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									                       ABOUT MYSELF
Good morning! Ladies and Gentlemen,
     My name is xxxx. I am now eighteen years old and live in Taipei. At
present I am studying in the Foundry Department at Muzha Vocational
High School.
       Being a student of the Foundry Department, I am taking lots of
extra professional courses besides the basic compulsory studies. They
include Foundry Training, Carpentry, Drawing and so on. Among these
courses, I am especially interested in the assignments related to wood -
lathed vase and computer-aided drawing. I would like to have these tasks
assigned as my learning information required for the application of
Adaptation Test (or Entrance Examination.)
      To motivate myself and enlarge my learning fields, I participated in
some extracurricular activities besides t he regular academic programs at
school. One of these was that I joined the School Tennis Club and was
chosen as the team leader. I got to know many friends who have the same
interests. In addition to the leadership and tennis skills, I learned how to
get along with people and develop good peer relationships. I know the
essence of sport, and deeply believe I save benefited a lot from playing
tennis. It will become one of my life -time hobbies besides basketball -
playing, hiking and listening to music. I really enjoyed it with friends in
my leisure time.
      Well, at the end of my high school semester I really look forward to
continuing my education in your college (or university) after my
graduation. Thank you and I wish all of you a very good day.


Xxxxxxxx (Name)
                                                      Dec. 27. 2004

     My name is Jimmy Lin. I was born in Taipei on August 10th, 1987.

     There are five people in my family. My father who is a diligent worker works in a chemical
factory. My mother is a housewife good at cooking. My brother is a junior high school student. He
is younger than me by four years . My younger sister is an elementary school student. She is only
eleven years old, but she always considers the feelings of others.

     "Being good is a must; successful, however, is a plus." Father adopted the idea from his father
and taught us to win success by descent ways.
     In my spare time, I like to read novels. I think reading could enlarge my knowledge. As for
novels, I could imagine whatever I like such as a well -known scientist or a kung-fu master.
     In addition to reading, I also enjoy listening to musi c, or even surfing the Internet and playing
the computer game. A lot of grown -ups think surfing the Internet or playing the computer games
hinders the students from learning. But I think these kinds of activities could motivate me to learn
something such as English or Japanese.

     I love surfing the Internet and playing the on -line game very much, but I don't indulge myself
in them. I wish I could be a computer designer in the future. And that is why I am applying for the
electronics program in your school. I am studying harder than before because I hope I could have
the opportunity to enter this school. I am optimistic and active all the time, and I am confident that I
will pass the entrance exam this summer.
     I grow up in a family which is full of love and warmth. In my family, father
plays an important role in the process of cultivating my character and he teaches me
different knowledge. To do my justice, he is not so much a kind father as a stric t

     During my school days, fortunately, I meet many not only patient but also
learned teachers. Furthermore, I also broaden my horizons from my school life and
different classmates, As far as I ’m concerned, I experienced the importance of
cultivating interest in the second year of my junior high school days. At that time, I
found myself by joining the school ’s chorus and I also understood that everyone had
his own potential. To my surprise, I more and more understood myself from
practicing singing again and again. Because I tired my best to complete the goal.

     I got simple happiness from the process of that hard work whether the experience
is unforgettable or not, it has been a key which opens the door of my latter learning.

     When it comes to my good po ints, first, I do everything at my own pace, not
being affected by others or the environment, second, if I make up my mind to do
something, I will do it with determination, These traits make it possible for me to face
every difficulty and problem.
     The reasons why I want to major in this subject are as follows. To the beginning,
I expect to broaden my horizons. For instance, I hope to learn more about the skills of
communication. I think it is important for all of us to learn counseling . Being a major
of counseling gives me more opportunities to study. What the present world really
need. After that, in this department, I can get acquainted with many people from
everywhere in Taiwan, who have different life experiences and would love to share
with me. I will know more about myself and this world though these experiences.
That’s why I want to be a major in this department.
    I’m very eager to be a college student. If I could enter this department, I will try
my best to learn everything and be a good student. I wi ll participate in different clubs
which I am interested in and lead a colorful and meaningful life. In addition to, I will
learn more about computer and English in order to make myself a qualified
competitor. After graduation I will devote what I have lear ned to the need and this
     Thank you for your attention.

