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					  Schwarzenegger and the process of

Susanne Hanssum, Anne-Christin Schubert,
             Sylvia Albers

Two concepts:
              What is assimilation?

C.R. Nagel:

politics of sameness

Becoming “one of us“
          Is assimilation desirable?

Orlando Patterson:

American culture is too desirable and
   seduces all who immigrate.
It is becoming the core of global culture.
The main danger is that American culture
   is too successful.
          Is assimilation desirable?

Peter Skerry:
People assimilate to the wrong things.
2nd generation is often over conservative
Lawrence H. Fuchs:
Immigrants more patriotic than natives
  (“Viva el rojo, blanco e asul!“)
         Is assimilation desirable?

John Fonte:

“People assimilate not to American
  culture, but to the ideology of
          Is assimilation desirable?

Fuchs paraphrasing Skerry:

“Don‘t be so enthusiastic in you desire to
  assimilate immigrants. You may get
  what you want!“

Mark Krikorian:

First settlers: surviving the first winter.

Now: filing a tax return, opening a bank
 account, enrolling ones children in
 school, etc.
           What turns immigrants into
Salins (according to Skerry):

Accept English as the national language

Adopt Protestant work ethic (self-reliant,
 hardworking, morally upright)

Take pride in their American identity and
  believe in Americas liberal democratic and
  egalitarian principles
          What turns immigrants into

Bauer et alii:

Immigrants coming with career goals are
  more successful than those with family
  or political reasons.

Mark Krikorian with reference to Judaism:

New Americans were present in spirit at
  the defining events of the nation‘s
   Declaration of Independence
   Battle of Gettysburg
   Raising of the flag on Iwo Jima
       Schwarzenegger and the process of
Governor of California
                                   Marrying Maria Shriver

Receiving US citizenship
                                  Success in Hollywood,
                                  Mr. Universe 1967
                                  Mr. Olympia 1970

Founding his own gym,

                                         Mr. Europe,

A Boy with a dream,
         Schwarzenegger and the process of

      Did Schwarzenegger become American? Or did he just move
       to America?

                                            Officially being American

                          U. S. A.
 Stating that he has
 always been
 American in his

(Does somebody who feels American have ''the right'' to be American?)
       Schwarzenegger and the process of

                             IN GENERAL
   ''Wie eine Schlange, die sich immer wieder häutet, legt
    auch Arnold Schwarzenegger immer wieder seine 'alte
    Haut' ab und transformiert seine Persönlichkeit, indem er
    sich neue Ziele steckt. An seinem Lebenslauf können wir
    das sehr gut nachvollziehen: Stets hat er sich von der
    'alten Haut' getrennt, um sich an einer neuen zu
    versuchen: Gewichtheber – Bodybuilder – Studium –
    USA – Filmkarriere – politische Karriere.''
      Schwarzenegger and the process of

                                IN GENERAL
   ''Arnold Schwarzenegger arbeitet sein Leben ab wie
    einen Fitnessplan.''
    (Die Macht der Oberarme, Der Spiegel 41/2003, Reader p. 18)

   ''My first goal was to win Mr. Austria.''
    (The Education of a Bodybuilder, p. 22)

   ''I had two immediate goals. I was going to win Mr.
    Europe and I was going to compete in a Mr. Universe
    (The Education of a Bodybuilder, p. 44)
       Schwarzenegger and the process of

                            THE BEGINNINGS
   ''But what will you do with all these muscles once you've
    got them?
    - I want to be the best-built man in the world, [...]Then I
    want to go to America and be in movies. I want to be an
    - America?
    - Yes – America.''
    (The Education of a Bodybuilder, p. 19)

   ''I'd always had a claustrophobic feeling about Austria.
    [...] It wouldn't allow me to expand. There seemed never
    to be enough space. Even people's ideas were small.''
    (The Education of a Bodybuilder, p. 34)
       Schwarzenegger and the process of

                            THE BEGINNINGS
   ''My biggest dream had always been to go to America
    and train with the American bodybuilders. I wanted to
    learn from them, to get more information and – ultimately
    – to beat them. [...] I was convinced that the answers
    were in America.''
    (The Education of a Bodybuilder, p. 91)
        Schwarzenegger and the process of

