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Friday, 10th October 2008 - 09:45CET

Immigrant arrivals exceed local birth rate
The Emigrants Commission said today that immigrant arrivals this year, for the first time, exceeded the local birth rate,
something which had not taken place anywhere else in the world.

It said in a statement that Malta currently has 40 migrants per square mile - which is more than the number of people in
Finland per square mile.

If the burden of irregular migration was to be shared equally among European Union countries on the basis of land mass,
Malta would barely get 100 immigrants, the Commission said.

The Commission said that until 2001, 3,153 refugees and other migrants had arrived in Malta, of whom 2,271 were
resettled in other countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada.

Such resettlement programmes stopped in 2002 and when the boat cases started, new efforts were embarked upon.

According to information given in Parliament, 28 persons were resettled in Europe and 141 in the United States between
2006 and 2008. The US was planning to take more people from Malta.

A total of 1,686 immigrants came to Malta in 2002, when the boat arrivals started, and since then an average of 1,250 a
year continued to arrive.

And although Malta’s size did not grow, the assistance the country used to get for the resettlement of refugees and
others who deserved international protection stopped, the commission complained.

For one to understand better the need, if not the duty, of the European Union to help Malta carry the burden of irregular
migrants, one only needed to see the population densities of EU countries with the most densely populated - Malta having
3,267 people per square mile followed by the Netherlands - 1,023; and Belgium - 879.
H dempster

In a couple of years time the illegal immigrants would outnumber the locals and who knows maybe also form a party
called THE ILLIGAL IMMIGRANT PARTY and may also get into power as well. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT.

Andre` Micallef

Now that's a golly good piece of news (sic) ..... it was pretty obvious that this was about to happen, and it happened
sooner than we though. The Emigrants Commission should be ashamed of itself in issuing such a barefaced statement,
when it should carry most of the blame for making arrangements to join immigrants' families together in our already
sardine-packed island.

Cleaven Vella

I think that support to these poor people must still be given, however, we could not let all immigrants be kept in Malta. I
think a quota should be set up and the rest should be sent to other European Countries.

If nothing is done and all immigrants are kept in Malta, we Maltese people will loose our Identity and all our land. Hope the
burden sharing will work.

joe pace

May I point out to the Commission that the numbers in the square mile of Hal Far and Marsa are much much much,,,,,,
more than 40 to the square mile whereas in other areas of the Island there are much much less than the 40 per square
mile. Is this shareing the burden!!

Charles Sammut

Suddenly it is not "racist" any longer to even mention that we have a serious problem precipitating a grave and dangerous

Or have we now noticed that the people will not be hoodwinked any more? Will anybody from the Immigrants Commission
be present at the demonstration planned for Thursday evening in Valletta to oppose the un-democratic signing of the EU
Immigration Pact by Dr Gonzi without having consulted the people? A pact which will exacerbate the problem when
thousand more Africans will be coming to Malta to "be reuinited with their families"?
mean that we will now join the African Union?

Sinclair Calleja

Does the local birth rate figure include the number of births by the immigrants themselves?

B Borg

Hardly surprising. And what is the government doing about it? Why hasn´t a state of emergency been declared? Italy
declared a state of emergency over a couple of hundred arrivals last summer. What are we waiting for to suspend
international treaties about the matter and repatriate these illegals? Do these figures include the many hundreds coming
here on tourist visas and overstaying, working illegally on the streets and elsewhere?

Does our government think that this situation is sustainable? Or is the government going after the immigrant vote now that
it´s official that we have more illegals than births in the country?

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