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									Agency                                                           Contact Person     Phone
Albany Country Medical Reserve Corps                             Susan Riedy        518-447-4590
Albany Leadership Charter Hgh School for Girls                   Kellen Byrnes      518-331-9917
Albany Preparatory Charter School                                                   518-869-5009
                                                                 Antonio Booth, Dean of Scholars
Capitol Tour Program-NYS Office of General Services                                 518-473-7521
                                                                 Barbara Maggio, Assistant Curator, OGS Curatoria
Chapel House of Interfaith Center                                Donna Crisafulli   518-489-8573 ext. 21
City School District of Albany                                   Fiona Thompson 518-894-1684
Environmental Sustainability                                     Mary Ellen Mallia 518-956-8132
Fontbone Manor Senior Apartments                                 Caitlin Beck       518-782-2780
Junior Achievement of Northeastern NY                            Cathy Eliseo       518-783-4336 ext. 214
New York Civil Liberties Union Capital Region Chapter            Melanie Trimble 518-436-8594
New York State Museam                                            Brian K. Malloy    518-402-5869
New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NYSCASA)        Joe Farrell        518-482-4222 ext. 310
NYS Office of the Attorney General                               Andrew Clancy      518-486-3979
Regional Food Bank of Northeatern NY and the Patroon Land Farm                      518-786-3691 ext. 234
                                                                 Jackie Murray & Laura Martin
Schenectady Community Hone, Inc. dba Joan Nicole Prince Home                        518-346-5471
                                                                 Bonnie Kriss, Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator
Ualbany Disability Resource Center                                                  518-442-5491
                                                                 Nancy Belowich-Negron, Director
US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Albany Field Office                       518-459-1790
                                                                 Jen Barkan, Resource Manager ext. 8015
Email       Website Address # of Volunteers Date & Time for Volunteers                Hours Needed
                       175 Green Open Albany, NY 12202 Street,to all         Open                               Open
                                 15: students, NY. 12208
                                                   Weekly, 19 Hackett Blvd., Albany, faculty & staffOnce per wk. Mon-Sat 2-10 hrs. per wk.
                       75        5: Students       twice park Avenue Albany, NY 12202 a wk. 4 PM-5 PM                    2 hrs. per wk.
   Corning Tower,as possible: Students, facultyNY staff holidays per wk. to learn the tour; after tr
                       2978                      Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM, 12242 15 hrs
                                 As many Empire State Plaza, Albany, &except
            Albanychapelhouse.org3-5 students 1400 Washington Ave.                                           Nov. 11, Dec. 2
                                                   Sept. 2, Sept. 16, Oct. 7, Oct. 28,2:30PM-3:15PM each date specified
  , or just an Whatever hour. Both during school hou
                       Schools   Numerous volunteers needed; or Ave.
                                                   Once Washington                    occasional Volunteer Coordinator, 700a weekopen to all Albany, NY 12203 you can spare
                                 3 for             4 hrs. during home football games: Sept 17, Oct
                                                                                      4 (each University Hall 212 opportunity: can be students, faculty or staff session)8 & 15, Nov 5 & 19 (retu
   2: students, faculty 7 Staff
                                 1 or              Wed. 1PM-2:30PM 10 Carondelet Drive Watervliet Ny 12189                               Min. 1.5 hrs. per wk
         5-10 Volunteers 12110 scheduling; work with classroom teacher to schedule prep. Tim
                                                   Flexible                           15-20 total open undergrad students 8 Stanley Circle, Latham, NY,for fall, 20-25 volunteers for spring semester; (includes training,5-7 classro
  , NY 12207
                                 1 or Suite 518,   Tues. Wed. Thurs. 11AM-3PM staff 90 State Street, 2 each semester students, open to faculty and10 hrs. per wk.
   Varies Albany, NY 12230
                       260                         Througout events. Madison Ave. with programming andthe year Open to all Varies
          Albany, NY is not constant,                         See at any particular time 28 Essex St.The number12206 See Abovewould vary based on needAbove (for the duration of any one