     My name is Henry Huang . I was born at Chungho city, Taipei county seventeen
years ago. I am now a third grade student of the Department of Plumbing and Piping
at Muzha Vocational high school. Coming from a happy family, I am a peace lover.
My father is an engineer in Formosa Plastics, and my mother is a nurse in a hospital.
My sister who is younger than me by three years is a middle school student.
     During my vocational high school days, I joined the English Studying Club and I
was also elected the vice-president of the Club of Plumbing and Piping. In the English
club, we studied role-playing, lectures and singing instead of textbooks. As a vice -
president of a club, I learned to get along with people from diffident points of view. I
also learned to be patient, and most importantly, to listen to others. I found that by
listening, I gained more.

      I like sports. I enjoy playing basketball and jogging at my leisure. I believe
nothing is more precious than health, so I exercise frequently to develop a strong body.
I like music too. I go to sing Karaoke with my families or friends from time to time.
To be frank to you, I can relax from all kinds of pressure and troubles by singing and
listening to music. Why not give yourself a try?
     I am studying harder than ever before because I will enter a university or a
college this summer. I hope I can enter a public school in order to save my parents
and me a lot of money. I always work hard, be cause I know that if I am not
competitive I will fail sooner or later. I am optimistic and hard -studying and I really
want to lead a successful life in the future.
     AUTOBIOGRAPHY by _______________

     It is my honor to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you.
     I was born in Taipei, June 6, 1988 of a middle class. My family is a small one
with only four members – my father, a retired teacher now working for an electronic
company, my mother, my younger sister and I.
     Though the competition of getting into a public high school was keen in Taipei, I
did not suffer much to enter Mucha Vocational High School almost three years ago. I
managed well to keep my academic records above average and enjoy my life at the
same time in junior high school.

      Two and half years’ life in Mucha has been one of the most unforgettable in my
life. As you may know, Mucha educates all students in well -developed ways. Most
teachers not only teach us knowledge and skills but also instruct us how to think

      I constantly obtain very good grades in academic classes and become a member
of the student board. I participate in some extracurricular activities such as dancing,
art and athletics.
     Now that I am going to graduate from high school, the next step of my
educational plan is to obtain higher learning in college. After doing some research and
upon many teachers’ recommendation, I found that your institution is the most
inviting college to me.

    I should be glad to enroll in the Department of Mechanical Engineering(my
major at Mucha Vocational High School) of your institution and will do my upmost to
extend my scholarship and life.
     Thanks for your favorable consideration.

      My Chinese name is Lee Yu, and my English name is Albert. I was born on the
afternoon of October 15th, 1987, which means I’m 17 years old. I have a family of
five, and we have lived in Panchiao for ten years. My father is a bus driver and my
mother has a part-time job at a restaurant. I’m the middle kid in my family. My sister
studies at Oriental Institute of Technology. My brother is an elementary school
student in grade six.
     I’m studying at Mucha Vocational High School, majoring in Die Molding.
During my first two years, I got much help from a lot of teachers, especially my
homeroom teacher, Mr. Wang. I was pessimistic and left behind in my class, but Mr.
Wang kept encouraging me. As days went by, I felt I was different. Not only have I
improved my study habits, but I also be come more confident. I’m very lucky to study
in such a warm school and I do enjoy my school life now.

