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					                                     CHANDRAKALA SIDDANNA

   5 years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with Analysis, Design,
     Development, Integration, Implementation, Maintenance, Debugging, Testing and Production
   Expertise in working with Struts (MVC) Framework, Java, JSP, EJB, Servlets, JDBC, JNDI,JMS,
     JUnit, Swing, JavaScript, Log4J, HTML and XML
   Strong fundamentals and experience in J2EE Architecture, Design Patterns and Data modeling
     using Object Oriented Methodologies.
   Extensive experience in using BEA Web logic 7.x/8.x, IBM Websphere 4.x/5.x , JBoss Application
   Solid experience in Design, Development, and Implementation of Multi-threaded, Client/Server,
     n-tier Web based Applications.
   Good understanding of Java Design Patterns and n-tier architecture
   Working knowledge of protocols like TCP/IP, UDP
   Expert at Database Design, Data Modeling and developing Stored Procedures, Functions,
     Triggers and Packages using PL/SQL on Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000, DB2, Point Base and
   Strong programming experience in Java and Oracle
   Expertise in writing SQL, PL/SQL, stored procedure
   Experience on different operating systems like Windows NT, Windows 3.x/95/98/ 2000, UNIX,
     and SUN-Solaris

Operating System:                  Windows 98, 2000, XP, NT, UNIX, Linux(7.1, 8, 9, Fedora,
                                   Mandrake10) and Solaris.
Languages:                         Java 1.5, C, C++, HTML, XML1.0, SQL, PL/SQL, ASP,
Enterprise Technologies:           J2EE 1.3 (JSP1.1, Servlets2.2, JMS, EJB2.0, Struts1.1, 1.2), JSP
Taglibs, Spring 2.0.1, Hibernate 3.2, WebServices, AJAX.
IDE’s:                             Eclipse 3.2.1, MyEclipse5.1.0, WSAD 5.0, Borland JBuilder (6, 7,
                                   9, and 2005), Visual Studio (6.0, .NET), and XMLSPY 4.1.
Application/Web Servers:           Websphere 6.0, Weblogic (6.1, 8.1), JBoss4.0.5, Tomcat 5.0, IIS 4.0.
Modelling tools:                   MS Visio, Rational Rose, UML.
Databases:                         Oracle 9/8.x, MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access 2003, and DB2.
Scripts:                           JavaScript, VBScript.
XML parser tools:                  SAX, DOM, XSL, Schema.

Bachelors in Computer Science, VTU, India


Client: Washington Mutual, Seattle, WA                                                 Oct’2006 – Till
Role: Sr. Java Developer

Worked in the online banking system team that develops and maintains systems for customer
transactions. Major transactions include account transactions, credit card transactions, and wire
transactions. Other functionality includes payments of bills, account summary, current transactions,
history of transactions, stop payments, standing instructions, check clearings, download transaction
listings, online applications, enrollment for account holders, email facility.
    Analysed the User Requirements, Design documents and developed the Java, JSP, EJB, Struts
      Components and deployment scripts.
    Preparing the Requirement Documentations
    Design the project using Rational Rose (RUP), creating class and sequence diagrams.
    Used common J2EE design patterns like service locator, façade, DTO, DAO.
    To minimize network calls used Session Facade Design Pattern.
    Developed business delegate classes to access the EJBs.
    Used struts framework for the development of presentation layer components.
    Developed action classes and used struts tag libraries in the JSPs.
    Used Validator framework for the validation of client side data.
    Created Web Services to provide services to other systems within the company.
    Involved in implementing JMS to communicate with other systems.
    Wrote and modified the build files used by ANT.
    Installed BEA’s Weblogic app server and configured it to host our application.
    Deployed the EJBs in Weblogic.
    Unit testing and Integration testing of and EJB’s using JUnit.

Environment: XML, JMS, JAVA, J2EE, Struts, EJB, UML, Java Web Services, JUnit, JProbe,
Weblogic 8.1, Eclipse 3.0, Oracle 9i, Windows

Client: JP Morgan Chase, Dallas, TX                                             Oct’2005- Sep’2006
Role: EIPP Developer

Electronic invoice payment and presentment system is used to make a payment in online for their
customer. This system has three modules Statement Loading, Payment and Nacha (North American
clearance house audit). In statement loading batch process will run every day after the bank transaction
over for invoice. The invoice will be created and the invoice details will be in flat file or XML file.
Statement loading will parse the data from input files and load in database. The mapping data will be
given like each tag names with their database columns. The statement will be loaded to database.
Payment module will display the statement details in web browser to make a payment. The user can
select more than one statement in one card and he can make a payment. Here he can make whole
payment, partial payment and over payment or he can make dispute also. Then the payment approver
will accept the payment. This project is following Model view Controller Architecture. The J2EE pattern
session facade, Data transfer objects, Entity beans are used to persist data .The business delegate will
invoke Session façade to perform business operation. The session façade will invoke the entity bean to
store data in oracle database. The entity beans use Container managed persistence, which will be
deployed in Websphere Server.

