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Associate Professor


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									                                                                 November 17, 2009                                     Page 1 of 7

                                                             Associate Professor
                                                   For Presentation and Discussion Only.
                        Refer to official document: “Faculty Tracks and Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion.”
               Research Educator         Clinical Scholar          Clinical Educator         Educator Scholar                  Research
Distribution    Participation in         Participation in          Participation in          Primary professional          Only research is
of Effort       research at least        research with, as a       clinical care,            activities are in the         required
                50% effort               general guideline, at     education, and            delivery,                     Although not
                Also provide             least 40%                 service at least 75%      enhancement,                  required, teaching
                education, service,      Also provide              effort                    and/or administration         and/or service can
                and, if appropriate,     education, service,       Research valued,          of education, as well         be recognized and
                clinical care            clinical care             but not essential.        as in scholarship             rewarded in the
                                                                   Scholarship, in the       related to these              annual merit review
                                                                   broadest sense, is        activities.                   process.

Time in         5 years as Assistant     5 years as Assistant      5 years as Assistant      5 years as Assistant          5 years as Assistant
Rank            Professor, in all but    Professor, in all but     Professor in all but      Professor, in all but         Professor, in all but
                exceptional              exceptional               exceptional               exceptional                   exceptional
                circumstances            circumstances             circumstances             circumstances                 circumstances

Research/       Research must be         Substantial research      Evidence of               Scholarship may be            The primary criterion
Scholarship     rigorous, sustained,     accomplishment as         scholarship is            demonstrated by the           is leadership of, or
                and original or novel,   evidenced by              required.                 publication of original       essential contribution
                have a distinctive       success in                Scholarship includes      research in peer-             to, research that is
                focus, have a            publication and,          a broad variety of        reviewed journals,            rigorous and original
                trajectory of            where appropriate,        accomplishments.          patents, review               or novel.
                increased quality        competitive               These may include         articles, education           The publication
                and quantity, and        extramural funding,       publications of           outcomes studies,             record should reflect
                have fundamental         especially on the         original observations,    descriptive studies           a trajectory of
                significance or          regional or national      review articles, case     (e.g., about                  increased quality
                impact.                  level, which may          reports, letters to the   curriculum                    and quantity and
                Evidence of peer         include investigator-     editor, clinical          development and               demonstrate peer
                recognition as a         initiated industry        outcomes studies,         instructional models),        recognition as a
                scholar at the           grants or contracts.      educational               and by electronic             scholar making
                national/international   Notice will be taken      outcomes studies,         dissemination of              essential
                level is required.       of grant submissions,     books, book               educational                   contributions to peer-
                Publication of           even if not funded,       chapters, and             programs or tools             reviewed research of
                original                 when the score is         electronically            (e.g., computer               other investigators
                investigations in        relatively favorable      disseminated              programs and digital          and/or independent
                peer-reviewed            and the critique          materials.                media).                       recognition as a

Associate Professor Level
                                                                  November 17, 2009                                   Page 2 of 7

                journals is of           seems promising.           Scholarship may           Additional                  scholar at the
                greatest importance,     Research must be           also include patents,     scholarship to be           regional and/or
                and patents are also     rigorous and               study protocols,          considered includes         national level. and
                important evidence       sustained and              clinical guidelines,      accomplishments             Patents are also
                of scholarship.          should have a              and dissemination of      such as book                important evidence
                Reviews and              distinctive focus and      curricula or curricular   chapters,                   of scholarship.
                chapters may be          a trajectory of            models, evaluation        publications of new         Evidence of
                considered as well,      increasing quality         methodologies,            evaluation                  recognition may also
                particularly when the    and quantity.              faculty development       methodologies,              include documented
                requests to author       Publications should        programs, study           adaptations of              contributions to the
                such publications are    emphasize original         guides, computer-         educational methods         successful efforts of
                indicative of the        investigations in          aided tools, teaching     to novel                    others to obtain
                individual’s             peer-reviewed              tools, and                circumstances,              research funds from
                national/international   journals, but may          workbooks.                faculty development         regional and national
                stature. Publications    include reviews and        Scholarly activities      programs, and study         funding agencies
                that include trainees    chapters, particularly     are valued not only       guides and                  and/or independent
                as co-authors are        when the requests to       for scholarship but       workbooks adopted           funding from the
                considered for           author such                also as teaching          or endorsed by other        same.
                evaluation of            publications are           when conducted with       institutions or
                teaching as well as      indicative of the          trainees.                 external
                for scholarship.         individual’s national      Research                  organizations.
                Success in               or international           accomplishment is         Scholarship may
                competitive              stature. Patents are       valued, but not           also include patents.
                investigator-initiated   also important             required, in this         Scholarly activities
                extramural funding,      evidence of                track.                    are valued not only
                especially at the        scholarship.                                         for scholarship but
                national/international   Case reports are                                     also as education
                level, is expected.      given less credit,                                   when conducted with
                The faculty member       with the exception of                                trainees.
                may be the primary       first reports of new                                 External funding in
                investigator or one      diseases or reports                                  support of
                who provides critical    that represent                                       educational
                intellectual input to    significant scientific                               programs (including
                collaborative            advances.                                            evaluation programs)
                research while           Publications that                                    and/or research
                establishing an          include trainees as                                  methodologies is
                independent focus.       co-authors are                                       desired but not
                Notice will be taken     valued for teaching                                  required.
                of grant submissions,    as well as for
                even if not funded,      scholarship.
                when the score is        Collaborative

