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Toss-ups by Jack Brounstein; bonuses by Jack Brounstein


1. Formed by former members of Santana, they're the first band to inspire a video game. Their most recent studio album was 2001's Arrival, which
didn't match the success of earlier releases such as Evolution or Escape. The only member for their entire existence was guitarist Neal Schon, though
at their height they were fronted by Steve Perry. Today they're best remembered for a song about a small town girl living in a small town world.
FTP, name the band which gave us “Any Way You Want It”, “Open Arms” and “Don't Stop Believin’”.
ANSWER: Journey

2. Her film career began with one line in About Last Night..., and she spent one season on the Pat Morita detective series Ohara, though her more
memorable TV role was as the painter of "The Kramer" on Seinfeld. Recently separated from husband Dermot Mulroney, she's had supporting roles
in Lovely & Amazing, Death to Smoochy, and The Interpreter since she was first Oscar-nominated in 1999 for her role in Being John Malkovich.
FTP, name this actress, who finally broke through with her roles as Harper Lee in Capote and Trish in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.
ANSWER: Catherine Keener

3. A child named Timothy tried to emulate his behavior as a means of coping with the death of his parents. He's an accomplished oboist, guitarist
and violinist, but his poetry, such as his “Ode to Spot”, is lackluster. A collector described as being on par with the Mona Lisa, a Roger Maris
baseball card, or a Varon-T disrupter, and he once met Mark Twain while in San Francisco. Designed by Dr. Noonien Soong, he is not evil like his
brother Lore, though for 0.68 seconds he considered joining the Borg Queen. FTP, name this android from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

4. He's the son of a wealthy industrialist, but he was disowned for his marriage to a flapper girl with the maiden name Boopadoop, with whom he has
a son Alexander and a daughter Cookie. Now working for the J. C. Dithers Construction Company, he's pestered by Elmo Tuttle, frequently collides
with the mailman while running out the door, and is known to eat tall sandwiches that now bear his name. FTP, name this husband of Blondie.
ANSWER: Dagwood Bumstead

5. In the first quarter, Lou Michael missed a 27-yard field goal, and his team didn't get the ball back until a George Sauer fumble on the 12-yard line.
Jim Turner kicked three field goals, though the game's first touchdown was scored by Matt Snell. In the fourth quarter, Don Shula brought in an
injured Johnny Unitas, but his team still lost 16-7. The MVP passed for 206 yards but is better remembered for three days earlier boldly guaranteeing
a victory. FTP, name this sporting event which saw the favored Baltimore Colts lose to the New York Jets, headed by Joe Namath.
ANSWER: Super Bowl III OR 1969 Super Bowl

6. The lyrics concern sharing a cherry red soda with Mr. Jimmy and a woman with blood-stained hands who's practiced in the art of deception.
Played on an organ during the funeral scene in The Big Chill, it was originally released as the B-side to "Honky Tonk Woman", and at 7 minutes and
29 seconds it's the longest song off of Let It Bleed. Featuring the London Bach Choir, FTP, name this Rolling Stones song, which tells us that "if you
try some times, you just might find, you get what you need."
ANSWER: "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

7. This show's theme song is performed by the Friendly Indians, the band of series creator Steve Franks. The main characters have solved crimes at a
comics convention, a spelling bee, and a Civil War reenactment, much to Lassiter's chagrin. From a young age, Shawn Spencer's father trained him
to have a photographic memory, which he finally put to use when he opened a private detective agency in, FTP, what USA original series, featuring
Corbin Bernsen, Dulé Hill, and James Roday pretending to have extra-sensory perception?

8. He helped Petersburg High School win 50 straight games and signed a letter of intent with University of Maryland but instead was hired by the
Utah Stars, and he played a record 1,212 consecutive games without fouling out. His final season was in 1995 with the San Antonio Spurs, at which
point he was the last ABA participant still active, and he spent time with the Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks, and Washington Bullets. FTP, name
this three-time NBA MVP for the Houston Rockets and the 76ers' 1983 championship team, not to be confused with Karl.
ANSWER: Moses (Eugene) Malone