                    FROM TODAY'S POSITION
   ''As you know, I'm an immigrant. I came over here as an
    immigrant, and what gave me the opportunities, what
    made me to be here today, is the open arms of
    Americans. I've been received. I've been adopted by

   ''There is no place, no country, more compassionate
    more generous more accepting and more welcoming
    than the United States of America.''
       Schwarzenegger and the process of

                    FROM TODAY’S POSITION
   ''In this country it doesn't make any difference where you
    were born. It doesn't make any difference who your
    parents were. It doesn't make any difference if, like me,
    you couldn't speak English until you were in your
      Schwarzenegger and the process of

   Schwarzenegger has fulfilled all demands to be best
    assimilated in the United States:
         He learned the language (though still using his
          accent for his image)
         He accepted America's principles

         He took pride in American identity

         He inter-married (one of the best ways of

         He had very clear goals and expectations of

          what he wanted to reach
    Schwarzenegger and the process of

   Today, Schwarzenegger shows several
    characteristics that are typical for US immigrants:

     - kind of over-American
     - He tends to be more patriotic than most born
     Bad news for

   How does the governor
    deal with immigrant
        Illegal immigrants in California

   The United States currently has 7-10
    million undocumented workers.

    especially significant issue
    in California, where almost
    32% of illegal immigrants
                           Proposition 187

   During the gubernatorial
    campaign, Schwarzenegger
    said he had supported
    Proposition 187, a 1994
    initiative that denied services
    to illegal migrants but which
    later was tossed out by a
    federal judge.
             “Driver’s license issue”
   In his final days in office, the Democratic Gov.
    Gray Davis signed a legislation granting the
    privilege of license to the illegal immigrants
    (revoking the requirement that driver's license
    applicants have proof of lawful presence in

   "I am against the driver's license (for illegal
    aliens), because it is without any background
    check and without any fingerprints or anything.
    Therefore, it is dangerous for the security of
    California.“ (Schwarzenegger)
   Shortly after entering office, Schwarzenegger
    derailed the law passed and signed by former
    Democratic Gov. Gray Davis that would have
    allowed illegal immigrants to apply for drivers
                        “Fence Issue”
   In February, Schwarzenegger
    endorsed Congressional
    legislation authorizing the
    construction of a fence along
    California's border with
   The proposal has sparked
    opposition from the state's
    Coastal Commission, as well
    as many environmentalists
    and Democrats.
      Annual meeting of the Newspaper
      Association of America (04/19/05)

   "Close the borders in California and all across
    Mexico and in the United States, because I think
    it is just unfair to have all those people coming
    across, have the borders open the way it is, and
    have this kind of lax situation."

   "We in California have to still
    finish the border. That is the key
    thing -- to have borders and to
    keep the law, enforce the law."
         “Language trouble”

   "The governor has talked before about the need
    to ensure that immigrants are put on a path
    toward fully participating in California's
    economy, but he feels they need to enter the
    country the right way, and must not undermine
    important security issues. He feels that the
    border needs to be secure."
    (Margita Thompson, Schwarzenegger’s spokeswoman)
 Schwarzenegger’s apology (04/21/05)

“The bottom line is, I misspoke, and
I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I
meant 'securing' our borders,
not 'closing' them.”

"We have a great trade agreement with Mexico;
we are good friends, we are benefiting from these
talented workers, so we have got to come up with
a policy'' on immigration.”
“Minutemen issue”
         hundreds of volunteers
          have formed a citizen militia
          to spot and report illegal
         The Minuteman Project was
          formed in order to thwart
          the rising tide of illegal
          immigrants along the U.S.-
          Mexican border
         Mexican government
          officials say it's a violation
          of the illegal immigrants'
          human rights.
        “John and Ken Show” (04/28/05)
   In an interview with the conservative talk-radio
    show on KFI in Los Angeles, Schwarzenegger
    said the Minutemen "have done a terrific job and
    they have cut down the crossing of illegal
    immigrants by a huge percentage, so it just
                              shows that it
                              works when you go and
                              make an effort and
                              when you work hard. I
                              mean it is a do-able
                              thing and it's just that
                              our federal government
                              is not doing their job."
          “champion of immigrants”

   "I have no plan. I think the
    most important thing to note
    is I am a champion of
    immigrants. I promote
    immigration. I am an
    immigrant myself. I think it's
    extremely important that we
    do it in a legal way."

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