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									         Fall 2011 (Including Winter 2012 Activity Dates)   Published by the City of Cooper City

          News & Views
Cooper City
                     From the Desk of Mayor Debby Eisinger…
A     s the economy continues to stagger and fami-
lies strive to squeeze more mileage from every dol-
                                                        $645,532.00 over last year. Fortunately, the City
                                                        had the foresight to contract with the Broward
                                                        Sheriff’s Office prior to the economic downturn, as
lar, so too does the City, as we continue to tighten    the cost of these contractual public safety services
the reins by reducing spending and implementing         have been substantially less than the projected
cost saving strategies.     While providing all resi-   costs of continuing the operation of law enforce-
dents with the high levels of service that are impor-   ment and fire/rescue services through the City.
tant to protecting and preserving our quality of life
during these difficult economic times remains a         Recognizing that the majority of residents utilize
challenge, the City remains steadfast and dedicated     the internet, future News and Views and other
to this goal.                                           City newsletters will be transmitted electronically
                                                        and can easily be accessed through the City’s web-
Based on the 2011 Estimate of Taxable Values re-        site. In addition to the cost saving benefits recog-
port from the Broward County Property Appraiser’s       nized by eliminating printed newsletters, this action
Office, it appears that the sharp decrease in prop-     unquestionably supports the City’s efforts of “going
erty values from 2007 through 2010 is coming to a       green.”
close. While the majority of municipalities through-
out Broward County continue to experience a de-        Speaking of “going green,” Cooper City was just
crease in property tax revenues in the coming year,    recognized as the recipient of the 2011 Environ-
the Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office re-     mental Stewardship Award by the Florida League
ported an approximate 2.2% increase for Cooper         of Cities for its You Win – We All Win Water
City which was the third highest increase in the       Conservation Program. As part of our sustain-
County. Although the news is optimistic, property      ability efforts, Cooper City set a goal to reduce
tax revenues forecasted for fiscal year 2011-2012      overall water use by 5% in three years. The pro-
are $1.8 million less than 5 years ago which reflects  gram was divided into several major components
an overall 16% reduction from that point in time.      including retrofitting older buildings; a competition
                                                       among homeowner associations; outreach to high-
The 2011-2012 fiscal year budget unquestionably est users and rebates and community education. To
reflects the impact of the economic downturn. date, the results have exceeded expectations.
Similar to local governments and businesses nation-
wide, the City has towed the line by not providing While Cooper City has responsibly maintained mon-
cost of living adjustments, merit, or longevity in- ies in reserves as recommended by the Government
creases for staff. A total of eight full-time and two Finance Officers Association, this amount has dwin-
part-time positions have been eliminated since fis- dled in recent years as the monies have been used
cal year 2007-2008. The City has continued to to balance the budget in an effort to avoid increases
scale back on expenses in the areas of routine land- in the millage rate. Fortunately, throughout the
scape maintenance, mowing services, tree trim- years, Cooper City has cautiously prepared its an-
ming, general operating expenditures, and capital nual budget and adhered to the principals of good
projects. Other than Public Safety which includes accounting practices by maintaining sufficient levels
police, fire, emergency medical services and code of reserve funds. Hurricane Wilma provides an ex-
enforcement, and comprises 66% of the General cellent illustration of the City’s prudent fiscal prac-
Fund Budget, all other City Department budgets tices. When Wilma struck in 2005, the City outlaid
have been decreased. As a result of implementing $8 million in cleanup costs thus saving the City
significant cost saving strategies and utilizing ad- from the additional costs associated with borrowing
vances in technology, the City has successfully re- money from lenders. Moreover, the available cash
duced departmental expenditures, with the excep- facilitated an expedient cleanup process.
tion of Public Safety, by approximately $900,000.00
in the course of three years.                          As the economy continues to stagnate, the City has
                                                       utilized reserve monies to offset the need for in-
Public Safety continues to be the only service that creasing the millage rate to balance the budget.
the City Commission has not reduced in an effort to For the past four years, approximately $2 million
cut expenses. The City has increased these ser- per year has been drawn from reserve monies to
vices throughout the years knowing that the need balance the budget. As a result of drawing down on
for public safety actually increases during tough reserves, at the close of the 2011-2012 fiscal, the
economic times.      The City’s contract is with the City will have approximately $5 million in
Broward Sheriff’s Office, which includes a 5.1% in- reserves for emergency use.
crease each year. The City’s cost for Public Safety
services for the 2011-2012 fiscal year amounts to
$10,656,977.00,      reflecting   an     increase   of           Continued on Page 7

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                                                                    News & Views
                                                                                                         Contact US...
    Your City Commission                                                          W     e provide information on City Department activities and com-
                                                                                  munity topics of interest to Cooper City residents. Published twice a
                                                                                  year by the City Clerk's Office.