9. It ends with one character in love with a Catholic schoolgirl named Jennifer, one studying at Georgetown and seen getting into a limo with a
Congressman from Nebraska, and one serving as a museum tour guide in New York City. Tammy becomes involved with the title event to spite her
former lover, who's seeing her brother Paul. Paul was a football star who broke his leg, so he gets involved so he can still contribute something,
urged on by Mr. McAllister, who's really only interested in stopping Tracy Flick. Starring Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon, FTP, name
this film about student government.
ANSWER: Election

10. On Arrested Development, this was Gob's [pron. as Biblical Job] suggestion for which cause the Bluth Company's annual charity gala should
support. It's the direct cause of Jane leaving early for New York and indirectly results in Rachel breaking kosher by eating scrambled eggs prepared
with lobster. A consequence of decreased blood flow in certain conditions, it prompted Garrison Keillor to quip that, "At forty degrees below zero,
all men are indeed equal." Discussed in an episode of Seinfeld, FTP, name this phenomenon describing the relationship between low temperatures
and penis size.
ANSWER: shrinkage
11. It precedes the word "song" as the title of the seventh track of Jet's Get Born and the first track on REM’s Out of Time. In a track from True
Stories, Talking Heads say that "baby, your mind is" one of these. "For the words of the profits were written on the studio wall" is a line from Rush's
song about its spirit. The title of LL Cool J's breakthrough album, whose first track claimed that he "Can't Live Without" his, it was derided as "a
sound salvation" and said to be "cleaning up the nation" in a song Elvis Costello famously performed on Saturday Night Live. The Buggles claimed
that video killed the stars of, FTP, what device that uses electromagnetic waves to receive audio signals?
ANSWER: radio

12. Born in 1979, his cousin Scott recently signed with the Los Angeles Kings. He spent two seasons with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds where he
put up 198 points in 125 games, and during the lockout he played for the Swiss champion HC Davos alongside Rick Nash. He was the first overall
pick of the 1997 Entry Draft by the team with which he would spend the next eight years, though some think Robbie Ftorek erred by making him
captain in 2002, and last season he left the Bruins for his current team. FTP, name this San Jose Sharks center, the reigning winner of both the Art
Ross Trophy and the Hart Trophy.
ANSWER: Joseph Eric Thornton

13. The son of a Salvadoran mother and Greek father, he was an editor for Northern Illinois University's Northern Star and received his law degree at
BU. He was in the army from 1989 to 1992, though he avoided serving in the Gulf War. The founder of SB Nation with Tyler Bleszinski and author
of Crashing the Gate with his friend Jerome Armstrong, he sparked controversy for his support of Mark Warner after the Virginia governor hired
Armstrong as well as by responding to Fallujah by saying, "I feel nothing over the death of mercenaries. [...] Screw them." This summer, he made a
cameo appearance in a Ned Lamont campaign ad, though Lamont is one of the few candidates he's been able to help win an election. FTP, name this
founder of Daily Kos.
ANSWER: Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (accept either; also accept "Kos" before that information is given)

14. In his first appearance, he showed up drunk at the house of a new employee, telling her that his wife was out of town and that he missed her
dearly. A lover of scotch, he became the editor of the Los Angeles Tribune after being fired from WJM-TV, in the process making his portrayer the
first actor to win an Emmy for playing the same character on both a comedy and a drama. FTP, name this prickly newsman played by Ed Asner on
The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
ANSWER: Lou Grant

15. He turned down an offer to write an ongoing Spider-Man book because the first story he'd have to write would involve ending Peter and Mary
Jane's marriage. His run on Green Arrow saw the return of Stanley and his Monster to continuity, Oliver Queen's resurrection, and the introduction
of a female Speedy, which was better received than his first gig on Daredevil, where he killed off Karen Paige and Mysterio. Comics based on his
work in his most famous profession include Bluntman and Chronic and Chasing Dogma. FTP, name this comic writer, better known as the director
of Clerks and as Silent Bob.
ANSWER: Kevin Smith

16. One track off of this album follows up on of the artist's earlier hits, asking, "Why is a woman's sexuality/Always under so much scrutiny?/Why
can't she do exactly as she please/Without being called a million things?" The album also features an interlude titled "F.U.S.S.", for "Fuck U Scott
Storch" Though not certified as a double album by the RIAA, it was released on two discs, the first produced by DJ Premier and his friends and the
second produced by Linda Perry and featuring bombastic tracks like "Mercy on Me" and "Hurt". Featuring jazz-inspired horn samples meant to
Billie Holiday, Etta James, and the big-band era, FTP name this album featuring "Candyman" and "Ain't No Other Man", the most recent release
from Christina Aguilera.
ANSWER: Back to Basics

