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Odysseus Powerpoint

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Carli Jaff and Emily Magee
         Movie Plot- The Intro
• The movie will start with a Father telling the story
  of Odysseus to his daughter and son.
• He will begin by talking about Odysseus when he
  is asked to fight in the Trojan war and the Father
  will explain to the children what the Oracle
• The viewers will see the Father and children until
  the story gets to the point where Odysseus gets the
  idea to create the Trojan Horse.
    Movie Plot: The Trojan War
• The movie will switch
  from the children and their
  father to seeing Odysseus
  winning the Trojan War.
• Only a small portion of
  the War will be shown
  because the movie will
  focus on the story of
  Odysseus’ long journey
Movie Plot: The Journey Home
              • As the Oracle
                predicted Odysseus
                had a 20 year? Journey
                home. In these 20
                years he came up
                against eleven
           The Eleven Obstacles
•   The Cicones                 • These obstacles will make
•   The Lotus-Eaters              a good movie, because
•   Polyphemus                    they are full of adventure
•   Aeolus                        which will be appealing to
•   The Laestrygonians            our targeted audience.
•   Circe                         There is also information
                                  about some of the aspects
•   Journey to the Underworld
                                  of Greek mythology in
•   The Sirens                    Odysseus’ return home,
•   Scylla and Charybdis          that people will be
•   The Cattle of Helios          interested in.
•   Calypso and the
Map of Places in Odysseus’
Map of His Route
• Polyphemus was an
  important part of his
  journey home because he
  was the one who asked his
  father, the god Posiden to
  not let Odysseus return
  home to Ithica, and if he
  were to return to Ithica to
  have him return alone,
  without any of his men
  accompanying him.
• This is also an interesting
  part of his story when
  Odysseus lives up to his
  nick name Odysseus the
                 Other Tasks
• Polyphemus is not Odysseus’ only interesting
  adventure. His other encountures will also supply
  exciting media for the audience.
• When he came up against The Cicones on their
  island there was a battle in which Odysseus lost six
  rows of his men.
• When he met the lotus eaters, some of his men
  dined with them and became addicted to the lotus’
  and had to be tied onto the ship when they left the
  island, so they wouldn’t stay just to eat the lotus.
        Movie Plot- The End
• The Movie will end after Odysseus loses all
  of his men and returns home to Ithica.
• The last scene that shows him will be him
  returning to his wife and, now grown up
  children after 20? Years.
• This is a good ending, because it will give
  the audience a happy ending to complete the
 Movie Plot- The Bedtime Story
• Our movie will start with a father reading a
  bedtime story to his two small children, this is
  how the story will be introduced.
• Through out the rest of the movie, there will be
  interuptions of the father telling the story to his
   What these interruptions will
• Comedy: From the children as they
  comment on the story.
• Transitions in the story: It will be a good
  way to flow from one part of the story to
• Historical information: The father will be
  trying to teach the children historical
  information on Greece as he tells the story.
         Historical Information
•   The father will give historical infmation as a way to
    incorporate facts that will be interseting to the viewers
    and that will also teach them something about Greece
    and how Greece life fits in with the story.
•   Some Information that we might have the father say:
a)     Information on what Odysseus’ boat may have looked
b) What they may have eaten.
c) Where some of his journey may have taken place.
d) How a war was fought.
And much more information that will beneficial to the
          Movie Rating
• PG 13
Why It Applys to Greek Life
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