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• A resume is a summary of your qualification. It
  should be clear, concise, positive review of who
  you are and what you have to offer an employer.
• The primary purpose of your resume is to obtain
  a job interview
• Resumes can be targeted or general
• Use targeted resumes for specific jobs
• Use general resumes for unsolicited jobs.
• The basic resume formats are chronological and
          Formats of Resumes
• Chronological Format: A chronological resume is
  organized by date. Most resumes are organized in
  reverse chronological order with the most recent
  information listed within each section. For example, in
  the section containing your experiences, your current or
  more recent position is described first.
• Functional Format: A functional resume provides
  information showing qualifications categorized by skills
  and knowledge and related accomplishments—in other
  words, by functions. The heading used for functions may
  include Capable Manager, Effective Communicator,
  Profit Producer, and Quality Controller.
      Preparing Your Resume
• You will be judged on the appearance of your
  resume; its is a potential employer’s first
  impression of you.
• Use emphasis techniques, including blank
  space, effectively.
• Avoid personal pronouns.
• Resumes have commonly used sections
  (Opening, Education, Experience, Activities,
  Honors, Special Skills, References)
• The opening includes a heading and an objective.
• Heading: A resume heading with your name, address, and
  telephone number is essential.
                      MARY JO BOGGS
                      1910 Ginnway Drive
               New Castle, DE 19720-2810
                      (302) 555-1933

Qualifications of Manuel P. Mercado
Current Address:                      Permanent Address:
P.O. Box 826                          917 Wellman Drive
Bridgeport, CT 06600-2361             Bridgeport, CT 06600-9845
(203) 555-9173                        (203) 555-7845
       Career/Job Objective
• Most employers like to see a career and/or
  job objective in the opening of a resume
  so they can tell if their interests match
• A career or job objective can gain
  favorable attention.
Objective: To obtain a summer internship in accounting to better
prepare myself for a professional career.

                      Career Objective
To begin a career in an entry-level sales position leading to a
management position in sales management. My long-term goal is to
become a manager of a major department store.

                       Summary of Qualification
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis on
computer information systems. Seven years of part-time work in a
variety of jobs from janitor to motel night manager-bookkeeper.
Work effectively with people and have productive habits.
• Education is the next major section for recent
• Titles that you might use for this section are
  “Education,” “Educational Qualification,”
  “Training for….,” “Specialized Education,”
  “Academic Preparation,” “Professional
  Education,” etc.
• Use reverse chronological order to list the name
  and location of each school/institution attended
  and the dates of attendance.
1.   University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming
            Degree:     Bachelor of Science
            Major:      Business Administration (AACSB Program)
            Date:       June 1999
            Honors:     Dean’s Honor Roll last five semesters
            GPA:         3.3 (4.0=A)

2.   Dade County Community College, Miami, Florida (1997-99)
            Degree:      Associate of Arts in Office Administration
            Courses that especially prepared me for your executive secretary position:
            Word Processing                          Information Systems
            Keyboarding                Administrative Supervision
            Office Administration      Records Management

3.   EDUCATION: Brown College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa )1995-99)
          Degree:      Bachelor of Science in Business
          Major:       Retail Sales Management
          Grade Point Average Overall: 3.21 (4.0=A)
          Grade Point Average in Major: 3.57
          Financed 80 percent of college undergraduate education through part-time employment and student loans
• Experience is rated highly by employers
• Present your experience using the reverse
  chronological order or the functional
            Use Action words
•   Accomplished    •   Guided
•   Achieved        •   Illustrated
•   Acted           •   Improved
•   Adapted         •   Lead
•   Administered    •   Managed
•   Advised         •   Modified
•   Arranged        •   Organized
•   Developed       •   Participated
•   Directed        •   taught

Night Manager                          Holiday Motel, De Kalb, Illinois (1996-present)

•   Supervised four employees
•   Greeted and registered guests
•   Maintained accounting and guest records
•   Learned to work effectively with people
•   Gained skill in meeting difficult customer needs
•   Developed new guest accounting records that saved an average of two hours of clerical time each night

Part-time Work            Various employers in the De Kalb area (1992-          96)

•   Motel desk clerk, research assistant, appliance salesperson, and janitor.
•   Promoted from motel desk clerk to night manager
•   Learned research techniques while assisting professor in business communication study
•   Led appliance sales force of four in sales during three of six months of employment
•   Learned to work with a variety of people
 Honors/extracurricular activities etc

Outstanding Employee, Bowling (Idaho) Steel Company, 1999
Citizens’ Sparkplug Award, Bowling Green Club, 1998
Outstanding Young Woman in Idaho, 1998
Dean’s Honor List, Fredericksburg State College, 1998-99

                              EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES
President, Phi Sigma Omicron Social Fraternity 1997-98
Treasurer, Phi Sigma Omicron Social Fraternity 1996-97
Manager, Phi Sigma Omicron House                       1996-98
Business Manager, State College News                   1995-97

                                ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIPS
Administrative Management Association (Secretary, 1997-98)
Civitan Club (Club President 1996-97, Area Governor 1997-98)

                                SPECIAL SKILLS
     Proficient in computer software including PowerPoint, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Lotus 1-2-3 and dBAse. Speak and write fluently.
     Speak and understand limited German and French. Keyboard at 75 words per minute. Know how to use most electronic office

                              SPECIAL INTERESTS
     Camping, Basketball, photography, and Cooking.
• References are vital
• Provide full information including a
  telephone number
                              REFERENCE LIST

Dr. A. D. Ortiz, Instructor
Department of Accounting
Middle State College
Danville, CA 94526
(510) 555-9322 (Work)
(510) 555-1234 (Home)

Mrs. Rowena Kelsey
Communication Consultant
San Ramon Corporation
2387 Seboyeta Avenue
Danville, CA 94526
(510) 555-7814

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