                        KILBY’S INC. - 795 Fire Tower Road, Colora,
batch mixing, continuous mixing tank                                                                              LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,                  of Dorsey Hotel Road and Route 40, Grantsville
                                                      MD 21917. (00DP0062) Groundwater industrial dis-
                                                      charge permit                                            # 108 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.
  VAC PAC MANUFACTURING COMPANY,                                                                               (00DP3356) Surface municipal discharge permit
INC. - 150 West Ostend Street, Baltimore, MD
                                                         W.L. GORE & ASSOCIATES, INC. - 297 Blue                                                                                       Harford
21230. (TR 6019) an air permit to construct one       Ball Road, Elkton, MD 21921. (TR 6040) an air               LEWISTOWN MILLS TREATMENT PLANT,
heat-set printing press                               permit to construct one coating and integral drying      # 109 - Fish Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21702.       CITY OF HAVRE DE GRACE DEPARTMENT
                                                      line                                                     (00DP3357) Surface municipal discharge permit
                                                                                                                                                                    OF PUBLIC WORKS - 711 Pennington Avenue,
                                                                                                                                         Tuesday, August 1, 2000-MDENVIRONMENT- Page 9

                                                                                   For the Record
Havre de Grace, MD 21078. (00-1124) Sewerage            sludge treatment permit                               S. Maryland Avenue, Delmar, MD 21875. (TR               4,000 gallon gasoline underground storage tanks
permit to modify the wastewater treatment facilities                                                          6028) an air permit to construct for one rotormill
for biological nitrogen removal at the Havre de Grace                                                         and associated equipment                                  D.C. CHILDREN’S CENTER - 8300 Riverton
Wastewater Treatment Plant                                               Somerset                                                                                     Court, Maryland City, MD 20724. (24-003-00269)

  JOPPATOWNE - 101 Shore Drive, Joppatowne,
                                                                                                                               Worcester                              Air quality part 70 operating permit
                                                           PROCYCLE FEEDS, INC. - 30520 Hickory
MD 21040. (00DP0675) Surface municipal dis-             Road, Princess Anne, MD 21853. (TR 6042) an air                                                                  DANDY CLEANERS - 1429 Baltimore Annapo-
                                                                                                                MERIAL SELECT, INC. - P.O. Drawer 2497,               lis Road, Arnold, MD 21012. (02-6-0933 N) Air
charge permit                                           permit to construct one screen dryer
                                                                                                              1112 Airport Parkway, Gainsville, GA 30501. (00-        general permit to construct one dry cleaning ma-
                                                                                                              1119) Sewerage permit to construct wastewater treat-
                   Howard                                  RUDOLPH T. HALL – Marion, MD (88-SP-               ment facilities in the vicinity of U.S. Route 50 and
                                                        0278-A) Application received for renewal for a sur-
                                                                                                              MD Route 818                                               HERRINGTON HARBOUR NORTH - 389 Deale
  AMERICAN FIREPLACE COMPANY - 9040                     face mining permit
                                                                                                                                                                      Road, Tracey’s Landing, MD 20779. (96MA9237)
Junction Drive, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701. (TR                                                                MERIAL SELECT, INC. - 10026 Main Street,             General permit registration for discharge from ma-
                                                          TYSON FOODS - 30607 Rebels Neck Road,
6053) an air permit to construct one paint spray                                                              Berlin, MD 21811. (TR 6041) an air permit to con-       rinas
booth, one baghouse                                     Westover, MD 21871. (TR 6031) an air permit to        struct one generator
                                                        construct for two cyclones
                                                                                                                                                                         PATUXENT ASPHALT, LLC - 1320
  SIMKINS INDUSTRIES, INC. - 201 River Road,                                                                     OCEAN CITY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC                      Cunningham Road, Severn, MD 21144. (02-6-0926
Baltimore, MD 21228. (TR 6029) an air permit to           UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND EASTERN                      WORKS - 204 65TH Street, Ocean City, MD
                                                        SHORE - Backbone Road, Princess Anne, MD                                                                      M) Air permit to construct modification to asphalt
construct for one temporary boiler >50 MMBtu                                                                  21842. (00-1107) Water permit to lay water mains        plant
                                                        21853. (2000-OPT-3523) Oil operations permit for
                                                                                                              along northwest of MD Route 90 and MD Route
                                                        above ground storage tank and transportation
                       Kent                                                                                   528 at 64th Street
                                                                                                                                                                                  Baltimore City
                                                                                                                 ROLLING MEADOWS, INC. - 9428 Stephen
   BETTERTON WWTP - 28 Third Avenue,
Betterton, MD 21610. (01DP0591) Surface munici-
                                                                        St. Mary’s                            Decatur Highway, Berlin, MD 21811. (00-1112)               AMPORTS - 2901 Childs Street, Baltimore, MD
                                                                                                              Sewerage permit to construct gravity sewers and a       21226. (24-9-0905 N) Air general permit to con-
pal discharge permit                                                                                                                                                  struct one 8,000 gallon gasoline underground stor-
                                                           INSLEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC.                  force main along MD Route 707 and MD Route 611
                                                        – Hollywood, MD (94-SP-0471) Application re-                                                                  age tank
                                                        ceived for a renewal of a surface mining permit lo-      U. S. 50 WEST LLC. - Unit N.8, 12507 Sunset
              Montgomery                                cated on south on Meryell Dean Road                   Avenue, Ocean City, MD 21842. (00-1125) Water              C.J. LANGENFELDER & SON, INC. - PIER 12
                                                                                                              permit to construct a water treatment plant at Parcel   VANE BROS. TERMINAL - 4209 Newgate Av-
   CABIN JOHN ASSOCIATES PARTNERSHIP,                      MARY BOGIE FARM- ST. ANNE - 21383 Bo-              400, in the vicinity of Sunset Avenue, Ocean City       enue, Canton Pier, Baltimore, MD 21224.
c/o CARL M. FREEMAN RETAIL, 18205 Village               gies Lane, Leonardtown, MD 20650. Sewage sludge                                                               (97SW1373) General permit registration for
Mart Drive, Olney, MD 20832. Voluntary Cleanup          application on agricultural land                                     Out of State                             stormwater associated with industrial activity
Program application for the Seven Locks Plaza prop-
erty located at 7817-7825, 7901-7973 and 7711-7749         ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL - P.O. Box 527,                                                                          CLEAN HARBORS OF BALTIMORE - 1910
                                                                                                                DELCORA INCINERATOR - PENNSYLVANIA -                  Russell Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. (2000-OPT-
Tuckerman Lane (odd numbers only), Potomac, MD          Leonardtown, MD 20650. (00-1106) Sewerage per-        Chester, PA Sewage sludge transportation permit
20854                                                   mit to construct wastewater treatment facilities at                                                           3063) Oil operations permit for above ground stor-
                                                        the Charlotte Hall Business Park                                                                              age tank and transportation
                                                                                                                 ELYSIAN HEIGHTS WWTP - 658 St. Claire Road,
                                                                                                              Leesburg, VA 20178. (01DP3176) Surface municipal          COOK’S FUEL & ENERGY SERVICES - 100-
18620 Darnestown Road, Beallsville, MD 20839.                                                                 discharge permit                                        116 North Franklintown Road, Baltimore, MD
(TR 6022) an air permit to construct one crematory                          Talbot                                                                                    21223. (2000-OGT-4057) General permit for storm/
                                                                                                                GTS DURATEK - 1560 Bear Creek Road, Oak Ridge,        hydrostatic test water from oil terminals
   PERCONTEE INC. - MCCENEY TRACT -                                                                           TN 37831. Sewage sludge transportation permit
11700 Cherry Hill Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904.          MEINTZER BROS. PETROLEUM, INC. - 400
(2001-OPT-6279) Oil operations permit for above         South Aurora Street, Easton, MD 21601. (2001-OPT-                                                               COOK’S FUEL & ENERGY SERVICES - 100-
                                                        2506) Oil operations permit for above ground stor-                                                            116 North Franklintown Road, Baltimore, MD
ground storage tank and transportation

