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					May 25, 2010

Catherine Quinlan
Dean of the USC Libraries
DML 100, MC 0182

Dear Dean Quinlan:
On behalf of the Academic Senate, I wish to express our appreciation for the
information and analysis that you and your colleagues provided us regarding the
presence in the USC libraries of several copies, including circulating copies in
the Norris Library, of the controversial Atlas of Topographical and Applied
Human Anatomy by Eduard Pernkopf. We are particularly grateful for the
background research and survey that your staff, led by Bill Clintworth, Associate
Dean for the Health Sciences Libraries, did to investigate how peer institutions
have handled these works.
We had the opportunity to discuss this issue several times in the Executive Board
as well as with the full Senate, where Dr. Richard Panush and several colleagues
from the Keck School eloquently and passionately presented the case for
removing Pernkopf’s work from USC’s circulating collection because of the
documented use of bodies of persons executed by the Nazis as the source for a
number of the book’s illustrations.
Having carefully reviewed the situation, the Executive Board concluded
unanimously that there is no reason for us to object to the plan presented by
Associate Dean Clintworth for managing the volumes and access to them,
including the proposed notations in the volumes and the catalogue. We do
suggest that you consider placing one copy in the library’s Holocaust Collection
as it was felt that scholars accessing those archives would find it to be of
historical interest.
Again, thank you for helping the Senate to consider this important and difficult
topic of concern to the faculty. Your periodic reports to the Academic Senate are
always appreciated, and we will look forward to hearing from you and the
Library Committee next Fall regarding progress in implementing your new
strategic plan and any other matters on which interaction with the faculty might
be helpful to you and your colleagues.
Best Regards,

Peter S. Conti, MD, PhD
President, Faculty Senate

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