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Edenwald Memorial Service Continuing Education by chenmeixiu


									 The Edentimes
                                                                Volume 25
                                                                Issue 5

Edenwald Memorial Service
Each year Edenwald holds a memorial service at which
we remember those residents who have left us in the         The greatest glory
last year. This year the memorial service will be held on       of a free-born
the Friday before Memorial Day, May 27, at 2:00 in our             people is to
auditorium. Hopefully this will enable Edenwald                 transmit that
residents and family and friends of those we will be         freedom to their
remembering to attend.                                                children.
                                                                -William Havard
Please mark the date on your calendar, and let us fill
our auditorium to honor and remember those we knew
and loved.
                                        Carolyn Eckes

Continuing Education
The Continuing Education Committee is pleased to
present a course on Social Media on May 2, 16 and 23
at 7:30 in the auditorium with Ms. Bobbie Laur. Terms
such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Photo Sharing and
YouTUBE are mentioned to us daily through the news,
advertisements, our friends and families. “Social Media -
What’s all the buzz about?” will explore these
applications and give you opportunities to discover
these tools.
Consider the transition society underwent when we began to receive our news from
television instead of radio and later when the Internet became a primary source for
information-gathering. Social Media is just the next wave of information exchange and
includes opportunities for all of us to participate in the discussion.

During the course we will discuss Facebook and how people are using it and discuss
security concerns associated with the application. We will also discuss the recent
political movement in Egypt and Libya and the vital role Facebook, Twitter, and other
social media tools are playing.

May 2, Session 1: Social Media Overview
  • What is social media?
  • Social media applications overview
  • Tools for using social media – computers, internet, phones

May 16, Session 2: Facebook, Photo Sharing, Blogging, and more
  • What is Facebook? Who is using it and how?
  • Learn how to create an account and share photos online.
  • What is a blog? Review of providers. Why follow a blog? How to find blogs of

May 23, Session 3: How social media is changing journalism and the news?
  • The authority dilemma—who do you trust?
  • How are radio, TV, and the newspaper utilizing social media?
  • How are political campaigners and activists using social media to spread their
                                   Our speaker for the series will be Ms. Bobbie Laur,
                                   manager of External Affairs and Communications at
                                   Towson University. Ms. Laur is an experienced
                                   marketing professional who focuses on utilizing social
                                   media, the web, and email platforms to integrate
                                   strategic marketing plans and associated objectives.
                                   She serves as editor for multiple electronic
                                   publications and manages the corporate blog for
                                   Towson University’s Division of Economic and
                                   Community Outreach. She has led many workshops
focused on utilizing social media for business. She earned a BA in finance at Towson
University and has completed coursework through San Diego State University and
Towson University’s MBA program.
                                                     Continuing Education Committee

Edenforum is proud to present “Is Neurophysiology for the Birds” with Dr. Gregory Ball
on Wednesday, May 4, at 7:30 in the auditorium. Birdsong is a learned vocalization
that functions to attract a mate or repel competitors. Songbird species often breed in a
highly seasonal manner that results in dramatic changes in brain and behavior. This
seasonal remodeling of the brain provides insight into neuroplasticity processes that
                          mediate naturally occurring changes in behavior. The
                          presentation will include photos of song birds as well as the
                          songs they are so well known for.
                     Gregory F. Ball is vice-dean for science and research and
                     professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain
                     Sciences in the School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins.
                     He is a behavioral neuroendocrinologist who has been on the
                     faculty at Hopkins since 1991. He has over 200 publications
and continues to manage a research program on the interrelationships among steroid
hormones, brain and behavior while also engaging in administrative duties at Hopkins.