                                                                                  Unless otherwise noted, all numbers listed below are area code

                                                                                                                City Staff
                                                                                  Bruce Loucks, City Manager                      434-4300, Ext. 224
                                                                                  Susan Poling, City Clerk                        434-4300, Ext. 220
                                                                                  Horacio Montes, Finance Director                434-4300, Ext. 228
                                                                                  Fax: City Hall                                  434-5099
                                                                                  Ted Fowler, Building Director                   434-4300, Ext. 249
                                                                                  Matt Wood, Growth Mgt. Director                 434-4300, Ext. 251
                                                                                  Fax: Building/Planning Dept.                    680-1439
                         Mayor Debby Eisinger                                     Lynda Good, Interim Recreation Director         434-4300, Ext. 259
                                                                                  Fax: Recreation                                 680-1446
                                                                                  Fax: Pool & Tennis Center                       436-7302
                                                                                  Jim Bowman, Public Works Director               434-2300
                                                                                  Fax: Public Works                               433-1365
                                                                                  Michael Bailey, Utilities Director              434-5519
                                                                                  Fax: Utilities                                  680-3159
                                                                                  Richard J. Sievers, Fire Chief, BSO             432-8905
                                                                                  John Hale, Police Chief, BSO                    432-9000

                                                                                              Frequently Requested Numbers
   Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi                  Commissioner John Sims
                                                                                  Animal Control                                  359-1313
                                                                                  Auto Tags                                       765-4697
                                                                                  AT&T (Repair Center)                                  611
                                                                                  Broward County Landfill                         680-0085
                                                                                  Cable T.V. (Comcast Cable)                      252-1937
                                                                                  Canal Maintenance                               432-5110
                                                                                  Davie/Cooper City Chamber
                                                                                     of Commerce                                  581-0790
                                                                                  Davie/Cooper City Library                       680-0050
                                                                                  Driver's License                                497-1570
                                                                                  Florida Power & Light Company                   797-5000
                                                                                  Garbage Service Information                     467-1710
                                                                                  Mosquito Control                                765-4062
 Commissioner James C. Curran                  Commissioner Jeff Green            Post Office (University Drive, Davie)      1-800-275-8777   Property Taxes (Homestead Exemption)            357-6830
                                                                                  Special Waste Depot                             765-4222
                                                                                  Storage Lot - Commercial and
                                                                                     Recreational Vehicles                        434-4300 Ext. 243
                                                                                  Street Signs/Traffic Lights                     434-2300
                                                                                  Voter Registration                              357-7050
     Commission Office 954-434-4300 x 260
                        9090 SW 50 Place
                      Cooper City, FL 33328

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                                                 News & Views

                           News from the Recreation Department

                     The goal of the Cooper City Recreation Department is to
                       provide a broad range of quality parks and facilities,
                               leisure and enrichment activities for our residents.
                            Included in this newsletter you will find a listing of
                             recreational classes, activities and special events.
                                          Please visit the City website at
                                 or call our main office at 954.434.4300 x233
                          for additional information and current updates
                                on registration, classes and events.

                                     Community Opportunities
   Property Appraiser Community Outreach                                       FACILITY RENTALS
      HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION FILING                           Cooper City residents looking to host a social event can rent
     Assistance is available at no charge!                   the Community Center or Pool and Tennis Center during
                                                             weekends. The poolside pavilion is also a great location
    When: Tuesdays from 10 - 11:30 a.m.                                    to host your next pool party!
   Where: Cooper City Community Center                        Call the prospective site for date availability and fees.
   Dates: October 18th, December 20th &                              Community Center—954.434.4300 x233
                                                                       Pool & Tennis Center—954.436.7300
              February 21st
              To file, you will need to bring:
                                                                          VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
              -Warranty Deed for residence.
             -Florida Voters registration card.                           Become involved in your community!
   -Florida Driver’s License & Florida Car Registration.       Join the Cooper City Recreation Departments VIP Program
                                                                                (Very Important People).
     -Know homeowners’ Social Security Number(s).
                                                           The department is always looking for adult volunteers to assist with
-Know date of occupancy & date of permanent residency.               program activities, special events and projects.
  Questions? Call Broward County Property                         If you would like to give a little of your time, stop by
    Appraiser’s Office at 954-347-6830                              the Community Center or Pool and Tennis Center
           or visit                               and complete a VIP Application. For more information call:
                                                                                 954.434.4300 x233

                             Community Transportation Services
Broward County Transit Travels Through Cooper City
Broward County Transit, BCT, operates route 16, Monday through Saturday to and from Pembroke Lakes
Mall to Dania Beach City Hall via Stirling Road. For information on county bus fares and schedules, call
BCT at (954) 357-8400, or visit

Cooper City Senior Transportation Service (62 & Over)
Cooper City offers Cooper City residents 62 & over limited door-to-door transportation to appointments
to local doctors, pharmacies, Memorial West and Memorial Pembroke Hospitals, local banks and grocery
stores. Advance notice is necessary to schedule transportation. Annual registration with the Recreation
Department is required. Interested residents can register for the program by calling our Senior Trans-
portation Service number at (954) 434-4300 x255.