Technical features included:
     I. HTML, JSP 1.2, Servlets 2.3, Apache Struts1.2, EJB 2.0, Apache Struts & XML.
     II. Oracle9i and IBM DB2 V7.0 as database.
     III.      IBM WebSphere Studio Developer 5.0 as IDE.
     IV.       IBM Websphere Application Server 5.0 as the application server.
     V.        JDK 1.4, JDBC, Windows NT, Apache Struts MVC Architecture
     VI.       Rational Rose, CVS Version Control, Design Patterns.

    Design & Development of the Java Beans, EJBs incorporating the business logic.
    Design & Development of UI using JSP, HTML, and Apache struts.
    Involved in code review and tuning the application
    Requirement gathering for change request and did impact analysis

Environment: Java (JDK 1.4, JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.3 (JSDK)), EJB 2.0, IBM WebSphere Application
Server 5.0, IBM WSAD 5.0, Apache Struts, HTML, XML Sax and Dom parsers, JDBC, Oracle, IBM
DB2, Rational Rose, Windows NT, CVS Version Control.

Client: Sprint Corporation, Overland park, KS                                   Oct’2004 – Aug’2005
 Project: Retail Management System(RMS+)
Role: Java Developer

RMS+ is a web-based application provides support to manage customer, account, subscription and
service information.

    Designed and developed applications like New For You Upgrade Program (NFYUP), Instant
      Credit Evaluation Check (ICEC), Fair & Flexible plan, Warranty Coverage, Mobile Identifier
      (MEID), Total equipment procedure (TEP), Service Pro Guarantee (SPG2).
    Used STRUTS framework (Premiere framework) to ease our application.
    Used Design Patterns like Factory, Singleton, Value Object and DAO pattern.
    Developed a custom initial prototype using dreamweaver.
    Used RUP process model as the development process.
    Developed EJB’s for user authentication.

Environment: Java, JSP, EJB, Servlet, J2EE, Struts, Web services, XML, XSL, SOAP, Weblogic
8.1, Clearcase, ANT, Apache web server, Eclipse 3.0, Cygwin unix emulator, HTML, JavaScript,

Client: Jersey Mortgage Company, Cranford NJ                            Oct’2003 – Aug’2004
Project: Loan Star
Role: Java Developer
The LoanStar project is a STRUTS-based J2EE project, used to analyze, process, and calculate the
loan payment trends which are used to pay off principal by the end of a fixed period in monthly
installments including principal and interest. The payment trend and payment pattern is determined by
core component using the corporate data warehouse process feed. This project was aimed at
automating the entire mortgage system with the intention of closing more loans in less time. The final
accepted system helps the lenders in automating the origination, processing, and closing functions of the
mortgage system, thereby increasing the operational efficiency of the system.

    Implemented MVC2 pattern using STRUTS framework.
    Designed class diagrams and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
    Designed the base classes and core decision engine using core java & EJB.
    Developed Servlets as controller and JSPs for presentation.
    Used WebLogic as the application server. Configured and created database connection pools on
    Used Eclipse as the IDE.

Environment: EJB, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, XML, Servlets, Eclipse, Weblogic 8.1, Oracle, and ANT.

Client: Nokia, Bangalore, India                                         Oct’2002 – Sep’2003
Project: Dealer Management System
Role: Java Developer

Dealer Management System takes care of the entire sales cycle fulfillment. The targeted users of the
system are the Nokia Sales and Sales Support Teams and the Sales and Operations staff of the Nokias
Redistribution Stockists. The solution streamlines, automates, and reports the primary business
transactions and business support processes like Inventory Management, Purchase Order, Sales Order,
Sales Invoice, Sales Fulfillment, Sales Reporting, Statement of Accounts, Trade Price Protection,
Product Price Computation, Scheme & Rebates .The solution will also handle the secondary business
transactions and business processes like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budget
Management, Cash Management, Fixed Assets Management ,Sales Route Planning and Service

    Developed User Interfaces using Struts HTML tags and JSP
    Developed form beans, action classes, business implementation classes, data access objects
      using Struts Framework and Java
    Worked on the Data Access layer using Hibernate Framework
    Created Java Objects that map to the database tables and the corresponding Hibernate
      mapping files.
    Led the User Acceptance Testing team at the Customer site Involved in training the end user.
    Provided production support
    Involved in performance tuning and change requests received from the client

Environment: MySQL, Oracle, Hibernate, J2EE, JSP, Java Servlets, JavaScript, Struts
Framework, Tomcat Web Server, WebLogic Application server, Java, Eclipse, Windows 2000

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