                                                        age tank and transportation                                                                                   21223. (2000-OPT-4057) Oil operations permit for
   PERCONTEE, INC. - 11900 Tech Road, Silver                                                                                                                          above ground storage tank and transportation
                                                           MURDOCH GARDENS, INC. - 9003 Chapel
Spring, MD 20904. (2001-OPT-3399) Oil operations
permit for above ground storage tank and transpor-      Road, Easton, MD 21601. (2001-OPT-2534) Oil                                                                     DOWNTOWN PRESS, INC. - 3051 Washington
tation                                                  operations permit for above ground storage tank and                                                           Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230. (24-6-2602 N)
                                                        transportation                                                                                                Air permit to construct one printing press
   POOLESVILLE WWTP - 18901 Fisher Avenue,
                                                          TOWN OF TRAPPE, INC. - 4011 Powell Av-
                                                                                                                                Allegany                                HOBELMANN PORT SERVICES/ATLANTIC
Poolesville, MD 20837. (01DP0781) Surface mu-
                                                        enue, P. O. Box 162, Trappe, MD 21673. (00-1109)                                                              TERMINAL - 2901 Childs Street, Baltimore, MD
nicipal discharge permit                                                                                         MOUNTAINVIEW SANITARY LANDFILL -
                                                        Sewerage permit to upgrade the existing Trappe                                                                21226. (2001-OPT-2929) Oil operations permit for
                                                        Wastewater Treatment Plant                            13300 New George’s Creek Road, Southwest,               above ground storage tank and transportation
  QUATTRO AUTO BODY, INC. - 9151                                                                              Frostburg, MD 21532. (24-001-00206) Air quality
Brookville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910. (TR                                                                 part 70 operating permit
5789) an air permit to construct two paint spray                                                                                                                        NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY - 2301
booths                                                                Washington                                TRI-STAR MINING, INC. – Barton, MD (97-SP-
                                                                                                                                                                      Newkirk Street, Baltimore, MD 21224. (2000-OPT-
                                                                                                                                                                      3358) Oil operations permit for above ground stor-
                                                                                                              0513-C) Modification issued for surface mining per-     age tank and transportation
          Prince George’s                                  CITY OF HAGERSTOWN WATER POLLU-                    mit located on Michael Road
                                                        TION CONTROL DEPARTMENT - 1 Clean Wa-
                                                                                                                                                                         P. FLANIGAN & SONS, INC. - 2120 Annapolis
                                                        ter Circle, Hagerstown, MD 21740. (00-1115) Sew-        UNITED ENERGY CO, INC. – Frostburg, MD
  CRAFTSMAN PRESS - 1 Allegheny Circle,                                                                                                                               Road, Baltimore, MD 21230. (2001-OPT-3383) Oil
Cheverly, MD. (TR 6035) air permit to construct         erage permit to construct a force main along west     (SM-83-110) Transfer of Coal Permit                     operations permit for above ground storage tank and
one printing press                                      side of U.S. Route 40, ½ mile north I-70, to serve
                                                        Hagerstown Commerce Center                              UNITED ENERGY CO, INC. – Frostburg, MD
  NORTH COUNTY TRANSFER STATION-                                                                              (SM-84-207) Transfer of Coal Permit                        PATAPSCO WASTE WATER TREATMENT
                                                                                                                                                                      PLANT - 3501 Asiatic Avenue, Baltimore, MD
                                                        MENT - 201 Frederick Street, Hagerstown, MD             UNITED ENERGY CO, INC. – Frostburg, MD
Bowie Road, Bowie, MD 20715. (2000-WTS-0567)                                                                                                                          21226. (24-9-0898 & 0940 N) Air permit to con-
Solid waste transfer station permit                     21740. (00-1116) Sewerage permit to construct a       (SM-84-368) Transfer of Coal Permit                     struct four scrubbers
                                                        wastewater pumping station and a force main at
                                                        “Hamilton Nissan”                                        WINNER BROTHERS COAL # 318 - Route 36,
   ROCKHILL SAND & GRAVEL CORPORA-                                                                                                                                       STATE OF MARYLAND, GENERAL SER-
TION. – Brandywine, MD (82-SP-0128) Applica-                                                                  0.7 Miles North of Midland, Midland, MD 21542.          VICES DEPARTMENT - 300 West Preston Street,
tion received for a renewal surface mining located         WASHINGTON COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS                   (00CM1509) General permit registration for dis-         Baltimore, MD 21201. (24-5-1474 N) Air general
                                                        - 820 Commonwealth Avenue, Hagerstown, MD             charge from surface coal mine
on east on Route 381 to Lerher Road                                                                                                                                   permit to construct one boiler
                                                        21740. (TR 6025) an air permit to construct for one

