IphIgenIa and Other daughters By Ellen McLaughlin Robert Quinlan

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					            IphIgenIa and Other daughters
                                By Ellen McLaughlin
   Robert Quinlan, director | Department of Theatre
 Thursday-Saturday, October 28-30, 2010, at 7:30pm
Wednesday-Saturday, November 3-6, 2010, at 7:30pm
                Sunday, November 7, 2010, at 3pm
                                      Studio Theatre
                                                                                                                                                                                              IphIgenIa and Other daughters
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 By Ellen McLaughlin
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Robert Quinlan, director
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Department of Theatre
                                                                                                                                                                                   Thursday-Saturday, October 28-30, 2010, at 7:30pm
                                                                                                                                                                                  Wednesday-Saturday, November 3-6, 2010, at 7:30pm
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sunday, November 7, 2010, at 3pm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Studio Theatre

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Director’s note                                                                                                                    iphigenia anD other Daughters
“I’m interested in redefining history from a female         McLaughlin gives us a world where eras and                Playwright              Ellen McLaughlin
perspective.”                                               perspectives collide, where the past and present
                                                                                                                      Director                Robert Quinlan
—Ellen McLaughlin                                           become indistinguishable from each other. She
                                                            juxtaposes verse with colloquial prose in the same        Scenic Designer         Moon Jung Kim
On the first day of rehearsal, Carley Cornelius (the        scene, freely includes anachronistic references to
                                                            modern warfare, and allows her characters to possess      Costume Designer        Amanda Spaanstra
actress playing Chrysothemis) felt left out. Our
production dramaturg had condensed the mythical             an ironic (and contemporary) sense of wit. her style      Lighting Designer       Michael W. Williams
events surrounding the Trojan War into a concise            suggests that these stories unfold both then and
hour-long presentation. There was a lot of talk about       now—that these women are both our ancestors and           Sound Designer          Elizabeth Parthum
Agamemnon, Meneleus, Odysseus, military strategy,           our contemporaries. In light of this, our design blends   Properties Master       heeKyong Kim
revenge, and the intervention of the gods. The name         periods—as well as theatrical and cultural styles—to
Chyrsothemis never once came up. This is part of            create a world that is both nowhere and everywhere.       hair/Makeup Master      René Chadwick
the reason Ellen McLaughlin decided to adapt these                                                                    Stage Manager           Devin Whitehouse
three plays into one epic, female saga. She writes,         As Ellen McLaughlin writes, “We are still finding a
“I believe that most women feel, deep down, that            bearable way of contemplating the unbearable truth        Technical Director      Emily Brainerd
they are not part of the real history of mankind, the       of our times by working with a common mythology.          Scenic Charge           Jeein Song
important stuff, the heroic stuff, the stuff that matters   We toy with the stories, come up with variations
. . . so one ends up identifying with men. I know I         that suit our needs, but that doesn’t make much           Dramaturg               Zackary Ross
did.”                                                       difference to the basic strength of the raw material
                                                                                                                      Text and Speech Coach   Robert Ramirez
                                                            we’re dealing with. Every age will find its use for
So these plays, set against the backdrop of the             these stories. But the stories will never cease to be
Trojan War and the years that follow, examine greek         relevant. They belong to us as human beings and
legend from the perspective of Agamemnon’s Queen            they are as recognizable as the symmetry of our
Clytemnestra and her three daughters, Iphigenia,            bodies, two eyes, two ears, two legs, and the familiar
Chrysothemis, and Electra. The events we might              tattoo of our beating hearts.”
remember most vividly from the greek myths are
absent because, for the most part, they involve the         —Robert Quinlan
men who leave to fight in the war. In Iphigenia and
Other Daughters, McLaughlin considers the dynamics
of the women who remain at home and the very
different ways in which they each cope with the
prospect that history may be more interested in the
stories of men.

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cast                                                        synopsis/scene breakDown
Iphigenia      Katie Norman        Act I: Iphigenia in Aulis
                                   Setting: An army encampment at the port of Aulis.
Clytemnestra   Monica Lopez
                                   Thousands of greek ships await the return of the
Electra        Elena V. Levenson   wind to wage war against Troy.