Broward County Door to Door TOPS—Transportation Options
Broward County offers a door-to-door TOPS transportation program for elderly and disabled persons.
TOPS Transportation is available 7 days per week to medical appointments, church, our community
events, and much more. Call (954) 357-8400 for additional information or visit their website at

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                                                        News & Views

Cooper City Launches a New Website!
The newly redesigned Cooper City website went live over Memorial Day weekend. The more contemporary design features a
“Services” section, which is geared toward specific tasks that online visitors wish to accomplish quickly. incorpo-
rates drop-down menus conveniently displayed in an easy to navigate format.
“Welcome” features contact information for City departments and staff, FAQ about City
services, extensive details on Cooper City’s history, as well as information on the 2012
municipal election. “Government” provides regular users with public meeting agendas,
minutes and videos, information on elected officials and access to the City’s Code of Ordi-
nances, as well as an online public records request form. Through the “City Departments”
section, visitors gain insight into the work of the City employees who provide valuable
services to the community. Visitors can also view the events calendar, explore activities
and recreational opportunities and read the latest edition of the Cooper City News & Views
in the “News/Events” section. In October 2009 the City made it possible for residents to
watch live broadcasts of City Commission Meetings via streaming media.
You may access the City’s new official website at We look forward to your comments and suggestions

    The Public Works Department Worked to Ensure a Fun-filled Summer for everyone in our
               Parks and City Facilities - Keeping Cooper City “Someplace Special”

   Here are some of this summer’s accomplishments and current projects...

                  New exercise equipment is being
                   installed at Tamarind Park and
                    Ellie Kozak Park. This will be                            To increase the turning radius
                    new style equipment that will                             and aid in the accessibility for
                   provide exercise opportunities                             City Services to residents; we
                    beyond the traditional sit-ups                           have removed the center island
                            and chin-ups.                                     and repaved the cul de sac on
                                                                                     SW 94th Terrace.

   Early this summer, the team “sprigged”
     (a method of plant propagation whereby
    sprigs of grass are planted into the soil sur-             We’d like to help our residents conserve energy
   face for the purpose of regenerating existing
                                                               and save money by sharing these tips directly
   growth) the south and west soccer fields
                                                               from FPL:
      at the Cooper City Sports Complex.
   This extensive rejuvenation was needed                      •   Replace old shower heads with new, water-
      to restore health and vitality to the                        efficient models to cut hot water usage and
   fields, readying them for the fall soccer                       same $80.00 per year.
   and football seasons. We hope to have
                                                               •   Lower you water heater thermostat from 140
    the fields ready for use again by early
                                                                   to 120 degrees for a savings of about $30.00.
                                                               •   Stop one ceiling fan from running all the time
                                                                   and save about $85.00.
                                                               •   Use cold water instead of hot to wash
                                                                   clothes for a savings of up to $40.00.
                                                               •   Switch to Energy Star qualified com-
                                                                   puter and monitor for an additional
                                                                   $20.00 in savings.

       If you have any questions regarding sidewalks, streets, trees and/or parks, please contact Public Works
                            at 954-434-2300. Public Works would love to hear from you.

