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                   Plus Student Issue Escalation Process Overview

Online Advocate / Advisor Preliminary Review

Before escalating a student issue or problem to the Online Program Directors
(OPDs) for review and consideration, you should conduct a preliminary review of
the issues or complaint to determine if the situation can be resolved directly by
the student or you. Recommended steps

1) Instruct the student to contact the online course instructor and try to resolve
   situation themselves.

    Tip: You may want ask the student if they have reviewed the online course policies
    and specific policies set by the instructor at the start of class. These will be posted in
    the student’s online classroom.

2) If situation is not addressed by the instructor or resolved, request that the
   student provide you with a document/email that outlines the details of the
   complaint and their efforts to resolve it.

    Tip: A very general or vague student complaint will slow down the review process
    and getting to a resolution. You may find it helpful to request that the student provide
    you with narrative that includes some of the information listed below.
           one sentence summarizing the nature of the complaint
           a detailed (yet succinct) description of the situation
           an overview of the student’s (and instructor’s) efforts to address and resolve it
            (if necessary include email correspondence)
           online course policies (if applicable)
           the student’s expectation of a resolution

3) Review the data the student submits and conduct an initial analysis of the
   situation in the student’s online classroom (eCollege).

4) If you determine that the situation cannot be resolved by the student or your
   efforts, and it merits further review by an OPD, complete the Student Issue /
   Complaint Escalation Form.

    Tip: Submit a complete escalation form for an expedient review and response by an

Plus Ai Student Issue Escalation Process                                              11.12.08
                     Plus Student Issue Escalation Process Overview

Online Program Director Review

Generally, if all pertinent information is received, an OPD will look into and
provide feedback to Advocates within a 48 hr period.

1) The Advocate submits the escalation form to the correct OPD through a web-
   based form. (All information sent reflects the directions in the above process.)

    Note: Please send the correct escalation form to the correct OPD, this can be done
    by matching the correct course to department, not what program the student is
    enrolled in. For example, if an Advertising student is enrolled in FND113, you would
    send this to the Foundations Director, not the Advertising Director.

2) The OPD reviews the form. If more information is needed, the OPD will contact
   the Advocate to retrieve information from the student or the Advocate.

3) When all information is gathered, the OPD will look into the issue at hand. Ex.
   contacting a faculty member if necessary, looking into the course, reviewing
   emails/correspondence, etc.

4) When the OPD arrives at a solution, they will send their finding back to the
   Advocate, who then in turn will provide this feedback to the student, if

                                           Online Program Directors

 Graphic Design                            Voni Whittier              720-489-0661

 Interior Design                           Jan Jacobson               630-215-6496

 Residential Planning                      Sherri Mangin              719-432-7690

 General Education                         Jennifer Cooper            412-995-4175

 Advertising / / Fashion & Retail Mgmt.    Cynthia Orrico             708-788-3179

 Culinary/Hotel Restaurant Mgmt.           Beth Dugan                 tba  

 Multimedia & Web Design / Interactive
                                           Sharon McGuire             412-352-2392
 Media Design

 Game Art & Design / Media Arts &          Jeannie Novak              310-399-6128

                                           Jeff Davis                 602-284-1847

Plus Ai Student Issue Escalation Process                                                  11.12.08

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