             Queen Anne’s
                                                        printing press
                                                                                                                           Anne Arundel                                 TRINITY CEMETERY - 5500 O’Donnell Street,
                                                                                                                                                                      Baltimore, MD 21224. (24-03259) Air quality per-
                                                                        Wicomico                                 CAPITAL RACEWAY DRAGSTRIP - Route 3                  mit to operate
GRASONVILLE WWTP - 310 Bateau Drive,                                                                          & Capital Raceway Road, Crofton, MD 21114. (02-
                                                          D’ANCONIA SHIPLEY CORPORATION - 503                 9-0697 N) Air general permit to construct three           USL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES - 1500
Stevensville, MD 21666. (S-00-17-1458-F) Sewage
Page 10-MDENVIRONMENT-Tuesday, August 1, 2000

                                                                                  For the Record
Carbon Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21226. (2000-OGT-        LIC WORKS - 225 North Center Street,                    lon gasoline underground storage tank                    ren Church Road
2722) General permit for storm/hydrostatic test wa-   Westminster, MD 21157. (00-13:15:16-1098) Wa-
ter from oil terminals                                ter permit to construct Pleasant Valley water mains       LEWISTOWN MILLS WWTP NO.2 - Fish                          TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-
                                                      and well water treatment system at Pleasant Valley      Hatchery Road, Lewistown, MD 21788. (98DP3255)           RATION – Houston, TX (66-GO-0075) Renewal
         Baltimore County                             and Halter Road                                         Surface municipal discharge permit                       permit issued for oil and gas permit located on Breth-
                                                                                                                                                                       ren Church Road
                                                         CARROLL COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUB-                       SCHWERMAN TRUCKING COMPANY-
   BALTIMORE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF                     LIC WORKS - 225 North Center Street,                    FREDERICK TERMINAL - 4120 Buckeystown                      TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-
PUBLIC WORKS - 111 W. Chesapeake Avenue –
                                                      Westminster, MD 21157. (00-13:16:1069) Water            Pike, Frederick, MD 21701. (2000-OPT-5264) Oil           RATION – Houston, TX (78-GO-0116) Renewal
Room 200, Towson, MD 21204. (00-22-1102) Sew-         permit to construct a water treatment plant at MD       operations permit for above ground storage tank and      permit issued for oil and gas permit located on
erage permit to construct interceptor sewers along    Route 32 and MD Route 26 on eastside of MD Route        transportation                                           Weaver Road
Herbert Run stream from Southwestern Blvd. to
Patapsco River                                                                                                   SWEENEY/FRALEY-CALICO FARM, FR-109                      TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-
                                                         KENNETH FORD - 2867 Bird View Road,                  - 3040 Ballenger Creek Pike, Frederick, MD 21702.        RATION – Houston, TX (78-GO-0114) Renewal
  BARTON-COTTON, INC. - 1405 Parker Road,
                                                      Westminster, MD 21157. (S-00-06-3823-A) Sewage          (S-00-10-4034-A) Sewage sludge application on            permit issued for oil and gas permit located on
Baltimore, MD 21227. (03-6-2598 N) Air permit to      sludge application on agricultural land                 agricultural land                                        Bumble Bee Road
construct for one printing press
                                                         LEHIGH PORTLAND CEMENT CO. - 117                       VON EIFF, INC. - 1 Hotel Street, Mt. Airy, MD            TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-
   BOB DAVIDSON FORD, INC. - 1845 East Joppa          South Main Street, Union Bridge, MD 21791. (2000-       21771. (2000-OPT-2730) Oil operations permit for         RATION – Houston, TX (79-GO-0017) Renewal
Road, Baltimore, MD 21234. (2001-OPT-8969) Oil        OPT-3279) Oil operations permit for above ground        above ground storage tank and transportation             permit issued for oil and gas permit located on
operations permit for above ground storage tank and
                                                      storage tank and transportation                                                                                  Harmon Road
transportation                                                                                                   WOLFSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -
                                                         TOWN OF HAMPSTEAD - 1034 S. Carroll                  12520 Wolfsville Road, Myersville, MD 21773. (10-           TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-
                                                      Street, Hampstead, MD 21074. (00-16-1117) Wa-           4-0232 N) Air general permit to construct one boiler     RATION – Houston, TX (81-GO-0119) Renewal
CRAFT - 701 Wilson Point Road, Baltimore, MD          ter permit to construct a water treatment plant at      < 10 MMBTU                                               permit issued for oil and gas permit located on west
21220. (2001-OPT-4274) Oil operations permit for      Westwood Park in the vicinity of Shiloh Road and                                                                 Bumble Bee Road
above ground storage tank and transportation
                                                      Panther Drive                                                               Garrett
  METRO READY MIX, INC. - 1030 Middle                                                                                                                                                      Harford
River Road, Baltimore, MD 21220. (03-6-2603 N)
Air permit to construct one concrete plant
                                                                            Cecil                               COLUMBIA NATURAL RESOURCES –
                                                                                                              Buckhannon, WV (51-GO-0133) Renewal for oil                AMERICAN COLOR GRAPHICS - 1211 Belmar
                                                                                                              and gas permit located on Paul Friend Road               Drive, Belcamp, MD 21017. (24-025-00219) Air
   PIKESVILLE TAILORS - 1407 Reisterstown                CECIL SAND & GRAVEL, INC.. – Port De-                                                                         quality part 70 operating permit
                                                      posit, MD (80-SP-0353-F) Modification issued for
Road, Baltimore, MD 21208. (03-6-2607 N) Air                                                                    COLUMBIA NATURAL RESOURCES –
general permit to construct one dry cleaning ma-      surface mining permit located on the north side of      Buckhannon, WV (55-GO-0017) Renewal for oil                 CYTEC FIBERITE, INC. - 1300 Revolution
chine                                                 Route 275, 1 mile west of I-95                          and gas permit located on southwest of US Route          Street, Havre De Grace, MD 21078. (95HT9414)
                                                                                                              219                                                      General permit registration for discharge from hy-
   POLOVOY CUSTOM CLEANERS - 52                                          Charles                                                                                       drostatic testing of tanks
Sudbrook Lane, East, Pikesville, MD 21208. (03-                                                                 JENKINS DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. –
6-2605 N) Air general permit to construct one dry       BEN S. SWAREY CH 66 - Route 1 Box 431,                Lonaconing, MD (SM-84-411) Modification to Coal             FERRELL FUEL CO., INC. - 607 Old Philadel-