    I like to play basketball with my friends in my free time. It feels good to sweat
and pant after an exciting game. In addition, I learn how to be a good p layer by
cooperating with other teammates. It helps me to realize the importance of being
cooperative in a group. Besides outdoor activities, I enjoy listening to the pop music
when I’m alone in my own room. It’s really relaxing to hum with the singer and it’s a
good way to forget all the unhappiness. Believe it or not, I have more than 200 CDs.
     Since I’m in the third grade now, I start to think about my future plan. I’ve
learned the basic knowledge of die -making and the skills of operating and maintaining
the die-making equipment and machine, so I’m surely qualified to work as a
technician in the die-making related field. But it’s not my only choice. In fact, I’ve
always wanted to be a college student just like everyone else. I believe I can enter an
ideal technological college as long as I try my best. Therefore, I’ll pay attention to the
teachers in classes and make good use of my time after school. “Where there is a will,
there is a way.” Wish me luck!
Good morning, dear professors:
     Thank you for the opportunity to be here to introduce myself. My name is Jack
Chen. I was born in 1987. There are four persons in my family: my father, mother,
including parents, elder sister and m yself. My father is a government official. My
mother, a housewife, takes care of all of us.

     I come from Mu-Cha senior industrial high school. Mechanic is my major
subject. As a student of industrious school, I learn more than general high school
students in the field of technology, including mechanics, materials, computer -aided
design and computer-aided manufacture. Mechanics is an interesting subject for it
interpreting the movement of object and inferring the tendency of moving. Material
knowledge, especially the knowledge of carbon steel and alloy, make me realize the
world of industry. Furthermore, the courses of CAD/CAM let me have the power to
machine part precisely.


     Not only being indulged in the study of professional lessons, I was also active in
extra-curricular activities and served as president of the Tae -kwon-do Club. I am an
energetic and outgoing person. I like swimming, jogging as well as reading; The days
in industrial school are precious in my life. I built my self -confident as well as the
professional technique.


     I hope to continue my studies in this field. I’m sure I will become a successful
professional in technology after finishing the training of this honored university. I will
spur me to establish a company of my own and be its president in the future and share
the brilliant glory with professors. Thank you very much.
     Good morning. I am very happy to have the opportunity to be here.
     My name is Wei-Long Huang. I graduated from the Mu -Cha Vocational Senior
High School. My major is Electrical Machinery.
    I am now eighteen years old and live in Taipei. My family consi sts of my father,
mother, a sister and my self. I enjoy many things, especially playing baseball, English,
and computer. Also, I have a sense of responsibility, and I like to learn new things.
     As an electrical machinery major, I have more chances to practi ce electrical
techniques, factory safety and management. Also, I have taken some courses in
industry English, vocational ethic, and PC word -processing programs.

     I believe I will do well in electrical field, I hope I have the chance to develop my
interests and capabilities here.

     Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has made my participation so
Outlines of Self-Introduction:

1. When and where were you born?
2. How many members are there in your family?

3. What influenced you the most in your childhood?
4. How and why did you enter a vocational high school?

5. What kind of student are you now?
6. How do you get along with others?

7. Who listens to you when you have a problem?
8. What are you going to major in the future?

9. What is your goal in life?
                 An example of autobiography
     My name is Tom Cruise. I was born in Taipei on December 7, 1984. There are
five persons in my family including my father, my mother, my two sisters, and myself.
I was the only son, and my childhood was spe nt playing in the neighborhood with
other boys. I was well disciplined by my parents and teachers.

     Though I aimed at senior high, I didn't do well on the Joined Entrance
Examination of Senior High. After junior high school, where I had been an average
student, I was admitted to Electrical Engineering Department, Muzha Vocational
High School. All the students in my class were boys, most of whom didn't care much
about studying in the first semester. My grades went from bad to worse. After the
second monthly exam, I realized that I couldn't waste my time fooling around or I
might be flunked. After talking to my parents and teachers, I was determined to pay
more attention to my studying, and make a practical studying plan. Through making
efforts step by step, I balanced the grades of most courses. That inspired me that I got
to develop a good studying habit and method. Otherwise, I might be nothing at

      From the second semester on, I participated in many class activities and clubs at
school. Since I had been interested in basketball, I started to play on our school team.
At the same time, I was elected class leader. That really tightened my schedule and
made me think more thoroughly before taking any action. Therefore, m y teachers not
only praised me but gave me more opportunities to acquire different skills. For
example, when I was in the second year, I was chosen to represent my school, Mucha
Vocational High School, to take part in the island -wide Basketball Contest.
Fortunately, we won the third prize. The game made realize one thing – No pain no