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                                                   News & Views
    The Growth Management department wishes to share its expertise with you...
 The Growth Management Department assists with                The Growth Management Department will provide
 the development and/or redevelopment of Cooper               information as requested to determine what pro-
 City through effective planning and management of            posed improvements meet code and where they
 growth and land development petitions in the City.           may be placed on a lot. We can assist in analyzing
 Technical assistance is provided to builders, devel-         the specific laws and regulations relative to im-
 opers, businesses and residents to ensure consis-            provements such as room additions, pools, fences,
 tency with the City’s Municipal Code of Ordinances           driveways, patios, accessory buildings or sheds.
 as adopted by the City Commission. It is our mis-
 sion to implement the goals, objectives and policies          Flood Insurance
 of the Cooper City Comprehensive Plan and to en-              Everyone is at risk of flooding, however, by
 sure that they comply with state requirements.                                    choosing to purchase flood
                                                                                   insurance,      you   can
 The City’s Comprehensive Plan has goals, objec-                                   significantly reduce your
 tives and policies which are established to protect                               losses.     Even if a few
 the general health, safety and welfare of the entire                              inches of water in your
 community. The Comprehensive Plan has consid-                                     home can bring thousands
 erations for land use compatibility, economic vital-                              of dollars in repair and
 ity and quality of life; which include planning for                               restoration costs.
 human interaction, sense of place and convenience
 of shopping, entertainment and parks. The plan                Points to Ponder…
 also addresses maintaining uncongested roadways
 and employment opportunities as well as environ-
                                                               •   Standard homeowners insurance does not
 mental quality and protection, differing housing op-
                                                                   cover flood damage! With flood insurance,
 tions and last but not least, public safety (police
                                                                   losses to your property caused by flooding, will
 and fire protection/traffic safety).
                                                                   be covered.
              New Development                                  •   Flood insurance is also required for all federally
                                                                   regulated mortgages. Current estimates are
The Ranches at Cooper City: The City Commission                    that during the life of a 30-year mortgage,
recently approved a new residential development in
                                                                   residents have a 26% chance of experiencing a
the United Ranches area, consisting of 20 single family
homes. The project is located on the west side of                  serious flood event.      The average annual
Southwest 106th Avenue at Southwest 50th Street. It                premium for flood insurance is around $400 per
will consist of one and two-story single family homes              year (or less).
ranging in size from 3,000 square feet to approxi-             •   Your new flood policy will take effect 30 days
mately 4,000 square feet in air-conditioned floor area.            after purchase, so don’t be left without
Lot sizes are from approximately 17,000 square feet to
                                                                   coverage, especially during hurricane season.
over 25,000 square feet in area. The builder/developer
                                                                   You can also visit the following web sites for
is Centerline Homes
                                                                   more information:
Monterra Development:                                              and
Currently around 350 homes have been completed                 •   Flood insurance is available to any owner of
with the seventh subdivision having broken ground and              insurable property (a building and/or its
the eighth subdivision is expected to break ground be-
                                                                   contents) in Cooper City at a 15% discount.
fore the end of 2011. The master developer continues
to propose modifications to the master plan and design
guidelines to accommodate plans for remaining sec-
tions. Two additional residential subdivisions are ex-         Buying flood insurance is the best way you
pected to be presented for City Commission approval            can protect your home, business, family and
by 2012, and the City looks forward to prospects for           financial security from a flood.
development of commercial sections of the develop-
ment. With over 1600 homes in total, construction is
expected to continue for about three more years.
                                                              Please contact the Growth Management staff to as-
                                                              sist you in determining the development standards
 As one can see, our Comprehensive Plan is indeed             which may apply to your property. In addition, the
 comprehensive and it serves as our “blueprint for            Growth Management staff can assist you if you
 growth” as it is implemented through the zoning              have a question regarding flood insurance or the
 code and the development approval process, all of            Minor Home Repair program. Please feel free to
 which is designed to keep Cooper City “Someplace             contact the Growth Management Department Mon-
 Special.”                                                    day through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at
                                                              (954)434 4300, ext. 251 or ext. 262
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                                                 News & Views
Firewise Communities                                     The Grass is Always Greener IF You Water
Protecting Your Home from
Wildfire                                                     What do you envision a perfect lawn to look like? Many
                                                             people would say a thick, green, lush, level and weed-
                                                             free mat; like that which is typically found on a golf
Over the past fifty years, more and more Floridians          course. In actuality, however, this look is often achieved
                                                             by mowing the grass too short and by the excess appli-
have moved out of our cities to build homes and
                                                             cation of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and most im-
businesses in outlying fringe areas known as the             portantly water. Did you know that 25% to 50% of a
                                                             household’s water consumption is used for irrigation?
Wildland/Urban Interface (WUI). In fact, almost              And even if you draw your irrigation water from a canal
1/3 of our population now lives in interface areas           or well, you are still using water that can help meet our
                                                             potable water needs. Over-irrigating your lawn, no mat-
where structures intermingle with forests and wild-          ter what the source, favors the growth of water-loving
                                                             weeds and pests and also creates runoff, which may
lands. Residents here, however, usually don't realize        carry fertilizers and other additives into nearby water-
they may live too "close to nature"; they may, in            ways and on to the ocean or Everglades.

fact, be Living on the Edge of a wildfire disaster.Use the following indicators to tell you when to irrigate
                                                   your lawn, and the result will make your lawn more
On average, Florida experiences the second highest drought resistant and heartier by forcing the roots to dig
                                                   deeper in search of water.
number of wildfires in the nation. During dry years,
                                                             •   Grass has a dull bluish-gray color
Florida experiences severe wildfires- wildfires that •           Foot prints remain visible in the grass after you have
destroy homes, disrupt people's lives and impact                 walked through
                                                             •   Leaf blades are folded in half on at least a third of
our economy.                                                     the lawn

The simple truth is that few fire departments •                  The soil from the root zone is dry and crumbly

have adequate resources to protect every Other benefits of irrigating more efficiently are the dol-
                                                     lars you’ll save on you water bill and the energy you’ll
home in the Wildland/Urban Interface.                save from not needing to run irrigation pumps as fre-
                                                     quently. The cost of water will likely increase in the fu-
Homeowners must become partners in fire protec- ture and increased irrigation efficiency will keep your
tion. But there is also an important role for archi- monthly household bills lower and may delay the need to
                                                     construct expensive new water infrastructure.
tects who design homes, builders, insurance agents,          See Continued Restrictions on page 8.