cleaning machine                                      Charlotte Hall, MD 20622. (S-98-08-3629-A1) Sew-        Permit                                                   phia Road, Aberdeen, MD 21001. (2001-OGT-4134)
                                                      age sludge application on agricultural land                                                                      General permit for storm/hydrostatic test water from
   SEAGRAM AMERICAS-RELAY PLANT - 5001                                                                           JENKINS DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. –                       oil terminals ground water discharge permit
Washington Boulevard, Relay, MD 21227. (2000-            BURCH OIL OF CHARLES COUNTY, INC. -                  Lonaconing, MD (SM-87-411) Significant Modifi-
OPT-4424) Oil operations permit for above ground      8020 Matthews Road, P.O. Box 187, Bryans Road,          cation to Coal Permit                                       LAFARGE- JOPPA READY MIX PLANT - 810
storage tank and transportation                       MD 20616. (2000-OGT-4000) General permit for                                                                     Pulaski Highway, Joppa, MD 21085. (95MM9710)
                                                      storm/hydrostatic test water from oil terminals            JEROME K. AND JEFFREY A. MOYER – Oak-                 General permit registration for discharge from con-
   THOMPSON STEEL COMPANY, INC. - 4515                                                                        land, MD (54-GO-0005) Renewal permit issued for          crete plant
North Point Boulevard, Sparrows Point, MD 21219.        CHANEY ENTERPRISES - GOLDSMITH                        oil and gas permit located on west of Earl Hauser
(2000-OPT-2695) Oil operations permit for above       BACKFARM PIT - Leonardtown Road at Goldie               Road                                                       LAFARGE- JOPPA READY MIX PLANT - 810
ground storage tank and transportation                Farm Place, Waldorf, MD 20601. (S-00-08-4642-                                                                    Pulaski Highway, Joppa, MD 21085. (2000-OPT-
                                                      M) Sewage sludge application on marginal land              TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-                     4278) Oil operations permit for above ground stor-
                   Calvert                                                                                    RATION – Houston, TX (55-GO-0116) Renewal
                                                                                                              permit issued for oil and gas permit located on Spear
                                                                                                                                                                       age tank and transportation
                                                         COLLIER’S SUNOCO - 6530 Crain Highway,
                                                      LaPlata, MD 20646. (08-9-0082 N) Air general per-       Road and Miller Road                                        M. LYNCH TRANSPORTATION, INC. - 121
   CASSANDRA P. BRISCOE,CV-53 - 7210                                                                                                                                   Industry Lane, Forest Hill, MD 21050. (2001-OPV-
Parkers Wharf Road, St. Leonard, MD 20685. (S-        mit to construct for two 10,000 gallon gasoline un-
                                                      derground storage tanks                                    TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-                     2472) Oil operations permit for transportation
00-04-3868-A) Sewage sludge application on agri-
                                                                                                              RATION – Houston, TX (57-GO-0026) Renewal
cultural land                                                                                                 permit issued for oil and gas permit located on west        U.S. ARMY GARRISON, ABERDEEN PR GR -
                                                         J EDWARD LANGLEY – La Plata, MD (00-SP-
                                                      0569) Permit issued for surface mining permit lo-       Bumble Bee Road                                          Building 5046, Aberdeen Area, Aberdeen Proving
                                                      cated on the north side of Poorhouse Road                                                                        Ground, MD 21005. (12-4-0619 M) Air general
Ridge Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678.                                                                          TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-                     permit to construct for three boiler < 10 MMBtu
(99DP3309) Groundwater municipal discharge per-                                                               RATION – Houston, TX (60-GO-0030) Renewal
mit                                                      WALDORF ASPHALT, LLC - 12250 Acton
                                                      Lane, Waldorf, MD 20601. (08-00001) Air quality         permit issued for oil and gas permit located on north
   ROBERT & GUY HALL FARM, CV-23 - 440                permit to operate                                       of Cover Road                                                                Howard
Gott Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678. (S-00-04-
                                                                                                                 TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-
3763-A) Sewage sludge application on agricultural                     Dorchester                              RATION – Houston, TX (64-GO-0046) Renewal                   EXXON, FORMER, RAS# 2-6688 - 9016 Balti-
land                                                                                                          permit issued for oil and gas permit located on Miller   more Washington Boulevard, Savage, MD 20763.
                                                         WISE OIL & FUEL, INC. - 619 Leonard’s Lane,                                                                   (13-9-0226 & 0227 N) Air general permit to con-
                  Caroline                            Cambridge, MD 21613. (2000-OPT-4566) Oil op-                                                                     struct two soil vapor extraction systems
                                                      erations permit for above ground storage tank and          TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-
                                                      transportation                                                                                                     NO. 1 JOY CLEANERS, INC. - 7260-C Mont-
   CHARLES ELLWANGER, JR., CR-58 - 11640                                                                      RATION – Houston, TX (64-GO-0047) Renewal
                                                                                                              permit issued for oil and gas permit located on Breth-   gomery Road, Elkridge, MD 21227. (13-6-0299 N)
Knife Box Road, Greensboro, MD 21639. (S-00-05-                                                                                                                        Air general permit to construct one dry cleaning
3687-A) Sewage sludge application on agricultural        WISE OIL & FUEL, INC. - 619 Leonard’s Lane,          ren Church Road
                                                      Cambridge, MD 21613. (2000-OGT-4566) General                                                                     machine
                                                      permit for storm/hydrostatic test water from oil ter-      TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-
                                                      minals                                                  RATION – Houston, TX (65-GO-0056) Renewal                   TATE ACCESS FLOORS - 7510 Montevideo
                    Carroll                                                                                   permit issued for oil and gas permit located on north
                                                                                                                                                                       Road, Jessup, MD 20794. (24-027-00127) Air qual-
                                                                                                                                                                       ity part 70 operating permit
   AARON GREEN - 2907 Bird View Road,
                                                                       Frederick                              of Lawrence George Road

