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									Elan® Consultants Planning for Distance or Destination Weddings
                      Please read and answer the following questions and return to:
                  Sue Davies-Rephan, 9 Music Square South, #161, Nashville TN 37203

Many brides are seeking a new and exciting wedding away from their home state or even their
country. Many people are working or attending college and want to combine the wedding with a
"vacation honey moon".

Choices may be related to time and distance. Young couples are meeting and often come from
different parts of the country. The world is at your fingertips with many air flights and cruise

Many couples are from different countries and may want more than one ceremony: one
in the states and another in the home country of the other person.

Whether a first time marriage or a second time around, Destination Weddings are very popular, and
gaining more and more attention.

Those on the Eastern part of the United States often seek the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto
Rico, Bermuda, or Islands off the East coast of the United States. Others, who want a ski wedding
prefer to head up north to New England or Canada, or even to the west in the winter season.

A Destination wedding for a Nashville couple can also be the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, a
day's drive away or to Orlando, for a fairy tale wedding.

Planning a Destination wedding in a foreign country takes much longer, and has far more
paperwork to prepare, to meet the religious and country requirements, but is the dream of many
bridal couples.

Weddings with Elan® has had a number of interesting and exciting weddings planned for
European countries, such as in Vienna, Austria, as well as in Morocco.

Sometimes a wedding in another country does not work out, such as a couple who wanted to wed
in Venice, with a 6 month lead time. Since the bride had been married before, much of the
paperwork had to be sent to Milan to be translated before plans could be formed. The estimated
time was far beyond the date the couple wanted, so instead, Elan® arranged for the couple to
marry at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas and honeymoon in Venice!

What ever your choice, contact WEDDINGS WITH ELAN, to help you in your planning. North,
South, East or West, we will help you find the best!

             PLEASE COMPLETE this Destination and Distance Questionaire if you are
                      interested in Weddings with Elan® assisting you .

   1. Dates of wedding Events: _______________________________________________
How many events will take place within this week of the wedding both prior and after the ceremony?

   2. Will you or your family meet with the Consultant personally or plan through the e-mail? _____

   3. Do you have family members who will discuss ethnic traditions to be included in the wedding
 festivities? __________________________________
 4. Will you both have a Civil Marriage ceremony in the United States or abroad?

 5. Do you both have recent passports and/or visas? __________________________________

6.    Have either of you been married before?_________________________________________
If YES you must have an official document showing your divorce information.

 7. Do you want the Consultant to travel to your wedding events abroad or in another state?
 State:____________________ _Country:________________________________
 If YES the Consultant must be there a minimum of five (5) days before the first event for the
 wedding and one (1) day beyond the last event.
 If the Consultant travels, which family will be responsible for the Consultant's expenses which
 include air travel (business class for overseas), hotel lodging (private room), meals, taxis, and out of
 pocket expenses in addition to the consultant's fee for Consulting services? Name:_____________

 8. What languages will be spoken? ___________________ Will an interpreter be available for the
 Consultant during the planning and through the wedding event? ___________________

 9.   What clothing will be required other than American styles for the Consultant?

 10. Please list any questions or concerns you want addressed before we proceed with an interview,
     a contract or an agreement.

 Signed by: ___________________________________________ Date:___________________
    Address: __________________________________________City                 State _____ Zip______
       Telephone: Day___________________Evening _____________ Cell___________
E mail address:____________________________________
Please remit a non-refundable processing fee of $__________________________

           Member of. (ABC) Association of Bridal Consultants; (AFWPI) Association for Wedding
                Professionals, International; (ACF) American Culinary Federation;
            (TWESA) Tennessee Wedding and Event Specialists Association; International Living;
                                   ( BBB) Better Business Bureau

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