   Due to my personality – easy going and open minded, I got lots of friends, from
whom I really learned bunch of valuable experiences. Therefore, when I was in a
low spirit, they are remedy to my heart. They are always generous to offer me their
opinions and experience. I am grateful for that. For days, I have improved my EQ.
By searching information from the internet, my major in college will be "Industrial
     It is difficult for young man to speak of his philosophy of life, but I believe it is
very important for every individual to have a sense of pride and dignity in his own
worth. Therefore, I would like to help people to inspire their motivation to their work
so as to raise the efficiency and achievement. As a result, the atmosphere in the
working place will be more harmonious.
                           My Autobiography

     My name is Julia Chang. From a middle -class family, I was born in Taipei on
December 20 th, 1987. As a priest, my father is a simple and down -to-earth person. My
mother is a positive thinker, always taking care of my whole family with great
patience. They are strict with me and yet very understanding and supportive. “Action
speaks louder than words” --- that is my parents’ philosophy of educating me. Hence,
their good deeds have a direct influence on me. Being an optimistic person, I am
always willing to learn new things and take every chance to explore the beautiful
world. I am not the only child in my family. Two younger brothers, Peter and Roger,
accompany me to grow to maturity. Brought up in such a warm atmosphere and
environment, I have a positive outlook on life with great strength.
     Owing to my parents’ putting high premium on my schoolwork, I devote myself
to my studies and pay attention to all meaningful things happened in daily life instead
of spending much time fooling around. However, all work and no play would make
Jack a dull boy. My parents encourage me to find my own interest to enrich my life at
the same time. It is drawing that makes my life interesting and colorful as my favorite
recreational activity. On weekends, I visit some galleries with my friends or my
family. I am convinced that the more we are exposed to aesthetics, the more we
benefit in our whole life. Besides, I amuse myself by reading English novels in my
free time, which have an abundance of vocabulary and interesting plots. Whenever I
read, my heart leaps up with joy. From time to time, I surf the Internet and download
the E-books to read. My vocabulary is enlarged and my reading skills are enhanced as
well because of the advanced technology and the vivid animations. As the proverb
goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Though I was not born in a rich family, nor have I had
the chance to study abroad so far, I still can excel other classmates in English.
     When discussing my future plan with my family, I told them that I wanted to
major in English language and literature. There is no denying that English has become
a universal language. I will take advantage of every possibility to polish up my
English so that I can acquire more knowledge from other English -speaking countries.
Every effort will be put forth from me in order to meet the university’s requirements
and expectations. Therefore, I would be very grateful if I were granted the opportunity
to major in English language and literature in your esteemed university.

     Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for the opportunity giving me to
do a self-introduction. My English name is Allan; I was born in Jun. 31. 1987. I have
an elder brother, Joey, my only sibling, and of course I have my Dad and Mon, both
of my parents are teachers. We live in an alley near by Daan Forest Park.
     I will be graduated from Muzha Vocational S enior High School in Jun. Foundry
is my major. After three years in workshop, I find hand -on practice is quite interesting.
Whenever I work on any pattern to build a sand mold, I ’m very excited and can’t wait
to see the cast.

    Mechanical manufacturing is one of my favorite subjects; in it I learn a lot of
knowledge about modern production. It ’s too bad only few of them I had practice in
our workshop, as for Forging, Heat treatment, Welding and CNC machining; direct
experience is all I want though I’ve seen then on the video.
     I also have a liking for Material. It’s amazing that a small amount of carbon in
the iron could build a stronger and harder one called steel. I have a dream I could
create a new alloy which not only be used in industry but also be named after my

     My name is Wang Da-wei. I live in Taipei. There are four people in my family,
including my father, mother, elder brother and myself. My father is a hard -working
engineer. My mother is an orderly homemaker. I am a senior at Taipei Mucha
Vocational High School, majoring in mechanical drawing.