On Wednesday, June 1, Edenforum is pleased to welcome celebrated
author Richard Ben Cramer as speaker at 7:30 in the auditorium. Mr.
Cramer’s topic will be “Joe DiMaggio, the Hero’s Life,” also the title of
his book which was published to considerable acclaim. The recipient of
a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting in 1979, he brings an exciting
and reliable background to our podium.
                                                   Edenforum Committee

                      Meet Janet Finegan
                      Janet is one of our most recent residents, residing in apartment
                      528. She lived on University Parkway for 45 years and attended
                      Western High School and Johns Hopkins University. Please
                      welcome our new neighbor.
                                                                        Eleanor Pearce

                      Meet Winifred Strueber
After 17 years living by the Chesapeake, Winnie has returned to Towson, her former
home. Born in Oak Park, Illinois, she and her husband Jack met as college freshmen.
She, a BA at Dominican University, Jack, an MBA at Loyola University Chicago, they
married and had five children and nine grandchildren. Winnie was a member of Actors
Equity and S.A.G. She taught at Towson University and enjoys all of the arts. Please
welcome Winnie residing in apartment 1307.
                                                                     Eleanor Herman

Hospitality Table Mixer
The Hospitality Committee is planning another mixer on Saturday, May 21, in the
Valley Room for 16 people at four tables. As before, interested residents must sign up
on the bulletin board. The first 16 people will be part of the mixer. There can be
several alternates in case someone is unable to attend. The 16 will meet outside the
                            auditorium at 5:00 to draw a table number. When a table
                            for four is complete, they will be seated. It will give you a
                            chance to dine with someone you don’t know, have never
                            talked with, or you know only casually. We will make no
                            effort to have husbands and wives or best friends together.
                            Ladies and gentlemen as well as couples are encouraged
                            to participate. This will be the luck of the draw! There will
                            be no hosts or hostesses for the table.
                                                                     Ed & Louise Klohr

From the Food Front
We would like to remind residents that there is a charge for room service tray deliveries
unless a resident has a documented medical need from the medical suite. When using
tray service, please place orders early, as deliveries are made approximately at 5:00.

As always, please make reservations in the Valley Room for large groups.

A wine-tasting will be held on Thursday, May 5. The evening will be Spanish- themed
in honor of Cinco de Mayo. The holiday celebrates the day the Mexican troops
defeated invading French forces in 1862. As a special treat live music will be
presented during the tasting featuring guitarists Orlando Amaro and Timothy Nixon.
Orlando Amaro comes to us from his home country of Venezuela. Last year he was
booked at the same club as Timothy Nixon in Louisiana where they discovered they
had the same passion for Spanish guitar. Since that time, they have performed at
venues in Louisiana, Florida and Maryland.
Timothy Nixon grew up the son of a U.S. Air Force pilot and an
English teacher. While living in Spain, he took up the guitar and
discovered a love of music. Timothy majored in biology and
minored in music theory at the University of Maryland.

Watch for updates about our new light fare menu available in the Bistro during cocktail
                                                                         Dorothy Walz

Green Roof Garden Report
Were you disappointed on those warm days last month not to find our flower boxes
planted with a thoughtful selection of color and texture? Have patience please, for in
just one more week, after you read this, the 2011 Edenwald
Green Roof Garden will feature 26 different gardens and a new
water garden all exhibiting carefully selected varieties, all planted
by your neighbors. These gardeners will be striving to win a
coveted prize for the best design, the most unique design and
the most colorful. Prizes will be awarded at our Open House in
Watch the bulletin board for a signup sheet to visit Radebaughs
at 10:00 and Valley View Farms at 2:00 on Thursday, May 5, to
select plantings for your flowerbox. Please contact a committee
member if you have questions or concerns.
When visiting the Green Roof Garden, your only admission will be to mark the tally
sheet at one or the other entrance which will help us track the number of visitations in
2011. Last year visitations totaled over 2500.
                                                        Green Roof Garden Committee

                   News From Nifty Thrifty
                    Congratulations to Evelyn Ransom, the winner of the loveable
                    bunny! We will be closed on Easter Monday to restock. Be sure to
                    stop by soon after to see our newly-displayed merchandise. We are
                    always in need of volunteers for one morning per week. We are also
in need of plastic grocery bags.                                          Janet Taylor