Westminster, MD 21157. (S-00-06-3820-A) Sewage                                                                                                                           W.R. GRACE-CONN. -, Columbia, MD 21044.
                                                         KEMPTOWN STORE - 12516 Fingerboard Road,                TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPO-
sludge application on agricultural land                                                                       RATION – Houston, TX (66-GO-0063) Renewal                (13-7-00075M) Air permit to construct one
                                                      Monrovia, MD 21770. (10-9-0152 N) Air general                                                                    baghouse
                                                                                                              permit issued for oil and gas permit located on Breth-
  CARROLL COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUB-                   permit to construct for one 3,000 and one 9,000 gal-
                                                                                                                                       Tuesday, August 1, 2000-MDENVIRONMENT- Page 11

                                                                                   For the Record
              Montgomery                               sludge application on agricultural land
                                                          DONALD LEAGER 2 - 111 Hayden Clark Cor-
                                                                                                                  JAMES B. HOBBS – Fruitland, MD (84-SP-
                                                                                                               0187) Renewal permit issued for a surface mining
                                                                                                                                                                  MD Route 528 at 64th Street

                                                       ner Road, Centreville, MD 21617. (S-00-17-4541-         permit located on Slab Bridge Road                    ROLLING MEADOWS, INC. - 9428
   AMATO INDUSTRIES, INC.-AMCHLOR -                    A) Sewage sludge application on agricultural land                                                          Stephen Decatur Highway, Berlin, MD 21811.
9120 Talbot Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910.                                                                      WYOMING CONCRETE INDUSTRIES, INC. -             (00-22:23-1112) Sewerage permit to construct
(2000-OGT-3935) General permit for storm/hydro-
static test water from oil terminals                                    Somerset                               29790 Connelly Mill Road, Delmar, MD 21875.
                                                                                                               (2000-OPT-4578) Oil operations permit for above
                                                                                                                                                                  a wastewater pumping station and a force main
                                                                                                                                                                  along MD Route 707 and MD Route 611
                                                                                                               ground storage tank and transportation
   ARCOLA INVESTMENT ASSOCIATES - 600                     DOUGLAS READING – Princess Anne, MD (94-
                                                                                                                                                                    WORCESTER COUNTY COMMISSION-
Jefferson Plaza – Suite 406, Rockville, MD 20852.      SP-0465-1) Transfer, renewal and modification is-
(00-22-1113) Sewerage permit to construct gravity      sued for a surface mining permit located west of                       Worcester                           ERS - 1000 Shore Lane. Berlin, MD 21811.
                                                                                                                                                                  (00-26-1074) Sewerage permit to upgrade la-
sewers at the intersection of Schaffer Road and        Allen County Road
                                                                                                                                                                  goon system at the Ocean Pines Wastewater
Hoyles Road, Germantown                                                                                          MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF BERLIN - 10                 Treatment Plant
  IBM CORPORATION - 800 North Frederick
                                                                        St. Mary’s                             William Street, Berlin MD 21811. (00-11-1062)
                                                                                                               Water permit to lay water mains along MD
Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. (2000-OPT-                                                                     Route 818 from MD Route 346 and MD Route                       Out of State
5353) Oil operations permit for above ground stor-       HOLLYWOOD ASPHALT, LLC - Route 235 At                 818 to US Route 50 and MD Route 818
age tank and transportation                            Wildewood Boulevard, Hollywood, MD 20636. (18-                                                               ALGER OIL INC. - RISING SUN - 533 Lin-
                                                       00005) Air quality permit to operate
                                                                                                                 MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF BERLIN - 10                 coln Street, Oxford, PA 19363. (2000-OPV-
   METRO READY MIX, INC. - 12602 Great Sen-                                                                    William Street, Berlin MD 21811. (00-21-           3919) Oil operations permit for transportation
eca Highway, Germantown, MD 20874. (15-6-0614             US DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY - 22445                    1063) Sewerage permit to construct gravity
                                                       Peary Road – Building 504, Patuxent River Naval
N) Air permit to construct one concrete plant                                                                  sewers along MD Route 818 from MD Route              CONECTIV ENERGY SUPPLY – 310 East
                                                       Station, Patuxent River, MD 20670. (00-14-1054)         346 and MD Route 818 to US Route 50 and            6th Street, Chester, PA 19013. (2000-OPV-
   SHERWOOD HIGH SCHOOL - 300 Olney                    Water permit to construct an elevated water storage     MD Route 818                                       5379) Oil operations permit for transportation
                                                       tank at Fortin Circle and Cedar Point Road
Sandy Spring Road, Sandy Spring, MD 20860.
(2001-OGR-8975) General permit for treated                                                                        OCEAN CITY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC                   SCHNEIDER TANK LINES, INC. - 3101
groundwater from oil contaminated sources                 US DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY - 22445                    WORKS - 204 65TH Street, Ocean City, MD            South Packerland Drive, Green Bay, WI
                                                       Peary Road – Building 504, Patuxent River Naval
                                                                                                               21842. (00-12-1107) Water permit to lay wa-        54304. (2000-OPV-5368) Oil operations per-
                                                       Station, Patuxent River, MD 20670. (00-14-1055)
          Prince George’s                              Water permit to construct an elevated water storage
                                                                                                               ter mains at northwest of MD Route 90 and          mit for transportation

