Retire Early From Internet Marketing by RyanParenti


									You Can Retire Early From Internet
  Marketing With These Affiliate
         Marketing Tips
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• If you are open to it you could retire early from
  internet marketing. Here is how.
• Most people start out by affiliate marketing. Here is a
  good way to do just that.
• Affiliate marketing is all about selling other people's
  products for a commission. You can do that with this
  simple plan.
• Create a product review website.
• Make a massive website and review every
  product you can find an affiliate program for.
  Start by going to clickbank and writing some
  reviews of their products.
• Now many clickbank vendors will give you ready
  made reviews for their product. This can be a
  good idea but you don't want all of your content
  to be duplicate.
• So start with one product then go out and do
  some research on it. What do people like and
  what do people not like?
• Write honest reviews that tells people exactly
  what to expect when they buy the product. Then
  simple write as many reviews as you can!
• You can do this in two ways. You can ether make
  one massive review site or make niche websites.
• You can have one website that talks all about
  credit cards or another that talks all about
  internet marketing products. The niche site is
  probably the best idea.
• The reason this works is because you are
  going to be targeting buyers. You can target
  keywords like PRODUCT NAME review or buy
• The people who search these keyword are on
  the verge of a buying decision. All you need to
  do is stand in from of them and get a
• The last step would be to build some
• Every time you create a new review do some
  social bookmarking for it. Then go out and
  comment on 5 related blogs and provide
  insightful and intelligent comments then link back
  to your new review in the name field.
• After that you can go to and create
  an RSS feed for your new web page. Just paste in
  the URL then press create.
• After that you can use a free RSS submission
  software called AllScoop to submit your new RSS
  feed to the leading directories.
• Just type AllScoop RSS into a search engine and
  download their free submitter.
• This is an easy to follow plan to internet
  marketing success. The only question is are you
  going to follow it?
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