17. In 2001 he had a career high 6.19 ERA and a 5-7 record over 20 games. In 1997 the Yankees sent him to Oakland for cash and a player to be
named later, Scott Brosius, while two years later the As traded him to the Mets for Leo Vasquez and Terrence Long. The winner of four Gold Gloves
been 2000 and 2005, in 1994 he threw a perfect game against the Angels, though he was suspended for 13 games in 2005 after getting into a fight
with two cameramen. In 2006 he had 17 wins, including his career 200th, and started the All-Star Game, pitching for two innings and giving up a
homerun to David Wright, though they won’t meet again this year thanks to the Cardinals. FTP, name this pitcher, who after his third stint with the
Rangers moved to Detroit this season, nicknamed "The Gambler".
ANSWER: Kenny Rogers

18. The first man to appear on the cover of Playboy, he gained early prominence with his role on the radio series The Goon Show. He’s not Asian,
but he played Sidney Wang, the Charlie Chan parody in 1976's Murder by Death, and Fu Manchu in the last movie released before his 1980 death,
though he'd be better remembered for his Oscar-nominated turn as Chance the gardener in 1979's Being There. He couldn't master the Texas accent
to play Major "King" Kong in a 1964 film, though he did play Lionel Mandrake, President Muffley, and the title role. FTP, name this actor, noted for
his work in Dr. Strangelove and as Inspector Clouseau.
ANSWER: (Richard Henry) "Peter" Sellers

19. It can take its fuel from the remains of spiders that it smashes, and its giant tongue lets it consume music-producing insects. In a race with one of
its own, it can produce banana peels, watermelons, and porcupines, though is careful to stop for ducklings. It comes equipped with a laser and a
buzzsaw with which it dismembers piggy banks. These features represent its low price, good handling, compatibility with mp3 players, and fuel
efficiency. FTP, name this hatchback from Toyota.
ANSWER: Toyota Yaris

20. In a temporary case of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, Morgan once disappeared for over a season, while Ethan Suplee had an early role as
Frankie Stechino. In a nod to one of the actors's role in 1776, the early seasons were set at John Adams High School, though the action moved to
Pennbrook College around the time of the introduction of the long-lost half-brother of one of the leads, Jack, who quickly became a foil for the other
lead's brother Eric. Shawn, Cory, and Topanga all got advice from Mr. Feeny on, FTP, what TGIF staple, which parodied itself with the show-
within-a-show "Kid Gets Acquainted With The Universe"?
ANSWER: Boy Meets World

21. The title comes from "Girlfriend Is Better", where it describes what will happen "as we get older" when "you won't find her waiting long". It
begins with the lead singer entering carrying a guitar and a boombox. He does a strange dance inspired by Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding during
"Psycho Killer" long before dawning an oversize novelty business suit, though he's soon joined by Bernie Worrell, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, and
Tina Weymouth. Directed by Jonathan Demme and featuring “Life During Wartime” and “Once in a Lifetime”, name, FTP, this legendary Talking
Heads concert film.
ANSWER: Stop Making Sense
Toss-ups by Jack Brounstein b/w Matt Bruce; bonuses by Jack Brounstein


1. With all this talk about SNL Digital Shorts, no one seems to be paying attention to the original pre-taped filler segments. FTPE, name these
fictional products advertised on Saturday Night Live:
A. Sam Waterston appeared as a pitchman for Old Glory Insurance, which provides coverage against being attacked by these, which supposedly eat
old people's medicine for fuel.
ANSWER: robots
B. A stand-out from last season is a spot for this restaurant, whose signature dish includes a Parisian crepe, a Chicago-style pepperoni pizza, and a
blueberry pancake and is served in a totebag filled with vegetarian chili.
ANSWER: Taco Town
["Pizza? Now that's what I call a taco!"]
C. "Now that I have kids, I feel a lot better having a gun in the house," and "Normally I wear protection, but then I thought, 'When am I gonna make
it back to Haiti?'" are two quotes from the commercial for this line of clothing.
ANSWER: Bad Idea Jeans