PIT - 7100 Muirkirk Road, Beltsville, MD 20705.
                                                       tank at Shaw Road and Nickles Road

                                                          US DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY - 22445
                                                                                                               GREEN                         Continued from Page 6
                                                                                                               future generations. For a free list of “green” paper tickets are lost, they may cost $75 to
(99-OPT-4030A) Oil operations permit for above         Peary Road – Building 504, Patuxent River Naval
ground storage tank and transportation                 Station, Patuxent River, MD 20670. (00-14-1056)         ideas for travelers or a free list of member   have replaced.
                                                       Water permit to construct an elevated water storage     hotels, contact “Green” Hotels Associa-        •Enjoy walking tours.
   EXXON, FORMER, RAS# 2-4308 - 3250                   tank at Mandt Road and Liljencrantz Road                tion® by writing to P. O. Box 420212,           • Use public transportation whenever it is
Kennilworth Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781. (16-                                                                Houston, TX 77242-0212, faxing (713)           available.
9-1068 N) Air general permit to construct for one
soil vapor extraction system
                                                                            Talbot                             789-9786 or calling (713) 789-8889.            • Use the hotel van instead of renting a
                                                                                                                            Before leaving home               car. Use the bus or local transit system.
   FORMER EXXON RAS# 2-7667 - 6700 Walker                DAVID WHEELER AUTO PARK - 6546 Ocean                                                                 Share taxis. Less pollution, and you can
                                                       Gateway, U.S. 50 And Old Trappe Road, Easton,           • Turn water heater to “Vacation” or low-
Mill Road, Seat Pleasant, MD 20747. (2000-OGR-                                                                                                                leave the driving to others.
8813) General permit for treated groundwater from
                                                       MD 21601. (99DP1263) Groundwater industrial dis-        est setting.
                                                       charge permit                                            • Turn off AC/heat or adjust the thermo-       • If you’re driving, turn your motor off
oil contaminated sources
                                                                                                               stat to protect plants, etc.                   when idling. Encourage tour/bus drivers to
   JUNIOR TENNIS CHAMPIONS CENTER -                                   Washington                                • Turn water off at outside connection (to    turn the motor off when idling.
5200 Paint Branch Parkway, College Park, MD
                                                                                                               prevent flooding should a pipe break while     • Don’t allow anything to be thrown out
20740. (2001-OGR-9012) General permit for treated        DUVINAGE CORPORATION - 60 West Oak                                                                   of your car windows—ever.
groundwater from oil contaminated sources                                                                      you’re gone). When you return, turn on the
                                                       Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740. (00DP1420)
                                                       Groundwater industrial discharge permit                 water slowly and check for problems.                                  Hotel stay
   K-7 CLEANERS - 7805 Parston Drive,                                                                          • Appliances, such as TVs and cable con-           • Let the hotel know that it’s not neces-
Forestville, MD 20747. (16-6-1079 N) Air general         EWING OIL COMPANY, INC. - 260 Eastern                 verter boxes, should be unplugged because          sary to change your sheets and towels ev-
permit to construct one dry cleaning machine           Boulevard North, Hagerstown, MD 21740. (2001-           they can draw or “leak” as much as 40              ery day.
                                                       OGT-4126) General permit for storm/hydrostatic test
  NASA GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER -                                                                           watts per hour even when they’re off.               • Reduce the amount of water used for
                                                       water from oil terminals
Code 205.2, Greenbelt, MD 20771. (16-7-0235 M)                                                                 • Lower the temperature of waterbed heat-          bathing or showering.
Air permit to construct one electric curing oven         NORTHROP GRUMMAN CALIFORNIA MI-                       ers at least ten degrees.                           • When you leave your hotel room, turn
                                                       CROWAVE SYSTEMS - 18459 Showalter Road,                  • Stop your newspaper.                            off the AC/heat, lights, TV and radio.
   SEABROOK CITGO - 9401 Lanham Severn                 Hagerstown, MD 21742. (97SW1374) General per-
                                                                                                                                  Travel                          Close the drapes.
Road, Seabrook, MD 20706. (2001-OGR-8893)              mit registration for stormwater associated with in-
General permit for treated groundwater from oil con-                                                           • Purchase electronic-tickets for airline           • Participate in hotel recycling programs.
                                                       dustrial activity
taminated sources                                                                                              travel whenever possible. Less waste and           by placing recyclables in appropriate bins.
                                                           PANGBORN CORPORATION - P.O. Box 380                 you’re also apt to move ahead of the lines         • Carry a dry cleaning or grocery bag with
  USDA EAST-SIDE WWTP - Building 218 Barc-             Pangborn Boulevard, Hagerstown, MD 21740. (21-                                                             you to carry dirty laundry home.
East, Beltsville, MD 20705. (97DP2525) Surface                                                                 of people waiting with paper tickets. If
                                                       6-0198 N) Air permit to construct one dust collec-
municipal discharge permit                             tor

