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					RETAC: San Luis Valley Region
September 16, 2010 at 1800 hours
Monte Vista Ambulance Building

-Meeting commenced at 1805 PM hours
-Thanks to Monte Vista Ambulance Service for a great dinner

Attendance Taken:
Jeff Babcock, Wes Moores, Rodney King, David Osborn, Pam Gripp, Jim Felmlee, Neal
Walters, Denise Stong, Beverly Martinez, Dr. Mathers, Arlene Harms, Deb Haverfield,
Mark Werts, Lisa Werts, Sue Davis, Chris Rodriquez, Beth Quinlan, Charlotte Bobicki,
A. Fresquez, Violet Vigil, Todd Wright

Attendance tonight: 21 participants including 2 guests

The minutes shall reflect that we have a quorum for tonight’s meeting.

-Introductions made by all in attendance
-Agenda and minutes accepted as written with motion by Beverly Martinez and seconded
by Jim Felmlee

Presentations/Reports and Announcements:
-Financial Report
        a. Audit Results
        b. Financial report accepted as written with motion by Beverly Martinez and
        seconded by Denise Stong
-SEMTAC Report – no new information
-Announcements (replace round table reports)
-Denise Stong stepping down as Director of Nursing at Conejos County Hospital. Denise
will be Trauma Coordinator at both Conejos and SLVRMC Hospitals. Congratulations
-Wilderness First Aid class at Trinidad State Junior College next semester
-Jon read a thank you letter received by previous patients served by Baca/Crestone
Ambulance Service. Great job Pam and Baca/Crestone!
-TEEX Basic Supervisory Practices training; one (1) scholarship is available– Pam and
Chris are interested in going. Chris will attend training Dec. 3rd – 5th at the Sky Ute
Casino Resort. Pam Gripp will be the back-up if Chris cannot attend.

-3rd annual EMS Safety Summit in Loveland on October 13 – 15
-IAFC guidance document on chemical assisted suicide
-SWRETAC OP Mini-Conference, Friday September 17th, 2010
        a. Sky Ute Event Facility, Ignacio, CO.
-Ped Con Nov 11 – 12 Aurora
-Colorado State EMS Conference, Keystone, Colorado November 4 – 7, 2010
-Homicidal Drowning Investigations – Beth Quinlan; 30 available slots (20 reserved for
L.E.) $249.00 per person
-Radiation/Nuclear Awareness Training – Beth Quinlan (disregard this class as it is going
on right now)

Old Business:
-Mini Grant
-Proposition 101 info
        a. Yard signs
-AED Grant list
        a. State Patrol, Creede, Baca/Crestone, CERT Team, MVPD, Villa Grove Fire,
        Saguache S.O. South Fork Fire, Rio Grande Railroad
        b. Beverly Martinez made motion to accept grant as a first come first served basis.
        Motion seconded by Jim Felmlee. Opposed by one
-CDOT Grant Seat Belts (3 year grant: will need to apply each year). This grant is a
seatbelt, car seat grant to improve awareness and reduce injuries and fatalities.
        a. Must hire one full time person to manage grant.
        b. We will know in October 2010 if we are successful
        c. Motion to move forward with this CDOT grant by Vicki Kretche and seconded
        by Pam Gripp. No opposition
-RETAC T-shirt and/or hat
-Area service maps

New Business:
-Clip Brands
-Regional Medical Director
-Motorcycle Crash – 2 Critical patients
       a. Calling Flight for Life by Dr. Mathers. Dr. Mathers wants to ensure that the
       hospitals know when a helicopter is activated to pick up patients during SAR
       missions and would rather have responders contact the hospitals first before
       requesting Flight for Life. The RETAC will draft a letter and send it to the
       communication centers throughout the SLV and have Dr. Mathers and the
       RETAC Chairman sign the correspondence.
       b. IO’s – EMT-B’s?
       c. If you have several critical patients, where do they go? The hospital needs to
       be made aware of the incident immediately and it’s the hospitals call where the
       patients go.
-Card for Dr. Schermer
-Regional Medical Director
       a. Agency refund
-Lamar’s hydrocortisone waiver; SLV ambulance services don’t need hydrocortisone nor
do they need the waiver.
-Next dinner – cold soup? No to the cold soup.
-November 18th, 2010 at 6:00 PM at the Monte Vista Ambulance Barn

-Motion to adjourn

RETAC Meeting secured at 2025 PM hours


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