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					                      SOP FOR INSTALLING POLYCOM SOFTWARE

           Double click on Setup icon.
           Select your language and click ok.
           Wait for install shield wizard until it reaches to complete the process.
           An install shield window will appear just click on Next.
           Just click on Next for license agreement.
           Choose destination location where you want to install files, for this click on
           Browse. Other wise click on Next to continue.
           Wait for setup status until it reaches to complete the process.
           Click on Finish to exit the wizard.
           Go to Desktop and double click on Poly Com PVX icon.
           Window for selection of language will appear just select your require
           language and click to Next.
           On information window type e-mail address and PC or Org name and click
           to Next.
           A window for Directory setup will appear which is for Internet locate server
           (ILS) and Global directory server (GDS) if you are on LAN just click to Next
           otherwise configure your GDS and ILS.
           Just click on Next.
           Adjust your PC Volume to your desired level and click to Next.
           For Poly Com devices selections remain Input and output devices on Auto.
           Just reaching on this step check your status of LAN and IP Addresses.
           Click on Next to Continue.
           Click on Finish to exit the window.
           To Activate Poly com software click on Activate.
           Type License No and Activation code to Activate.
       After installation of Poly Com install all mother board drivers such as Audio, PCI, VGA,
Multimedia etc. For more information please read the “Step Required After poly Com installation”

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