Associate Professor Level
                                                                November 17, 2009   Page 3 of 7

                relatively favorable   scholarship may
                and the critique       satisfy these criteria
                seems promising.       where the
                High-level service     contribution of the
                based on scholarly     candidate can be
                stature and            made clear.
                accomplishment         Therefore, the faculty
                contributes to the     member may be the
                evaluation of          primary investigator
                scholarship.           or one who provides
                                       critical intellectual
                                       input to collaborative
                                       research. An
                                       example of such
                                       research could be
                                       investigations (e.g.,
                                       multi-center or
                                       studies leading to
                                       highly recognized
                                       development of
                                       clinical guidelines or
                                       position papers with
                                       national or
                                       collaborators, studies
                                       with novel concepts
                                       or potential of
                                       translational work in
                                       the related field,
                                       novel platform
                                       research establishing
                                       ground work for
                                       further clinical
                                       research, or
                                       exploratory ancillary
Associate Professor Level
                                                                  November 17, 2009                                 Page 4 of 7

                                        studies concurrent
                                        with larger multi-
                                        center trials). The
                                        faculty member must
                                        documentation of
                                        her/his pivotal role in
                                        research and
                                        Participation in high-
                                        level service based
                                        on scholarly stature
                                        and accomplishment
                                        contributes to the
                                        evaluation of
Education       Documented              Documented                  A primary focus on      Excellence in
                evidence of excellent   evidence of excellent       teaching and/or         education is best
                performance in          performance in              activities that         demonstrated by a
                biomedical education    biomedical education        enhance                 documented
                expected. Education     is expected.                effectiveness of        substantial
                may take many           Education may take          education               educational effort
                forms, including        many forms,                 distinguishes faculty   that may include a
                classroom teaching,     including classroom         members in this         major responsibility
                clinical teaching,      teaching, clinical          track. This focus       for (i.e., leadership
                development of          teaching,                   should result in        role in) an
                curricula and           development of              excellent               educational program.
                educational             curricula and               performance as an       Positive reviews by
                materials, and          educational                 educator in such        learners (including
                mentorship of           materials, and              activities as           faculty) and, where
                research trainees.      mentorship of               classroom/clinical      available, by peers,
                Positive reviews by     trainees and                teaching,               may be used to
                learners (including     colleagues.                 development of          demonstrate
                faculty) and, where     Positive reviews by         curricula and           excellence as an
                available, by peers,    learners (including         educational             educator and/or
                demonstrate             faculty) and, where         materials,              mentor.
                excellent               available, by peers,        mentorship of           The primary criterion
                performance as an       demonstrate                 trainees.               for promotion will be
                educator and/or         excellent                   Teaching awards         a record of
                mentor.                 performance as an           and positive reviews    enhancing medical

Associate Professor Level
                                                            November 17, 2009                                    Page 5 of 7

                Publications that     educator and/or         by learners               and/or graduate
                include trainees as   mentor.                 (including faculty),      education, and/or
                co-authors are        Publications that       and, where                faculty development.
                considered for        include trainees as     available, by peers       Education includes
                evaluation of         co-authors are          demonstrate               any activity that
                teaching as well as   considered for          excellent                 fosters learning. This
                of scholarship.       evaluation of           performance as an         may include direct
                                      teaching as well as     educator.                 teaching (e.g.,
                                      of scholarship.         Evidence of training      lecturing, tutoring,
                                                              to improve as an          facilitation of lab or
                                                              educator may be           small group
                                                              used as a factor in       exercises, and
                                                              assessment of             clinical teaching) and
                                                              teaching.                 creation of
                                                              Excellence in             associated
                                                              educational scholarly     instructional
                                                              activities is evaluated   materials and
                                                              not only for              learning aids.
                                                              scholarship but also      Education may also
                                                              for teaching when         include activities
                                                              conducted with            associated with
                                                              trainees.                 measuring: a)
                                                                                        learners’ knowledge,
                                                                                        skills, attitudes,
                                                                                        and/or b) the
                                                                                        effectiveness of
                                                                                        Mentoring or
                                                                                        advising that
                                                                                        facilitate the
                                                                                        accomplishment of a
                                                                                        mentee’s or
                                                                                        advisee’s goals is
                                                                                        also highly valued,
                                                                                        as are leadership
                                                                                        and administrative
                                                                                        activities that
                                                                                        enhance SOM
                                                                                        educational and
                                                                                        scientific programs.

