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									Getting rid of Facial Acne

     Effective tips and strategies to
  control and eliminate facial acne for
            Wash your face daily

* Acne occurs due to excess release of sebum (fats)

* So, wash your face daily twice with soap and cold water.

* Wipe your face after washing as gently as possible, with a
clean tissue.

* Never 'scrub' your face with towel.
       Never squeeze acne grains

* Squeezing or scratching acne grains will make it MUCH

* If somebody tells you popping the grains or scrubbing them
off helps, be well aware it's nothing but a big myth.

* Be as gentle towards your facial skin as you can. Whenever
you have to wipe your face, do it carefully and gently.
                          NO Oil

* If you use a sunscreen or any sort of skin ointment or make-
up, make sure the label says "no oil", or "does not contain oil"
or anything similar.

* These creams don't clog skin pores.

* If you use hair oil or gel, be sure your hair are not in contact
with your face. They can also clog pores, worsening your acne.
                   Eat good food

* Foods you eat should have minimal fat

* Dermatologists recommend green leafy vegetables

* Drink sufficient water.

* Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. They help
in naturally cleaning your skin, thus making it healthy.
      What does your doctor say?

* Chemical drugs (Like Proactiv Acne Treatment) work well
for some, but for those with too sensitive skin, they may not
work so well. So, consult your dermatologist before taking any

* Take the prescribed drugs regularly. Also look it up on the
Internet and find informative reviews on it. Sometimes, you
can find some good suggestions on getting best results
(Example: Proactive Reviews).

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