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									Minutes of Voscur Children & Young People‟s Network
                    At the Greenway Centre, Southmead
Date: Wednesday 21 July 2010

Name                Organisation
Fran Harrison       Fairbridge West
Jess Dicken         NHS Bristol
Kirsten Forseth     NHS Bristol
Jessica Baugh       NHS Bristol
David Glossop       Wheels Project
Michelle Chatham    St John Ambulance
Lola Balogun        Artivists
Craig Bolt          Bristol City Council, CYPS
                    Bristol City Council - Extended
 Caroline Jenkins   Services Team
 Samantha Quinlan   LEAP
 Inma Piqueras -
 Ramos              Marona T&C and LEAP
 Henry Lawes        Fairbridge West
 Emma Evans         Kompany Malakhi
 Vicky Beckwith     Re: Work
 Susan Page         Re: Work
 Dom Wood           1625 Independent People
 Mark Hubbard       Voscur
 Rhiannon Hunter    Kingswood Foundation
 Sarah Howard       Listening Partnership at WECIL
 Sarah Evens        BCC - CYPS
 Kate Gough         Young Bristol
 Sandy Hore-
 Ruthven            Kingswood Foundation
Emma Rice           Voscur
Asma Ahmad          Voscur

Name                Organisation
Lizzie Henden       NHS Bristol

   1. Welcome: Asma Ahmad (AA) – Voscur Children and Young
      People‟s Organisations Development Worker

AA welcomed everyone and introduced herself and Craig Bolt, and went
through agenda.

   2. Craig Bolt, Service Director, Education Strategy and Targeted

Craig Bolt (CB) thanked AA for inviting him. CB focused his talk on Youth
Links, as the 14 – 19 Strategy is a changing landscape, the position
changed just yesterday (20 July) by the Secretary of State and can
change on a daily basis. CB was happy to take questions about the 14 –
19 strategy but concentrated today on Youth Links as it is less likely to be
affected by national changes.

CB has been with Bristol City Council for 4 months and before that,
worked for the last 20 years in North Somerset, 10 years of those within
Children and Young People’s Services. He has also spent the last 7 – 8
years in a comparable role in North Somerset. Bristol has a different set
of challenges.

CB’s role includes:
   Targeted youth services
   School places
   Extended schools
   CAF programme
   Rebuilding of secondary schools

CB was happy to take questions on any of the aspects his role covers.

CB gave a powerpoint presentation which is on the Voscur website.
Below are minutes of additional information only.

Values involved
How can we quickly and meaningfully collect this information?
To be able to build up a picture at the moment lots of physical mapping is
taking place but is not necessarily capturing the value.

Future Role of the Local Authority?
Capacity building to bring new organisations to the market place.
This is time limited due to the provisions that the Council needs to
withdraw from. This raises the question about a relationship with
providers. This could be a time for change in creating as well as
maintaining relationships. There is a potential role within the Local
Authority to ensure the right professionals are doing jobs such as

   3. Discussion Groups for Questions

(on flipcharts)

Full Cost Recovery
This is an interesting and valid question. There is an issue about Local
Authority services being ready and being more business minded. The
VCS has to be business minded because of the nature of the funding.
This is not always a skill set that is owned by the Local Authority and the
Council need to understand how full cost recovery works.

One of the key decisions that the Council needs to make is does it want
to be a provider of services? Is the Council looking to set itself up to
compete with others to deliver services? CB’s previous experience is of
the Local Authority moving down the commissioning route and not being

Bristol has Neighbourhood Partnerships but these are not the same as
the parish councils in some smaller, more rural areas.

What Support will there be for the wind down?
There are no proposals around not continuing to fund any organisations;
the direction the Council is heading is more to continue to fund VCS
organisations. The current funding impacts are falling in Council services
such as Connexions; this is where immediate savings are being made.
There will be a tightening up of services and costs.

„one place‟ for VCS to go for information?
This depends on the models of service provision that come out.
Integrated services would be single lines of management and contact;
this is the intent.

How are outcomes prioritised?
One of the observations in the last Project Board meeting was that the
Council are currently too focussed on mapping / finance. There is an
expectation that the current performance indicators will disappear and
this gives an opportunity to focus on strategic things and outcomes
related to them.

Q. When services “include up to age 25”, does this include learning

Support for Smaller Organisations
Smaller organisations have different interpretations of commissioning and
there is a learning curve around this process. What will come out of the
review is that there is a need for some sort of support and when it is
appropriate to look at ‘procurement’ rather than ‘commissioning’ as a

Group 2
This group did not feel as though they could answer the questions as
were not sure of what information was required.

The group discussed universal v targeted services.

Universal v Targeted Services
This will be one of the areas of discussion over the coming months. The
messaging in terms of the review is that the services need to be delivered
in a better, more efficient way.

What are the boundaries for resources such as buildings, technology –
exploiting this will help communication with young people and for them to
access advice and guidance.

  4. Update on the Station (MyPlace) Sandy Hore Ruthven,
     Kingswood Foundation

Sandy gave a powerpoint presentation available at:

  5. News / updates from Members

Fran Harrison gave an update from the last meeting of the Children’s
Trust Board.

This report will also be podcast on the Voscur website.

The Board had a discussion around the future. The Trust Board is not
going to be a statutory body and will only exist if the Local Authority
decides it should.

The Department for Education will have to make 10% - 20% worth of cuts
and up to 20% of these cuts will be for non-school provision. The Board
considered the risk and opportunities of how to ensure continued

Deborah Evans, Chair of the Trust Board gave an outline of what will
happen in the PCT. A White Paper has been published on the Health
Service which will still be publically funded but is due for major change.
PCTs will go out of existence and GPs will be given money to
commission services.

Working groups are currently looking at solutions to cuts. An example is
to take out the provision of services for 14 -19 year olds and have overall
services which would also cover the transition period.

There are plans to strengthen primary schools and develop models for
secondary schools to work together.

Getting messages and communications right is a key thing and making
sure communication is good.

Annie Hudson, C&YP Director updated Board on the Area Based Grant.
The options are being taken to Cabinet in September and will know the
outcome in November.

There is a new independent Chair.
The issue of the difference between low level neglect and explicit abuse
was raised. The reviews are not about low level neglect so lessons are
not learnt.

Equine Assisted Therapy for young people with inappropriate
sexual behaviours.
LEAP Equine Therapeutic Centre is a charity that provides therapeutic
programmes for young people. They have just been awarded a grant
from Children in Need to run 4 therapeutic programmes for young people
with inappropriate sexual behaviours over the next year, starting in
September 2010. The programmes consist of 8 sessions based on 1 per
week for 8 weeks and they are free of charge other than own transport.
For further information please contact: Quinlan direct on 07766910063 or

   6. CLOSE

AA asked people to complete the monitoring forms.

AA thanked CB and SRH for their presentations and everyone for their
input into the discussions.


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