   USDA WEST-SIDE WWTP - 10300 Baltimore Av-
enue, Beltsville, MD 20705. (97DP2787) Surface mu-
                                                          PHOENIX COLOR CORPORATION - 540 West-
                                                       ern Maryland Parkway, Hagerstown, MD 21740.
                                                                                                               Businesses: are you on track?
nicipal discharge permit                               (21-6-0468 M five) Air permit to construct one print-        Has your company gone the extra mile to protect the environment and
                                                       ing press (replacement)
   UTILITIES, INC. OF MARYLAND WWTP - 17307                                                                     promote pollution prevention? Do your business’s environmental pro-
Berndale Court, Upper Marlboro, MD 20771.                 PRECISION CARS INC. - 19914 Leitersburg               tections exceed legal requirements? Do you have an Environmental Man-
(99DP0686) Surface municipal discharge permit          Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21742. (21-6-0477 N) Air            agement System in place at your workplace?
                                                       permit to construct one paint spray booth                   Your firm may be eligible to become a charter member of the new na-
  WESTERN BRANCH WWTP - 6600 Crain High-
way, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. (16-2-0094 & 0095
                                                                                                                tional “Environmental Achievement Track”. This new program, sponsored
M) Air permit to construct two afterburners                             Wicomico                                by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is designed to recognize
                                                                                                                and reward facilities whose environmental accomplishments have gone
                                                          BANKS OF EDEN FARM, INC. - 4318 Allen
            Queen Anne’s                               Road, Fruitland, MD 21801. (97SW1372) General
                                                                                                                beyond compliance.
                                                       permit registration for stormwater associated with
                                                                                                                   For more information or to apply, visit
  DONALD LEAGER 1 - Hayden Road,                       industrial activity                                      performancetrack/ or call Marty Spitzer, US EPA, at (202) 260-4034.
Centreville, MD 21617. (S-00-17-4540-A) Sewage                                                                     Hurry! The deadline for charter members is August 15.
Page 12-MDENVIRONMENT-Tuesday, August 1, 2000

                                    Public meetings & events
  Air & Radiation Management                                                              proposed new regulations and amend-
        Administration                                                                    ments to COMAR 26.13.01-.03, .05-.07,
                                                                                          .09-.10 (Disposal of Controlled Hazard-
                                                                                          ous Substances)
   August 16, 2000— 10 a.m. Point
                                                                                            Gail Castleman, (410) 631- 3441
Breeze Restaurant Conference Room,
2200 Broening Highway, Baltimore
                                                                                            August 10, 2000—9 a.m. MDE, 2500
   New Air Quality Regulations and
                                                                                          Broening Highway, Chesapeake Confer-
                                                                                          ence Room, Baltimore
   Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) cite
                                                                                            Meeting of the Controlled Hazardous
updates for the following topics: National
                                                                                          Substances Advisory Council
Emission Standards for Hazardous Air
                                                                                            Emmanuel Ofoche, (410) 631-3441
Pollutants (NESHAPS) Sources, Preven-
tion of Significant Deterioration Program,
                                                                                             August 15, 2000—9:30 a.m. State Of-
VOC Definition, New Source Perfor-
                                                                                          fice Building Auditorium, 300 W. Preston
mance Standards (NSPS) Sources
                                                                                          Street, Baltimore
(COMAR 26.11.01 & 26.11.06)
                                                                                             Public hearing to receive comments on
   Acid Rain CFR Cite Update (COMAR
                                                                                          proposed amendments to Regulation .13
                                                                                          under COMAR 26.04.06 Sewage Sludge
                                                                                                                                         MDE staffer earns Army award
   NOx RACT Amendments (COMAR                                                                                                            Ed Hammerberg (second from left above) of the Maryland Department of
                                                                                          Management. This proposal amends the
26.11.09)                                                                                                                                the Environment (MDE) Hazardous Waste Program, was presented the
                                                                                          current regulations to adjust the base fee
   Amendments to Iron & Steel Installa-                                                                                                  Commander’s Award for Public Service by the Department of the Army
                                                                                          for out-of-state sewage sludge generators
tion Regulations (COMAR 26.11.10)                                                                                                        recently. The prestigious award is seldom presented to civilians. It recog-
                                                                                          shipping sludge into Maryland from $2.00
   Amendments to New Source Review                                                                                                       nizes Hammerberg’s exemplary service and significant accomplishments
                                                                                          to $1.00 per wet ton. This results in the
Regulations (COMAR 26.11.17)                                                                                                             as an employee of MDE while serving as the co-chair for the Aberdeen
                                                                                          same fees being paid by in and out-of-state
   Control of VOCs from Aerospace Coat-                                                                                                  Chemical Agent Disposal Facility Working Integrated Product Team. The
                                                                                          sewage sludge generators.
ing Operations (COMAR                                                                                                     team, comprised of Army representatives and MDE personnel, coordinated
                                                                                             Contact: Gail Castleman, X3441 or A.
   Control of VOCs from Expandable                                                                                                       environmental permitting for the treatment facility being constructed at
                                                                                          Hussain Alhija, X3375
Polystyrene Operations (COMAR                                                                                                            the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds. The Commander’s Award for                                                                                                                             Public Service reads, “Mr. Hammerberg’s dedication, innovative approach,
   Control of VOCs from Bread and Snack                                                            Water Management
                                                                                                                                         and teaming were integral to resolving many complex technical and regu-
Food Drying Operations (COMAR                                                                       Administration                       latory challenges. Mr. Hammerberg’s contributions were invaluable.” Also                                                                                                                             pictured above from left are: Harold Dye, administrator, MDE Hazardous
   Control of VOCs from Distilled Spirits                                                   August 1, 2000—7 p.m. Tilghman Vol-          Waste Program; MDE Secretary Jane T. Nishida and Lt. Col. Joseph
Facilities (COMAR                                                            unteer Fire Station’s Meeting Hall, 5979       Pecoraro, Army Product Manager for Alternative Technologies and Ap-
   Deborah Rabin, (410) 631-3240                                                          Tilghman Island Road, Tilghman                 proaches.
                                                                                            Public informational meeting for State
                        Waste Management                                                  Discharge Permit Application #00-DP-          Harry S. Truman Parkway, Annapolis              vention Week—Businesses are invited to
                                                                                          1981 for the Talbot County Department            Public meeting of the State Water Qual-      come to a lunchtime workshop on Friday,
                                                                                          of Public Works to discharge treated          ity Advisory Committee (SWQAC)                  Sept. 22 to learn how area companies have
                                                                                          wastewater from Talbot County Region V           Chris Thomas, (410) 631-3524                 successfully adopted pollution prevention
  August 1, 2000—10 a.m. State Office
                                                                                          WWTP to the Lower Chesapeake Bay                                                              strategies such as pollution prevention plan-
Building Auditorium, 300 W. Preston
                                                                                            Stephen Luckman, (410) 631-3671               August 8, 2000—1:00 p.m. Taneytown            ning, sustainable business landscapes, and
Street, Baltimore
                                                                                                                                        Public Library, 10 Grand Avenue,                energy efficiency. The event will be held at
  Public hearing to receive comments on
                                                                                             August 2, 2000—7 p.m. Hampstead            Taneytown                                       the Best Western Hotel and Conference Cen-
                                                                                          Town Hall Meeting Room, 10334 S.                Public informational hearing regarding        ter in Baltimore and is sponsored by the
                                                                                          Carroll Street, Hampstead                     Water Appropriations Permit Application         Eastern Baltimore Chamber of Com-
 Permit No. 4212
  Rockville, MD
   US Postage
   US Postage
   Bulk Rate

