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									                    Promoting Transparency:
                    A Tailored Approach

          Suzanne Legault
Information Commissioner of Canada

     Open Government Partnership
            July 12, 2011

               Why ?

               What ?

               Where ?

               When ?

               How ?
Why ?

• Accountability

• Engagement

• Efficiency

• Innovation
What ?

Understanding your country context . . .

•   Democratic institutions
•   Political and economic incentives
•   Legal and policy framework
•   Citizens/civil society/media/interests and engagement
•   State of ICT
•   Controls – privacy, security, policy
•   Other legislative or policy requirement
Where ?
Identify your ultimate goal . . .

• Modern FOI
   – In line with international standards
   – In line with open government principles

• Proactive disclosure
   – Build access mechanisms into the design and implementation
     stages of all new programs and services
   – Through consultations identify data sources of interest
   – Provide information in open, accessible and reusable format
   – Free or at minimal cost
   – Due consideration to privacy, confidentiality, security, Crown
     copyright and all relevant laws
When ?
When ?
When ?
   urging governments to make data about canada and canadians free and accessible to citizens
                                                    Canadians helping Canadians help government
How ?

• Leadership

• Public engagement

• Partnerships

• Evaluation

• Innovation

• Funding
Opportunity knocks…

  “Government leaders have before them an opportunity to
  combine the resourcefulness of online citizens and entrepreneurs
  with the power of factual data to more effectively achieve their
  mission. In an information-driven age, the ability of governments
  to seize this opportunity may ultimately determine whether a
  government fails or succeeds.”

              Deloitte: Unlocking Government: How Data
                        Transforms Democracy, 2009

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