Associate Professor Level
                                                                      November 17, 2009                                       Page 6 of 7

                                                                                                   Scholarly activities
                                                                                                   conducted with
                                                                                                   trainees are valued
                                                                                                   for education as well
                                                                                                   as for scholarship.

Clinical        For faculty with           Competence in                A significant program      For faculty with
Service         clinical activity,         clinical performance         of clinical activity is    clinical activity,
                maintenance of             must be documented           required.                  clinical competence,
                board, maintenance         and verified by the          Clinical competence,       as verified by the
                of board certification     department.                  as verified by the         department, is
                is expected as             Maintenance of               department, is             required.
                appropriate, except        board certification is       required.                  Maintenance of
                in unusual                 expected as                  Maintenance of             board certification is
                circumstances (e.g.,       appropriate, except          board certification is     expected as
                full certification         in unusual                   expected as                appropriate, except
                delayed because of         circumstances (e.g.,         appropriate, except        in unusual
                board requirement          full certification           in unusual                 circumstances (e.g.,
                for a specified            delayed because of           circumstances (e.g.,       full certification
                number of years in         board requirement            non-physicians or          delayed because of
                practice or when           for a specified              physicians with when       board requirement
                training obtained          number of years in           training obtained          for a specified
                outside the U.S.           practice or when             outside the U.S.           number of years in
                makes the individual       training obtained            makes the individual       practice or when
                ineligible for U.S.        outside the U.S.             ineligible for U.S.        training obtained
                board certification).      makes the individual         board certification).      outside the U.S.
                A requirement for          ineligible for U.S.          A requirement for          makes the individual
                sub-specialty board        board certification).        sub-specialty board        ineligible for U.S.
                certification is left to   A requirement for            certification is left to   board certification).
                the discretion of the      sub-specialty board          the discretion of the      A requirement for
                department.                certification is left to     department.                sub-specialty board
                                           the discretion of the                                   certification is left to
                                           department.                                             the discretion of the
Service         Effective                  Effective                    Effective                  Service is expected.
                participation in           participation in             participation in           This may include
                administrative and         administrative and           administrative and         committee
                committee                  committee                    committee                  membership and/or
                responsibilities is        responsibilities is          responsibilities is        administrative
                expected and may           expected. This may           required. These            service in the
                include service at the     include service at the       responsibilities may       Department, School,

Associate Professor Level
                                                                November 17, 2009                                    Page 7 of 7

                levels of Department,   levels of the             include service at the   University, physician
                School, University,     Department, School,       levels of the            practice plans,
                physician practice      University, physician     Department, School,      affiliated institutions
                plans, affiliate        practice plans,           University, physician    (as appropriate),
                medical                 affiliate medical         practice plans,          community, and
                organizations (as       organizations (as         affiliate medical        government and/or
                appropriate),           appropriate),             organizations,           one’s profession at
                community,              community,                community,               the local, regional,
                government and/or       government, and/or        government, and/or       and/or national level.
                one’s profession.       one’s profession.         one’s profession.        Leadership in such
                Service activities      Service activities        Service activities       activities is highly
                which are invited       which are invited         which are invited        valued.
                because of scholarly    because of scholarly      because of scholarly     Service activities
                expertise and           expertise and             expertise and            which are invited
                recognition may also    recognition may also      recognition may also     because of expertise
                be considered under     be considered under       be considered under      and recognition may
                scholarship.            scholarship.              scholarship.             also be considered
                Service activities      Service activities        Service activities       under scholarship.
                which reflect           which reflect             which reflect            Service activities are
                expertise in            expertise in              expertise in             expected to
                education (e.g.,        education (e.g.,          education may also       emphasize
                writing national        writing national          be considered under      education.
                examination             examination               education.
                questions) may also     questions) may also       Evidence of training
                be considered under     be considered under       to develop skills as
                education.              education.                an administrator or
                                                                  academic leader
                                                                  may be used as a

Associate Professor Level

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