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CV Imran Tamboli


									Imran Tamboli                                                         2008 Curriculum Vitae

                                                                                 Darres Gate 2,
                                                                                    0175 Oslo.
               Phone: +47 90197443                                                     Norway.

About me       Born in Pune, India in June 1979, relocated to Oslo in July 2006. I believe
               in keeping myself updated with latest technologies. Have strong
               interpersonal and coordination skills.

Education      Master of Computer Science                                                   2002
               2 years full time post graduation course in computer science from
               University of Pune.
               Bachelor of Computer Science                                                 2000
               3 years full time graduation course in computer science from University of

Skills /       I am software professional with 5 years of advanced education and 6
               years of extensive experience in IT. The main areas of focus are internet
Abilities      technologies, project management, architectural design, system
               development, maintenance and is competent in the following:
                    C#                                  VB.Net
                    ASP.Net/ASP                         Ajax
                    MySQL/MS SQL Server                 PHP
                    LINQ                                Third party tools like Telerik,
                    Web services, windows services.       dundas, crystal reports etc.
                    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML,         Windows, IIS.
                      XSL                                Visio, MS Project, Sharepoint
                    Version control (VSS, SVN, etc.)    FAST search engine
                    Object oriented / modular             implementation with .net API
                      programming                        Google Map implementation

Work       NimbusTech AS                                   June 2008 - Present
Experience At NimbusTech I am working with various web and windows applications
               in Microsoft technologies.

                     Web development for I have been mainly involved in programming
                      wrapper for FAST search engine API written for .Net so that FAST API
                      communicates to this wrapper and wrapper communicates to other
                      applications, writing API for Google map, adding functionalities to
                      database layer, creating web services for communication between client
                      and server. (ASP.Net, C#, LINQ, AJAX and MS SQL)
                     I have developed CMS for a local newspaper company. (ASP.Net and MS
                     Involved in online booking system used by many of the largest news
                      agencies in Norway and is specially built to allow sales people to check for
                      free capacity and book advertisement on sites with large amount of
                      advertisement slots. I was responsible for integration of online booking
                      system with CRM systems like Axapta and M-Press and third party ad
                      serving solutions like AdTech, Emediate, 24X7 RealMedia (open ad

Digital Posters AS                                     July 2006 - May2008
At Digital Posters I have been working as lead developer with a team of
15 people working from India. I have been involved in project
management, requirement analysis, core development as well as
coordination with remote team. Some projects I was involved in:

      Display system that displays commercials, news, weather and other
       useful content (images/animations) in buses, boats and shops all over
       Norway. Content is downloaded using GPRS/3G; this system also supports
       Zone based advertisement based on current position using GPS position of
       buses, boats. News, weather and other content is updated real time from
       different providers e.g. NTB, Storm etc. (C#.Net)
      Web based publishing system for publishing commercials for display
       system. (ASP.Net, MS SQL server)
      Scheduler that schedules the content to be displayed in display system for
       next day, each schedule has properties like start date, end date, display
       duration. (C#.Net, MS SQL server)
      Real time status of buses: Server application lists buses with their last
       online time based on "ping" sent by buses, boats to server or any
       upload/download done by buses, boats along with feature of displaying
       latest captured screenshot from buses. (ASP.Net, MS SQL server)
      CRM: Custom made CRM solution based on requirement of Digital Posters.
       The communication of this application to server is carried out via web
       services. The application is synchronized with Exchange server,
       accounting system and also has the feature for sending SMS via
       application. (C#.Net, MS SQL server, MS-Exchange, web services)
      Web based CRM- Ajax enabled Web version of CRM developed in ASP.NET
       (C#), MS SQL server as backend, object oriented development with multi-
       tier architecture.
      Next stop prediction system for buses.
      Instant messaging system for buses: This system was used by bus
       companies to send emergency messages to the buses.

Ecotech IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.                  November 2003- July 2006
Ecotech is a medium size software development company which provides
software development and consultancy services in European and
American market. Some projects I have been working with in Ecotech.

      Construction scheduling application: customized web based project
       management tool for real estate projects. Support for offline use and
       synchronization. (ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server)
      Builder center: Complete package of web solution for real estate firm
       which can manage different construction sites in different communities
       and maintain progress of every apartment/house. The system also
       provides login for home owners to track the progress of their home and
       once construction is completed portal will turn into warranty center and
       owners can then claim warranties.
      Contract management system: Web based system which communicates
       with existing database of real estate companies and generates contracts
       online with help of very few inputs.
      CRM: Web based mini CRM for real estate companies.
      Various other web applications like,, online
       certification exam for real estate investors ( and online
       document sharing where different people can share the documents.
      DMExchange: Solution for listing companies in US where they can upload
       and share data based on access rights. Communication with other
       systems is carried out using web services. (ASP.Net and SQL Server and
       windows services)

Winsoft Exports                                   July2002- October 2003
At Winsoft I have been working as junior developer and worked on
different solutions in ASP and ASP.Net

      Time tracker for software companies.
      Maintenance and changes in website for cable TV providers in UAE.

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