2. It was originally developed by Albert Lamorisse, better known as the director of The Red Balloon. FTSNOP:
[5] Also existing in Castle, 2210 A.D., and Lord of the Rings editions, FFP name this popular Parker Brothers game where the object is to conquer
the world.
[5/5/5] One good strategy in Risk is to control North America, as it only has three points which external enemies can attack. FFPE, name the three
vulnerable territories.
ANSWER: Alaska; Greenland; Central America
[10] FTP, possessing North America entitles the player to a reward of how many extra armies? (Count only the continent bonus, not the armies also
earned from controlling the territories)

3. Answer the following about the 2006 NBA draft FTSNOP:
A. FTP, This former Benetton Treviso player was taken by the Toronto Raptors with the first overall pick of the 2006 draft.
ANSWER: Andrea Bargnani
B. FTP, This Duke shooting guard, the 2005 winner of the Wooden Award, was taken 11th overall by the Orlando Magic.
ANSWER: J.J. Redick
C. Four University of Connecticut players were taken in the first round, going to the Houston Rockets, New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets, and
two to the New Jersey Nets. Name any two of the four FFPE.
ANSWER: Rudy Gay; Hilton Armstrong; Marcus Williams; Josh Boone

4. Answer the following about the exhibit on film portrayals of the Presidency that I saw at the Smithsonian FTPE:
A. They had the flight suit worn by President Whitmore and the torn and bloodstained business suit of President Marshall, played on the big screen
by, FTPE, these two men.
ANSWER: Bill Pullman; Harrison Ford
B. More mundanely, there was a short movie editing together different films with a narrator talking about how they reflected the nation's mood. FTP,
what Aaron Sorkin-penned release was described as casting the commander-in-chief as a romantic lead?
ANSWER: The American President

5. Answer these related music questions FTPE:
A. The purchase of a shirt with a butterfly collar and a joyride in a stolen Porsche with a twelve-year-old run-away are used to illustrate the title
message of this Will Smith song.
ANSWER: "Parents Just Don't Understand"
B. People, girlfriends, grandsons, and the singer are all said not to understand in this group's "Last Nite" on their album Is This It.
ANSWER: The Strokes
C. One of the segments in this group's "Fingertips" consists of two voices telling each other, "I don't understand you." Incidentally, no one really
understands "Particle Man".
ANSWER: They Might Be Giants

6. Its title character is one of the first girls to be admitted to a prestigious boarding school. FTPE,
A. Name this current Nickelodeon series.
ANSWER: Zoey 101
B. What actress, only the second most famous member of her family, plays Zoey Brooks?
ANSWER: Jamie Lynn Spears
C. What formerly all-boys boarding school do Zoey and her friends attend?
ANSWER: Pacific Coast Academy

7. Street Fighter? Mortal Kombat? Yawn. Answer the following about some more interesting fighting games FTPE:
A. This game let you control one of the various dinosaur or ape gods battling for control of Urth. The human worshippers in the background can be
consumed to regain strength.
ANSWER: Primal Rage
B. Despite featuring the Ryu-like Jago and the Balrog-like T.J. Combo, this Rare release also included the fire being Cinder, the dinosaur-human
hybrid Riptor, and the living skeleton Spinal as playable characters.
ANSWER: Killer Instinct (do not accept Killer Instinct 2 or Killer Instinct Gold, which did not include Cinder)
C. This quirky 2001 fighter for the GameCube features nearly 300 trophies for the player to unlock, and, yes, a dinosaur is among the playable
ANSWER: Super Smash Bros. Melee

8. Name these former Brigham Young Cougar quarterbacks FTPE:
A. This man says his favorite thing about attending BYU was leaving. He's best remembered as the QB for the 1985 Chicago Bears.
ANSWER: James Robert "Jim" McMahon
B. He won the 1990 Heisman at BYU, but his pro career hasn't been that hot; he's started a total of 25 games as a second- or third-string quarterback
for teams including Philadelphia, San Francisco, and currently Atlanta.
ANSWER: Ty Hubert Detmer
C. This Hall of Famer replaced Jim McMahon as the Cougars' starting QB and Ty Detmer's stint in San Francisco was as his back-up. He was named
the Super Bowl XXIX MVP on the strength of his record six touchdown passes in the game.
ANSWER: (Jon) Steven Young

