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									    NIH Deposit - Mandated
the Existence of Open, Delayed,
       and Free Access:
  New Stakes and Exposures
             Martin Frank, Ph.D.
        American Physiological Society
              AAP/PSP Meeting
              February 7, 2008
               Washington, DC
             HighWire Press
• The largest repository of high impact, peer-
  reviewed content
• 1099 journals (277 free or delayed access out of
  370 in Medline)
• 4,639,110 full text articles from over 130
  scholarly publishers
• 1,834,404 free articles
• Host 71 of the 200 most-frequently-cited journals
                       Free/Delayed Access Models
                             277 out of 370 HW Medline Journals (provided by John Sack, HW Press)



Number of Journals





                      40                                                                                                                            32


                           Free journal sites   Journals free after 3   Free after 6 months   Free after 12 months   Free after 18 months   Free after 18+ months
 PubMed Central – full text deposit

• 310 active journals on PMC
  – 64% have OA Business Models
  – 12% have delayed access after 12 months
  – Biomed Central = 183 journals (59%)
  – Hindawi = 12 journals
  – PLoS = 4 journals
                     Deposition Rates
NIH Articles published in CY2006 currently available in PMC
                     Total              Intramural          Extramural

Total Articles               78,000           5,800               73,800

Author Deposit          3,520 (5%)          300 (6%)             3,470 (5%)

PMC Deposit            10,040 (13%)         880 (14%)           9,420 (13%)

Total Deposited        13,560 (17%)        1,065 (19%)          12,890 (17%)

    Note- some articles have both Intramural and Extramural
            authors, and are therefore listed in both columns
 The times they are a changin’
• 2005 – Public Access = voluntary

• 2007-2008 – Public Access = mandatory
  – NIH = 12 months
  – Wellcome Trust = 6 months
  – HHMI = 6 months
  – European Research Council = 6 months
  – British Heart Foundation = 6 months
  – RCUK = 6 months
    Mandatory Policy Approved
• The Director of the National Institutes of Health shall
  require that all investigators funded by the NIH submit or
  have submitted for them to the National Library of
  Medicine's PubMed Central an electronic version of their
  final, peer-reviewed manuscripts upon acceptance for
  publication to be made publicly available no later than
  12 months after the official date of publication:
  Provided, That the NIH shall implement the public
  access policy in a manner consistent with copyright

   – December 26th, 2007- President Bush signed into law the
     Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2007 (H.R. 2764)
           Cautionary Notes
• Senate Report 110-107 – “The Committee highly
  encourages collaborations with journal
  publishers that would enable them to deposit
  manuscripts on behalf of the funded investigator,
  if all parties agree. The Committee directs the
  NIH to seek and carefully take into account the
  advice of journal publishers on the
  implementation of this policy. In particular, the
  Committee directs the NIH to ensure that
  publishers’ copyright protections are
        Executive Office of the President
       Statement of Administration Policy
• Public Access to Research Information. …the bill would
  require that manuscripts based on NIH-funded research be made
  available to the public within 12 months of publication. The
  Administration notes that NIH’s current policy … has only been in
  effect for 2 years, and the Administration believes there is
  opportunity for Congress to study the current policy and
  consider ways to encourage better participation.

• The Administration believes that any policy should balance
  the benefit of public access to taxpayer supported
  research against the possible impact that grant
  conditions could have on scientific research
  publishing, scientific peer review and on the United
  States’ longstanding leadership in upholding strong
  standards of protection for intellectual property.
  NIH – Creating Confusion & Changing the
• May 2005 Policy                   • April 2008 Policy

The Policy applies to peer-         The Policy applies to all peer-
  reviewed, original research         reviewed journal articles,
  publications that have been          including research
  supported in whole or in part        reports and reviews. The
  with direct costs from NIH, but
                                       Policy does not apply to
   it does not apply to
   book chapters,
                                       materials such as
   editorials, reviews, or             correspondence, book
   conference                          chapters, and editorials.
  NIH – Creating Confusion & Changing the
• Consolidated Appropriations     • April 2008 Policy FAQs
  Act, 2008 states:               - requires scientists to submit
• SEC. 218. The Director of the       journal articles that arise
  National Institutes of Health
  shall require that all              from NIH funds to the digital
  investigators funded by the         archive PubMed Central. The
  NIH submit or have                  Policy requires that these
  submitted for them to               articles be accessible to
  the National Library of             the public on PubMed
  Medicine’s PubMed                   Central…
  Central an electronic
  version of their final,
  manuscripts upon
  acceptance for
NOT-OD-08-033 - Copyright Compliance is
      Not NIH’s Responsibility??
 Consolidated               2. Institutions and
  Appropriations Act          investigators are
  of 2007 (H.R. 2764)         responsible for
                              ensuring that any
 – Provided, That the NIH     publishing or copyright
   shall implement the        agreements concerning
   public access policy       submitted articles fully
   in a manner                comply with this Policy.
   consistent with
   copyright law.
      Petition for Rulemaking
• We therefore request, pursuant to 5 U.S.C
  §553(e) that HHS conduct a public notice and
  comment rulemaking to ensure that all affected
  stakeholders are given an opportunity to
  respond to the proposed plan for implementing
  the new policy which, as directed by Congress,
  must be implemented “in a manner consistent
  with copyright law.”

                       • AAP/DC Principles Coalition
       NIH Portfolio Agreement
• Under the current PMC        • NIH has modified this to
  agreements with                apply only to the currently
  publishers, any journal        active PMC sites - at
  that has joined PMC after      present that is just PMC
  July 2006 has to agree to      (NLM) and
  allow NLM to                   UKPMC. Redistribution
  redistribute the               to any future PMCI sites
  journal's content from         would require explicit
  PMC to any PMC                 permission from the
  International (PMCI) site      journal publisher.
  with which NCBI might
  enter into a collaborative
       Looking into the Future
• Making research available online quickly is
  becoming more common, according the Arthur
  Caplan, the director of Penn's Center for
  Bioethics. In the time-pressured world of
  academic research, 12 months is a very long
  time to wait for free access. Caplan said it's
  likely the mandate will be shortened to about
  six months.
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• Re-Introduction of FRPAA in 2008??
• Thank you

• Martin Frank
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