   Residents’                        New at the Library
   Association                                    Evans, Richard Paul    Miles to Go
   Website                                        Carr, Robyn            Harvest Moon
                                                  Hannah, Kristin        Night Road
   The Residents’ Association
   website can be accessed           Mystery
   from your computer at             Makell, Henning        The Troubled Man or       Patterson, James       Toys
   from any of the computers in
   the computer room by clicking     Large Print Fiction
   the icon (big white W on a        Garlock, Dorothy       Keep a Little Secret
   blue circle) in the upper left-   Steel, Danielle        44 Charles Street
   hand corner of the screen.        Large Print Mystery
                                     Sluke, Joanne       Devil’s Food Cake Murder
NCR Trail Walk                                       Body Boost- A workout that is
On Tuesday, May 10, from 1:00 to 3:00, weather       sure to tighten your middle
permitting, we will be leaving from the              Wednesdays at 10:15
auditorium. Signup for this walk is necessary.       Yoga - Mondays at 10:00 in
                                                     the group fitness studio
              Bocce                                  Wii Bowling - Mondays,
              Games will be held on the rooftop      Wednesdays and Fridays at
              green deck Monday mornings             1:00 in the Southerly Place
              beginning May 16 from 10:00 to         activity room, 6th floor
              11:00. Join us for this fun way to     Tai Chi - Mondays and
              get active outdoors!                   Wednesdays at 2:15 in the
Wii Bowling Tournament                               group fitness studio
                                                     Line Dancing - Tuesdays at
Monday, May 16, from 1:00 to 2:45, join us for
                                                     3:00 in the group fitness
some friendly and fun competition. Awards will
be given to residents with the top three scores.
                                                     Barbara Howells Exercise
The tournament will be held in the 6th floor
                                                     Group - Back by popular
activity room of the Terraces. Signup is
                                                     demand! Mondays and
                                                     Wednesdays at 9:00 in the
Wii Fit                                              multipurpose room; Fridays at
Come for two hours of fun                            9:00 in the group fitness studio.
with the Wii Fit Game on                             Putting - Thursday, May 5 and
Wednesday, May 18,                                   19 from 1:00 to 2:00 on the
from 1:00 to 3:00. Join                              rooftop putting green.
other residents for games that challenge you to      Pool Volleyball Practice -
become more physically active in a fun way!          Wednesday, May 3 and 17, from
                                                     11:00 to 11:45.
                           National Senior
                           Health & Fitness Day!
                           Wednesday, May 25, join us in support of staying active
                           with a walk around the Goucher campus loop followed by a
                           light breakfast and goody bags for all participants.
                           Residents wishing to participate will meet for the walk in the
                           lobby of the Terraces at 10:00.

Research study: Brisk walks improve the memory
                 Exercise is good for everyone, but recent research indicates it has
                 special benefits for older people. In a study funded by the National
                 Institute on Aging, 120 people ages 55 to 80 were divided into two
                 groups, with half instructed to walk for 40 minutes a day three times a
                 week. The other half did exercises to stretch and tone their muscles.
                 After six months, and then one year, the scientists measured the size
                 of participants’ hippocampus, a section of the brain that tends to
                 shrink with age.
In the walking group, the volume of the hippocampus had increased by two percent at
the end of the year, while in the other group the hippocampus had decreased by one
and a half percent.
So whatever your age, remember that taking a brisk walk can keep you healthy
throughout your life in many different ways.

Take care of yourself (and your skin) in the sun
Summer means warm weather and sunshine. As enjoyable as that may be, sunshine
means increased risk of skin damage due to overexposure.
Protect yourself from harmful rays this summer with this common-sense advice:
• Choose your times. When possible, limit your exposure to the sun between 10 a.m.
and 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays are strongest.
• Dress appropriately. Wear loose, light clothing covering your
body as much as possible, along with a broad-brimmed hat to
protect your face and neck.
• Check your medications. Antibiotics and other medications can
increase your sensitivity to sunlight. Talk to your doctor about how
best to take care of yourself on bright days.
• Drink lots of water. Avoid overheating by staying hydrated during hot weather.
• Use sunscreen liberally. Your best line of defense is a broad-spectrum sunscreen
that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Reapply every four hours, or more often if you go
swimming or sweat a lot.
• Examine yourself. Regularly check your body and skin for any strange or irregular
growths that might be caused by sun exposure.

        T ri p s a n d T ra v e l
Symphonic Suites
As BSA's largest fundraiser of the year, the annual Decorators' Show House generates
support to benefit the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's educational programs. The
Decorators' Show House follows in the more than 80-year tradition of the BSO's
commitment to give back to the community through its educational and music outreach
                              Typically located at a historic home in the Baltimore
                              region, this year's event bucks tradition and will take place
                              in two luxury residences of The Ritz-Carlton Residences
                              in the Inner Harbor on Tuesday, May 10.
                              The total cost of the trip is $20 to be billed to your
                              account. The bus will depart at 10:00 and return to
                              Edenwald by 12:30.

Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics and Devotion in
Medieval Europe
Gaze into the Middle Ages, a time when art mediated between heaven and earth and
wondrous objects of gold, silver and precious gems filled churches and treasuries.
Medieval Christians venerated saints; their bodily remains
were often displayed in special containers, known as
reliquaries. Covered in gold and silver and embellished with
gems and semiprecious stones, reliquaries proclaimed the
special status of their sacred contents to worshipers and
Enjoy a guided tour at the Walters Art Museum on Thursday,
May 12. The bus will depart at 9:30 and return to Edenwald by 12:30. You will have
time after the tour to further explore the museum. The total cost of the trip is $10. The
deadline to cancel is Thursday, May 5; after that you will be charged. For those
interested in previewing the exhibit, join us on Tuesday, May 3, at 2:00 in the
auditorium with Walters’ docent Molly Edgar for a presentation on the Treasures of

Bagpipes and Brass at Central Presbyterian
What can change the course of mighty compositions, bend steel with sheer volume;
and leap octaves in a single bound? Well, of course, it’s Bagpipes and Brass at
Central! You will hear Highland Cathedral, Hector the Hero, Amazing Grace, and
maybe even Oh Danny Boy, all done with a large brass ensemble accompanied by
bagpipes and drums. Close your eyes and smell the heather. The bus will depart at
2:30 on Sunday, May 15. This is a free concert.

                       International Dine Around Town:
                       Helmand is named after Afghanistan's longest and most
                       important river (and also the owners' first-born son!). It is one of
                       several restaurants nationally that are owned and operated by
                       members of one of Afghanistan's most famous and prominent
                       families. In the last decade, these restaurants helped introduce
                       and popularize Afghan cuisine in America.
Enjoy dinner at the Helmand on Tuesday, May 17. You can order directly from the
menu and small group checks will be given. Please bring cash with you. The bus will
depart at 4:45 and will return to Edenwald before 8:00.

Divided Voices: Maryland in the Civil War
Visit the Maryland Historical Society’s Museum to tour
Maryland’s largest and most comprehensive Civil War
exhibit on Thursday, May 26. The largest Civil War
exhibit in the museum’s 167-year history will occupy
over 5,000 square feet and tell the story of a tragedy in
three acts: the romantic war, the real war and the long
reunion. The exhibit will take visitors back in time.

Tour the exhibit during the 150th anniversary of the war on Thursday, May 26. The bus
will depart at 10:00 and return to Edenwald by 12:30. The total cost of the trip is $5.
The deadline to cancel is Thursday, May 12; after that you will be charged.

 Subscription Series
    The bus will depart on Sunday, May 1, at 1:15 for the Center Stage production of
 Crime and Punishment.
    The bus will depart on Thursday, May 12, at 7:00 for the BSO series B concert.
    The bus will depart on Friday, May 20, at 7:00 for the BSO Pops concert.
 Information regarding transportation to the 2011-2012 Subscription Series was
 distributed in late April. It is ideal to reserve your place on the bus as soon as
 possible as the seats will fill quickly, so please return all sign-up sheets by May 6. If
 you did not receive a copy of the current list, please see Kelley Wallace. NOTE:
 There was an error on the schedule. The first BSO Series B concert will be held on
 November 10, 2011.

            UP-COMING EVENTS
Attention Residents: Seating for all events is available on a first-come, first-served
basis. The auditorium will open 30 minutes prior to an event, at which time residents
may begin taking their seats. Please do not reserve seats.