    Among all the specialized courses, I like computer -aided drawing best. In fact, I
have not only achieved high grades in it but also passed the skill qualification test of
computer-aided drawing in basic level. Bes ides, I'm also interested in industrial
design. After taking some courses in this field, I find I'm fascinated by the fun and
challenge of designing. While designing, I have to combine creative ideas with
theories and reality. This is what I enjoy most. Th erefore, I decide to study more
about this field after high school.

     In my high school days, I was elected as class leader twice. Perhaps this is
because I'm an active and responsible person, and I get along well with my classmates.
During that time, I followed the teacher's instructions and carefully fulfilled all the
given tasks. Because of my good performance, I was awarded the prize of the good
class officer. To me, this was more than a real compliment. It was a great honor. Also,
I learned something from this position. For example, I realized the importance of
making plans in advance. I learned the techniques of effective communication, too.
These were valuable experiences that textbooks don't teach. But, certainly they will
benefit my studies, interpers onal relationship, and future development.

    Knowing that English is an important tool in the working place, I took part in the
English Conversation Club in the school. By practicing speaking English with my
club members again and again, I gradually made pr ogress in speaking. Now I can
confidently converse with people in English. What is more, I passed GEPT of
elementary level, and I've been preparing to challenge the intermediate level.

    With my great interests in industrial design and high grades in mechani cal
drawing, I hope I can have the chance to study in your department. In addition to the
excellent faculty, your department is also famous for creative teaching and students'
outstanding achievements. It's my first and best choice for further study. Pleas e give
me the chance. Thank you for your consideration.
                           Self –Introduction

     My name is Charlie Chen. I am seventeen years old, and live in Taipei. I’m a
gentle and responsible person. My family consists of my father, mother, one brother
and myself. My father is a sales manager. My mother is a capable housewife. I have a
really sweet family and I’m very grateful to my parents. I am a vocational high school
graduate and have longed to go to university. I have lived up to my parents’
expectation, for my records always show a distinguished achievement at school,
beginning from the primary school to the vocational high school.

     I like sports very much; I not only enjoy watching various kinds of games but
also enjoy playing basketball games. I was an active b asketball player in the
vocational high school team. There is no doubt that basketball is my favorite sport and,
if possible, I will play it continuously. Besides, I am fond of reading, playing
computer games, going to the movies and listening to music bec ause they can bring
me a lot of joy.

      I hope to be a mechanical engineer in the future. Because of my love for
mechanical engineering, I choose to be a mechanical engineering major as my first
goal. If I am lucky enough to study in your university, I belie ve in the coming four
years I will prove myself an active pursuer of knowledge of mechanical engineering. I
will take more than the normal amount of credits in the optional subjects and will do a
lot of outside reading and practice work. Besides, I will be enthusiastic enough to
participate in extracurricular activities. At last, I hope I will have the chance to
develop my interests and capabilities in your university.
                                     Self Introduction

          △   △   △                        -

     My name is _________________. I am now a third year student at Taipei
Municipal Muzha Vocational High School, majoring in Mechanics. Since my first
year in high school, I have been active in participating various activities and
competitions in school to prepare myself for being recommended to enter colleges in
the future.

     In my first year in high school, I was fortunate to be elected by my fellow
classmates as health official, academic official and teaching assistance of physics,
thus motivating me to work more for classmates and help to decorate classroom with
much efforts. I was also gladly to be nominated and selected as “Student of
Excellence” in that same year. Afterward I even competed in recital contest of
Chinese literature tournament and essay and phrase writing activity held by the library.
Although I didn’t win anything, I did learn a great deal which really enrich my



      In my second year in high schoo l, I have gained wide popularity and trust among
my classmates who then elected me as president of the class. Although it’s quite a
busy year, it has been very fulfilling to me. Besides leading classmates to win many
awards, I also worked hard to continu e participating in calligraphy contest of Chinese
Literature Tournament. Because I was well prepared this time, I did win award. That
made me very happy. In this semester I challenged the Class C of Pliers Worker’s
License. I did not work hard enough; t herefore, did not get the license, but I was
determined to put more effort. Later I was invited by the school to assist in
decorating graduation ceremony of that school year. I became extremely busy, tied
up in working for class work and decorating at th e same time. Finally the result came
out and got complement from everyone, which really made me quite proud of myself.

