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									               The Danger With Traumatic Brain Injury
The brain is one of the most amazing organs in the body. It controls most of our bodily
functions and gives us the ability to think, reason and respond. Normally the brain functions
very well throughout our lives.

However it is very sensitive so Mother Nature created built in protection by housing it in a
hard skull encased with a fluid for cushioning. However there are unfortunate instances where
traumatic brain injury can significantly impact the proper operation of our brain and cause a
whole host of problems. Let’s discuss this further.

As mentioned earlier, the brain is normally well protected by encasing it in a hard skull and
surrounding the brain with a fluid which further protects it against movement and shock.
However in the event of a traumatic brain injury, the protection which normally takes place is

simply not enough.

For example a traumatic brain injury can occur if someone’s head is subjected to a blow or
impact. This can sometimes create an opening in the skull or allow blunt force to be
transmitted to the brain.

One type of traumatic brain injury can occur if the brain gets damaged directly. A good
example of this is gunshot wound or knife wound which pierces into the brain. The brain
tissue itself becomes damaged. Depending on which portion of the brain is damaged may
dictate the effects.
For example a person’s senses can be directly affected. Or one’s ability to walk or move. In
other cases a person may have difficulty talking. Higher level cognitive functions may also be
affected. This could result in memory problems or logical thinking.

The type of damage done and the area of the brain affected usually affects the type of
treatment. A doctor trained in neurology is usually the person best qualified to assess the
proper course of treatment.

The brain can also become damaged through blunt force. The head may be struck but there
may be no real evidence of damage. The brain can often become affected when the force of
the blow transfers to the brain itself. When this occurs, it can induce blood clots which
disrupts blood flow. Or the brain can swell due to the damage. This is a very serious problem
because as the brain swells, it is constrained inside of the skull.

This increases pressure to the brain and unfortunately can cause even more damage. If this
type of situation occurs, it is important to relieve the pressure on the brain as much as
possible. There are different types of emergency treatment designed to do that.

Traumatic brain injury is certainly a very serious and potentially devastating situation.
However there are treatments and preventative measures which can help avoid or treat these

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