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Ken Davis
Rethinking Collaboration

•   Trends
•   How we do things today
•   How we can do things better
•   Live demonstration – Lotus Quickr
•   Questions
    The need to adapt

•    Teams span the globe at EMCOR           “WPP…looked at all its employees… as a
                                             vast pool of individual specialists who
      – Extended enterprises and strategic   could be assembled horizontally into
        partnerships                         collaborative teams, depending on the
      – Mergers and acquisitions             unique demands of any given project. And
                                             that team would then become a de facto
      – Outsourcing
                                             new company…”
•    Teams are fluid
      – Changing from project to project     Thomas L. Friedman, The World is Flat

      – Crossing organizational boundaries
                                                   Management models of the
                                                   future will need to contend…with
                                                   how to orchestrate a complex
                                                   and changing network of
                                                   individuals within and outside the
                                                   boundaries that previously
                                                   defined “the enterprise”…

                                                   Global Innovation Outlook 2.0
                                                   March 2006
Innovation is critical to compete in the 21st century and collaboration is
essential for innovation…

•    Top innovation priorities

       – Extend the ability to collaborate inside
         and outside
       – Innovate business models and
                                                               87% of CEOs believe
       – Leverage information for business
                                                              fundamental change is
         optimization                                       required in next two-years
                                                                to drive innovation

    External collaboration is indispensable. CEOs stressed the overwhelming
    importance of collaborative innovation – beyond company walls.
    Business partners and customers were cited as top sources of innovative
    ideas …
                                                Source: 2006 IBM Global CEO Survey
Management Conference - A workforce in transition provides challenges
and opportunities

       Older workers               Mid- career workers                   New generation
         (Age 50 +)                   (Age 35 – 50)                     (born after 1980)
Growing as % of workforce      Shrinking as % of workforce      Growing as % of workforce
Hold the wisdom and            Essential source of              Critical to long-term viability
intellectual capital of the    professionals and middle         and innovation
organization                   managers
Traditional approach to        Tech savvy but not “native       Technology is 2nd nature;
technology, collaboration,     speakers”; mixed approach        more interested in peer /
organizational loyalty, and    to collaboration, loyalty, and   interest groups than
rewards                        rewards                          organizational identity; think
                                                                work should be fun and

 Capture their knowledge         Relieve their stress and Attract and retain; harness
    before they retire                increase their       their collaborative style
A collaboration gap looms large

                                                              External collaboration is
    % of CEOs who believe
    collaboration is “absolutely                              indispensable. CEOs stressed
    critical” or “of great                                    the overwhelming importance of
                                                              collaborative innovation.
80%                                % of CEOs who believe
                                   their organization
                                   collaborates “to a large   Financial performance:
                                   extent”                    strong collaborators enjoyed
                                                              healthier revenue growth and
                                                              average operating margin over
40%                                                           their competition...

20%                                                           The gap: although collaboration
                                                              aspirations were high, actual
                                                              implementation was dramatically
Source: “Expanding the Innovation Horizon: 2006 IBM Global CEO Survey”
State of current tools contributes to the gap……

 •   Fragmented: collaboration tools are
     fragmented and disjointed
 •   Hard-to-use: only those with greatest
     need are willing to tackle the learning
 •   Stove-pipe silos: users are forced to
     change applications to access needed
     collaboration services
 •   Lack of integration: separation between
     communication and collaboration services
     leads many users to fall back to the
     pervasive “reply to all”
 •   Unfamiliar: current tools don’t enable
     users to stay within their favorite
Our tools are good but……

  •   They are application specific

  •   In the end, email still rules
    Transform the trend into strategy…

•     Integration & flexibility:
        – Fits right into the applications we use
       – Customizable to meet your needs
       – Open
•     Simplicity:
       – Easy to get started
       – Easy to learn
       – Simplifies your everyday work
•     Anytime, anywhere access:
       – Collaborate inside or outside
           your firewall… bring on the customer
Lotus Quickr…
    Lotus Quickr provides a universe of capabilities…

                                                                                                                   Self-service, customizable team
                                                                                                                   sites with an extensible
Library management, check
                                                                                                                   infrastructure (membership
in & out, version control,
                                                                                                                   mgmt, search capabilities), that
views, security, custom data
                                                                                                                   support a full team lifecycle
for a variety of business
content types
                                                       Shared                 Team
                                                       Content              Workspaces
                                                                                                                          Templates for immediate
                                                                                                                          out-of-the-box value and
                                                              Content Stores                                              support of common
A collection of reusable                   Wikis
                                                                                          Business                        business processes,
collaborative components                                                                  templates                       including Innovation
(libraries, calendars, tasks,                                                                                             Place, project & meeting
blogs, lists, Web content                                                                                                 management
authoring...) to build
powerful applications                                                        Anywhere,

                                                                                                                        Offline services, extranet
 Basic workflow for                                                                                                     access, versatile portlets, to
 notification and approval                                                                                              expand and facilitate

                                Lotus Domino       IBM JCR        IBM FileNet *      SharePoint *          Other

                                    * - Requires separate purchase; supported in future release of Lotus Quickr
    Consolidate things we do…
     Easily create online places for projects and teams

• Components for managing
  projects, including:
   – Document libraries
   – Team calendar and milestones
   – Lists for managing structured
   – Discussions forums, blogs, &
   – And more...
• Self-service with a step-by-step
  guide to set up the places
     Content Libraries…

      Quickly set up libraries to store and share content securely

• Check-in, check-out, version control
• Customizable views to organize
• Multi-level security (library, folder,
• Search across multiple libraries
• Workflow for routing & approving
• Easy drag and drop
 In summary Quickr solves key customer needs…
  To maintain competitive position, innovate, and grow revenue, organizations require solutions to
  enable them to collaborate across the enterprise and beyond—to more effectively manage their
  information and projects

Let me...      Work the way I want           Get control of my content        Better collaborate with
                                                  and information            partners and customers
I want to...   • Be more productive         • Stop using my inbox to        • Quickly set-up places
               • Work more effectively        dump content                    to share content with
                 with my colleagues         • Reduce the duplication          anyone I want
                                              and inconsistencies of        • Manage projects
                                              content                         securely
Lotus          • Access and manage          • Integrate my mail client      • Add users to my
Quickr           content naturally from       with my shared places           spaces myself
lets me...       within the applications      and libraries                 • Provide tools to track
                 I use everyday             • Organize my files in a          and manage my
               • Collaborate anywhere         secured environment             team activities
                 and anytime                • Share simply and easily
               • Take my content and        • Reuse and expose
                 projects offline             content across
Lotus Quickr

Wrap Up

          Questions ?

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