                       The       Albany, NY 12224-0341
                                                     semseter: students only Capitol No set number perMon-Fri, 8:30AM-5PM                  15 to 30 hrs. per wk
   Albany-Shaker Road, Latham, 5PM-8PM; SatTwo 2 hr. shift Road,Wedk & Thurs 5PM
                       Warehouse: 965                                                 & Sun. 9AM-3PM in Knox, NY
volunteers@regionalfoodbank.net30 per 2 hr. shift Tues, Wed, ThursNY 12110; Farm: 132 ketcham Tues, warehouse; Farm e
            www.joannicoleprincehome.orgas possible: Scotianeeds in 4 & shifts
                       PO        As many           Ongoing NY 12302                   Ongoing Box 2122, 22 Glenview Drive,Students, faculty hr staff 1-4x/monthsneeds in 4 hr. shifts 1-4x/mont
                       CC 137         flexible          flexible                           Not more than 8 per semester
                       991       2-20:open to Albany, NY time Broadway, Suite 223,all On own12204                          Variable
             Brief Description of Task Public Info
                         AccessibilytAdditional Up
# Of Days in Advance Volunteers Should SignTransportation?
ASAP                     Yes           Participation in drills, excercises Health in the event of discretion of emergency
             Volunteers will assist the Albany County Department ofand training are at the a public halththe volunteer.
A week                   Yes
             Seeking tutors and mentors to provide additional support to students
         14 Volunteers will assist with, theatre club, Chess Club,Dance Club, Odyssey of the Mind, Albany Prep. Charter Schoo
             Volunteers will be trained toparking is provided. For the tours, good public speaking skills are necessary. school gr
                         Yes           Free acceptance into the program
Volunteersneed to be interviewd before offer tours of the historic NY State Capitol building to the many visitors andCasual bu
1 week                   Yes
             Setting tables and decorating for Shabbat Dinners in CC Assembly Hall
             We have 15weeks inin Albany. Ourand groups are welcome to discuss volunteering opportunities anytime. Volunt
                          schools advance
Preferably at least two yes            Individuals students range from pre-kindergarten to graduation; they need all kinds of hel
           7 Conducting On campus collection drives at the home football games (fall) and basketball games (spring) as well as
2 wks                    yes           Patience and to the of humor
             Volunteers to give computer lessonsa senseseniors will be helpful in giving computer lessons to senior citizens
             Voolunteers partner with a classroom teacher in grades K-12 to present 5-7 hands
14-21 days or more) Some schools are on bus routes. Notify if using public transportation on activites that teach econom
                         Yes, civil liberties complaints, researching and writing about civil liberties issues, presenting testimony
Tasks include responding to18 Bus
             Varies knownprogramming on Saturdays and on
As soon as neededwith Yes. Bus/taxis to Empire State Plazaoccasion during thew week. Data base of interested volunteers kep
             One task would
Tasks pending 5-10 days be to research and contact the "grandmothers" of the organization in the preparation for our 25t
2 Weeks Differs by bureau, more info on website
                         Yes food and non-food items don't mind getting dirty and closed toe at the farm
                                       Dress in NO for farm
3-5 days sort and repackfor warehouse,, cloths youin the warehouse. Typical farm activitiesshoes (mandatory)
             Bedside care to
                         Yes           These are ongoing last days particular project or include only need at this depnds, pers
A min. of a week in advance2 indiviuals who are in theneeds. Noof their life. Task mayone timetoileting, changingtime
             semester On for disabled students, experience with the office, test
Early in the Tutors, helperscampus Good attitude, projects in or outdisabled helpfulproctors, "buddies" w/ disabled students
             Refugee Winter The 10 and 12 lines connect to the 6 & the
                         Yes. Goods indicate interest
Communicate with USCRI AlbanytoDrive. Looking for volunteers on22 SUNY campus to coordinate a donation drive, collectin
 scretion of the volunteer.

king skills are necessary. Casual business dress is required. We'd be happy to wrok with the various departments on getting credit for stud

 ng opportunities anytime. Volunteer applicatin forms are available on the web site: please print out, complete, sign and send in

 mputer lessons to senior citizens

 e shoes (mandatory)
me only need at this time
rtments on getting credit for students for this volunteer activity. It's also a good experience in developing presenational skills and in work

mplete, sign and send in
ng presenational skills and in working with the public

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