              Sunday Services
              We welcome a new pastor to our weekly Sunday Services in May. Rev.
              Eliot Winks, an Episcopal priest, will be here on the fourth Sunday of
              each month. Our other pastors will continue their faithful service. On
              Mother’s Day the service will begin at 3:30 to give residents additional
              time to enjoy their dinner with family and friends. The starting time is
              3:00 for other Sundays. All are invited to join in worship in the

Treasures of Heaven
Drawing together a vast array of treasured objects from collections throughout Europe
and the United States, Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics and Devotion in Medieval
Europe, examines the cult of sacred relics, and the extraordinary works of art that
enshrined them, in greater depth and breadth than ever
Molly Edgar will explore how relics, the physical remains of
saints, were displayed in special containers, known as
reliquaries. The reliquaries ornate exteriors reminded the
faithful of the extraordinary matter held within. The Walters
exhibition features over 130 sculptures, paintings and
manuscripts, gathered from world-class collections, including the Louvre and the
Vatican. This is the first exhibition in the United States to focus on the history of relics
and reliquaries.
Don’t miss the preview lecture of Treasures of Heaven on Tuesday, May 3, at 2:00 in
the auditorium. If you are interested in a guided tour of the exhibit, please refer to the
trips and travel section of this edition of The Edentimes.

Parsley Club Members
Parsley Club members are in for a treat when we visit Kurt Bluemel’s Nursery on
Tuesday, May 3. The bus will leave promptly at 9:45. (Please note the change in day
to Tuesday and the morning departure time.)
The nursery specializes in perennials and ornamental grasses, many of an unusual
and rare nature. But of special note are the extensive theme gardens including the
Bluemels’ own personal garden. Some gardens feature sculptures designed by Mr.
Bluemel. Others incorporate fountains or other water displays with aquatic plants. Mr.
Bluemel recently hosted a visit by The American Horticulture Society of which he
served as president.
                             Please sign up on the bulletin board, members receiving
                             first preference. However, a wait list is provided for non-
                             members if the bus is not filled. Riding tours will be
                             available for those unable to walk the grounds. The
                             expected return time is before 1:00. Anyone wishing to
                             drive separately may do so. Call Amalie for directions.
                              Although the Cactus and Succulent program will not take
place until Wednesday, June 1, we are advertising it in the May issue to allow those
interested in attending to put it on their calendars. Even though it is the Parsley Club’s
final meeting of the season, the lecture is open to all residents.
Scheduled for 2:00 in the auditorium, the program will be presented
by Robert Petza, vice president of the Cactus and Succulent
Society of Maryland and also of the National Capital Cactus and
Succulent Society of Washington, DC. A hobbiest and grower of
these plants in his own extensive greenhouse for 40 years, Mr.
Petza will inform us how to grow and care for them using live
examples to illustrate his lecture. He will also bring plants for purchase. We look
forward to having you with us.
                                                                     Amalie Adler Ascher
           Coffee and Tea
           Join us every Wednesday from 1:00 to 2:30 for tea and coffee, not to
           mention the good company. The group meets in the seating area near the
           front lobby of the Terraces. Hope to see you there.

Bible Study
Everyone is invited to attend the weekly Bible class on Thursdays at
10:00 in the Terraces multipurpose room. Rev. Ron Standiford is
currently leading a discussion of the book of Mark from the New

                  Farmers Market at Edenwald
                  Local farmer Guy Tamberino will visit Edenwald each Friday in May,
                  for a fresh produce sale. He will be in front of the Terraces from 1:00
                  to 4:00. In the event of rain, we will cancel.

Colony Shop
Don’t miss the spring showing with the Colony Shop. We still have a few weeks before
winter officially arrives, so now is the time to stock up on beautiful clothing and
accessories on Tuesday, May 10. They will be here from 10:30 until 2:30 in the

World We Live In
             All residents are welcome to join this discussion group. The subjects will
             be determined by group consensus, depending on what is most current
             and most vital to our local, national and international communities. We
             will meet this month on Tuesday, May 10, and Wednesday, May 25, at
             1:30 in the 2nd floor dining room.

Maribeth and Bradford Gowen:
Four Hands/One Piano
Hailed by the Washington Post for their “ease with the
subtleties and complexities of the music” and for their
“joy in music-making that engulfed the audience,”
Bradford and Maribeth Gowen have concertized
across this country and abroad. Following their
Schubert bicentennial concert at the National Gallery
of Art, the Schubert Institute of the United Kingdom
said, “The husband and wife team gave a beautiful performance of the Fantasy in F
minor. . .definitely the best interpretation I‘ve heard.” The Gowens will perform together
on one piano Wednesday, May 11, at 7:30 in the auditorium.

            Happy Hour
            Don’t forget about Happy Hour on the second Thursday of the month. See
            you on May 12 for drinks and delicious hors d’oeuvres at 4:00 in the 2nd
            floor dining room and lounge.