9. Name the actress from roles, 30-20-10-5:
[30] Amelia Donaghy in The Bone Collector, Claire in Playing God
[20] Franky in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Lanie Kerrigan in Life or Something Like It
[10] Lisa Rowe in Girl, Interrupted, Jane Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith
[5] Lara Croft in Lara Croft Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
ANSWER: Angelina Jolie OR Angelina Jolie Voight

10. On a 2006 episode of The Office, Michael Scott described himself as a fan of everything Joe Rogan has done. FTPE,
A. When he made that statement, Michael was enduring the terrible smell in his office, which he describes as part of his audition tape for this Rogan-
hosted reality competition.
ANSWER: Fear Factor
B. Before Fear Factor, Joe Rogan was best known for playing handiman Joe Garrelli on this sit-com.
ANSWER: NewsRadio
C. Rogan joined this man as replacements for Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel as hosts of Comedy Central's The Man Show.
ANSWER: Doug Stanhope

11. Given lyrics, name the song by The Police FTPE:
A. "Since you've gone I been lost without a trace/I dream at night I can only see your face/I look around but it's you I can't replace/I feel so cold and I
long for your embrace"
ANSWER: "Every Breath You Take"
B. "I know my mind is made up/So put away your make-up/Told you once, I won't tell you again/It's a bad way"
ANSWER: "Roxanne"
C. "It's no use, he sees her/He starts to shake and cough/Just like the old man in/That book by Nabokov"
ANSWER: "Don't Stand So Close To Me"

12. Answer the following about the most famous person born on May 27, 2006 FTSNOP:
A. FFPE, Name the two A-list celebrities who parented the child refers to as "The Chosen One".
ANSWER: Angelina Jolie OR Angelina Jolie Voight; William Bradley "Brad" Pitt
B. Now give the first and middle names of the child.
ANSWER: Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt
C. Shiloh was born in this African country, which within two weeks saw a vicious outbreak of polio.
ANSWER: Republic of Namibia

13. Answer the following about recent comics cross-overs FTPE:
A. Marvel heroes are split into factions lead by Captain America and Iron Man in this summer cross-over event, which featured Peter Parker
revealing himself to be Spider-Man during a national press conference.
ANSWER: Civil War
B. DC recently launched One Year Later versions of their titles as well as the weekly series 52 to fill in the missing year, but it was all prompted by
this seven-issue series, the sequel to a famous 1985 series.
ANSWER: Infinite Crisis (do not accept or prompt on "Crisis on Infinite Earths")
C. Surprisingly, both Civil War and 52 feature government attempts to limit superhero actions. FTP, name either the Marvel universe law requiring
all heroes to become official government agents or the DC universe making it difficult for superheroes to take action outside their country of origin.
ANSWER: The Super-human Registration Act OR The Freedom of Power Treaty

14. The Harrison Magy Memorial Bonus: Name the following French actors FTPE.
A. This man has been nominated a record 14 times for the César Award for Best Actor, including for his work in 1990's Cyrano de Bergerac.
English language work includes Green Card with Andie MacDowell and, less respectably, Last Holiday with Queen Latifah.
ANSWER: Gérard Xavier Marcel Depardieu
B. Her francophonic work includes Amélie and A Very Long Engagement, but you probably saw her this summer opposite Tom Hanks in The Da
Vinci Code.
ANSWER: Audrey Tautou
C. This acclaimed mime played Professor Ping in Barbarella and spoke the only word of dialogue in Mel Brooks's Silent Movie, shouting "Non!"
into a telephone.
ANSWER: Marcel Marceau OR Marcel Mangel
[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Any team that thirties this bonus has earned a special prize of treasure. I mean, the Illuminatus! trilogy.]