     Now is my third year in high school and it’s time to work hard. Therefore, I put
all my effort in schoolwork. Of course I hav en’t forgotten the Class C of Pliers
Worker’s License. This time I worked doubly hard and the hard work paid off. I got
the license at last. In addition, I joined Mechanics Study Club to enhance my
professional subject. At the same time because college s will require the reading of
English textbook, I do have to improve my ability in English in order to connect
myself to college schoolwork in the future.

     My name is Chuen-guey Wang. I was born in 1987. I have a happy family that
consists of four persons: my father, mother, elder sister and myself. My father is a
government official. My mother, a housewife, takes care of all of us.

     When I was a child, I liked to play all kinds of games and jokes. At the age of six,
I entered Mu-cha Elementary School to begin my formal education. After six years of
study, I entered Mu-cha Junior High School where I studied for three years. Then, I
passed the entrance examination and entered Taipei Municipal Mu -cha Vocational
High School.

     In high school, I majored in Mechanical Drawing. During that time, I studied
very hard and always got good grades and won several scholarships. I was active in
extra-curricular activities and served as president of the Tae -kwon-do Club. I am an
energetic and outgoing person. I like swimming and jogging. Moreover, I like reading,
especially books on mechanical design.

     I hope to continue my studies in this field. I’m sure I will become a suc cessful
student at university of technology after graduation. Furthermore, I’d like to have a
company of my own and be its president in the future.
     I am ______________. ___________ is my English name. I am 18 years old,
studying in Mu-za comprehensive high school. My family is a very happy middle
class family. My father works in a ____________ and my mother works in a
_____________. I am not the so-called spoiled child. My parents make very sure of
that by training me to be independent.
    Throughout my academic career, I have not only gotten good grades but also
been very active on sport field and have involved in various societies. I play
___________ and enjoy the team spirit we have. I have joined the computer club for
two years and became the volunteer of library. My duty is to help people solve their
computer problems. By helping others, I not only made a lot of friend, but also gained
many different valuable experiences. I really enjoy interacting with others and I really
appreciate the feeling of sharing.

     Among these academic subjects, Computer and Information Science is my
favorite. I hope someday I could be a professional computer programmer who creates
and designs the software to meet the needs of people in the future.

     Your     University    ___________________________,          especially    your
department___________________________, is my first and only one choice. I hope
you could give me the oppo rtunity to study there, and someday I may earn an honor in
return. Thank you!
                             Self Introduction

     Living in a family of four, my parents build an open atmosphere and let us make
choices of our own. We are encouraged to observe and learn things from real life in
person. Therefore, I am always open -minded to the world.

     Attending Muzha Vocational High School in my neighborhood, I had a great
time during my school years. My academic performance was satisfying. I undertook
extensive trainings in both Chinese and English. Besides, I picked up the abilities
from my teachers to do systematic and logic thinking. Among all the subjects, English
is my favorite and my specialty. English is so important a language that many people
are learning it and using it. To me, English is a means to make friends with foreigners,
travel overseas and cultivate international awareness. As for extracurricular activities,
my school provided a great variety of school clubs for us to participate in. I was a
member of school band and I played the drum.

    I discovered my potential in leadership when I was elected the class leader. The
experience benefited me a lot and helped me build up my confidence. I successfully
accomplish several class activities such as the cheer squad competition. In fact, we
won the first place.

     I take my study seriously and I am fully confident in accomplishing every goal
the new curriculum will bring. I know that all the knowledge I gain from you
department is going to pave a smoother way for m y future career.

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