                                                                                             Informational meeting and public hear-     #CL00S007/1for Willis Lambert Cissel to         merce, Maryland Department of the En-

                                                                                          ing for State Discharge Permit Applica-       use an annual average of 150,000 gallons of     vironment, Baltimore County Dept. of
                                                                                          tion #99-DP-3177 for Hickory Hill Farm        surface water per day for farm irrigation       Environmental Management and Re-
                                                                                          dairy to discharge dairy barn and milking        Mark Filar, (410) 631-3591                   source Protection, and the Chesapeake
    Maryland Department of the Environment

                                                                                          parlor washwater to groundwater via spray                                                     Bay Program Businesses for the Bay.
                                             Printed on recycled paper with soybean ink

                                                                                          irrigation                                       August 21, 2000—7:00 p.m. Howard             To receive a brochure, call 410-631-
                                                                                             Ching-Tzone Tien, (410) 631-3662           County Council, Banneker Board Room, 1st        4119.
                                                                                                                                        floor, 3430 Courthouse Drive, Ellicott City                 Benefit bike tour
                                                                                            August 3, 2000—6:30 p.m. Public                Public hearing regarding the tentative de-      The Tidewater Environmental Health
                                                                                          Meeting Room, Carter State Office Build-      termination for State Discharge Permit Ap-      Association is sponsoring its second an-
                                                                                          ing, Government Center, 23115 Leonard         plication #99-DP-1421 for Howard County
    2500 Broening Highway

                                                                                                                                                                                        nual benefit bike tour on Sat. Sept. 16 at
                                                                                          Hall Drive, Leonardtown                       Department of Public Works to discharge
    Baltimore MD 21224

                                                                                                                                                                                        Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near
                                                                                            Public informational hearing regarding      treated wastewater from the Little Patuxent     Cambridge, Maryland from 8 -11 a.m., but rid-
                                                                                          Water Appropriations Permit Application       Water Reclamation Plant to the Little           ers must be finished by 3 p.m. Cost is $15 per
                                                                                          #SM98G025/1 for Joseph Vallandingham          Patuxent River.                                 person or $25 per family. Tour includes five,
                                                                                          & Associates to use an annual average of         Stephen Luckman, (410) 631-3671              20, 25, 45 and 60 mile loops, refreshments, free
                                                                                          19,500 gallons of water per day for use as                                                    admission to Refuge Wildlife Drive, a 10 per-
                                                                                          a central water supply for the Villages of       **Persons needing special accommoda-         cent discount on gift shop purchases and other
                                                                                          Leonardtown Subdivision.                      tion are encouraged to contact MDE’s Fair       free gifts. Funds raised will benefit environmen-
                                                                                            Mark Filar, (410) 631-3591                  Practices Offices at (410) 631-3964 five days   tal education and awareness.
                                                                                                                                        prior to the event.                                For more info. or registration, call Bill
                                                                                           August 4, 2000—9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.                 Lunchtime workshop                     Schmidt (410) 631-3016 or (410) 632-1200 ext.
                                                                                          Department of Agriculture, Room 449, 50         Commemorate National Pollution Pre-           161.

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