15. Name these Grammy-winning music videos FTPE:
A. Tenacious D have a cameo in this airplane-set clip, while among the many characters played by the band include Dave Grohl as an FBI agent and
Taylor Hawkins as a stewardess.
ANSWER: "Learn to Fly"
B. This Fatboy Slim video, directed by Spike Jonze, is mainly notable for featuring Christopher Walken inexplicably dancing around a hotel lobby.
ANSWER: "Weapon of Choice"
C. With choreography supposedly inspired by Gene Kelly's Anchors Aweigh, this Paula Abdul video from 1990 is thus far the highest profile
appearance of MC Skat Cat.
ANSWER: "Opposites Attract"

16. TRAVELS WITHOUT CHARLIE: This question's author just got back from a Nationals/Devil Rays game. It was an 11-1 rout. FTPE:
A. The Devil Rays hit 5 (!) homeruns, including two from this left fielder, who in 2004 lead the National League with 59 stolen bases.
ANSWER: Carl Demonte Crawford
B. The Nationals's only run came in the 8th when this third baseman, a graduate of the University of Virginia, batted in Royce Clayton.
ANSWER: Ryan Wallace Zimmerman
C. The game also saw Nationals set-up man Mike Stanton make the 1,071st appearance of his career, which tied him for third on the all-time
appearance list with this Athletics and Red Sox et al pitcher, who in 1992 won both the MVP and the Cy Young Award.
ANSWER: Dennis Lee Eckersley

17. "Becky is 'hands on'...she's a 'gig'! She's 'roadside', man!" FTPE...
A. These apparent euphemisms for sexual experience were found the in the January 26, 2005 edition of what daily comic strip, set in Millborough,
ANSWER: For Better or For Worse
B. This woman has been drawing For Better or For Worse since 1979.
ANSWER: Lynn Johnston
C. Becky is a friend of this youngest Patterson child, who Johnston added to the strip instead of having a third child herself.
\ANSWER: April Marian Patterson

18. Drive the ACF folks batty by answering the following about a failed sitcom pilot, FTSNOP:
A. Heat Vision and Jack tells the story of an astronaut who gains all the knowledge in the universe and his talking motorcycle. FFPE, what actors,
seen recently in King Kong and You, Me and Dupree respectively, played the two title characters?
ANSWER: Jack Black OR Thomas Black; Owen Cunningham Wilson
B. This actor directed the Heat Vision and Jack pilot as well as the films Reality Bites, The Cable Guy, and Zoolander.
ANSWER: Ben(jamin) Stiller
C. Ben Stiller met this woman, now his wife, when she was cast as the unnamed sheriff who befriends Jack. You may have seen her opposite Stiller
as Matilda in Zoolander or as Kate Veatch in Dodgeball.
ANSWER: Christine Taylor

19. Given tracks, name the 2006 album and its artist FFP per answer.
A. "Stupid Girls"; "Who Knew"; "U + Ur Hand"
ANSWER: I'm Not Dead; P!nk OR Alecia Beth Moore
B. "Black Swan"; "Harrowdown Hill"; "Cymbal Rush"
ANSWER: The Eraser; Thom Yorke
C."Don't Download This Song"; "White and Nerdy"; "Polkarama!"
ANSWER: Straight Outta Lynwood; Weird Al Yankovic (accept either)

20. Given an NHL player, say whether he played for the Chicago Blackhawks, the Detroit Red Wings, both, or neither, 5-10-20-30:
A. Bobby Hull
ANSWER: Chicago Blackhawks (accept either)
B. Gordie Howe
ANSWER: Detroit Red Wings (accept either)
C. Glenn Hall
ANSWER: both
D. Stan Mikita
ANSWER: Chicago Blackhawks (accept either)

21. Answer these related movie questions FTPE:
A. This Orson Welles movie begins with a famous 3-minute tracking shot. You could keep track of the time on a cuckoo clock.
ANSWER: Touch of Evil
B. Due to technical limitations, this Hitchcock film wasn't actually one single shot, but rather a series of up to 10 minute shots edited together to
appear continuous.
B. This Robert Altman movie starts with a nearly eight-and-a-half minute tracking shot that self-consciously includes characters discussing Touch of
Evil and Rope.
ANSWER: The Player

22. She's the president of three honor societies, the top of her class, editor of the school paper, captain of the debate team, and welds as a hobby, but
apparently you have to be more well-rounded to get into Harvard. FTSNOP:
A. Name this young woman whose parents help her get a social life, the title character of the debut novel of Kaavya Viswanathan.
ANSWER: Opal Mehta (accept either)
B. FFPE, name any two of the three things Opal Mehta "got", according to the book's title.
ANSWER: kissed; wild; a life
C. How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life was in the news because of allegations that it was partially plagiarized from this novelist's
Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings.
ANSWER: Megan Fitzmorris McCafferty

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