elected officials, planners, and educators– everyone Resources :
who helps shape our communities.                             MessageId=2468
                                                             Broward County Water Matters –
Maintaining a lean, clean and green* landscape               South Florida Water Management District - Water Conservation
within 30 feet of a structure can make a significant

difference in whether it survives a wildfire. The im- Mayor’s letter continued from page 2
portant thing is that action must be taken before Until the economy rebounds, the job market im-
                                                      proves, and the real estate market bounces back,
wildfire threatens.                                   the City foresees utilizing some funds from re-
• Lean - small amounts of                             serves to assist in balancing the budget for the
    flammable vegetation                              next few years.
•   Clean - no accumulations of                              Along with maintaining funds for emergency us-
    dead vegetation
                                                             age, reserves also impact a city’s credit rating.
•    Green - plants are healthy                              Sensibly, maintaining money in reserves provides
    and green; lawn is well irri-                            for lower interest rates on bonds and loans thus
    gated                                                    saving taxpayers money.

                                                             Certainly, any resident with an interest in a more
To receive additional fire safety information, please con-   in-depth report of the City’s financial status is
tact the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Department of Fire Res-
cue and Emergency Services at 954-831-8200                                                               Continued on next page

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                                                              News & Views
 Some Helpful Community Reminders...
 The Growth Management Department provides flood information to residents and agents regarding flood zone, base flood elevation, elevation certifi-
 cates, community rating and panel numbers as shown on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) that is issued by FEMA.

 An Elevation Certificate is an important administrative tool of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and is used to determine
                        the proper insurance premium rate and to certify building elevations. Elevation certificates are required as
                        part of the permitting process for all newly constructed and substantially improved buildings in Cooper City.
                        Copies of FEMA Elevation Certificates for most subdivisions constructed in the floodplain since 1993 are avail-
                        able in the Growth Management Department.

                          Insurance companies who write flood policies will require an Elevation Certificate. Should an Elevation Cer-
                          tificate not be available, contact your insurance agent for the name and number of a survey company that
                          your insurance agent recommends to provide you with a Certified Elevation Certificate. There is a fee for this
                          process. Once you get the Elevation Certificate, keep it as it is yours. You paid for it. Provide a copy to your
                          insurance agent for their records in order for them to process your flood policy.

                          If you are in the process of purchasing a home in Cooper City, you should request to be provided with an
                          Elevation Certificate in addition to a survey as they are two completely different documents that you may
                          need for future use.

 Contact the Growth Management Department Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (954) 434-4300, ext. 251 if you have
 any questions, or require more information. You may also visit: or Contact your insurance
 agent regarding rates and coverage.

Mayor’s Letter Continued from page 7
                                                                  Landscape Irrigation Schedule - Restrictions Remain in
encouraged to meet with City staff. Addi-
tionally, the City website provides very de-
                                                                Residences and businesses with an odd-numbered street
tailed information on the City’s budget and
                                                                address may water lawns and landscapes on Wednes-
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
                                                                days and/or Saturdays, only before 10:00 a.m. or after
(CAFR). The website also serves as an ex-
                                                                4:00 p.m.
cellent source for information on all of our
City services, meetings, activities and
                                                                Residences and businesses with an even-numbered
                                                                street address, no street address, or those who irrigate
                                                                both even and odd addresses within the same zones,
As always, please feel free to contact me or
                                                                which may include multi-family units and homeowners
my fellow Commission members with your
                                                                associations, may water lawns and landscapes on Thurs-
concerns, suggestions or ideas. Please call
                                                                days and/or Sundays, only before 10:00 a.m. or after
(954) 434-4300, ext. 260, or send an us an
                                                                4:00 p.m.
electronic mail.

                   Home Addresses


                                                                             The Tree and Plant Care Workshop
                                                                             will be held on September 17th. If
                                                                             you wish to be placed on our mailing
  Conspicuously displayed street numbers can                                 list, please call 954-434-2300. Look
  save time and, in some cases, lives!                                       for additional information on the
                                                                             City’s website and/or on the City
  Make sure the address numbers on your home
  are clear and visible. This allows emergency                               marquee. We will start taking reser-
  vehicles, service providers, delivery companies                            vations in mid-August.
  and visitors to reach your home without confu-
  sion or interruption.