Chrysothemis   Carley Cornelius
                                   Act II: Electra
Orestes        Samuel Ashdown      Setting: Decades later. The garden before the palace
Chorus         Stephanie galvin    at Argos. Electra awaits the return of Orestes to
               Laura King          avenge the murder of their father.
               Naomi Mark
               Dana Parker         Act III: Iphigenia in Tauris
               Jessica Turner      Setting: One year later. Before the shrine of Artemis
                                   on Tauris, a wild and beautiful island.

                                   There will be no intermission.

                                   Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts

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Dramaturg’s note
A CyCle of ViolenCe . . .                                 VengeAnCe . . .                                           later, Orestes happened upon his sister, Iphigenia,
                                                                                                                    while in exile for his crimes against their mother,
Two brothers, Agamemnon and Menelaus, prepare             Finally of age to seek retribution, Orestes returns       Clytemnestra? Euripides posed these questions when
to wage war after Menelaus’ wife, helen, is seduced       home with orders from the gods: make Clytemnestra         he wrote Iphigenia in Tauris, the play that serves
and brought to Troy. The brothers amass an army to        and her lover pay for their crimes. Together, Electra     as the basis for the third part of Ellen McLaughlin’s
battle with the Trojans and reclaim helen. An armada      and Orestes hatch a plan to avenge their father’s         Iphigenia and Other Daughters.
of ships is assembled, but the gods are against them      death. Two more murders are carried out and Orestes
and they are hindered by a lack of wind to carry them     once more goes into exile, where he will wait to be       In her remarkable play, McLaughlin examines the
across the Aegean Sea to Troy. Artemis—goddess            judged by the gods.                                       futility of achieving justice through violence: by
of the hunt, goddess of childbirth, and the protector                                                               attempting to punish those responsible, we become
of young girls—demands a sacrifice: Agamemnon’s           AnD finAlly, JustiCe.                                     complicit in the cycle of retribution. She concludes
precious daughter, Iphigenia. Brought to Aulis                                                                      that this cycle will only end when we choose to
under the false pretense of marriage, Iphigenia is        At its heart, justice is the quality of being fair and    reimagine justice and experience it in a new way.
sacrificed as her mother, Clytemnestra, looks on in       equitable; it is the moral principle determining just
horror. As the soldiers depart to fight the Trojan War,   conduct, the conformity to this principle by society,                     This is forgiveness, acceptance, grace.
Clytemnestra is left holding her slain child.             and the process of law establishing this principle. But                         This is finally something like love.
                                                          it is also the administering of deserved punishment
ReVenge . . .                                             or reward to individuals who uphold or disregard the      —Zackary Ross
                                                          social order.
Enraged by her husband’s brutal murder of their
daughter, Clytemnestra seeks solace in the arms of        The longing for justice is the central theme of this
Agamemnon’s cousin while her husband is away at           story. It pervades every aspect of the mythology
war. A longing for revenge drives her to conspire         from the war in Troy to Agamemnon’s murder to
with her lover to murder Agamemnon upon his return        Orestes and Electra’s revenge against their mother.
from Troy. Feigning love and joy at his homecoming,       Attempting to locate justice in this story leads us to
Clytemnestra lures Agamemnon into their house,            ask certain challenging questions: who is responsible
where she sets her plan in motion: another murder,        for the actions of this family? What form of justice
this time witnessed by their young daughter, Electra.     should we seek in answer for their crimes? And, most
Fearing for her brother’s safety, Electra sends young     importantly, when will the cycle of violence end?
Orestes—Agamemnon’s heir—away, where he will be
safe from Clytemnestra’s reach.                           In this story, violence begets violence. Acts of
                                                          betrayal and murder breed new hostilities and the
DespAiR . . .                                             cycle continues, year after year, consuming the
                                                          members of this family without any hope of the chain
Left alone in her bitterness and hatred toward her        being broken. But imagine, for a moment, if Iphigenia
mother, Electra longs for the day her brother will        had been spared from her fate. What if Artemis, as
return from exile and avenge their father’s death.        protector of young women, intervened and rescued
Meanwhile, her sister, Chrysothemis, does all she can     her from the brutal sacrifice and everyone only
to keep the peace in the family.                          thought she had been killed? And what if, years

