14th September minutes

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					                             STELLA MARIS P & F
                             MONTHLY MEETING
                             14th September, 2010
Meeting opened:            6.15 pm.
Chair:                     Tracey Carmody.
Prayer:                    Glenda Morgan.
Apologies:                 Per attendance book.
Present:                   Per attendance book.

Previous minutes:          Minutes of 10th August 2010 tabled & read.

Secretary’s Report:

      There was no correspondence for the period.

Correspondence Out:

      There was no outward correspondence for the period

Business arising from previous minutes:

      There was no business arising from previous minutes.

Policies and Procedures:


      Moved: Anne McAnally       Seconded: Kylie Panzram

Treasurer’s Report:

Payments to be ratified

General Account MYOB Balance 31/8/2010 $42,317.01

Dep          Parent Levies                    $1962.50

Chq 442      Playalot Toy Library   $200
Chq 443      Aust Post stamps       $120.00
Chq 444      Fiona Ellis            $100
Chq 445      Mark Wright            $100
Chq 446      Tracey Carmody Grandparents Day         $300.46
Tuckshop Account MYOB Balance 31/8/2010 - $11761.94

Regular tuckshop food purchases /wages
Change to milk supplier as per attached report, based on price and supply of fruit

Art Union Account MYOB Balance31/8/2010 - $31,804.21

Fair deposits and cheques as per MYOB reconciliation attached (paper copy)

Term Deposits MYOB Balance 31/8/2010- $25,000
Art Union             $20,000
Tuckshop              $5000


Principal’s Report:

Planning and Building
          Planned building requirements shown to the Town Council and
          The additions of a single room and covering the area behind the Gr 1
            classrooms have gone through the BCE process.
          The sandpits outside of Prep HB are to be moved and replaced with
            soft fall or artificial grass and there is to be an increase in outside
          Over the Christmas holidays, glass sliding doors will be added to the
            current Gr 1A classroom.
          The school is looking at replacing the furniture of two of the Prep
            classrooms next year.
          The Hall should be finished around mid October 2010. A decision
            needs to be made on a name for the Hall as well as placement.
          The Children’s Chapel sign and new Hall sign will possibly be placed
            on the pillars outside of the Chapel.

Prep orientation
          Invites went out this week. The orientation will be held from the 26 th to
            28th of October 2010, week 4. Help is needed to pack the orientation
            bags in week 2 of semester 4, starting the 11th of October.

General Business:

Purchase of an Urn – Anne McAnally put forward the proposal to purchase a new
urn. This purchase was unanimously agreed to by all attendees.
The need for more play equipment for Prep & Gr 1 play areas – was requested
by a few attendees, to include games such as hopscotch, etc. It was noted as was
the need to keep the grassed areas for general play.

New furnishings for the Library – A few attendees put forward the proposal to
upgrade the games corner of the Library as well as include some new ideas to draw
in the older students. It was felt that this area needs to be more inviting and
interesting. While all agreed, further consultation and approval needs to be sought.

Hall to be used as a disco venue – It was put forward to host a disco, using the
new hall in 2011. This proposal was not accepted due to maintenance concerns for
the new hall and also the social implications.

Accor holiday raffle to commence in term 4 – Accor Vacation Club has provided
4, 5 night holidays at any Accor Resort and a fixed amount of spending money.
Tickets are $10 each and will be sold in term 4. One holiday will be given away per
term. Tickets for each holiday will be sold in the respective term. The first tickets will
be sent home on the 19th October and the holiday to be drawn on the 18th November
2010. The $20 000 held by the P&F and expected takings are to be put towards the
purchase of 30 new computers for the computer lab.

Purchase of more wheelie bins – It was put forward that the school could save the
cost of hiring more bins for events such as the Stella Fair by purchasing 20 new bins
for $1200. As storage was an issue, this proposal did not go any further.

 Meeting Closed 7.30pm - next Meeting to be held on Tuesday, 12th October
2010 - 6.15pm in the staff room.

Confirmed ___________________

____________________________                         ___________________________
President                                            Secretary

Position       Name          Telephone    Email
President      Tracey        5452 7173    btcarmody@bigpond.com
               Carmody       0414 939 913
Vice President Nicci MacMinn 0438 430 020 callumazoo@dodo.com.au
Secretary      Tanya Godfrey 5441 5917    tanaries@yahoo.com
               and           0404 032 698
               MacDonald     5451 1311    michelle@seashapes.net
Treasurer      Anne McAnally 5477 1509    amcanally@smartline.com.au
                             0439 480 818

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