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                                                        News & Views
Safety Tips from the Cooper City Building Department...
Is Your Backyard Party                                             the grill base that can be transferred to the wood of
                                                                   balconies or the home's siding, causing a fire. When
                                                                   grilling, follow these
As summer approaches, the Cooper City Building De-                 safety tips:
partment is urging homeowners to take the time to                        •   Place the grill away from siding, deck railings
check their outdoor areas for potential safety hazards.
                                                                             and out from under eaves and overhanging
Proper inspections now can help to keep your family and
friends safe in the future.
                                                                         •   Periodically remove grease or fat buildup
                  Decks and Balconies
                                                                         •   Use only proper starter fluid and store the can
Balconies can be at risk of collapsing if they are not                       away from heat sources
properly constructed or if they are old. A common safety                 •   Check propane cylinder hoses for leaks before
hazard occurs when balconies are nailed to buildings
rather than being attached with the proper anchors or
bolts. Nails are a poor method for attaching balconies to
                                                                         •   Do not move hot grills

buildings because they work their way loose over time.                   •   Dispose of charcoal properly, keeping ash con-
Other safety hazards to look for are:                                        tainers outside and away from combustible

     •      Split or rotting wood                                            construction

     •      Wobbly handrails or guardrails
                                                                         •   Check with your local building or fire depart-

     •      Loose, missing or rusting anchors, nails or                      ment to see what is required by code where
                                                                             you live
     •      Missing, damaged or loose support beams and
            planking                                               The Florida Fire Prevention Code prohibits the use of

     •      Poor end support of the balcony deck, joists or        charcoal and gas grills and other open burning devices
                                                                   on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combusti-
                                                                   ble construction. There are exceptions for certain homes
     •      Excessive movement of the balcony when
                                                                   and where buildings, balconies and decks are protected
            walked on                                              by an automatic sprinkler system.
     •      Swaying or unstable balconies

                                                                                        Swimming Pools
Building or repairing to code, which requires a building
permit and an inspection, will help ensure that the bal-
                                                                   Because they can be attractive — and dangerous — to
cony is safe. The Florida Building Codes specify the
                                                                   young children, in-ground and above-ground pools are
amount of weight a balcony is required to support. How-
                                                                   required to be surrounded by a fence or other barrier.
ever, be careful not to allow the balcony to become
                                                                   Small, inflatable pools must also be protected. Cooper
overcrowded. If the people on the structure have diffi-
                                                                   City Code of Ordinances requires a (5) five foot high
culty moving about, the balcony could be exceeding its
                                                                   fence or other barrier surround any pool with more than
                                                                   24 inches of water in it. Any gates in the fence must be
                                               Grills              self-closing and self-latching. Other things to consider
                                    Grilling on or near com-       when installing a pool:
                                    bustible areas can be a              •   Building permit requirements
                                    fire hazard. It not only
                                                                         •   Zoning requirements
                                    puts your family and
                                                                         •   Electrical clearances and utility easements
                                    visitors   at   risk,   but,
especially in condos and apartment buildings, can put
                                                                         •   Insurance policies

your neighbors in danger as well. The most common
grilling hazards are open flames and heat generated in                            Information provided by the
                                                                                  International Code Council

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                                                                City of Cooper City
                                                   2011 Hurricane Season
                                                       Stay Prepared
IMPORTANT CONTACT INFORMATION:                                            Dear Neighbors:
City Hall                                           954-434-4300
                                                                          Now is the time to be prepared for the 2011 Hurricane
Public Works                                        954-434-2300
                                                                          Season. The season has begun and we must all be ready
Utilities Dept.                                     954-434-5519          in the event of an active season as predicted.
BSO District 16 (non-emergency)
Police                                              954-432-9000          City staff has been looking back and learning from our
Fire/Rescue                                         954-432-8905          past experiences. We hope that this packet provides
                                                                          you and your family with useful information so that we,
Broward County Hotline    954-831-4000          as a community, can all be more equipped to face the
                                                          or 311          after-effects of a severe storm. Of course, we all hope
FP&L                            1-800-4OUTAGE          that we won’t have to, but if we make sure we are
AT&T                   1-877-737-2478         ready, we can face any potential major occurrence
                                                                          with much less concern.
Hurricane Tracking         1-305-229-4502
American Red Cross                 954-797-3800          Assistance from agencies outside of Broward County
                                                                          can be slow in arriving after a severe storm event and
Florida Emergency Manager
                                                                          is first directed towards those areas that are hardest                            1-850-413-9969
                                                                          hit and which have limited socio-economic advantages.
Federal Emergency Management                                              Due to this fact, we urge each and every resident of
Agency (FEMA)                         1-800-621-3362         our city to prepare to take care of themselves and
Vulnerable Population Registry                                            their families for at least one week.                            954-831-4000
                                                                          Shutters and storm panels should have been checked to
                                                                          make sure they are in proper working condition and
                                             CodeRed                      that all of their associated hardware is easily accessi-
                                               Emergency                  ble. If you have not performed a maintenance check
                                             Communications               on your storm panels or shutters and their accompany-
                                                                          ing hardware, please do so now.
                             In the event of a severe
                             hurricane or other natural                   If we all work together, helping ourselves and each
 disaster, the City may need to issue special messages to                 other, our community will emerge stronger from this
 the public. We have engaged the CodeRed Emergency                        hurricane season.
 Communications System to distribute recorded messages
 to every household telephone in the City. To ensure                      Wishing you and yours the very best,
 that your household is in the databank, or to change
 your designated number to a cellular telephone, please
 logon to our website at and click
                                                                          Mayor Debby Eisinger
 on the CodeRed box on the bottom of the home page.                       Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi
 Residents who do not have access to the Internet, may                    Commissioner John Sims
 register by calling (954)434-4300 ext. 250.                              Commissioner James Curran
                                                                          Commissioner Jeff Green