8                                                                                                                                                                                9
                    Samuel Ashdown (Orestes)                               Laura King (Chorus) is a junior                          Monica Lopez (Clytemnestra) is                             Dana Parker (Chorus) is a junior
                    is a second-year MFA                                   in the Acting Program at the U                           in her second year in the MFA                              pursuing her BFA in acting at
                    student. Last year at the U of I,                      of I. This is her second show at                         Acting Program at the U of I.                              the U of I. She was previously in
                    he played Killer Joe Cooper in                         Krannert Center and previously                           She most recently appeared at                              Cora’s Place and More Than They
                    Killer Joe and Reverend hale in                        appeared in The Crucible. She                            Krannert Center last spring as                             That Watch for the Morning at
                    The Crucible. he spent this past                       was also seen in Lysistrata,                             Sharla Smith in Killer Joe and last                        the Armory Free Theatre. Most
                    summer working for Montana                             which was presented in Krannert                          fall in The Crucible as Elizabeth                          recently, she appeared as Lisa in
                    Shakespeare in the Parks on                            Center’s Amphitheatre last spring.                       Proctor. Other theatre credits                             HappyFoods, an original musical
                    Julius Caesar (Cinna/Pindarus)                                                                                  include performances at the Utah                           at the Music Theatre Company
and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Demetrius/                                                                       Shakespearean Festival, goodman Theatre, Writers’         in highland Park, Illinois. Dana is very excited to be
Snout). he recently graduated from Southern Oregon                                                              Theatre, and Silk Road Theatre Project. She has also      making her debut at Krannert Center.
University with a BFA in acting.                                            Elena V. Levenson (Electra)         appeared in numerous commercials and voiceover
                                                                            is a senior in the BFA Acting       spots.                                                                      Jessica Turner (Chorus) makes
                    Carley Cornelius (Chrysothemis)                         Program. You may have seen                                                                                      her third appearance at Krannert
                    is a second-year MFA student. She                       her slinging cheesy pickup lines                         Naomi Mark (Chorus) is in                              Center in Iphigenia and Other
                    received her bachelor’s degree in                       at this year’s Impulse 24/7 or                           her first production with the                          Daughters. She is a junior BFA
                    theatre from Ball State University                      smashing bananas into a roast                            Department of Theatre. Naomi                           candidate in acting at the U of
                    in 2007. Last year at Krannert                          chicken in last year’s Futurist/                         has appeared in the Armory                             I. her previous credits include
                    Center, she played Abigail                              Dada cabaret at the Armory Free                          Free Theatre’s production of                           A History of the American Film
                    Williams in The Crucible and Ann                        Theatre. At Krannert Center,                             Columbinus and has participated                        (Allison), Hip-Hop Project: Insight
                    herford in He and She. In the       Elena has previously appeared on the Colwell                                 in Impulse 24/7 as both a writer                       into the Hip-Hop Generation
                    Chicagoland area, she has worked Playhouse stage as a secretary in How to Succeed                                and an actor. She was seen as an (Clory), and Cora’s Place (Cook) an original work
with the City Lit Theater Company, halcyon Theatre,     in Business Without Really Trying. Outside of the                            ensemble member of S.P.O.T. and presented at the Armory Free Theatre by The Lost
Strangeloop Theatre, and N.U.F.A.N Ensemble.            Department of Theatre, she has appeared in the          has participated in sketch comedy around campus.      Toys, a student-organized acting troupe of which she
                                                        Penny Dreadful Players’ production of The Laramie       She is a sophomore pursuing her BFA in acting.        is a founding company member. Other credits include
                    Stephanie Galvin (Chorus)           Project (Romaine Patterson, Leigh Fondakowski, and                                                            acting in various staged readings around campus as
                    appeared last season at             others) and worked extensively with the What You                            Katie Norman (Iphigenia) is a     well as performing her poetry in both the Urbana-
                    the Armory Free Theatre in          Will Shakespeare Company, where her credits include                         junior acting student. Previously Champaign area and Chicago.
                    Columbinus, in which she played     Vittoria Corombona in The White Devil, hermione                             she has performed at Krannert
                    AP. She is making her Krannert      in The Winter’s Tale, Cordelia/The Fool in King Lear,                       Center in The Crucible and A      Emily Brainerd (Technical Director) is in her final
                    Center debut in Iphigenia and       Feste in Twelfth Night, and Isabella in Measure for                         History of the American Film.     year of pursuing an MFA in scenic technology at the
                    Other Daughters. She went to        Measure.                                                                    Katie is also active in student   U of I. Prior to her time at the U of I, she spent four
                    Jones College Prep high School,                                                                                 theatre throughout campus. She    years working as the technical director at Iowa State
                    where she was the president of                                                                                  has also spent the last several   University in Ames. She has also worked as the shop
the Thespian Society and also took part in many                                                                                     summers working on the theatre    supervisor at the American Players Theatre in Spring
shows. She started acting when she was nine years                                                                                   staff at the Interlochen Arts     green, Wisconsin. her previous credits at the U of
old at the Lanny Sauris Theatre in her neighborhood                                                                                 Camp.                             I include Killer Joe and The Marriage of Figaro and
and is continuing her training at the U of I, where she                                                                                                               technical director for Dance at Illinois in spring 2010.
is studying for her BFA in acting.