Book Mobile
Look for the book mobile in the front of the building. You can call
ahead and reserve a book if you already know which title you are
looking for. Just call the Mobile Library Service at 410-887-7586
or see Kelley for a reservation sheet. When you call be sure to
have your library card number handy. The book mobile will be
here from 4:30 to 5:30 on Thursday, May 12 and 26, in front of the Terraces. Hope
you can take advantage of this wonderful service.

Flags Unfurled
“The History of Our Flag” will be presented by Gerry
McCavera on Thursday, May 12, at 7:30 in the auditorium.
You won’t see all of his collection, but a large display will be
shown, including the newest and oldest flags, as well as the
usual and unusual.

Association Meeting
The next meeting of the Residents’ Association will be held on Friday, May 13, at 1:30
in the auditorium. Please note change in time.

Kabbalat Shabbat
We welcome everyone, observant and non-observant Jews alike, to join in the
Kabbalat Shabbat service on Friday, May 13 and 27, at 3:45 in the Terraces
multipurpose room. Kabbalat Shabbat is literally “Welcoming the Sabbath” and is a
                    lovely and inspirational traditional religious service.
                       The leader is Fran Glushakow, a conservative Jew who often
                       leads services at her own synagogue, Chizuk Amuno
                       Congregation, and is currently also leading kabbalat services at
                       other senior-living facilities in the Baltimore area.

Coffee and Conversation
Want a great way to meet your neighbors? Stop in on Saturday morning,
May 14, from 10:30 to 11:30 in the 2nd floor lounge. Hope to see you

Your Life Stories: Tell it like it was!
This fun and informative workshop will show you creative ways to look back, remember
and preserve family memories, stories, life lessons and more.
Whether you want to share memories with friends or family, write
your memoirs or you want to simply enjoy remembering,
this workshop is a great resource for guidance, feedback and ideas.
Enjoy being a detective in your own life!
Three workshop sessions will be held from 2:00 to 3:00 in the Terraces multipurpose
room on Tuesday, May 17, Thursday, May 19, and Tuesday, May 24. The total cost of
the series is $30. The deadline to cancel is Wednesday, May 11; after that you will be
"Knowing our story will help us to know ourselves, others, the mystery of life, and the
universe around us better than we had before. It has been said that our ability to see
our life as a comprehensible story is a key to our own happiness." Life stories make
up the thread that connects the human family. It may be well that we can leave no
greater legacy than the story of our life." -- Robert Atkinson, The Gift of Stories
Sandy Travis Bildahl, creator of Never Forget Productions, has been a professional
interviewer for over 30 years. She is a published author and writer for many
publications and was a producer for the CBS Radio broadcast, The Subject Is Young
People, hosted by Bob Keeshan, a.k.a. Captain Kangaroo.

More of The Flower Show
The next two programs Amalie will be presenting from her PBS series The Flower
                 Show are called “Just Foliage” and “Setting the Table for Casual
                 Dining” on Wednesday, May 18, at 2:00 in the auditorium.
                 If you think you must have flowers to make an arrangement, guess
                 again. This program will show you that by choosing the right plant
                 materials an all “green” design can be as satisfying as one featuring
                 blossoms. The differences in colors, shapes and textures of leaves
                 might surprise you and learning the knack of how to combine them
                 should inspire you to practice your own creativity. The table setting
                 program is one of two, the other focusing on a dressier style, which we
                 will view at a later date. The casual table, however, should provide you
with lots of ideas for entertaining your friends in a relaxed manner that you can adapt
or copy.

Minter and Minter
Enjoy this talented husband-wife duo, Marilyn is a jazz/pop
vocalist and George is the pianist, on Wednesday, May 18, at
7:30 in the auditorium. Their repertoire includes all the
standards from the Great American Songbook genre. Marilyn
has extensive experience in jazz clubs, including Blues Alley in
D.C. George was an original member of the famed One
O'Clock Band from North Texas, wrote arrangements for
people like Vic Damone, and has performed both as a soloist and with Marilyn.