                                                    City of Cooper City 2011 Hurricane Season
                                                                      Page 1
                       Hurricane Season—Stay Prepared
There are real benefits to being prepared for hur-                       Don’t forget to have tools to install shutters, duct tape, heavy
ricane season. Being prepared can reduce fear,                           gloves, sturdy shoes.
anxiety, and losses that accompany disasters.                            If and when a hurricane watch is issued for South Florida, be
Communities, families, and individuals should                            sure you have:
know what to do in the event of a hurricane and                          Cash, fill the fuel tanks on all vehicles; two-week supply of medi-
where to seek shelter and know how to care for                           cation and vitamins (have photocopy of prescriptions in case phar-
                                                                         macy’s computers are down), fuel for your generator and propane
their basic medical needs. The information in-                           for the gas grill. In the event that a catastrophic storm causes
cluded in this insert will help you to prepare for                       damage that would require you and your family to vacate your
hurricane season. For more information on pre-                           home, also prepare a waterproof emergency file containing your
paredness and recovering from a disaster, visit                          important papers. Remember to include all documentation to gain
                                                                         you access to your personal funds and to file insurance claims:
the FEMA website at
                                                                         •   Birth, death, marriage certificates;
                                                                         •   Adoption papers;
A Hurricane Watch is issued when there is a threat of hurricane
conditions within 36-48 hours. A Hurricane Warning is issued
                                                                         •   Identification; passport and driver’s license;
when hurricane conditions (winds of 74 miles per hour or greater         •   Recent bank, brokerage statements;
or dangerously high water and rough seas) are expected in 36             •   House deeds and mortgage/home equity notes;
hours or less.
                                                                         •   Car lease/title;
Disaster Supply List:                                                    •   Insurance policies, agent and contact numbers;
Start now to assemble the items necessary to care for your family        •   Credit and debit cards, and ID’s and passwords for online
for at least seven days. Store the supplies in a box or bin in the           financial accounts;
garage.                                                                  •   Household inventory;
                                                                         •   Tax returns for the past three years;
Water: (at least one gallon daily per person)
If storing water in plastic soda bottles, follow these steps:            •   Locations of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, contact infor-
Thoroughly clean the bottles with dishwashing soap and water,                mation for executors/trustees;
and rinse completely so there is no residual soap. Sanitize the          •   List of financial advisors and their contact information.
bottles by adding a solution of 1 teaspoon of non-scented liquid         Prepare An Emergency Car Kit and Include:
household chlorine bleach to a quart of water. Swish the sanitizing
solution in the bottle so that it touches all surfaces. After sanitiz-   •   Battery powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries
ing the bottle, thoroughly rinse out the sanitizing solution with
clean water.
                                                                         •   Blanket
                                                                         •   Booster cables
Food:                                                                    •   Fire extinguisher (5 lb., A-B-C type)
• Peanut butter and jelly;                                               •   First aid kit and manual
• Bread                                                                  •   Bottled water and non-perishable high energy foods such as
• Ready to eat canned meat, milk, fish, fruit and vegetables                 granola bars, raisins and peanut butter foundations.
     (10 cans per person is recommended)
•    Salt-free crackers stored in waterproof bag or container;           AFTER THE STORM:
•    Powdered or single-serve drinks                                     After a disaster, you may be without power, water, food or any of
•    Cereal/granola bars;                                                the services and businesses we rely on. Immediate response may
                                                                         not be possible, so residents must be prepared to be self-reliant
•    Packaged condiments;                                                for days.
•    Special foods required for infants or those on restricted diets;
•    Pet food;
•    Standard, non-cordless telephone;                                   •   Be Patient. Access to affected areas will be controlled to
                                                                             prevent looting and injuries. Roads may be blocked, trees
•    DON’T FORGET A MANUAL CAN OPENER!                                       and power lines down.
•    Cooking tools;                                                      •   Local radio and television stations will be a key source of
•    Fuel for grill;                                                         information concerning aid.
•    Paper plates and plastic utensils;                                  •   Have valid local identification.
•    First aid kit;                                                      •   Avoid driving.
•    Flashlight or camp lantern—extra batteries;                         FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY:
•    Radio—extra batteries;
                                                                         •   Avoid downed and dangling wires when clearing debris and
•    Books and games—don’t forget the extra batteries;                       fallen trees. Treat all lines as if they are energized.
•    Personal hygiene items, toilet paper, towelettes,                   •   Beware of standing water, it may contain power lines, con-
•    Diapers.                                                                tamination or other dangers.