10                                                                                                                                                                                                                            11
She spent the summer interning with the theatre           of I. A South Korean native, Kim is always enthusiastic   master’s degree in educational theatre from New         She has been an assistant stage manager on many
consulting firm Landry and Bogan in California.           about the arts. She received her BFA in interior          York University in 2007 and is an honors graduate       Krannert Center productions, most recently He and
                                                          design and digital design in South Korea, where she       of Lewis and Clark College’s theatre department         She and February Dance in 2010. This summer, she
René Chadwick (hair/Makeup Master) joined the             had eight years of professional experience as a scenic    in Portland, Oregon. In addition to his experience      worked at the First Folio Theatre as an assistant stage
Department of Theatre faculty in the fall of 2004         designer and a scenic charge for opera, television,       as a dramaturg, Zack is an active theatre director.     manger for its production of Twelfth Night.
to teach costume and makeup courses. At the               and movies, among other mediums. her Krannert             his most recent productions included Richard
same time, she joined the staff of Krannert Center        Center credits include scenic designer for He and She     greenberg’s Three Days of Rain and Charles Mee’s        Michael W. Williams (Lighting Designer) holds BM
as the director of the Wig and Makeup Studio.             and scenic charge for A History of the American Film.     Orestes 2.0.                                            and MM degrees in vocal performance from the
René received a BS from the University of Utah in         Kim also designed the scenery for The Bald Soprano                                                                University of Colorado at Boulder and has performed
organizational communication. While there, she            and The Lesson this season.                               Jeein Song (Scenic Charge) is a junior in the Scenic    in numerous recitals, operas, and musicals. Upon
completed an internship in makeup and wigs with                                                                     Design Program at the U of I. Prior to coming to        completion of an MFA degree in lighting design
the Utah Opera Company. She received an MFA in            Elizabeth Parthum (Sound Designer) is a second-           Illinois, she was a co-designer for music concerts in   from the U of I, he worked for a year with The Black
costume design from the U of I. René has designed         year MFA sound design student at the U of I.              California for four years. her credits include scenic   Rep in St. Louis as its master electrician/in-house
professionally for the Nashville Ballet Company,          Originally from Chesterfield, Virginia, she completed     charge for The Bald Soprano, The Lesson, Much Ado       lighting designer. Prior to joining the Krannert Center
Nashville and Illinois Shakespeare Festivals,             her undergraduate degree at DeSales University in         about Nothing, A History of the American Film, and      staff as lighting director, he worked as the master
Celebration Theatre Company, American Negro               Allentown, Pennsylvania. She is thrilled to be working    He and She.                                             electrician for Cornell University’s Center for Theatre
Playwright Theatre, Epiphany Dance Company, hope          on another project in the Studio Theatre. Previously                                                              Arts, where he also designed lighting for theatre and
Summer Repertory Theatre, and UI-based Summer             at Krannert Center, she designed Killer Joe and           Amanda Spaanstra (Costume Designer) is a third-         dance productions. For the past 11 years, Michael
Studio Theatre Company. René’s academic design            assisted for A History of the American Film.              year costume design MFA candidate at the U of I and     has been the lighting designer for Dance at Illinois’
