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A horror comedy film opening based on a disease formally known as INTS,
               how it develops and its effects on society.

                Written by: Niamh Quinlan & Leah Finch

Fondler - The main character role, he plays the villain however he is what
makes the comedy element. He takes him self too seriously, man who reveals
his true colours at night, effected by the disease INTS.

Dan – An average boy, 19 years old. He works in an office by day but little
does he know his future is about to change, he will become a victim of …. The


The alley – the alley is dark and mysterious gives the sense of rising tension,
and the feeling that some thing serious is going to go wrong.

The bed room – the bed room is used after a rough setting to give the idea of
comfort to the audience, showing that we are going to be playing with their
emotions a lot.

The Car – This is to add to the comedy element but also to disorientate the
audience as it is unexpected.

The Bathroom – This is a tactic I used to show the invasion of privacy,
making the audience feel uncomfortable.
Narrator: Some where in this city, there is an evil that sleeps. Lies and Waits.
By day he could go by a professor, sir or madam. But when the sun goes
down he shows his true from… That man is me …the fondler.

Music starts to play as you see the fondler getting dressed, the music then suddenly
stops as we see a shadow of the fondler making uncomforting noises.
We then see dan walking up the alley, suddenly he is pulled in to the bushes.

Fondler: (not visible) fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle

Dan: arghhhhh
Dan is then pulled further in to the bushes as the they start to shake, after short period
the fondler then runs off in to the light

Fondler: FONDLER !!!! falls over
Dan then gets up and runs away from the bushes, crying and holding his buttocks.

Dan suddenly wakes up in his bedroom.

Dan: ahhh ahh it was just a dream, babe babe babe ..
pats figure beside him

The fondler is revealed in the bed beside him

Fondler: FONDLEEE !


Dan suddenly wakes up in his car, he has fallen asleep at the wheel.

Dan: ahh ahh, it was just dream. Just a dream. Why do I keep having the
same scary dream! Dam you fondler dam you! … ahh at least it was all just a

Rests head on the back of his chair as the fondler pops up behind him.

Fondler: FONDLEEE !


Dan wakes up in his bedroom again, this time not in a panic. He walks in to the
bathroom and begins to use the toilet. We see dan staring at some thing although we
don’t know what it is, the camera slowly turns to reveal the fonder sitting in his bath
tub. He looks again but the fondler Is not there, so he walks to the cupboard to get a
towel and the fondler steps out.

Dan: what do you want from me?

Fondler: Well…..

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