                                                 City of Cooper City 2011 Hurricane Season
                                                                   Page 2
                  Hurricane Season—Stay Prepared
•   Be careful with fire. Avoid candles. Use battery powered flashlights and lanterns.
•   Check for gas leaks. Open windows and doors to ventilate and dry your home.
•   Use your telephone only for emergencies.
•   If there has been flooding, have an electrician inspect your home or office before turning on the breaker.
•   Use grills outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
•   Do not use power tools that you are unfamiliar with.
•   Do not connect portable generators to building wiring (this could cause injury or death to neighbors or linemen trying to restore
    power). Plug appliances directly into the generator.


•   Take video or photos of all damage before repairs and keep receipts for insurance purposes.
•   Contact your insurance company. Have your policy readily available so you can refer to the extent of your coverage.
•   Make temporary repairs to correct safety hazards and minimize further damage. This may include covering holes in the roof, walls or
    windows and debris removal.
•   Protect yourself from contractor fraud. Only hire licensed contractors to do repairs. Check with your local building department.
•   Contact your local building department to obtain required permits for demolition or repairs.

                                                City of Cooper City 2011 Hurricane Season
                                                                  Page 3
                    Hurricane Season—Stay Prepared
Portable Generator Safety :                                              erly connected portable generator can become overloaded. This may
Portable generators are useful when temporary or remote electric         result in overheating or stressing the generator components, possibly
power is needed, but they also can be hazardous. The primary haz-        leading to a generator failure.
ards to avoid when using a generator are carbon monoxide (CO) poi-       Follow these tips to prevent fires:
soning from the toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution, •Never store fuel for your generator in the home. Gasoline, propane,
and fire.                                                              kerosene, and other flammable liquids should be stored outside of
                                                                       living areas in properly-labeled, non-glass safety containers. Do not
Tips to Avoid Electrical Hazards:                                      store them near a fuel-burning appliance, such as a natural gas water
•Keep the generator dry and do not use in rain or wet conditions. To heater in a garage. If the fuel is spilled or the container is not sealed
protect from moisture, operate it on a dry surface under an open, properly, invisible vapors from the fuel can travel along the ground
canopy-like structure. Dry your hands before touching the generator. and can be ignited by the appliance’s pilot light or by arcs from elec-
•Plug appliances directly into the generator. Or, use a heavy duty, tric switches in the appliance.
outdoor-rated extension cord that is rated (in watts or amps) at least •Before refueling the generator, turn it off and let it cool down.
equal to the sum of the connected appliance loads. Check that the Gasoline spilled on hot engine parts could ignite.
entire cord is free of cuts or tears and that the plug has all three
prongs, especially a grounding pin.
•NEVER power the house wiring by plugging the generator into a wall
outlet, a practice known as “back-feeding.” This is an extremely dan-
gerous practice that presents an electrocution risk to utility workers
and neighbors served by the same utility transformer. It also bypasses              •    Gather Information
some of the built-in household circuit protection devices.
                                                                                    •    Register for Important Services
•If you must connect the generator to the house wiring to power ap-                 •    Make Arrangements for Animals
pliances, have a qualified electrician install the appropriate equip-
ment in accordance with local electrical codes. Or, check with your                 •    Prepare Important Documents
utility company to see if it can install an appropriate power transfer              •    Prepare Equipment and Collect
•For power outages, permanently installed stationary generators are
better suited for providing backup power to the home. Even a prop-

Home Damage Assessment Program—Broward County has a program for residents to assist in assessing damage
after a hurricane. The pictures below provide a uniform reference to categorize a home’s damage. Anyone can report
the level of damage they observe by using the new mobile device application, logging on to the Home Damage As-
sessment Program Web page or by calling 3-1-1

Home Damage Assessment Photos

                                                                                                CALL 3 – 1 – 1 TO REPORT
                                                                                                    YOUR DAMAGE

                                                                                            More information about the program and
                                                                                            other helpful storm tips are available on
                                                                                            the County website at
                                                                                            hurricane The program asks residents to
                                                                                            report hurricane damage as soon as it is
                                                                                            safe to go outside after the storm. By
                                                                                            doing so residents provide a great service
                                                                                            to the community which allows a quick
                                                                                            evaluation of what areas of the County
                                                                                            needs what type of assistance. So keep
                                                                                            these photos and/or print pages from the
                                                                                            County website before a storm and you
                                                                                            can help your community recover after a

                                                 City of Cooper City 2011 Hurricane Season
                                                                   Page 4

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