credits include works for the U of I, the University of                                                             holds a BA in theatre from hope College in holland,     yearly Festival (now Februrary) Dance concert. Two
Utah, Tennessee State University, Belmont University,    Robert Quinlan (Director) returns to the Department        Michigan. her most recent work includes designing       seasons ago, Michael designed the lighting for the
Tennessee’s governor’s School for the Arts, and          of Theatre after directing last season’s Killer Joe.       costumes for Hip-Hop Project: Insight into the Hip-     Department of Theatre’s production of Hamlet.
Middle Tennessee State University.                       he was the assistant director to Tina Landau on            Hop Generation and assistant costume designing for      This year marks the 13th that Michael has been the
                                                         Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s production of The            A History of the American Film, Hamlet, and How to      lighting director at Krannert Center.
HeeKyong Kim (Properties Master) is a senior in          Tempest and the Broadway production of Superior            Succeed in Business Without Really Trying at the U of
the Scenic Design Program at the U of I. Iphigenia       Donuts by Tracy Letts. For several years, he was the       I. Amanda’s work as co-costume designer has been
and Other Daughters is her second show as a props        associate artistic director (and an original company       seen in the world premiere of Rose and the Rime,
master and her first was Albert Herring. heeKyong        member) of the Milwaukee Shakespeare Company.              directed by Nathan Allen of the house Theatre of
was the assistant scene designer for The Crucible, the Directing credits include plays by Thornton Wilder,          Chicago, which was first performed at hope College
assistant props master for Killer Joe, and the assistant William Shakespeare, Federico garcía Lorca,                and subsequently at the Region III and National
scenic charge for Macbeth, and she will design the       Martin McDonagh, William Inge, Irwin Shaw, and             American College Theatre Festival at the Kennedy
opera La Calisto in May. After she graduates with a      José Rivera. he has taught theatre at Willamette           Center in 2008.
BFA in May, she is going to continue to study scenic     University, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific
design to pursue her dream of being a professional       University, and Illinois State University. he is a 1997    Devin Whitehouse (Stage Manager) is a senior in the
scenic designer.                                         graduate of the BFA Acting Program at the U of I.          BFA Stage Management Program and is excited to
                                                                                                                    be stage managing her first Krannert Center show.
Moon Jung Kim (Scenic Designer) is a second-year          Zackary Ross (Dramaturg) is a third-year PhD student      She previously stage managed How I Learned to
MFA student in the Scenic Design Program at the U         in the Theatre history Program. he received his           Drive and M. Butterfly at the Armory Free Threatre.

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                               13
proDuction staff
Assistant Stage Managers       Katie Snyder
                               Yae hwon Kim
Assistant Technical Director   Lucy Sinogeikina
Assistant Costume Designer     Emily harris
Costume Technician             Kimberly Coleman
Costume Crafts head            Shannon Elizabeth Rowe
Assistant Lighting Designer    Mark Rosenstein
Assistant Scenic Charge        Yu Su
Master Electrician             Mark Rosenstein
Audio Technician               Kevin Cushman
Scenery Running Crew           Esdras Etrenne
                               Jamie gross
                               Julia Skeggs
                               Jonathon Tracey
Properties Running Crew        Neala Barron
                               Julie Kovar
Costume Running                Shannon Elizabeth Rowe
  Crew head
Costume Running Crew           Julie Aker
                               Nora Foley
Makeup Running Crew            Amy Senffner
Lighting Running Crew          Elliott Djuric
                               So Young Kim

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