                   Adventurous and engaging, NONA puts a fascinating twist on the
                   rarely heard combination of cello and bass by introducing new
                   compositions and arrangements infused with an eclectic mix of
                   musical elements ranging from classical, jazz, Latin, folk and rock.
                   A relatively new ensemble, NONA has already reached a
                   surprisingly wide audience, earning them unanimous praise for
                   their original programming and soulful interpretations. Hear NONA
                   on Friday, May 20, at 7:30 in the auditorium featuring Gil S. Katz,
Double Bass/Electric Bass/Composer and Nadine Trudel, Cello/Arranger.
It’s Personal (formerly Scribblers' Nest)
A writing/sharing workshop devoted to the exploration of memory, in prose or poetry.
Both memoir and biographical writing is encouraged. Anecdotes and creative
nonfiction is allowed. Even fictive nonfiction is permitted if you can swing it. Writers
are asked to bring six copies of work to be presented for discussion. Listeners are
welcome and may join the discussions.
We meet in the multipurpose room on the first floor of the Terraces at 3:30 on the last
Wednesday of each month. Sessions last one hour.
                      A humor piece has been published by resident author Hugh
                      Burgess. Go to and search Hugh
                      Burgess to read “Have a Nice Day.”

Hui O Ka Pua ‘Ilima Dancers
Hui O Ka Pua ‘Ilima (The group of the ‘Ilima Flower) is a dance troupe based out of
McLean, VA specializing in the performance arts of Hawaii, Tahiti and New Zealand.
The group has been spreading the spirit of aloha and Polynesia throughout Northern
Virginia, DC. and beyond in song and dance since 2004. Their philosophy is genuine
and simple: to perpetuate the history and unique culture of the beautiful Hawaiian
islands and Polynesian neighbors in song and
dance in an authentic, tasteful and interactive
manner. Their performances aim to educate and
entertain audiences through a blend of diverse
dance forms and live musical presentation.
Take a trip to the Hawaiian Islands with the Hui O
Ka Pua ‘Ilima dancers on Friday, May 27, at 7:30
in the auditorium.

                               Each year we ask for your cooperation in updating your
                               Vial of Life form and medical/prescription insurance
                               information. This month, in your cubby, you will receive
                               a replacement form to update any contact or medical
                               information. Please bring your completed form as well as
all health and prescription insurance cards to the medical suite. Copies of the form will
be made and the original returned to your mail cubby the next day. Your insurance
cards will be copied immediately and returned to you. Thank you in advance for
keeping your medical information current.

Flower Talk
One of my fondest memories is my walks down Saratoga Street in downtown
Baltimore and breathing in the wonderful aroma of popcorn that filled the air. I’d
stop in front of the small storefront, look in the large window where I could see
through the round glass door of the popcorn machine, the popcorn tumbling
around in the steel drum as it was being churned. Then I’d go inside and buy
the largest bag offered of the most delicious molasses popcorn I’ve ever tasted.

Contrary to what you might think, popcorn is not made from dried kernels of the
sweet corn we eat. Popcorn is unique among thousands (yes, thousands) of
varieties of corn in that it is the only kind whose kernels will pop (whence the
name). The hull of the kernels is harder and the filling, dense and starchy.
When popcorn is heated, moisture in the starch vaporizes, causing the kernels
to explode from the inside out. Popcorn occurs in different colors, too. Besides
the usual yellow and white, ears also come in blue, pink, mahogany and
combinations of hues.

Other categories of corn include Field corn, used for animal feed; Flour corn,
grown for grinding into flour; Flint or Indian corn, whose kernels are tough and
tasteless and yet so colorful that the corn makes attractive decorations; and Pod
                                          corn, another inedible type that is also

                                      Popcorn is thought to have originated in
                                      Mexico 8,000 years ago. The Indians
                                      used it for jewelry and other forms of
                                      decoration. Millions of dollars are spent
                                      annually in research to improve popcorn’s

Thanks to the advent of the microwave oven and its adaptability in popping corn
and the discovery in the 1980s of popcorn’s healthy benefits, its popularity has
skyrocketed. Americans are said to consume in excess of 71 quarts or a billion
pounds of the stuff per person per year.

I’ve never grown popcorn or sweet corn, either, for lack of space. Corn needs to
be planted in large blocks for ease of pollination and, commercially, for
harvesting. The botanical name for corn is Zea mays.
                                                            Amalie Adler Ascher

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